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INVISIBL movie set himself and would probably


This story is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form for
profit, but may otherwise be distributed freely. If you do, please
leave it intact. Thanks!

This is an erotic story. It includes explicit descriptions of sexual
acts. None of the things described in this story actually happened
(big surprise). If it's illegal for you to read stuff like this, then
you shouldn't.

INVISIBLE (mf voy 1st)

Written by Ossified
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Chapter 1
Ever since I can remember, my sister, Courtney, and I got along well.
As children we used to play together all the time, even though she's
two and a half years older than I am. It's not like we never quarreled
- of course we did, and sometimes we'd hate each other's guts. We
still got along though, and I think we both appreciated the others
company more than most siblings do. We'd build tree houses and ride
our bikes together, and when we had friends over we'd still play
together. We pretty much told each other everything, although I guess
there wasn't all that much to tell.

That all changed when Courtney hit puberty. At thirteen she stopped
spending time with me and started to hang out with her girlfriends
instead, talking about boys, parties, makeup or whatever. Since we
have a pool and usually have the house to ourselves, the girls mostly
hung out at our place. My dad is in the movie industry so he's always
on a set somewhere, and mum's more interested in shopping and travel
than her kids, so we mostly left alone in the "care" of our much older
brother Jay. Now, Jay's main interest is partying, and probably drugs
though none of us know for sure, so we pretty much had the run of the

At first this change in Courtney was pretty upsetting to me. After
all, she was my best friend and loosing her to a bunch of stuck-up,
snotty little rich girls talking about stuff I didn't understand felt
unfair. I ended up hanging around in the background a lot, not talking
or anything, just making myself inconspicuous so I wouldn't be told to
leave. I had my own friends of course, but hanging around Courtney and
her friends soon started to hold a strange attraction to me. I began
to understand stuff they were talking about and was fascinated by the
unfolding insights into this unknown territory of teen girl reality.
In the beginning I got thrown out every now and again when they wanted
to talk about "grown-up stuff", usually with a condescending "go
outside and play", but in the end I think they just stopped noticing I
was around. They never spoke to me, or asked me anything, they just
tolerated my presence and finally more or less stopped noticing me all

At about the time I myself turned thirteen I began to take a different
kind of interest in Courtney's friends. They may have been stuck-up,
but they were also very cute fifteen and sixteen-year-old girls. I
began to study their shapely bodies, notice their growing breasts, and
I started sitting on the floor a lot so I could look up their skirts.
Sometimes Courtney would see what I was doing and sort of wave me away
in a distracted manner, but mostly they just didn't notice me as they
chattered on about boys or other stuff. I must have had a crush on
half of her friends at one time or another. I even kept a small
journal detailing what they were talking about, whom they fancied and
what they were wearing. I'm glad they never realized what I was doing.
I guess it must have been kind of creepy.

Since we have this really big pool, the girls would often bring their
swimsuits over and have a dip. There's a dressing room where you can
change, but of course it's way too small for all the girls that were
hanging around our house, so nobody ever used it. They changed behind
the large poolside bar instead. I used to love that, since I'd
sometimes get a peek at their breasts over the counter. Hey, I was
thirteen, what can I say! Actually, they didn't really seem to notice
that either, although Courtney would sometimes signal for me to leave
them alone.

Soon I got braver, and the real bonus for me was when they got into
the pool. Then I'd sneak round the back of the bar, crouching down and
finding the heap of clothing belonging to whomever I had a crush on at
the time. Finding her clothes I'd fondle her bra or top, smelling the
scent of her on her clothing. Finding her panties I'd sniff them and
rub them against my face and dick while I jerked off, being careful to
catch my cum in a hanky or tissue before retreating back into the
house. A bit pathetic in hindsight, but that was pretty much all I
could hope for with these girls being older than me. Two years is an
eternity at that age.

Once I had this huge crush on one of them - a blonde girl named
Allison. It was probably the worst crush I'd ever had on any of
Courtney's friends. I fantasized about her all the time, sucking in
every toss of her long hair, every move of her hands and every shuffle
of her feet. I'd go to such lengths to peek at her or look up her
skirt at her panties that I started to fear Courtney would react. She
never did though. I'd been hanging around for so long I suppose I was
practically invisible by now. I couldn't help it anyway, Allison was
just so incredibly cute. I adored her body, and I used to love it when
she wore tight jeans or shorts that showed off her tight little butt.
She wasn't really one of the gang in a proper sense. Allison was
slightly younger than the others, having just turned fifteen, and had
tagged along with another friend whom Courtney knew from acting class.
She was a bit quiet, but had a great laugh, and I thought she was the
cutest of the bunch.

One day, as the girls were in the pool, I snuck behind the bar to get
my kicks from Allison's underwear. As I carefully ruffled through the
heap I saw she wore white satin panties that day. The scent of her
pussy and the smooth feeling of the fabric against my cheek drove me
nuts. Feeling her heat still lingering in her panties, it excited me
to know that she had just removed them and would soon be putting them
back on. But right now they were mine!

Wrapping Allison's soft, white, satin panties around my aching cock I
started to jerk off. Slowly at first, but soon picking up speed as my
excitement grew. Then, before I completely realized what was
happening, I was cumming, shooting my wad all over her knickers. Wow!
I'd never cum that fast before, but then Allison's panties were the
sexiest thing I had ever experienced in my young life, so I guess
these things happen. Shocked, I looked down at the soaked underwear
and saw my thick cum splattered all over the seat and gusset. Quickly
zipping up, I grabbed some tissues from my pocket so I could dry away
my spunk, but just then I heard the splashing sound of the girls
getting out of the pool. Frantic, I just threw her stained panties
back and scampered over to the corner, slouching on at pile of
cushions and putting on my sunglasses, trying to look relaxed and
cool, but probably not succeeding.

The girls started to change while chattering on about stuff I didn't
really pay attention to, my heart beating as I prayed Allison wouldn't
notice what I had done. Not really much of a chance, I know, but you
can always hope, can't you? As she started to change Courtney waved me
off again, so I shuffled off to the far side of the bar. I just
couldn't leave all together before I knew what happened with Allison
and her sticky panties. I watched her intently as she put on her pink
tank top, distractedly noticing how cute it looked with little flowers
on, imagining her blonde pussy behind the counter. Through her motions
I saw she picked up her panties and started to put them on while idly
chatting with one of the other girls. Mid-thigh she frowned and
stopped, taking them back off and looking at them. With a finger she
felt my sticky spunk in her panties, and holding it up to her nose she
frowned even more.

"Hey, Courtney. Is Jay around?"

"Nope. Don't know where he is, but he's not here. Hasn't been for
days. Probably on a binge somewhere with one of his slutty
girlfriends." All her friends fancied Jay and Courtney hated that,
talking him down whenever she could. Can't say I blame her, he's a
real asshole.

"How about your dad then?"

"Dad's off on a shoot in Mexico. Why?"

"Nothing. It's just..."

Confused, Allison looked slowly around the room. At first her eyes
passed me as if I was just another piece of furniture. And then she
saw me. I can't really describe it properly, but her eyes widened and
she *saw* me. Bewildered, Allison just stared at me for what seemed
like minutes, but was probably just a second or two. I wanted to look
away, but I just couldn't, and in a strange way I felt protected by my
sunglasses anyway. I remember thinking "I'm not here. I'm not here and
you can't see me", scared stiff at the thought of the humiliation she
would put me through in front of my sister and her cute friends. I'd
never be allowed to hang around them again. But Allison saw me
alright. And then, just when I thought she was going to tell everyone
what I'd done, she raised an eyebrow at me and gave me resigned shake
of her head. Putting on her little white shorts, I saw her stuff the
panties into her pocket and then she said goodbye and left without
looking in my direction again.

I sat there stunned. I couldn't forget the feeling of those satin
panties or the smell of her, but most of all I couldn't forget the
look she gave me when she found me out. What did that mean? Why didn't
she say anything? I hardly noticed Courtney and the others planning to
get together again Friday night, but realizing Allison might show up
shook me back to reality. Could I face her again after this? I had to,
or I'd never get to hang out with them again and I was pretty much
addicted to them by now. It wouldn't be the same though, now Allison
had "re-discovered my presence", so to speak.
Chapter 2
Friday arrived and all of Courtney's friends came over like they
usually did. There must have been about fifteen girls there, and I was
in heaven. Allison was there too, wearing at short grey skirt and
white tank top. She looked gorgeous and I knew I was in love. I was
both relieved and disappointed that she pretty much ignored me just
like the others did. I was a bit giddy having thought about all the
possibilities this situation could hold, but every thing seemed as
usual. They were having fun, and I was being ignored.

There was some talk about going out, but after a few hours Jay came
crashing in with some of his friends. Courtney screamed at him for
showing up like this, but the other girls seemed pretty pleased.
Having six older guys come around wasn't the worst way to spend a
Friday night for a bunch of fifteen and sixteen-year-old girls, I
suppose. They were all starry-eyed and giggling, and there was much
running to the bathroom to apply more make-up. Personally I thought
Jay was a shit for bringing booze with him since we were all way too
young to be drinking. Pretty soon a lot of the girls were drunk and
the whole thing became sort of unhinged. If I'm not mistaken Jay let
some of the girls do drugs too, but I'm not really sure. The whole
thing got pretty much out of hand, with Courtney crying and screaming
at Jay while he was chatting up her friends like some movie star.

It wasn't long before most of the guys managed to score with the more
precocious of Courtney's drunk friends, the pull of being "all grown-
up" working it's magic on the younger girls. When Jay fucked
Courtney's half-unconscious best friend from behind in the toilet with
the door open, Courtney retreated to her room in a rage, screaming
she'd tell our dad all about it. This provoked a great deal of
laughter since everybody knew dad was probably fucking some fifteen-
year-old starlet at the movie set himself and would probably ask Jay
for details rather than tell him off. Music was blaring from the
speakers, way too loud and damned hard to shut out. I think it was
some annoying band Jay was into at the time: Talking Heads?
Lemonheads? Melonheads? Some kind of heads. I really don't remember.

I was pleased to see Allison brushing off a guy making his move on
her. She seemed to me an island of beauty and serenity amidst this
chaos of lust, booze and loud music. When she walked over to me, I
almost got up and ran away. As Allison sat down beside me she smiled
at me for the first time.

"So, I guess you kind of like me then?"


"I guess you like me. You know... The other day? My panties?"

"Yeah, well. Sorry about that..." I blushed and looked away. In the
far corner I saw one of Jays friend with his hand up the skirt of some
girl I used to have a crush on. Right now it didn't seem all that

"You can't do shit like that, you know. girls don't generally like
guys cumming all over their underwear. It's creepy." I was surprised
at her lack of embarrassment when talking about it. I knew I was
almost dying with shame, and I thought she would be uncomfortable too.

"Yeah... I guess..."

"Why didn't you try talking to me instead? I don't bite, you know. And
you're actually pretty cute. Could use a haircut though."

"Thanks, I guess. Hey! What's wrong with my haircut?"

Allison laughed, and I felt better. I made a mental note to change my
haircut as soon as possible. Allison thought I was cute. How cool was
that? I couldn't really hear the music anymore.

"So. Are you in love with me, or is it just my knickers that turn you

"Yeah, well. It's just... I think you're really cute! You're much
prettier that Courtney's other friends," I blurted out.

"Thanks," she said, making me jump by giving me a peck on the cheek. I
just sat there. Waiting for me to do something, she gave up.

"You're supposed to try to kiss me now, you know. Don't be so timid,
it's annoying." So I did. She tasted like sweet strawberry gum, and I
felt mostly stupid. At least she hadn't been drinking much.

"I think you need a bit more practice," she laughed. "Don't purse your
lips so much, it makes your mouth all hard." We kissed again, longer
this time.

"That's better. That's much better. ." Allison seemed to think I was
getting the hang of it, and I was pleased.

Feeling braver I kissed her again, this time placing my hand on her
knee. Slowly I moved upwards towards the hem of her skirt, her thigh
feeling warm and smooth under my hand. She smelled so good. Eagerly I
pushed my hand up under her skirt. I might be new to this, but I
wasn't stupid and I knew where I wanted it. She stopped me though,
placing her hand firmly on top of mine.

"Whoa! Take it easy. That's supposed to wait until at least the third
date, you know."

I hated being stopped like that, but I wasn't going to cross her

"Please?" I sulked. "Just a bit? I'll never forget it if you let me."

"Okay," Allison whispered in my ear, her sweet smelling breath
tickling me. She released my hand and spread her thighs a bit for me.
"Just a quick feel, but don't tell anyone I let you." She looked
around the room to make sure no one noticed us in the dark corner.

Moving up, my hand reached the soft, warm fabric of her panties and I
felt my aching cock jump in my pants. Stroking her pussy through the
cotton I could feel her soft pubic hair under the fabric. As I slipped
a finger underneath the legband I was surprised at how wet and warm
her pussy was.

"Not here. Someone might see," she hissed, pushing my hand away again.

"We could go to my room," I said hopefully.

"I really don't think so."

"Please? I won't do anything you don't want me to."

"I don't know... I don't really trust you."

"Why not?"

"Well, there's that little thing about finding my panties full of your

"I'm sorry," I said, close to tears. "I'll never do it again, I
promise. It's just... I like you so much, and I've never done it
before. And I think you're great. And..."

"Jesus, you really are in love with me, aren't you?"

I nodded.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?"

"It doesn't matter. I just want to be with you."

"Yeah, sure! You're not nearly smooth enough to pull that one off, you

"Sorry," I grinned sheepishly.

"Well, I guess it's kind of an honour having someone want you this
bad. I'd be your first, wouldn't I?"

"Yes." Was that good or bad, I wondered.

"Well, okay then. They say you never forget your first, and I quite
like the thought of that. But I'm not going out with you or anything.
I mean, you're thirteen for Christ's sake." She said it like I was a
child although she was just fifteen herself, and her brushing me off
like that kind of broke my heart for a second.

"I'll be fourteen soon."

"Come on then, show me the way," Allison said, getting up and
smoothing down her skirt. Then she hesitated, realizing the others
might notice. "Wait a minute or two before you follow. I don't want
anyone to know about this. And if you tell anyone I'll kill you.
Especially Courtney."

Allison left, and I must have looked at my watch ten times before
following her. I found her in the hall and led her up to my room,
closing the door behind us, not really knowing what to do next.
Allison sensed my lack of direction and moved closer to me, pressing
her firm body against me, allowing me to kiss her again. I groaned as
she undid my trousers and pushed them downwards. I kicked them off in
a less than gracious manner, trying not to let my mouth leave hers. I
fell over of course, trousers round my ankles and feeling like a
complete fool, but Allison never even smiled and I was so grateful for
that. I loved her even more.

While I pulled my pants off and got back up, Allison undid her
ponytail and lay down on my bed watching me. She patted the bed next
to her, and I lay down, feeling the warmth of her body against me. I
traced her arm with my finger. Carefully, as if she could shatter at
the slightest accidental knock, I stroked her smooth, tanned thigh
again before leaning down and kissing it. Allison lay on her back,
arms under her head and eyes closed, letting me explore her body at my
own pace, only purring softly now and then to encourage me. Although
this was my first time I didn't rush it. Not because I wasn't
impatient, but because I didn't really know how. I pushed up her
skirt, revealing a pair of white cotton panties with little blue
flowers on them.

"Do you like them?" she smiled.

"Mmmhm." I stroked her crotch.

"I thought you might. That's why I wore them." Only later did I
realize this meant she had planned it.

Leaning forward I kissed her mound, feeling her soft, but sparse pubic
hairs and the crack of her pussy beneath the cotton. The scent of her
cunt filled my senses, and a small, dark patch on her crotch told me
she was enjoying this too. I slid my hand into her panties and let my
fingers slide into the warm moistness of her pussy. With her hand she
directed my fingers, coaxing me to rub her lightly as her breathing
got heavier.

By now I was so excited I was afraid I might cum in my shorts. As I
pulled my hand from her panties she held it, looking into my eyes as
she sucked on a finger, tasting herself. Taking my cue I did the same,
sucking her sticky juices from my finger as she kept looking at me. It
was weird and not what I had expected.

"Did you cum yet?" she asked, probably half suspecting I'd cum in my
shorts since this was my first time. I shook my head. Allison pulled
my shorts off.

"Not bad," she said as my cock sprang out of its confinement. She
probably said it to reassure me, and it did the trick. Not that I'd
thought about my size all that much, but I still appreciated the

"Can I touch it, or will you cum all over the place?" Allison giggled.

"Um, I'm pretty close, so be careful."

I thought she was going to give me a hand-job, so I was amazed when
she opened her mouth and let my cock into her warm, moist mouth,
sucking and rolling her tongue around it's head. Just as I slipped my
hand back into her panties to feel her twat she started to jerk me off
in her mouth and I came like a rocket. It must have come as a surprise
to Allison, because my cock popped from her mouth and the first spurts
of my jizz hit her in the face. Still jerking, she sucked my cock back
in and swallowed the rest of my cum as I spurted helplessly in her
mouth. Later I thought a lot about how experienced she seemed to be at
the tender age of fifteen, but right then I just thought that was what
girls did.

Wiping her face on my T-shirt, Allison grinned at me.

"How was that? Feel better?"

"Wow! I mean, um, thanks..."

"You sure came a lot for such a young guy."

Laying back on the bed we kissed a bit more, and I marveled at her
body, stroking her pert little breasts beneath her top. Allison seemed
restless, but I wasn't savvy enough to know that she wanted to get off
too. Luckily Allison's fondling and her amazing body soon had me hard
again, the fumbling of inexperience eclipsed by the easy recovery of

"Now you want to fuck me I suppose?"

"Will you let me?"

"Sure. Just don't cum in me. I'm not on the pill or anything."

I rolled on top of her, kissing her, my cock rubbing against her
cotton-covered pussy.

"You need to take my panties off first, you know," Allison giggled. I
tugged them off, taking in the lovely sight of her sparse blonde pubic
hair and the full lips of her tight cunt. I tried to kiss her there,
but she pushed me away so maybe she was embarrassed or something.
Rubbing the tip of my cock between the wet lips of her cunt, she
guided me into her. Sinking into that tight, warm wetness was the most
tingling thing I had ever experienced. I started to move slowly,
gradually sinking deeper into her with each thrust as she moved
against me. Allison had her eyes shut, breathing heavily through her
half-open mouth, enticing me with little moans and squeaks of
pleasure. Now I knew what all the guys had been talking about, but
probably hadn't experienced yet. The sucking, gripping, warm wetness
of her tight teenage cunt was unbelievable as I clumsily fucked her
with little regard for anything but my own pleasure.

Pushing me off her, Allison got on all fours displaying her taut bum
and the tight clam of her pussy beneath.

"Fuck me from behind. It's even better that way," she panted, reaching
back behind her legs to guide me into her once again. This was just
too much. My first night in bed with a girl, and I was about to
experienced everything I had ever seen in a porn movie. Her ass and
pussy looked so inviting, and with Allison's guidance I sunk my hard
wet cock back into her upturned cunt. Swaying her back and pushing her
bum back at me, I fucked into Allison's cunt, pushing her moaning face
into the bed with every thrust of my cock. Feeling my balls tighten I
knew I was getting close.

"Don't, uuuhh, cum, uuugh, inside me," she grunted through gritted
teeth. I wasn't planning to, but her warm, wet cunt was making it
hard to hold back.

"Don't. Nnnggg... You can't cum in my pussy. Nooo..." Allison moaned,
not really moving away from me, but more squirming on my cock as I
felt myself go over the edge. I just couldn't pull out of her tight
pussy, it seemed impossible. Instead I held her hips as I fucked her,
cumming in her cunt with several long, hard spurts, filling her up
with my sperm. As I finally pulled out, cum dribbled from her pussy
onto the bed and I collapsed on top of her, my limp, gloopy cock
wedged between the cheeks of her ass. Pushing me away, Allison yelled
at me.

"I told you to pull out. Now you've cum in me, and I'll get pregnant
you stupid idiot!"

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just couldn't hold back. Your pussy... I just
didn't make it. Sorry." I was panicking, the thought of becoming a dad
not really all that appealing at the age of thirteen. I started to

Allison calmed down and took pity on me.

"I understand. It's okay. I should have been more careful since it's
your first time and all. It'll be okay."

We lay beside each other in silence for a long time, muffled music and
laughter sounding from below, and I knew I had to ask.

"How come you know so much about sex Allison? Do you have a boyfriend
or something?"

"You don't want to know." Allison was staring blankly at the ceiling.

"You didn't cum," I said, suddenly feeling guilty.

"Never mind. It's your first time. It doesn't matter."

After another long period of silence she asked me what I was thinking.

"I was just thinking about you. And a song. You know, the old Garbage
song that goes: '...and I'll feed your obsessions'. That's what you've
just done. Fed my obsessions, I mean."

"'Supervixen'? That's the one that fades out with 'Bow down to me',
isn't it?"


"Well, don't."


"Don't worship me like that. I'm not worth it."

"How can you say that?"

Allison stared blankly at the ceiling again. I thought she was going to
cry, but she didn't.


INVISIBLE(voy mf first)

Written by Ossified
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