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Title: I Need You To Watch
Keywords: mF, inc, mom, son, mdom, voy
Author: Caesar

To his bride said a numskull named Clarence :
"I trust you will show some forbearance.
My sexual habits
I picked up from rabbits,
And occasionally watching my parents."

I Need You To Watch

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/12/10 14:08:56 $

The candle was nearly to the base and Robert was late - again. He was
often late these last years and Rhonda wondered, not for the first
time, if it was because of her. She was getting old, fifty two years
actually, and though she exercised with the equipment he had given her
years before, Rhonda was starting to show her age.

The mirror, across from the foot of her bed, drew her attention yet
again, and Rhonda saw herself seated nervously, anxiously, at the foot
of her bed dressed how he liked her to dress - waiting for her only
lover. Every item upon her soft curvy body was a present from him and
it did make her look sexy, Rhonda admitted to herself. Did Robert
think she was sexy, after all these years - after all the prior sexy
outfits he had seen her in? The fact that she was a kept woman, his
woman, bothered her not in the least.

Robert was married to a beautiful woman and it amazed Rhonda that he
found the desire to still call her, to tell her what to wear and how
to prepare for him. His wife was the exact opposite from Rhonda, an
athletic tall frame that saw little damage after the two children.
Perhaps Robert still visited out of habit - long ingrained before he
even met his wife - but Rhonda feared what may be the truth, that he
did it out of some type of warped obligation between them. She only
wanted Robert to lust after her as much as she did him.

Footsteps just outside her bedroom door caused Rhonda to stop all
thought and grasp her knees till her knuckles turned white in
pleasure. The knob of the door started to turn - Robert was here!

He came into the candle light room and smiled. With barely contained
enthusiasm and pleasure, Rhonda spoke first, "Hi honey."

"Hi mom."

The two shared a lengthy private gaze before Robert's eyes slowly, and
openly, descended down to appraise his mother's mature body. Even
now, after so many years, these first seconds of each visit caused
every nerve in Rhonda's body to tingle and her sex to begin to burn
into that furnace that seemed to be always turned on for him. Through
her fifty-odd years, he had been the only one who caused her to feel
this way, act this way... willingly.

"Stand up mom." Rhonda slowly did, standing at the foot of the bed
while he generously looked at the lingerie she wore. "Nice mom."

Proudly, "Thank you honey." Every compliment from his lips was like
the sweetest nectar of the gods - she needed it to survive as a sexual

"Loose the heels." Rhonda's first reaction was anguish that she had
decided to wear the heels even though her son had not specifically
requested them, white to match the stockings, garters and the push-up
sheer white bra - hoping to anticipate her son's needs, guessing wrong
this time. That first reaction dissipated even as her feet flung each
heel into the far corner of the bedroom, already forgotten. Without
her high heels, Rhonda was a short woman, voluptuous but short.
Robert, thankfully, never seemed to mind - perhaps even preferred it.

It was at this point on each visit that she prayed Robert would order
her forward, to wrap his arms about her, grasp each of her soft ass
cheeks in his big strong hands as his lips raped her own.

It never, as yet, happened. Rhonda has never given up hope though!

"Now the bra." Rhonda could not hide the trembling of her hands from
her son's gaze, how they fumbled with the clasp of her expensive white
lace bra. As it slipped down past her arms, to lay at the floor
before her - she felt her large soft breasts drop to their
unencumbered position. Robert's eyes gazed hungrily at her wide dark
brown nipples and she involuntarily thrust her chest outward for his
viewing pleasure.

Rhonda could not love anyone more than she loved her first born son,
especially at this moment - alone, her willing and desiring for him to
use her in any way he saw fit.

Robert tore his eyes from her curvy frame and stepped the few feet to
her bedside table - where various items were laid out upon the towel,
clean and ready for use. He knew each of course, having bought these,
and many more, over the years of their sexual intimacy. In seconds a
long string with various wide red balls spaced upon it were held
before his mother's face, beyond that her son's amused smile and
hungry gaze.

Rhonda understood without a word what was wanted - her sex spasming
even as she took the string from his hand - the sexy memories from the
last time he had instructed her to use the wide red balls flashing
through her consciousness. Slowly, she turned and crawled carefully
up onto the middle of the bed, reaching and retrieving a small, half
used, tube beneath a pillow. Then she gently rolled upon her back,
bringing her knees up to her chest, her ankles pressed against the
back of her thighs and opened the tube of lubricant.

Her son stood at the foot of the bed, her rectum aiming directly at
him as she smeared a large amount of lubricant upon its clean wrinkled
surface. She watched him as she began to slowly press a single finger
into her back passage, greatly enjoying how his eyes narrowed and his
tongue slipped out to moisten his lips when she slipped a second
finger into herself.

Over the years, Rhonda had learnt to greatly enjoy all the attention
he allowed her back there - until she now anticipated it and even
desired it as part of any visit.

Then with her lubricated hands Rhonda slowly rolled the balls between
her palms until each ball was shiny and slick.

Each ball was nearly four centimetres wide and years before it would
have been impossible for even one to be pressed into her ass hole -
but after years of practise in relaxing her anal passage, with her
careful preparations, her ass seemed to swallow each ball until only
the string was left dangling obscenely from back end.

When it was done, Rhonda grasped the top of her shins, holding herself
into place, her heels pressing into the backs of her soft white thighs
- her sexuality exposed lewdly while aimed directly at the only man who could command her pleasure.

"Your very wet already mom?"

She was, she felt it bubbling up from her heated furnace so that it
ran down her thick outer labia to her stretched anal hole to the
cheeks below where it pooled upon her bed coverings and cooled. It
had been nearly six weeks since Robert had last visited - since she
had last felt such unrestrained pleasure.

There was something between them, mother and son, that started when
she caught him looking at a dirty magazine. At first it was only her
offer to let him view her large 'D' cup breasts... until her eldest
child became bolder and told her to lift her nightgown to her waist.
She remembered how scared she was that her virile young strong son was
going to rape her because she was powerless to resist his
instructions. Instead, he told her to touch herself, to bring herself
to orgasm even while her husband and her two other children slept.
The fear soon turned to a desire, a need, for his eyes upon her, for
his voice to tell her what to do - all the while she silently asked
her son to take her, to fuck her with his big fat hard cock, to suck
her nipples and to ride her until she screamed.

From that first time until now, he had never touched her.

Of course it bothered Rhonda. During each of her son's visits she
would attempt to out do his orders - to attempt to drive Robert to the
passions she knew he gave her until he could not help but drive his
manhood into her body. She willingly submitted her passions to him,
felt the extreme pleasure of submission while loosing all propriety
and dignity - she begged him to fuck her, to let her suck him.

Yet,Robert ever lost control - he never gave in to her obvious desires
and need for a closer sexual relationship.

That is not to say Rhonda did not enjoy what they did - after all
these years, it was the only form of sexuality that truly gave her
pleasure. She would be here for his pleasure, for as long as he
wished to visit her and while here, she would do everything her son
ordered her to do.

The truth of it was - Rhonda needed her son to watch else her pleasure
was but a fraction of what she had come to expect.

The silence in the room was as thick as the shadows, Robert studied
his mom intimately. Her nipples were so hard and tight that they

"Bring your legs down to the bed mom, and use your hands to bring
yourself off."

Spoken so calmly but with authority and with the certainty that his
command would be obeyed, that Rhonda groaned at the powerlessness of
the moment - how he could stay so remote and strong while she the weak
and needy.

With her ankles spread across the width of her bed, she felt the need
for a release and silently thanked her son for his wisdom. Within a
moment Rhonda had two fingers pumping in and out of herself, while
three fingers of the other hand rapidly manipulated her erect
throbbing clitoris. Knowing, afters years of experience, how much
Robert liked to see her put her fingers into her own oral, vaginal and
rectal orifices - it was something she rather encouraged.

A couple more minutes saw her loose control and that first needy
orgasm rocketed out from her cunt to every centimetre of her body.
She vibrated upon the bed uncontrollably as her pleasure sounds echoed
through her darkened room.

Minutes later, "Open your eyes mom."

Rhonda did, wondering how long she had lain in her post-orgasmic

There to the side of the bed, Robert stood naked with his proud hard
member in his hand. Rhonda violently shivered, as she does every time
she first sees that mighty hard cock thrusting toward her for the
first time.

"Your a sexy old slut mother!"

Those words, from anyone else, would be distasteful - from her son
they were words of love and passion and she swooned beneath his
attention. Robert used these words only in private and when he was
feeling the heat of the moment as she prayed he did.

"Lick your fingers clean slut."

She had forgotten, two of her fingers were still inside her vagina -
soaking in her thick hot juices - and she immediately brought them up
to her mouth and sloppily licked them of her own sweat nectar. Her
son had taught her to love the taste of her own cunt. When the one
hand was clean, she brought the other up - almost disappointed that it
had much less of the delightful juices upon it.

"Now grab those big sweaty tits and milk then mom!"

Rhonda grasped both her large soft breasts and squeezed them both
together and rubbing her slick hands up the sweaty flesh until her
fingers came to the hard wide nipples, before she dropped her hands to
the base and started again.

In the beginning it was her breasts that spirited her son into this
alternate private world between them and for that alone she loved her
big sweaty globes of flesh. Even now, after so many years, they were
much less firm and appealing, but Robert always found the time to
watch her enjoy her own tits. Before Rhonda had learnt to become
anally receptive to her sons desires - her breasts had been a very
heightened erogenous zone. They were the first part of her body that
she became sexually aware of - it was the first part of her body that
a man, a teenager actually, had seen - it was even the one part of her
body that her husband could not get enough, even after he seemed to
forget the rest. She had large fat white titties that were so a part
of her personality that she could not imagine not having them.

She had brought her knees together and was rubbing her thighs to bring
some form of friction to her aching sex. Her son saw it as well,
"Your in heat tonight mother!"

Suddenly, "Sit up mother." Rhonda gasped even as she pulled her hands
from her chest and sat up upon quivering arms. She saw that Robert
held a large pink dildo with the blunt end toward her - "Spit slut."
She did, directly into the suction cup as she was instructed. Then
Rhonda watched as her son pressed the end of the large dildo into her
bed's headboard - knowing, and anxiously awaiting, what was coming

After it was attached, thrusting out from the dark wood obscenely, he
yanked all the pillows from the bed and threw them into the darkness
of the room. Robert stood up and smiled dominantly.

"Time for your fuck mom!"

Rhonda knew exactly what was expected of her, this not being the first
time for such an act, and awkwardly turned about and backed herself
toward the headboard and that large obscene pink cock.

Quickly she found it, roaming with her hips and sex until she felt its
smooth cool head kiss the heated flowered lips of her tender but
excited outer labia. Rhonda looked up into her son's eyes to see if
he had further orders for her - but Robert stood mute, cock in hand
watching. Without any further hesitation, she gently pressed her hips
back and felt the large cock penetrate her body. With the large balls
in her back passage, the fat penis seemed to fill her up more than
usual and it was a magnificent feeling.

The words tumbled uncontrollably from her lips, "God I love you

Roberts response was to laugh and mutter, "Your such a slut mom!"

She bottomed out two thirds of the way down - having never been able
to take that full shaft inside her sex before. It was just not
physically possible.

She saw her son lean over the edge of the bed to look down above her
ass, obviously seeing her meaty labia stretching about that horse cock
inside her. "Nice mom! Now fuck yourself real slow."

Rhonda did as instructed - loving every centimetre that moved back and
forth within her body, amazed at how stretched she felt, almost to the
point of pain.

It was another of her regrets, that her vagina, after three children
and years of marriage, was rather loose. She regretted it but
wondered if her son felt the same way. In the early years, Robert
used to order his mom to insert some of the strangest objects into her
vagina - to bring herself off with them. Regardless of how odd the
objects were, how may have taken the requests originally, Rhonda now
remembered it all with great fondness.

"Thats my girl!" Robert called his mother his 'girl' or 'little girl'
when he was getting excited - and it was a verbal trigger that also
shot a wave of pleasure into her body. It was how Rhonda now thought
of herself, as his 'little girl' - it was her greatest self-image of

Her son leaned over, his eyes watching her great big white breasts sway beneath her before speaking another instruction. "Work up to a
nice big juicy orgasm mom - but just before you go off, reach around
and pull out the balls from your ass."

Rhonda found his eyes and her thick tongue seemed to find the words,
"I don't.. I don't know if I will be able too honey!" Simply
remembering to do such a thing seemed almost impossible to her - since
Rhonda prided myself in letting totally go to the passions that built
up from her son's commands.

Robert's eyes turned hard, threatening, and he ordered, "You will
remember mother or... you will not be my little girl any longer!"

The threat caused her to gasp in shame and fear, and so she began to
chant near-silently, "String in ass... string in ass...!" Rhonda
vehemently swore to herself that she could not forget, shall not

It had been years since Robert had saw a need to threaten his mom with
abandoning the visits, their affair, and the rekindled emotions made
Rhonda feel like that young mother committing indecent acts for her
sons viewing pleasure. It heightened the excitement while flooding
her consciousness with emotions and memories that she fought to
disintegrate, else loose sight of the command he had given.

"...string in ass...!"

Robert laughed maliciously as he again rose up, hearing his mothers
mantra, to look down between the globes of those white wide quivering
ass cheeks and the dark headboard from above.

Rhonda felt the building floodwaters as her sex greedily swallowed
that huge fuck pole and knew that she was not long from my second
orgasm. Anxiously the mature woman dropped onto her shoulders and
pressed the side of her face into the bed so as to give herself
leverage to reach around with one hand and find the small white string
that hung from her rectum like a tail.

There it is - Rhonda's orgasm approaching like a physical thing in her
minds eye as she twirled the string around her index finger while at
the same time her hand trembled so much that she was scared to drop

Rhonda shrieked, "There... its right there before
me... coming... coming...", as she roughly and awkwardly pulled on her
tail even as an explosive scream escaped from her lips. "...I'm
coming ... yes... I did it...!"

The balls were being voided from her ass and it seemed to cause the
pleasure to jump to another level and another scream echoed through
the darkened room which seemed to have jumped an octave.

Rhonda eventually fell forward, exhausted and trembling in a sweaty
fleshy mess. She wore a smile, and could feel the string and balls
across the back of one of her soft wide thighs - her son's orders
having been followed perfectly.

It had been a strange orgasm, one where Rhonda was forced to keep her
consciousness to the here and now while a large orgasm rocked through
her. Usually she let go completely, mentally drifting among the cloud
of pleasure that each orgasm brought.

So it was mere seconds after the final twitch of both body and cunt that Rhonda looked up into the hungry eyes of her son and smiled at
him, thanking him silently with but a gaze.

Robert responded in a normal fashion, "Aren't you forgetting mom...?"

Rarely was she conscious enough to do this so soon after an orgasm but
it had been a different sexual release than what Rhonda was used too
and it left her feeling triumphant and happy. The middle-aged woman
forced her limbs to move her body until she was kneeling with her head
facing that large dripping pink dick.

Rhonda looked upon its shiny surface and pretended it was her son that
she was looking at, though it was nearly half as much larger, and then
eventually spoke the words, "Thank you for fucking me so well
Mr. Dildo!" Kissing its crown gently lasted but seconds before her
tongue came out and began to clean her own abundant juices from its
slick surface.

Rhonda felt something hit the bed next to her, before she was finished
licking her own juices from Mr. Dildo - the name she was to use for
any dildo that gave her an orgasm. It was ridiculous for a grown
woman of course but Rhonda even found herself thanking my dildos when
her son was not even here - remember, she is not a grown woman but
Robert's 'little girl' and 'little girls' did foolish and playful
things. There on the bedside was two vibrators and the middle-aged
woman turned her head to look at her son expectantly.

"Lay on your back mom - head off the edge of the bed." Randa did as
instructed - not needing further orders to know what to do with the
vibrators. The smaller of the two easily slide into her ass until
only the fat base was left protruding before turning it on to a low
setting. The second, long fat, vibrator easily slide into her wet
abused sex and she turned it on to the high setting.

It felt as if the whole of her groin area was shaking with the dual
vibrations within her body. Rhonda dug her heels into the queen-sized
bed and using both hands, one on each electrical cock, began to
alternate fucking herself with them - while her hips moved
rhythmically up and down. This was a motion that she has had a lot of
practise doing.

With her head off the edge of the bed Rhonda watched as her naked son
straddled her pretty face, his cock and large balls directly above her
green eyes. Though they never touched, Robert loved to ejaculate upon
his mother - her face, breasts and ass being his favourite targets.
He loved it, to say the least. It was the only thing the man and
woman physically shared between them - and Rhonda took his sperm as
the tribute it was and worshipped what came from his body.

His orgasms was the woman's proof that her son loved her, that he
wanted these carnal visits to continue as much as she did... that he
still found her sexy enough to ejaculate simply from watching her!
And for a fifty two year old woman, knowing that a man, any man, who
thought she was sexy was a gift from god.

As it so often does at these moments, Rhonda's body nearly exhausted
of orgasms and with her son fast approaching his own, her normally
repressive personality disappears and the whore that is Robert's
mother makes an entrance. "Thats it honey... come for momma!"

"Yes... I'm going to come all over your face you slut...!"

The two vibrators within her began to move faster, her hands blazing
fast with the cocks within her body. Though she could probably orgasm
yet again, it would take longer than it would Robert - and his
pleasure was more important to than her own. Look at how much
pleasure he had allowed her already this evening!

"Come all over your little girls face honey... I'm your come
slut... your sperm slave...!"

Robert was trembling now, his hand a flash of movement upon his
beautiful hard cock. "Come for mommy Mr. Cock... and I will lick you
clean after...!" It was the name she called her son's penis and she
was shameless as the words flowed from my lips. "Cover me in your
sperm honey... and then I will suck you hard so you can fuck me... in
the ass!"

Rhonda was panting now, the sight of her son's self pleasure as well
as the desire behind her own words driving me on wards.

She stopped breathing as Robert bent over, the head of his cock coming
so close to my anxious face. Rhonda reached out with her tongue, lips
wide, trying to reach it - but her son kept it from touching.

"Get ready slut... here it comes...!"

And then it happened - the miracle that the mother would relive again
and again in her fantasies and dreams until her son's next visit. The
sight of that perfect male organ jerking and bouncing in her son's
hand as the spurts of pearl-coloured sperm shot from its enlarged pink
head. It rained upon Rhonda's face, a few drops in her wide hungry
mouth, some even into her hair.

Rhonda loved it ... loved her son...!

Then, it was over but the deep grasping of lost breaths and groans of
tired movements. Watching her son, from upside down, Rhonda saw him
step cautiously back upon quivering legs, until he sat down at the
chair across the room - his eyes still upon his parent.

Rhonda had stopped the fucking of the vibrators within her body and
now turned the hard plastic cocks off, as her own orgasm was not
needed. As Robert watched, she brought the first larger dick up to
her lips and licked it clean. Then she brought the other, the smell
and taste harsher, tart, and cleaned it as well. Then she turned over
and sat up with her heels pressing into her soft buttocks and began to
search out the drops of sperm with her own fingers - bringing each
dollop to her lips to savour. It was the one thing in the world that
Rhonda loved to taste more than anything else - her own son's come.

After watching his slutty mother for some minutes with a half smile
upon his face, Robert stood and retrieved his clothing.

"You don't have to go honey?" She knew there was a twinkle in her eye
that left little doubt for the real meaning of the invitation. Robert
never needed to leave his mother's bed again if he so wished - this
old woman would do anything in her power to pleasure him into never
wanting to leave. There was not a single sexual act she had not
contemplated doing for him, with him - and the more perverse and
raunchy, the more it seemed to turn her on.

Robert smiled softly at his mother and continued to dress.

Rhonda felt a pang of jealously, knowing that her son would drive back
to his wife and family, curl up with with that tall thin sexy woman
and sleep with her - perhaps make love in the morning. The thought
was too painful to continue.

Just as the young handsome man was tying his shoes, their time
together nearly done for this visit, Rhonda asked, "When will you
return honey?"

He did not answer - and she felt the earlier fear of abandonment and
age. Then Robert walks to the bed and sits down, barely a meter from
his mom - and hands her a small wrapped box.

"Open it mom."

Her son often gives her gifts - from lingerie, to a gym set, even to
the house she lived in. Taking the lid off the box she sees the
diamond earrings that are very elegant. "They are lovely honey!"
Rhonda held one up to model it just by her left ear - her son laughed
with pleasure.

Can he not see what she truly wanted?

Robert's wife jokingly calls him a mommas boy - but Rhonda is and
always shall be her boy's momma.


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