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IPROMMOM movie something Just careful


This story entitled ' I PROMISED mom '
((c) davidb234 01/01/00)is the intellectual
property of the author davidb234, and may not be
distributed or posted to any pay site or
organisation without the authors specific consent.
It may be posted to free sites and archives
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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this, my latest short
davidb234 author.

A short story by davidb234

I was sat on my old leather sofa with the tv on,
but not actually watching or listening to whatever
program was showing. I guess I'd been doing this
for most of the past year and a half since my wife
Jenny had died of cancer. Melissa, my daughter, and
I had nursed my wife for almost two years before I
finally agreed that she would be better looked
after by specialised staff in a nursing home. Even
then it was still a strain as I made a point of
visiting every day she was there, and taking Mel
with me at least twice a week. On what had been her
final day of living I made sure that Mel was
staying with her aunt and wasn't put through the
trauma of watching her mother slip away. At least
it was peaceful and she felt no pain, the massive
doses of drugs saw to that. It was however the
worst day of my life, and a day that I still
relived over and over again. I had stopped crying
whenever I thought about Jenny, only looking sad
when I knew Mel wasn't looking, which is one reason
for me having the tv on, hopefully telling her that
I had my mind on other things.
The trouble is you can't kid kids, not all the
time. By now Mel wasn't actually a kid, she was
almost eighteen and had just graduated with grades
suitable for her to attend college and get her MBA
so she could come into the family Trucking
business. I approved wholeheartedly, having no son
to take over I always hoped Mel would be so
inclined, especially as I used to take her on short
trips when I was actually doing my own driving. Now
I didn't need to, and only went out when I felt the
need for a change of scenery. Mel had made a great
hit with all the other drivers, and actually
learned to drive a large panel truck without me
knowing about it. No surprise then that she asked
one day if she could go out with me on one of my
joyrides, and actually drive most of the way.
Anyway, it was the end of July, Mel was finished
school until she started at the local college in
September, most of the drivers were having their
summer vacations as business was slack at this
season, I was sitting at home and feeling very low
as I sat with a drink in my hand thinking about
going to bed, and wondering what we would have been
doing had Jenny still been alive. That's when Mel
came in, slamming the door behind her and stomping
up the stairs as she made her way to bed. My
reverie broken I tossed of the rest of my drink,
switched off the tv and after locking up made my
own way to bed. As I passed the bathroom I heard
noises that told me Mel was in there, so I knocked
and called out "Goodnight baby", "'Night Daddy" she
called, sounding subdued, but I put it down to the
thickness of the door, and went to bed. I was
sitting up in bed with the light off, as I usually
did for a couple of hours each night, when there
was a gentle knocking at the door and Mel poked her
head round the edge and said "Can I come and talk
to you for a minute please Daddy?" "Of course you
can darling" I replied and leaned over to switch on
my nightlight. "No leave the light please Daddy, I
can see OK" and she came over and slid under the
comforter, snuggling up close to me as I put an arm
round her shoulders. "Right baby, what can Daddy do
for you, not got boy problems have you?" I felt her
nod her head as she said softly "Yes Daddy, that's
just it, I have" and she started to cry softly into
my chest as she turned her head towards me. With
some difficulty I slipped down, pulling Mel down
with me, until we were laying rather than sitting
and I had my arms round my sobbing daughter,
rocking her gently until she finally quietened down
and stopped crying.
Bit by bit I got the picture, she had gone out,
with her current boyfriend, to a movie, and then
for a burger and coke, after that Jake, her
boyfriend, took her out to a local parking spot and
started to get more amorous that Mel was ready for.
That when the trouble started, Jake came on a bit
heavy, Mel repulsed him vigorously, and it ended up
with blows being exchanged. That's when I switched
on the light, and started to swear. Mel was covered
with bruises all down her arms where she had been
held tightly by strong hands, and she had a dark
red patch on her cheek where she had been caught by
a hand or fist. I was about to get out of bed and
go and find Jake, when Mel caught hold of my wrists
and pulled me down beside her once more, "No Daddy,
please leave it until the morning. I told Jake to
be prepared for you to come after him with a big
club when you found out what he'd done, he was so
scared he dropped me off at the corner and raced
away without another word. You'll punish him more
if you leave it lie for a while and let him worry,
now please put the light off and listen to what I
have to say, please Daddy." I did as she asked,
mind you I'd been doing that for years and she knew
it. She also knew she could wrap me round her
little finger just by holding my hand and looking
up into my eyes as she said 'please' in her own
special way. As I lay down I said softly "I suppose
you're going to tell me why it was mostly your
fault and I shouldn't actually blame Jake at all",
Mel lay her head on my bare chest and I felt her
nod, "Well, actually you're right Daddy, it was
partly my fault, you see I knew he wanted to get
into my pants, he'd been hinting at it all night
and I hadn't said NO, that's why he thought it was
OK to try when we parked up. The trouble was Daddy,
I was scared. Besides, I didn't want my first time
to be in the back of some jocks car, I wanted to be
warm and comfortable in bed, and with someone I
felt safe with, someone that I knew wouldn't hurt
me, someone I knew actually loved me and didn't
just lust after my body." For a moment I was
stunned, Mel was actually telling me she was still
a virgin, that in itself was unusual in this day
and age, that she was telling me how she wanted to
lose her virginity was also astonishing, until I
realised I had been mother and father to her for
some years, that's when I went all paternal on her.
I kissed her tenderly on her forehead and said
softly Well darling, I'm glad you've been so
discriminating for so long, I'm sure most of your
friends have all had a lot of sexual experience,
and I'm sure it's been very difficult for you to
resist all the peer pressure you must have had." I
paused for a moment as she snuggled closer to me,
holding me a little tighter with her arm that she
had put round me when she had calmed me down. "The
thing is darling, if you want to bring some boy
home and have a little privacy some time, all you
have to do is tell me and I'd willingly go out to a
movie or something. Just be careful who it is you
bring home, remember it will be a very special time
for you, and he'll have to be a very special person
to make it good for you". That's when I opened my
mouth and put both feet in it. "Is there anything
you want to ask me darling, you know about the
actual mechanics of sex, things you might have
wanted to ask your mother?"
That's when Mel sat up and I realised she was
naked. All the wriggling about she had been doing
as she told me her troubles had been her shedding
her nightie and panties she normally slept in. It
was also the first time I'd got an erection since
Jenny had died, and the first time I'd got an
erection whilst looking at my daughter, it was also
the time she showed me just how smart she and Jenny
had been. "Daddy" said Mel in a soft sexy voice,
"Just what do you think mom and I talked about all
those hours we spent together when we visited her
in the nursing home. She was telling me all about
the wonderful sex life you two had enjoyed. How she
was a virgin when she met you, and stayed that way
until you plucked up the courage to proposition her
the night her folks got stuck in a snow drift and
you couldn't get home after visiting her." Pausing
to wipe away a tear from her eye Mel smiled down at
me, and smiled just like Jenny used to when we made
love. "That's when I promised to make sure you
ended up with someone that was going to be good for
you, and would look after you as well as she did.
That's why I've waited all this time for you to be
in a situation where you would do for me what you
did for Mom." Mel then bent down and placed her
lips on mine in as sensuous and passionate a kiss
as Jenny had ever given me, "What I'm saying Daddy,
is that I'm waiting for you to come and make love
to me, to be my first lover, and hopefully be my
last one too. I want to take over where mom left
off, I want to be you one true love, even if I
can't have your babies, I do want to have all your
love, until you get fed up with me and find someone
else. Then I'll go and find someone to give me
children." By now she had stripped off my pyjama
bottoms and was straddling my hips, holding her
swollen and sopping wet pussy over the head of my
hard throbbing erection as she waited for a sign
from me to tell her it was OK. "Just be careful
baby" I said softly, "I don't want to hurt you",
and gave a gasp of pleasure as she touched the tip
of my cock to her slippery vagina and lowered
herself down on it in a single firm stroke.
"Aggghhhh..." she cried as she felt, and I also felt,
my penis destroy her virgin membrane, "God Daddy,
that smarts" she gasped as she sat on my pelvis.
"Well darling, I did try to tell you to be careful.
The thing is baby, it had to be done some time, and
it will soon feel better if you relax. Come and lay
down on my chest for a minute or two and tell me
what your mother said you should do for me."
Mel lay forward, pressing her firm hard nippled
breasts on to my chest and began to tell me all
Jenny had spoken to her about. Things like how I
liked to have her sit on my lap and just gently
caress her naked body under a bathrobe, how she
used to go to sleep with her naked breast against
my chest and her pussy pressed up tight to my
thigh. The way we would spend Lisa's day teasing
each other with touches and caresses, but waiting
until we were in bed before we actually made any
overt move towards sexual contact. "What I really
want to try Daddy, is the way you used to make mom
have multiple orgasm with you using your tongue on
her pussy. That sounds really great." By now I was
starting to relax a little, as was my cock and Mel
knew it. "Damn" she said, blushing at having me
hear her swear, "I'm sorry Daddy, but all this
talking has made you go soft on me, what can I do
about this?" "What!" I cried "Something your mother
didn't teach you, goodness me I guess I'd better do
something about that then, hadn't I?" and with a
gently pressure I pushed Mel up until she was once
more sitting on my pelvis, and looked at her from
her bright green eyes, down her sweet face to her
softly sloping shoulders and on to her firm young
hard nipple tipped breasts. As I looked adoringly
at her titties I put out my hand and placed my
fingertips all round the base of each, cupping the
both in my hands, as soon as I felt the nipples
touch the palm of my hand Mel gave a cry of "WOW
Daddy, that sure worked", and giggled as she began
to gently bounce up and down on my now tumescent
manhood. As she lost herself to the pleasure of sex
Mel threw her head and body back, holding on to me
by the forearms, as I did the same for her as she
pulled her breasts from my palpating grip. At the
top and the bottom of each stroke she gave a
wriggle of her hips, and occasionally gave a short
sharp cry of ecstasy as the head of my cock scraped
across her G spot. Time and time again she
struggled to repeat this movement, but only
succeeded accidentally and not very often.
Whatever, it did help to bring her closer and
closer to her climax, and as she gave a final loud
gasp of pleasure and rammed herself down hard on to
my pelvic mound I pressed a thumb on to her clit
and gently rubbed it round and round making her
orgasm go on and on and she sat and cried out over
and over again "YES... YES... YES... YEEESSS...".
Eventually Mel had to stop, she was completely
spent, as well as being exhausted, and as soon as
she went quiet she collapsed on to my chest and I
gently rolled her off my hips to lay gasping beside
me, her firm young body twitching and shuddering as
I took her in my arms and pulled her close to me to
wait until she had calmed down once more and would
be able to go to sleep at last. When I knew Mel was
asleep I gently removed myself from her arms and
went quietly to the bathroom where I got a warm
washcloth and towel and, after cleaning myself up,
returned to the bedroom and tenderly washed her
loins clean of her blood stained orgasmic juices. I
was soon back in bed with my daughter, and as I lay
there I tried to examine my thoughts, what I'd just
done was without doubt incestual, and also against
civil as well as church law. It was also looked on
as about the most immoral act a man could
perpetrate. The only thing that made me push all
this to the back of my mind was the fact that Mel
was of legal age, knew what she wanted to do, and
had actually instigated the whole thing. There was
also the fact that she was doing it at the request
of her dead mother. On top of all this was the
simple, undeniable fact that it was the most
wonderful act of lovemaking I had ever experienced.
It was awesome to the extreme, nothing Jenny and I
had ever experienced had ever come close to how I
felt, and I hadn't even had an orgasm, all I had
done was lay there as my daughter took her own
virginity, then used me to bring herself to her
first penetration orgasm, and what an orgasm it had
seemed to be. Certainly Jenny had never collapsed
so spent after making love, and I'd tried time and
time again to make it so good she would faint,
without any luck. I guess I could actually get to
enjoy sleeping with Mel, assuming that's what she
wanted to do, I guess I'd better ask her when she
wakes up, problem is what if she say no, and
decides to use her new found sexuality to go and
get a couple of guys at college in tow, I guess I'd
better not push things too quickly, better to just
wait until she makes the next move and follow her
lead...... "Daddy, are you listening to me?" I heard
Mel say as she was shaking my arm vigorously, I
turned to look down at her as she lay beside me.
"I'm sorry darling, did you say something, I was
miles away, thinking about things..." "YES Daddy, I
did say something, I asked you why you didn't cum
in me like I wanted?" I turned to her and lay
beside her once more, touching her cheek tenderly
with my fingertips as I said softly "I know
darling, I didn't want to take the chance of
getting you pregnant, it can happen you know, even
if it's a girls first time." Giving me a wicked
smile she replied "Yes Daddy darling, but not when
a girls been on the pill for over a year. I told
you mom had been instructing me for a long time,
she signed the forms authorising our doctor to
prescribe then for me, over two years ago. You see
Daddy, mom was really worried you might try and
find some excuse NOT to do this for us. I guess she
forgot all about your control, and strength of
will." Mel then scrabbled about until she was
kneeling beside me, placed her hands on my
shoulders and said firmly "Right Daddy, how do you
want to do this, me on top, you on top, or moms
favourite position, doggy style. Whichever it is I
want you to come and fill my body with your
wonderful hot thick creamy cum, and I want you to
do it now please Daddy, it's the one thing I've
been looking forward to ever since mom told me how
she felt when you came in her."
Giving me no chance to argue Mel turned her back to
me, opened her knees wide, leaned forward on her
forearms and placed her head between her hands.
This placed her in a position where she was
displaying her virgin dark pink puckered rosehole,
and below it her now swollen pussy lips, glistening
with her juices that were lubricating her up in
anticipation of having my hard throbbing penis
enter her young body and fill it with my sperm
laden semen. No matter what my state of mind I
couldn't just lay there and disappoint my daughter,
so I got up on to my knees, shuffled up behind her
and touched the head of my penis to her moist lips.
"Ready for this baby?" I asked gently, "Oh, yes
Daddy darling, I'm so ready for it, you just
wouldn't believe. Please Daddy, don't try to make
me cum, I just want to feel you having an orgasm
inside me, please promise me that darling?" I
leaned forward and placed a tender loving kiss half
way down her spine, "All right darling, I promise,
this one is for me, but it's the last time I take
your orders, understand?" Giving a little sex shake
of her bottom she said softly "Yes Daddy, I
understand...... Ahhhh... Ohhh... that feels sooooo great
Daddy" as I slowly pressed my penis into her tight
moist vaginal passage. I was so aroused I was
tempted to bang away hard at her body, but decided
instead to make things last a little longer by
making long slow strokes in and out of her grasping
pussy lips and cuntal passage, as Mel tested out
her bodies capacity to arouse and excite. She did
quite well because it only took me twenty odd
strokes before I rammed my hard throbbing cock deep
into her, clasped my hands on her hips and cried
shoot a massive stream of hot sperm laden semen
deep into Mel's warm receptive young body. "Ohhh...
Daddy, that's so good" cried Mel as my hips jerked
over and over again and I shot another huge stream
of cum into her. By now Mel's body was full, and
all I was doing was shooting sperm into her vagina
and having it blow back and run out between my
cockshaft and her pussy lips and run down her legs
and through the fingers of the hand she had placed
at the junction of our bodies as she tried to feel
what it was like when a cock was inside her cunt.
Eventually even I, with all those months of pent up
ardour had to stop shooting cum into Mel's body. I
was completely drained as I collapsed back to sit
on my heels and drop my head and shoulders with
exhaustion. This of course meant I pulled my
rapidly shrinking penis from Mel's cum soaked
pussy, and also meant that it was followed by a
torrent of my cum as it flooded out of her and
dripped on to the bedclothes beneath her open legs.
"Oh WOW, that's simply awesome Daddy, I never knew
a man could have so much cum in him as you just
did. Was that really good for you Daddy darling?"
"Yes darling" I gasped "It was the greatest orgasm
I ever had, bar none" and I lifted my sweat
streaked face and smiled at Mel as she rolled on to
her back and began rubbing what she could get of my
cum, into her pussy lips and all over her abdomen,
as if it was skin lotion. As I smiled at her doing
this she grinned up at me and said "Well Daddy, mom
told me it was especially good for getting and
keeping a good complexion. I'm going to try it on
my face next time." When I was recovered enough I
climbed off the bed, held out my hand to Mel and
said "Come on baby, we both need a shower, and then
we've got to change the bed before we can get to
sleep." Our first shower together was blissful, it
reminded me of those I took with Jenny, almost
every night, until she was taken I'll. Now it
looked as if it was going to start happening again,
seeing as Mel seemed to enjoy it so much. When at
last we were laying side by side in a clean bed,
Mel kissed me tenderly on the lips and said "Daddy,
was it all right, the way I made love to you, I
mean?" I couldn't answer her for some time, I was
too busy kissing her gently and lovingly.
Eventually I was able to reply, "Yes darling, you
were simply the very best any man could want in a
loving partner, and I love you so very much my
darling, almost as much as I loved your darling
mother." Melissa looked at me with a tear in her
eye, "I'm so glad Daddy, because you see I promised
Mom I'd try to be as good for you as she had been".



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