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ISLAND hurt and confused the best


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
The Island of Dr. Fuckyoutoo

I'm sure in some sense it was my instincts and fine decision
making that spared Marjorie and me when the ship went down.
In most senses, it was the length of my dumb stare that trapped
us in the bubble of air when the ship capsized. The intelligient ones that
acted quickly when the trouble arose were wiped out when the engines
exploded and spread shrapnel across the sea.
That same explosion freed us by blowing away the enclosing
hull. The only less than perfect accident was Marjorie and I being
separated by the surf. I didn't fear she had any rougher time reaching
land, but where?
I was trying to decide which direction she was most likely to be
in when the mute found me. Of course he could not answer my
questions, but he was insistent that I go with him. He took me to the
The doctor was neither scary nor impressive. He was a little
scraggly man with wild hair streaming in a halo about his marked male
pattern baldness. His nose was meaty and his ears had the odd
characteristic of large lobes that protruded some distance from his head
on either side. He seemed a bumbling little man better off for his
He welcomed me, but I couldn't make him understand the need
to find Marjorie. There wasn't any response at all when I spoke of her.
He waited until I stopped speaking and then went on with what he was
saying, mostly about the complete paradise of his island.
A creepy chill began to grow in my gut. Was this just the first
indication of a total schism with reality? I was wary as I accepted his
hospitality for the moment.
Dressed in a warm robe and fortified by an excellent brandy, the
doctor invited me to see his work. He was a reasearcher, he told me
earnestly. But his was research too controversial to be carried out in
the public view. My fear that the poor man was a lunatic grew. There
was nothing in his over-animated demeanor to change that opinion. He
was fairly shaking with glee as he led me to his compound.
He explained the system of thermal exchange that heated the
place when he saw me react to the blood-warm air. But his explanation
of storing thermal energy flew right past me as I noticed rows of cots
lining the walls, each occupied by a naked woman. Now that I knew
the why for the heat, I no longer cared about the how.
He grinned like a maniac when he followed my gaze. But this
time the evidence of his madness was somehow soothing. It seemed
like an appropriate reaction to the situation.
"See," he nodded frantically as he asked, "See why I couldn't do
this with goody-goodies hanging around? You can just imagine the
"I see," I lied, "But what is the nature of your work?"
Certainly getting the clothes off women wasn't much of a
breakthrough, however pleasant it was visually.
"I am training them to be perfect companions, watch," he said.
He approached one of the women and opened his trousers. He
fished out his penis and then stood with his hands at his sides. The
woman rolled off her bed and went to her knees in front of him. She
carefully lifted his penis and bent to take it in her mouth.
It wasn't exactly what I had in mind for the perfect companion,
but it was a far cry from a kick in the butt. I watched her suck him,
obviously to orgasm, and then he turned and looked at me blankly.
"Don't you indulge?" he asked. "I'm sorry I haven't made any men..."
"Oh no, no, no," I said quickly, my homophobia pricked by
even the suggestion, "I just didn't know what was permissable."
"Oh yes, yes, yes, I hadn't said that yet, had I?" he muttered,
"But anything is permissable for them. They will repond to verbal
commands as well, but they know what I want- don't you, dears."
There was a murmur of assent and a sea of bobbing heads as he
turned the question to the women. I was fascinated. That's the nice way
of saying I had a hard-on and all thoughts of Marjorie had been put on
hold until the little head told the big head he could think again. But it
was still creepy to have this doctor watch.
He sensed my hesitation and made me a fateful offer.
"I could have Igor (yes, for Christ's sake- Igor) make you a
space here if you'd like to try them in private," he offered.
Well, burn my bra and call me a feminist, that was exactly what
I wanted to do. There had to be twenty of them and I wanted to try
every last one of them. I assented and he said he'd leave me alone for a
while. I could ring when I wanted Igor to make up a bed for me.
I couldn't wait for the door to close behind him. I dropped the
robe to relieve the heat of the air and then walked among the women.
There was a pleasant variation in height and size, but they were all the
color of coffee latta and had black hair and brown eyes. There was a
family resemblance in all of them, but more asian than Negroid. It
made choosing both simpler and harder.
I finally stopped next to the girl the doctor had chosen and took
the girl in the next bed. When she realized I had chosen her, she was up
immediately, but I motioned for her to stay.
"Roll on your side," I told her to test this verbal command thing
the doctor seemed so proud of.
She did as I said. I leaned over her to drop my penis down over
her mouth. She craned up for it like a baby robin taking a worm from
its mother. It had to be some behavior modification that the doctor was
working on. She was willing, even happy, to please me and very free in
the way her tongue danced over my flesh and the way she kissed my
cock as it grew and lifted from her face. Yet there was a mindlessness
there that was at once disturbing and again very nice to have at my
As she raised up on an elbow to chase my growing erection, I
began to discount the downside. However she reached this mental
state, it was a very nice idea. She certainly was good at pleasing. She
tentatively covered my cock with her mouth and looked up at me for
permission. I rocked forward a bit and she began to suck me.
At first she sucked only the head, waiting for me to augment my
penetration by thrusting into her face. Once I got the hang of that, I
stuffed my cock into her mouth until I felt my cock bump her throat.
This was very good, I remember thinking. We co-operated into a
wonderful rhythm of my cock fucking her bobbing mouth with its
tickling tongue and wet suction.
. And then she was no longer satisfied by my thrusting. One in-
stroke she did not stop when my glans hit her throat. She came forward
as I stopped and forced my cock into her throat. I slid heavenly deep
into total immersion in her wet warmth and at that moment became
Adam with his finger stretched out oh so near God. But it wasn't my
finger, though it felt like it was lodged very near God.
She let me move back and forth without exiting her throat for
about three centuries and then pulled back for a few strokes to grab a
breath of air. Then I was taken all the way down again and I knew the
play had gone out of the game. This time- or surely the next, I was
going to anoint her gullet with my seed.
And as I thought it, a spasm wracked me through the groin and
I felt the jolt as the first glob shot from my cock. No reaction but for
her hand to come up to stroke my scrotum. I hung on the hook over
Hell wrapped in the angelic wings of her lips as I twitched out my
climax. When I was done, she held me lightly and licked over the
surface of my cock.
I bent to kiss her and she recoiled slightly. I put my hand on her
head and stroked her hair and that seemed to relax her. I finished my
kiss, but she obviously preferred the petting. Whatever this program
was, it was completely invasive.
Somewhere there was the crack that let thoughts of Marjorie
back in. Perhaps it was the blood rushing back to my brain from my
sated pecker or perhaps it was the guilt over what my pecker had been
making me do. Thirdly, it may have been the flash I had of a perfectly
compliant Marjorie and what I could make her do then.
But those thoughts brought back the urgency of finding her.
The island might be hospitable enough to castaways, but I knew I
would have to explain if my accomodations for the night were better
than hers. Particularly the warm, downy bed I was anticipating.
I rang for Igor, but not for a bed. I needed footwear more
substantial than the shower clogs I was wearing to look for Marjorie.
He responded as quickly as if he had been on his way when the bell
rang. I asked for the shoes and he shrugged. Whatever that meant, he
turned back toward the doctor's quarters and I followed.
I became conscious of my nakedness beneath the robe when I
looked in the doctor's window. Marjorie had been brought to him as I
had. She certainly was the blonde sitting in the study. I had seen only
people with black hair since I had arrived on the island.
When I stepped in the room,. my self-consciousness became
wonder as I saw Marjorie wearing a robe that was a twin to my own.
Was that wonderful creamy flesh also naked beneath the cloth? It
seemed my session in the doctor's laboratory had only sharpened my
desires. And then I wondered what Marjorie would think when she got
the tour.
"Plant and animal research..." the doctor was saying. "The
isolation of the island quiets the fears of the squeamish about an
Why, the old goat was lying through his teeth. I felt a wash of
relief at not having to defend my actions of the last hour. I also was
beginning to feel better and better about the state of mind of our host.
At least I was liking the way it ran at the moment.
"Isn't this an excellent brandy?" Marjorie said to me by way of
an overheard compliment for the doctor.
"Actually, it is more of an apple schnapps, I make it myself," he
Again with the crazy talk. I know brandy when I drink it. But at
the moment I was much more interested in how Marjorie's presence
changed the arrangements.
"So, do I give up my cot for the lady?" I asked to move him to
that phase of the explanation.
"I understand your concern," he said rather abruptly, then
brightened to say, "But, no, I have to admit that there were better
quarters that I did not offer you. But you see, it is the bedroom of my
late wife and I didn't feel right having you in it.''
He turned to Marjorie and smiled, "You, my dear, are quite a
different matter. I feel quite right about you sleeping in her bed."
"I could wish for no better place than you have put me," I
replied, at once both formal and tongue in cheek.
That settled, I pled fatigue and asked that Igor help me get my
bed ready. Hugging Marjorie confirmed that she was as naked as I
beneath the robe, but I had already decided that there was no way for
us to have sex under the doctor's nose. I would have to settle for my
twenty pleasure slaves.
Igor brought an ingenious device that linked two cots together
and added a spacer that made the two mattresses one. I only had to
park it next to my choice and I would have a double bed to frolic in. I
chose the first girl in line since it made so little difference.
She turned to me attentively as I lay down, awaiting my
instructions. I looked into her compliant, eager eyes and for a flash I
saw Marjorie. Not in this nameless woman, but in the other house, in a
similiar position and facing not me, but the doctor. I wondered.
It was a brief turn of mind. I had no real claim to Marjorie. Our
affair had been quite illicit on the yacht. I even entertained briefly the
idea that the doctor might 'fix' her and give her to me for a plaything. A
nice fantasy, but I had a woman of flesh and blood awaiting my desires
and spent little time with a mere dream.
"Go down and suck me," I told her as I lay back.
She immediately crawled over and lifted my organ to her
mouth. She had only to suck the limp flesh into her mouth for me to
feel the blood rushing to fill my cock. Only the constraints of phisiology
kept me from snapping to full rigidity with the first touch of her tongue.
She seemed hungrier, but no less careful than the first girl. She
worried my cock inside her mouth with her tongue while sucking on it.
Her fingers were active like spiders over my balls without instruction.
I ran my fingers through her dark hair as I felt my full prowess return
and then decided that this was not all I wanted.
"Lay back down now," I told her.
She looked at me with concern as she lay back.
"You were doing fine. I have something else in mind," I told
her, thinking that was the assurance she was looking for.
When I rolled on top of her, she parted her legs happily. I
needed to lick my fingers to wet her twat so that the entry went
smoothly, but when I sank into her cunt I felt welcomed. It was as if I
was a visitor to a busy factory with many things happening around me
as my cock filled her sheath. It wasn't that the walls were moving, but
something beyond was working madly, giving them the feel of
exaggerated life around my intruding prick.
I soaked up this new and wonderful feel for some time before I
could bring myself to pull back and start to fuck her. It was even better
when my cock was moving too. When she added the subtle tilts of her
hips to keep my dick running straight in and out of her cunt, I felt that I
was at the beginning of a fuck out of the finest textbook on the subject.
I knew it was even more than that when she seemed to
anticipate my need to drive against and into new areas of her spongy
tunnel. It was out of my personal textbook of the finest fuck. Her hips
swiveled and rocked just the way I wished them to without any
instruction. She became insistent a beat before my own need drove me
into her harder and faster.
The thought that she was psychic flashed in my head before
submerging back into the joy of her active participation as I thrust into
her velvety cunt. It was most wonderful as she faked an orgasm just as
the tickle behind my balls announced my own impending climax.
She was not agitated or flushed enough for me to believe her
climax, but my cock didn't care. Her cunt rippled and spasmed with a
realism that sucked the fluid from my nuts as effectively as any milking
machine could ever do. The grip that squeezed me was so strong as to
send other chills to squirm around my spine along with the already
present electricity that was pumping my balls dry inside this fuck
I had it all and yet I had not begun to sample the talents of the
doctor's subjects.
I considered and then rejected the idea of letting another of the
women suck my cock clean. Even after the most rudimentary sex my
cock was over sensitized. I was afraid that the pleasure after that fuck
of fucks would simply be too much to bear.
The fatigue of the hard swim and the ecstatic sex overcame me
quickly then. I barely had time to roll onto the other half of the bed
before I sank down to sleep. The last thing I remember was reaching
out to stroke my most recent partner's face.
The next morning I awoke with her hovering over my morning
erection. There was no glistening wetness to indicate she had done
anything unbidden, but the joy at my being awake was clear in her face.
She certainly wanted me to bid her do something with that erection.
"Go ahead and suck it," I allowed.
Somehow she maintained the grin even with her face full of my
cock. Her eyes sparkled as she held my gaze as best she could while she
travelled up and down my shaft. I'd be lying if I said I liked watching
her as much as the feel of her wet, warm mouth stroking my morning-
alert cock, but it certainly did add to the sense of fun.
As I probed the claustrophobic depths of her throat, a lot of
ideas went through my mind. When my cock slid deep into her gullet, I
thought of rolling her over and fucking her hard, deep and fast. When
she took a break to bob quickly on the head, I considered spinning her
around to lick her twat as she blew me. When she wrapped her hand
around the shaft and whipped the head with her tongue, she cleared the
slate in my head and made me not sure what I wanted that could be
better than what I was getting.
That became a fixed proposition as she switched rapidly
between taking me deep in her throat and then sucking hard and fast on
the upper two-thirds of my cock. I couldn't think, let alone plan. Acting
on anything was right out the window. I was left to squirm as she
sucked me, unable to do anything but groan with pleasure. That and
finally pour a liberal helping of cum into her mouth and down her throat
as she took it all when my cock began to spurt out its seed.
It was a most agreeable way to meet the dawning day. But then
I had to rouse myself out of this trance of sex and try to get to the
house as if it had just been another morning.
Whatever I might have fantisized happening between Marjorie
and the doctor, I had to be prepared to let it shock me. That choice was
a good one. Marjorie seemed no different than she had in the past
weeks. I waited until I could get the good doctor alone to quiz him.
"Did the lady have a quiet night?" I asked as a leading question,
"Or is there a subtle attitude shift that I haven't detected?"
"What?" the doctor asked.
"I wondered if you were going to work your magic and turn her
into one like out in the laboratory," I said to clear up what I thought
was an in-joke.
He nodded with understanding and then stopped and abruptly
began shaking his head.
"No, no, I don't have plans like that. Anyway, I don't think you
understand about..." he said and then went quiet as Marjorie found us.
"Still happy with a cot out back?" she snickered, imagining I
had a much rougher night than was the actual case.
"Better than Davy Jones' locker," I kidded her.
I noticed the doctor was watching with a sly smile as we talked.
It was pretty clear that he hadn't brought up much about his work in
conversation with Marjorie. It seemed he was watching to see if I
would broach the subject or if it was to remain our secret. I liked the
idea of keeping it a secret.
We arranged for a rescue, courtesy of the doctor's shortwave
radio. The best part was they were waiting until the morning to come
for us. That meant another night with the doctor's pets. Marjorie
seemed no less happy for the delay.
After breakfast, she pulled me away to take 'a walk' around the
island. The doctor grinned and told us of a cove about a quarter of a
mile away down the beach. This was our normal time anyway. On the
ship, she would slip off to her morning 'work out' and we would hump
like aardvarks in my cabin.
The doctor knew what we were going for. The cove was a
freshet unconnected to the sea except in flood conditions. It was a palm
shaded oasis of fresh water with a view of the sea breaking on the
volcanic rocks of the shoreline.
We were naked and in the water in a blink. Sun kissed to a
pleasant chill, the water soon felt like a bath as we adjusted to the
temperature. She was a slippery temptress as she slid over me as if she
was dipped in oil. She was still a hot lady.
The full, firm breasts that had first attracted my notice floated
promisingly in the water and her playful rubbing on my body made the
morning blow job seem just like an appetizer for Marjorie the main
course. I was hard, throbbing and ready even in the bracing water.
Marjorie took advantage of my apparent need by brushing up
against my erection to tease me. I wanted her bad and I wanted her
then. She took that as a compliment. She allowed me to pull her close
by handsfull of her firm backside, but she would only allow me to rub
my cock over the lips of her pussy while she pressed her breasts into
my chest.
Finally my kisses became passionate enough, or perhaps the
friction of my hardness stroking against the entrance to her
womanhood heated her enough, but she gave in. She relaxed against
me and let me draw her to the edge of the pool. As I tried to work my
cock inside her, she changed her mind again. She crawled over me to
roll out of the water into the surrounding small gravel. There she
sprawled on her back with her knees up and her legs open in invitation
Well, good morning to me, I thought as I crawled out of the
water and toward her. I knew as soon as I saw the wings of her pussy lips parting pinkly that I was going to stop there for a bite. A nibble
really, both because she deserved it and because it was the way I had
really won her in the beginning of our ship-board romance.
I'm sure I wasn't the first and I may not have been the last she
was fucking on the ship, but she was certainly returning every day for
more after the first time when I had licked her through three orgasms
before I even moved my face from her twat. Every time we met I had
made sure to remind her what my tongue could do.
I only got the time for a brief reminder that day. I had just
parted her labia with my thumbs so I could suck her like I was eating
the inside of a ripe plum when she pulled me up.
"Fuck me now. We can eat each other later," she gasped, her
eyes flashing even through half covered by heavy lids.
That was a good offer. She had taken me in her mouth as a
corpse reviver or to make me ready to enter her, but she had never
given me a real, honest, good to the last spurt blow job. I expected her
to break that string as I eased my hard cock into her wet cunt.
I think it was the surf and the sun and the idyllic setting that had
her ready to pop. Just settling our bellies together with my cock full
length inside her made her arch her back as if she was cumming. She
grabbed my ass when I tried to move and would not let me pull a
centimeter of my cock out of her greedy twat.
"Let me keep it all inside me for a little while," she pleaded,
moving her hips against me in a way that made her request reasonable.
I lowered myself over her and nibbled down her neck to add
fuel to the fire burning inside her.
What a wonderful day to be alive!" she enthused as she worked
herself toward climax on my deep-thrust prick. "I feel like I'm in heaven
right now!"
Heaven was a few inches below the reach of my mouth, but I
was willing to wait until my turn to suck her nipples and mouth her
perfect breasts. Instead I lightly licked around her ear, which I knew
drove her to distraction.
"Oh baby! Help me now!" she groaned as her hips became more
urgent against my belly, "Push- make me cum! Hard!"
I rocked against her, trying futility to double the action of her
hips as she seemed to move faster to try to match my motion. And then
she bucked and twitched as if I had thrown the switch to shoot
lightning out of my cock. The clench of her cunt was startling as she
held me captive and squeezed down on my cock through her orgasm.
"Fuck me now! Fuck me again," she wheezed and lay back for
It was as if she had been holding my propeller and winding my
rubber band while she fucked me. Released, I had pent up energy to
pour over her. And for all the warm, wet constriction of her cunt as she
had gotten off on my cock, I was fresh as if I had just stuck my cock
into her for the first time.
Now it was my turn and I was going to fully fuck her and make
her squirm and tremble as I took my pleasure how ever I wanted it. At
the same time, I knew she would be no less pleased with that than I was
when she fucked herself on my cock.
I bent down to her breasts as my cock slipped in and out of her
in a piston circle- up and in, down and out. I wasn't getting the same
depth as before, but the shorter stroke didn't slow the motion of her ass
as she moved with me, always keeping her sheath in line for my cock to
slip in smoothly.
I may have won her by eating her until she screamed, but it was
her heavy, full breasts that had attracted me. Marjorie was a little older,
but it seemed gravity had turned a pair of routine huge torpedo tits into
a fuller, more enticing pair of swaying sex. Their weight had slipped to
the bottom curve, burgeoning like too full water balloons as they
rested- and moved excitingly when Marjorie moved. They were not just
big tits. They were big tits in action and they fascinated me fully.
I gathered them up from where gravity had made them slide off
the sides of her body and piled them under my greedy mouth. My
ministrations were as effective for her as they were for me. They were
wonderfully sensitive nipples floating on the crests of her breastflesh.
The slightest flick of my tongue over their hard nubs made her coo.
I sucked firmly on the crinkled nipples and thrust harder into
her. She gasped with the panic of delight. Her hips were eager for me
and tried to reach down to encourage my full insertion. She wanted to
cum again and in that state, she wanted it over and over forever.
She was also more ameanable to my pleasures in this hard-
breathing state. I left my hands squeezing her breasts together and slid
up to kiss her. My cock went full length inside her and I pressed firmly
against her cuntlips.
"I want you to be my bitch," I purred to her, "I want you on
your knees so I can take you from behind."
Generally that was taboo, but she was so hot she grunted her
assent. I pulled back to squat on my knees and she rolled over and got
up in the position. Her butt was a little broad, but the gaping red mouth
of her cunt was the sight that caught my eye. It was a spread, inviting
target and my cock slid into it with a deep, smooth stroke.
"Omigod! That feels so good!" I told her, hoping to build her
enthusiasm for the position.
I did better by leaning over her back so I could reach around
her and rub my fingers over her clit. It was also a very effective way to
keep her cunt where I wanted it so I could plow her at will.
"God yes! make me cum again," she cried out as I fucked her.
It was a wonderful, rewarding and picturesque fuck and it was
over way too soon. It also became apparent that I had traded in my
blowjob for the chance to fuck her doggy. She sensed it was late and
was ready to leave shortly after I dumped a generous load of cum into
her cunt.
"At least that will make the horrible long night easier to bear," I
told her with a thought of the irony I was feeling.
Right then I was thinking that it also might make this morning's
disappointment easier to bear if I was to get a blowjob at lunchtime. I
was thinking of reasons to visit the laboratory as we walked back to the
compound arm in arm.
The doctor had the reason ready-made for me. Marjorie was
left to freshen up and we went to feed the laboratory specimans.
"I take it you and your wife had a pleasureable time at the
pool?" he pried with a sudden interest.
"Oh, we're not married," I corrected him.
"Ahh-," he said, seeming to be pleased with the answer. "But
you are lovers?"
"Yes, we are that," I smiled.
"Good. Then I sent you to the most romantic place on the island
for good reason," he smiled back. "And not being honest about my
research was then also a good decision."
"Well, I wasn't looking forward to explaining what I was doing
with the girls last night," I said.
"Perhaps you will use the same good decision if I tell you she
came to my bed last night?" he asked carefully.
It really didn't sound like blackmail. It sounded more like he was
trying to get me in a good mood before admitting that to me.
"I thought you said you didn't work any of this voodoo stuff on
her," I said.
"No, no, no, you still don't understand my work... but in any
case it was her own free will," he said. "She said she had to thank me by
letting me pretend to have one more night in my wife's arms. As it turned
out it was nothing like a night with my wife. It was very pleasant indeed."
Okay, she'd fucked him- while I was getting laid and a blowjob.
It sounded like she was only being neighborly. And what difference did
it make to me? I just wanted him to 'train' her like his other subjects so I
could have her any way I wanted and on my schedule.
I brought that up again, thinking he might be more willing now
that he had admitted an indiscretion.
"No, I do genetic research- there's nothing to turn her into," he
Clones, huh? That would explain the resemblance. Anyway, I
was distracted by the naked women again and the doctor was eager to
change the subject.
"Are you sure you won't join me?" he asked as he pulled out his
dick for one of the girls and waited for her to get down and suck it.
"What the hell," I gave in, "What do I have to hide?"
I pulled out my cock and one of the girls came over and took it
in her mouth. The doctor and I were facing different directions fucking
our respective cocks into the mouths of nearly identical women. It was
the way guy things should be. It was the way men's clubs should be.
He was done long before I was, but I got the feeling constant
supply had made him lose the need to draw it out. He liked it quick
because he could get it whenever he wanted it.
I enjoyed every nuance as the girl attacked me with the
flickering toungue as she held me in her mouth. And when she had
sucked up my seed, I enjoyed every shuddering spurt as I shot my load
into the vacuum of her mouth, feeling her throat work as she swallowed
my offering.
"They are wonderful, are they not?" he asked as we walked
together to the main house.
Seeing my nod of assent, he continued, "If only everyone was as
perceptive and accepting as you, I would feel more a success."
I thought he was nuts again. Sure, there are a lot of prudes out
there, but they have little in the way of real power. Sure, they are loud,
but porn lives, prostitution lives, and they always consume their hefty
percentage of the consumer dollar. Like that X-rated video that
everyone has, but won't admit. These babes would be a hit.
We had a salad of mainly crunchy, watery, celery-like greens
and some goat's cheese and a bread with a crumbly fine texture. I
suppose it would have been considered good by someone who likes
that stuff.
It was sometime later that I got Marjorie alone and confronted
her with what the doctor had told me. She didn't deny it.
"I was being a appreciative guest to a gracious host," she
started. "Are you jealous? Or just turned on?"
"No, not jealous- maybe a little of not being the dick inside you,
but not jealous," I maintained. "I am turned on."
"Are you asking me to tell you about it?" she asked and I
nodded. "All right, I went in and pulled the covers off the round, little
hairy guy and climbed over him. I pulled open my robe and told him I
wanted to thank him. He was confused at first, but his dick got hard all
the same and I sat down on it and rode him until he came."
"And then you went down and sucked his dick and even
swallowed it all when he came," I said in a burst of insight.
"Did he describe this to you already?" she accused.
"No, I just know what men like and I know what the doc would
ask, even beg for," I told her smugly.
"Well, I offered on the beach," she said in her own defense.
"And now I know why," I smirked.
She didn't deny that either. At least she remembered me while
she was fucking and sucking the doctor. And what her story mostly did
was make me very horny for my last night on the island. At least I was
sure I couldn't go through 20 women. I could get all I wanted and there
would still be a few spares.
And I knew she would be getting laid too. She had set the
doctor up just like me. She showed the way was clear and then waited
for the guy to follow his instincts. No doubt, especially after sounding me
out, that the doc would be back for more.
I had overestimated Marjorie and underestimated the doctor.
He brought it up over after-dinner brandy. (Yes, dammit, brandy. I'm
not taking his word.) It would be a fine thing, he alleged, if we, Marjorie
and I, were allowed to consummate a tryst without having to dare the
jungle. Marjorie seemed a little agitated at his suggestion.
Tut, tut, my dear, he said, and pointed out that we all had the
particulars of each other's activites of the last day. He did not need to be
present if we did not wish him to be.
It made more sense that way. Marjorie must have heard some
echo in his words that told her the hairy old goat wanted to watch.
"No, no, it's just that I didn't tell him that," Marjorie sighed in
reticent confession, "I really do crave to know the feeling. I was just a
little shy telling him."
Boy, am I smart! She knew what he was talking about all along
and he assumed I was in on it as well. The hot little bitch was going to
take us both on at once. Where did this come from?
The best part about this was the freedom she felt to tell him all
about her urges when she couldn't bring them up with me. Had he been
lying about altering her mind?
I guess hurt and confused is the best way to describe the way I
went into the whole thing. Fortunately for my good humor, that lasted
about three buttons into Marjorie undressing before the pure sex of the
situation overwhelmed me.
The doctor was only round compared to my hard body. I guess
Marjorie had a habit of fucking fitness instructors if that was her
description of him. I was glad we had shared a lunch blow job now. It
was easier to get into bed- albeit on opposite sides of Marjorie- now
that I had lost some of my shyness about performing in front of him.
Now, my idea of a threesome is me and two women, but I have
to say that it was a pretty good feeling even though we were sharing one
women between two men. We each staked out a side of Marjorie and
went to work.
I didn't feel responsible for pleasing her much at all. There were
two of us to share the blame if she wasn't satisfied, so I worked on
keeping myself happy.
I had one tit, one thigh and parts of her belly and face to work
with and I licked, kissed and fondled them to my own best benefit as the
doctor did the same on his half. It seemed the attention of two men by
itself was pretty exciting for Marjorie. She went into high gear almost
from a standing start.
I don't want to just guess what the doctor was thinking, but he
looked puzzled when I slid down to lick Marjorie's cunt. It didn't seem
that eating women out was in his bag of tricks. But it gave him an idea.
Marjorie was already aroused and wet when my tongue found
her. She was off into gasping, writhing land as my tongue burrowed into
her and the doctor took that opportunity to change the dividing line to
Marjorie's waist.
He climbed up over her as I ate her and pushed his cock against
her lips. I didn't expect to see her reject him, but I was surprised at her
eagerness as she opened her mouth wide to let him stick his cock in. It
looked like he was rubbing his cock over her tongue for some time
before she closed down and started sucking his cock as he fucked it in
and out of her mouth.
The co-ordination broke as I licked her over the top and she
had to pull his cock from her mouth as she bucked through her orgasm.
But then they were back at it. I lifted her legs as I sat up on the bed and
put my cock into her well-licked pussy. I think that was just what she
She was more active than I had ever felt her as she sucked the
cock fucking her face and shook her hips to make my cock dance as it
slid in and out of her wet slit. We were both riding a bucking sex
And then out sex machine wanted us to stop. She pushed the
doctor out of her mouth and said, "Let me up on my knees, I think we'll
all like that better."
I let her legs down and the doc got off her. She rolled over onto
her knees and we resumed our feeding cock into both ends of her.
Machine was the best way to think of her as she was bounced back and
forth between the cock in her mouth and my cock in her twat. But it was
the softest, most juicy machine I ever had seen.
She didn't seem to be bothered by being buns-up for my cock
to plug her now. In fact, she was doing a distinctly dog-like waggle of
her butt as I pumped into the yielding hemi-spheres. Maybe she wasn't
able to think as the two poles of man-meat thrust into her from each end.
She got clearly overwhelmed as the doctor came in her mouth.
Her ass was all over the place as he held her head and fucked into her
face. I could feel the twitches in her butt as his seed splattered against
her gullet and they made me feel almost like I was cumming right along
with him. And almost was better than really in this case. I had the
second-hand pleasure of his cumming and I still had a loaded cock to
use on her.
"Okay," Majorie gulped around the remants of his cum, "I know
you're really jealous now. Come up here and let me give you some more
of the same."
All right by me. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and crawled
around to the top of the bed. The doctor moved over and I sat beside
him. That let Marjorie bow down to my lap and increase the picture of
her serving me like a dog.
Her mouth was anything but dog-like as she closed her lips
around the head of my dick. I had already fucked her pretty good, so
the swirling touch of her tongue around the head as she sucked it was
like an invitation for my balls to get the cum cummin'. I was in that 'I'm
gonna' cum' mode from the first time she slid her mouth down over my
throbbing cock.
"Margy! Baby! Suck me so good!" I encouraged her, "I'm so
ready I could pop any time. Suck it, baby. Take it all!"
She was doing a good job of taking most of it as her face
dropped down into my lap and her nose rubbed against my belly. I
think her nose rubbimg on me had a lot to do with my balls going to full
cock and then launching my cum as I began to fuck up into her mouth.
She swallowed it all like she had done with the doctor and then
looked up grinning with remnants coating her lips.
"I was just trying to spread out the special things so it would take
longer for you to get bored," she said.
I didn't know or care what the fuck she meant. All I knew was
that I had just shot my load real good and she had made it a real good
finish. And now she was nuzzling my crotch in a most satisfying way. I
was pretty contented.
The doctor was ready to swing back into action and reached up
to stroke the mounds of her ass that were sticking straight up in the air.
I looked in his crotch- I was checking, okay?- and it was going to be a
As a half and half with a pretty nice blowjob at the end, it had
been a good experience. As an exciting new idea of a threesome, it had
been a little bit of a bust. The two of us exciting Marjorie had been good
but I didn't think fucking her while she was blowing him was all that
much better than when I fucked her on the beach.
I was making these gloomy assessments with the ulterior motive
of getting back to the laboratory. Had it seemed that Marjorie was going
to beg us to take her together in the cunt and ass, I would not have been
musing, but that seemed a dim possibility.
It had been in the back of my mind since the threesome was
suggested and now I wanted to get back to my girls and get what I
wanted. I'd gotten the blowjob, after all. I thought it might be nice to let
the doctor knock off a piece in private on our last night on his island.
They put up little resistance when I excused myself on the
pretense of a busy day. The doctor even seemed to be grateful for my
This way we both got to concentrate on the new pussy. Or
whatever. I had darker plans for the girls in the lab.
Out of perversity, I chose the smallest of the women. She was
happy for the attention. Since I had wandered over naked, we were
starting on even ground when I slid in beside her.
She seemed scared as I licked her between the legs. I was sure
this wasn't part of her training.
"It's all right, I like this," I told her. "I want you to show me how
good it feels. That's what I like."
That was the instructions she needed. She immediately went
from fear to moaning orgasm. She maintained the facade when my
tongue slithered back to her asshole and began to rim her. I rolled her on
her belly to get better access to the rubbery ring of muscle and eased her
hips up as my tongue delved deeper and deeper into the dank hole.
I left her on her knees and elbows and walked around so I
could stick my dick in her mouth. She sucked loyally in her arched, open
position and when I felt my cock was wet enough with her spit, I went
back to kneel behind her.
She had a beautiful ass and it got better as I pressed her torso
down to the bed and made the cheeks part as she got in the knee-chest
position. There was a pit in the valley of those lovely rolling hills that I
was going to visit. I opened her even more by pushing her thighs forward
and her knees up by her sides.
She squatted like a frog and I put my cock to her wet and tight
asshole. She didn't get much of this action, if any, ever. I had to ease
forward, pressing hard as I made the muscle take my cockhead. I tried
to jerk back and forth to make her relax, but I ended by leaning
forward and jamming quarter inch by quarter inch into her ass until I had
shoved half my cock through the protesting sphincter.
Then I rested again, rocking slightly, and this time I felt her ass
loosen just a bit. The grip was still tight, but no longer forbidding. I had
to push, but not struggle to make her take the rest of my cock up her
ass. Then I was deep in that valley with those hills pressed against my
groin. My, my, my, I was in heaven. Deep, deep, deep in heaven.
"Move it now," I told her, "Fuck my dick up your ass!"
She was obedient, if untutored. She was tentative as she began
to move her ass, trying to find the motion that would accomodate this
different angle. At first she moved up too far, but with a little guiding
pressure from my hands settled quickly into tucking her butt and
recovering as I rocked on my deep-thrust cock.
This part was real heaven- rummaging in her bowels with her
asshole clamped tight on the root of my cock. And I knew it would soon
seem like nothing when I pulled back and began to fuck her tight hole.
I savored the anticipation a few moments more before putting
my plans into action. And then I pulled back and started to ass-fuck her
like a bitch.
I didn't even want to pretend I was fucking Marjorie in the ass
as I fucked her. There was no comparison between the firm, narrow
little butt my cock was splitting and the wide, droopy softness of
Marjorie's butt. I know I would have satisfaction seeing my cock
disappear up Marjorie's butt, just from the dominance of the position,
but it couldn't approach the studlyness I felt as I watched my relatively
huge stalk of meat being swallowed in that tiny ass.
And it felt good too.
She whimpered a little as I pounded on her butt while I was
cumming up her ass, but when I fell back to my heels, she was eager to
turn and lick the cum, blood and shit off my cock. Her eyes actually
sparkled in return for the wonder in my eyes as she licked and then
sucked me clean.
I looked around to see the response in the women close by and
saw a continuum of interest. Some looked jealous, some unimpressed
and a few looked eager and excited. I marked the most excited look I
saw for my next victim.
I stroked the little one on the head, having learned they liked that
better than a kiss and then lay beside her petting her for a reward before
I moved on.
I fucked three butts that night before falling asleep as the last one
was still sucking on my dick. That left me so sore that I passed on a
morning blowjob. Anyway, I had to make a break sometime. There
would be no crowd of willing unrestrained sex waiting for me on the
mainland. It was questionable if I would ever get my dick in Marjorie
again after we got back.
But that wasn't what I was thinking about on the skiff going out
to the rescue ship. I was having another problem of perspective. And
it all came from knowing too much.
At the farewell breakfast, Marjorie was much more direct in her
questions to the doctor. She wanted details of his research.
Genetic research. DNA splicing. It was tedious, but had
stunning results, the doctor said.
Improving the species, I thought, making women the way
women should be.
And then he dropped the bomb on my thoughts.
"Imagine my happiness that old Melissa will always play such a
big role in my work," he told us and Marjorie was nodding.
'Old Melissa'? Strange way to speak of a dead wife. But I
wasn't going to say anything.
"The original idea, using German shepherds, was not wrong, but
it was so complex to deal with the genetic deficiencies of the breed," he
was droning on like the scientist he was, "And when Melissa was dying,
I thought, why not- it will be like eternal life."
EEuuuwww! It made me queasy to think of the ethical issues and
I'm not even a hot-shot scientist. I was confused to see Marjorie was
still sympathetic, even conspiratorial with this twisted little man. What if
it had been us?
So naturally I opened my big mouth and found out the truth I
never would have had to deal with if I had just shut up.
"Was she involved in the reseach before, I mean did she help
you in your work?" I asked, hoping to see that it was her dream too.
"Well, she would have, but there's precious little a dog can do,"
the doctor told me.
A DOG? "A DOG?" came out of my mouth at the same time it
struck my brain.
"Yes, a black Labrador," the doctor said, "Didn't you notice her
picture over my bed?"
The implications were stunning and I must have been totally
transparent with my spinning mind on display.The doctor shook his head
slightly as Marjorie looked at me with confusion on her face.
"I told you that you didn't understand my research," the doctor
said gently, "But you seemed to have notions that I could not shake."
He was right- 'nothing to change her into', 'if everyone was as
accepting as you', he had been out in the open, I just didn't know what
he was talking about.
"It's just a change of form," Marjorie piped up, "I think it's a
great idea to free humans from drudgery and let it be done by - ah-
things that only want to serve in the first place."
She wasn't helping. I was a dog-fucker. It explained a lot of
things. I tired to clear my face of the swirl of thoughts in my head. I
still didn't think Marjorie knew what I was doing with these 'things'.
I had a lot to think about on the ship going home.


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