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ISSUE 10 lesbian screenwriter who came Hollywood


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #10
January 27, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Together to Learn - The Rest of the Evening, by Millie Teases (* * *)
as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls 5, by Nicholas Urfe (* * *)
Spice Up the Night, by Idle Hands (* * *)
Hollywood Moves, by Katherine T. (* * * * *)
Elective Course, by Dancer (* * *)

{ASSM} Together to Learn - The Rest of the Evening F-solo M-solo Cons Mutual Mast.
By Millie Teases <>

For a long time, I couldn't tell out what was going on in this
story, but I eventually figured it out. This seems to be the
sequel to another story, one where six nerdy college kids get
together to learn about sexual response. In this story, "The Rest
of the Evening," the four young women and two young men demonstrate masturbation techniques for each other.

I suspect this would have been a much clearer story if I had read
the first chapter. About half way through, when I had a better
picture of who the characters were and what they were doing, my
feeling for this story switched from mild annoyance to genuine
enjoyment. I loved the final bout, where the whole gang gropes
Amy to orgasm.

Millie Teases writes with more grammatical precision than I do,
so the writing is smooth and clean. The story concept is
interesting. Alas, this particular chapter does not stand alone
too well. However, if this chapter is any indication of the
writing quality, you'll probably enjoy looking up the other
stories of this series and reading it straight through.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} cuyahoga.005 [urfe] [new] (as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls 5)
By Nicholas Urfe <>

This is the third story of this series I've reviewed, and I'm
afraid I'm getting confused. The first time I read part five, I
was completely lost in all the names and relationships.
Reading it a second time and taking careful notes, I think I
got most of it straightened out, although I'm still confused on
a few points.

Vanessa, Jackson (also known as Jack), Addison, Alexandra (also
known as Sandy), Edie, Sam, and Mister Tisdale all meet at a spot
on the river where a few combinations have sex with one another.
Peter, Marlowe, and Richie are also significant, although they
don't make appearances in the flesh.

I'm guessing that Edie and Addison are sisters, which means there
may be incest occurring here. Sam and Vanessa are grown-up
sisters (or sisters-in-law?), so I suppose there's definitely
incest occurring here. Alexandra struck me as being the snotty
younger sister, although there is no specific age stated; she
blows Mister Tisdale, which means there may be some pedophilia
going on, too.

The best part of this story has little to do with the sex.
Vanessa and Jackson, who are married, are bickering as the story unfolds, and I liked the way that was done. And the way Alexandra
tells on Edie and Addison for touching each other in the back
seat of the car was right on.

But I think the style of the story, told in present tense with
frequent shifts and without quotation marks in the dialogue,
makes it hard to follow more than a couple characters at once.
Perhaps it is easier to keep a coherent picture in your head if
you read the first five chapters straight through, one after the
other? Perhaps this says something about the difficulty of
describing a sex scene with seven characters: if a writer as
talented as Nicholas Urfe can't do it without it getting
confusing, then it is a very difficult task indeed.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Spice Up the Night by OneIdleHand
By Idle Hands <>

Hayley and Steven are a married couple who, according to Hayley,
don't have much romance in their lives. Sure, Steven writes
smutty stories, but they cover every topic *except* romance.
While Hayley likes the turn-on from her husband's stories, she
wants something more.

The couple leaves the kids with the grandparents and plan a
night out. They have a drink at TGI Fridays, where Hayley retires
to the restroom and removes her bra. Then they go to the mall,
where Steven picks out clothes for Hayley to try on. And then
they have a very nice time in an isolated clearing near a

The grammar and spelling are first-rate, but there is something a
little bit off about this story. I got the impression Hayley
didn't care much for her husband. He was so predictable, behaving
exactly as she expected every time. It wasn't much fun to hear
Hayley predict how Steven would react and then have him react
exactly like that. It killed all the tension.

Still, the final scene with the billboard is very nice, and
definitely worth the price of admission. I just wish the story had been told in a way that built my anticipation, instead of
killing it off.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Hollywood Moves (FF, FFF, lesbian) (Katherine T.)
By Katherine T. <>

Rikki is a lesbian screenwriter who came to Hollywood to make it
big; Marion Turner is Hollywood's latest sex symbol; Josey Corel
is Marion Turner's famous lesbian lover. Rikki meets Josey at a
party, and Josey invites her over to discuss a possible screenwriting
job with the notorious lesbian couple.

Hoping this is her big break, Rikki arrives to find Marion Turner
strutting around in a semi-transparent peignoir. Marion flirts,
and before long, the would-be screenwriter is sucking clit
between the superstar's spread thighs. During a break in the
action, Rikki discovers Josey spying on them, a pink dildo
dangling from a leather harness.

There are too many good things about this story for me to list
here, so I'll limit myself to one: I loved the way this ambitious
screenwriter is devoured by Hollywood. I don't know if Hollywood
is really like this, but after reading this story, I'm inclined
to believe it.

This is an exciting sex story, one with a real setting and plot.
It was a joy to read.
Rating: * * * * *


{ASSM} "Elective Course" [Dancer] (MF rom cons 1st coll humor)
By Dancer <>

Pierce Herron had a wild time with three girls while on spring
break in Texas. But now that he's back in school, he's beginning
to miss Ivy, the girl he liked the best. When he takes out his
sketchbook to doodle, he ends up with Ivy's image on the page,
her face contorted with ecstasy.

And then, out of the blue, Ivy calls. She's been trying to find
him for a month. Pierce yearns for the feel of Ivy's tongue stud,
and he rushes over to see her. And they rekindle their
acquaintance in the sexiest way possible.

There was a little sloppiness to the story-telling here. In one
place, where the author just wanted to move the story forward,
she inserted a parenthetical remark that stated some action was
snipped out. And while the ending was interesting, it didn't ring

But it's still a pretty good story, sexy as hell and with a touch
of humor that often made me smile.
Rating: * * *


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