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ISSUE 12 cum her chin Erika


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #12
February 2, 2002

I regret that time constraints make it impossible for me to answer
unsolicited email. There is a FAQ page on my webpage with the answers
to most of the questions I've received in the past month.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

The Birthday Surprise, by dan . (* * *)
The CleanUp Girl, by Jack Mee (* *)
The Candyman, by Ovid (* * *)
Calendar, by Mat Twassel & Lorrin Murray (* * *)
Honey. I Mean Real Honey, by Sam Cornell (* * *)

{ASSM} The Birthday Surprise (MF, bondage)
By dan . <>

It's her birthday, and he sent her out to buy ice cream. She's a
little miffed - after all, it is *her* birthday - but she
complies. Next he orders her into her bedroom for her first
present: some fancy lingerie.

And then he really starts ordering her around. While there is
some bondage involved, this story is more about domination than
anything else. She eventually gets dominated into a very nice

The story isn't bad, but it has a lot of little problems. The
author has trouble with "lie" versus "lay," and there were a
handful of typos and misspellings. On two occasions, the story shifts points of view to the man, which reads like a mistake. As
for the plot, the transition from the woman being annoyed to
the woman loving it came too fast to be believable.

While "The Birthday Surprise" is not a technical disaster, several
little problems pile up and keep it from being as good as it could
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} The CleanUp Girl. (FF+M, gangbang, cum eating.)
By Jack Mee <>

Erika wants a job in porn so she can service Pink, her favorite
porn star. Erika goes to an audition where fifty other girls are
hanging around waiting for a crack at a part in Pink's latest
movie. Bored out of her skull, Erika kills time in the waiting
room by eating out another would-be actress. Just as she gets
the girl off, Erika gets called in to see Pink.

As any self-respecting porn star should, Pink is impressed by the
girl with girl-cum on her chin, so Erika gets to appear in a real
movie. They move into the next room where the set is ready. The
cameras roll. Pink gets fucked. Erika slurps the cum of out Pink's
cunt. Repeat.

This is basically a cum-eating fetish piece, with a speculum
thrown in for a little spice. The grammar, spelling, and
formatting are not good, but the prose is simple and the story is
still readable.

But there isn't much story here. The characters are unbelievable,
and the action is ridiculous. If you're not hugely turned on by
cum-eating, there's not much in "The Cleanup Girl" for you.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} The Candyman(MMF,wife,voy,mast)
By Ovid <>

A man and his wife have made love a thousand times, and it is
getting a little stale. Hoping to spice up his marriage, the man
hides in the bedroom closet, thinking that surprising his wife
may make their love-life more interesting.

While the husband is waiting, a salesman arrives at the front
door. He is the Candyman, who is selling chocolate samples.
After the Candyman leaves, the wife skitters to the bedroom and
shoves a dildo in and out of her pussy while the husband peeks
from the closet. Needless to say, this makes quite an impression
on hubby. He sneaks out unobserved, and later, after he has
arrived home from work, the couple share some of the chocolates
left by the Candyman. And then they fuck like bunnies.

Every Thursday, the Candyman returns to keep the couple supplied
in chocolates. Every Thursday, the husband sneaks back into the
closet to spy on his constantly masturbating wife. At one point,
the Candyman admits that the chocolates are spiked with an
aphrodisiac. By then, everyone is in a sexual frenzy, and the
Candyman talks his way into the bedroom, where he watches the
wife masturbating, too. To find out what happens next, you'll
have to read the story.

This isn't a bad story. There were quite a few typos and grammar
mistakes, and the ending came too fast. But as far as wife-
watching stories to, it's a good one.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Calendar by Mat Twassel and Lorrin Murray
By Mat Twassel & Lorrin Murray <>

A daily desk calendar - you've seen them, I'm sure. This calendar
has pictures on each page; this story is thirteen memorable days
of this very interesting caleandar. Thirteen photographs: nude
women, provocative poses, an occasional shock of explicitness.
Just a paragraph or two describing each photograph.

But is this a story? Not really, not in the traditional sense. It
is simply thirteen artful descriptions. And other than the erotic
theme, there isn't much that ties them together.

But it's a very quick read, and the descriptions are very good.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Honey. I Mean Real Honey (FFM, FF) by Sam Cornell
By Sam Cornell <>

Sam, an American female VP in London has the hots for Sally, the
personal assistant of another VP. Sally has honey-colored skin,
and our American hero just can't get her out of her mind.

At the company Christmas party, they strike up a conversation.
The tricky American entices Sally to another bar, where they spot
a handsome man getting drunk with his buddies. The two women
conspire to pick him up, and the threesome returns to Sam's posh

Although it isn't coded, this story contains anal sex and makes
some strong hints about watersports (pissing).

The verb tenses in this story get confused on several occasions,
and there are a few stretches where the action is glossed over.
The scene at the bar where the women are drooling over the man,
for example, goes too fast. Sally, the title character, is not
well-drawn. I also don't care much for the way the anal sex is

In spite of its flaws, the story has its moments. The narrator is
a good, strong, wonderfully sex-obsessed character, and by the
time the story ended, I had a strong vision of her in my mind.
That in itself is a good accomplishment.
Rating: * * *


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