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ISSUE 14 college together where Danny had helped


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #14
February 6, 2002

I try to avoid reviewing two stories by the same author in a
single issue of these reviews. I also try not to review stories
that were posted more than a week earlier. This means that if an
author posts more than two stories at once, I will not review
all of them. In a large posting, I'll probaby choose the two
shortest stories by that author, review them in separate issues,
and skip the rest.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Another Chance At Love, by D.B. Metallo (* * * *)
In the woods with my boyfriend, by Emi Tsuruta (* * *)
Fuck Amy Fuck, by Shon Richards (* *)
Winnings, by Sven the Elder (* * * *)
Love Action, by NetTheTruth (* *)

{ASSM} (ASS, ASSM) Another Chance At Love (oral, anal, romance)
By D.B. Metallo <>

Danny had a disturbing meeting with his psychologist and was
referred to a psychiatrist to find out if he suffered from
hypomania. The psychiatrist, a lovely young blonde, looks very
familiar. And, in fact, after comparing notes, they discover that
they went to college together, where Danny had helped Suzanne
pass an English class.

Suzanne runs through the hypomania checklist of symptoms, taking
careful notes though it all. Of course it is inappropriate for
her to have Danny as a client, given their past relationship. So
she refers him to another psychiatrist, and the two old friends
go out to dinner to get reacquainted.

By the way, one of the symptoms of hypomania is an extremely
strong sex drive. Now I can't tell if Danny actually has
hypomania, but after reading this story, I can vouch that he
suffers from that horrible overactive sex drive affliction. I'm
not sure Suzanne wants to have him treated for it, though.

I thought the hypomania discussion was very interesting, and I
enjoyed the sex, too. The biggest problem I had with the story was the hypomania was simply dropped half way through the story and was never referred to again.

There was one other thing that annoyed me about this story:
adverbs placed in awkward places in sentences. Well, I guess
there were *two* other things I didn't like: there were far
too many adverbs. This would be a better story if someone
took an axe to most of the adverbs.

But all the problems in this story are minor. This is a sex story that entertained me while taught me a little bit about
psychiatry, and for that, it gets very good marks.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} In the woods with my boyfriend (M/F, exhib)
By Emi Tsuruta <>

The first time I ever had sex occurred in the woods with my
girlfriend, so I was eager to read this story. "In the woods with
my boyfriend" turned out to be a little different than I thought,

Emi is a Japanese girl going to college in California. Her
boyfriend, Royosuke, takes her on a bike ride in the park. They
go to an out-of-the-way spot where Royosuke yanks off her skirt
and panties, and they fuck in the great outdoors.

Emi blacks out, and after she comes to, her panties are covered
in mud. She then has an embarrassing time riding her bike back
home wearing nothing under her skirt.

I noticed a few grammar problems, but the story is very well-
written for ASSM. I think the language used by the narrator is
too Americanized for a character recently arrived from Japan, and
I wish the sex scene was more substantial.

But Emi's embarrassment comes off well, which is probably what
the author was going for.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} {Thigh Vs. Thigh} "Fuck Amy Fuck" (M/F, Screwing Around with Space/Time)
By Shon Richards <>

Amy Valentine is stealing the plans for a new medical laser and
meets the engineer in the men's room to make the exchange. The
engineer decides he needs an orgasm before he'll give the password
to the safe, and Amy gives him a handjob.

Or does she blow him?

Or does she fuck him?

This story consists of three scenarios, each ending with a
different confrontation with Amy's arch-nemesis, Bethany.

I counted twenty grammar mistakes on the first two pages before I
gave up counting. The author needs an emergency lesson on when to
use commas with conjunctions.

I also didn't understand the story. I thought I must've missed
something, so I read it again. I didn't understand it the second
time, either. Based on the subject line, there must be something
going on with space and time, but there's nothing in the story that explains it.

Is this just a writing exercise that explores three different
possible outcomes from a single scenario? Is the medical laser a
time machine? What plans are they referring to? Is the teenage
boy part of the plan?

I just don't know.

The sex is OK, and there are a couple funny jokes along the way,
but this story borders on being incoherent.

But then I didn't like "Vanilla Sky," either.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} NEW: 'Winnings' (MF MFM FMM) Sven the Elder
By Sven the Elder <>

As this story starts, we're in an Indonesian bar, and Sven is
playing a game of eight-ball for the rights to spend the night
with May, a local girl who happens to be hanging out near the
pool table. The game had been set up by Jack, the bartender, in
hopes of taking an obnoxious American down a few pegs.

Now Sven is a nice guy, and he doesn't really expect to "win"
May. He's quite a pool player and expects to win easily - the
point is to humiliate the American. So imagine his surprise when
May agrees to go to Sven's hotel room. She wouldn't want to welsh
on a bet, would she?

After a nice evening between the sheets, Sven wakes up the next
morning and prepares to leave for the airport. When he returns to
the bedroom, he finds quite a surprise in his bed: another man is
there with May! In the next round of action, some light male-male
sex occurs.

The real question, of course, is why May would go along with this
ridiculous pool wager. To find out, you'll have to read the

The grammar is very rough in places, especially at the beginning,
and there were missing words and a couple weird formatting
problems. But I like the way the story unfolded, and the sex was
very exciting. This story could be a great one if it received a
good, solid cleanup.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Love Action /MFM
By NetTheTruth <>

An average guy with an average job has an infatuation with a very
un-average woman in the office. While working late one night, she
catches him ogling her. She asks him if he wants to see the real
thing. He says he does.

They fuck. A delivery man stops by. He joins in. In this story,
the MFM story code includes some sex between the men.

The story changes verb tenses a few times, and there were a few
other grammatical problems. Fortunately, they settle down before
the action gets hot and heavy. But the biggest problem is the
plot is straight out of a bad porn movie.

As far as stroke material goes, this is OK. But if you've read
many stories in ASSM, this is not anything you haven't read
Rating: * *


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