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ISSUE 16 girls school Charlotte Whittaker was the


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #16
February 10, 2002

Just a reminder on the rating system. Anything rated three stars or
better is recommended. I only give five stars to a few exceptional
stories every month. A two-star story will probably appeal to a niche

Everyone has different preferencs, so reading the text of the review
will tell you far more about the story than a simple one-to-five
rating sytsem.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Close Shave, by Tom Thumper (* * *)
Devil's daughter , by RocketBlast_76 (* * *)
Early Morning Breakfast, by Jeff Zephyr (* * * *)
That Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet, by Sam Cornell (* * * * *)

{ASSM} Close Shave {Tom Thumper} (MFF)
By Tom Thumper <>

Trent Gowan, a traveling salesman making a stop in a small town,
flirts with Tandy, the waitress at the town's diner. He tells her
he needs a haircut, and Tandy sends her over to see Brenda.

Brenda and Trent flirt extravagantly as Brenda shaves Trent's
head. Brenda then takes Trent into the back room reserved for her
special customers and continues shaving him, only this time, she
shaves him below the belt. As things are getting hot, the
waitress from the diner stops by, just to see how things are
going. You can probably guess what happens next.

There are embedded notes in this story where illustrations should
go, so I suppose there is a website somewhere that has an
illustrated version of this story on it. The story has a few
technical problems, but the writing is cleaner than most ASSM

The best part of this story is the over-the-top flirting. The
worst part of this story is the lack of plot. It's a very good
stroke story, though, especially if shaving is one of your kinks.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} ANAL ADVENTURES FOLLOWUP (RE: jmcfarland 3.21.98)
By Heady <>

I'm not quite sure what this story is. Based on the subject line,
it's a follow-up to some previous post. In this one, a woman puts
a double-headed dildo up the man's ass, and he puts the other end
in her ass, and then he works his dick into her pussy. Double-
fucking, as the story explains.

This is the first time I've read about this particular sexual
practice, so the story gets a point for originality. But there is
nothing else in this story. It's just seven short paragraphs with
very little explanation. It reads like a short section extracted
from a larger story.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} Devil's daughter (mf, oral, vamp, religious imagery)
By RocketBlast_76 <>

Stan picked up Cyla and is driving her to his place in his
Porsche Carerra. Cyla is a powerful force, way out of Stan's
league, but somehow Stan has lucked out. They get to Stan's house
and share a bottle of wine in a very erotic way. And then Cyla's
true nature comes to the forefront.

Based on the title and disclaimer, you know something ugly is
going to happen, so it's safe to assume that this is a horror

My criticisms are minor, but there are several of them. There are
a couple point of view shifts that read like mistakes - the story would be better if it stuck to Cyla's point of view or was more
evenly balanced between the two characters. I wasn't convinced
that a rich guy driving a Carerra would be as inexperienced with
women as the story sometimes implies. The story was also
abysmally spellchecked. I see a lot of grammar problems in ASSM
stories, but I rarely see so many spelling and typographic

But the story is interesting, Cyla is a fascinating character,
and the author does a good job building a sense of foreboding.
The sex has a creepy eroticism to it that fits nicely with the

With a good edit job, this could be a very good story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} One Fine Day -- #1 -- Early Morning Breakfast (MF oral rom cons)-by Jeff Zephyr
By Jeff Zephyr <>

This is a short interlude about a couple who wake up early one
morning so they can have a leisurely ninety minutes to make love.

It's a very nice story with nice sex, although the plot is
insubstantial. The writing is very good, with only a few minor
typos and grammar mistakes.

I would put this story in the category of "flash fiction." It is
very short, and it does an admirable job setting a vivid scene in
just a few words. As a piece of flash fiction, though, it could
be tightened up more. Just one example from the opening:

'No! I don't need to get up until six today!' I thought in

The "in dismay" is redundant in this sentence. And there are a
dozen or more similar loose sentences sprinkled throughout.

But I'm a big fan of this kind of writing, and it takes a lot of
skill to do it effectively. This is a very good effort.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} That Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet (FF) by Sam Cornell
By Sam Cornell <>

Charlotte Whittaker - you remember her. She was the perfect girl in high school. She was pretty. She was popular. She didn't
stoop to the games the other high school girls played. She was
nice. She played Viola in the school's production of Twelfth Night.

In their all girls school, Charlotte Whittaker was the girl Sam
had the hugest crush on.

Now, twelve years later, Sam and Charlotte stumble across one
another again. They get together to talk about how their lives
turned out, and Sam gets to relive a lot of awkward times as a
teenage girl who got to play Sebastian - opposite Charlotte - in
the school play.

Do you remember what it was like to be a gawky teenager? Your
self-doubts, your silly infatuations? This story makes those
feelings come alive. And while the explicit sex in this story is
over in just a few paragraphs, the high school crush of Sam's has
a sexual charge, a charge that permeates this story.

I have a few minor nits I could pick, but that would give you the
wrong idea. I loved this story. Stop whatever you're doing and
read it now.
Rating: * * * * *


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