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ISSUE 18 girls talk about the big dance


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #18
February 16, 2002

I hope all the readers of the Tainted Lime Reviews had a wonderful
Valentine's Day. I'd hoped to have an issue out for the big day,
but the number of stories trickling into ASSM has dropped way off,
and I didn't have enough stories to review.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Sexual Harassment, by Phoebe and Michael (* *)
The Think System, by Desdmona22 (* * * * *)
Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed, by mat twassel (* * * *)
Lisa, the Copier, and Me, by Alex (* * *)
Secrets of the Sand, by Alison Pelletier (* * * *)

{ASSM} Sexual Harassment (MF, work)
By Phoebe and Michael <>

Donna has the hots for her assistant, a young, bronzed stud. But
the threat of a sexual harassment suit keeps her from doing
anything about it.

One day, the pressure gets to be too much. Donna strips and
spreads herself on the conference room table. How does Todd
react? Does he report her to the sexual harassment police? Or
does he give his boss the ride of her life?

This story is poorly proofread. Spelling and grammar errors
abound, and in places it is hard to understand. It has what could
have been an interesting twist towards the end, but it wasn't
explained well enough.

The sex, though, is exciting. I liked the idea of the woman
sitting naked with her legs apart waiting nervously for the man to finally turn and look at her. But the surrounding story needs
a lot of work.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} The Think System by Desdmona (MF, cheat, mast)
By Desdmona22 <>

Lori and Ethan had a fight, and Lori fled to the half-price
bookstore for a few hours. There, Lori bumps into Bernard, one
of those annoying guys who hang out in the philosophy section
of half-price bookstores.

Lori isn't thinking too clearly and agrees to follow Bernard to a
sleazy hotel. She watches herself committing adultery in the
mirror on the ceiling.

I like this story a lot. Oddly, the best sex does not occur
during the main sex scene - Lori doesn't get completely untracked
until Bernard dozes off. And best of all, by the time the exciting
climax arrives, Lori learns a valuable lesson.

This story is believable, suffers from only a few minor
grammatical problems, and has an intelligent plot. Unlike many
ASSM stories, it does not show adultery in a positive light.
There are references to "The Music Man" sprinkled throughout,
but you don't need to be an expert on musicals to enjoy this
excellent story.
Rating: * * * * *


{ASSM} Mat Twassel -- Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed
By mat twassel <>

The sun is rising on Valentine's Day, and he and Laura want to
celebrate by fucking four times. They do it once, and then Laura
wants to hear about what the next three times will be like. He
explains it to her. Laura likes to hear him explaining this kind
of thing to her.

This story is romantic without being sappy, explicit without
being vulgar, and poetic without being pretentious. In just a few
words, this story paints a picture of a couple who love each
other and love fucking each other.

A simple story, perhaps light on plot, but perfect for a romantic
Valentine's Day.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Lisa, the Copier, and Me (mf, oral, anal)
By Alex <>

Although the story codes are "mf", the only characters in this
story are consenting adults.

The hero of this story is stuck working late on a Friday night,
but at least he has Lisa to look at as he baby-sits his server.
Lisa is working late running off copies on the moody copy

When Lisa gets her hand stuck behind the copy machine, our hero
comes to the rescue. He gets down on the ground at Lisa's feet
and tries to scoot the machine back, but with the glorious view
up Lisa's skirt, he can't seem to muster the strength to move the

What follows is a ridiculously long cat-and-mouse game. As Lisa's
panties soak up her overflowing juices, the narrator tries to
decide whether she's coming on to him or not. At one point he
gets close enough to rub his face against her ass, and he comes
in his pants.

Lisa must be a neatness freak, because she offers to clean his
pants for him. Naked from the waist down, he then pretends to get
*his* hand stuck behind the copy machine. And now it's Lisa's
turn to try to free him.

Normally I'm a big fan of the long tease. The excitement of a
sexual situation comes as much from the setup as it does from the
sex itself. But this story overdoes it. This woman is obviously
faking being stuck, she's creaming her panties, and she's rubbing
his dick with her foot - you'd think this guy would figure it
out. The tease is stretched out to the point of absurdity.

But the author knows how to write a sentence in English, and the
sex, when we finally get to it, has a nasty edge to it. If they
can get past that long period of the narrator's indecisiveness, a
lot of people will like this story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Secrets of the Sand
By Alison Pelletier <>

This story contains mild bondage, and slapping is used for sexual

Claire and Alison are roommates at an all-girls school on the
beach. Their room is right above the boiler room, so it's
stifling hot there. Poor girls, they have to hang around naked a
lot. The girls talk about the big dance coming up. After a pillow
fight, Claire and Alison tumble together and end up kissing.

You probably think this is one of those ridiculous stories that
end up in a huge all-girl orgy in the girls' dorm, but it's not
like that at all. The prose has a hazy, serious feel to it. It's
an emotional story about a girl who is falling in love with her
roommate and isn't quite sure if she's doing the right thing.

I think this distinctive writing style is better suited to a
shorter story than this one - it comes off as pretentious when
drawn out to the length of this story. I also think the descent
into the kinky sex isn't explained well enough.

But this is still a very ambitious, very good story.
Rating: * * * *


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