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Archived Sex Stories

ISSUE 20 college and then went their separate


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #20
February 21, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Jocelyn, by Rick O (* * *)
The Ninja with One Special Sock, by Shon Richards (* * * *)
Sand Like Frozen Light, by mat twassel (* * * *)
Hole In My Soul, by Wiseguy (* * * * *)
Rendezvous, by Danielle Love (* * *)

{ASSM} New: Jocelyn (F+/M strapon)
By Rick O <>

Sally from Sally's Strap-On School is taking a day off, and it's
Jocelyn job to teach this evening's class. Instead of bringing
eight different men in to be serviced by the female pupils (like
Sally does), Jocelyn decides to have all the women line up to
give her boyfriend a good reaming.

The main strength of this story is the eight women fuck Max's ass
in eight different ways. The main problem with this story is
after three of four women, it's hard to get interested in the
next one in line. There are too many superficial characters
listed one after the other.

But the grammar is good, and the story doesn't take itself too
seriously, so if you're interested in a little good-natured strap-
on butt-fucking, this is just the story for you.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} {Thigh Vs. Thigh} "The Ninja with One Special Sock" (M/F, Rom)
By Shon Richards <>

What do corporate spies do on their nights off? Bethany Taylor
meets up with ninja corporate spy Rikimaru for a romantic evening
out. They eat a little dinner, talk a little shop, but mostly
they look forward to a big roll in the hay.

When arch-nemesis Amy Valentine shows up with a spy camera purse,
Bethany's concentration shifts away from Rikimaru. But the ninja
spy will have none of that. You see, his company has developed a
special fabric, one that does amazing things when put in contact
with human skin. He's wearing a sock made out of that stuff. He
slips off his shoe. He rubs his foot on Bethany's leg. The fabric
works exactly as advertised.

When I first saw the story codes for "The Ninja with One Special
Sock," I was intrigued. A romantic humorous spy thriller? An
unlikely combination, but this story pulls it off. While it's not
a sappy romance, it's as romantic as a story in this series could
- or should - be.

If there is one thing this series suffers from, it's a severe
grammar problem. While this story is not perfect (this one
includes a dress with no tits, whatever that may be), it's far
better than some that I've read.

A fun, cute story, a little light on actual sex, but entertaining
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Mat Twassel -- Sand Like Frozen Light
By mat twassel <>

Renee is a teenage girl on a beach vacation with her family. Her
aunt, uncle, and five-year-old cousins are there, too. The
families make sand castles, go fishing, read novels, ... all the
things that people do when they go to the beach.

Renee is just becoming aware of things sexual and is unsure of
how everything is supposed to be. She's uncomfortable with the
little kids running around naked after their showers, she isn't
sure what word you should use when referring to male genitalia,
she doesn't like hearing her aunt and uncle doing it in the next
room - anything remotely sexual makes her uneasy.

While there is a sexual component to this story, it is not erotic.
Even so, I found myself wrapped up in it. This is a story about a
girl who isn't sure if she should be a grownup or a child.

If you're don't mind a story that makes no attempt to arouse you,
you won't do better than this one.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} hole In My Soul (MF rom cons hyp){Wiseguy}
By Wiseguy <>

Doug has separated from Gloria, and he has sunk into deep
depression. Living in a miserable little apartment, he wiles the
days away by obsessing over what his wife and child are doing.

In the middle of another nothing day, Holly drops by with some
food and a cheery smile. Over a dinner of chicken and biscuits,
they get to talking, and Doug begins to peek outside the confines
of his dark mood.

Then Holly reveals the real purpose of her visit. She has a
hypnotic device that is supposed to help Doug leave his
depression behind. Doug sits back, Holly places the headphones
and glasses on him, and Doug listens and watches as a dreamy,
sexy scenario puts him in a trance that leaves him feeling a
whole lot better. And lucky Holly just happens to be there when
Doug comes out of his trance.

The beginning of this story, as you can probably tell from my
synopsis, is not at all sexy. The sex comes in as Doug's therapy,
and it continues as the post-catharsis celebration. You'd have to
be a cold person to not enjoy the way this story ends.

A good plot, a good main character, well-written, and fulfilling
sex - it all adds up to an exceptional story.
Rating: * * * * *


{ASSM} Rendezvous (MF, romance, oral, anal)
By Danielle Love <>

This is the story of Danny and Beth, a couple who got together in
college and then went their separate ways. One day, Beth makes a
surprising reappearance at Danny's front door, and they rekindle
the old fire.

This long story consists of only two significant scenes, one of
them told in flashback. There is a lot of extraneous detail, which
was interesting at first, but about half way through, I stopped
caring about it. The dialogue went from clever to tedious; the
details about classes went from a nice ways to define a character
to pointless digressions; the self-questioning about whether or not
this is love went from sensitive to annoying.

Which is a shame, because it's not a bad idea for a story, the
writing is good, and there is a nice, long sex scene. But there is
enough detail in here to fill up six stories. To be what it could
be, this story desperately needs pruning.
Rating: * * *


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