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ISSUE 21 college kids what college kids


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #21
February 23, 2002

A note on novels, series, and serials.

I will review individual stories of a series, but I won't read
and review all the stories of the series. If an individual story
of a series does not stand on its own, it may not get a good

I will *not* review novels or long serials for a couple reasons.
First, given the choice between reviewing one novel or twenty
short stories, I'll choose the twenty short stories. Second, it
doesn't even make sense to review a single chapter or partial
story, so there is no point to trying to review anything until
the entire story has been posted, and I don't have the patience
or organizational skill to keep track of a dozen different
stories being posted one piece at a time at random intervals.

I will review an occasional long story if it is posted in one
piece or if it is posted in a small number of pieces on a single
day, but I don't see myself ever reviewing a story longer than
20,000 words.

To put it bluntly, I don't have the time or desire to review
long stories, so I won't be doing it.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Tales from the Late Night Library, by The Foxbat (* * *)
What Dreams May Cum, by Edward Rider (* *)
His Fantasy, Her Lesson, by Nine-Toed Omar (* *)
Shower Surprise, by BustyRedhead (* * *)
My Visit to Hank and Becky's, by Lance Wulff (* * *)

{ASSM} *NEW* Tales from the Late Night Library (MF, anal, fist) by Foxbat
By The Foxbat <>

A guy working in the library stumbles across a couple fucking in
the stacks. The guy watches as man fucks the woman hard with his
big dick and then fucks her ass. Then he fists her.

Later, after he's almost forgotten about the episode, the girl shows up in the library again. This time she doesn't have the
other guy with her, so it's library boy's turn to have his way
with her.

The sex is rough and the characters are faceless, and there is no
reason for the girl to be interested in this library worker. The
story isn't badly written, but it has a handful of minor
grammatical problems.

If you're into stroking to rougher-than-normal sex, it's probably
an OK story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} What Dreams May Cum, by Ed Rider (MF)
By Edward Rider <>

Whenever Eva's life slips out of its regular rhythm, she has
weird dreams. She has moved into a new apartment, and it's the
sex lives of the other apartment residents that she is dreaming

There is a little detective work going on trying to figure out
where the dreams are coming from, but mostly the plot is an
excuse to describe a long list of short sex scenes. While the
grammar and spelling are OK, the writing is often awkward.

It's an ambitious idea for a story, but the plot isn't taken
seriously enough, and most of the sex scenes are too short to
be arousing. The two longer sex scenes are OK, but they don't
advance the story.

With more background and detective work into the dreams, this
could be an interesting story. But as it is, it's just an
awkwardly worded stroke story.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} Story: His Fantasy, Her Lesson
By Nine-Toed Omar <>

This is a letter from a man to his lover. In it, he tells her
what she did on a camping trip with him and a bunch of his

Which just doesn't make sense. The person receiving the letter
knows exactly what happened; she was there. So why is this guy
telling her about it again?

Admittedly, some interesting things happen on this trip. Lynne,
another woman from the man's past, is camping with them too. The
three of them all end up in bed together, and the three naked
bodies manage to get in some interesting positions as they
scramble around one another.

But this is really just another annoying second person story with
a "Dear Lover" pasted on the front. It's not that the story itself is not worth putting into words - it just should never have
been put into words in this way.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} Shower Surprise
By BustyRedhead <>

It's the weekend in the men's dormitory, and someone has stolen
all the shower curtains. In the morning, when David goes in to
get cleaned up, another guy sneaks his girlfriend into the
bathroom. She is left there, presumably to keep the dorm proctors
from finding a woman in the building outside the approved
visiting hours.

She sits and watches and gets an eyeful of David's hunky bod,
which makes David a little uncomfortable. But David is a good
sport - when he finishes his shower, he tells her she can stop
by his room if she needs a new place to hide.

And because this is ASSM, she soon stops by David's room and
confesses she was spying on him. She believes strongly in
fairness, and she's seen him naked, so she must now strip for him.
Then the college kids do what college kids are apt to do when
they're naked together.

There are problems with the writing, and the story gets confusing
at times, so it's tempting to pan this story. But I like the main
character - he's a nice guy, although a bit of a loner, and damn
it, he deserves to have some strange girl throw herself at him.

If the story could be cleaned up a lot, I would like it even
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} {ASSTR} My Visit to Hank and Becky's {Lance Wulff - new author} (MF exhib, voy)
By Lance Wulff <>

Growing up in a small town can be tough. You know everyone,
everyone knows you, and you never want to try anything too weird
because you don't want to be the source of gossip for all the
biddies at the beauty shop. So when the narrator of this story
receives an out-of-town job offer, he takes the chance to move

But once you're a small town boy, you're always a small town boy.
He misses his friends, and in a couple weeks, he returns to visit
Hank and Becky.

Hank has to go to bed early, and Becky needs to make up the bed
for our narrator to sleep in. But when the he steps out of his
shower, Becky hasn't even started on the bed yet. Instead, he is
standing there naked when she walks in with the sheets. She watches
open-mouthed as his cock begins to harden.

After far too much staring, Becky leaves to give him a few minutes
to get decent. When she returns to take care of the bed linenes,
she's wearing a little nightie. The two of them then play an
absurd show-and-stare game as they struggle to get the fitted
sheet over the corners of the mattress. The displays of dripping
pussy and rock hard cock soon get to be more than they can
handle, and the narrator's cock proves that you can indeed come
home again.

The prose in this story is simple and bland, which hurts a lot
early in the story, but once the genitals start making an
appearance, the simple style works pretty well; the silly
exhibition games are actually exciting.

If you like one-on-one exhibitionism, you'll like this story. And
even if exhibitionism isn't your thing, this is still a decent
Rating: * * *


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