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ISSUE 22 model who famous for her


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #22
February 24, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

two quickies, by Edward Rider (* *)
The ABC Plan, by Clint Kalmkren (* * * *)
The Model, by BreastWriter (* * *)
Tryst, by Anon Sacto (* * * *)
Sweet Release, by GM TH (* * *)

{ASSM} two quickies by Ed Rider (MF FF)
By Edward Rider <>

This posting contains two very short stories. "Lesbian Fun and
Games" is about two ex-college-roommates who get together for a
card game with two other girls. They are playing "for penalty,"
which means the losers have to provide the oral sex.

"A Stiff Problem" is about Jim, who wakes up from a year-long
coma to find his penis has grown to enormous proportions. The
doctors decide he needs to have many orgasms in order to shrink
down to a more accommodating size. The doctor and nurses all work
diligently to bring Jim's penis back to its previous dimensions.

The plots are ridiculous, and the sex is over too quickly to be
arousing. Both stories need to be longer - probably a lot longer
- for them to be effective.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} The ABC Plan {1/1} {Clint Kalmkren} {MF oral anal}
By Clint Kalmkren <>

Professor Sharpe teaches freshman calculus, and there is always
one student who just doesn't get it. This term, it's Angela.
After flunking the first two midterms, she comes to Sharpe with a

Sharpe, however, has a counteroffer: the ABC Plan. Angela gets
her A if he can fuck her Ass, receive a Blowjob, and fuck her
Cunt. Angela is desperate to pass, so she agrees.

Every Wednesday for three weeks, Sharpe arrives at Angela's
apartment. They don't go in alphabetical order, leaving the `A'
for last.

The professor keeps strict control over the Wednesday events,
telling Angela everything she must do. He is selfish, but his
selfishness includes Angela enjoying herself too. For the most
part, he is not cruel or demeaning.

This long story is very well written for ASSM. My main complaint
involves the plot: this is just a variation of the Tricky Husband
Syndrome I mentioned in a previous review. Here, the Tricky
Professor has a scheme, and the scheme is carried out exactly as
planned. Nothing goes wrong. Everything turns out great in the
end. This story would have been twice as good if something had
happened along the way to surprise me.

So the plot is a slightly boring. Fortunately, the sex in this
story is fantastic. As a heterosexual stroke story, this is one
of the best.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} The model By BreastWriter <>

Brooke is a model who is famous for her breasts. She has appeared
in numerous lingerie and swimsuit ads and is the masturbatory
fantasy of thousands of men.

She has a favorite photographer, John, who she begins to use
exclusively. A romance builds, but Brooke doesn't allow them to
have sex.

Finally, during a shoot with a particularly revealing bra, John
notices a bulge in the side of Brooke's breast. He confronts her,
and she admits that she has breast cancer.

Unfortunately, the writing in this story is not good. The grammar
is often bad, there are many misspellings and typos, and there
were a couple points where the action shifts far too abruptly.

In spite of the major flaws, the scene where Brooke confesses she
has cancer is absolutely riveting. It's both emotional and

I recommend reading this story for that one scene. While it's not
at all arousing, you can't help but come away affected by it.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Tryst (MF) [Anoninsac]
By Anon Sacto <>

After a working lunch with Cammie, the narrator of this story begins to obsess about her. He sees her face everywhere, and when
it gets to be too much, he calls her. They arrange to meet in a
hotel room.

I liked this story a lot. The narrator is drawn well in just a
few words, and the glimpses into Cammie are also intriguing.

My complaints are minor and few. The only significant one is the
puzzle left unsolved: why did this woman decide to meet this man in a hotel room? The story reads like the start of a series with
the author withholding information to help spice up future

But we have great sex, well-written prose, and enough
characterization to make me want to know more - it all adds up to
an excellent story.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Sweet Release (MF, cons, oral)
By GM TH <>

This is simply a glimpse into the love-making between a man and a
woman. It is a very well-written scene, but that is all it is.

But it is romantic without being too saccharine, and very sexy
Rating: * * *


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