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Archived Sex Stories

ISSUE 23 video the big event


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #23
February 25, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Celebration of a Sexual Life, by GM TH (* * * * *)
Hubby's business trip, by Karen (* *)
My Visit to Hank and Becky's Part II, by Lance Wulff (* * *)
Thank You, Natalie Barney, by Katherine T. (* * *)
Four New Urges, by Richard Short (* * *)

{ASSM} Celebration of a Sexual Life (MF, rom, cons) by GMTH
By GM TH <>

Eve has died, and Gina and Bill are mourning. The three of them
used to be a threesome. Bill used to enjoy sex with the two women,
jumping into the fray after Eve and Gina had warmed each other up.

Now the two survivors comfort one another, but with Eve gone, the sex
just isn't the same.

This is a poignant tale of love and loss. The sex is intimate and
sad, and the ending brought a tear to my eye. While the sex is
not as titillating as you often find in ASSM, it is skillfully
used to further the story.

This is an excellent, emotional story.
Rating: * * * * *


{ASSM} Hubby's business trip
By Karen <>

Karen likes to travel with Mark because she can cruise the bars,
pick up well-hung blackmen [sic], and fuck them while her
husband runs the video recorder.

The blackman [sic] in this story is Ted. Ted wants Mark to lick
his cum out of Karen's pussy afterwards. Mark doesn't have a
problem with this.

You can order the video of the big event on Karen's website. The
story can be had for free on ASSM, although only the most
hardcore BM/WF reader will find much in this story to like.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} My Visit to Hank and Becky's Part II {Lance Wulff} (MF cheat)
By Lance Wulff <>

Lance is visiting with old buddies Hank and Becky. Hank goes off
to work, leaving Lance and Becky alone together. They go out for
a jog, but when they return home, Becky remembers the hot water
heater is on the blink, and they don't have enough hot water for
both of them to shower. To save water, they agree to shower

They have a long discussion on the problem of seeing each other
naked. To circumvent that problem, they decide to shower in the
dark. And they fumble around in the shower, telling each other
how fortunate they are that it is so dark, otherwise they'd be
able to see each others engorged genitals.

I didn't mention this in the review of the first part of this
series, but Becky has spectacular breasts. Aureoles glow on the
tips of her breasts, which must be quite a sight. The only part
I didn't understand was why her aureoles didn't provide enough
light in the shower for them to see by.

There are quite a few grammar and spelling problems, but I like
Lance and Becky's bizarre denial conversations as they get closer
and closer to fucking. If these stories could be cleaned up,
they'd be really good.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} CORRECTED Thank You, Natalie Barney (FF, lesbian) (Katherine T.
By Katherine T. <>

Natalie Barney was a famous lesbian who was born in the late
nineteenth century, lived in Paris, and took great pleasure in
living her own life. And she broke a lot of hearts along the way.

Other than the Paris thing (I presume), Sarah reminds the narrator
of Natalie Barney.

This story reads like a snapshot of Sarah and the narrator's
relationship. It's a very interesting snapshot described in
an interesting way, and it touches on how the relationship
reached its current state. But a snapshot is just a snapshot,
and that ultimately makes the story unfulfilling. Nothing much
happens. Even the sex is described statically, as if the
characters were frozen.

For what it is, it's very well done, although I prefer more
moving parts in my sex stories.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Four New Urges {SHATTIMS} (MF,MF cons swap wl)
By Richard Short <>

The narrator's wife, Ann, is acting funny about their good
friends Tom and Sally. She doesn't want to see them any more. The
narrator presses for reasons, but only gets vague answers.
Eventually he pries it out of her.

You see, Ann has an urge: she has an urge for Tom. The narrator
admits that he has an urge for Sally. The couple decides that the
next time they get together with their friends, they will have a
little fun.

The next weekend, after the big game, the couples swap partners
to dance, and there is a lot of rubbing and squeezing. When Tom
and Sally leave for the evening, our happy couple is so turned on
they fuck on the floor like a couple animals.

Invigorated by the great sex, they decide to try it again. Only
this time, during the big dance number, we find out Tom and Sally
have some urges of their own.

If you can't get enough swapping stories, this one will be right
up your alley. The sex is hot, and the way the couples end up
easing into a swapping situation is believable.

But parts of this story outside the sex are glossed over too
lightly. The dialogue, in particular, reads like it was tossed in
at the last minute to move the story along. The characters speak
unnaturally, and entire conversations are crammed together in a
single paragraph.

While it's a decent effort, "Four New Urges" needs more work
before it moves beyond a run-of-the-mill swapping story.
Rating: * * *


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