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ISSUE 24 lesbian sister the start


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #24
February 28, 2002

In the two months I've been doing these reviews, I've received many
questions from readers. Most have been answered on the FAQ page on
my website, and I encourge anyone to look there if there is something
you don't understand about the way I've been doing these reviews.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Together to Learn - Jack and Jill, by Millie Teases (* * *)
Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me, by Henrik Larsen (* * * *)
Mina, by Wandering Lanes (* *)
Night Out, by Bradley Stoke (* * * *)
At Lisa's House, by Alex (* * *)

{ASSM} Together to Learn - Jack and Jill (F+ solo, M+ solo)
By Millie Teases <>

In an earlier story, the six Together To Learn virgins had a nice
time learning about each other's sexual responses; now they want
to try something else, something safe but sexual. They decide to
go to a nudist resort.

When the owner of the resort meets them and gives them the rules,
I had to smile at the mix of nudism rules (no sexual arousal
aloud) and the more mundane rules (no glass near the pool). I
could also sympathize with the guys trying to walk around without

At one point, the sextet breaks into two groups. One trio goes on
a canoe trip, where they find a secluded cove where they can
relieve a little bit of the pent-up frustration. Meanwhile, the
girls in the other trio learn one of the benefits of being naked
in a hot tub.

These Together To Learn stories are fun, but they have a problem
that makes them hard to follow: there are too many characters who
are not differentiated well enough. I'm sure there have been
physical descriptions of Amy, Mitsy, Jenny, Pam, Larry, and Alan
along the way, but I don't remember them well enough to keep them
separate in my head. The four girls, in particular, are all
muddled together.

Which may be a sign of a more serious flaw: it doesn't even
matter that the girls are muddled together. The masturbation
scene in the canoe would have been identical if the other trio
had been paddling around instead.

But as the series continues, I expect the characters will become
more like real individuals. And for now, the six virgins are
having a rocking good time learning about sex.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me (MF, oral, anal, toys) by Henrik Larsen
By Henrik Larsen <>

This story is told entirely as a dialogue between a brother and
his lesbian sister. At the start of this story, the brother is
telling his sister all the juicy details of his sex life with
Anna. These two siblings are pretty darn close, and the
descriptions get pretty darn explicit. We find out that new
girlfriend Anna isn't as pretty as ex-girlfriend Susan, but Anna
is a heck of a lot better in bed.

Then we find out that the sister is sick and in the hospital, and
the doctors don't know what the problem is.

The story continues in the same vein, the brother coming in to
perk up his sister with the latest news on the sexual front with
Anna as the sister learns more about her mysterious medical

There are a few too many typos, spelling errors, and a little too
much homonym abuse, but the detraction from the main story is
minor. Like most stories told entirely in dialogue, the
conversation sometimes sounds unnatural when the characters
describe action with their spoken words.

But there is also a lot to like about this story. The banter
between the siblings is usually very good and sometimes perfect.
I have a few issues with the ending that I won't get into here,
but most of this story is a fine mix of light-hearted sex, scary
illness, complicated relationships, and the love between a
brother and a sister. I expect this story will be wildly popular
with the ASSM reading public.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Mina (MF)
By Wandering Lanes <>

Jack is walking down an alley when he sees a woman being attacked
by two thugs with knives. He rushes to her aid, chasing the two
men off. Wilhemina - Mina to her friends - is very grateful. She
invites him back to her house, where her mother is mysteriously
missing. They take advantage of their privacy to sneak back into
Mina's room, and Mina gives the man proper thanks for saving her

The next day, the mystery is revealed when Jack returns to the house
to find that Mina has been dead for five years.

Grammar problems clog up the prose so badly that it is sometimes
hard to figure out what is going on. We also have "wane smiles,"
and Mina attended a "collage," and I could go on and on. The
slipshod writing ruins what might have been a far better story.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} {ASSTR} Night Out
By Bradley Stoke <>

At the outset of this story, Bunny and her mother are screaming
at each other. Bunny's mother doesn't care for Bunny's revealing
clothes, but Bunny doesn't give a fuck what her mother says -
she's going out with her gang.

Bunny's gang of girls hangs out in the park, sucking cocks for
cigarettes and beer. They are a raucous, lewd bunch, and when
Steph, one of the proper girls from school, happens by, one of
the posse pisses on Steph's shoes.

Bunny is embarrassed by the pissing incident, though. And the
next day, as the rest of the gang skips school to recover from
their hangovers, Bunny apologizes to Steph. They even have a
decent conversation. Bunny begins to feel a tug of arousal for
the good-looking girl from the right side of the tracks.

This is an interesting story. Bunny's gang is brash, obscene,
and shocking. Bunny's attraction towards Steph is a classic
attraction of opposites. How the attraction works itself out is a
great idea for a story.

What's good about the characters, though, is also the biggest
problem. Bunny's gang is *too* over-the-top. They are nothing
more than parodies of girls gone bad.

But it's still a good story, and the ending is spectacular.

(Incidentally, this story shorter than it looks, because it is
included twice in the post.)
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} At Lisa's House (MF, MFF, FF, exhib, voy, oral, anal, toys, f-voy)
By Alex <>

This is the second of a series about Andy and Lisa, a couple who
used a finicky copier as a matchmaker in the opening story. As
the second story begins, Andy has arranged to meet Lisa at her
house. In a few short hours, he has become quite smitten with

Lisa introduces Andy to her kids, they eat some pizza, and the
kids are sent off to bed. Alone at last, they head for the porch
and give Mr. Winky a good workout.

Things get a little kinkier when Lisa notices her neighbor has
put out the duck flag. Lisa and Andy, who are now a couple, creep
into the neighbor's backyard and watches a threesome in action.

Like the first story, "At Lisa's House" is competently written.
Unlike the first story, there is no incredulous amount of teasing
going on. In fact, the author does a fine job making the bizarre
neighbor situation seem plausible.

There were a few problems. The story attempts to explain Lisa's
attraction towards Andy, but it isn't convincing. Perhaps this
will be fleshed out better in future installments. And while
calling one's penis "Mr. Winky" is cute once, doing it a half
dozen times is just annoying.

This series uses plot and character to support the sex, rather
than the other way around. As such, it makes sense for there to
be a few plot weaknesses. As a stand-alone story, "At Lisa's
House" is a bit shallow, but it is still far deeper than most
stroke stories.
Rating: * * *


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