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ISSUE 25 video store but cant find anything


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #25
March 3, 2002

I regret that time constraints make it impossible for me to answer
unsolicited email. There is a FAQ page on my webpage with the answers
to most of the questions I've received in the past two months.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

The Dream Lover, by Katherine T. (* * * *)
An Aphrodite Rising, by Sam Cornell (* * * *)
Video Stores and Maturity, by LPear28283 (* * *)
Calendar, by Mat Twassel and Lorrin Murray (* * * *)
Lou's Last Stand, by Jimmy Hat (* * *)

{ASSM} The Dream Lover (FF, lesbian) by Katherine T.
By Katherine T. <>

Sandra is a focused and organized university lecturer in medieval
history. Lately she has been having these odd fantasies of making
love outdoors. When the fantasies become too intrusive, she
decides to change focus and make her fantasy a reality.

She gets herself all dolled up to visit a trendy lesbian bar,
where she goes searching for her androgynous dream lover. Before
too long, Jen is buying Sandra a second Cosmo, and they are making
plans to drive out into the country.

I liked the way Sandra attacks her little problem. She's an
interesting character, and she's definitely the most interesting
part of the story. On the downside, the Jen character is nearly
invisible, and the sex is skimmed over and is finished quickly.

While this story is another variation of the Tricky Husband story (where the main character contrives a plot and carries it out to
perfection), the well-drawn Sandra character makes it far better
than most of its ilk.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} An Aphrodite Rising
By Sam Cornell <>

Sometimes there is a story that breaks all the rules and gets
away with it. "You" is constantly referred to in this story, but
it is unlike many of the annoying second-person stories you read
in this newsgroup. This story is really internal dialogue. We are
listening to the main character's thoughts as she watches her
lover rise from the sea like Aphrodite. The "you" in this story is really the woman's lover. The narrator is *not* addressing
the reader, she just uses "you" as the name of the person she is
lusting after. While there are a few lapses, this is much better
than your typical ASSM second-person horror.

Which means this is really not a second-person story, but it is a
stream-of-consciousness story. Which means that instead of the
second-person obstacles to overcome, it has the stream-of-
consciousness obstacles to overcome.

And for the most part, it overcomes them. Sure, her thoughts are
a little too analytical, but the thoughts of this woman are
intelligent and, at times, poetic. I like the way she devours her
Aphrodite's nearly naked body.

As an experiment, this story is a resounding success. And even
as a regular story, it's still pretty darn successful.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} video Stores and Maturity
By LPear28283 <>

A guy goes into a video store but can't find anything interesting
in the new releases brochure. The girl at the counter lets him
know they have a new section through the back door where he can
find some movies of a more adult nature.

Once back there, he finds the naturally hairy section starring
older women and picks out two promising titles. Then he notices
an older woman perusing the big cock aisle. They strike up a
conversation and learn that each has to offer everything that the
other is looking for. They make plans to go back to her place to
watch porn and do what ever might follow.

While this writing is usually technically sound, on a few
occasions it slips badly, and there are a couple sentences I
couldn't parse. The sex, when it arrives, is not described with
the same detail as the rest of the story, which is disappointing.
But at least the pick-up in the video store is laced with heavy
sexual tension.

It's a great tease. With a better sex scene and more consistent
writing, this would be a very good story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Mat Twassel and Lorrin Murray -- Calendar
By Mat Twassel and Lorrin Murray <>

This is the last two weeks of February of the erotic calendar Mat
Twassel and Lorrin Murray have been writing about. Until the last
couple days of February, this edition is similar to the first edition
I reviewed in an earlier issue: several short, artistic, but unrelated
descriptions of random erotic photographs.

And then February 27 comes along. February 27 is not only a follow up
to another day, but it is also much longer and much more detailed
story of what this picture might describe. By itself, it's worth
the price of admission.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Lou's Last Stand (MFF oral)
By Jimmy Hat <>

With his last three hundred dollars, Lou Cullen is waiting for a
couple hookers to show up at his fancy hotel room. He has a great
night planned, and when the high class call girls show up, they
take advantage of everything the suite has to offer.

Unfortunately for Lou, the appeal of hookers is just too much for
him to resist. Eventually he goes broke. Angry over the
government's intrusion into the private lives of its citizens, he
goes on the talk show circuit to argue for the legalization of

When his vendetta passes through Washington D.C., Maytag and
Stanton, two FBI agents, decide to interview Lou, just to find
out what all this fuss is about. After an uninspiring interview,
Maytag, the male of the law enforcement duo, stops by a hotel bar
to watch Lou on a cable talk show. Not only does Lou say some
surprising things, but the woman who is watching the show with
Maytag has some surprising things to say, too!

A bad comma bug has infected this story, and the "lay" versus
"lie" syndrome is also evident. The opening sex scene begins
nicely but finishes with a whimper as the detail diminishes just
as it should have been getting more intense. The female FBI
agent, Stanton, is unnecessary to the story, and I don't see what
her purpose is.

But the story has a nice style and is a fun read. While there are
no overt jokes, the story verges on being a humor piece. Although
you won't laugh out loud, you will find yourself smiling as you
read along.
Rating: * * *


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