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ISSUE 28 lesbian the rebound and she


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #28
March 14, 2002

A reminder on the rating system. Most of the stories I read are
pretty good, so the system is skewed to differentiate between good
stories. Any story rated three stars or better is recommended.
A two-star story may have some niche appeal. A four star story is
very good, and I reserve five star ratings for the few exceptional
stories I read.

I read a few old Celestial Reviews, and since Celeste reviewed far
more stories than I have, perhaps an approximate mapping would be

5 stars = high 10
4 stars = high 9 to 10
3 stars = 8 to 9
2 stars = 6 to 7
1 star = 5 or below

I do not intend to write reviews for one-star stories.

Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Empty Street, by Elliot Mabeuse (* * * *)
AFTER THE PARTY, by Rogue Writer (* * * *)
Quantum Entanglement, by Katherine T. (* * *)
The Tally, by Bradley Stoke (* * *)
Vanessa and Me, Part One, by Shon Richards (* * * *)

{ASSM} {new story} Empty Street (MF, oral, voy, carsex)
By Elliot Mabeuse <>

We start out buzzing through the air above town, then we drop
into a residential neighborhood, settling finally on a car parked
on the street. We focus even closer on the pair inside the car.
Inside, the girl is getting ready to blow the man.

In the middle of the blowjob, they notice a couple watching them
from one of the homes. Fortunately, the spectators are not
annoyed by the strangers performing sex acts in front of their

This is a good story, with realistic exhibitionist and voyeur
responses. The story shifts tense about half way through, which
is an odd distraction for a story that is otherwise very well-
written. I'm not quite sure what the fancy flying around at the
beginning of the story is for, but at least it is interesting.

For fans of exhibitionism and voyeurism, this is an excellent
story. And even fans of other genres will find something here to
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} AFTER THE PARTY (F/F, romance, exhibitionist, jewelry, dessert toppings)
By Rogue Writer <>

Tanya is a lesbian on the rebound, and she is attending a party
thrown by her friend Mario. There, she meets Mario's new
roommate, Claudia. Mario and Claudia have a platonic
relationship, at least for now.

But it is Claudia's friend Amy who interests Tanya the most. With
just one look, Tanya's sex parts melt. Tanya and Amy manage to
get together alone in Mario's room to smoke a bowl. The two
girls show off their tattoos and piercings to one another, one
thing leads to another, and Amy reveals that she too is gay.
But Amy still has one secret: her friend Claudia doesn't know
about her sexual orientation yet.

There follows a lot of kinky lesbian sex, including anal licking
dessert toppings, and exhibitionism.

This story has several rough stretches, particularly in the
beginning. But if you get past those, you'll find an excellent
story with a good plot and some good characters. It's romantic
without being sappy, and kinky without being disgusting. And, for
the one-handed readers out there, it includes a couple long,
detailed sex scenes.

It also includes one of the best similes I've read since starting
these reviews, but I won't spoil it - you'll have to read it for

If you start on this story, don't let the loose writing in the
beginning put you off - if you persevere, you'll find a very good
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Quantum Entanglement (FF, lesbian) Katherine T.
By Katherine T. <>

One long paragraph, a static description of a photograph, much
like the Calendar series Mat Twassel and Lorin Murray have been
writing, the eye of the viewer scanning from place to place as
she takes in more and more of the scene, an indistinct photograph
of two women kissing, and then the viewer realizes the photograph
has come alive.

The story is strange, explicit, fascinating, engaging, intelligent,
but the structure ultimately makes it difficult to read. But I
still enjoyed it, and I recommend it to people who are interested
in something very different.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} {ASSTR} The Tally
By Bradley Stoke <>

Amy is an anal retentive sex worker who keeps a detailed diary of
her sexual statistics. She has bedded more than 3000 men and
women in her ten years, and she takes great pleasure in the
records she has made of each encounter.

And then one day a new woman shows up at the sex club where Amy
works. Lucinda is different. When not on stage, she dresses
plainly. She is aloof. She doesn't do men. All of which makes Amy
crazy with lust. While they fuck aggressively on stage, Lucinda
refuses every advance to get together after work.

Amy becomes obsessed and follows Lucinda after work one day. And
what do you think happens when they finally meet away from the
club? Read the story to find out!

This story contains a mix of excellence and mediocrity. The Amy
character is compelling and artfully drawn. I liked the way Amy's
obsessions with sex and Lucinda are revealed. But there is not
enough action. Most of the story is spent talking about sex
instead of doing sex. Some of the sex, too, is told indirectly.
The ending is also rushed.

But Bradley Stoke is a talented author, and while this story has
some flaws, it was still an enjoyable read.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} "Vanessa and Me" Part One (M/F, Exhib, Discovery)
By Shon Richards <>

A man at a mostly deserted art gallery meets a woman. They get in
a discussion about art, painting, writing, and creativity. And
then Vanessa decides she needs to put him through a test. She
positions him behind her and instructs him to put his hand down
the front of her pants. She does this because creativity is
important, which, I suppose, is as good as reason as any.

This is an interesting story. The writing is sometimes awkward,
but the discussion about art, at least, is fun to read. And the
sex scene, while short, is pretty good.

Based on the subject line, this is the first story of a series,
and it reads like a cross between a short story and a single
chapter of a serial. As an introduction to a longer piece, it's
very good, but it doesn't quite work as well as a stand-alone
piece. If you enjoy following on-going serials (something I don't
generally do), definitely check this story out.
Rating: * * * *


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