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ISSUE 34 young narrator under her wing and


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #34
April 2, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Miranda's Desire, by Saint Phallus (* * *)
Dane the Great, by Pan ThePiper (* * *)
The Data Entry Opening, by Canyonero (* * *)
As Long as it is Art, by smiling19w (* * *)
Nine Months and Fifteen Minutes, by oldwrench (* * *)

{ASSM} Miranda's Desire {MF oral cheating}
By Saint Phallus <>

Miranda begins this story suffering from insomnia as her daughter gets thoroughly fucked by Todd in the next room. Jealousy gets
the better of Miranda, but she doesn't do anything about it. At
least not right away.

Things change the next morning when her daughter is called in to
work, leaving Todd and the horny mother alone together. mom breaks out some killer weed, and the talk gets around to sex, and
one thing leads to another.

The writing is generally good, and the sex is nice. The word
"cock" appears far too often, but at least the author makes an
effort to make a mother-seducing-daughter's-boyfriend scenario
not seem utterly ridiculous.

As a stroke story, this story isn't too bad.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Dane the Great {Pan} (mf, m-first)
By Pan ThePiper <>

Dane is a freshman at a Catholic school. On the first day of gym,
he notices all the other boys in the locker room staring at him.
That is when he realizes that he is hung far greater than most

It also earns him new respect around the school. Dane is soon
hanging around with an older crowd, and at a weekend party, he
meets Stacy. Dane and Stacy retire to a quiet room, and Stacy
discovers the most amazing cock she will ever see.

This is a dumb story in a lot of ways, but it is mixed up with
some good stuff, too. I like the way Dane likes to fit in with
the rest of the students, and I like that he remains faithful to
his old friends despite his new popularity. Unfortunately, the
social aspects of Dane's situation are downplayed so much that
they become tangential, but they still added a special spice to
an otherwise ordinary big cock fantasy.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} The Data Entry Opening (MF)
By Canyonero <>

Horny 42-year-old bosses have a secret fantasy to fuck some young girl who comes in looking for a job. At least that is the world
according to "The Data Entry Opening." Male fantasy babe Hannah
comes in looking for a job, and John can't help but to hire the
inexperienced college girl.

Hannah and John get to know one another slowly over most of the
rest of the story, sharing late dinners and talking about their
lives. During the company Christmas party, Hannah and John
finally do something about their growing interest in one another.

I give the author credit for working hard to base the
relationship on something more than faceless physical attraction.
But the story mixes in a few very unrealistic scenes (a car
vandalism thing, in particular) that destroy the mood. The
writing is good in parts, not so good in others.

The sex, when it finally comes, is pretty good. The ending, when
it comes, is dissatisfying. But at least the long setup gives us
a basis to care a little about the characters, and that is worth
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} "As Long as it is Art" (Ff True)
By smiling19w <>

A 17-year-old girl's mother will do anything for art, which, for
her, means painting. She wants her daughter to be a renowned
artist, and when art classes at high school aren't getting her
there fast enough, she arranges for lessons with a tutor.

Cynthia takes the young narrator under her wing, and they are
soon sketching and painting three times a week. Fortunately, the
girl doesn't have a problem with nudity - her mother has made it
clear that nudity for the cause of art is nothing to be ashamed
of - so the teacher and the student spend a lot of time posing
nude for one another.

As you've already guessed, Cynthia and the girl are soon fucking
like crazy.

Once the relationship between teacher and pupil gets rolling, the
scenes become fast and sketchy, which is a shame, since much of
the sex happens late in the story. The story is at its best in the
first couple sex scenes and in describing the growing infatuation
of the pupil with her older teacher.

Unfortunately, the writing is also spotty. There are quite a few
typos and missing words, the dialogue is not natural, and a
couple times the story labored with sentences that repeated the
same point.

But there is still a lot to like here. A good plot, a good
ending, a nice supporting character in the mother - it all adds
up to a decent story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} ASSM story Nine Months and Fifteen Minutes (MF 1st preg)
By oldwrench <>

The story begins with the birth of a man's nephew. Immediately,
we flash back to nine months earlier, on the man's sister's
wedding day.

The narrator is the driver for the new couple as they make their
way to the reception. All the pent-up lust is too much for the
newlyweds, and they are soon consummating their relationship in
the back of the car while the bride's brother drives along.

The story oddly flaunts a point of view problem. The narrator is
a character of the story, but knows too much about what the other
participants are doing and feeling. How could a driver know what
the bride is feeling as her new husband's cock slowly enters her
pussy? But don't be put off it - there is a reason for

The writing has troubles in places, which is odd, because most of
it is well-crafted. The story could use one more proofreading

This is the second oldwrech story I've reviewed, and he is an
author to look out for. Had this story been as polished as the
first story I reviewed, it would receive a very high score. And
even without the polish, it's still a pretty picture.
Rating: * * *


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