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ISSUE 35 young Korean woman for the front


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #35
April 4, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Bike Ride, by Chew 69 (* *)
The Other Alternative, by Sven the Elder (* * * *)
Erotic Encounter, by John Capone (* * *)
Room at the Top, by kellis (* * * *)
Asiafuck, by Phoebe and Michael (* * *)

{ASSM} NEW STORY: The Bike Ride (M/F, cons)
By Chew 69 <>

A woman wakes up to find her man touching her. But before things
can get too far, he breaks it off. She takes a shower, still high
with arousal, and begins touching herself. The man catches her.
Not yet, he says. They go on a bike ride, the seat pressed tightly
between her legs. They pick up some fruit at the farmer's market and
continue on their ride. Now let's do it, he says.

The story is told in third person, present tense, which causes
some problems - the stream-of-consciousness-like style doesn't
work well in this case. (I've noticed stream-of-consciousness
almost never works, unless in very small doses.) There were also
some continuity problems - if I'm parsing it right, the woman has
an orgasm while riding her bicycle and while kissing the man,
which means she's either a circus performer or a major hazard on
the bike trail. The paragraphs are also so long that it is hard
to read.

But it's still a cute little idea for a story, and with a ton of
polish, could be turned into something pretty good.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} (NEW) The Other Alternative MF(M) Sven the Elder
By Sven the Elder <>

A fatherly writer of porn stories is corresponding in email with
Jack and Shiela, who are seriously pursuing a threesome so Sheila
can experience two men at once. Sven gives them all kinds of
advice - he's thought about these things a lot, apparently - but
the lad they pick to play out the scenario turns out to be a
bust. So Jack and Sheila turn to their other alternative.

And the other alternative is Sven, the fatherly writer of porn
stories. They get together and make the couple's fantasy a

There are a handful of interesting issues raised in this story that you don't often see in ASSM MMF stories. First, there is
some analysis about what the turn-on is for the husband of the
couple. Second, there is some uneasy musings about whether this
is a gay or bisexual experience for the previously straight men.
And last, after the threesome has gone off without a hitch, what
do you do next?

And those issues are the most interesting part of the story,
especially the last, which made for a very interesting ending.
The sex itself is first class, and the writing is very clean. My
only criticism: in the opening email exchange, Sven preached too
much on "how to do it."

But this is a very good two-man one-woman sex story.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Erotic Encounter
By John Capone <>

This "Erotic Encounter" has a lot of similarities to the story I
just reviewed, "The Other Alternative." This one takes place in
India, where Sujeet is married to Pooja. Sujeet's college buddy,
Naveen, is coming to visit for an evening, and the married couple
makes up a bed for him in their tiny apartment.

Shapely Pooja is forced to work late, however, and before Naveen
gets a chance to meet her, he falls asleep after a long day. When
Pooja returns, she sees Naveen sleeping, his sleepwear gaping
open and his impressive erection in full view.

Pooja needs a little dinner before she can come to bed, and you
probably have a good idea why her late meal takes a little longer
than usual!

The writing in this story isn't as good as "The Other
Alternative", but it is still not bad. It is also closer to the
cliche wife-watching voyeur story you read in ASSM, although the
Bombay setting adds a tiny amount of exotic interest.

But for a cliche plot, it's a decent story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Room at the Top {Kellis} (MF oral humor)
By kellis <>

Mr. Collins has a secretary who gives a great blowjob. Sally is
quite talented, having learned everything about blowjobs from her
Aunt Margie. Not that Sally is all that special - *all* the
secretaries at this company's branch office give good head. And
the executives like it that way, because blowjobs are lot more
fun than actually doing their real jobs.

But then old man Grafton pays them a visit, and suddenly all
those lost contracts and padded expense accounts and embezzled
funds seem like they could be a big problem. The new senior VP
who Grafton brings along promises to shake things up. And she
does, in more ways than one!

This story is coded "humor", but other than the absurdity of the
story line, I didn't find the story particularly humorous. But I
still enjoyed it. The prose is polished, the oral sex is very nice,
and the farcical picture of fun-loving corporate corruption is
well-drawn. Even the ending is nice.

Because the jokes weren't that funny for me, they detracted from
the story, but I know humor can be very personal. If Kellis
tickles your funny bone, you'll probably like this a lot. And
even if he doesn't, you'll still enjoy reading this story.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Asiafuck (MFF, FF, asian, voy, preg)
By Phoebe and Michael <>

A man and his kinky wife Cheryl own a business, and they hire a
sexy young Korean woman for the front office. When Min Young-ju
makes a serious banking error, she promises to do anything to
make up for it.

Fortunately for our narrator, his sexy wife Cheryl decides that
means Min Young-ju should be punished by fucking the boss.

Oh, sure, this is a dumb story. But it's comfortably written and
has a nice pace. And it's short, so it doesn't overstay its
welcome. As a quickie male-female-female fantasy, it's OK.
Rating: * * *


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