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ISSUE 36 young lady notices his grief and


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #36
April 11, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Finally - For the First TIme, by Slippery Quill (* *)
Swimming pool action, by badr (* *)
Private Dancer, by theGreatxIam (* * *)
DOUBLE D's DERRIERE DELIGHT, by Evan Karpel (* *)
I'm Talking To You, by Alan C. McDonald (* * * *)

{ASSM} (Corrected) Finally - For the First TIme (MF/M, slutwive, creampie, cons, love)
By Slippery Quill <>

Yet another excruciating second person story. In this one, I am
the wife of a man who is watching me make love to another man.
The other man comes in my pussy, and then I make love to my

On occasion, I can stand to read a second person story if it
reads like a love letter. But this one is told in present tense,
so it doesn't work as a letter, either.

On the positive side, the author writes grammatically correct
sentences, so if you happen to be the person this story is
intended for, you will enjoy this story. If you're not that
person, pass it by.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} Swimming pool action
By badr <>

This story breaks every rule in the book. No paragraph breaks, no
grammatically correct sentences, no capital letters, mixed verb
tenses, very few periods, ... You would think the story would be
almost totally unreadable.

And, in fact, you'd be right. A short random sample of what you
would be faced with if you tried to read this story:

"we started kissing again this time my hands coursed through your
front slipping under your bikini top for a second....just
brushing with your nipples, then pulling out."

If you're desperate for a romantic pool-side romp, then maybe
you'll want to struggle through this story. Otherwise, try
something else.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} Private Dancer (MF) Subway series #6
By theGreatxIam <>

The main character in this theGreatxIam story has lost the love
of his life, and he spends his sleepless nights rumbling through
the city on the nearly deserted subway trains. The couples who
share the subway cars are the worst at rekindling sad memories,
and on one particularly difficult night, the tears flow.

But a kind young lady notices his grief, and when the train
finally empties out, she treats him to a private dance that he
won't soon forget.

Most theGreatxIam stories benefit from pristine writing and
sparkling clear action, but this story does not measure up to the
author's usual high standards. I found several typos and
grammatical errors, and the shift to present tense for the big
sex scene jarred me.

I suspect my rating reflects a disappointment that my high
expectations were not met. But it's still a good enough story to
recommend, although not as highly as this author's other stories.
Rating: * * *


By Evan Karpel <>

A woman at a strip club is giving a businessman a lap dance.
Despite her aggressive grinding in his lap, he never gets a hint
of an erection. She is doubly surprised when he gives her a big

When she's done for the evening, the man approaches the stripper
in the dressing room. For a thousand bucks, she agrees to go with
him to his hotel room.

And when they get to the snazzy hotel, things get weird.

While the story is readable, the writing is clumsy. We are told
the woman's bra size several times, which is several times too
many. When the sex starts, the writing improves somewhat, but as
the story wraps up, it's back to the awkward phrasing and stilted

The story should probably have a "caution" story code, but
because the story is so unrealistic, it's hard to be squicked by
Rating: * *


{ASSM} I'm Talking To You
By Alan C. McDonald <>

This clever story chronicles a man's voyage through a sexually
explicit website. He enters, he looks through the picture galleries, he enters the contest for a free visit from the
website's fantasy babes, he gives them his credit card
information ...

Oops! So this is why you should never give your credit card
information to anyone you don't know!

While there isn't much sex, it *is* funny, and it is well worth
the short amount of time it will take you to read it.
Rating: * * * *


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