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Archived Sex Stories

ISSUE 38 young kid but her husband


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #38
April 19, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Three Doors Down, by Pariah dog (* * *)
A Dream, by Monika (* *)
Barfly, by Phoebe and Michael (* * *)
Dipped Out!, by sirlancelot (* * *)
A Lady With Something Extra, by Steve O (* * *)

{ASSM} Three Doors Down (Pariah Dog)
By Pariah dog <>

Danni lives three doors down from the star of this story. She is
married with a young kid, but her husband is gone for a couple
weeks, and she's lonely. She shows up at the narrator's door with
a six pack of beer in one hand and a fifth of scotch in the

The two commence with the heavy drinking in Danni's apartment
while four-hear-old Heidi sleeps in the next room. As the
alcoholic haze takes over, the subject shifts towards sex. Now if
only the four-year-old kid would stay in bed, then the grown-ups
could take this story where ASSM readers want it to go!

While a few typos mar this story, the storytelling voice is a
good one, and the story has a nice rhythm and pace to it. And now
the narrator knows what it's like to be married!
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} A Dream (MF)
By Monika <>

A man who is infatuated with a woman wanders by her house, peeks
in her window, and sees her masturbating. Crazed with lust, he
knocks on the door. She lets him in, and he has his way with her.

The woman in this story has brown aureoles, which is an odd color
for an aureole. There were several jumps in the action that
confused me, and I got to the end without knowing what really
happened. It's almost like two or three paragraphs were cut out
of the middle.

That's not really fair. What we really have here is a rape story that is disguised so the reader isn't quite sure if it's a rape.
The missing pieces are done on purpose, so you'll get to the end
of the story and wonder what really happened. We're supposed to
get to the end and wonder if the man is a sociopath.

Perhaps if the narrative voice had been more distinctive, or if
it had been told in first person, it might have worked as a
psychological horror story. Instead, I was just annoyed that
enough information was withheld as a trick to get me to read a
rape story.
Rating: * *


{ASSM} [NEW] Barfly (MF, public, exh)
By Phoebe and Michael <>

A guy living with is mother goes to a bar where he hears all
about Carla, an old barfly who frequents the place. Expecting an
easy conquest, he sticks around until Carla shows, and they put
on quite an act for the appreciative spectators in the bar!

The writing is not good, but it does have a "golly wow, look what
happened to me!" feel to it that was kind of cute. And it's
short, so it's not a lot of work to struggle through to the end.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Dipped Out!
By sirlancelot <>

A young man away from home on business lucks into the opportunity
of a lifetime: due to space constraints, he ends up sharing a
hotel room with his company's two female employees. All his mates
give him some good-natured elbows, but things get really
interesting when he and the two women are alone together!

Like the story I reviewed before this one, there are a lot of
grammar and spelling problems, and there is also a lot of good-
natured enthusiasm. In this story, the writing is worse, but the
enthusiasm is better. This story reads a lot like a good old fellow at a tavern telling a funny tale from his past.

It's too bad the writing isn't a lot better, because it's a nice
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} (New) A Lady With Something Extra (MF CAUTION) {Steve}
By Steve O <>

A man eyes an asian woman as he sips wine. They eventually get to
talking about San Francisco, and before they know it, they are
back at the woman's apartment. There, we discover the lady has
"something extra."

The caution code is legitimate, but it's all consensual. The
biggest sin is uneven writing. Parts of the story, especially
when they are talking about San Francisco, are very good; other
parts are much less so. The sex is pretty good.

If there weren't frequent lapses of grammar and flow, this might
have been a very interesting story. As it is, I can only give it
a modest recommendation.
Rating: * * *


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