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Archived Sex Stories

ISSUE 39 story giving his wife


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #39
May 10, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Kelly's Massage, by Biff Jones (* * *)
Stood Up, by Dryad (* * *)
Please Don't Ask How I Got Home, by theGreatxIam (* * * *)
Vanessa and Me, Part 3, by Shon (* * * *)
Garage, by ~Virginya (* * *)

{ASSM} Kelly's Massage (true, MF couple, oral, rom/slow)
By Biff Jones <>

The narrator of this story is giving his wife a "Worshipping
Kelly" evening. When he worships his wife, he does everything he
can think of to create the ultimate romantic atmosphere. Wine, a
bubble bath, dinner, and finally we get to the massage. Like most
massages in ASSM, this massage results in some very explicit

This story is less about the sex than it is about setting the
stage for the sex. The plans for the night are told in minute
detail. This is a case, however, where there is just a little too
much detail. Perhaps there is one or two specific individuals out
there who will be turned on by every menu item and brand name,
but this reviewer couldn't fathom the importance of every detail.

The author claims this is a true story, and it reads very much
like one. Like many true stories, it doesn't give us much in the
way of a plot. But it is a well-written scene, and without a
doubt, the real-life participants in this scene will enjoy re-
reading this story and remembering an exciting night. And while
the extraneous detail is a distraction, the story is short, and
other readers will find something to like here, too.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} "Stood Up" by Dryad (MF, rom)
By Dryad <>

Lily is supposed to be on a blind date, but after waiting for a
long time at the restaurant, she realizes she has been stood up.
A man alone at the next table notices her predicament and invites
her over to share dinner with him.

We are then blessed with a long, idealistically romantic evening
with Lily and Antonio. They eat, they talk, they dance, and as
the sun is rising, they retire to Lily's bedroom.

Technically, the story is good, but the romance suffers from
being *too* perfect. And some of the key details of the evening
are skimmed over too lightly, which makes Lily's fall for the
strange man at the next table unconvincing. The sex, too, is
almost non-existent.

There are occasional moments of inspired writing, so it's clear
the author has some talent. It would be nice to see what Dryad
could accomplish with a stronger plot.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Please Don't Ask How I Got Home (MF) Subway series #7
By theGreatxIam <>

After breaking up with his first serious girlfriend, the
narrator's friend fixes him up with Clarissa. We should all have
friends like this.

Clarissa is a walking wet dream. She'll do just about anything
sexually, which drives the new couple on to doing some pretty
outrageous things. For the ultimate thrill, she wants to pretend
to fuck anonymously on a subway car.

The narrator boards the subway and waits for Clarissa to make her
entrance. And then a woman in a nun's habit starts rubbing up
against him. That Clarissa! She'll do anything for a thrill!

There is a lot of word play in this story, which makes it a fun
read. But the word games occasionally go too far, and there were
a few awkward stretches in the prose. I also thought the ending
was telegraphed too strongly, but that didn't make it any less

This is the last of theGreatxIam's subway series, which is reason
enough to read it. And while it's not his best, it's still a good
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} "Vanessa and Me" Part 3 (M/F, Orgy, Mayday)
By Shon <>

In this story, Vanessa, the narrator's artistic mentor, is
dragging him along to a May Day celebration. At the Maypole, a
large group of artistic-minded folks don masks and sit around in
a big circle while some guy yammers on about creativity.

The leader then instructs them to kiss and feel one another, and
before you know it, an orgy has broken out. And with the
anonymous sex comes all kinds of story ideas for the narrator.
The ideas come so fast he is almost tempted to stop fucking to
write some of them down.

Fortunately for us, he doesn't stop.

There are a few minor technical glitches (using "they" as a
singular pronoun really grates), but the story is mostly well-
written. If the story took its creativity subject any more
seriously, it would be pretentious, but the author uses just
enough humor to take that edge off.

This is the first orgy story I've ever read that didn't overwhelm
me with people and combinations. I was able to keep the action
straight in my head without taking copious notes. And that is
remarkable just by itself.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} "Garage" (F/M-cons-oral)
By ~Virginya <>

This poem-like story describes a liaison between a man and a
woman on a mattress in the garage. Most of it is very good, and
the scene comes across vividly. Unfortunately, parts of the story are repetitive. Odd words are used more than once, which gives it
a sloppy feeling.

But it's still an interesting poem, and short enough to warrant a
quick look.
Rating: * * *


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