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ISSUE 40 story really is then


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #40
May 13, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

A Surprising Date, by Anon Sacto (* * *)
A Midmorning Snack, by Pami1968 (* * * *)
Wednesdays and Fridays, by Krystoff Vagabond (* * *)
Night out at the Power Exchange, by al benk (* * *)
Fatwa, by Jacques LeBlanc (* * *)

{ASSM} A Surprising Date (MFF Rom) {Anoninsac}
By Anon Sacto <>

Mike has the hots for Kellie, the redhead lesbian in his office.
But she *is* a lesbian, so he doesn't have much hopes of it turning
into anything. And then one night, while he is working late,
Kellie stops by his office. They get to talking, Kellie informs
him that her lover, Alyssa, is out of town. Mike and Kellie end up
going out to dinner together.

At dinner, Kellie lets the cat out of the bag: she's not strictly
gay, and Alyssa doesn't mind if Kellie gets a little cock on the

You can probably guess what happens next.

But you may not guess what happens a few weeks later, when Alyssa
is back in town.

The writing is generally very good, with only a few minor lapses.
The story-telling is generally good, too, but when the lesbian relationship between Kellie and Alyssa starts to be revealed, too
much male sex fantasy creeps in, killing off the believability
that had been created earlier on.

What this story really is, then, is an attempt to make a
ridiculous male stroke story seem plausible. And while the author
didn't quite pull it off, he came as close as I've ever seen in
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} NEW A Midmorning Snack by Pami (M/F)
By Pami1968 <>

The things that happen in the Walmart parking lot. The woman in
this story has just bought a new yellow SUV with one of those
inflatable mattresses in the back. And she is horny as hell. She
calls her latest flame and lets him know she can't wait, and he
obliges her by jumping in the back and giving that blow-up bed a
rip-roaring test drive.

The best part of this story is the insatiable lust the
participants have for one another. And while there isn't much in
the way of a plot, it is a vivid, sexy scene.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Wednesdays and Fridays (MF, romance)
By Krystoff Vagabond <>

David, a guy who spends way too much time at his neighborhood bar,
has become obsessed with Shayne, a gorgeous woman who comes in on
Fridays to unwind from a long week of work.

What would happen if David got the nerve to actually say
something to this goddess? Would they talk? Would they become
friends? Would they eventually become lovers?

Now there isn't much in the way of sex in this story, and the
David character didn't light much of a fire for me. If you're
looking for a fun read, this is definitely not it. But, as a
character study of a pitiful, lonely man, this story is superb.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Night out at the Power Exchange {Al_Benk}{MF exhib anal}
By al benk <>

A man and his wife enjoy experimenting sexually, but Juliette
always hesitates when the idea of attending a swinger's club
arises. But experimental people cannot deny their true nature.
They eventually decide to attend "The Power Exchange," just to
see what it's like.

The original plan is just to sit and watch, but Juliette's
libido gets the best of her. Before she knows it, she's blowing
her husband on the pool table before an appreciative audience.

Afterwards, they head home for a good night's sleep, but wake up
hornier than ever.

The writing isn't the sharpest I've seen - there were several
minor misspellings, typos, and silly grammar mistakes. Nor is the
plot especially interesting. But the sex is torrid, and it's easy
to forgive a `their' that should have been a `there' when the sex
is this hot.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Fatwa (MF rom viol) by Jacques LeBlanc
By Jacques LeBlanc <>

In Dudley Do-Right cartoons, Snidely Whiplash gets just as much
screen time as Dudley. There is a good reason for this: even
though Dudley is good, Dudley is dull. Without Snidely to add
interest to the story, no one would care one iota about Dudley.

Dudley Do-Right in this story is played by Nathan, a Renaissance
Man attending graduate school at the University of Maryland.
Nathan is a ballroom dancer, a Humanist, he's competent in the
arts of self-defense, and he's an all-around sensitive guy.

Nathan's Nell is a mocha-skinned beauty named Mina. After an
evening of dancing, Nathan looks for Mina outside the club only
to see her being led away by a Snidely-like bad guy. Nathan, of
course, foils the dastardly criminal.

The problem with Dudley Do-Right cartoons is Nell doesn't know
how to properly thank a hero. This is not a problem in "Fatwa,"
as Mina and Nathan have a rousing roll on the futon back at
Nathan's picturesque student apartment.

Unfortunately, this story does not contain even the smallest hint
of humor, leaving us with a melodrama that takes itself far too
seriously. On top of that, the bad guys aren't around enough to
keep me from getting annoyed by Nathan's perfection. And on top
of all that, the dialogue is not realistic - these people talk
like they know they're being quoted in a story.

But the story is exceptionally good in other ways. It's
technically flawless, the prose flows effortlessly, and it has
some interesting comments to make about fanaticism. It also has
some rockin' hot sex.

And that ain't bad.

Rating: * * *


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