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ISSUE 5 young couple moves next door


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #5
January 11, 2002

Sorry for the long delay between issues, but pickings have been slim
in lately.

Stories reviewed in this issue:

Summer at the Pool, by Laura Davis (* * *)
Jaime's First Try, by No man (* * *)
Seducing Sasha, by Courtney Sweet (* * *)
as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls, by Nicholas Urfe (* * * * *)
Sammy's Hot Summer, by Too MuchTime (* * *)

{ASSM} Summer at the Pool by Laura Lynn Davis, F/f Consensual Sex
By Laura Davis <>

A sexy young couple moves in next door, and the first thing they
do is install a new outdoor pool. Natalie, an inexperienced
tomboy, gets free use of the pool in exchange for cleaning it
every day. She develops a big crush on Mike, but it is Anne who
she ultimately gets tangled up with.

My major complaint with this story is the sex is merely skimmed
over. We have a exceptionally sexy set up, and when the key
moment comes, the story just skips on past with the briefest
possible descriptions of what happened. I was left high and dry.

Laura Davis is a talented writer. I've rated two stories of hers
three stars, but don't be misled by that - the stories I read
both suffered from being a little bit rushed in places, but the
writing is still first rate. I don't have time to review every
story by this prolific author, but I expect many of her other
stories to be excellent reads. Laura Davis is an author to look
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Jaime's First Try(MFf,oral,anal)
By No man <>

The `f' in this story is 19-years-old, and there is also some
light bondage.

A husband promises to give his wife, Jaime, a night to remember.
She arrives in their bedroom on cue, dressed in her sexiest
outfit. Jaime blows him, he ties her up and blindfolds her, and
then the real fun begins.

The husband has hired a hooker for the night, and they pull a
variation of the old switcheroo. The hooker secretly takes over
for the husband and takes Jaime to the heights of pleasure.

My credulity was stretched to the breaking point when the hooker
kisses Jaime without Jaime figuring out something is up. There
are several grammar mistakes along the way, but they are spread
out enough to not distract from the story. More annoying are the
extraneous adverbs, which grated on my ears.

But as far as stroke stories go, this one isn't too bad.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Seducing Sasha (MF, rom, 1st, oral)
By Courtney Sweet <>

In her first job after graduating from college, a gorgeous, 21-
year-old virgin is swept away by Vic, the workplace stud. Vic and
Sasha take a romantic horseback ride on the beach, where they eat
and drink and talk and you-know-what.

This story is a little unfocussed. It starts out with a wonderful
description of Sasha's love for silk and skin, but I was
disappointed when that part of Sasha was simply dropped, never
referred to again. Vic is also unconvincing, and there aren't
enough words spent describing his transformation from a stud to a
committed lover.

The grammar isn't bad, but it isn't great, either. While the
author creates a romantic atmosphere, the story never quite gels.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} cuyahoga.001 [urfe] [new] (as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls)
By Nicholas Urfe <>

Vanessa Cuyahoga gets it good from Marko and Timo Lappalainen,
who are, I believe, architects. Or maybe they design swimming
pools. Whatever, that doesn't really matter. What really matters
is Vanessa grunting and moaning and twisting around between these
two brothers as she gets it in her ass and she gets it in her
cunt at the same time.

I liked this story a lot. Not only was the sex good, but it was
told with a lot of flair. You don't see that often, especially in
a story this short.

A truly outstanding story. Don't miss it.
Rating: * * * * *


{ASSM} Sammy's Hot Summer (m F)
By Too MuchTime <>

We have a recurring theme in stories this week: the new family moving in next door. In "Sammy's Hot Summer," Sammy's father makes him introduce himself to the new neighbor. Sammy wanders
over and meets the new 34DDD lady of the house, who is running
around in a little blue silk robe. She asks him to help her with
her computer, and after he gets her printer and modem working
again, she shows him her websites. The name of her website is
"BustyBethany," which should give you a pretty good idea what
Bethany does for a living.

This story is technically sound with very few grammatical errors,
but it is one giant cliche. Big-busted redhead, shy young teenager ... you've read it a thousand times before. This is just
the first chapter of what I assume will be a longer work, but if
the first chapter is any indication of what is to come, all we
have here is a hackneyed plot, even if it is well written.
Rating: * * *


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