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ISSUE 6 lesbian bar but thats not made


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #6
January 13, 2002

The Tainted Lime Reviews now has a website. All reviews are archived

Stories reviewed in this issue:

Privathi, My love, by story Ace (* * *)
Taking Possession, by graciefemme (* * * *)
A Night at Emma's, by Laura Davis (* * *)
Empirical Research, by Wiseguy (* * * *)
The Invisible Breasts, by Shon Richards (* * *)

{ASSM} Privathi, My love; Rom,M/F, interr. MM/F, etc.
By story Ace <>

While in Thailand making his millions on the exportation of teak
furniture, An Englishman falls in love with Privathi, a beautiful
Thai woman. But he makes the biggest mistake of his life: he
leaves her in search of even greater riches in China. The
business venture goes bust, and he returns to England five years
later, broke. And there he finds Privathi living among his old friends.

One of the Englishman's friends has taken Privathi under his wing
and exposed her to a swinger's circle. The beautiful, tender girl he fell in love with has now experienced a wide range of sexual
acts and partners. When Gary tries to win Privathi back, they get
together to fuck, and as they do so, Privathi gives Gary a
detailed description of everything she has done while he was

This story has an excellent plot and does an admirable job
painting believable characters. The grammar and spelling are
good, although there were a handful of minor mistakes.

Unfortunately it comes up short in one critical component: the
sex scenes are not well told. For the first half of this story,
all the sex scenes are told passively, through vague reminisces
with very little specific detail. Instead of explicit
description, we get hand-wavy approximations of what a typical
night was like. And even later, when the sex scenes pick up a
little immediacy, there is still indirectness in the way they are
described. "I felt power flooding into my body" instead of "Power
flooded into my body." And one more thing. What the heck does he
mean by "power flooding into my body?" I'd rather read a
description of what this felt like rather than the man's
interpretation of the feeling.

In any case, this is far from your typical interracial sex story.
The characters are treated with respect. The plot is excellent,
and the sex scenes fit into the plot comfortably. If the sex
scenes themselves had been told with more vividness, this would
be a five-star story.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} New Story: Taking Possession (FF, BBW, rom, butch/femme, medieval property law)
By graciefemme <>

Birdy's great-uncle dies, leaving her his sizeable estate. But
most amazing of all, Birdy also inherits Larchwood, a manor house
near Oxford, which comes with its own housekeeper, Gwen Wells.

Freed from the shackles of earning a living, Birdy quits her job
as a graphic designer and takes up painting at Larchwood. Birdy
barely misses her old lesbian lovers back in London.

The reason she doesn't miss her old lovers is because she's
falling in love with Gwen. And when Birdy asks Gwen to pose for a
drawing, all the feelings rush to the forefront, and the two
women make love in the big, soft bed in the master bedchamber of
Larchwood Manor.

I loved the beginning of this story, the way Birdy becomes lady
of the house, and Birdy's budding infatuation with Gwen. The
growing emotional attachment was believable and artistically
told. And I liked the way the story ended (although the museum
curator's gushing was a little too much).

On the downside, Gwen is an older woman who carries a few extra
pounds, and some of the descriptions of Gwen's body were
borderline derogatory. There was no call for such language
here; this is a loving relationship, and I felt more respectful
descriptions were in order.

But this is still a nice story, and I recommend it to all.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} A Night at Emma's by Laura Lynn Davis, F/F/F
By Laura Davis <>

This appears to be a kick-off for a series of stories that take
place at Emma's, a bar that Laura frequents. I assume it's a
lesbian bar, but that's not made clear.

One of Laura's ex-lovers, Kate, comes up to Laura and begins to
fondle her in a most shocking way. But apparently that's the kind
of thing that happens all the time at Emma's.

Kate leads Laura into a booth and gradually strips her out of all
her clothes. Then Laura dances naked for the other patrons. A
little something with a beer bottle happens, and then Kate and
Laura and the bartender all end up outside for a little lesbian
licking leaned up against Kate's Lexus.

I liked the parts that attempted to describe the atmosphere at
Emma's, and I liked the way the backgrounds of the women were
described. But the rest of the story, including the sexy parts,
were less inspiring. I really wanted to read more about the naked
dancing, for example, but it was over almost before it started.

I'm glad I read it, but this story needed to be longer to do
itself justice.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} Empirical Research {Wiseguy}(MF Fdom rom hyp)
By Wiseguy <>

The female domination in this story is not especially
domineering, and I wouldn't call the story romantic, at least not
at this point in the relationship. But those are just the story codes.

Here, Wiseguy gets a call from Carolyn, his friendly neighborhood
hypnotist, who has arranged for a reporter to interview him about
the wonders of erotic hypnosis. As I'm sure you all know, Wiseguy
is widely known as the biggest author in consensual, erotic
hypnosis, and he's a perfect source for a story on the subject.

The interview goes well, and afterwards, Carolyn suggests that
Brooke give hypnosis a try - "empirical research," if you will.
Eager to play the good little reporter, Brooke agrees.

First, Brooke is hypnotized to have an enormous orgasm that can
only be stopped by taking off her clothes. Later, Brooke is
hypnotized to hypnotize Wiseguy, and Wiseguy is hypnotized to do
all kinds of nice things for Brooke.

Sound complicated? It is. I got lost in the tangle of hypnotic
suggestions, but when you get right down to it, who really cares?
Brooke and Wiseguy had a rousing good time, and who am I to find
fault with that?

Well, I'm the Tainted Lime Reviews. I am paid to find fault with

As always, Wiseguy writes with his usual polished prose, and the
story is fun and inviting. If I didn't have so much trouble
figuring out how all the loose ends got tied up, I would've given
this story top marks.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} {Thigh Vs. Thigh} "The Invisible Breasts" (M/F, Invisible Hijinks)
By Shon Richards <>

Amy and Bethany are both spies employed in corporate espionage
and have the bad luck to always be on working against each other.
Remember "Spy vs. Spy" in Mad Magazine? Get it? "Thigh vs.
Thigh"? The series is full of little puns and jokes like this.

In this episode, Bethany has stolen an invisibility belt that Amy
was entrusted to guard. While Amy tries to track down the sneaky,
big-titted thief, Bethany walks around naked and invisible and
teases the men of the company. She finally finds a guard she
finds particularly attractive, and we have the first sex scene
I've ever read where one of the participants is invisible.

This is the second "Thigh vs. Thigh" story I've reviewed, and
technically, this one is much better than the first. Most (but
not all) the grammar mistakes and repeated words have been
cleaned up, and "The Invisible Breasts" is a much smoother read.

As a story, though, there's not much here. Bethany steals a belt,
fucks a guard, and escapes. To be a better story, Bethany and Amy
need to have some kind of confrontation, but it doesn't happen

The lack of plot probably won't bother a lot of readers, though.
Thigh vs. Thigh doesn't aspire to literary greatness. The humor
and playfulness give the series its charm. And with the much-
improved grammar, fans of Shon Richards may include "The
Invisible Breasts" as one of the best of the series.
Rating: * * *


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