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ISSUE 7 men put off little


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #7
January 16, 2002

Now that I've done a few reviews, I have the star rating system
set a little more clearly in my head. I rate stories from one
to five stars. Because most stories I read are pretty good, the
rating system is skewed to help differentiate between good
stories. In my opinion, anything rated three stars or above is
worth reading. I hope to reserve the five star rating for a
few exceptional stories. A two-star story may still have niche
or novelty appeal, but it isn't the kind of story I come to
ASSM to read. A one-star story is dreck with little redeeming

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Stories reviewed in this issue:

Adventures on I 70, by bill johnson (* * * *)
The Stake, by Leviticus (* *)
Fresh, by Kelly Adams (* * *)
as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls 2, by Nicholas Urfe (* * * *)
Recollection, by Christopher Andrew (* *)

{ASSM} For Pebble, my British Friend, Adventures on I 70 (m/m)
By bill johnson <>

Although this story is coded m/m, the participants are both
consenting adults.

In this story, a man who is in a bad marriage has a job
delivering important papers by car between Baltimore and Peoria.
After a particularly bad time with his wife, as he passes through
Columbus, he picks up a male hitchhiker. This other man has also
had a bad experience with his wife, and these two bitter men begin to bond. The bond tightens after they stop at a hotel for
the night, and the bond becomes airtight as the story reaches its

The story itself is a good one. A relationship based on anger towards
women put me off a little, but it's a believable scenario. And the
story even wraps up believably, with an underlying feeling of
loneliness. I genuinely felt sorry for these two men by the time the
story was over.

There were some weird writing problems, like a repeated paragraph
and a couple nonsensical sentences, but the writing is usually
pretty good. The seduction and sex is arousing, and the author
paints a clear picture of the main character. If you like bisexual
men enjoying each other's company, you'll like this one.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} The Stake. (bondage)
By Leviticus <>

This is an interesting little piece about a man who has tied up a
woman and left her to think about her situation. She is hugely
aroused by being bound, but the only way she can relieve the
arousal is to strain as far as she can against her bonds and rub
her pussy against a stake.

This is a very short story that should have been even shorter.
The build up where we don't see the woman goes on too long, and
then when we do finally see her, the narrator spends too much
time patting himself on the back for how clever he's been to set
her up in this situation.

As it is, this story has some novelty appeal, but there isn't
much of a story and the scene isn't vivid enough to rate a higher
Rating: * *


{ASSM} "Fresh" by Kelly Adams (FF rom) NEW
By Kelly Adams <>

Gretchen arrives home late from work, but she makes up for her
tardiness with a little surprise she picked up from the grocery
store. All through dinner she refuses to tell the narrator what
she has. After dinner, Gretchen sends the narrator upstairs to
shower and get ready for the grand unveiling. After a sexy
shower, she comes back downstairs, and she gets to taste some
fruit that you don't ordinarily see at this time of year.

I noticed one grammar mistakes (a lay that should have been a
lie), and very few slightly awkward sentences, but the writing
is very clean and smooth.

I wouldn't call this a story, though. While the contents of
Gretchen's shopping bag become part of the action, it is
tangential. The sex is nice and pleasant, but the best part is in
the narrator's anticipation. But even the anticipation came up
short for me. During dinner, when the tease should have been
building, the story went by too fast.

But I think many readers will enjoy this one. With little plot to
distract from the tease and the sex, you can concentrate on just
the tease and the sex.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} cuyahoga.002 [urfe] [new] (as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoa falls)
By Nicholas Urfe <>

This story takes up just a little after the first Cuyahoga Falls
story finishes with Vanessa screaming down the loop in her little
red Miata convertible. She's talking to her girlfriend Richie on
the cell phone, explaining just what she'd done with the brothers
Lappalainen and promising what she's going to do when she and
Richie get together.

But the plans run amok when an unmarked cop car catches her
driving above the posted legal speed limit.

Apparently the cop doesn't care much for rich bitches driving
little red Miatas, and she introduces Vanessa to her "swagger
stick." And Vanessa and the swagger stick become real good

The aggressiveness of the policewoman character came a bit out of
the blue for me, and if I read "swagger stick" one more time, I
was going to scream. The distinctive style used in the Cuyahoga
tales glitched once or twice, and I even noticed one
misspellchecked word.

So this story isn't perfect. But an imperfect story by Nicholas
Urfe is still a damn good story. He has again turned out a
stylish, sexy piece that I'm sure everyone will enjoy.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Recollection (MF MFF Rom) by Christopher Andrew
By Christopher Andrew <>

A woman wakes up with her lover, and while they reminisce about a
threesome they took part in, they have a nice, loving screw.

It's kind of cool the way the author weaves two sex scenes
together in one story, but this story has a lot of problems. It
starts out with a major mistake: the story shifts from past to
present tense in the second paragraph. Couple that with numerous
small grammar mistakes, and the story isn't the easiest one to

But the biggest problem with this story is the extended,
unrealistic dialogue. And because these lovers are retelling the
story to one another, we get the additional annoyance of that
"second person" feel, where every other sentence contains the
word "you."

There isn't enough plot to counter-balance the negatives in this
story. Unless you're the kind of person who can't get enough
romantic threesomes, you'll probably want to skip this one.
Rating: * *


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