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Archived Sex Stories

ISSUE 9 lesbian who works real


Tainted Lime Reviews Issue #9
January 22, 2002
Reviews are archived at


Stories reviewed in this issue:

Sally's Strap-on School, by Rick O (* * *)
Library Work, by Green man (* * * *)
Isobel, by Katherine T. (* * * * *)
Jeepers Creepers, by Kari Gold (* * * *)
Satin Sheets, by Candy Kane (* * * *)

{ASSM} New Story: Sally's Strap-on School (F+M+)
By Rick O <>

Sally is the instructor for a strap-on dildo class. In this
lesson, seven women show up at a vacant warehouse while Sally
goes through the fine points of strapping on a rubber cock and
giving a man the reaming he deserves.

This is a short, almost surreal story. I only noticed a couple
grammar problems, and the story flowed nicely.

With a story this short, I would have liked to see more flair in
the writing. And there is one more serious flaw: the women in
the class are faceless, and the men are nothing more than their

But it's as arousing as anything you find this short, and it's
still an interesting little ditty.
Rating: * * *


{ASSM} "Library Work" (voy, f-solo, multiple-o)
By Green man <>

A graduate student doing research thought he would have the
library stacks all to himself during fall break. So imagine his
disappointment when a freshman girl walks in and sets up to
read in a nearby study carrel.

His disappointment turns into something else when the girl's
reading material turns out to be a lot more interesting than most
books you find in a college library. She soon has her skirt up
around her hips, and our narrator spends the next hour or so
watching this girl get herself off over and over again.

The author misspells "aisle" several times, but the story is
otherwise well written. And I would be very interested in
reviewing whatever it was the girl was reading!
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} Isobel (FF, lesbian) (Katherine T.)
By Katherine T. <>

Isobel is an older lesbian who works in a real estate office with
Charley. Charley is the other lesbian in the office, a butch dyke who happens to be a powerful femme magnet.

Isobel is having a bad day, and Charley is having lunch with an
ex-centerfold, Lauren. But Charley has a sweet spot in her heart,
and, noticing Isobel's blue funk, invites her to tag along.

At the restaurant, Charley gets called away on business, leaving
Lauren and Isobel to get to know one another. And they get to
know one another very well indeed.

This is an excellent story. Isobel is well drawn, and Lauren is a
lot of fun. The sex is very nice, and I enjoyed very much the way
the story ended. Even if you're not into lesbian stories, you will
still enjoy this story.
Rating: * * * * *


{ASSM} MSM #4 - Jeepers Creepers (fffffMMMM, slumber party, mystery, tease)
By Kari Gold <>

The story is coded fffffMMMM, but it's a very tame story for
ASSM. There are characters talking about sex and some relatively
innocent experimentation, but very little sex actually occurs.
Although the boys in this story are older than the girls, they
are still teenagers, and almost nothing happens between them

This story is one of those cute little mysteries you used to read
in junior high school that end with the challenge: "How did the
detective know the man with the knife in his neck wasn't really
dead?" And the wonderfully clever little answer waiting for you
in the back of the book.

In this mystery, Kari Gold, Teenage Detective, and her seventh
grade friends are having a slumber party and makeover session at
Amy's house. When the requisite Truth or Dare game begins, the
dares force the girls to kiss one another and expose their
breasts and things like that.

They spot some boys peeping through the windows and videotaping
the goings-on, and the chase begins. Kari follows the boys back
to the practice barn of the Nematoads, a local death metal band.
And there we have the big confrontation. The Nematoads deny
everything, but when the police arrive, Kari catches them in a
fatal lie. See if you can figure it out!

Technically, this story is very well-written - I only noticed a
couple very minor typos in more than ten thousand words. And
having recently hosted a birthday party for a bunch of thirteen-
year-old girls, I can say with some authority that the girls in
this story are described very realistically.

But the story stretched on far too long for my tastes. This is a
mystery with no hint of mystery for half the story. Even though I
enjoyed reading it, the Truth or Dare scene should have been a
lot shorter.

But the girls are great, and it's a fun story. You'll be glad
you read it.
Rating: * * * *


{ASSM} SATIN SHEETS by Candy Kane [FF]
By Candy Kane <>

Leslie is a workaholic lawyer whose biggest client is the gay &
Lesbian Coalition. Leslie's secretary, Cindy, and a legal clerk,
Pam, decide Leslie needs a little fun for her birthday, and they
arrange for Leslie to spend the night at Satin Sheets, an
exclusive lesbian nightclub. They also buy her Vanessa for the

Unfortunately, Cindy and Pam were mistaken about Leslie's sexual
orientation. But Leslie is a good sport, so she decides to go
through with it anyway.

In a lot of ways, this is a ridiculous story. This is one of
those throw-away porn plots, pure and simple. But as throw-away
porn plots go, this one is very well implemented. Technically,
there are a few minor grammatical errors. But the language used
to describe the sex is very good, and it is occasionally inspired.
Several times I told myself, "Wow, that was great!" This story
may have the best sex scene I've reviewed so far.

If only it had a more realistic plot to go along with it!
Rating: * * * *


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