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IT HAPPE lesbian and knew that hurt


[Note, this is a work of fiction. Get your rocks off or get out!]


by Big B.


"Look around and tell me if I'm right. You see people like this all
over, couples who are so similar to each other they could be twins." I
grinned at my tomboy sister, Kim. "Only their sexes are changed to protect
the innocent."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

We were standing, straddling our bicycles, in front of a white ranch
house at the far side of our subdivision. Beside their door there was a
name plate that, in some sort of Gothic script said, "The McGillicudy's"
and had a drawing of a tree.

"Remember two summers ago? I was staying at Uncle Bob's and Aunt
Meredith's. I saw the same sign. They were the same people, too."

"When I stayed at Grandma's? So?"

I saw the door open behind the screen. I whispered, "Don't let on about

She shrugged. At this point, what was there to let onto?

"Can I help you kids?" the man of the house said. He was young, chubby,
with red hair and close set eyes. While he approached us, a lady came out
on the porch. She was also red-haired and a little overweight. It looked
better on her.

He smiled, but I could tell he was putting on an act. He didn't know
these two kids on his sidewalk. He wasn't sure if we were delinquents or

"Hi," I said. "I'm David Johnson. I saw the moving vans last week and
thought I'd come by and see if you needed your lawn mowed. I also shovel
snow in the winter."

Mr. McGillicudy grinned. "Sorry kids. I usually handle all that

I looked disappointed. "OK. Hey, where'd you move from?"

"Indiana," he said.

"Welcome to the neighborhood," I said. Kim and I got on our bikes and
rode off.

Two blocks away we pulled over in a little park. It was too early to go
home, mom was still in one of her moods and we knew better than being
around the house if we could help it.

"Indiana, my ass. They lived in Bolton, Pennsylvania. It was a big old house with that sign out front. And they both called the old guy in the
wheelchair 'dad.' They're brother and sister."

"Are you sure? I mean, the old man could have been the father of one of
them and, like, the father-in-law of the other."

"No, it was brother and sister. I'm sure of it. They even look alike."
Kim nodded. "Ick."

"Think about it. Maybe they couldn't get dates. They're not too good
looking, y'know. They start doing it with each other and, when their dad
dies, they decide to keep doing it. All they have to do is move to a place
where no one knows them and pretend they're married. They don't even have
to change their name. It's perfect."

"Perfect? It's gross!"

"Yeah. It's gross, but it's the perfect crime or whatever."

"It's still sick."


Three years passed. I got my license to drive and Kim, who was a year
younger but better at managing money than I, went in fifty-fifty with me on
a car. Some of the kids at school thought it was nerdy to own an old junker with one's sister, but it was transportation. We could get out of
the house easier and farther away. Besides, Kim and I never did what the
other kids did. We were always on the outside.

Kim was the jock and I was the bookworm. I read all the time and Kim
played games, worked at the golf course, and was on all the teams. We were
both escaping a household without a father and a mother who was often
drunk, depressed, or living with a boyfriend. I got teased about it a lot,
but if anyone tried that with Kim, she'd kick his ass.

Although she was sixteen, a year younger than I, we were the same
height. Her shoulders were broader than mine and her voice just as deep.
The kids at school thought she was a lesbian and I knew that hurt her. No
guy had ever asked her out probably because she was tougher than they were.
It wasn't like she was ugly. She had a nice face, long dirty-blond hair,
and great, athletic legs.

Her looks weren't wasted on one person. Gerald, our Mom's new
boyfriend. I had seen how he looked at her and I didn't like it. I never
like the guy. He always teased me about reading LORD OF THE RINGS and
things like that, but that was pretty petty stuff compared to what he tried
with Kim.

It was a hot August day when Kim came in from her morning softball
practice. She was dripping with sweat and the outline of her jog bra could
be seen through her t-shirt. I must admit I also looked at her with a
little lust, although I didn't think of it what way at the time. Gerald,
who had been drinking all morning, couldn't keep his eyes off my sister. I
knew trouble was brewing.

"Hey Dungeons and Dragons boy," he said to me, slurring. "Why don't you
run to the store and get me another six-pack?" He pulled a bill out of his
wallet and threw it at me. It fluttered to the ground. I picked it up. A
hundred. They must have just cashed their Welfare checks, and Gerald had
all the money.

"I'm too young," I said.

"Y'look old enuff," he growled.

He was right. I had bought for him and mom before. So had Kim, in
fact. I went out to my car.

Pulling out of the driveway it hit me. Gerald was alone with Kim. mom was at work, another under-the-table waitressing job that she would keep
until her drinking got her in trouble. I drove to the end of the block,
turned, and parked. Kim's softball bat was in the back seat. I took it
with me.

I snuck in through the back door. Gerald wasn't in the living room,
where I had left him. He probably went to sleep in his and Mom's room. I
felt silly, being so paranoid. I peeked around the corner to the bathroom
and saw the door was ajar. Kim always closed it when she showered. I
could hear the water rushing, so I knew she was still in there. I crept up
the hall, my worry increasing.

There was the noise of a shower curtain being pulled aside and a shriek
. I rushed forward and saw my fear made real. Gerald, naked, beefy, and
hairy, had jumped into the shower and was grabbing Kim, who was fighting
him off. I swung the bat, missing his head, but walloping his shoulder.

He turned, red with alcohol, rage, lust, and pain. I tried to hit him
again with the bat but he caught it.

"Interfering son of a----ooof." Kim had ended his sentence for him by
hammering her fist into his balls. He collapsed into the tub. Kim jumped
out, naked and slick. She snatched the bat from his loose hands and
pointed to the door.

"Out," she said. I paused. What the hell, I thought, he deserved
whatever he got. I left them alone.

A minute later she emerged. In her bathrobe and still carrying the bat.
"We gotta get out of here," she said.

I don't know if she killed Gerald or hurt him. She wasn't sure either.
Later she told me she had hit him twice in the head. I knew she'd hit
hard. She was the leading hitter on her team.

While she dressed I got the money from Gerald's wallet, my own, and
packed a bag. She had the same in mind, carrying an overstuffed duffel

"I'll go get the car," I said. That was the last thing either of us
said until we were in the next state.


In August the days are long and we drove all day and well past dark. I
was tired and Kim was asleep in the front seat. Ahead was a motel.

I pulled in and Kim awoke. We both went in to register, signing it, in
our fatigue, David and Kim Johnson, our real names.

The clerk, a round old man, leered. "You look like a happy young couple. I hope you have a good stay."

We said nothing. Confused. I didn't think we looked happy. I didn't
need to wonder why he thought we were a couple, Kim was fair while I was
lean and dark-haired, with glasses.

In the room Kim took a very long shower. I sort of dozed on my bed. I
didn't want to go to sleep until she came out. I was worried about her,
but I was also hoping to get a peek at her body again. During all the
chaos that morning I saw Kim naked for the first time since we were small
children and bathed together. I was surprised at how large her breasts were. She nearly always wore a jog-bra and loose clothes.

Thinking about Kim that way, I nodded off. I awoke in a rush. The
room's lights were off, except for the bathroom light, and Kim had climbed
in my bed.

"Is this OK?," Kim said. "I don't want to be alone."

I put my arm around her. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and I was
disappointed. Half-asleep, I imagined her body underneath the shirt. I
wondered about it. Wondered how it would feel. Amazed and excited that I
was consciously thinking of my own sister this way. I admit, there were
times when I had noticed that my sister was a sexy little piece, but I had
suppressed those thoughts. I was a good boy--right.

I didn't even realize I had an erection until Kim hugged me more tightly
and I felt it as my body press against hers.

"What's this?" she said. There was something in her voice I hadn't
heard before.

"Hmm?" I feigned innocence. Maybe she would think it was from a dream I
was having.

She pressed against me a little harder. "Remember the McGillicudy's?"
she asked.

"Huh? Who?"

"That couple you thought were brother and sister?"


"Remember when you told me about them? I didn't really think it was

I said nothing. I was fourteen at the time and thought it was weird.
Then I forgot about it.

"I was so young then. I wondered if you were going to come on to me.
That night I couldn't sleep because I thought you were going to come in and
seduce me."

"I wouldn't have," I started.

"I would have let you."

The seconds stretched into minutes. My erection became painfully hard.
Finally she spoke. "Retard, I'm saying we could right now." And her hand
closed over my penis.

Our mouths met. I had never kissed a girl before. Our tongues slid
against each other's and I knew that we weren't turning back.

I pulled back the covers so I could see her. Under her t-shirt I could
see her nipples strain against the fabric. I put my hands on her hips and
rolled the shirt up, exposing a flat stomach. The little navel, cute when
she was a little girl, was sexy and inviting. Her tits were next. Very
round, with tiny, pale pink nipples --almost too small for such large
breasts. It was not yet a woman's chest, pulled down by gravity.

I let go of the shirt and leaned over her. As I lowered my face to the
waiting little nub she arched her back up toward me, filling my mouth with
firm, smooth flesh.

"God," she muttered, pushing harder against me. Her strong hands pulled
my shirt over my head and I backed off, removing the sweat pants I used as
pajama bottoms.

We both sat, looking at each other, naked. A pink blush covered her
chest. One nipple was wet from my tongue. Lower, her bush was already
moist. I could see the low light reflect off the dew-dropped hair that
protected her virgin cunt.

Kim giggled. "I think I made it through puberty thinking of this
night," she said. I grinned, flattered.

"You know I've never done anything like this," I said unnecessarily.

"Me neither."

"I don't really know where to start." I put my hand on her tit again,
rolling her nipple under my thumb. It was still slippery and hard.

"I want to do everything I've seen on the Internet," she said.
"Surprised you, didn't I?" With that she pushed my chest and I lay down
again. With the sheets around her ankles she bent over me.

"Didn't Gerald have the tiniest cock?" she said, taking mine in her
hand. She licked the tip of it, generously lubricating it with her saliva.
She blew on it, a light puff that sent chills down my spine. "And yours is
as big as I had hoped."

Her head bowed over my groin, taking me in, first the head, then the
shaft. I felt ready to explode. Her knowledge of sex turned me on to no

Her blond hair bobbed up and down. Her tongue, the roof of her mouth,
all the soft parts of her mouth pulled me along toward an orgasm. My first
with someone else, my first with my sister!

The tension grew and I gritted my teeth. Kim plunged her mouth down as
far as she could just at the moment I came. sucking hard while I spurted,
I could feel her drain me of my juices.

"Jesus," I said. Kim sidled up to me and kissed me on the mouth.

"Like the taste?" she asked.

"Not really, but I liked the blow job."

"More for me," she grinned. "Time to return the favor."

I liked that idea. I had always wanted to try licking pussy.

"Not so hard," Kim said when I started, but that soon gave way to moans.
I took it slowly. First nipping the inside of her muscular thighs, then
licking the damp lips of her cunt. She pushed herself against me and my
tongue parted the folds of her tender flesh. A couple experimental licks
and I had the rhythm. My sister's clitoris stiffened against my tongue. I
could feel the contrast of her smooth, slippery sex against my taste buds.
In no time at all her whole body shook, pouting noises came from her barely
parted lips. Suddenly she stiffened, her strong legs scissoring hard
against my head. Her orgasm was accompanied by a shriek.

The pressure on my head lessened. Kim's body shook in waves of passing
orgasm. On impulse, after the tremors has almost stopped. I licked her
engorged clitoris one more time. She shook as she came as violently as the
first time.

"Big brother," she murmured a minute later. "My big brother."

We dozed for a bit, the driving had worn us out, but our sexual
excitement roused us when our naked bodies touched in our sleep. Turning
to face me, Kim started to rub her groin against my leg, straddling it with
her legs. I woke to this stimulation and pulled her on top of me. My
erection was back and I was ready for more.

"Slowly," she said. She found my dick with her hand and put it against
the lips of her snatch. She was wet there, and our first attempt didn't go
inside her, but slipped out, like a watermelon seed between one's fingers.
She laughed, I smiled, and she tried again. This time I entered slowly and
smoothly, no hymen, no resistance--it must have been all the sports she
did--just a couple gasps from my sister as she drew in quick breaths. She
let our her breath in one big sigh as I withdrew a few inches. I pushed in
again and she shrieked.

With her on top of me, I pulled her close to me, bending my head forward
to take a nipple in my mouth. "Davey," she breathed and started bucking up
and down.

It hadn't been very long since the last time I came, so I was slow in
coming. Kim, on the other hand, went off like a rocket. She collapsed on
me, mashing her tits against my face.

I withdrew and rolled us over so she was on her back and I was on top.
She may have come, but I was just getting started. I inserted myself into
her again and started thrusting away. She moaned, rocking from side to
side. I kept up my rhythm until I felt my balls get ready to explode. I
pulled out and moved up to her torso. Grabbing a tit in each hand, I
pushed them together with my prick between them. Her juices lubricated the
smooth skin of her firm breasts and I tit-fucked her for a few strokes
before coming, blowing my seed all over her neck and chest.

"Ooof," I said as I slid off her. "I've wanted to do that since you
first started showing cleavage.

Kim snickered. "I knew you were peeking, you pervert." She tickled me
and be became brother and sister for a minute, tickling and pillow


I kept an eye on the newspapers and never saw anything about Gerald
dying, so I guess he had a pretty hard head. We weren't wanted criminals,
but we wanted nothing to do with our so-called home.

With the money we had saved and what I took from Gerald's wallet, we set
ourselves up as a young married couple in California. We got jobs, faked
diplomas, took evening college courses--the same things lots of young couples do. We just happened to be doing it incestuously.

Thinking about it, I'm sure it happens all the time. brother and
sister, living as a married couple. It's more than just us and the


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