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IYA2 camera suggests that the Asian man


<xmp>Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18.
Why are you loitering? Damn kids. When I was your age
I knew where I wasn't wanted.
And I thought I said to stay the hell off of my lawn?

Tales of the In Your Ass Society
by Alexi92

Entry 785

"It is simply unacceptable."

At the age of thirty Jeannette C. Apple had thrown her hat
into the world of politics by trying to become a member of the
city council. Unencumbered by a spouse or children she was fast
becoming the leading candidate for the position. The speech she
was giving was to a small gathering of supporters, contributors,
inquisitive citizens and a smattering of reporters.

The race for city council wasn't particularly harsh as the
campaigns for higher office might be. It included a lot of hard
work but the mudslinging was kept to a minimum. Jeannette's
picture in Playboy wasn't even touched on by her opponent, a
former elementary school teacher. Even if it had been it wouldn't
have mattered, Elm Creek was a very liberal town and the scandal
would only have boosted interest in her campaign.

The picture had appeared two years ago as part of a
pictorial on performance artists. Hers was a small photo in the
corner of the page, her then brown hair pulled back as she struck
a sensual pose while emphasizing her naked breasts.

Now her lavish head of hair was blonde, a few locks draping
off her shoulders as her words flowed from her red voluptuous
lips to denounce the educational values of society.

Her suit was a mixture of conservatism and daring. A blue
and white business dress which cut off a hands length above the
knee. The jacket wasn't so tight as to be indecent but was far
from loose. It was obvious each time she took a breath.

Many an attendee was ignoring her speech to concentrate on
how her beautiful face changed with each syllable, how her chest
heaved with each breath, and how her tongue licked her drying

"If we hope to regain our footing and prosperity then we
must start with those who will lead our future."

Beside her, seated at a table next to the podium, was Gary,
her campaign manager. He looked just as a campaign manager
should, professional in every way. Reaching under the table he
silently pulled his brief case out and laid it onto the table.
Various eyes in the audience turned to him while the majority
stayed on Jeannette, either for her words or for her heaving

Two snaps quietly echoed in the room as Gary opened the
latches of his briefcase. Jeannette paused momentarily due to the
unscheduled interruption but quickly returned to her theories of
child development. Gary continued with the opening of his
briefcase, lifting the lid and obscuring his face from the
audience by rooting through the satchel.

When Gary again emerged from the depths of his carrying
case he appeared to be holding something. No one could tell what.
He stood up and all eyes turned to him. Jeannette had stopped her
speech, simply staring at her campaign manager.

Gary took a step. Not to walk off the raised stage but
towards his candidate. With the audience silent Gary walked
behind Jeannette and pushed her against the podium. Ignoring her
voiced protests he pulled her skirt off, letting it fall to a
pile around her ankles.

Jeannette screamed for help, but none came. Her face was
almost pressed against the microphone so that her cries were
amplified tenfold. Still no help came as Gary pulled the red
thong underwear from her full round ass. Tugging it down so that
it was no longer obscuring any of her holes, Gary allowed the
lacy red thing to hang between her thighs.

Using one hand to pull the candidate's butt cheeks apart,
Gary let his other hand raise into the air revealing the
screwdriver it held, handle down. With a quick downward thrust
the screwdriver was propelled into Jeannette's asshole.

Her scream, louder due to the sound system, was deafening.
Gary jostled the metal part of the screwdriver around trying to
further imbed the handle into the tight ass. Once the entire
handle was no longer visible Gary gave Jeannette's ass a playful
slap and walked away leaving the woman leaning against the podium

The audience stared at the broken woman with her panties
around her legs, unable to hear through the ringing in their ears
Gary's departing words.

"I do this task in your ass."

Entry 1038


"Oh god help! Anyone who can hear this help us please! This
is Marilyn Castle warden of Sternfate Correctional Facility. God,
please help us! There's been a prison break, there's a riot. Oh
god, you have to help us!"


"Sternfate, this is Captain Black. We're on our way to
help. What the hell happened?"

"Captain please, the prisoners have got all the guards.
I've holed myself in my office but I don't know how long that
will hold. You've got to hurry!"

"Damn it Castle we're going as fast as we can. I need to
know as much as I can before my men get there. Now tell me what
the hell happened?"

"I don't know, it all happened so fast. Shit! It had to be
Kowalski. She's new."

"She, goddamnit, how many women work at that damn prison?"

"Including me? Three."


"I don't know, it just happened."

"Do you think they've been raped?"

"I don't know. No. I don't think so."

"That is a men's correction facility isn't it."

"The section that broke out only holds IYA members."


"Captain?! Captain?! Are you there?! Anyone?! Help, we need

"I'm here! I'm here! Damn it. So they've just had their
assholes violated with inanimate objects?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Damn. So they're the only ones that are rioting?


"Now tell me exactly what happened?"

"I can hear them! They're getting closer!"

"Marilyn! Marilyn I need your help! You have to tell me
exactly what happened!"

"I don't know."

"Think Marilyn. Think!"

"Kowalski. She's new, she broke up a fight between to of
the IYA members. The others just swarmed on her. At least twenty
of them. Oh god."

"What happened? They took the keys?"

"N-no. They just held her down and pulled off her clothes.
God, every time someone went to help her others would swarm them.
They had at least three guards incapacitated by the time Kowalski
was naked. Th-then they turned her over and shoved her own baton
up her ass. By the time more guards showed up they were all

"Chanting what?"

"That thing! That thing the IYA always shouts."

"I do this task...?"

"Yes! Yes that! Oh god. They kept chanting that. They
actually lifted Kowalski over their heads like a trophy."


"She was screaming! She kept screaming. I think some of the
rioters were groping her because they held her so her ass was
shoved in the air. She must have had to look down at them. Oh
god, they're going to do that to me. You've got to help me! Get
me out of here! They're going to get me and put it up my ass.
They're going to grope me and rape me and..."

"No they aren't Marilyn. We'll be there before that

"You won't get here in time! They got Linda too! She tried
to get Kowalski. She tried but they just grabbed her pants and
tore them to shreds!"

"They didn't take off all her clothes like Kowalski?"


"Good then maybe they're getting tired."

"But they got Linda. And they'll come for me! Linda pulled
away but they had torn away her pants. She stood in front of them
wearing the guard uniform, except instead of pants she was in
white panties, her legs bare as Kowalski. She tried to run then
but it was too late. They pulled her down. They tore away her
panties. They shoved her baton up her ass too! And they kept
chanting! Oh god! No! No!"


"They're here! I can see them through the window! They're
carrying Linda just like Kowalski! I can hear the chant!"

"We're on our way! Try to keep them out!"

"They don't have anymore batons! They've got a chair!
They're going to shove a chair up my ass! Help! Where are you?!
Why aren't you helping?!"

"You have to stay calm Marilyn! Stall the until we get..."

"Help me! Help me!"


"Marilyn?! Marilyn?! Are you there?! Damn it, hurry up and

"We do this task in your ass. We do this task in your ass."

"No! Stop! We can talk about this! Please! I'll do

"We do this task in your ass. We do this task in your ass."

"Stop! No! Put down the chair! Help! Help!"

Entry 67

Photo #1: The setting looks South American. It's hard to
tell. The picture is set in the jungle. The jungle or the forest.
There are a lot of trees. There is a bird flying in the distance
so it is too hard to determine the species. More than likely this
is a test shot, to make sure the film was loaded in the camera.

Photo #2: A shot taken from a long distance away. The
subject in question seems to be a camp of some sort. A few jeeps
are visible, as are men with guns. This is probably not a forest.
It looks like a guerilla camp out of a movie.

Photo #3: The shot is a close up of the guerilla camp. A
bearded man with no shirt is talking to a man in a makeshift
uniform. They are in a heated debate of some sort. The man with
no shirt seems dominant, possibly in charge. Both men look like
they belong in a South American setting.

Photo #4: Another shot of the two men. They are saluting
another older man wearing a professional looking uniform. It is
cleaner than the shirted saluting man is wearing. This third man
is probably the leader then.

Photo #5: A different shot, it looks like an asian man.
What is an asian man doing in South America? The background looks
different as well, it's similar to the scenery in the first
photo. As if the photographer turned around to take this picture,
her attention pulled away from the guerilla camp.

Photo #6: The asian man has a determined look on his face
and is reaching towards the camera.

Photo #7: The picture of the ground.

Photo #8: A picture of a white woman, dirty and unkempt, as
if she has spent the last few days in the jungle. It is photo-
journalist Sheryl Shoad. She looks frightened. That she is not
holing a camera suggests that the asian man took it from her and
is taking this picture.

Photo #9: A gun is pointing at Sheryl, held from behind the
camera. Obviously the asian man is pointing it at her. Sheryl
looks more frightened than she did in the last photo.

Photo #10: Sheryl is still frightened. She also looks a
little angry. The gun is still trained at her but she has her
hands at the waist of her pants.

Photo #11: Sheryl, with that weird hate/fear expression,
has unbuttoned her pants. They are pulled off slightly so that we
can see the top of her underwear.

Photo #12: Sheryl is slightly bent over. Her pants are
pulled down to her knees. It is possible to see underwear,
sensible white panties.

Photo #13: Sheryl's pants are around her ankles. Her
fingers are gripped underneath the elastic of her underwear. The
gun is still trained on her. She is blushing but still angry. The
fear is only evident in her eyes.

Photo #14: Sheryl's underwear is pulled off. The color of
her pubic hair suggests that Sheryl is not a natural blonde. The
underwear now lies around her ankles with her pants.

Photo #15: Sheryl has turned around. Only her back is
visible. Her arms are raised in the air. She has a small tattoo
on her left buttock. It appears to be a heart with some writing.

Photo #16: Sheryl has bent over. Her hands are pulling
apart her buttocks revealing the entrance to her anal canal
(asshole to the layman). Also visible is her vagina. The gun is
slightly lowered.

Photo #17: The image of Sheryl's bent over body is closer.
The area covered by the photo suggests that this is because of
the physical movement of the photographer towards Sheryl.

Photo # 18: Sheryl's lower region is once again lager in
the photo. The tattoo on her buttock is indeed a heart, with the
name "Brian" etched onto it.

Photo #19: This photo is an extreme close up of Sheryl's
opening to the anal canal and vagina. They are the only parts of
the image which are discernable. They also cover eighty percent
of the image.

Photo #20: Sheryl's vagina is no longer visible. Only the
entry to the anal canal. It looks very large.

Photo #21: The image is blurry but it looks like the camera
is only centimeters away from a hole.

Photo #22: Complete darkness.

Photo #23: Complete darkness.

Photo #24: This photo seems to have been taken some time
later. In it Sheryl is surrounded by various guerrillas,
including two from earlier photos in this series. She is
completely naked and being held up by two of the men. A makeshift
sign is hanging from around her neck with crudely written scrawl
which roughly translates to "whore of the revolutionaries". She
does not look happy.

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