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IYA3A men who get broom handle


Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Why are you loitering?
Damn kids. When I was your age I knew where I wasn't wanted. And I
thought I said to stay the hell off of my lawn?

The In Your Ass Secret Society by Alexi92

It really is an ingenius plan. No one ever expects the demure
housewife. Everyone assumes that the slut with a bad attitude can just walk
over the mousey monogamist. So the set up is simple, the execution
brilliant, almost as well crafted as a symphony.

You're confused. Let me explain. See what we do is set up a man and
wife. They're really married by the way, so the chemistry is real. Once
we locate the Vamp we send in the husband. Usually the Vamp is with
another woman, a housewife who fell prey to the Vamp's power. The husband
flirts with the Vamp, making it clear that he has a wife. The Vamp gets
intertested, maybe even makes her housewife fuck the husband.

Soon the Vamp and the husband form a relationship. Sometimes the Vamp
will go so far as to let the huband shoot his load in her own cunt. Rare,
but it happens. Usually though the husband will fuck the Vamp's girl.

Then the axe falls. The Vamp visits the wife while the husband is away
at work. The Vamp shows the wife photos of the cheating husband. The wife cries her eyes out, the Vamp offers her shoulder in support. The Vamp
takes the wife out, somewhere innocent, for coffee probably. This
continues, soon the two are the best of friends. Then the Vamp takes the
wife out somewhere more daring, a club of some sort.

The Vamp gets the wife to dance with some of the men in the club,
claiming it to be nothing more than a dance. As the night goes on the
dancing gets more erotic, but the Vamp still insists nothing is wrong.
Finally the Vamp convinces the wife to fuck a guy in revenge against the
cheating husband.

The wife cheats, the Vamp takes pictures. The Vamp blackmails the wife into becoming one of the Vamp's large number of prostitutes. The
prostitution will all go on behind the husband's back, while he, blissful
in his ignorance, continues to fuck some other man's wife thinking her to
be nothing more than a whore. The wife claims she's in shock and goes to
get a drink of water. She presses the signal button and bam, we come in.

About five of us storm the house hold the Vamp, guns aimed at her head.
We shove her in the van, take her to a field office where she is
interogated. We find out who's invovled with her operation, and who and
where the girls she's blackmailed are.

The Vamp is put into deprogramming while our agents kill or cripple the
people involved with her little web of deciet. The blackmailed wives are
contacted and told of what has happened. Most are overjoyed at their
freedom, a few disapointed. Then we call the husbands and tell them that
if they ever cheat on their wives again we'll castrate them.

Like I said, ingenius. More subtle than most of our operations. The
only thing is we don't get any recruits out of it. All the husbands
started the problem themselves, and they're getting regular sex from other
women, so they're not really cuckold. It's one of the few operations we do
that is more to help the women than the men.

See the reason we don't grab the Vamp when we first suspect, and trust
me we could, aim a gun at someone's head and they follow orders very well,
is that we have to make sure she's a Vamp. Be fucked up if we deprogrammed
some woman who just helps women with cheating husbands.

Okay, you're still confused. By we, I mean the IYA soiety. I know what
you're thinking, the IYA society? Aren't they the terrorists that shove
stuff up women's asses in public? Short answer yes, long answer no. Some
of our agents do that, but it's a front, meant to hide what we really do.
And all the women who get a broom handle or a hammer cramed into their dark
hole cheated on their loved one.

Which is really what the IYA society is about. We try to end the
problem of the cuckold husand. Even if it was their own fault. Take me
for exaple. My name's Myron.

About six years ago I was a normal guy with a above average looking
wife, house in the suburbs, and a pretty good job. My wife, Linda, was
blonde and in great shape, we had married soon after college and were both
in our late twenties.

Don't ask me why, but one night me and my wife ended up in one of the
worst areas of town in a bar. We were both scared out of our minds and
tried to make ourselves as inconspicuous as possible at a table in the
corner. It didn't work, soon a fairly large group of people were looking
at us. There were about thirty men and a few women. All of them looked
tough enough to kill a man without blinking, even the women. They all had
the same tattoo on their right arm, a knife with wings.

Linda and I were nursing our drinks nervously.

"One of them's coming over here," Linda whispered.

"Don't make any moves, maybe he'll leave us alone."

That wasn't the case. He stopped right next to our table so that his
shadow loomed over us. We both looked at him. The man was short and
stocky, but his arm had to have more muscles than I had ever seen before.
His face was covered in whiskers and his eyes were as cold as ice. His
entire outfit seemed to be made out of denim except for the ratty t-shirt
he wore. Aside from the knife tattoo he had at least six more of various
shapes and sizes. The man looked dangerous.

"Who're you?" he spit out.

"I'm Myron," I said with more confidence than I had.

"Name's Leroy." He nodded to Linda. "That yer woman?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Pretty lady. She's got good tits."

It was true. Linda had some nice tits, C-cups. The blouse she wore did
a pretty good job of covering them up though. Linda wasn't impressed by
the compliment, she bit her lip.

"Thanks," I said uncertainly.

"You want to trade?" Leroy asked. He snapped his fingers and one of the
women walked next to him. Her brunnette hair was a little ratty and her
face seemed like it had expierienced more than it should have. But she was
okay looking, nowhere near as good as Linda, but fair enough that I would
have thought twice about fucking her if I hadn't been married.

"Er, no thanks." I said it as though I truly regretted the refusal.
There was no way I would trade my beautiful Linda for his trashy girl, but
I didn't want to let him know that. "We're married."

"Yeah, so?"

Linda looked at me, scared.

"See, we, ah, we kind of promised each other we would never cheat on
each other. So wife swapping is kind of..."

Leroy grabed me by the lapels and pulled me out of my seat. I almost
crapped in my pants.

"You don't come into the Dead Knives bar and refuse their request. Now
let me ask you again. Do you want to trade?"

"No," I croaked.

Leroy threw me away. I broke through the chair and hit the ground.
Almost out of nowhere Leroy pulled out a huge knife like the one on his
tattoo. I tried to get up but I blacked out.

What can I say, I was a pussy back then. I got knocked out after being
thrown through a chair. These days that only phases me a little. I was
weak then.

Anyway, when I came to it took me a few minutes to get up and understand
what was going on. Linda's clothes were strewn about on the ground, most
of them violently ripped or cut. I poked my head through the circle to get
a better look.

Linda was in worse shape. She was in the middle of a circle composed of
the Dead Knives, which by now I had guessed were some sort of gang. She
was naked and on all fours. Her body jerked violently as two gang members,
their pants around their ankles, raped her mouth and cunt.

I could hear her whine as the two men pumped her with their cocks. The
one in her cunt grunted and shot his load in her. He pulled out, his cock
covered in various liquids, his semen dripping out og her vagina. I was
horrified, unprotected sex, what if Linda caught something or got pregnant.
Linda didn't seem to share my horror, and I soon found out why. Once the
guy who had shot his load moved out of the way someone else took his place,
fucking her cunt with his unprotected cock. Linda had taken on how many
men since I had been out, each one shooting their semen into her body.

The one in her mouth pulled out. His semen burst from his cock and
splattered onto her face. When I got a good look I saw that her face was
covered in semen and tears. A hard cock stood in front of her and she
slipped it between her lucious lips. I almost cried myself, watching the
woman I loved being abused like this.

Her "good tits", as Leroy had called them, were being mauled by the
hands of the crowd. They had a tough time, as Linda's body jerked
violently her tits swung wildly. Hands would grab onto them, pinching or
slapping them, making them sway even more erraticly.

The man in front of me noticed I was up.

"The bastard's up."

"So?" asked Leroy.

The man shrugged and hit me in the nose. The world went black again. I
don't think Linda even noticed I had gotten up.

When I woke up again the bar was deserted. The bartender told me to go
home and that my wife would show up when the gang was done with her. He
didn't have any sympathy for me.

I went home and waited in the living room. Eventually I fell asleep. I
was awoken by the loud sounds of hooting, hollering, and motorcycles. My
first thought was, shit, they know where I live. Then, what had they done
to my wife? Would we ever be safe from their terror? We might have to

The hooting and hollering went away, and the motorcycles faded into the
distance. I looked at a clock, 3 AM. The doorbell rang.

When I opened the door my wife collapsed into my arms. I must have held
her in my arms for twenty minutes, holding her body to mine, overjoyed to
know she was with me again. She was naked and a little beat up, but
otherwise she seemed fine.

I carried her to the bedroom and let her sleep. As she lay there,
unmoving, I got a better look at her and was horrified for the second time
that night. Her nipples had both been pierced and small silever hoops hung
from them. I pulled on them. They stretched her nipple. Linda moaned.
Her nipples were really pierced. I began to explore the rest of her body.

It wasn't a pretty sight. I found piercings in her tongue, nose, and
clit. Her cunt had been shaved bare. And the tattoo, the same knife with
wings the gang had sported, was on her arm. I couldn't really tell you how
I felt at that moment. Anger, fear, insanity? I'm not sure.

Anyway, this is the part where I learned that there was actually a group
that used a terrorist organization as their legitimate front.

-To be continuedfeedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

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