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IYA4A video was about women who engaged


Origin of the IYA
by Alexi92

After coming home from work the first thing Charles did, after loosening
his tie, was to pick up the mail. The mailbox wasn't too far away from the
garage and it meant that Charles always ended the part of his day dedicated
to work with a surprise. And what a surprise he got today, Ed McMahon and
Dick Clark wanted to give him ten million dollars. Behind that fascinating
piece of junk mail there was a package addressed to him.

Charles' first thought was that it was a bomb. It was wrapped in brown
paper with a return address he didn't recognize, obviously it was a bomb. If
it was a bomb then it was very light for its size. The package was no bigger
than the small box for priority mail but it felt as though it weighed
practically nothing.

He pondered if it was safe to open the ominous brown wrapping as he walked
back up the path to the house he shared with his wife. The surface under the
wrapping felt smooth, so there weren't any protruding wires. Unless they
were all housed inside some sort of box. But if they were would it be
possible to make the bomb explode simply by opening the wrapping. Probably.

When Charles opened the front door he almost slammed into Kim. He should
have expected it. For the past month she left the house just as he got home,
always carrying the same pink gym bag with her. It didn't make sense, she
got off of work the same time he did, she went to work further away than he
did. Yet when he got home she was running out of the house wearing sweat
clothes and carrying the gym bag to her car. For Kim to get back before him
meant her speed getting home must have been the stuff of highway patrol

The gym bag mystified Charles as well. At twenty-seven Kim still turned
heads when she walked down the street, no matter what she was wearing. Her
body proportions had changed little since high school, where she had been a
cheerleader. Going to a gym every day seemed excessive to Charles, who only
used the company gym to blow off steam. Kim made some excuse about wanting
to stay in shape, or something to that effect. Everything she had said these
days wasn't as coherent as it could be, almost as if Kim was preoccupied
with something.

Up until six months ago, when Kim first started to get preoccupied,
Charles' wife only went to the gym twice a week. Back then she went straight
from work. Six months ago that had changed. She left her gym bag at home and
returned for it after work before leaving for the gym. When Charles asked
her why she said it was because there had been a rash of robberies in the
parking structure at work. She also made him promise to never look in her
gym bag because it made her self conscious and that prevented her from
getting a proper work out.

"Watch it!" Kim screamed angrily. Then, almost as if just realizing it was
her husband, calmed down. "Sorry honey, I've got a big project at work. It
has me a little frazzled. I'm just heading off to the gym to calm my nerves.
I should be home in a few hours."

She kissed Charles on the cheek and hurried to the garage.

Charles sighed. He had half hoped she would stay home today. Oh well, they
could always spend this weekend together. It was one of the few weekends
that Kim wasn't needed on some overnight business trip. If not for their
nightly conversations, and lovemaking whenever Kim wasn't exhausted from her
time at the gym, Charles might have suspected his wife of having an affair.

The whole situation with his wife put him in such a funk that Charles
decided to open the package. He unwrapped it quickly before he changed his

It was a porno tape, or at least the box to one. There still might be a
bomb inside, although the based on its weight it was more likely a tape. If
it was a tape then it was certainly a strange thing to send to him. Charles
wasn't the kind of person who looked at pornography. A swimsuit magazine
every now and then, maybe a Playboy, but definitely not hardcore
pornography. If someone had sent him one it must be part of some office

Gang-Bang Bestiality Sluts 12. Didn't that sound nice and homey. How did
they find enough people to make twelve volumes of something called Gang-Bang
Bestiality Sluts? The box was covered with images of women having sex with
animals, dogs mostly although there was one goat, and women engaging in sex
with multiple partners. Oh, so the video was about women who engaged in
bestiality as well as women who engaged in gang bangs. That made all the

Charles checked the wrapper. There was no note to accompany the video, and
no name on the return address. Great, so some mystery person decided that he
wasn't getting enough bestiality or gang-bang viewing. He could have gone
his entire life without seeing either one. He would find whoever's idea of a
sick joke this was and... and...

And probably do nothing. He wasn't the type of person who played games like
this. Charles was the butt of practical jokes, not the instigator. It was
just the kind of person he was. Sure it was aggravating, but that's why he
had the gym and Kim. When he got really angry he would spend some time with
Kim and he knew that life was good. She was the silver lining to the dark
cloud of life.

Actually, one of the girls on the video box looked a little like Kim. She
was wearing a shiny red mask, but the blonde hair looked similar. It was
hard to get a good look at her face, the image was rather small and she had
a penis in her mouth. Maybe Kim would get a kick out of watching the video.

Charles thought about it. Kim might get a kick out of watching her look
alike engage in debauchery, or she might get really angry. It would depend
what was on the tape. Well there was only one way to find out. Charles
opened the video's box and slid the tape out. (Secretly relieved that it
didn't blow up.)

He went to the living room and threw his coat and the box onto the couch.
After putting the tape in the VCR he sat back on his easy chair and picked
the remote off the coffee table. He fast forwarded through the ads and the
opening, past some black woman having sex a Doberman, past a pale black
haired woman have sex five black guys, past a so-so redhead orally pleasing
a German shepherd's penis. Finally the part with the woman who looked like
Kim came on. She had on the shiny red mask from the video's cover. It made
her look a little like a super-hero. Her body was incredibly similar to
Kim's, almost identical. Her breasts were the same shape, although the woman
on the video's looked a little smaller. The hair was a little different, and
the woman in the video was wearing a gaudy amount of make up. Kim only wore
a touch to enhance her natural beauty.

Charles hit play and sat back to see what happened.

"So bitch," a voice off camera said. "You want to fuck?"

"Oh yeah baby. I love cock," the woman said.

Charles sprang forward. He rewound the tape.

" fuck?"

"Oh yeah baby. I love cock."


"...yeah baby. I love cock."

No, it couldn't be. Charles resisted the urge to rewind the tape again.

"How much cock you want, slut?"

"As much as you got. I love to fuck."

"You want us all at once?"

"Give me all your cocks. Mmmmm. Fuck my wet pushy."

Charles stopped the tape. There was no mistaking that voice, it was Kim.
The woman in the video was his wife. When had this been made? He picked up
the cover and searched for a date. He found it in very small print on the
bottom of the box, 1992. That was this year. She made the video this year.

His wife was living a double life. Was that what she was doing every day?
Or was she doing them on her weekend business trips? No, not on the trips,
Charles had once called Kim's office to get her itinerary and they had it on
file. So that left the time she went to the gym.

No wonder she was always exhausted. No wonder they only had sex on Tuesdays
and Thursdays. Those were the days she had always gone to the gym, those
were probably the only days she actually went to the gym. Every other time
she didn't want him to see how used her vagina had been.

Why even wear a mask? Who would that fool? It was like she was trying to
get caught. What kind of wanton slut had he married? How long had she been
doing things like this? She hadn't exactly been up front about what she did
during the years between college and her current job. Petty jobs she had
said. What did that mean?

Okay, yes, she had told him about most of them, but how many were lies? How
much of what she told him now was a lie?

Maybe he pressed it, maybe his hand brushed against the button, Charles
didn't know, but the tape began to play again. Charles sat there watching
it, entranced by the sight of his wife, the woman he thought devoted only to
him, engage in a gang bang with four strange men.


The next day was a Thursday so Charles had nothing to do but stay home as
Kim really did go to the gym. When Kim got back they ate dinner in silence.
Every time Kim tried to say something she stopped, frozen by Charles' icy

Charles kept imagining her surrounded by cocks, eagerly gobbling them down.

They went through the motions of the night, showering, brushing their teeth
and even laying next to each other in bed. They both said nothing of the new
tension which had grown between them, although Charles could see that it
worried Kim.

When Kim tried to begin the foreplay she found Charles surprisingly wooden.
He made no moves to reciprocate and eventually she gave up. Charles knew Kim
must have been confused, after all Thursday was their sex night. But Charles
just couldn't bring himself to touch her. It felt wrong.

Then came Friday. Charles traded cars with a friend from work. He went a
little slower on the way home, causing him to run a little behind schedule,
and was able to spot Kim as her car turned onto the freeway on ramp. He
quickly followed, making sure he was at least four cars behind her, far
enough for her not to notice him, but close enough for him to follow. He
followed her on a route that definitely didn't lead to the gym. Instead it
ended up at a large white house in the suburbs.

Charles drove by the house quickly so that his wife wouldn't recognize him
in the driver's seat and parked around the corner. From a distance he
watched as his wife carefully approached the house, making sure no one
spotted her. When she got to the door she stripped off her sweat clothes.
Underneath she wore a shiny pink latex bikini. From his the distance Charles
couldn't be sure but it looked to be a size too small. He couldn't believe
how shameless his wife was.

Kim rang on the doorbell and waited impatiently. When the door finally
opened she rushed inside.

There is an art to sneaking and snooping without being seen. Charles didn't
know it, but he was lucky. Whoever was in the house was obviously
preoccupied so they didn't notice Charles as he crept over the fence,
through the backyard, and into the conveniently open back door.

He sneaked through the house, quite as a mouse, past elaborate video camera
set ups in every room. It wasn't until he got to the upstairs bedroom that
he spotted her. Kim was on her knees, next to the bed, her arms behind her
back and her chest thrust forward.

Charles peeked through the doorway, ready to scamper into the nearby
bathroom if the need should arise.

A large man Charles didn't recognize emerged from the closet carrying a
trenchcoat. He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. The man tossed the
trenchcoat onto the bed near Kim.

"Okay bitch, you're going to have to put that on before we get there. Don't
want to show off the goods too soon. Now let's go over what you're supposed
to do."

Kim mumbled something incoherently.

"Louder bitch."

"I'm going to entertain at a bachelor party. First I dance, then I strip,
then I fuck everyone there."

"Good. And what else."

"I'm supposed to act like I'm enjoying myself."

"That's not what I said bitch. I said you will enjoy yourself. You'll have
to be punished for that."

Kim blanched at the idea. "No please..."

"Don't complain, you know it has to be done or else you'll just become an
uppity cunt. But that can wait for this weekend. We've got to get moving,
you can give me a blowjob in the car."

Kim hesitated.

"What is it?"

"You promised I could have this weekend to myself."

"Yeah, well I changed my mind. I'm having company over and I wanted to show
off my slave. You can suck them off while I cane your ass."

"But I promised my husband..."

"Fuck him. Just tell him you're working. I want you at my house by nine AM
tomorrow. Wear the French Maid's uniform."

Kim sighed. "Fine, but you just remember that if I don't get some time with
my husband then my marriage is over and you have nothing to hold over me."

"Don't be stupid. Even if you do lose your precious husband there's still
your career to consider. Not to mention your family. If you're so confident
all you have to lose is your husband then why don't I just release all the
pictures right now. I've got a lot more than just the nude photo's you slut.
After everything you've done for me I can prove you're the biggest whore
this side of Nevada."

"No, I didn't mean that!"

"Remember, I hold your life in my hand. So don't disobey me."

"Okay, I'll be there," Kim said with gritted teeth.

"That's a good slut. Now get ready, you've got a lot of guys to fuck."

Kim rose and put on the trenchcoat. Charles sensed that they would be
leaving the bedroom soon so he crept into the bathroom and quietly closed
the door to hide himself.


He was always such a quiet young boy, blah blah blah. Idiots. Being called
Chuck by everyone you know even though you hate the name tends to produce
maladjusted members of society. The ones that take everything personally and
walk the fine line between productive citizen and sociopath.

Charles had one thing going for him, his parents had long ago instilled in
him the need to give the appearance of conformity. Charles' great-uncle had
sullied the family name by holding a small mid-western town hostage with a
nuclear device. In the hopes of living down the tarnished family reputation
Charles' family had to live their lives as flawlessly as possible.

"No matter how much you want to, you must never act out," his mother had
said. "Never do anything strange, unusual, and especially not anything
criminal. If another boy calls you names or hits you never try to get even.
Just take it. If you don't the police will think you're just like Uncle
Brian and put you in a special jail where they shock you with electricity."

Charles stayed on the right side of the line, even when people called him
Chuck, or Chuckie. Man, he really hated being called Chuckie.

When Kim came along things changed. She was a positive influence on him,
keeping him well on the side of angels. Her unfaltering support made him a
better man.

And just like that he wasn't.

Waiting in the bathroom, something overcame Charles. He began to search the
medicine cabinet for rubbing alcohol.


"You did good bitch," Roger told Kim as her head bobbed on his cock. She
had eagerly pulled a train of about fifty paying customers without a hitch.
She even gave them her bikini as a souvenir. Now, naked and covered in
spunk, she was in a state of exhaustion. Still she did not fall asleep, she
still had orders to obey.

"When you're finished with the blowjob you can shower in the basement and
go home... Oh My God!"

Kim's head shot up from Roger's lap when she heard him yell. It soon became
apparent why he had screamed. Fire trucks and police officers had barricaded
his street. Roger's home was burnt to a crisp. But all that Kim could think

"Oh god, how am I going to get home."

"Shut up bitch! My house is gone."

"But Charles can't see me like this. All my clothes were in there. And my
car's been burned."

"Your car?! Your car?! My house! Fuck! Come on!"

"Wait! What if someone sees me?"

"You think I give a shit?! Put on the trenchcoat and come on!"

He pulled her from the car, and she had no choice but to follow. She put
the trench coat on, but she couldn't help but feel naked. She hoped no one
she knew saw her.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Roger screamed at a fireman.

"Whoa buddy, you want to watch your language," the fireman said sternly.

"Like fuck I will! That's my house."

"Oh. Okay, go ahead, let loose then."

"What the fuck happened?"

"It caught fire. They're investigating it now. They'll probably have an
answer in a few hours. Where were you?"

Roger shrugged. "At a party."

The fireman pointed at Kim. "With your girlfriend?"


"Lucky bastard. If I were you I'd stick around, talk to the guy in charge.
Then when everything's done spend the night at your girlfriend's place."

"Yeah, thanks. Give me a moment alone with my girlfriend?"


When they were alone Roger grabbed Kim's arm. "You better start walking
home before your old man starts to get suspicious. I'll call you tomorrow to
tell you what motel to meet me at."

"Are you fucking insane?"

"Look bitch, I need money and I need it fast. That means we're upping the
porno production. You better free up your Tuesdays and Thursdays too. Your
slut ass is going to be busy."

"Fuck no, I told you, pornos are too risky. We're going to get caught."

"Does it look like I give a shit. You just be there when I call you. Now

Roger slapped Kim's ass and she started to walk off. She tried to ignore
the stares people gave her, she hoped she didn't have any cum in her hair.
As she walked away she noticed that someone had broken all the windows of
Roger's car and allowed herself a brief smile. The walk home wasn't as long
as she thought. After a bunch of men honked their horns at her she was able
to hail a cab. It took her home and was willing to wait as she got some
money from inside the house. (It was a good thing they kept a key in the

She thanked god for small miracles. Charles wasn't home yet. He must have
gone out with his friends from work. That gave her enough time to clean up
and put on some new clothes before he got home.


Charles was grumbling as he drove home. Oh, it had felt good to release his
anger by burning the bastards house to ash and then smashing his car
windows, but now he was angry again. He could feel it, the entirety of his
rage pent up, waiting to be released.

There wasn't going to be an end to any of this. He took comfort in that. He
was already thinking of a really cool way to remove a man's tibia while
keeping them alive. He was positive he wouldn't ever have to use the
information, but it never hurt to know things.

When he finally got home he had to restrain himself. That was the toughest
part. He oh so wanted to lash out and tear the sofa to shreds. He soothed
himself with memories of the crackling flame consuming all of the
blackmailer's material possessions. He breathed deeply and let calmness
overtake him.

Calm was good. If they suspected something they might stop him and then he
couldn't continue his vengeance.

He descended the staircase down into the basement and hid Kim's gym bag.
She probably thought it had gone up in flames with the house. Charles
sighed. A spare social security card was always good to have in emergencies.

He walked in a daze up to the bedroom. Kim was asleep. He tiptoed in and
sat on the edge of the bed. Kim stirred.

"You're late," she said sleepily.

"I know," he said. "What did you do today?"

"Mmm. Nothing, I just went to the gym."

"That's good," Charles said and kissed her on the forehead. For some reason
sitting next to her like this had a calming effect on him. He stood up and
walked to the bathroom. As he did he remembered her kneeling in front of the
blackmailer. It wasn't her fault, he told himself. She was being
blackmailed. Even so he had to suppress a passing whim to strangle her.


When he woke up Kim was already making breakfast. At first Charles thought
the urge to cause destruction had passed, but as the transition from
subconscious to higher thought came about he felt the anger in his stomach.

He wondered if it could be appeased with waffles. By the time he got to the
kitchen Kim had a plate on the table.

"You take that one, I'll make some more."

That suited Charles fine. He sat down and began to dig in. Between bites he
managed to ask, "What do you want to do today?"

"I'll probably have some errands to run. What about you?"

"Dunno. I'll probably go out."

"That's good."

Charles wasn't sure what to say next so he decided to needle Kim about the
blackmailer. See if he could get her to slip up.

"Hey Kim, you ever watch a porno video?"

She froze. Yes, he was certain of it. It was a shame her back was turned to
him, he would have loved to see her face.

"Uh, no. Why do you ask?"

"Some guy at work has been trying to get me to borrow one. He says he's got
one with a girl that looks just like you."

"Really?" Her voice was strained, her muscles tense.

"Yeah. I told him I wasn't interested. Odd isn't it, there's a woman out
there doing pornos that looks just like you."

"Yeah." Her body relaxed, only slightly.

It was all incredibly fascinating, Charles decided. It was that or painful.
His wife lying straight to his face. Okay, yes, her back was turned, but the
principle remained the same. The circumstances were extraordinary, he had to
give her that. It probably wasn't good for the marriage to admit that you
were being blackmailed into making porno movies behind your husband's back.

The phone rang and Kim almost jumped. "I'll get it," she shouted. She ran
to the living room. Quietly Charles got up and picked up the phone in the
kitchen. Silently he placed a hand over the mouthpiece and listened.

"What's up bitch?"

"Hello Roger."



Charles' grip on the mouthpiece tightened.

"Listen up. I got the equipment so get your ass over to the Clover Motel.
It's at 2814 Tanner Avenue. You got that?"


"Good and wear that gold teddy. My friend Jake says he wants to tear it off

"Fine. How long is this going to take?"

"That depends on you. I want to make three videos today. So you figure
between six hours of sex on film, you taking the time to get everyone hard
before each take, and giving you enough time to clean up between videos, I'd
say ten hours."

"Ten hours?!"

"Less if you can clean up faster. Or tell you what, if you'd rather only do
a couple videos one of them has to be with a dog."

"Fuck you."

"Right. So ten hours it is. See you in an hour."

Charles waited until he heard both clicks before hanging up the phone. So
this guy Roger was going keep making Kim fuck around. Well, it looked like
Charles was going to have to start doing a little research.

Kim walked back into the kitchen. "Charles, honey, can I borrow your car?"

"Why? What's wrong with yours?" Burned to a crisp? What kind of lie was she
going to come up with this time, he wondered.

"It got stolen."

"Uh, then I guess it would be okay."

"Thanks hon. I just have to take a shower first."

Charles shook his head. Stolen? She couldn't come up with something better?
Not that she had a huge range of options to pick from.

When she had left Charles took his laptop down to the basement and began to
peruse the internet for information. It took him a while, but eventually he
found the sites and databases he wanted. From there Roger's life was an open

Charles began to make plans.


On Sunday Charles woke up at noon and was surprised to find Kim lying next
to him. He had assumed she would be off on another of Roger's adventures. It
put no significant crimp in his plans, but it did mean he would have to be
nicer. For some reason he couldn't bring himself to show her the new side of

She awoke and noticed him staring at her.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Charles said. He playfully squeezed her ass. Kim winced.

"Hemorrhoids," she explained weakly.

Charles wasn't buying it. He knew what it really was, deviant sex. Lord
knows how many men she had fucked yesterday. How many time, how many things
she had done with them that she never did with him.

God, the rage. He had to break something. He had to break it now. He looked
straight at Kim, her cheating face pretending that nothing was wrong. NO! It
wasn't her fault, not really. She had just let everything escalate into the
unforgivable proportions that they now occupied. She couldn't draw the line
with nude pictures, no, she had to fuck every other man on the planet.

Charles slammed his fist as hard as he could against the wall. He made a
hole in the plaster. Kim stared at him, surprised.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"Nothing," Charles said, calmly. His rage was gone now, momentarily
channeled. "I think I'll go for a walk."


On Monday Kim took a cab to work. She told Charles she was going straight
to the gym after work so he shouldn't wait up for her. Charles held his
tongue, but he had no illusions about where she was really going. In a funk,
Charles called in sick and took the day off. He wasn't sure if it would be
safe to go to work today. There was no point jeopardizing his job until he
learned to control his anger. Charles spent his time watching the Discovery
channel. Watching the Hindenburg crash felt more satisfying than usual.

At 11 the mail came. Included with the daily assortment of junk mail and
bills was a package just like the one he had received the week prior.
Intrigued, Charles ripped it open. His suspicions were confirmed, it was
another pornographic movie featuring his wife. Kim was featured on the
cover, wearing another skimpy outfit and mask. The cover proclaimed "Great
Gangbang Slut. Whore fucks over 200 men, women, and animals."

He knew it would only enrage him further, but something compelled him to
watch. As he watched his wife act as a cumbucket for an entire football
team, Charles decided that he was finished playing games.

He picked up the phone and made a plane reservation to Tampa, Florida.


Roger leaned back in his office chair and sighed. His office was sound
proof so if he wanted to scream he could have. And considering all the shit
that had happened to him he should have. Yet today had been easier than
usual. Word had gotten around that his house had burned down and his car
vandalized so the peons working under him hadn't given him any shit.

The fire marshal suspected arson. Arson! Who would have wanted to torch his
house? Except from Kim, but she had been with him, fucking those bachelor
party guys.

Nothing in the house was irreplaceable, and with the insurance he could
find a new place, but the feeling of being violated, that he couldn't get
over. He felt uncomfortable and dirty. It was a good thing he had Kim to
take it out on. Ah, Kim. He imagined what he would make her do tonight and
got an erection. With the pornos they had made this weekend he had enough
extra cash to last him a while, so he would focus on humiliating her. They
would play his favorite game, the one where they went out to a club and she
had to use a box full of condoms. Of course it was up to the men she picked
up to decide if they wanted to use a condom. At the end of the night Kim had
the choice of either drinking the contents of the condoms she saved or

Despite what he told Kim on Friday Roger decided to give her a break on
Tuesday. He needed to start spending more time with his girlfriend, Cindy.
She was beginning to feel neglected. Yeah, no duh. Who wanted to spend time
with their girlfriend when they had a sex slave who was willing to do
anything for you? He had never thought he could push Kim this far. The nude
pictures and the sex was one thing, but she was letting him pimp her out to
complete strangers. Man, her husband must really be a no account loser.

The phone rang pulling Roger out of his ruminations. It was his sister, she
was crying.

"Jenny? Are you okay?"


"Yeah, what is it? What's wrong."

"D-ad... He's... He's..."

"He's what?! Damn it Jenny, what happened?!"

"He's dead."

"What how?!"

"I don't know. The police won't tell me anything."


"They say it's a homicide!"

"What? I'll be on the first plane over!"

Damn, damn, damn. When it rained it poured, Roger told himself bitterly. He
booked himself on the next flight to Tampa.


Flying was a lot easier when you didn't have any luggage, Charles decided
as he put his feet up. It was already five in the afternoon, his little
errand had taken up the entire day, but it had been worth it. Still, a shame
about the old man. He had only been trying to get more dirt on Roger, but
the strain of being held at gun point had proved too much for such a weak
heart. No matter, Charles had found the information he wanted and the old
man deserved what he got for raising such a foul child.

It was a surprise when Kim came home. Charles checked the clock, but sure
enough it was still five.

"Kim? What're you doing home so early? I thought you were going to the

"I, uh, I changed my mind."

"Really?" Charles was suddenly having doubts about his rather corrupt
activities during the past few days. If it was from guilt or just the effect
Kim had on him he couldn't be sure.

"Yeah. I think I'm going to skip the gym for the next few days."

That surprised Charles. What about her little fuck sessions with Master
Roger? What surprised Charles even more was when Kim climbed on top of him
and snuggled into his body him.

"We don't spend any time together anymore," she said.

"Hey, I'm always here," Charles said darkly.

"I know. It's my fault," Kim said, slowly unzipping her husbands pants.
"And I want to make it up to you."

Charles felt her hand wrap around his cock as she kissed him slowly. His
member was fast becoming hard. Kim was unbuttoning her blouse, releasing her
naked breasts. (Charles dimly noticed that she had stopped wearing a bra.)
She slithered down his body and took his rock hard member in her mouth.

Over the course of the next two days the couple fucked, sucked, and a
number of other things Charles had never done before. All traces of anger
disappeared from his system, replaced by a passion and lust for his wife.
Things she was only too eager to sate.


On Thursday Charles got home in a happy mood. He was ready to once again
participate in the orgy he and his wife had been engaging in over the past
three nights. Kim wasn't home yet so Charles played the messages on the

"Charles? It's Kim. Look, I'm sorry but I'm going to be late today. I need
to go to the gym. Sorry, I'll make it up to you. I promise. I love you."

Charles felt the anger fill him once more.


"So did the little slut have fun while I was away?"

"Yes master."

Roger was sitting in the couch of his motel room, Kim kneeling before him.
She was naked, not having time to prepare an outfit. He had called her
suddenly in the afternoon, having just gotten back from Tampa. Things had
been traumatic for a while, but Roger's father hadn't been in the best of
health anyway, and there was the matter of the inheritance.

"Listen up slut, I've just come into a lot of money so we're going to

Kim shuddered. The celebrations were never fun for her.

"I'll be buying a new house tomorrow, so we're going to have a little house
warming celebration this weekend. All of my friends are going to be there. I
told them I'm going to hire a hooker, guess who that's going to be."

"Me," Kim said miserably.

"Yup. But today why don't we have a private celebration. You can start by
giving me a blowjob."

As Kim wrapped her lips around his filthy cock she thought back to the last
few days with her husband and sighed wistfully.


There was a knock on the door. Charles answered it.

"Yeah, who is it?"


"Telegram? They still make those?"

"Hey, I'm just as surprised as you are," the delivery boy said. He thrust
the message at Charles and walked away.

Bemused, Charles read the paper.


Well shit, thought Charles. Where was he going to get a disguise?


When Kim finally came home Charles pretended to be asleep. He heard her
walk into the bedroom, undress, and go to the bathroom. She showered and
gargled before plodding over to the bed. She collapsed next to her husband
and sighed. Charles pretended to stir slightly and turned. He felt Kim's
arms surround him and hold tight. He resisted the urge to shake her off.

"I love you," she whispered.

Yeah right, Charles thought sarcastically. With his new outlook on life and
his new past times, Charles had tried to reevaluate his thoughts on
blackmail. Before he had never given it much thought, but now he had no
choice. His wife had done something, something which apparently involved
nude pictures of herself. This Roger guy had found out and blackmailed her.
Kim, not wanting to lose everything she had, submitted to Roger's wishes,
and thus became a different person, a person no longer able to enjoy
everything she was supposedly preserving.

What part of it rankled Charles the most? The fact his wife didn't trust
him to stand by her if she were exposed, the fact that she had so easily
given in to Roger's sick demands to become a whore, or the fact that his
wife had a relationship with another man which was apparently deeper than
anything Charles and Kim had ever shared? If Charles had ever demanded Kim
fuck his friends she would have refused. Not that he ever would ask her to,
but hypothetically she would have refused. But the moment this Roger guy
appears and threatens to reveal some dark secret Kim can't get on her knees
fast enough.

"Hmmm?" Charles asked, maintaining his charade of sleepiness.

"I said 'I love you.' Sorry I couldn't be here tonight, but the gym

"And we must obey the gym," Charles said.

"Sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise. These last few days have been

"Forget about it. I already have."

It's not like they meant anything to her, Charles added to himself.
Well.... Maybe they had. They had proven that a part of Charles hadn't given
in to the darkness of anger, that a part of him still loved his wife. He had
been able to forget about his wife's infidelity, about all the other men she
had been with when she claimed to love only him. Their relationship hadn't
felt wrong.

Now it did. She is lost, Charles realized. Even after the magic of the last
three days she had gone back to her blackmailer, back to her master. Charles
was only an excuse, Kim's justification to keep going back to Roger. If she
didn't have anything to lose there was no way she could be blackmailed.


After a quick trip to the post office, Charles found the address that had
been sent to him Friday easily enough. It was a big gaudy house, exactly the
kind of thing he expected from Roger. There were cars parked all along the
street, indicating a pretty long guest list. When he rang the doorbell
Roger, or the blackmailing bastard as Charles had come to think of him,

"Uh, hi, who are you?"

"I'm a friend of Doug's" Charles said from behind his fake mustache.

"Really? Come on in then."


Inside the house was bare of furniture. Roger must not have had time to
shop for any, Charles mused. Still he expected something from Roger, like
maybe a stolen park bench.

"Beer's in the kitchen, whore's pulling a train in the bedroom," Roger
said, pointing both directions out.

Charles decided to go for a beer first. He made his way though the throng
of people and was surprised to spot a few women amongst the crowd. In the
kitchen there was a large cooler filled with ice and beer. Charles picked
one out and twisted the cap. As he took a quick sip he wondered how the
bottle would sound if he smashed it against a wall. He tried to focus his
attention when his imagination started to drift and contemplate jamming the
broken beer bottle into someone's neck.

Looking at the dozen or so people in the kitchen Charles realized that any,
and perhaps all of them, would be fucking his wife tonight. It made him
incredibly tense and he could feel the bile rising in his throat.

A large man pulled a beer from the ice and nodded at him. Charles nodded

"You take a turn at the hooker yet?" the large man asked.

"No, you?"

"Yeah. God she's hot. Best fuck I've had in a while. Loose as all shit, but
she knows how to use what she's got. I only got a try at her cunt, one whole
per turn you know. I'll probably go back and take a shot at the ass."

Anal sex, thought Charles. Kim had never let him try it. Bitch probably
didn't want him to know how loose she really was. Fuck. Charles wanted to
firebomb the entire damn house, let all the perv bastards in it burn to a

"Sounds good."

"Yeah, you should get in line."

"How long's the wait?"

"Not long. Bitch is good. Makes you shoot your wad quick. She must've gone
through a couple dozen people already."



As the large man walked away Charles loosened his grip on the beer bottle.
The glass was already cracking.

"Hey Cind, this is Doug's friend."

Roger came walking up to Charles with his arm around some blonde woman. She
gave Charles an impressed once over.

"What's your name?" she asked, extending her hand.

Charles shook it, remembering not to crush it. "Bill."

"Glad to meet you Bill."


"So Bill, you try the hooker yet?"

"Not yet. I'm waiting for the line to go down."

Roger laughed. "Shit, you might as well go in and watch until your turn.
That's all Cindy's letting me do."

"You wanted the monogamous relationship pal," Cindy said.

"Yeah, wouldn't you know it bites me in the ass," Roger joked. He pulled
Cindy closer to him. "But really, try the hooker, I hear she's a fucking

"That's what I've heard," Charles agreed.

"Come on, I'm heading that way myself, let's go."

Roger led the way. Charles almost let himself go and jumped the
blackmailing bastard from behind. But he reminded himself that he was
surrounded by Roger's friends. If Charles wanted to indulge he would have to
pick his moment.

Inside the bedroom a mattress had been placed on the ground. A group of men
was surrounding it watching the show. Roger nudged some of them and they
made a space. Roger and Charles approached and watched.

Kim, naked, was lying on her back while a fat guy was pumping his dick into
her cunt. Kim's body was covered in a layer of sweat and other glistening
liquids Charles didn't want to think about. Kim seemed really into her job
as the party's fuck toy, moaning and squealing while her face went through a
series of ecstatic expressions.

"Come on, do it to me," she huffed, encouraging the guy fucking her pussy
to push harder. "Yeah, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt."

The fat guy accommodated her and began to increase the pace of his thrusts.

"Oh yeah," Kim moaned. "Oh yeah, I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

The man in her cunt grunted and froze momentarily. Kim screamed in ecstasy,
louder than Charles had ever heard her scream before. When it was over she
lay on the mattress, panting. The fat guy pulled out of Kim's cunt, a thin
string of cum trailing from the head of his cock to her cunt.

"No condoms?" Charles asked, surprised.

"Yeah, well she says she's on the pill and she likes to feel the cum in
her," Roger smirked. "Everyone here's been tested, so no VD or any shit like

"That's good," Charles said, trying to hide the venom in his voice.

"Next," Kim said after a short breather.

A thin black man took the fat guy's place between Kim's thighs and placed
his hands on her hips. Unresisting, Kim let herself be flipped over on the
mattress. The man pulled her ass up so that it was level with his erect cock
and pressed his member against her asshole. Charles noticed the anal opening
was already distended so the black man's cock met with little resistance as
he began to take Kim anally.

Charles needed to get out of the room, fast. Whatever self-control he had
was quickly disappearing, any moment now he would start attacking people. He
was already examining all the objects in the room for their usefulness as
weapons. Just seeing his wife like this, acting like a wonton slut, it was
pushing him over the edge. And if burning down a house and holding a man at
gunpoint wasn't over the edge, Charles wasn't sure he wanted to know what

There was just something about watching it all unfold before his eyes. Even
with the video evidence there was a part of Charles that could deny that it
was really happening. But now that he had been given the live performance,
such denials were impossible.

"Shit, I need another beer," Charles said loudly.

"Hey no problem man, I'll get you one," Roger said, playing the good host.
"Wait here."

"Thanks," Charles said. Secretly he wanted to kill Roger, the blackmailing
bastard even ruined his attempts to flee the room. It was all Roger's fault.
Once Kim had belonged only to Charles, she had devoted her life to their
life together, but Roger came along and that changed. Roger took Kim, then
he gave her away to others, all the while laughing at Charles' cluelessness.
The bastard had to pay!

"Are you okay?"

Cindy placed her hand soothingly on Charles' shoulder. It wasn't meant to
be a gesture of concern but Charles almost ripped Cindy's arm from her
socket in surprise. Instead he managed to downgrade it to grabbing her

"Bill?" Cindy asked, surprised.

"Huh? Oh sorry," Charles said, letting go. "I'm a little on edge tonight.
Woman problems."

"I guess. You want to talk about it?"

Charles shrugged. "That might be nice."

"Okay, but let's get out of here. This little show grosses me out."

"Okay." Charles took one last look at his wife pleasuring another man and
followed Cindy out of the room. She took him to the backyard. The moon shone
brightly in the starry sky, bathing the lawn with light.

"This should be private enough," Cindy said. "Most everyone is preoccupied
with the hooker, and for some reason Roger made sure the house was
soundproof, so no one inside can hear us. So let loose, what's wrong?"

"I think my girl might be cheating on me?" Charles said.

"Really? I'm sorry."

"Yeah, and I don't know what scares me more, the idea of losing her or
having to live with her and the knowledge she was unfaithful."

"That's a tough one," Cindy conceded.

"Yeah, but I think I know a way to make it easier."

"Oh? What's that?"

"This." Charles slammed his fist into Cindy's chin, knocking her
unconscious. Then, trying not to alert any of the neighbors, he dragged her
body to his car and took off.


When Cindy woke up Charles had already stripped her down and tied her to
the bed. She struggled but it was futile. Still it was fun to watch her
lithe naked body squirm. But after a while Charles decided it was time to
get down to business.

"Ahem," he coughed.

Cindy's head spun towards his direction. Her eyes grew wide with shock as
she realized that he too was naked.

"B-Bill? What's going on?"

"Whatever do you mean?" Charles asked innocently.

"What are you going to do to me?"

Charles let his finger glide across her leg, tracing it from the foot to
her inner thigh. Cindy tried to pull away but the rope held her in place.
"Simple. Bastard takes my wife, I take his girlfriend. Seems fucking fair,
doesn't it."

Charles fingered her cunt.

"Stop that," she whined. "Please."

"No matter, I'll be fucking you soon enough," Charles shrugged and pulled
his finger away. He tasted it. "Sweet," he declared.

"Hey, let's not get hasty," Cindy said nervously.

"What if I told you I planned this for weeks?"

"That's impossible."

"Oh, why?"

"I just sent you the telegram on Thursday."

Charles leapt on the bed and straddled Cindy's waist. She screamed but he
put his hand over her mouth, muffling her cries. Slowly he leaned forward
until only centimeters separated their faces.

"What did you say?"

"Mmm Mmm mmph."

Charles took his hand from her mouth.

"I said I sent you the telegram on Thursday," Cindy said. "And the videos."

"It was you? Why?"

"Because I wanted you to know. I wanted you to do something. Confront your
wife, go to the police. But you didn't do anything, you just let it keep

"I've been planning my moment," Charles said.

"Right, so now you're going to rape me. I wanted you to attack Roger, not
me. I didn't do anything wrong."

"Why would you want me to hurt your boyfriend."

"Because he's blackmailing me too. You think I want that bastard as my
boyfriend? But I don't have any choice."

"What's he got on you?"

"Proof I embezzled money from the company. I'm a vice president but Roger
figured it out. Once he found the paperwork I was stuck. So now he's got a
high level executive as his girlfriend, doing shit for him, making sure he
becomes a big man at the company. Then at night he gets to fuck her. Okay, I
don't have to fuck him so much now that he's got your wife willing to do any
sick fucking thing he can think of, but I'm still trapped. Look, you've got
to help me."

Charles thought about that.

"I'd rather rape you."

"What?! No!"

Charles shrugged. "Tough shit."

As he began to move down her body Cindy began to scream in protest.

"Please! I'll help you, I'll get you Roger. Just don't!"

Charles stopped just as he lined up his cock with her cunt. "How will you
get me Roger?"

"It easy right, you tell him you've got me. He's got too much invested in
me, I'm too important to him. If I'm gone all the work to have an executive
in his corner was for nothing. He'll do whatever you want, meet you


"Yeah, see, so you don't have to rape me."

"Don't have to, want to."

"Hey, no!"



And with that he thrust forward, slamming his hard cock into her cunt. She
screamed, but that didn't stop him as he pounded his member into her with
unrelenting force. She struggled, but it only seemed to encourage Charles.
He grabbed her breasts, squishing them roughly in his hands.

"No, stop," she yelled at him. Charles just smiled and continued to maul
her breasts as his hips continued to thrust his thick meat into her raw

She tried to dislodge him, but her bondage prevented any real success and
her efforts only forced her naked body to press harder against his. Their
naked flesh rubbing against each other in a wild struggle of hatred.

When her screams tapered off he leaned in and licked her face, scratching
her cheek with his rough, wet tongue. Cindy winced and Charles began to pump
his hips harder.

"Like that?" he asked cruelly.

"Stop, please," she whimpered.

"Shut up." He let his cock press further into her moist flesh, ramming his
invader through the folds of her cunt.

"You like that don't you bitch?"

"No," she whined.

Charles squeezed her breasts tightly. "I said you like that, don't you

"No. please stop."

Charles tightened his grip on her breasts and she yelled out in pain. "I
said, you like that, don't you bitch?"

"N... Yes."

"Moan bitch." Charles grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, allowing
him to thrust harder. His cock was shoved further into her body, pushing
towards her womb mercilessly.

"Ooooooh," Cindy moaned, trying to please him and avoid further pain.

"That's it," Charles said. He felt his muscles constrict, and he slowed
down his thrusts, turning them into long slow strokes, feeling the sensation
of her cunt clenched around his cock, the smooth walls sliding over his long

"Yes," he muttered as he exploded, sending lots of white of fluid shooting
from his cock like a fire hose into her cunt.

"You're mine now," Charles said, slapping Cindy's thigh. "I'll take you
whenever I want to and you're going to like it."


Roger was worried, he couldn't find Cindy anywhere. Everyone else had left
the party, wishing him well, but Cindy wasn't anywhere to be seen. That was
odd, she couldn't have left on her own, her car was still in the driveway.

Roger searched the house again but there was no sign of her.

The kitchen was filled with empty beer bottles and the remnants of bags of

In the bedroom Kim lay on the mattress, exhausted. She was covered in cum,
it leaked out of her cunt and ass. Her hair was a mess, covered in cum and
sticking in the air at odd angles. Kim's breasts were red from the constant
groping, and her cunt had that well worn look.

When the phone rang Roger rushed to it, expecting Cindy to be on the other
line. It wasn't. Rather it was a scratchy male voice that sounded vaguely


"Uh, yes, who is this?"

"Call me Jerhico. I have your girlfriend."

Roger froze.

"What do you want?"

"I offer a trade. I understand you have a sex slave that makes you a lot of
money in the porno market. Give me her and you can have your girlfriend
back. If not you will receive her head in a box."

"No! Okay, you've got a deal. You have the slut, just give me back Cindy."

"Really? Just like that? You have no qualms with giving me the slave?"

"No! You can have her!"

"She isn't attached?"

"What are you talking about? She's just a whore. You want her or not?"

"Very well. Meet us in the abandoned warehouse on Fifth street. We shall
trade there in two hours."

"Fine, fine."

And then the other side hung up.

Shit, they had Cindy. Man, he had to act fast. Everyone knew they were a
couple, if something happened to her they'd start investigating, maybe even
find out he's been blackmailing her. He might get demoted, or worse. Jail.
Shit. So he's lose the slut, so what, he could always find another. The new
one might not be willing to fuck two hundred of his closest friends, but
those were the breaks.

He kicked Kim in the ankle, one of the few parts of her body not covered in
cum. She stirred.

"Get cleaned up," Roger said urgently. "We're going out."

"What? Where?" Kim asked wearily.

"The fuck do you care? You just do as your told."

"I have to get home," Kim protested.

"Yeah, well first you have to do this. Now hurry up or I'll punish you."

That did it. Kim got up and stumbled toward the bathroom.


"I'm going to fucking kill the bastard," Charles yelled.

Cindy was in the back seat, her hand tied behind her back. "What did he

"What the fuck do you think? He agreed to the deal?"

"Isn't that what you wanted?"

"The bastard agreed to give up my wife to a complete stranger! Like he owns

"He does own her."

"Don't make me come back there," Charles threatened.

"Sorry," Cindy said meekly.


The car sped towards Fifth street.

"Where are we going?" Kim asked. Roger had made her put on the leather
bondage gear which bound her arms to her sides.

"To a warehouse," Roger muttered.

"What for? You're not going to make me fuck bums again are you?"

"No, I'm trading you."

"Trading me?!" Kim asked nervously.

"Yeah, for my girlfriend."

Kim sagged with relief. "You're going to let me go? Finally?"

"No, trading you. I give him you, he gives me her."


"I give him you, he gives me her. Fair trade."

"B-but what happens to me?"

"Don't know, don't care. You'll be his property I guess."

"What?! No! What about Charles?!"

"How the fuck should I know?!"

"No! The only reason I did anything for you was so I could keep my husband.
I'm not going along with this!"

"Shut up, you'll do what you're told!"

"No! Let me out!" Kim struggled against her bonds, but the leather was to
strong. She spent the rest of the car ride screaming.

When they got to the location Roger had to pull her from the car. She kept
screaming, yelling for help. Roger had to shock her with a tazer before she
shut up. He dragged her into the warehouse where Cindy and her kidnapper
were already waiting.

The kidnapper was wearing a ski-mask and all black. Cindy was wearing the
same clothes from the party, although they were more disheveled than
usually, and Roger could swear her tit was hanging out of her shirt. Her
arms looked like they were tied behind her back.

"You have the girl?" the kidnapper shouted from across the warehouse.

"Yeah. How's this work?"

"We send them walking at the same time. If your girl tries to run, I kill
you all."


Kim, still woozy from the tazer, was in no state to understand what was
going on, so he pushed her towards the kidnapper and she began to dimly
stumble forward.

"Keep going," Roger commanded and she walked forward.


Charles bristled. His wife was walking towards him wearing some sort of
leather swimsuit that restricted her arm movements. She was stumbling as
though she had been beaten.

"Okay, time to go," Charles said, pushing Cindy forward.

Cindy spun around and shook her head. "Don't make me go back to him."

It was hard to see under the mask, but Charles raised his eyebrow. "What?"

"Don't make me go back to him. I'll stay with you."

"Sorry, I've already got a wife."

"But she's a slut. She's been with more men than any hooker in the state.
I've only been with Roger. I'm clean."

"Lady, I raped you."

"It's still better than him! He's going to turn me into your wife, I know
it. The second I stop being useful he's going to turn me into a cumbucket
for all his friends. Don't make me go back."

"A deals, a deal. But here," he gave cut free the ropes holding Cindy's
arms behind her back and handed her a small piece of plastic. She looked up
at him and he shrugged. "Do with it what you will."

"Thank you," she said and started to walk toward Roger. When she passed Kim
she shot the whore a dirty look before continuing on.

Kim stumbled forward until she fell into Charles' arms. "Please don't," she

"Don't what?" Charles asked, trying to disguise his voice.

"Don't make me go with you. I have a husband, please, I just want to go
back to him."

"Your husband doesn't seem to want you."

"Not him, someone else."

"You were a sex slave but you were married to someone else."


"And your husband was okay with this?"

"He didn't know."

"Then I'm doing him a favor. cheating wives aren't worth much."

"No," Kim said, shaking her head. "I love my husband. I was blackmailed."

"Blackmailed into becoming a porn star? Blackmailed into fucking around? I
don't think so lady. A person who doesn't want to be blackmailed can't be
blackmailed. You're just a whore. But out of curiosity, what did Roger
blackmail you with?"

"There was a magazine I posed nude in, back in college."

"That's it?"

"I didn't want my husband to find out."

"So instead you fucked a thousand men. Yeah, that's a lot better."

"No, please, it's not like that. I love my husband. I'd do anything to stay
with him."

"Anything but trust him with the truth. I don't think you'll ever see your
husband again."

"No. Please. Nooooooooo!"

Charles knocked her unconscious and dragged her from the warehouse.


When Charles opened the door Cindy rushed past him. He slammed the door
shut and turned. Cindy was staring at him, he didn't like it so he grabbed
her by the hair and pulled her towards him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he yelled.

"You've got to hide me," Cindy said scared. She was fidgeting and trying to
adjust her position to avoid the pain of having her roots being ripped out
of her head.

"Why should I do that?" Charles snarled.

"Roger. I think I killed him."

"Beg pardon?" He let go of her hair and she backed up.

"I think I killed him. I used the box cutter you gave me and tried to slash
him wrists when he was sleeping. There was so much blood. I had to take a
shower to get it all off me."

"Okay, calm down. Where's the box cutter now?"

"In my purse," Cindy said. She held up her purse and was about to open it
when he stopped her.

"No, not just now. Where are the clothes you had on when you cut his

"In my purse."

"Okay. Think really hard, was there anything you may have done to the
blood? Smeared it, left a trail, anything?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Okay. Okay. So you might be okay. Now this is very important. Did Roger
get a package today?"

"Huh? Yeah, it said to not open until Thursday."

Charles checked his watch. "Good, right on time."


"Nothing. Nothing."

"What am I going to do?"

"Calm down, first thing we have to do is get rid of your purse. It's filled
with evidence," Charles said. He took it from Cindy's unresisting hands.
"Right, so next thing we do is..."

He grabbed her hair again, pulled her forward, and knocked her out.


Roger felt week. His body was covered in blood. He had to get to a phone,
call for help. Oh god, he was going to die.

And he was right, because it was at that moment that the time bomb Charles
had sent him exploded, eventually incinerating the entire house. It's
amazing what Macgyver fans will put on the internet.


Charles really didn't have any choice but to let them in. They were the
police, detectives they said. Charles took a close look at the badges, they
looked real.

"How can I help you detectives?" Charles asked. It was a task keeping his
nervousness under control. He could probably take them both out if they
didn't have guns. One was old and fat, the other thin as a post.

"Charles, can I call you Charles?" asked the thin one.


"Look, we're investigating an arson. Funny thing though, you wife's car was
in the driveway. Can you think of why that might be?"

Fuck it, thought Charles, it wasn't like he'd get away with it. He'd left
too much evidence. When you're angry you don't cover your tracks very well.

"Yeah, my wife was fucking the guy. Roger, right? Bastard was blackmailing
my wife so I burned his house down. Blew up his new one too, in case you're
investigating that one."

"Really," the thin detective said. He gave his partner an amused smirk.

"Yup. Burned it to the ground. Very satisfying."

"I'm sure it was."

"So you two want to arrest me now?"

"I don't think we have to do that, what do you think Ted?"

The old one shook his head. "Nah."

"I'm missing something here," Charles said, confused.

"Yeh, see, thing is, we want in."

"In? In on what?"

"This whole revenge thing. Look, we'll help you cover all this shit up, but
you help us."

Charles became suspicious. The cops were holding all the cards, so what
were they up to. "Help you with what?"

"We're sick of all this shit," the old one explained. "We've got a shit
load of other files back at the station we've been looking at. Kidnappings,
blackmail, white slavery, extortion, a lot of them young women being forced
against their will. It's kind of gotten to us. You're the first person we've
met that's actually done something about it. We want in."

Charles looked at them both, trying to read if they were tricking him. He
didn't think so, they both seemed so sincere. Charles let himself smile, it
looked like he would have an outlet for all his anger after all. He had been
worried, what with Roger gone, but now there was a whole world of Roger's
out there just waiting to get what was coming to them.


Cindy tried to protest from behind her ball gag but all that came out were
muffled cries. When she had come to she found that she had been shackled to
a wall, naked. The room looked like it was made completely of cement, with a
fluorescent light fixture on the ceiling bathing the entire room with

"There's no point in shouting," Kim said from across the room, similarly
shackled but with no gag. "It's Cindy, right? You're Roger's girlfriend.
Well it doesn't matter anymore, you'll never see him again."

No shit, Cindy thought.

"This guy's a real bastard. He doesn't make you do as much shit as Roger
but he's sadistic."

Cindy tried to mumble something in a tone she hoped conveyed her confusion.

"He keeps telling me I'll never see my husband again."

Cindy tried to scream at the stupid bitch. What kind of bimbo was Kim that
she couldn't even recognize her own husband.

"I know," Kim said miserably. "It's hell."

Cindy sighed.

She heard someone walk down a flight of steps and then Charles entered the
room through a wooden door Cindy hadn't seen before since it had been
obscured by the shadows. Charles was wearing the same ski mask as the day of
the exchange in the warehouse.

"Well, hello bitches," Charles said, taking great pains to disguise his

"Mmmgh!" Cindy shouted.

"Yes, welcome Cindy. I hope you enjoy your stay here. We have the most fun
here, isn't that right my cumbucket?"

"Yes sir," Kim said demurely.

"Right. I just came down here to tell you both that it looks like my time
is going to be diverted by a new project so I'm not going to be able to
spend as much time with you as I would like."

"Let me go!" Kim screamed. "Please! My husband's looking for me! I'll do
whatever you want, just let me see him again!"

"Stupid cunt," Charles laughed. "I've got friends in the police department.
Your husband isn't looking for you, he hasn't even filed a missing person's
report. From what I hear he's telling everyone you went on an extended

"No! You're lying," Kim said horrified.

"Think so? One day I should bring a phone down here so you can hear it for
yourself. But that's a matter for another day." Charles leaned close to her
and whispered into her ear. "I'm never letting you go, you whore. You're
mine forever."

Cindy wasn't sure what Charles said to Kim but she began to cry. When he
was done with his wife Charles straightened up and made his way to Cindy. He
grabbed her jaw and squeezed tightly.

"Listen up," Charles said quietly. "If you ever reveal to Cindy who I
really am I will make your life even more miserable than it is now. I'll use
you to experiment new tortures I plan to use on Kim just to see if they're
safe. If I choose to reveal my real identity it will be on my own terms, not

The way Charles said it, Cindy completely believed it.


Countdown until I stop writing sex stories: 4 stories to go

In case you were wondering, the planned 4 stories are a fantasy story set in
the Broken World, a series of IYA vignettes, a much demanded sequel to Faces
of Perfection, and a Legion of Superheroes story. I figured I started with
that I'll end with that.

Just a warning, the notes at the end of my last 4 stories are going to get a
lot more sappy. Or maybe they won't, for all I know I'll be in a strange
mood when I write them and I'll tell everyone about why I prefer fish over
fowl. The future holds many interesting things.

For me it holds 4 stories I intend to write for this particular audience. I
will continue to write, but not under this name, and not these kinds of

Oh what the hell, since this is the fifth to last sex story I'll be writing
why don't I start the sappines now. I'd like to take this moment to thank
anyone who ever wrote to me about a story. Without that kind of
encouragement I would have quit a long time ago. It does my heart good to
know that so many of you took time to actually think about what I wrote.

Sadly hotmail sucks dick and erased the majority of messages I got. I
remember them all fondly, just not in detail.

No proofreading? You better believe it. For some reason I can't seem to
justify it in my head.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

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