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Icing on the Cake


The Icing on the Cake
by Couture
(c) 2001

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


Today started out as not a very good day. It was my
birthday, but I had just moved to a new town and didn't
really know anyone to celebrate it with. So here I sat
on a ladder, painting the trim of outside of my garage.

However, my crappy day started getting better when I
overheard my neighbor talking on the phone in her
bedroom. Our houses sit very close together, and I
could hear every word she was saying. I stopped paying
attention to what I was doing, so I could listen to her

"Well he refuses to go down on me. He says real men
don't do that kind of thing. The only time I'm able to
have an orgasm is when I do it myself when he's not at

Uh-huh ... Uh-huh"

You know Gina, what I wouldn't give to find a guy who
would just go down on me. Ya know, no strings attached,
that way I wouldn't be cheating on Bill."

Yeah, I know. Who's going to be willing to just to eat
me huh, without expecting something more?"

Well, a girl can dream can't she?"

Hah-hah. Well nice talking to you too, Gina"

Bye babe!"

Damn! My dick had hardened, obscenely bulging out of my
jeans just from listening to her one-sided

You see, my neighbor is a gorgeous woman, with great
legs and a nice ass. She's 23 years old and her husband
around 28, I think. I don't understand him at all,
because I would eat her pussy every night if I was
married to such a beautiful sexy woman.

I only wish I had the guts to tell her, that I would do
*just that* for her, no strings attached. The only
problem is I'm way too shy, which is probably why her
husband has the hot wife and I'm out here painting the
house on my birthday.

Well, I've had enough of this, time to put this paint
stuff up and go jerk off, while thinking about eating
my gorgeous neighbor.

"Hey Tim! I just made some iced tea, do you want to
come inside and cool down for a bit?" Lisa said from
behind me.

Damn! She startled me and almost caused me to drop the
paint bucket. I barely caught it in time, but ended up
splashing wet paint all over my hands in the process.

"Sure, that would be nice Lisa," I said, while trying
to hide my hard-on with my paint bucket, as I walked
down the ladder. I followed her, staring at her ass and
long legs as she walked and what an ass it was. The
miniskirt she was wearing gave me a great view of her
long lean legs. Legs I would love to have wrapped
around my ears. Her husband truly must be a fool.

"Have a seat and rest Tim, I'll go get it for you,"
Lisa said from the kitchen, before returning with two
glasses of tea. When she leaned down to hand me my
cup, I was treated with a wonderful view of her breasts
dangling loosely in her bra. Then she sat down in the
chair in front of me.

"Boy it sure is hot out there, isn't it?" Lisa said, as
she placed her cup of iced tea against her throat. Her
nipples visibly hardened beneath her thin top. Shit,
she was so fucking sexy, I wasn't able to stand up.

"Yes, it's hot out there. It feels like the heat is
just leaning on you!" I replied, trying to be funny and
not doing a very good job of it, due to two eraser
sized distractions.

"Hee Hee. Yeah, I've been watching you work around your
house. I wish my husband would do more around here, but
he feels like everything's beneath him," Lisa said, as
she dangled her shoe off her foot and fidgeted with the
hem of her skirt.

I wondered if she was flirting with me. I thought back
to the conversation and pictured myself between her
long legs.

"I've never felt like *anything* was beneath me, Lisa."
God! I hope I wasn't too obvious or sounded too
desperate. Maybe it's time to break out the big guns
and go for the guilt. "I just feel bad having to paint
today, because it's my birthday."

"Awww . . . is it your birthday? If I had known, I
would have done something special for you," Lisa said
as she spread her legs slightly. Oh God, it looked
like she wasn't wearing panties. I tried to casually
glance back up her miniskirt, without getting caught.
She caught me anyway. Her look suggested she didn't

"Would my birthday boy like a piece of cake?" Lisa
said, as she pulled her skirt up, exposing her pussy.

Oh would I! "Yes," I replied hoarsely, trying to keep
my obvious excitement from showing.

I got down on my knees in front of her and stared at
her ripe aroused sex. I had always imagined her pussy
would be blonde and trimmed tightly, but in reality,
she wasn't a true blonde and it looked like she had
never trimmed her thick bush. Hell, who was I kidding?
I never dated anyone as pretty as she was, dark-hairy
pussy or not.

She brought my hands to her knees and used them to
spread her long legs wide. Ugh! She smelled fragrant,
almost as if she had been masturbating for an hour.
"Come on baby, eat your birthday cake!" she said, as
she pulled my head toward her moist matted cunt.

I spread her thighs wide, giving me a beautiful view of
her slick aroused sex. I opened her plump peach with
my fingers, streaking her thighs and pussy with white
paint. It made her even sexier, if that were possible.
I slowly leaned forward, reached my tongue toward her
fleshy nether lips and noticed a trace of pearly liquid
leaking from her pussy. Oh shit! That can only be one
thing . . . her husband Bill's cum. He must have just
fucked her.


"Uh huh. Sorry, I don't do that kind of thing. I better
go Lisa," I said, backing away from her wide-spread

"Oh no, you don't, Timmy. Not unless you want to
explain to Bill, how the white paint from your hands
got on my pretty pussy. You know Bill has a bad temper
and there's no telling what he would do," she said,
smirking down at me. "So I suggest you not be rude and
eat your cake."

I had no choice in the matter. I lowered my head to
her sex and began to lick at her clit. I tried to stay
as far away from the nasty jizz as I could get.

"That's it Timmy, eat your birthday cake. Mmmmm," Lisa

"Stop stalling and lick my pussy!" she demanded, as she
shoved my face in her cunt, forcing me to lick the cum
that dribbled out of her pussy.

It tasted as bad as I imagined. It was terribly salty
and bitter. I almost retched on the awful taste, but
kept licking so I could get this over with as soon as
possible. Somehow, this didn't turn out to be the
romantic movie scene I had imagined. It had taken a
wrong turn somewhere and dropped me off at a sick and
disgusting B-movie flick.

Lisa thrashed on the chair, grabbing my hair and
pulling me roughly into her cunt. "Oh! That's it bitch
... stick that tongue up there and get that nasty cum
out ... ahh!" she screamed.

There was no help for it, I was revolted, but I stuck
my tongue up her slick channel and lapped and sucked at
the bitter cream. How had this happened to me and how
was I going to continue to live next door? I knew then
that every time I would see Bill in the future, I would
know that I had eaten his cum and every time I would
see Lisa, I would see myself on my knees eating her
freshly fucked cunt.

"Fuck yeah! Work that clit now Timmy, make me cum!"
Lisa grabbed my ears and ground her hairy cunt on my
face, coating it with the mixture of their spent
fluids. "Oh Fuck! Oh!" "Ahhh! Ugh you cunt! Fuck! Oh
yeah I'm cuuuummmmminnnng!"

She held my head tightly against her cunt, roughly
thrusting her mound against my face. Lisa finally let
my ears go after she was spent and I knelt staring at
her gaping pink pussy. She was a sick demented bitch,
but she was a still gorgeous sick demented bitch. I
blushed as she looked down at my cum encrusted face and
pushed a finger in my mouth.

"That was delicious Timmy," she said. "You did a
wonderful job on my pussy. I only wish that Bill would
go down on me like that. Ha Ha. No strings attached
okay Timmy?"

Oh God! She knew I was listening to her phone
conversation, if she was even having one at all! Lisa
had set me up and now she was making sure I knew it.
She wanted me to know that I had been used and *used

That was the icing on the cake.

The End

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copyright with all rights reserved by its author
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