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I'll Do Anything

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"How many people are going to be gang banged tonight? Who
will be forced to do humiliating and demeaning acts? Will
someone's life be ruined forever? Ladies and gentlemen,
before we find out the answers to those questions, I have
several important announcements."

The audience was irate. The show was already an hour late
and it looked like more delay. It was hard to believe that
the number one program on world television could be so
screwed up.

"The smell is nothing to worry about. All the toilets
overflowed, but the maintenance crew is finally cleaning up
the mess."

The smell was something to worry about. People were choking
and gagging. Several threw up and a number were asking to
leave although no one could find the exits.

"In the meantime, please use the Port-A-Potties the ushers
are now wheeling into the aisles. Also, do not eat any of
the free candy that was passed out earlier. It seems it's a
powerful laxative and not the Goody Munch Bar advertised on
the package."

Dozens of people jumped up when the ushers started to wheel
the Port-A-Potties into the building. They must have eaten
the laxative candy and now had serious problems to
consider. Even though two of the toilets were knocked over
and several fights started as people tried to relive
themselves, the announcer seemed unperturbed and moved
along with the show. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to
introduce the Host of 'We're Here to Help', Jeff

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH." The audience went crazy when they
saw Jeff. It was only a matter of time before the fun would
Jeff walked up the main aisle looking for the first
contestant. "Would Marilyn Zabben please raise your hand."

The audience heard the shriek first and then watched as a
women in the fifth row jumped out of her seat with her hand
pointed straight up in the air. Three small children sat in
the seats beside her and they somehow understood how
important this moment could be. The two darling girls and
the cute little boy obviously belonged to Marilyn. It was
wonderful. They were going to be able to watch their
mother's triumph.

"Marilyn, tell us what brings you to the show."

"My husband deserted me and the children three months ago
and we're destitute. I have a job cleaning hotel rooms, but
I don't make enough money to cover even half of our
expenses. If I don't raise $4 thousand in the next week,
I'm going to be evicted from my home and lose my children
to the State Orphanage. I'm desperate, Jeff, and I'll do
anything to get the money."

"Oooooooh." The audience feigned concern knowing it was
just a matter of time before Marilyn was put to the test. A
mother with her back up against the wall would certainly
'do anything' to save her children. A silence fell over the
crowd as they waited in anticipation for both shoes to

"Okay, Marilyn, the producers tell me that the Richardson
Foundation is willing to make it possible for you to earn
the whole $4 thousand before the end of the program. What
do you think of that?"

"I've been on my knees every night praying to the lord to
bring me salvation. My prayers have been answered, Jeff.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Once again we see the power of prayer, ladies and
gentlemen. Okay, Marilyn, before you get a crack at the big
money, you have to overcome hurdle number one. Audience,
what's the first thing Marilyn has to do? "

The crowd screamed out as one person, "TAKE OFF ALL YOUR

"That's right, Marilyn, I'm putting 60 seconds on the
clock. As soon as I mention an item of clothing, the clock
will start and keep running until you've taken it off and
thrown it to some lucky audience member. It you run out of
time, you'll miss the chance to make the $4 thousand you
need so badly. Any questions?'

"I don't think I can strip off in front of my children and
the whole audience, Jeff. Do I really have to do it?"

"Yes, and you better get ready to start because I want to
see your dress fly off you body. Start the clock."

Marilyn didn't move at first as the sweep second hand made
it's relentless journey toward one minute. She soon
realized there was no reprieve and the thought of the $4
thousand slipping through her fingers was more than she
could bear. She reached behind her back and unzipped the
dress. This gave her enough freedom to let it fall to the
floor and she just had to step out of it. She quickly bent
over, picked up the dress and threw it to an audience
member. She stood there in a very modest white bra and
matching panties waiting to see what she had to take off

"What do you say, audience, do you want to see some tits?"

"Yaaaaaa." They did, big time.

"Okay, Marilyn, the Richardson Foundation is going to
sweeten the pot. They'll give you $20 for every second left
on the clock after you finish stripping down to your skin.
You've got 50 seconds left so you could make enough to buy
food for the whole month. Let's see the tits. Get that bra
off now."

When Jeff mentioned getting money to buy food, Marilyn
remembered she had not eaten anything in two days. She no
longer cared if her children watched her humiliate herself
or if a bunch of strangers saw the most personal parts of
her body. She could only think of what she could do with
that money. She was hungry. Her hands quickly went behind
her back and the bra was removed in only a few seconds and
thrown to a lucky audience member.

Her children didn't know what to do. Their mother had just
stripped off her panties and a man was now wearing them as
a hat. Then she threw her shoes into the audience and stood
there completely naked. The crowd went crazy. Dozens of
cameras flashed, recording the moment for posterity. A lot
of these pictures would end up on the Internet and act as a
constant reminder of what happened here today.

"Let's walk to center stage, Marilyn, and see what you'll
have to do to make the big money. Come on kids. You can
come along for good luck."

Marilyn and the children were soon center stage. 400 pair
of eyes were focused on her nudity and she turned crimson
knowing that this was just a minor embarrassment compared
to what would happen next. A hush fell over the crowd as
they waited to see what Jeff had in store for her. One of
the little girls clutched at her mother's naked leg while a
tear slowly trickled down the cheek of the other. The
little boy tried to put on a brave front even though he was
only 8 years old.

"Before we tell you what you'll have to do to make the $4
thousand, I want everyone to know just how wonderful the
Richardson Foundation is. Earlier today they sent a bus
down to the ghetto and picked up 40 homeless men and
brought them here to the studio for a meal and an
opportunity to make a couple of bucks."

A side door opened and 40 indigents slowly staggered into
the room. It looked like the Richardson Foundation provided
the men with an unlimited supply of wine in addition to the
hearty meal. Many of the men appeared disoriented and
didn't seem to know where they were. The audience could
hardly stand the smell emanating from the hapless dregs of
humanity and watched in disgust as several of them threw up
on the stage.

The man Jeff interviewed didn't seem to be quite as messed
up as some of the other guys. "Well, folks, I've been
talking to Willie here and it seems he is down on his luck
and he hasn't worked in a long time. Let's see if we can
help him out."

Willie liked the sound of that and hoped it meant his next
meal wouldn't be coming out of the trash container behind
the Wheeler Bar and Grill. He tried to focus on what Jeff
was saying. "Seems good to me, Jeff. What ya got for me,

"$200, Willie, and all you have to do is sell me your
clothes. What do you say, big guy? Those rags don't look
like there worth a nickel and look at all the wine you can
buy with 200 bucks. In fact we'll buy the clothes from
everyone of you guys." Jeff waved a large stack of money in
the air to show his good faith.

It took awhile before the men understood what was going on,
but the clothes started coming off in twos and threes at
first, and finally flew off in an avalanche of poor taste.
Some of the men wanted the money. Others just joined in for
the fun. A few people didn't know what was happening and
were helped out of their clothes by their compatriots.

"Here's where you come in, Marilyn. I want you to go over
to the bed there at the side of the stage and fuck all 40
of these guys. For everyone you do, we'll give you a $100."

Marilyn was in shock as Jeff eased her over to the side of
the stage. Somehow she found herself laying on the bed
where the 40 guys were gathering around. Most of them
hadn't been laid in years so this seemed like a great idea
to them.

"Come here kids. You can help your Mom. Take this pad of
paper. Every time one of the guys fucks your Mom, make a
mark on the pad. She'll get a hundred dollars for each mark
on the page. Can you do it?"

The children were all crying by then, but they knew how
important it was for their mother to make some money so
they nodded their heads yes.

Marilyn thought of backing out, but it was too late. One of
the homeless men was already on top of her, forcing his
scabby cock into her pussy. He was done in less than 30
seconds and another man quickly moved in to take his place.
Several of the others got impatient and rolled the couple
over. Soon Marilyn was being fucked in the ass and the
pussy at the same time. She decided she could get it over
faster if she just went with it and soon was giving another
one of the men a blow job.

"What is it, Ruthie?" One of the little girls was trying to
get Jeff's attention as her mother got the attention of the
40 lust crazed men.

"Does it count if my mommie gets stuck in the poopie by one
of those horrible people."

"It sure does, Ruthie, and it also counts if she sucks on
one of their dicks or plays with their cocks with her hand.
So just mark all of them down."

The little girl quickly made more marks on her pad. Marilyn
realized that she could make even more money if she just
worked a bit harder and soon was given two more guys hand
jobs. She didn't know how long she would last, but hoped
she could do each one of these guys twice before the show
was over.
Two naked people walked on stage. It was obvious that they
were upset about being there and yet looked determined to
go through with it.

"Hey everybody, I want you to meet Joe and Linda
Finsterwall. Joe and Linda had a bit of bad luck and if
they don't come up with the $100 thousand they embezzled
from their employer, they'll be heading to the slammer for
5 to 10 years."

The audience knew the Richardson Foundation could come up
with the money. It was just a matter of what the
Finsterwalls would have to do to earn it.

"Linda, you can do this one on your own. All you have to do
is go into the audience and convince the guys to let you
give them blow jobs. For each one you do, you'll get a
thousand dollars. Do you have any problems with this, Joe?"

"Hell no, it's about time she got off her ass and made a
couple of bucks to help out."

Linda seemed concerned and finally said, "I can't give a
hundred guys blow jobs by the end of the program, Jeff. No
way can I make the money we need."

"Not a problem, Linda. We'll give you a thousand for every
guy who fucks you in the ass, too. You can do 'em two at a
time that way."

For a brief moment, Linda thought she could do it, but then
realized it wasn't possible. "I still don't think I can do
it, Jeff. Maybe I could do fifty."

"Well, that's why marriage is a partnership, Linda. Joe get
your ass out in the crowd and start giving it up. I'm sure
there's a lot of guys who'd love to have you suck their
dicks and fuck your fat ass."

"No fucking way, Jeff. I'm no fag and no scum bag is going
to stick it to me."

"Ah, that's too bad." Jeff was the master at looking
sincere. "You probably will like the class of guys that
will punk you in jail a lot better than the guys in our

Joe realized that he would probably be someone's cum slut
in jail for the next ten years and have to get in on with
hundreds of guys in the slammer. He decided he had no
choice and resolutely went to work.

The audience cheered and screamed as they watched Joe and
Linda sucking off any guy who wanted it and taking it up
the ass from anyone who came along. A big cheer went up
when Joe begged some guy to please let him suck him off and
Father Murphy finally relented.
"Jeff, it's that time in the show where we ask one of
viewers to help us with a suggestion. This week we've flown
in Victor Adep who attends AE Neuman Middle School."

A young lad wearing a blue blazer, red bow tie and white
bell bottom pants walked out on the stage and waved at the

"Jeff, I've looked forward to meeting you ever since I
started watching your program. This is one of the few
television programs that makes sense."

"Well, thanks Vic. We really appreciate recognition for the
services we perform."

Suddenly there was a shriek from center stage. Jeff and Vic
raced over to see what was going on and were surprised to
find Missy Zabben, Marilyn's six year old daughter, naked
and giving one of the homeless men a blow job while another
tried to jam his cock into her tiny pussy.

"What's wrong Marilyn? Vic and I heard you scream and
wonder if we can help?"

As soon as Marilyn opened her mouth to complain. One of the
homeless men pushed his cock into it and grabbed her hair.
He pulled her faced into his crotch and started fucking
away. She felt the dick in her throat and gave up trying to
say anything.

"Hey kids, look at your sister helping mom make some
money." Jeff looked at the other two children and they
sensed they were doing something wrong. "You better take
your clothes off and help out. I'll get one of the stage
hands to keep track of the score."

While the other children were trying to decide if they
wanted to join in the fun, several of the winos realized
that they actually liked youngsters better than women. They
were soon chasing the two little tykes around the stage.
The audience cheered when the little boy was finally
trapped and two of themen ripped off his clothes. The
youngster soon was helping his mother raise money front and

When the other little girl saw her older brother getting
fucked she gave up and took her clothes off, too. Soon the
whole Zabben family was participating in the smelliest orgy
anyone had ever experienced.
"Hey, what do you think of the Zabben's, Vic? You know what
they say, 'The family that lays togethers, and some other

"Yah, whatever, Jeff. When do we get to my part."

"Right now, Victor. Let's turn on the remote pickup."

A jumbo big screen was lowered from the ceiling giving the
audience a clear picture of a classroom at some boys
school. The twenty plus twelve year old boys were staring
at their teacher and for good reason. Mrs. Insala was the
hottest looking babe any one of them had ever seen. She
secretly got off wearing revealing clothes and sat on the
edge of her desk so the boys could get a good look at her
underwear or bare pussy if she didn't have any panties on.
Most of the boys in the class had hard ons at all times and
when one of them happened to cum in his pants, she made him
stand in front of the class for the rest of the session.

"Hi Mrs. Insala. Jeff Walker here with someone you know. Go
ahead Vic, say hello."

"Hi Mrs. Walker. Victor Adep here. I'm really not sick
today. I gave Jeff some pictures of you and can't wait to
see what happens next."

As soon as the audience heard the word pictures, a large
cheer rose up from the crowd. They new what this meant.
Blackmail. And, they loved watching the victim squirm.

A shabby looking deliver boy entered the classroom and
handed Mrs. Insala a manila envelope stuffed full of
pictures. As soon as she saw the first one tears came to
her eyes and she said, "How did you get these. They're
filthy. You can't show anyone."

"Vic and I don't want to show anyone, but that's up to you.
If you do what we say, no problem. If you don't the
principle, police chief, your husband and your mother all
will get their own copies."

"You can't do that. Please don't. I'll do anything you

It took Jeff a long time to get the audience under control.
The boys in the classroom were getting quite interested
since most of them watched the program and knew something
good was going to happen.

"Now let me get this right. You said you'd do anything if
we didn't show these pictures to anyone. Is that right?"

"Yes, Jeff." She looked totally defeated and Jeff knew it
was just a matter of letting her know what she had to do.

The boys in the class got right into it when their teacher
had to jump up on her desk and do a strip tease. They'd
been getting peeks at her undies for months, but now they
were getting a look at everything.

A rousing cheer went up when she revealed her enormous
breasts that bounced and jiggled as they popped out of her

The boys were fascinated as their teacher stood naked on
her desk with her legs spread wide apart. Jeff had her
masturbate and play with her tits as the young boys looked

She wasn't allowed to stop until she got off hard with a
major orgasm. By then the young men surrounded her desk and
all watched her from only inches away.

Finally Jeff had the boys line up by height and they got to
take turns fucking their teacher. Jeff explained that each
boy in the class was going to have his own set of pictures
and so she could expect to be putting out a lot over the
next few years.
"Okay, Mr. Announcer, who's next?" Jeff was ready for the
next contestants and the audience couldn't wait to see what
came next.

"Jeff, let's bring on the Johnson family. Henry, Mildred,
little six year old Sissy and their family dog, Barkie."

The Johnsons were on last week. It seemed that poor Mildred
needed a heart transplant or she would die within four or
five months. She was so low on the donor list that it was
unlikely she would get one. The Johnsons had no money so
things looked pretty grim for Mildred. Fortunately the
Richardson Foundation was willing to help out.

"Okay Johnsons, you know what to do."

The family started to strip down in front of the audience.
Sissy seemed shy about it, but her mother soon had her
taking her clothes off. When the family was through
undressing, it was obvious what Mr. Johnson was thinking

Mr. Johnson had a throbbing erection that almost pointed to
the ceiling. Little Sissy was very embarrassed by this and
kept trying to pull it down. This seem to have the opposite
effect and she soon gave up.

"Okay, Mildred. Tell us what you had to do."

"The Richardson Foundation said they would get me a new
heart as soon as we trained Barkie to fuck Sissy on
command, Jeff. Well, he can do it now."

"What do you say, audience."

The audience loved it. This was the kind of thing they
lived for and couldn't wait for the action to start.

"Okay, Johnsons, show us your stuff. You've got five
minutes to do it."

Mildred pushed Sissy down on her hands and knees as Henry
pulled Barkie up on her back. It was obvious that Barkie
knew what was coming next and so did Sissy.

A large red mass forced it's way from between Barkie's
legs. The dog was so excited that he couldn't get it into
the young girls pussy. Mildred grabbed it and guided it
into the Sissy's cunt. As soon as it was there, Barkie
started pumping away. It was obvious that the dog would
easily make the time limit.

"Hey, Johnsons. You really got this down to a science. How
did you do it, Mildred."

"I frigged her pussy until Barkie noticed the smell, Jeff.
Then I sucked on his doggie cock until he was hard. Once we
had that, no problem. We had to do it fifteen or twenty
times before he got the hang of it and Sissy didn't cry any
more after about the tenth time."

Jeff decided to extend the show's generosity. "Well
Johnsons, you get the heart, but the operation is going to
cost a lot more than you have. We can help."

The Johnsons didn't realize that the heart was not enough
and thought that maybe all their work had been for nothing.

"Henry, all you have to do is have sloppy seconds after
Barkie and we pay for the operation."

Mildred and Henry looked stunned. The audience felt that
they were not going to do it. It did seem like the ultimate
in disgusting acts after they had to get their dog to fuck
their daughter. Before either of them could answer, Sissy
said, "Don't worry Popsie, we can pretend we're home. I'll
close my eyes and think it's just you sneaking into my

When Mildred heard that, she grabbed at her chest and fell
to the floor. Even though she died, the Richardson
Foundation decided to award the family the cash equivalent
of a heart and the transplant operation. Henry and Sissy
were very happy to hear this and left the stage hand in
When Jeff checked back on the Zabben's he found out that
Marilyn and her three children were being carried out of
the room. They made $12,300 before passing out. Even though
the homeless men had gotten off quite a number of times,
they still seemed restless.

"Time's up for the Finsterwalls and I'm sorry to say they
only were able to blow and take it up the ass from 93
people so they don't make it, Jeff."

"Ah, that's too bad, Mr. Announcer. Tell you what
Finsterwalls, we'll give you a chance to run down the Magic
Highway and if you agree, you get the $100 thousand."

The Finsterwalls had no choice. They either got the $100
thousand or it was jail.

The stage hands got the naked winos lined up in two ragged
lines. Each one was given a cat of nine tails and told to
use it on the Finsterwalls as they tried to run the

As soon as the Finsterwalls made their first steps, the
homeless men rushed forward and started to bring down their
whips. In the crowded area, they seemed to hit each other
more than they hit the Finsterwalls.

A number of the men didn't realize that they were doing
something new and threw the Finsterwalls to the ground.
Once they hit the stage they didn't have an empty orifice
and the whipping never stopped. Even though both of the
Finsterwalls were unconscious when their bodies were
dragged off the stage, the Richardson Foundation still came
through with the money.

The audience was puzzled when they saw Jeff and the rest of
the crew slip on gas masks. Their puzzlement turned quickly
to disgust when a large vat was moved on stage. The square
was about five feet high and seemed to be filled with shit
and piss. The aroma was horrible.

The announcer stepped up to the mic and said, "I have an
announcement. All you people who were sent free tickets to
the show should know that it was done as part of a police
sting operation. Right now there are 100 police officers
outside the front doors waiting to arrest you. Your only
escape is through the door at the back of the stage."

A small door was open a few feet above the top of the shit
box. The only way that a person could get through the door
would be to jump into the box. At first no one in the
audience moved, but when the rear doors opened and the
hundred police started to rush into the room, there was a
mad dash to the shit box.

Most of the people jumped over the side and slide into the
crap up to their chests. A few foolish people dove in head
first and had a difficult time getting back to the surface.
Dozens of people were fighting and clawing their way to
safety, oblivious to what they were doing.

The police watched as the criminals got away. They didn't
seem too upset about this turn of events and the audience
thought that maybe they were going to arrest Jeff or the
representatives of the Richardson Foundation.

Instead, Chief Marley came up and shook Jeff's hand. "Jeff
I want to thank you for all your help. We have a hundred
more officers out back with search dogs. No way those
people will get away smelling like that. You've done a
humanitarian service and I want to thank you on behalf of
policemen everywhere."

The audience applauded this bit of news and watched the
police leave the room in hot pursuit of the crooks.
"Ladies and gentlemen, that's all we have time for this
week. Tune in next week to see what fun and games the
Richardson Foundation will play to help out the unfortunate
people of the world."
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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