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Illiana and the Millipenis


Illiana and the Millipenis: A love story (caution-tentacle rape,
extreme, inc, yng, demonic, magic, lesbian, mast, ff, F/ff, lact,demon~f,
fist, demon+~virgin f, m+f, Ff, f+/F, toy, veg, best, f+~horse)
by Demon Bound

Explanation: This is actually one of my earliest stories, and it was
inspired by a picture that I downloaded from a site called Naughty
Tentacle. I more than went over the top on this one, it actually gets
to be pretty cartoon like, and even for anime (which is where the
basic idea comes from) this is impossible to the point of lose of
willing suspension of disbelief. But if you like the tentacle rape
subgenre, it may amuse you.

Yes, this Gabby is loosely based on the Gabby in my Snow White
story. I'm thinking about doing more 'Gabby' stories basically
connected by Gabby as a supporting character in various genres.

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound mind and interested in
sex stories. If you aren't, don't read them. I'm not advocating or
promoting anything and no real people are represented. My stories
may contain sexual situations you will find offensive, I try to include
content information in the parenthesis after the titles, check those
codes before reading, they are pretty self explanatory. You've been
warned about the content, so if you read my stories the
consequences are chosen and borne by you. With that in mind,
please take a walk on my Darkside and cum.

begin story
Gabby thought she was safe as she surreptitiously rubbed at her
crotch through the heavy wool of her school uniform skirt. After all,
the audacious redhead was in the very back of the class of twenty
three young girls, and the teacher, sister Magdalene, had her back
to the class. So as long as no-one looked around they wouldn't see
that Gabby was pushing the silk of her panties back and forth
between her throbbing pussy lips.

It was a hot spring day, and the big classroom was stifling. Our Lady
of Innocence, school for girls, had been built in the boxy style of the
turn of the last century, the building had thick walls and small
windows. This room was devoted to mathematics and biology, so
there was a strange mixture of geometric diagrams, religious
pictures of Jesus and the Saints, and diagrams of the human body
and a dissected frog. sister Magdalene was droning on about non-
Euclidean hyperspacial theorems and proofs, and was drawing a
complex illustrative diagram on the front chalk board, with her back
to the class. The students, all young girls, were bored and restless,
but since the catholic boarding school was very strict, and sister
Magdalene was even stricter, they tried to stay still and quiet so as
to avoid God's direct wrath in the form of detention or a smart
smack of the Sister's riding crop. Some said that there were even
more sever punishments for extreme sinners among the young girl,
delivered by the statuesque blonde nun behind closed doors, but
that was probably just talk. Still, none of the girls wanted to take a

Except Gabby.

As the sensations built in Gabby's moist pussy, she half-closed her
large green eyes. She felt her panties beginning to soak through
with her own lascivious juices. She started to open and close her
thighs rhythmically. She'd had lots of practice, so this didn't make
any sound. It did attract the notice of the girl sitting in the desk next
to her when Gabby's swinging knee banged into the other girl's leg.
The startled girl looked over at Gabby's slightly flushed face, then
down under the desk.

The girl's big blue eyes widened as she realized what Gabby was
doing. Her sweet, gentle face blushed scarlet, the flush plunged
deep into her white sailor blouse. She quickly shook her head, no,
trying to get her friend to stop her prurient activity. But Gabby just
grinned and left her thighs wide open, brushing against the other
girl's leg suggestively as she rubbed through the heavy plaid.

The girl next to her was her good friend so Gabby was pretty sure
she could get away with this outrageous behavior. Illiana probably
didn't approve, but also wouldn't turn her in.

Illiana didn't approve at all! She was a good girl, so she shoved at
Gabby's leg with her own, trying to force the other girl to stop what
she was doing, or at least to not participate herself. The other girl
only gave her a wide lipped grin and continued to push the heavy
fabric against the silk covering her cunt. She was imagining that it
was her friend's long fingered hand at her puss.

"Stop it, Gabby," whispered Illiana, "you're going to get in trouble!"

"No. It feels so good," whispered Gabby playfully, "you should help.
What kind of friend are you? Maybe just a little lick?"

"Gabby!" gasped the innocent Illiana.

Suddenly the room got very quiet.

Slowly sister Magdalene turned away from her diagram to focus her
cold, blue gaze on the two girls at the back of the room. After a long,
chilling silence, she spoke.

"Gabrielle, Illiana, since you don't seem to be able to concentrate on
the lesson now, perhaps you'll join me after class during the
detention period, to discuss it," said sister Magdalene in her quiet
forceful way.

"Yes, sister Magdalene," the two girl's chorused


Detention was even less interesting than geometry. After a long
stern lecture on the value of learning and obedience, sister
Magdalene had had them sit at their desks doing nothing. The nun
took down one of her many old leather-bound books, and started to
read. Soon, the girls were bored, the teacher wasn't paying
attention to anything but her book, the room was still hot and
stifling, and Gabby was still horny since she'd stopped before she

Time for a little fun. Gabby looked over at the beautiful girl in the
desk next to her. Illiana wasn't paying attention, daydreaming as
usual, so Gabrielle was able to take a nice long look. Gabby's eyes
wandered over Illiana's sweet oval face framed in shoulder length
lustrous brown hair, the straight nose, the full pouty lips. The girl
was modestly dressed, her pretty sailor blouse with its blue trim and
sailor's flap was fully buttoned and the bow was neatly tied. Though
large breasted, she wore a chaste white silk bra that kept her
bosom safely confined. The sailor blouse, which had a medium
neckline and a small sailor style bow, was tucked neatly into the
knee length plaid skirt with a black leather belt. Her long legs where
clad in neat white knee-socks with blue trim, and her shoes were
shinny black leather. Gabby knew her panties were pure white and
full cut because she'd surreptitiously watched the other girl change
in the locker room during Physical Education.

She wondered what it would be like to push her tongue between
those innocent lips, to probe that hot oral opening. She wanted to
linger over unbuttoning that white blouse and cupping those ample
breasts. She imagined running her hands over those wide hips and
caressing her firm bottom. But she couldn't get away with that with
the Diamond Queen up front. She was sure the woman could put
coal up her ass and shit diamonds. She'd have to be more subtle.

Illiana was day-dreaming about Brad, the gardener's son. This
wasn't unusual, most of the girl's thought about Brad. His
shoulder's were broad, and his features handsome. Illiana
wondered what it would feel like to have his strong arms wrapped
around her. Would he try to kiss her? Would she let him? She
thought she would. She wanted to. She imagined him kissing her,
chastely at first, but then forcing his tongue between her lips,
silencing her murmured protests. Brad's strong hand caressed her
waist, her hip, lower. Oh Brad, how naughty. His hand even crept to
the hem of her school uniform skirt and up to her inner thigh! She
would stop him in a moment of course, she was a good girl. Then
the hand crept even higher! Surely the noble Brad wouldn't take
such liberties, but, because it was Brad, she let the stroking hand
linger just a few moments longer. It wasn't until the fingers brushed
against her labia through her white silk panties that she realized
that it wasn't a fantasy! A hand was really on her private parts--

Gabby grinned to herself as she felt her hand trapped by Illiana's
angrily clamped thighs. She'd managed to get pretty far before
Illiana had reacted. The other girl had to have been thinking about
some boy, probably Brad.

A small reverse tug of war began under cover of the desk as Gabby
tried to force her fingers under the other girl's panties, and Illiana
tried to quietly force the invader to leave. This wasn't the first time
Gabby had tried to seduce her friend.

Gabby had started by watching the other girl in the locker room.
She'd gotten wet watching Illiana put on her skimpy gym shorts.
She'd even managed to see Illiana's bare breasts, which were the
envy of many of the girls in the school. But it wasn't enough. She'd
approached the girl in the shower and offered to wash her back.
Illiana innocently let the other girl soap her back while they both
stood nude and slippery under the hot water. Gabby got down to
where the girl's wide hips flared out from her narrow waist, then
she started soaping the perfect heart shape bottom. Illiana froze in
shock as she felt soapy fingers rubbing down between the cheeks
of her ass, even going so far as to tease at her slippery back door.

She'd said, "Un...Gabby? I think I should do that part."

Gabby had said, almost panting, "Ok, then I'll do your front instead."

The next thing Illiana knew, Gabby had stepped close, spooning her,
and started grinding her red haired mound against the brunette's
bottom. At the same time, Gabby reached around to cup her friend's
double D breast with soapy hands, and to massage them under the
guise of soaping them..

She'd said, "Is this better, Illiana?"

Illiana has screamed, and pushed the other girl away from her, and
whirled to slap her. When Gabby backed off, she'd rinsed quickly
and fled. Gabby had stayed to masturbate under the warm water.
When she came out, Illiana was gone.

Illiana was mad for several days, then forgave her because they
were best friends.

After that Gabby tried several times to seduce Illiana, even crawling
into her bed in the dormitory one night, only to be rebuffed each
time. The closest she'd come was when she managed to catch
Illiana alone in the locker room. Illiana had taken to showering
quickly only when all the other girls where there so Gabby couldn't
do anything but watch, but this time Illiana had gotten extra laps at
P.E. for some minor offense and was late getting into the locker

Gabby had managed to get an older girl from the next year's class to
come with her into the locked room and stand near Illiana's locker.
The pretty black haired asian girl, Aika, had let Gabby kiss her, then
caress her petite body. She didn't really respond, but she didn't
stop Gabby either. Gabby had pulled the girl's jersey off and
suckled at the dark nipples. Aika had closed her pretty black eyes
and tilted her head back.

When Gabby heard Illiana open the door, she'd quickly turned Aika
around and made her put her arms up against the lockers and lean
over. This brought the topless asian girl's slender ass to
prominence through the thin blue gym shorts. When Illiana came
around the corner of her row of lockers, she saw Gabby kneeling
behind Aika. She had pushed aside the crotch of the gym shorts
and was tonguing the other girl's slit from behind. Aika was
whimpering and moaning in excitement, oblivious to everything but
her pleasure.

Illiana had hesitated, obviously shocked at this latest ploy. But she
needed to get to her locker to change, so she'd pretended to
ignored the whole thing. Aika's whimpers accompanied Illiana's
attempt to get into her school uniform for her next class. When
Gabby slipped a slender finger into the dripping gash of the older
girl, she simply had to look. Aika's pussy was hairless, shaved
totally smooth. For a long minute she watched the lesbian
encounter, standing in her sailor blouse, knee socks and black
shoes, and panties, but without her skirt. One hand supported her
against the locker and the other hesitated at the little bulge of baby
fat above her panties. The fingers actually started to slip under the
waistband. But Gabby started to do her favorite trick. Still finger-
fucking the submissive asian beauty, she started rimming the girl's
dark asshole. Aika climaxed instantly with a loud, high-pitched cry of

The sound galvanized Illiana into action. She'd grabbed her plaid
skirt, whipped it on, and left hurriedly, though not before she saw
Gabby stand, push Aika to her knees, and then pull the asian girl's
head to her pussy. The girl obediently started to lick Gabby through
her gym short.

That had only been three days ago. The present push-of-war was
only the latest skirmish. They struggled with each other quietly.
Gabby managed to push one finger under the panty's leg opening,
to feel some curly hair and smooth skin.

Neither wanted to draw sister Magdalene's attention.
Unfortunately, as Illiana managed to finally grab Gabrielle's wrist
and force her hand away, she also managed to scrape the desks
just slightly across the floor. Both girls stop, horrified, and look up at
the front of the room to sister Magdalene

But doom was averted. The Sister, seated behind her immense
wooden desk, hadn't noticed the noise, perhaps because of her
reading. She seemed strangely engrossed in the book. In fact, her
angular face was slightly flushed, and had lost some of it normal
harshness, though none of it's beauty. She read the tome eagerly,
her full lower lip caught between even white teeth, her mammoth
bosom heaved slightly with a kind of dark zeal. She never even
looked up.

After a moment, the girls breathed a sigh of relief, and sat very still.

For a while.

But Gabby, deprived of one pussy to play with, still had one that had
never refused a friendly fingering. She slipped a hand down under
her own skirt. She was already wet, her panties damp. Gabby
rubbed at the cute little anime kitten printed on the front of her pink
panties. Aika had given her the panties. She knew from experience
that the cat's tongue was poised just above her large clit. As she
rubbed, she fantasized about a real cat licking at her puss, it's rough
tongue parting her inner labia to lap at the milk flowing there.
Rasp..rasp...rasp. Gabby gently bit her lower lip.
Illiana didn't pay any attention, at first. She was busy trying to do
nothing. But then she noticed the noise.

"Sslissh...slisssh," came the small noise.

It was a liquid sound, yet strangely solid too. Illiana wondered
where it was coming from.


Then Illiana looked over at Gabby, trying to discovered the source of
the sound. Gabby's sharp featured face was contorted, her wide
mouth was slightly opened, showing her white teeth and just the tip
of her tongue as she panted. Illiana noticed that Gabby's only partly
buttoned sailor blouse was so loose that she could actually see the
nipple of one modest breast. She didn't even have a bra on! The girl
had her legs apart again and one of her hands was under her skirt.
She couldn't be...could she? She was. The sound must be...must
be...her fingers! In her ...pussy! And she was so juicy, she slurped
as she pumped a finger in and out of her vagina! Illiana blushed to
the tips of her breasts, which got hard just from the sound. She put
her thighs primly together, but couldn't stop a tingle that started
deep inside. She couldn't force herself to look away, any more than
she had when Gabby did that dirty thing to Aika.

Gabby noticed her friend's look, having been hoping for it. She
pulled her skirt a little higher so that Illiana could see her cat print
panties, and the hand that disappeared inside them. She knew the
other girl would be able to tell when she slipped a second finger in
beside the first, so that her two middle fingers were buried in her

As she watched, Illiana thought that the slurping sound must be the
same as a boy's thing would make. Brad's thing maybe. She'd over
heard some of the other girls talking in the dormitory late at night.
Supposedly a boys thing got big when a girl touched it...or kissed it.
She was sure that Brad's would be big.


But if it was too big, would it go in? She knew where it went from
the schools biology classes. But if it went in there, Illiana thought it
would have to be wet to go in, it was too tight otherwise. Maybe
Brad would make her lick it first, just a bit, long wet strokes of her
pink tongue, just to get it wet enough to go in. Then it would make
that sound. The sound like Gabby's fingers only deeper, when it
pushed into her own privates.


Maybe it would make the sound anyway, she thought, even without
the wetting. She was wet herself, now. She started to press her
thighs together, then release. Press, release, press, release...

"Just what is going on!" thundered sister Magdalene in her most icy

Suddenly, the sister was there in front of them. She looked like an
blonde avenging angel in six inch leather pumps. She stood tall, her
shoulder's back, her riding crop grasped behind her back. This
pulled her white, high-collared blouse, with its lace trim and buttons
almost to her chin, tight across her high, massive breasts, which
heaved in anger. The blouse was fitted to show her narrow waist,
which flared into magnificent hips covered by the tight, knee-length
gray tweed skirt. sister Magdalene was an intimidating sight as she
glared down at the two school girls.

Both girls were breathing hard and flushed, but at least Illiana didn't
have her hand practically buried in her own cunt. The sister stared
down at them, particularly at Gabby's situation. She bent down to
look under the desk to look at Gabby's dripping fingers and hastily
lowered skirt. She was flushed with rage and her own ample bosom
heaved in outrage at the girl's lewd behavior.

"Get up, both of you!" ordered the nun.

The two girls got up, hands at their sides, as if awaiting inspection.

Gabby was a bit worse for the wear, her sailor blouse was only
buttoned part way and her still hard nipples poked through the thin
cotton material. Fortunately, the wool skirt covered how damp her
panties were. But one knee sock was down around her ankle and
she was sure that more than sweat trickled down her leg. Her fox-
like face with it's too wide mouth was flushed and red, her green
eyes apprehensive. She looked down at the floor. Her slender frame

Illiana was in better shape. Her fright and a stout bra kept her
nipples mostly flat, though her breasts still heaved with passion
from her imagined vision of Brad's saliva covered cock. Her plaid
wool skirt covered her own damp panties, and her socks were still
properly pulled to just above her knees.

The sister stood looking at redhead and her brunette friend for long
minutes. She took in sight of Illiana's wide hips and full lips and
Gabby's slender grace, red hair, and half-open blouse. Far from
getting calmer as time went by, she seemed to become even more
agitated. She fondled her riding crop, and slapped it unconsciously
again her own outer thigh, lightly. She wet her full lower lip
nervously, lost in sapphic thought.

"What were you doing back here?" she finally demanded.

"Nothing, Sister," lied Gabby timidly.

"N-nothing Sister," Illiana also asserted

"Nothing...nothing, eh," said the Sister, "then you can prove it."

"Take off your panties!"

Both girls hesitated, not believing that they heard correctly.

"You heard me, take of your panties!" screamed sister Magdalene
with a swipe of her riding crop.

She held the crop out towards the girls as if as a hanger for the
offending garments.

Reluctantly, blushing, first Illiana then Gabby reached under their
skirts, watched closely by the furious nun, and slipped their panties
down their firm young thighs and to their ankles. Illiana stepped out
of hers and crouched down to pick the white silk frill up, displaying
the little pink bow in front. She obediently hung them on the leather
riding crop. Gabby followed her lead, but let the panties fall to her
ankles, stepped out of one side, then lifting her leg to bring the pink
panties to her hand. She also hung them on the riding crop. Even
from a distance, it was obvious that they were soaked.

The nun took Gabby's wet panties, saw the cute anime cat printed
on them, and held them to her face. She inhaled deeply. She did the
same with Illiana's panties. She considered, then dropped the
panties on one of the desks.

"I want you to turn around, lift your skirts, and bend over. It's time
you had a little discipline. Nothing was it? You won't think it was
nothing when I get through with you!" cried the nun with some

The two shocked girls slowly did as they were told, displaying their
tender young flesh and waited, on erotic display. They heard a
gasp, and several minutes went by, but no punishing leather flashed
towards tender bottoms. Finally, Gabby looked back.

"Eyes front!" cried the Sister, "Who told you to move!"

Gabby had caught a glimpse of the flushed face and heaving
breasts of the nun, who had seemed almost to be hypnotized by the
sight of the bare bottoms before her. She was pretty sure she'd
seen the nun massaging her own mound through the tweed skirt.

After a few more minute, during which both girls were too terrified
to move, Gabby felt something brush her bottom. She tensed for the
expected spanking, but it never came. Instead, she felt the tip of the
nun's riding crop running over her soft buttocks. Then something
hard, apparently the other end of the crop, brushed against her
pussy lips and up to her large clit. The hard end traveled back
between her labia, to hesitate at her anus, then up along the crease
between her buttocks. She trembled, and her warm nature
betrayed her, as a single drop of her vaginal lubricant dripped onto
the classroom floor. She gasped suddenly as the hard leather
handle of the riding crop pushed between her inner lips and into her
vagina! She cried out as the crop pushed up to her cervix almost
without resistance because she was so wet. The hard leather
pumped into her several times until she almost fell to her knees as
she came. She sobbed when the crop pulled out, and smacked into
the crease of her ass.

"You have not been doing nothing, Gabrielle," purred the nun,

Gabby gasped again as the tip of the crop probed at her asshole,
then pushed in easily. It only went in an inch, but that was enough.
It pulled out. The easy passage had betrayed that something had
passed that way before.

"Definitely something my dear little liar, but maybe your friend here
is more honest."

Illiana had heard her friend gasp and cry out, and heard the slap of
leather on flesh and so she too tensed when she felt the leather on
her skin. But this time it lingered even longer on her backside,
caressing her wide hips in lazy swirls. It finally dipped into the
crease of her pert, heart shaped ass, but when it pressed against
her anus, it found no entry. She cried out in pain and humiliation at
the attempted invasion, but stopped her squirming when she
suddenly received a stinging swat from the crop's business end.
The blow was carefully calculated, it left a red mark on the white
skin, but no welt, and didn't draw blood.

"Hold still girl, or you'll get worse," said sister Magdalene.

Then the handle probed between her sweet, moist pussy lips, and
again she cried out. She jerked forward in pain as the handle hit the
flap of skin guarding her vaginal depths. The sister hesitated,
unbelieving. Soon, her finger followed the path of the crop,
confirming her suspicions.

"So, this one is almost telling the truth...not nothing, but almost

She pondered for several more long moments, slowly rubbing her
finger between Illiana's pussy lips. When Illiana was gasping and
once more moist, the nun absently pulled her finger away pushed it
into her own mouth, tasting the girl's dew.

"This licentious behavior must be punished," said sister Magdalene.
"You girls can't be allowed to do just anything you want with those
hot little pussies of yours. You need to learn who's in charge. And
in case you didn't know, that's me."

"I want you both to turn around and kneel on the floor."

The girls did as they were told.

"You will watch, Illiana, to see what happens to little sluts who put
things in their hot, juicy little cunts," lectured the Sister. "They
become slaves to their desires, or slaves to someone else, doing
whatever depraved thing they're told to do."

"Gabrielle, since you like to play with pussies, I have a job for you,"
said the nun quietly.

Both girls were shocked when prim sister Magdalene unzipped her
tweed skirt, let it fall to the floor, and stepped out of it to stand just
before where Gabby knelt on the floor. They could see that she
wore panties, but panties like nothing either had ever dreamed of,
being leather, black, and crotchless. Her pale skin and blonde pussy
hair contrasted boldly with the black leather. Her black garters held
up sheer silk stockings that ran down her long legs to her six inch
spike heals She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and dropped that
near her skirt. A final tug on two short zippers freed her huge
nipples from the black leather corset, tightly laced up her sides, that
held up her mammoth triple D breasts. She put one foot up on the
seat of one of the classroom desks so that both girls could get a
good look at her pussy. At first it was perfectly dry, the labia closed,
but when she touched herself with the thin flexible tip of the riding
crop, her pussy lips opened like a flower greeting the sun, and the
tip was quickly wet with clear dew.

From her vantage, the sister looked down Gabby's partially open
sailor blouse to the medium breasts barely concealed there. She
took the freshly moist tip of the crop and pushed it down Gabby's
blouse between her young peaks. The tip stirred the young girl's
nipples to hardness. The nun ran her riding crop over Gabby's
sensitive nipples, bringing goose bumps and a shiver, but the buds
swelled until they pushed out almost an inch and a half. She jerked
sharply, and the blouse came open with a couple of small pops. She
stopped for a moment to enjoy the girl charming dishabille, as her
tender buds winked through the undone blouse.

Then the riding crop moved up to the girl's face, the tip pushing into
her mouth. Gabby tasted leather and pussy on the tip as it teased at
her tongue. She pursed her lips and sucked at it gently, winning a
cruel smile from the Sister. The nun pumped it slowly in and out of
the girls lips.

"I'll bet that wide mouth of yours is very popular, Gabrielle, " said
Sister Magdalene, "I'll bet your boyfriends really like that mouth. Do
you lick their fat cocks? Do you suck their hairy testicles and take
their dirty pricks between those lips? Do you make them pull out,"
the nun pulled her riding crop from Gabby's mouth and gently
brushed the tip over her cheeks and nose, and continued in an
rapturous whisper "and shoot their jism on your pretty freckled
face? Or do you just let them cum in your mouth and swallow their

Illiana's eyes were wide, but almost dreamy as she watched.

The beautiful blonde nun pulled Gabby up into an embrace and
kissed her open mouthed. She forced her tongue into the redhead's
mouth, licking and sucking as if to get all the juice out of a sweet
plum. She nipped at the young girl's lower lip and kissed her throat,
having to bend over the much shorter figure. Gabby stood limp in
the powerful older woman's embrace, panting open mouthed. When
the nun kissed her again, Gabby's tongue answered back, twining
like two pink snakes. sister Magdalene reached in to fondle
Gabby's small breasts through the remains of her blouse.

"You will service me with your mouth, slut," commanded the nun,
"but only your mouth, put your hands behind your back."

The command was reinforced with a gentle but commanding
pressure on the back of Gabby's head.

The sister forced the school girl's mouth to her triple D breasts.
Gabby started kissing and licking the incredible mounds, even
bigger than Illiana's. Gabby clasped her hands behind her back as
she licked at the leather of the corset. sister Magdalene reached
down while Gabby serviced her and pushed the blunt end of the
riding crop between Gabby's pussy lips, rubbing the ridged leather
along her dripping gash. Then she put one of her silver dollar-sized
nipples to Gabby's lips.

"Suck mother Magdalene's breast, my little slut," said the nun.

Gabby suckled at the mountainous mammary. She was amazed at
the size the nipple swelled to in her mouth.

"Suck it, suck it like you do a cock," cried the nun as she forced more
and more of her fleshy melon into the girl's mouth. "Suck it like you
did your mother's tit. Use your tongue. That's right. Mother's little
slut. Bite mother's nipples!" She pulled against the girl's nibbling
teeth until the breast pulled reluctantly free, but she soon presented
the other breast for Gabby's mouth.

"You're a good little sucker, my slut. Did mommy teach you to suck?
Did she let you watch her sucking your daddy's hard prick? Did he
push it down her throat? Did she choke on it?" The sister droned
on with her filth as she made Gabby kiss and suck her nipples, while
she frotaged the young girl with the riding crop. "Did you put your
hands on her throat and feel your father's big prick moving inside?
Did she have you touch her breasts while she sucked? Did you suck
her nipples too?"

Gabby could barely stand from the weakness in her knees caused
by the riding crop rubbing along her pussy. She had thought sister
Magdalene strict and chaste. Now she knew she was strict, but how
could you think of someone as chaste when you were sucking her
nipples? She couldn't believe what she was hearing either.

"Did you feel daddy's balls tighten just before he ejaculated? Did
daddy cum on mommy's tits? Did mommy make you suck the spunk
off her nipples? Did you swallow some? Did mommy kiss you so she
could suck out the remains? Did she put daddy's slime covered cock
in your mouth? Did you lick at daddy's cock like you are at Mother's
tits now? Did she play with your little pussy like this? Did daddy's
cock get hard in your mouth. Did mommy push your head down on
daddy's long prick until it pushed down your throat?" This was
accompanied by the sister forcing as much of her breast as possible
into Gabby's mouth. "Did she watch while daddy came in her little
slut's mouth!? Suck it! Suck it 'til it cums!"

And as Gabby licked and chewed and suckled at the nun's huge
breast, she felt something spurt into her mouth! At first she though
it really was cum, then she realized it was milk! The nun's tits were
filled with milk. When the flow slackened, she switched to the other
nipple and sucked until it too flowed with milk. The nun stopped
rubbing Gabby's cunt before she could cum, and pushed the girl

"That was very good, little slut. But mother Magdalene has another
little job for you. On your knees."

At a near miss from the riding crop, Gabby dropped to her knees,
and obediently leaned forward to press her face against the leather
of sister Magdalene's crotchless panties. At an impatient sound
form the nun, she licked at the leather, slowly edging toward flesh.
At last her lips brushed the fine golden hair on the Sister's mound.
She bit at it, teasing the curls gently with her teeth. She was pretty
sure she was doing it right when she heard the sister hiss in
pleasure. Her tongue trailed down pale flesh until she tasted a small
button. She knew what to do here, she wrapped her lips around it
and sucked, but only for a moment, knowing that it was often too
sensitive for pleasure at this point. She was a bit surprised at the
metallic taste. After a moment, her tongue told her there was a
chain attached, seemingly right to the nun's clitoris.

"Follow the chain, slave. Lick, damn you! But slowly," commanded
the Sister.

Gabby licks along the chain as it ran between the Ice Queen's
leaking pussy lips. Following the nun's commands, she ran her
tongue into the folds of flesh there. She sucked for long minutes at
the nun's engorged labia. At her Mistresses command she sucked a
fold of the tender inner flesh into her mouth and tugged at it with
her teeth. She kissed the woman's inner thighs from pussy to
stocking top and back. She licked at the thin fold of flesh between
the woman's vagina and her asshole

She pushed her tongue into the nun's pussy until it hit something
hard and rounded shoved deep into the nun's twat. At the Sister's
command, she tugged and pulled at the chain, trying to dislodge
whatever was pushed up there, and incidentally tugging
unmercifully at the pierced clit to which the chain was also attached.
The sister shuddered and came, and gave down a copious emission
of clear fluid, and at the same time, the heavy oval iron ingot popped
out. Now, Gabby could tell that it was carved with some kind of
shape, though she couldn't tell what exactly.

Sister Magdalene turned around and bent over slightly, the heavy
ingot pulling at her clit. Her bottom cheeks separated slightly so
that a very tight seeming anus was revealed.

"Clean out my other hole, slut, I'm sure you know how. And put in
lots of saliva, for the Ingot of Xxilmorph must have a new home for a

Gabby wondered at this. The Ingot of Xxilmorph? She must mean
the thing hanging from her clit. The chain did look long enough, just
barely. Gabby did know about licking assholes, but it was not
something she necessarily enjoyed, unless she was in charge. Her
older brother had always wanted her to do that before she'd left to
board at the catholic school, but she never liked it with him. She did
like his cock up her ass though, so she'd licked him when he asked,
then demanded he do it for her before he shot up her poop shoot.
Besides, eating pussy made her horny and she'd do almost anything
when she was horny.

So she started licking at the crease of the nun's ass, delaying as
long as she dared. But soon, she ran her tongue over the tight pink
orifice. It was too tight for her to get her tongue in, but she licked at
the sensitive flesh. It started to soften as she licked, as the nun
reveled in the feeling of the young girl's tongue on her asshole.
Over the course of about twenty minutes, the tight sphincter slowly
loosened, and Gabby was able to work more and more of her
tongue into the Sister's dirt track.

Gabby started to enjoy her perverse task until she was once again
dripping pussy juice on the floor. She wished someone would lick at
her ass or stick something in her pussy, or even just rub her clit for a
moment or two. But no-one did.

She tried to force her saliva into the ring of muscle, and she must
have succeeded, because the sister finally pushed her away for a

"Take the ingot of Xxilmorph into your mouth, slave, and then push it
into my ass with your tongue," commanded sister Magdalene.

Gabby came as soon as she took the hard metal into her mouth. It
was as if some great power had shot out of it straight into her
pussy. Her vagina spasmed around nothing and she shuddered
until she almost cramped. She tongued the metal oval, and it was as
if she had a hard penis in her mouth. She started salivating, and her
pussy gushed out it lube down her legs and onto the cold floor of the
classroom. She finally managed to push one end of the oval against
the nun's asshole and started pushing. It was very wet, but the
asshole was still very tight, and it took a long time to work it in.

Sister Magdalene came several times during the process but she
never moved other than to shudder with pleasure. At last, the oval
was in the nun's ass, and she fell forward away from Gabby to the
floor. The nun humped at the ground for a couple of minutes until
she was finally able to gain control of herself.

Illiana had looked on in disbelief as her friend did these filthy things
to her teacher, her mind basically shut down. Some dark force
stirred in her innocent school girl breast, awakened by the events of
the last few minutes. She'd been spell bound, and still couldn't look
away from her friend's mouth thrusting at the nun's asshole. She
moaned as some unknown emotion filled her. Her private parts
ached for something, though she didn't know what. Suddenly, she
had a strong desire to lift her friend's plaid skirt and touch the pink
slit she'd seen earlier. But she only looked on as her teacher thrust
her hips at the floor. The nun's pussy gaped and quivered, as if
waiting for something large to be thrust into it. Illiana thought of her
image of Brad's cock. She quivered at the thought of Brad thrusting
his big cock into that pink cavern. She was vaguely disappointed
when the sister stopped humping at the air.

The sister stood up, thought a moment, and retrieved Gabby's
panties from the desk and walked over to Illiana, who looked
frightened at the idea that she might be next. But the nun only lifted
Illiana's skirt to reveal the puddle under her pussy, similar to that
under Gabby's pussy. She smiled and sopped up some of the fluid
with the panties. She swiped the panties across Illiana's pussy,
gathering more juice, and which caused Illiana to shudder. Though
Illiana didn't understand the wave of pleasure, her body did. Then
the nun marched over to Gabby and pushed her forward so that her
ass was in the air. She pushed the panties into Gabby's pussy as if
to plug the hole, then dropped her skirt over her bottom.

"Get up...both of you," the nun said, "It's time for your real
punishment to begin."

The nun dressed in her blouse and skirt again, and had the girls
straighten their clothing but she did not have them put on their
panties. She dropped Illiana's panties in a drawer in her desk.
Gabby's panties where still stuffed up her pussy. Then, to all
appearances nothing more than a strict teacher and her two young
pupils, she herded them out of the class building, across the
campus, and into another ivy covered building.

Illiana felt a gentle current of air caressing her intimate parts as she
walked across the courtyard without her panties. She'd never been
outside without panties. She couldn't forget that if the wind blew
her skirt up, however unlikely that was with heavy plaid, any passer-
by would see her pussy or ass.

The building they approached was squat and overgrown, and
looked abandoned. The two girls knew it was only used for storage
and that all the girls in the school were scared of it. It was supposed
to be haunted, and was said to be hundreds of years old. They
entered through the front doors, which the nun opened with a large
skeleton key. Inside, the old hallway was dark and covered in
cobwebs. As they proceeded down the barely lit corridor, they
could see rooms full of the odds and ends of academia. They saw
books and desks and charts a hundred years out of date, mixed
with modern furniture and last semester's props for the school play.

The frightened girls were pushed down to a room that looked like a
broom closet. Another key opened the door and the three walked
into its dank, musty darkness. The sister closed the door. She
gestured and a flame appeared in mid-air to light their way. The
girls gasped in fear, clutched each other, and huddled together.

"Anaxt Thrando Fexortium," called out the nun in a guttural
language that definitely wasn't Latin.

One of the walls opened up with a grinding of stone, revealing
granite steps going down into the ground. The nun pushed the girls
down the steps, lighting their way with the floating flame.

"What's going on?" cried Gabby, "Where are we going? How did
you do that?" she said as she gestured at the flame.

The nun started a full throated laugh that rose to an almost insane
cackle. Her normally icy calm face was lit from beneath and
distorted by more than a hint of madness.

"You'll find out, my little slut. Now march! Your punishment awaits

Illiana noticed that the flame wasn't really necessary after the first
few steps. There was an eerie purple glow coming from oozing
clumps of fungus that looked like gelatin. At first there were only
occasional clumps but eventually, as they got deeper and the walls
started to seep water. It seemed the fungus grew everywhere.

At last the stairs opened out into a large chamber lined in rough cut
stone. In the center of the chamber there was an opening or pit that
seemed to run deep into the earth. The girls could smell water and
the rot of fungus, but there was another smell as well. That smell
touched something deep in the girls that made Gabby itch and Illiana
think of Brad, though she didn't know why. The hard nipples of all
three women proved how cold the chill air of the crypt was.

Sister Magdalene made Illiana kneel at the edge of the pit and tied
her hands together with a rope attached to a ring in the floor.

Gabrielle was led to a more elaborate set of rings in the floor and
ceiling both. The nun stripped off her wool skirt and made her kneel
on the floor. Her ankles where forced well apart and ties to rings in
the floor. A silk rope was run through a ring in the ceiling and
Gabby's hands where pulled above her head and until she was
stretched between the three rings. Then the nun opened the girls
sailor blouse and tied it under her breasts.

"There, now you look the proper young slut," said the nun, "I
particularly like those naked thighs rising out of the knee socks.
Very stimulating"

The depraved nun then spent a few minutes playing with Gabrielle.
She cruelly pinched and twisted the girl's nipples. The riding crop
flicked lightly back and forth across the school girl's large clit and
rubbed along her pussy lips around the soaking panties still shoved
into her vagina to stroke her quivering anus. The sister ran her long
fingernails over Gabrielle's stomach and buttocks. She stopped
only long enough to strip down to her stockings, corset and
crotchless leather panties.

Then she was back, rubbing and massaging the young girl's body.
At last she got out a stool and put one leg on it so that she could rub
her chained clitoris and engorged labia against the girl's long
nipples until she came to a shuddering orgasm and left the girl's
breasts dripping with pussy juice.

Illiana had watched her friend tied and abused, but she seemed to
be emotionally numb. She couldn't seem to get angry as her friend's
nipples were pulled or her pussy rubbed. In fact, she almost wished
that she was the one bearing the brunt of the sexual assault from
the depraved nun. She told herself this was because she wanted to
save her friend the humiliation, but the fluid running down her thighs
onto the stone floor gave this the lie.

Though she didn't know it, it was about to be her turn, and her
degradation would be a hundred times worse than anything her
friend had suffered.

Now the nun brought out a strange statue of a hideously ugly
gargoyle, both gnarled hands wrapped around it's huge erect stone
phallus, which rose up before it. She dragged it casually by it's huge
tool, easily the size of a baseball bat. It seemed to be made of
marble and so should have weighed tons, but the nun dragged it
effortlessly, until it rested near Gabby, it's rough, unpolished prick
threatening her soft school girl mouth. She resolved that she was
not going to lick it or suck it, no matter what the sister ordered or
did to her.

The sister reached back and slowly pulled the Ingot of Xxilmorph
from her ass. She quivered as she teased the now empty hole with
the hard metal. It was still attached to her clit, as she pulled the
chain up tight and knocked the metal ingot against the marble
shoulder of the gargoyle.

"I call on the power of dread Droogmarnath. Send me now an Imp,
to animate this stone and to do my will. He shall be rewarded and
returned to you drained of seed," chanted the nun.

Soon the gargoyle twitched, and it's cock bobbed up and down near
Gabrielle's breasts. Both girls gasped in shock and the sister
laughed her evil laugh again.

The stone head of the gargoyle turned to the nun and it spoke, "I
have come in answer to your summons. I obey your will, though
your time is short before I must spill my seed and leave. Would you
like me to fuck you in the ass, or do you just want to suck out my
load?" asked the Gargoyle Imp.

"Silence, impudent one!" cried the nun, "You must obey my will. And
no more smart remarks or I'll find a dead cat for you to spill your
seed into!"

"Yes, mistress," cringed Imp, " I most humbly beg your pardon. What
would you have me do?"

"I need your help in a greater summoning, I call forth the Thousand
Eyed One."

The gargoyle looked confused, "But you must have a virgin for the
first summoning, and though this one before me is delicious," here
he rubbed the tip of his stone tool against the tender nipples of the
school girl's hard nipples as he spoke, "but she is no virgin. I can
smell the sperm in this ones holes."
"Not her, you idiot...the virgin is there!" the nun said as she pointed
over at Illiana.

The gargoyle turned ponderously to see the girl tied near the pit,
and grinned a huge fanged grin.

"Yes, she is a virgin. I will enjoy cumming in her. How do you want
me to fuck her?"

The sister frowned and leaned forward to take the Imps stone
member in her hand. She ran her long finger nails down it's length,
actually leaving furrows in the marble.

"Argh," screamed the Gargoyle Imp.

"You will not touch her! You will do as I say!"

"Yes Mistress," whimpered the Imp.

"Only magic will touch the virgin, and her untouched virgin blood will
summon the Thousand Eyed
one. When she dies, I will control a Great your Master's
service of course," said the nun, silkily.

"Yes, of course, Mistress," said the grinning stone Imp.

The sister began a long chant in the language that had summoned
the floating flame. Soon Illiana jerked in surprise. Some force
caressed her body, and the rope around her hands loosened and
fell away. She found that she couldn't move though, because the
force held her arms and legs tight. In fact, the force pulled her up
into the air! In seconds, she hung upright above the pit, her thighs
held spread apart and her arms spread-eagled as if she were tied to
a cross. A warm breeze brushed her thighs, rising out of the pit
below her. She looked down in terror, to realize that she could see
no bottom, though she did see a reddish glow far in the depths.

Gabby could see some kind of glowing fields of force pulling her
friend into the air and holding her like something out of one of her
brother's bondage magazines. She admired her friend's long
chestnut hair and the bountiful breasts that strained against her
thin school blouse, as she hung with her spread thighs exposed to
the gaping chasm. She thought that her brother would have loved
fucking the young girl as she hung suspended in the air before his
hard cock. Gabby knew Illiana's ass was so full and rounded that it
seemed to beg to be spanked. She could almost see her friend's
perfect heart shaped bottom quivering under the palm slowly but
forcefully paddling the pink cheeks. She could almost see something
hard sliding into the tight hole hidden under the chaste plaid
schoolgirl skirt.

The sister chanted on and on until at last she said, "It is done!

She rose up on her toes regally, and pointed to Gabrielle's bound
form, and said, "Now! Fuck the slut before you, and the virgin will be
deflowered. Like flows to like and her cunt drips with the virgin's

And it was so, Gabby realized as the nun pulled the soaking panties
from the girl's vagina. The panties held both Gabby's and Illiana's
juices. Gabby had wanted to get at Illiana's pussy juice but she's
wanted to lick it out, damn it! She gasped as she saw the short
Gargoyle grasp it's three foot stone penis, which now glowed with
some strange mystical energy.

"Once you've had marble you never go back," it said grinning,
sounding like a rock slid talking, as it's rough marble prick teased
her lips.

It pushed just the tip between her lips. Gabby quickly opened her
jaws as she realized that the stone prick could easily knock her
teeth out if she didn't. She ran her pink tongue around the tip, trying
to wet it with her saliva, afraid that he meant to push on into her dry
throat. But the Imp knew it's task, and the nun was glaring angrily at
him. Much as he'd like to push on into this girl's long throat and cum
until she drowned, he didn't dare. He pulled out, leaving her with a
drop of precum on her tongue.

Gabby shuddered in fear as she felt the marble penis slide across
her breasts, and down her stomach. sister Magdalene watched
avidly and Illiana watched as well, though her emotions were less
clear. The tips of the stone cock brushed her Mons Veneris...

...and Illiana felt something very hard brush at her pubic mound! It
pushed down to her clitoral hood and circled around as she heard
the gargoyle imp chuckle. She'd also felt the Imp's rough marble
prickhead enter her mouth, though she hadn't seen a thing. Now, in
spite of herself, she felt her clit swell and push forth into the open
empty air above the pit. Then the same coarse hardness brushed
down the length of her labia, separating the lips so her vagina
gaped wide. She looked down and saw something moving under the
folds of her school uniform! It was parting her pouty pussy lips,
pushing between the fat outer labia, and in between her inner folds
to a place only her own finger had ever delved.

Gabby screamed as the gigantic marble cock head started pushing
into her cunt. Though it looked flexible and bent to her cunt under
the Imp's hands, the stone prick was every bit as hard as the cold
stone it had appeared before it came to life. It's rough surface
scrapped at her tender pink vagina, drawing blood, and stretching
her to the limit and beyond. At the same moment, Gabby heard
Illiana scream, even louder if that was possible. Somehow, what
was happening to her cunt was happening to Illiana's cunt as well!
Illiana was being fucked by magic exactly as Gabby was being
fucked by marble. And this was by far the largest, hardest, thing
Gabby had ever had in her vagina! Bigger than her brother's cock,
bigger even than his fist!

Illiana screamed and screamed in pain as something forced her
young cunt open and stretched it to the breaking. At last the ghostly
cock hit her hymen. And there it stopped. Though the ghost prick
tried again and again. Under the ramming force her body lifted into
the air, and her skirt bounced up to show her pretty pussy lips,
distended and pushed apart by some invisible presence. Her hymen
just wouldn't break.

Gabby gasped in relief as the stone withdrew from her vagina.

"She is too tight, mistress, I cannot break through!"

The nun screamed in frustration, and slapped at Gabrielle's modest
tits. Then her face cleared. "I have a solution. We just need a bit of
jelly that's all" She stalked over to one of the walls and pulled loose
a clump of the glowing fungus about the size of a grapefruit. She
stalked back to Gabby and knelt behind her. She reached around,
parted the girl's pussy lips, and shoved her fist, loosely wrapped
around the gelatin like purple glowing fungus, up into the school
girl's pussy.

Illiana groaned as she felt the nun's hand inside her, and the felt the
slime oozing into her as the nun closed her fist, though she clearly
saw the sister across the room, behind Gabrielle. She could see the
Sister's fist inside her friend's cunt but she felt it in her own! Illiana
watched as the nun pulled her fist out, and grasp the stone phallus,
to guide it back to push between the young thighs into the hole
dripping purple icor.

This time the ghost cock pushed up to Illiana's hymen quickly. The
force pushed once, twice and then thrice and pushed in! Illiana
screamed as her virginity was taken. She was given no time to
stretch to take the shear size of the ghost force pushing into her.
She screamed again as it hit her cervix, and incredibly, pushed past
it into her womb She screamed again and again, in time to the
screams of her school girl friend, as her virgin body was forced to
form itself around the disembodied cock bottoming out in her womb.
She never even noticed the blood that spurted out under incredible
pressure from her stretched out virgin vagina, to fall into the pit. But
something else noticed.

Gabby just screamed as she felt the cock being frigged by the evil
nun to help the Imp cum . Finally the nun was forced to put her own
mouth to the side of the stone cock bottomed out in the young
school girl. The Gargoyle took advantage of this to mold and
squeeze the nuns breasts as she sucked and he fucked the school
girl. He savored the feeling of the nun's tongue on his stone prick,
and the tightness of the young girls pussy, as well as the tight virgin
pussy through the nun's evil magic. He knew something was on it's
way and wanted to be gone before it arrived, but how often do you
get sucked by a nun while fucking a school girl, and doing another
one by magic? But at last it was time and he let go with a huge blast
of hot cum that shot into the girl's womb and pushed back out under
pressure down her vagina to splatter the nun with white pebbles of
solidifying marble. Then, as he felt himself fading from the stone
body, he quickly pulled out his cock and let the last of his seed
splatter onto the nun's outraged face, and into her open mouth. The
stone body froze again, cock still erect, but once more nothing but

The nun cried out in rage at the imp's trick, spitting out pebbles. And
Illiana cried out too, as she felt her womb inundated with phantom
jism. Gabby passed out from the pain and hung limp in her ropes, her
cunt dripping a stream of white pebbles onto the rough floor
between her legs.
Illiana didn't pass out. Though the ghost cock had caused her pain
like never before in her young life, it had also aroused in her an
equal burning pleasure. She was almost disappointed that her
mystic rape was over. She could feel something running from her
pussy, down her leg, and thought it must feel like cum, though she
knew it had to be blood. She felt as if a void had been opened in her
tender flesh.

Then from beneath her she heard a deep rumbling. A gust of warm,
almost hot, air gushed around her nude body. It caressed her
enervated body, and even felt as if it were trying to push into her
abused vagina. Her hair floated up in the wind rising from the chasm
under her. She waited calmly, just savoring the gentle feeling,
knowing somehow that this was only the calm before the storm.

The unholy sister smiled evilly as she brushed white pebbles from
her cleavage. It had worked. She could feel the whole chamber
quake as the powerful being pulled itself up from the dark hidden
places that it called home. In only minutes, it would arrive to claim
it's offering. When it did, it would be hers to command. She was
aroused as only the claiming of power could do. No man's cock
could bring out the intensity of emotion she felt. She almost envied
the young girl hanging over the chasm. The nun amused herself,
during the wait, by kneeling before the unconscious Gabrielle
hanging from the cruel rope and probing at the girl's torn pussy with
her long fingered hand. She could feel the pebbles of the Imp's
solidified cum in the girl's cunt. She pushed her hand entirely into
the girl, bringing her to a moaning semi-consciousness. The girl
would take a while to tighten up again from this. The Nun was able
to easily scrape and pull the white pebbles from the very depths of
the bleeding vagina.

When she looked up from the small pile of white pebbles she'd
collected from the girl, she could tell by the increased rumbling that
the Great One was almost here. Now she could see hot vapors
whirling around Illiana's body. She slapped Gabrielle awake,
wanting to savor the girl's terror as she watched her friend's fate.

Gabby gasped awake at the sting of the nun's hand. The room had
grown warm, she was sweating now. She could see the evil nun
was sweating too. There was a musky smell in the room that
reminded her of her brother. He would come home from football
practice, sweating and dirty, and push her to her knees. The smell
was almost the same as when he pushed aside his soaking jock and
slid his sweaty cock into her mouth. He'd almost always wanted to
spurt on her face. She thought the smell of his jism was in the air
too. Now the nun seemed to want the same thing. She stood before
the girl and ground her dripping mound against Gabby's lips until the
girl began to lick. The woman carefully positioned them so that both
could see Illiana's snow white body hanging from nothingness, in
offering to what was about to rise from the pit.

As they watched, locked in a lesbian embrace, they saw a long royal
blue tendril slither out of the chasm. It was thin and smooth, though
it looked to be some odd leather. Soon the first was joined by a
dozen. As Gabby licked, they heard an odd bubbling noise fill the
room. Then a larger, lavender tentacle pushed upward over the lip
of the pit. Gabby gasped into the nun's cunt as she realized that the
knobby monstrosity had a row of what appeared to be eyes running
along its length, one socket at each join of the bulbous masses that
made up horrid appendage. The eyes were tiny at the tip, little more
than pinheads, but as they progressed, they got larger and larger,
until they were larger than a baby's head. Soon a second then a
third eyed tentacle joined the first. The main body of the beast still
couldn't be seen from where Gabby knelt lapping at the nun's pussy.

The tentacles waved around, apparently letting the beast take in the
room. One of the lesser tendrils reaches over to the evil nun and
brushes against the Ingot of Xxilmorph, setting it swinging from her
pierced clit. It slithered up her body and into her mouth, fucking the
cruel lips almost fondly. It pushed into her mouth and then deep into
her throat. Gabby could see it pulsing in the woman's throat just
above her collarbone. The tendril rippled as if pumping something
into the nun's body. Another tendril brushed over Gabby's face,
leaving a trail of slime. Gabby pushed her face hard against the
nun's clit, sucking hard, hoping to keep the slimy tendril out. The
tendril slithered all about her, even brushing at her thighs, but it
didn't penetrate her. Soon the creature grew tired of toying with the
two, pulled out of the nun's throat, and turned it's attention to it's
reason for being there.

Four of the blue tendrils reach up to Illiana and wrap them selves
around her calves and forearms. The force that had held her
disappeared, and she is supported only by the monster. The tendrils
turn her upright, almost cradling her, though her legs and arms are
stretched wide so that she was in full view of the women watching
at the edge of the pit. Another tendril wraps around one breast,
pulling the material taught across her erect nipple, and letting
Gabby and the nun see the lace of the bra beneath. Illiana gasped
at the intimate touch.

The blue tendrils snaked under her pretty little school uniform. A
tendril sneaked down her cleavage, under her bra. Another teased
between her toes. Another circled her slim waist under the plaid
skirt. Her shoes disappeared into the abyss. Then the pretty white
socks ripped apart and fell away from her. The cotton sailor blouse
tore open down the front, exposing her white bra, straining
unsuccessfully to restrain her heaving bosom. Illiana half shut her
eyes, an unreadable expression on her face. Then the tendrils pulled
apart the bra, flashing one pink areola through the torn blouse as
the white lace disappears down into the pit.

Illiana's mouth opened in a silent scream and her eyes close as the
women watching see something moving under the school skirt.
Slowly the powerful tendrils rip at the fabric of blouse and skirt,
exposing ever more white skin. At last the girl hung fully exposed to
the greedy eyes of the women, and to the multitude of eyes of the
beast. She was flushed and panting open mouthed. She seemed to
be blushing deeply, even down to the tips of her breasts, which
were large and firm. They were circled by blue tendrils, which
gently massaged them and the tips played with girl's inch wide
areola and tease the long, slightly upward pointing nipples. Her tiny
waist was firmly gripped by the strong blue cords. More tendril tips
brush across the slight roll of baby fat above the curly brown hair
that covers her pudenda. Her heart shaped bottom, full and firm,
was sometimes visible as the beast stroked and caressed her,
twisting and turning her to get at every part of her long legged form.
The beast caressed her wide hips, and circled around to her spread
thighs. The creature turned Illiana as if to give the audience a better
view, as the blue tendrils caressed her Mons Veneris, and twinned
among the silky brown hair. They could see the blue tip that
tenderly pushed along her furrow, parting the full, fat labia, and
exposing her inner petals, flushed and moist. There are still traces of
her virginal blood around her pussy and down her thighs. It slithered
down to probe at her tight pink anus, without pushing in. Her
magnificent body glistens with her own perspiration and the clear
slime from the stroking tentacles.

Now the three larger lavender tentacles approach. The knobbly
lengths stroke and caress her. She shuddered, whether in horror or
passion, neither Gabby nor the nun can tell. Fleshy nubs and bumps
rubbed at every inch of Illiana's body. She slithers along first one,
then another as if it where she caressing three monstrous pricks
with her body instead of the other way around. The eyes never
blink as they come into contact with her body, as if the beast wanted
to see every pore, every crease, at ultra close range. Now it is
apparent that the eyes are all on retractable stocks, like a snails,
though they remind Gabby more of penises with eyes instead of

While they watched, the nun had reached around and pushed the
Ingot of Xxilmorph into Gabby's mouth. Now they both quivered as
Gabby used her tongue to push it against the nun's clit. She
massaged the nun's triple D breasts as she rubbed, and cruelly
pinched the long nipples as a minor revenge against her cruel
mistress. The nun didn't seem to mind, as she let her clear cum leak
out of her cunt and down the girl's face and throat. If anything, the
pain made her cum harder. But she never looked away from the
beasts slow sexual assault on Illiana's senses.

As the three huge tentacles caressed her, Illiana felt waves of
passion build in her body. She'd already climaxed several times, but
she didn't know what it was she felt. The feelings she'd felt as she
fantasized about Brad's cock had never been even a pale shadow
of the sensations aroused by this monster. She could see what the
women watching had not seen, that the three greater tentacles and
the uncountable smaller tendrils were connected to a bulbous
sphere with one final great eye, almost as wide as her hips. The
eyes had run themselves over her breasts, along the crease of her
bottom, over her face and neck, along her stomach, down her legs
and even between her toes and on the heels of her feet. She'd even
ridden the ridged tentacles, as if she were riding a horse, the alien
flesh running between her thighs. The eyes had seen the hidden
folds of her once virgin sex, though even the lesser tendrils had not
actually penetrated her. Only magic had been in her womb.
The end of one of the tentacles now approached her face. It
wavered just before her eyes. The tiniest of the eyes extended on
it's stock. The incredibly tiny eye-penis brushed against her lips like
a feather. She felt a small drop of liquid hit her cheek and run hotly
over her skin. Another extended eye-penis brushed at one inch-long
nipple and shot a drop of white slime. The slime dripped off her
nipple to fall back into the stygian depth below.

Illiana reached toward another miniature eye-prick, on another
tentacle, and the beast lets her touch it. She fondles it curiously and
it too spurts into the palm of her hand. Then a third tentacle
brushed between her thighs. Another tiny organ brushed her clit
and deposited a white gift on her brown pubic hair. Illiana gasped in
surprise and shivered at the touch on her clit. When she opened her
mouth, though, one of the larger eye-penises, about the size of a
pencil, pushed into her mouth. At the first touch of her tongue it
deposits a load of slime down her throat. She swallows in surprise.
She quickly moved to wrap her lips around the next eye-penis,
hugging one of the tentacles against her body. She sucked at the
small organ, as big around as her middle finger, liking the musty
taste. She could feel each eye-penis down the line of her body
quivering in excitement as it waited it's turn. She swallowed the
load of slime the penis gave her, then the next and the next. Each
eye-penis was a little bigger than the last, a little thicker and a little
longer. Soon, the penis-eyes were depositing their loads straight
down her throat, past her tongue. That was when she felt one of
the eyes push past her inner lips and into her vagina. She bucked
against it once and felt it spurt into her. Then the one she licked at
next shot it's load before she even got it into her mouth. It spurted
thick white cream over her lips and chin.

Illiana found she liked the feel of the thick white slime on her face,
so as the next new eye-penis approached her face, she took it
gently in her hand and milked it. After only three strokes of her
small hand, the penis-eye spit it's scum onto her upturned face.
Soon she was sucking one eye-penis and frigging two more. Her
face dripped the monster's jism, and more went down her throat.
Another, thicker, eye-penis pushed into her pink gash, and pumped
in and out of her on the thick eye stock. Each eye seemed to last a
little longer before it spurted it's load, but each one seemed to
shoot out more and more slime.

Then, as one eye stalk entered her pussy, another tried to push into
her tight pink asshole. The opening was too tight, so the penis slid
into the valley between her buttocks, and shot it's load on the girl's
snow white back. She liked the warm flood that dripped back down
the crack of her behind. The next eye stock got some help before it
tried that tight portal. As she was sucking a medium sized eye, and
took a fairly large penis-eye deep into her vagina, she felt several
tendrils pull apart the cheeks of her ass. Then no less than the
slender tips of four tendrils pushed into her anus. She felt the ring
of muscle pulled in four different direction, like some weird
gynecologist's dilator being used on her rectum instead of her
vagina. Then an eye-penis pushed hard at the tight ring, at first it
too was denied entry, but then the four tendrils pulled her open just
far enough for the eye to pop in. She screamed in agony.

Though this hurt more than a little, Illiana had time to wonder what
the demonic creature must be seeing as it raped her virgin ass. It
must have liked what it saw, for it soon deposited a burning load of
slime into her intestines. Illiana was relieved when it pulled out, but
of course, an even larger one replaced the spent eye-penis.
Fortunately, the scum of the first invader make the way easier for
the next and the next. And each time the ball of another eye pushed
into her ass or pussy, it created a waves of pleasure that washed
through her young body. Soon she was reveling in the cock-like
protrusions that pushed into her ass, gasping in pleasure and
squeezing them with her rectal muscles.
Gabby couldn't believe her eyes as she saw her innocent friend
fucking and sucking the horror in the chasm. The girl that had
pushed Gabby's hand from her pussy was being fucked time after
time in that same pussy by cock after ever larger cock. And not just
her pussy, but now she had an 'eye' in her pussy, another in her ass,
a third in that full lipped mouth, and was pumping two others, one in
each fist. When one would spurt out it's thick crème, another would
take it's place. And Illiana seemed to love spraying herself with it's
cum when one of the stalks in her hand squirted. She was literally
covered in cum, though she seemed to like it best on her face.

Gabby remembered when her brother had made her give blowjobs
to the whole football team after they'd won the divisional
championship. None of the boys had cum in her mouth, each had
pulled out as his balls tightened and shot glob after pungent glob
onto her face and hair and shoulders. They'd taken pictures after
each blowjob so that they had a record of her freckles being
covered in cum, and her red hair getting matted with slimy white.
She'd had to close her green eyes to avoid getting cum in them, but
it hadn't really helped and she cried in many of the pictures from the
stinging jism. They'd pitched in and paid her family's maid to clean
off the spunk. The full breasted, dusky Mexican woman had been
much older than Gabby, probably in her mid-thirties. She'd been
turned on by watching the teenaged school girl sucking cock after
cock and being sprayed by load after load, and had masturbated
and played with her breasts as she watched. When the last big
football player shot his load, she'd taken off her cloths and started
licking up the spilt jism. Gabby had been crying in exhaustion when
she'd felt the woman start to lap at her face, and gently clear the
cum from her eyes with a warm tongue. The woman slowly ran her
tongue over every inch of Gabby's cum splattered skin, her freckled
breasts, her flat stomach, her young thighs, and even sucking at her
hair. Though the woman swallowed much of the team's jism, she
would occasionally save a mouthful up and then kiss Gabrielle and
force the cum into her mouth. The woman would massage
Gabrielle's throat until she swallowed. When she was finished,
Gabrielle's brother had pushed his cock into the maid's mouth. This
was the first time the maid had sucked him off, but it wasn't the last.
He pulled back at the last moment and held his spurting cock before
her open mouth. The maid had smiled and licked off the last drops
from his prick then her own lips, Then while her brother held her
down and the football team watched, the Mexican woman put her
mouth to Gabby's asshole. Gabby had felt the woman form her
tongue into a tube and push it into her warm anus, then she felt her
brother's sperm shoot into her rectum. The woman had pulled away
her mouth and put her balled fist to the young girl's ass, and using
the lubrication of Gabby's brother's cum, had brutally forced her fist
deep into the girl. Then the maid had licked Gabby's nearly hairless
cunt until she came around the fist still in her ass. That day twenty-
five cocks had spat on her, and the Mexican woman had fist-fucked
her ass and she'd eventually had to eat the older woman's pussy,
but that still only brought her total to 26.

Illiana, by this time had taken at least 4 dozen 'cocks', if the eye-
penises could be called that. And now a tendril had wrapped
around her chest, holding her ample breasts together. An eye-penis
disappeared into the deep valley thus formed, only to appear again
at the hollow of her throat. Soon she was taking on one in each
hand, one in her mouth, one between her full breasts, one in the
pussy, and the largest went into her ass. cum gushed out of her
pussy with every stroke, and more from her ass as well. And though
her face was covered in white slime, little of it leaked from between
her lips as she swallowed again and again. Other eyes simply
rubbed over her body until they too spat their thick white load. cum
spurted between her toes and in the soft space behind her knee.

Gabby still licked at the evil nun's pussy. The woman had cum over
and over into the girl's mouth. But Gabby just hung there, with
nothing to fill her.

"Please, Sister...I need something in me," she whined, "I can't see
this...without something in me, please!"

The nun glanced away from the abomination happening to her
student, to look at the girl lapping at her pussy.

"I see that watching the Millipenis fucking your little friend to death
has turned you on. That's what it will do you know," pontificated the
Sister, unable to resist teaching even in the mist of the demonic
rape. "No human can satisfy the Thousand Eyed One. It will fuck
her into unconsciousness, and then until she dies, drowning in cum. I
am amazed that she is alive even now, she must have taken over
300 loads of the demon's slime. It acts as a powerful aphrodisiac,
but even so, she can't hold out for ever."

And the nun's words seemed to be true. Illiana bucked and
spasmed in climax over and over again as she was violated by the
ever larger demon pricks. Now they were as large as the largest of
human pricks. Illiana only wanted more. She had to have more. She
wished she had more cunts, more asses, more breasts to be fondled
and fucked, more mouths to suck, more tongues to lick. She wanted
more cum. She screamed around the eye-penis in her throat as she
felt two of the blue tendrils stroking her clit, their slime only making
her more sensitive to every touch. She climaxed again as the
tendrils now cruelly wrapped around her clit and twisted. And the
eye-stock pumping between her breasts sprayed her throat with it's
warm spunk. Illiana quickly brought forth the loads of the two eye-
penises in her hands and let them shoot over her hard, inch long
nipples. Blue tendrils massaged the slippery mess into her breasts.
Nothing remained of the blushing school girl that existed only hours
before. Now Illiana wanted nothing more than sperm, hot and slick.
She came again as the cock in her mouth and the one in her ass
came simultaneously with the one in her school girl pussy.

Gabby could only whimper and buck in her bonds in helpless
excitement as she watched her friend take on six fresh cocks, as the
slime ran out of her every orifice

"So you want to be fucked, do you?" asked the nun, licking her
middle finger and reaching down to rub Gabrielle's taut clitoris.

"Yes...yes...please, Sister," said Gabby as she bucked her red
thatched mound up against the stroking hand

The nun grinned evilly, and left the girl dangling from the rope to
rummage in a crate nearby. She came back with something that
looked a lot like a bent salami. Gabby noticed that the Ingot of
Xxilmorph still dangled from it chain to the nun's clit. But now the
Nun pushed it slowly back into her own ass, evidently enjoying the
process as she grimaced in pleasure. Then taking the huge leather
dildo, for such the bent object was, she knelt down by Gabby and
began rubbing it along the young girl's slit, wetting it with her
lubrication. When it was very wet, and Gabby was trembling in
frustration, the nun took the wet end of the huge double ended
shlong and started working it into her own cunt.

The two women were so involved in their preparations that they
never even noticed the beast's latest violation. They had never
noticed when some of the smaller penises started back around, but
not wanting to displace their bigger brothers, they'd had to find new
places. Illiana had trembled in disbelief when she felt a small penis-
eye enter her right ear and eagerly pump away for a few strokes
before it deposited it's load. The other ear was plugged. The cum
running even from her ears muffled the sounds of passion coming
from the edge of the pit. But she wouldn't have noticed, because
when a large penis-eye shot its load in her mouth and pulled out, to
enterprising eye-penises had pushed into her nostrils. Now the
monsters slime mingled with the mucus in her sinuses. Illiana was
sure that she had been fucked in every opening, but she was soon
proved wrong. One of the blue tendrils that had been stroking her
clitoris pulled back for a moment. The tip started to elongate, and as
it grew longer, it grew thinner. At last it was no more than the size
of a large sewing needle. That's when it began it's most bizarre
assault. As Illiana was being fucked in ass and cunt, mouth and tit
and hand, the needle thin blue tendril crept down to the very small
orifice just below the girl's clit. A tiny ball formed at it's tip, just big
enough to stretch this last opening painfully wide, and stared to
push into Illiana's urethra. Her bucking from this novel rape caused
every eye-penis in her to explode with slime. As Illiana was flooded
with cum, the whole crypt rumbled as the beast's own pleasures
shuddered through solid rock.

Though the nun marveled at the earth tremor, realizing the great
demon's pleasure, Gabby just thought that she had just climaxed
particularly hard as she felt second half of the great dildo shoved
into her ass. She had been turned to fully face the pit and the nun
knelt behind her so she could watch the show over the girl's
shoulder. But at that moment, Gabby could only concentrate on the
nun's hands cruelly twisting her nipples, and grabbing her breasts
to provide leverage to force the leather cock-head up into her
rectum. She might be a little loose back there, but the huge size of
the dildo more than made up for it. It was much large than the
maid's fist, or even her brother's fist.
The penises in Illiana where now as large as a pony's. Only the
gradual stretching of the hundreds of assaults had let her take the
huge organs that pierced her now. Multiple climaxes, in uncountable
numbers had let her learn to relax the muscles in her pussy to take
larger and deeper probes. Her ass was still too tight, but the blue
tendrils dilated her ever more as the pricks grew larger. And she'd
learned the trick of letting the cock slid past the back of her throat,
deep into her esophagus. But nothing had trained her muscles to
milk at the organs in her, she came by that by instinct.
Any man would have cum in seconds in her throat as it all but
vibrated around his prick, but the demon was built of sterner stuff.
It often lasted for long minutes, as the girl's rectal muscles
squeezed at it's latest prick. It marveled, demonically, at the sight of
the rhythmic clamping of rings of muscle in the girl's vagina. Even
her questing fingers seemed to be able stroke his many cocks in just
the right way to bring along the demon's spending. And fucking her
tightly bound breasts was simply slippery evil fun. This was a
special mortal. But she had not yet taken his largest tools, and only
she had seem the pulsing monster that lay at the end of her journey.
The great eye at the junction of the three tentacles blinked up at the
girl he was so thoroughly fucking.
By this time, the monster had spent so prodigiously that it's cum had
been flung everywhere in the large room. The nun's face had a
smattering, but her body had been protected by Gabby's nubile
body. Now she worked wiped the magical cum from the girls tit's
and belly and massaged it into the girl's Mons Veneris, making sure
to coat her blushing clit. She never slowed in thrusting the huge
leather dildo into the girl's ass though. She knew that the cum's
aphrodesical properties would drive the girl mad with frustration at
her empty cunt. But that was too bad, since the nun was thoroughly
enjoying fucking her ass, and wasn't about to switch. Besides, the
girl didn't seem totally upset about the leather prick in her ass.
She'd cum at least a dozen times. She licked at the monster's cum
on her face, and thought that when the girl was about to lose her
mind, she just might finally taste the slut's pink pussy herself. But
for now, she wanted to watch the demon fuck poor little Illiana. It
couldn't be much longer. If nothing else, shear size would kill her.
Illiana was being fucked by one penis-eye from each tentacle now,
her tender body was supported by the thick eye-stocks now instead
of the blue tendrils. Her hands had grown tired and she hung limp,
simply letting the beast fuck into her to all appearances. Only the
demon knew that her ass and pussy and mouth still massaged and
stroked him with a life of their own. Even though only semi
conscious she still vibrated at every cock in her.

Illiana thought that the cock in her mouth must be larger than a
horse. She was deep-throating at least eighteen inches and there
was another twelve in front of her before the stock sprouted from
the big lavender tentacle. She couldn't be sure, but the cock in her
ass had to be three inches in diameter, and it felt like the organ in
her pussy had a head the size of a grapefruit. It was bottoming out
in her womb, simple having nowhere deeper to go. She came again
strongly as she felt the cock in her pussy fountaining in her. cum
ran down her legs and streamed off her feet to disappear back into
the abyss. This time, when the new eye-cock came to replace the
last, it couldn't get in. It was as big as a cantaloupe at the eyeball
tip. But now a cluster of blue tentacles attacked the opening of her
vagina. Her labia where cruelly pulled apart, the delicate inner folds
gripped and stretched open. The powerful tendrils carefully
positioned her body over the turgid monstrosity, so that it
threatened her inner portal. She thought it would never fit! She
was already stuffed with a huge organ in her ass, and the monster
showed no sign of pulling it out. She tried to scream, but the cock in
her mouth chose that moment to flood her with more cum. Then the
tendrils started to pull her down onto the huge eye-cock. She did
scream then, briefly, before another horse sized cock pushed into
her throat. She could actually feel her pelvis straining to stretch
wider, and finally the bones shifted as if she were giving birth. If her
hips had not already been so wide, her pelvis would have broken.
As it was, she felt all the pain of child birth, but it was as if they were
putting the baby back in. Her stomach bulged as if she were
pregnant. She lost control of her bladder, and her golden piss
streamed down the gigantic stalk.

The demon didn't seem to mind. Now it was down to only a dozen or
so eye-cocks, but they were the biggest. It seemed impossible that
she could take them all and live. But the beast knew she would take
them, alive or dead. It pulled out the withering and spent eye-cock
from her ass and started the laborious task of working the next
monster eye into her ass.

The nun was worried as she sucked at Gabby's cunt. The girl had
been a virgin before to day! She should be dead by now. It was
unthinkable that she should survive. It had never happened. But if it
did, the outcome was too horrible to contemplate. She bit Gabby's
clit in anger, hard enough to draw blood.

Illiana spit up more cum...she could no longer swallow it, her
stomach was literally full. Now when the cock bottomed out in her
womb she was forced to vomit cum. Not that she was in danger of
spitting it all back up. Every few minutes another cock spewed it's
load into her gulping mouth. She could no longer take them into her
mouth, but she still licked at them and sucked on the hollow pupil.
Now she tiredly rubbed and frigged each one until it shot down her
throat, then spit it back up when it was expelled from below. She
was pretty sure some of the cum she spit up had come in through
her rectum. Amazingly, though she expected to be torn apart at any
moment, she was still cumming hard for each new phallus. Her brain
was overloaded with sensation. She actually still wanted the next
huge prick. All three pricks exploded in her again and suddenly
there were only two pricks left. The demon actually had to slowly
rotate her whole body to get the next prick into her ass, her muscles
clamped around it as she climaxed from the novel spinning motion.
Then the largest prick so far started pushing at her over-stretched
vagina. This time she was free to scream, and her cries echoed
from every wall as the great beast pulled her firmly down onto this
last cock-eye in it's tentacles. Once the head has in, it started
bouncing her up and down, double fucking her with the immense
pillars. She couldn't even begin to take all of the length within her,
but the demon was determined to try. pussy and ass took more and
more, inch by inch, until there just wasn't any place more to go. The
twin cocks could actually be seen pushing around in her distended
belly. She hung unmoving, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Then she seemed to shoot up into the air on rockets of white slime,
as the beast came with unimaginable force in her ass and cunt. She
hung unconscious in the beast's embrace and all grew still.

The nun stilled her fist in Gabby's pussy and waited for what she
knew was next, but had never witness. She was relieved. Surely
the girl was dead. That last blast had to have shredded her inside.

Gabby sobbed quietly, sure that her friend was dead, and also sure
that she, Gabby, was depraved enough to have climaxed watching
her friend die.

The great beast, the Millipenis, the Thousand Eyed one finally
heaved the last of it's body in to view. Now the nun and the school
girl could see the gigantic eye, more than a foot across that, slowly
extruded on it's immense stalk. It seemed bent on fucking Illiana one
more time.
The blue tendrils wrapped around her one last time, slowly and
strangely tenderly, but powerfully. It pulled her legs wide. Tendrils
held the stretched and torn pussy open for this last assault. The tip
of the monstrous eye touch the pink and broken folds of the
beautiful girl. Demonic muscles tensed-and pulled! The girl's body
was being slowly pulled onto the last towering eye, as big as a tree
And suddenly, Illiana bucked in the hold of the great beast! As the
incredible cock pushed into her, her eyes opened and she
screamed. Then she moaned. The pillar was visibly flooded with
Illiana's clear, copious flow of lubricant. She began to writhe on the
great beasts cock, not in pain alone, but in pleasure as well. Her
belly milked at it, her legs stroked it as her arms had stroked lesser
organs. Hips spread wide, powerful muscles contracted around it
as if in labor, though she actually hunched down on the monster
trying to take more, not expel it from her.

The room rocked and shuddered as the beast's pleasure threatened
to bring the roof down. And it didn't stop. The beast thrust into
Illiana again and again, minutes stretched, the two watching women
cowered in fear. The rope holding Gabby's arms broke. Though only
the earth rumbling could be heard, Gabby could see her friend's
mouth move and was sure she was saying, 'More! More!'

Finally, after almost an hour, the great beast moaned, in an earth
shattering roar. Boulders fell from the roof and dust obscure the
scene. But nothing could disguise the flood of cum that actually
rolled across the floor to wash around the two women. Gabby knew
that every drop had been shot into Illiana's pussy and squeezed
back out under pressure!

The room grew still once again. The smell of rock dust and cum filled
the air.

When the dust settled, Gabby had tied up the sister with the
remains of her rope. She was busily fisting the nun in the ass when
she was finally able to see Illiana again. The ex-virgin was resting in
the many arms of her demon lover, lazily sucking at a limp eye-stock
and being caressed in turn by slow moving slimy blue tendril. One of
the tentacles was teasing the crack of her ass, slowly running the
very tip up and down the crease. She was still covered in the beasts
jism, as if she'd showered in it. Which gabby supposed she literally
had. Illiana looked tired but somehow she seemed to glow.

"What now?" called Gabby to her friend as she fucked the nun's
tight ass with her fist.

"I'm not sure," said Illiana, "but I think I get to keep him. He's talking
to me in my mind right now."

Gabby laughed, "Oh yeah? What does a demon say after he fucks
you in every hole?"

Illiana blushed.

"He says I can have anything...power, wealth, just about anything I
want," said Illiana.

"Wow," said Gabby.

The sister tried to scream in anger but Gabby had shoved the
leather dildo down her throat and tied it in place. She could only
squirm around Gabby's fist in her ass.

"What do we do with her," said Gabby pulling at the chain attached
to the nun's clit.

Illiana grabbed one of the spent eye-penises and used it to rub her
tired clit, while Gabby looked on. She smiled evilly, "I have a few
ideas." She held one full breast up to her mouth and licked a drop of
the demon's cum off her nipple, and tilted her head back to let it run
down her throat. She motioned and one great tentacle carried her
over near her friend and set her down. She pulled her friend's arm
out of the nun's ass and pulled her into a standing embrace. She
kissed her, pushing her tongue into Gabrielle's mouth. Then she
stood with her legs spread and pushed down on the schoolgirl's
shoulders until she knelt before her. She lovingly but forcefully put
her hands to Gabby's head and pulled the girl's face to her brown
haired crotch.

Illiana hissed in pleasure as the girl tongued her aching pussy. She
patted the red hair tenderly and said, "I have a few idea."

Part 7

Things were a little different after that. Each day the students
arrived as usual, even Illiana, dressed in their pretty sailor girl
school uniforms. sister Magdalene is dressed in her usual tight
skirt, blouse and heels. Everything was normal, right down to the
nun's usual frown and her riding crop. But once all the girls were
there, the door was locked and things changed.

Sister Magdalene called a blushing Illiana to the front of the room
and made her sit on the teacher's desk so that the class will have a
good view. Then she pushed Illiana's knees apart and raised her
skirt. Illiana never wore panties anymore. The sister unbuttoned
Illiana's sailor blouse and brushed back the cloth to expose Illiana's
pert D-cups. She sucked the blushing girl's inch-long nipples to
hardness. Then the nun handed Illiana the riding crop and started to
take off her own cloths. Illiana was now in charge.

Sometimes Illiana had her strip off everything, but most days she
had her leave on her garter belts and stockings and her six inch
heels. Then sister Magdalene bends over with her ass toward
Some days Illiana gave her a spanking, some days she simply fucked
her with the crop. Other days, she pulled the Ingot of Xxilmorph out
of one of the nun's holes, still attached to the nun's clit but now a
symbol of servitude instead of mastery, and started tapping it,
making it swing and pull on the Sister's clit back and forth or around
in circles. But most days she simply shoved the crop handle into her

Then, the sister turns her ass to the class, spreads her legs and
bends at the waist and starts licking Illiana's pussy. This is when the
girls begin to play. Gabby usually started by picking one of the girls
at random and going down on her. The other girls soon follow her

Any girl who wanted to could walk to the front of the room and
amuse themselves with sister Magdalene. The crop was there in its
handy ass holder for any girl to use as she pleased. Sometimes a girl
would push it farther in, and start fucking her tight ass with it,
sometimes the girl took it out and pushed it into the nun's pussy.
Sometimes the girl would take it out and fuck her own pussy with it.
Sometimes it was ignored and just stayed stuck in sister
Magdalene's ass. A favorite game was to take turns fisting the
Sister's cunt, seeing how far each one could get in. One day all
twenty-two girls fisted both pussy and asshole. But no matter what
the girls did, sister Magdalene had to keep eating Illiana's pussy.

It became a game to try to get her to falter in her pussy sucking
task, but it was rare to succeed. The girls started trying to find
different things to fuck her with. They started with fruit like
bananas and grapes and the girls would eat them back out after
they got pushed in. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried,
they couldn't get the cantaloupe to go in, though they did get a
grapefruit in. Then they tried squash and cucumbers, and broccoli
and asparagus for variety. Then they scooped out the red pulp from
a watermelon and pushed it into the nun's twat. They branched out
to meat products next, seeing how many hotdogs they could fit in
her ass at the same time. They did finally get her to fall to her knees
when they shoved a polish sausage, still hot from the frying pan, up
her cunt but she never stopped licking. After food they branched
out even farther. Rocks with mud, handfuls of maple leaves, and a
baseball all made the trip into the sucking nun's ass. Then one day,
one of the girls brought a banana slug. This brought peals of
laughter as the girl worked it into the nun's sloppy cunt.

When Illiana got tired of the nun's mouth she would push her away
and take on several of the school girls at a time. She would lie back
on the teacher's desk and groups of girls would come up and begin
licking and sucking. Illiana sucked, fingered and fucked anything or
anyone she could. Two girls would hold her legs up and apart and
lick and suck at her feet and toes. One of the girls pushed first two
then three fingers into her ass, finally fisting her fast and hard.
Another girl just licked and nibbled at her pussy. Two more girls
would play with her breasts and nipples. Gabby would often climb
onto the desk and kneel over her friends mouth and ride her tongue.
She particularly liked Illiana's tongue in her ass. Illiana would shove
two fingers in another girl's ass and fist another girl's pussy.

Illiana decided that she liked the baseball bat and made each of the
girls tongue it and take at least the knob up their behinds. But she
like to use it best on Gabby, who seemed to be anally oriented
anyway. She would make several of the girl's suck on Gabby's ass
and then work the large end of the bat into her friend's rectum.
Then she'd turn around on all fours and one of the girl's would help
her position the knob at her own anus. Without any lubrication,
she'd slowly back up toward Gabby. Between them, they managed
to take almost all of the bat, while the girl's cheered them on
She came dozens of times every day, and every girl in the class had
felt Illiana's tongue in mouth, pussy and ass. Then she finished by
grinding her pussy against Gabby's pussy until they both came just
before the bell for the end of the class.

Once Illiana had the sister arrange a trip to a local stable. The
stable master had wanted to give them a tour, but Illiana made the
Sister give him a blowjob instead. All the school girls gathered in
one of the stalls and petted the big black stallion inside. They all ran
their hands over his neck and back, feeling his hard muscles and
rubbing their faces in his main. Then Illiana knelt under the huge
beast and fondled him intimately. The school girl's watched in awe
as the horse's penis grew to a full twenty two inches. Each of the
girls came up in turn to touch it. Some kissed the black column.
Some stripped off their blouses and rubbed the head on their young
titties, which left trails of the horses precum on their pretty breast.
These lucky girls then let the others kiss and suck at their breasts
so they could taste a bit of the horses jism.

Then Illiana began to lick at the huge knob at the end of the horses
cock, taking it into her mouth when it reached its fullest size. The
school girls looked on while she sucked more and more of the
mammoth cock. Most of them played with their sweet pussies.
Gabby, of course, had a girl sucking at her ass while she watched.
Illiana pushed hard, forcing the knob past her tongue down into her
throat and managed to take inch after inch. The girls couldn't know
that she'd sucked larger demonic penises. At last she had all she
could take, and she bobbed back and forth along the big black penis,
milking it with her slender throat.

When the horse started to cum, she pulled back and let it jet into her
mouth and down her chin to spatter her little sailor blouse. As the
great cock spewed wad after wad of pungent slime, Illiana's whole
front was soaked. The jism dripped down her blouse and down her
plaid skirt. Her knee socks also got their share. She rubbed the big
black cock on her face to get the last few drops

And this was only the warm-up, for every day after school, Illiana
and Gabby would take one of the girls down into the pit and
introduce her to the Demon, though it was always Illiana, with
Gabby's help, who would finish when the girl was exhausted.

Tomorrow, Illiana was going to sneak Brad into the class. She still
had never actually tasted a man's cum.

end story


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