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In the Dark


If you're under 18, this story is not for you. Don't read it. Skip or
erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for yourself.

The following is a work of total fiction and contains scenes of graphic

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like it.




/ \

| | In the Dark M/F cons (barely)

| | by Monocle ( \__|____|__/

(O) o A betrayed woman finds comfort - and more

/ > in the arms of an unseen lover.

| ~~



In the Dark By Monocle

Sandra closed and locked the bathroom door, sighed, and went to the
mirror to touch up her makeup, grateful for the brief privacy of the small
'extra' bathroom next to the standard, multi-stalled ladies' room. She was
having an OK time, but was getting discouraged, losing the heart and
purpose she had come with. Damn David anyway.

Her two-year-long relationship with him had been going through a 'rough
spot', as her married friends would call it. She snorted. She wasn't sure
which turbulence was worse - the fact that he had cheated on her or the
almost dismissive way he apologized for it when he was caught. Sandra had
though she loved David, and that he loved her. Now nothing was certain.

She had left the apartment without telling David where she was going;
though she made sure he saw how she was dressed. She was in her black
dancing dress. Its low, collar-less V neckline showed just a little more
than proper for formal occasions. The elastic, satiny fabric hugged the
swells of her breasts and hips, the seamless body flaring into a slightly
frilly skirt, also too short for the most polite of company. She had no
bra on that night - something else she made sure David had seen. Delicate
looking black three inch heels barley covered her feet and matched her tiny
purse - just big enough for a compact, a lipstick, a key, a few bills, and
a rolled up diaphragm. She slammed the apartment door behind her, shoes
clicking, long fiery red hair streaming behind her as she strode
purposefully down the hall. She rode the taxi alone, across town.

Sandra had come to this club to even the score - find someone, show
David how it felt to be betrayed. It was stupid, she knew, but she didn't
care at the moment. She knew David had at least some jealousy in him, and
wanted to hurt him, as she was hurt. And she'd had no trouble finding guys who wanted to dance with her, buy her drinks, and, she was sure, take her
home. Most of them she'd never look at twice. Others were so full of
themselves there could never be room for anyone else. There were the
oppressive, the desperate, the sleazes, the operators, the actors, the
too-innocent, the not-innocent-enough. Sandra managed to find an excuse to
reject all of them as the evening wore on.

"One more round, and then I'll go home," she thought, looking at her
reflection, but deep down she already knew she wouldn't find what she
thought she was looking for here. She'd already begun thinking about if
and how things could or should be patched up with David, if that's what
they both wanted.

In flash of motion that took less than a second, the door to the
bathroom suddenly opened and closed, letting in a loud blast of music. At
the same time the lights were turned off and an instant later, just as
Sandra startled from the noise, one hand grabbed her right arm as another
clamped over her mouth.

Her eyes opened wide in the sudden darkness and she let out a smothered
squeal of surprise and fright. Her own hands dropped the lipstick she had
been taking out and reached for the arm in front of her as she fought on
the edge of panic to free herself to scream. The lipstick clattered
unnaturally loud in the unseen sink.

The hand was strong and didn't move easily. From just behind her right
ear she heard a soft, deeply masculine voice.

"No, this is not what you think. I've only covered your mouth so that
you would not instantly scream and run the moment I came in. I am going to
remove my hand in just a moment, and you will be free to scream then, or
simply tell me to go away. I will. You'll never hear from me again. I
promise it. I know. You have no reason to believe my promise, but there
it is. All I ask is that you hear me out for just a minute. You see, I
know you. I know why you are here. I can give you what you want."

After a brief pause to let the words register, the hand disappeared from
her mouth. Sandra breathed in deep and almost screamed. But instead, to
her surprise, she let out the breath, trembling slightly. After a moment,
the hand encircled her left biceps, jut has the other had her right. She
stiffened at the touch, but again amazed herself by saying nothing. She
was being either very brave, or very stupid. Probably the latter, she told
herself. The hands held her gently but firmly. She might be able to break
their grip if she really fought, but she might not.

"How did you-? know me?" she asked, able to keep the quiver she
felt out of her voice.

"After a fashion," the voice replied, this time in her left ear - the
change causing her to jump again. "I've seen you around here before -
women like you. I know what brought you here and what you are looking for.
You carry yourself too confidently to be a virgin tired of her status and
looking for a white knight to deflower her. You're too discriminating to
be a vixen on the make, and too sad to be here because you want to have a
simple fling. You've been betrayed by a lover, and are looking to return
the favor." He said these things as statements, not questions.

Sandra started again. He knew!

"But you've not been able to convince yourself to go through with it
with anyone you've seen."

"No..." (Did she say that out loud, or just think it?)

"You were going to go home soon, and try to make up with - who now?

"Davi-" She cut herself off. Why would she tell this invisible person
anything? She could barely make out a backlit silhouette now, behind her
in the mirror, illuminated only by the flickering light sneaking in from
under the door. He was tall and wide of chest. The outline of his head
suggested short straight hair. He was close behind her and she could
almost feel the warmth of his body.

"David, then." There was something slightly accented to his speech, but
Sandra had no clue where to place it. "You were going to go back to David
and see if you could accept again someone who had betrayed your trust...
even your love?"

Sandra nodded, forgetting that he likely could not see that.

"Tell me, was David a good lover?"

"Wh.. what do you mean?"

"I mean, did he treat you like a beautiful woman should be treated."
Sandra gasped as the end of the sentence was accompanied by an electric
sensation that ran from her left ear down her spine. An unseen tongue had
just liked her on and just behind the earlobe.

"Could he awaken your passion with a touch?" Now, the right hand
released her arm and fingers drew lightly along her collar bone and
downward, delicately caressing the outside of her breast, trailing down her
side to wrap around her hip, fingers gently pressing into the side of her
lower belly. Sandra's right hand quickly reached and covered the
stranger's, half-holding, half gripping it as if to remove it from her.

In the darkness Sandra acutely felt every inch of the motion.
Everything that had been touched tingled, the sensation spreading out to
warm her body. She inhaled and exhaled deeply again, whispering "No..." as
she did. She trembled slightly as she felt a pair of warm lips touch her
neck on her right side, just above her shoulder line. They pressed a long
kiss there, then two more progressing upward to her right ear. She
shivered. How could this invisible intruder have such a strong and
immediate effect on her? Was she crazy to just stand here? Was this what
she had been looking for all evening?

"Does he please the needs and desires of your flesh before his own?
Instead of his own? Has he ever explored the depths and heights of ecstasy
he could give to you?" Now the left hand released her other arm. Its
fingers first touched her through her skirt on her outer left thigh, just
above the hem. They trailed upward, dragging the fabric with them up her
thigh until it fell free. The fingers slid lightly across to her belly
just above her pubis, then upward over her stomach, between her ribs, until
the heel of the hand pressed against her left breast and the fingers slowly
rose to curl up and under, cradling it gently.

Sandra had been mouthing "No" quietly in answer to the questions
drifting at her from the darkness, her skin goose-pimpling in reaction to
the touches it received. But when the hand cupped her breast she gasped
again, grabbing at it with her hand.

"Hey! Stop!" She pulled at the hand, which held strong, the motion
shaking and giggling her firm breast in the cupping fingers.

"I've told you how you can get me to stop. Tell me to go away and I
will. I promise. You don't have to believe me, but there it is."

Silence. Sandra still pulled at the left hand, but she said nothing,
her mind full of conflicting thoughts. The invisible right hand then
slowly slid flat from her hip to her belly, and began slow circles around
and around over the smooth, cool fabric of the dress.

At her left ear, between little nibbling kisses, he spoke. "David has
squandered and abused his treasures. You are a beautiful, sexy woman. You
have a perfectly curved body, a sensuous walk. Your arms and legs are
obviously strong, but toned and delicate looking - a wondrously elegant and
feminine. Your breasts," the left hand now rubbed the underside of her
breast gently back and forth, "are firm, resilient, neither too big to hold
nor too small to escape notice. You have a smooth, perfect belly that
makes men long to take you and fill you with themselves."

Sandra's breathing quickened. She felt herself slowly melting into the
touch of this unseen man. Her back was now pressed against his hard chest,
her buttocks just brushing against his upper thigh. She felt her heart
pound, thought she could hear it louder than the muted sounds of dance
music filtering through the door. The lips now pressed up and down the
very back of her neck, tongue trailing wetly over the first vertebrae of
her spine before meeting the neckline of her dress. The tongue then moved
in slow circles around her neck, mimicking the hand circling her belly.
The second hand now also started circling around her left breast, never
quite touching the nipple, but stroking the, sides, top, and bottom through
the sheer dress. It occasionally broke to travel the length of her side
down to her hip and back before resuming its tantalizing circuit. Sandra
realized that her hands still held the thick wrists as the moved around her
body. Not knowing what else to do with them, she kept them there.

"Women like you need to be made love to, to have your bodies, and the
rest of you, treated properly. You are beings of passion. You need to be
allowed the wanton expression of your inner-most self." The words breathed
in her ears. The hands switched, left taking her belly over without break,
right moving to cradle then circle her right breast now. Sandra let out a
small sigh or moan. It was so quiet she couldn't tell. Her knees began to
feel weak.

"Tell me you name, my beauty."

Before she could even think about it, she did.

The hand circling her belly made her skin feel hot. She slowly felt the
motions move lower. Now below her belly button, now just above her pubis,
now gliding over the top of her covered thatch. Her grip on the wrist
tightened, as if to slow or stop it.

"Wait... no...." she said, but the hand did not stop. Lower still
until the fingers began dipping between her legs, causing the fabric of her
skirt to tickle her thighs as the fingers and palm began to pass over her

"Of course not," The voice said in reassuring tone, "You still don't
want to betray the trust of your lover - David. What would he think
knowing that another man was stirring these feelings in you? What would he
think if he knew another could awaken parts of you he never dreamed

"Please... stop..." It was what she had been thinking earlier - only
not quite so - intense - as this! Sandra didn't think her 'revenge' could
(should?) be so...

"Why should you not know what it is to be truly fulfilled. You owe
David, the betrayer, what exactly? And if not him... Tell me this is not
what you want. Tell me to go away and I will."

"Please... Ohhh!"

The left hand swept down now, below Sandra's hem, and then back up. The
thumb hooked under the short skirt and drew it up with the hand, which slid
between her slightly parted legs to gently cup her pussy. Sandra almost
fell back, but he was there, sturdy and unmoving, behind her. All she did
was lean heavily back into his chest and waist. Her buttocks pressed up
against a clothing-covered hardness, and she shuddered at the combined

Sandra said "go away" in her mind, but her mouth only whispered
"Ggodd..." She shivered as the hand cupping her pussy began circling
slowly. She realized with shock that her panties were damp. The sliding of
her labia against each other and the satiny fabric of her panties as the
hand moved indicated just how wet she was. She gave a little moan,
increasing volume as the right hand finally grazed her right nipple and
began to tease the most sensitive part of her breast. The nipple quickly
hardened to the seemingly magic touch. The mouth moved forward to her
collarbone and under her chin. Sandra felt her head tilt back to rest on a
firm shoulder as the lips and tongue devoured and tasted her.

"I know, Sandra."

For an instant, she panicked. How did he know her name? Yes, she had
told him. God, she was shaking all over. And hot. And more turned on
than ever before in her life.

"I know how to give everything you need."


The hands switched again. Now the left nipple received its due
attention. The right hand slid all the way down, then up under the skirt,
over her covered pussy and bush to the top of her panties, slipping under
the elastic until the warm fingers at last touched the moist flesh of her
womanhood. Sandra's brief protest gave way to a sigh as one strong finger
slid down over each of her labia, while a third between them rubbed over
her clitoral hood and dipped in between her nether lips.

Sandra was awash in pleasure. She had not really known just how aroused
she was until that first intimate touch. Now she realized she was suddenly
almost ready to cum.

"Oh God. Please... sloww- not-oooohhhh."

The fingers moved - combination of pressing and lifting, and sliding up
and down her slit. The middle digit dragged wetly against her emerging,
hardening clit with each tiny movement. Her hips rocked automatically with
the motion, rotating her pelvis forward, trying to increase the sensation.
Her knees bowed outward slowly, without her realizing.

"It is alright, Sandra love," He murmured into her throat, "You can let
yourself go. You are safe. No one will disturb you, no one will hear. No
one will know but us. You are capable of more than you can imagine."

Sandra hissed as the middle finger dipped deep into her simmering,
pussy, and then back out and up across her slit to begin short rapid
circles over her sensitive button. Just there. That was enough.

"Ah! Aaaaah! Oh! MmmmMMooohh!" She shook in climax, the familiar
spasms making her body quake. She felt her inner muscles clasp and
release, heard her breath catch. It was not the most intense orgasm - it
was almost gentle, rolling - but it did feel like the shortest time it had
ever taken her to cum. As she shook, the left hand gently pinched her
nipple, the right hand slid back so that the middle finger was inside her
and the others splaying her labia, and the mouth was gently sucking and
licking at her throat.

As she slowly came down, glowing from the climax, the voice spoke again.

"That was beautiful Sandra. I felt everything. Your body is like the
finest instrument any musician could ever hope to play. You are truly
something special. I will show you more."

Still in the afterglow, Sandra did not fully comprehend the words. What
more was there? With David, if she came first, her 'turn' was over, and it
was his time.

She was mulling this when she felt him quickly sink down behind her, the
fabric of his clothes sliding along the back of her dress. In a swift
motion, he gripped her panties and pulled them down as his knees reached
the floor, drawing the damp silk down her legs to her ankles before she
could protest.

"What?! Stop! No!" She made to push away from the sink and escape, but
the strong, steady hands slid up her legs to hold her was it under her
dress before she could.

"Sandra, I have so much to show you, if you will let me." His voice was
now low, behind her, but gentle, patient. "Lean forward against the sink.
Step your right foot up and right. Good. Now the left. Beautiful."

Her hair falling forward, almost over her face made Sandra realize with
surprise that she had complied with all of these commands. She had stepped
out of her panties, and her legs were now a little more than shoulder width
apart. She could feel hot breath on the backs of her slightly spread
thighs, the motion cooling her wet and open (and exposed!) pussy. She
heard him breathe in through his nose, deeply inhaling the scent of her
arousal. The sound sent a tremor up her spine.

"Now, Sandra, I will not be able to speak for a little while. But
during that time consider this. Consider whether your lover can do this
for you."

"Do what?" escaped her lips before she could stop what she felt was a
stupid question, but stupid or not, it was immediately answered as a face
pressed up into the space between her legs.

"OhGOD! AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh."

A strong nose pushed between the cheeks of her ass, lips pressed against
the sensitive spot where her legs met, and then a tongue snaked slowly up,
up, up, and into her slit. It was long - longer than what she knew as
'normal' - and writhed like the living thing it was. Sandra's back
stiffened and arched, and she reflexively raised her ass and pressed back
to give the tongue greater access. It obliged, sliding up and down, over
and inside her slit. She stretched further, and it could now reach all the
way to her quivering clit. The contact caused her to jump and cry out.

She started moaning then, quietly but steadily. The strong hands now
slid up and down her buttocks and legs. Down to her calves and up her
inner thighs as she trembled. Her hips began to rotate and rock back and
forth as the tongue and lips did things familiar yet strange and new -
scary and incredibly exciting.

"Ooooh... ooooo... ooooo..." She began cooing. She rode the rising
waves of pleasure, for what seemed like hours, or was it just an instant?
The tongue danced across her most private parts, circling, dipping into
her. She felt her own juices flowing freely, dripping in thin rivulets down
her thighs and legs, do doubt completely covering the unseen strangers
face. Her wide open eyes still saw little. Dimly she could make out a
shadowy ghost that was her face. She almost did not recognize herself -
the barely visible, open-mouthed expression of lust on it was almost
frightening to her. Almost.

Ooooahh... AAaaaahh...AAAaahhh.... AiiieeeEEE!" Slowly - there was no
concept of time now- the coos gave way to more incoherent sounds as the
fingers and mouth drove her inexorably to a second, greater climax. She
felt this one start at her toes and follow the pattern of his moving hands
up to her pussy where it exploded into something else altogether. The
tongue scraped her clit and dove deep into her.

"Yesssss YyyyyYYYYAAAAAHhh! HhhaaaAAANHhh! OOOOHHHNN!" Sandra came a
second time, crying out incoherently as her inner muscles clutched at the
invading tongue and unseen fingers that teased her buttocks and the bud of
her asshole. She saw flares of light in the darkness around her and shook
with the power of it. The dark shape behind her stayed where it was,
tongue quivering in her as she surged and rode it out, only gradually
subsiding to pants and gasps with each of his small intimate movements.

She shuddered again as the long tongue finally withdrew from her and the
dark stranger rose, his body sliding up against Sandra's upturned, exposed
derriere - her skirt probably was hiked up and resting around her waist,
and Sandra was grateful for the darkness. Imagining how obscene she would
look in the light, she felt a shudder of embarrassment ripple through her.

The phantom hands never left her body, gliding as the presence behind
her rose, moving up under her dress, which bunched along her back and sides
until both hands circled around the naked flesh of her breasts, held there
by the snug elastic fabric of the dress front. Sandra was still bet over
the sink, legs and knees still parted from the mind-blowing cunnilingus.
She jumped a little as he stood up fully. A hot, hard presence pressed up
along her slit.

"Sandra, the taste of you is exquisite - like nectar from a goddess."
Even through her unprecedented state of arousal, she felt herself blush and
shiver at the words.

"Yes. You should know how truly desirable - and delectable - you are.
Does David know? Can he make you feel like that with his mouth? With his
words? He doesn't even know you can climax twice, given the proper


"You didn't know that either?"

"No...yes. Once when- Oh!" The hands began to knead her breasts,
occasionally catching a hard nipple between a pair of fingers and pinching
or pulling it, making her gasp.

The one time she'd cum twice had been with David - not really with him,
actually. He had brought her off with his mouth and fingers - efficiently,
if not enthusiastically, and had then made passionate love to her for
longer than usual. Enough to keep her arousal high and rising until he
came, at which point, after some sweet but brief kissing and cuddling, he
had rolled off to sleep. She had still been inflamed, however, and
secretly, quietly, brought herself off an amazing second time, right next
to him on their bed. The need to be quiet and still had made it even more
arousing at the time.

"How sensitive you are Sandra. You have taught me so much about
yourself already in our short time together. How much of this as David
learned in all your time together? Tell me Sandra, have you ever climaxed
while David - or any other lover - has been inside you?"

Sandra shuddered. "No." It was a long time fantasy of hers to know how
that felt. But a penis inside her, while pleasant, was never enough
stimulation. At best, David made her cum first. At worst, intercourse
only left her aroused and edgy when David was finished - not once had he
ever...attended... her after he was done. As for other lovers... well,
David had been the first and only. Until now.

"You would like to know how that feels, wouldn't you. To feel your
deepest self embrace your lover in the heights of pleasure..." The rod of
flesh pressed up against her pussy began dragging back and forth between
her soaked lower lips.

"Ooohh.. Nnnnnoooo...nnn" A small part of her mind reprimanded her for
not being stronger, for not being able to speak more than vague words of
protests or lust-addled nonsense. But this voice was not being listened
to, and the rest of her secretly thrilled at the abrogation of control.

"You don't want to feel that? Two words, and I am gone." The penis drew
back just a little further with each rock. The head tickled her clit,
drawing back toward her vulnerable entrance a little more each time.

"No.. Doonn't.... Please...Sssstop..." Sandra didn't move. Her hands
gripped the sink, legs tense, eyes now pinched shut.

"No, Sandra. You want this. You need me." The head slid back almost to
her open, ready labia. Her mind screamed Go Away! Go Away! GO AWAY! but
her mouth refused to say it.

"Goohhh...Nooo. NNOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuUUUhhh!!" In one fluid motion,
the cockhead divided her inner lips and slid slowly in. Her cry of protest
turned into a hard exhalation of breath as the full length slid into her.
The stranger's cock was different than David's. David's had a bulging head
that seemed to pop almost audibly into her whenever he first penetrated.
This one had a smaller tapered head, almost pointed, that slid in easily.
The shaft thickened along its length until, at the base it was a bit
thicker than David's was. She could tell so by the filling,
extra-stretched feeling that grew as he sank into her. But the real shock
was the length. David was a 'respectable 7 inches' long - in his own
words. This one was something more. Where she would normally feel David's
stomach press against her ass, this cock kept coming. Sliding in further
and further until she was almost out of breath. The twin sensation of her
shadow lover's pelvis pressing into her rear and of his cockhead pressing
into the very end of her tight tunnel was both frightening and incredibly

"Oh. God! David!" Sandra cried, then gasped at what she had said.

"No, Sandra, not David. David cannot give you what I can. Let me show

"Oh, Please... Nooo. Ohhmygod. hhhhhhhh. Ohnooo... hhhhAYYH!" The
long, member slid slowly almost all the way out and all the way back in.
Then it withdrew part way, and seemed to wiggle slightly as the shadowy
shape adjusted position behind her. The angle of the penis changed, and
pressed oddly into her for a moment, dragging back and forth
until...something electric shot through her. An intense wave of erotic
pleasure surged through her pussy and up her spine, connecting with her
breasts and shooting back down.

"YYyyAA! AAH! AH!" She yelped as the cock teased and poked at the
spot, and stroked shallowly on and off it.

"That, my dear Sandra, is what has been called the 'G-spot' by the less
romantic. Not all women have them in a place as easy to reach as yours.
But with you I suspected correctly. Does it feel good, Sandra? Have you
felt its like before?"

"Yessss.. AH! No..UH! Ohgod! OHhhh!" The cock quickly dove all the
way into her then came back to tease her magic spot again. It was
incredible. Sandra was almost overloaded with raw pleasure, and realized
with terrible wonder she was rapidly climbing again towards orgasm. The
cock continued to tickle her, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her
completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her
again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body
was frozen, open and lewdly thrust back, unable or unwilling to move, lest
the fantastic connection be broken.

"You feel it coming again, Sandra love. I can see it now. I can feel
it rumble deep in your belly. You will cum with your lover deep inside
you, filling you completely."

Her eyes snapped open and stared into the mirror. Yes, she could barely
make out a face. Strong lines. Handsome? Maybe, she thought. Then
lightning struck inside her and she screamed, stiffening her legs and
arching her back as her pussy clamped down on the cock pushing one more
time all the way in.

She was so completely full, cumming around the hard cock, buried all the
way in her. It was glorious. It was perfect and beautiful. Her pussy fairly flowed with her own cream. Her inner muscles squeezed and milked
the pulsing flesh embedded within her. Her nipples throbbed as they were
caressed and pinched. Her whole body shook. It lasted almost forever. It
almost stole her consciousness and her sanity, but in the end left both
barely intact. Her mind and body buzzed in the aftermath, still quaking
and spasming erratically every few seconds.

"Oh. My. God." She said, panting "What.. did you do?"

"Released you, in a way, by beauty. Helped you to experience that which
you so much desired." He paused, and they breathed for a while together,
intimately locked, not moving. He broke the silence with "Now, if I may, I
wish to indulge in your wondrous body for myself. Just for a brief

"What do y--oooOOOoooooooo. Ooohh," Sandra cooed again as the dark
stranger withdrew and began thrust into her in a more conventional motion.
It felt good - very good even, but just enough to keep her sexual glow
sustained. Shocks of her after-cum still zapped her every now and then,
but he was - fucking - her now for mostly his own pleasure. She felt his
heavy testicles swing up and tap on her clit and mound with each thrust.
The hands left her breasts and slid down to firmly grasp her waist, pulling
her back onto him as he stroked forward.

"My dearest Sandra," he said, voice now slightly strained, more gruff,
"Are you on the pill?"

"Nnnoo-WHAT? No! STOP! Get out of me! UH!" The struggled for a
moment, and the cock slammed into her hard once, bumping her cervix and
knocking her breath out for a second.

"Do not worry, my dear. I needed to ask. I am not wearing a condom."
Sandra gasped. He spoke quickly, calmly. "Are you worried I might not be
healthy? I can assure you I am as 'clean' as can be. You do not have to
believe me, but there it is. Two words and you won't have to worry about
it at all. I am the one taking a risk, I have assumed _you_ are healthy."
He paused for a few pounding heartbeats. "Are you worried about other
things? Pregnancy?" The penis again slowly began to slide out, then back

"Yyesss. I don't want to get p...pregnant. Oohh Stoooooop."

"Are you at the right time of the month for that?"

"Yes. Oh, God I think so. Ohh. Don't. Please."

"You know how to get me to stop. Bu then, I have one more idea. It is,
in the end a fine way to complete our exploration of your desires and
needs. Have you ever taken David in your ass?"

"My a- NO! Oh God no! Not there!" David had tried it a couple times,
but she'd usually chickened out. The last time, she had let him begin, but
the fat head of his prick hurt as it pressed into her tiny anal opening and
she made him stop. He had been angry with her for a few days after that.

"Why not Sandra? It is not so difficult a thing. And I know you are
capable of getting pleasure from it - if it is done properly. Everything
about you tells me so."

"Please, ooooooh No."

"This is how it will be, Sandra, and there is not that much time left.
You feel so heavenly wrapped around me, holding me, squeezing me. Too good
for me to last very long. Either I finish deep inside you where I am now,
or we try this one last thing. You must decide soon. And no decision
keeps me right here." He gave a hard shove for emphasis, and she felt the
head of his long cock knock against the entrance to her womb. Sandra
shuddered, knowing the time of the month, and cursing for simply having
brought her diaphragm along instead of pre-inserting it. She thought for a
panicked few seconds as he filled her once, twice, three times, four times.
She might already be too late...

"Please don't do this. Ooohh. Please let me goooooooh."

Silence, except for the wet sounds of fucking and the distant booming of
music. She felt a flutter deep within her. She felt so vulnerable. She
couldn't let him cum in her pussy. She knew with dread certainty what the
likely result would be.

But why didn't she send him away? This stranger had truly given her
what she sought - and then some. She felt strangely more free and complete
as a woman than ever before. She owed this intruder nothing after all -
even if she accepted his advances after all - didn't she? Again, her mind
cried GO AWAY! Instead she whispered:

"My ass."

His motions paused, "What, my love?"

Louder, "You can...(oh god)... come into.. my ass.'

"Yes, my love. I will." And the long phallus slid slowly from her
pussy. It disappeared for a few moments, and she trembled as she felt his
right hand release her hip, move between her legs, and start coating its
fingers with her own juices, tickling her drooling slit while doing so.
The lubricated fingers stole up behind her and into the cleft of her ass,
there to spread her honey between her cheeks and on her tight anal ring.
Her breath caught as the process was repeated and a finger gently prodded
her clenched nether muscle. Then the hand returned to her hip as she felt
the tip of the cock nestle into crack of her ass, head pressing slowly into
her sphincter. She trembled.

"No... Please don't hurt me. uh! Don't do it."

"Yes I will do it Sandra, Now relax yourself. Let your tension go. Let
me in."

"No... No. I- Uh! UH! NUH! NUU!!hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhh! Noooohhh"
His hand had left her hip again, this time coming around front, under her.
A finger flicked her sensitive clit hard - enough to make her jump, but not
enough to be painful. With each flick, her muscles spasmed - contracting
and relaxing, each for an instant. Each time she relaxed, the tapered
cockhead pressed into her dilating anus, pushing further a fraction at a
time. Realization of this hit Sandra on the third, and on the fourth
little jolt, the head pushed all the way in. And now the tapered shaft was
slowly, slowly sliding into her anal passage. The hand left her pussy to
reassert itself on her hip and help pull her back onto the rigid pole.

"Yessss Sandra, you're sweet pussy was marvel itself, but your ass is
also a wonder. So fine and firm. So tight. I can feel you trying to stop
me from entering you, but I cannot stop. Not until I have you - and you
have me - completely."

"Ohhhhh Nooo. Stop. It hur- ohh I have to go!"

"No Sandra, that's me inside you. Do not worry, the feeling is
perfectly natural. Aaahh....there. I am all the way inside." And he was.
She felt his pubic bone press against her ass. He was buried to the root.
She felt incredibly full and bloated, like she really did have to go. Her
small, ineffectively flexing anal ring muscle was now stretched wide around
the intruding cock. She breathed heavily, almost as exhausted from this
last impalement as from everything else that had happened so far. Now the
phallus withdrew. It felt like she was making the biggest bowel movement
of her life, and reflexively bore down to push it out. But then the
movement reversed and it came back in, refilling her despite her internal

"Oooaaahhhhh-Hhhhhhhhhuuuuu!" he did it again. It was the strangest
thing she'd ever felt. But it didn't hurt. In fact, it almost felt good.

"Stand up, Sandra," said the stranger, moving his hands to her shoulders
and gently pulling back. The penis withdrew almost all the way, then slid
fully in again, forcing a low moan from her as she stood straight. Her
dress fell almost back into place, except where the cock in her ass
prevented it. The voice was back at her ear, hoarse, almost whispering.

"Ahhhh. That feels so good. It does to you too, I can hear. Now my
love we can do this one last thing." He took her left hand, now hanging
limply at her side, and placed it on her left breast, then covered her
right breast with his hand, and started massaging it. He then reached
around, withdrawing and burying his cock in her once more, to take her
right hand in his left and bring them both under her skirt to her dripping
pussy. Here he guided her fingers along her slit and across her clit. He
did not touch her directly - but rather guided her in her own touching of

"Sandra, you know how to pleasure yourself?" The long cock emptied and
then re-filled her rear.


"You do it on occasion - even now."


"Yes. Because you know things about yourself that neither David nor I
know - or possibly can know. Some secrets are yours alone."

"Oohhh.. Yes..."

"Sandra, fulfill yourself while I make love to you. I will hold you. I
will love your body. Be free, explore the places within you that only you
know." Her rear emptied, then filled oh so slowly.


Both hands now released her briefly and moved to her lower waist,
holding her there, allowing him to start a slow, building rhythm of
thrusting steadily in and out of her anal passage. Sandra registered every
strange sensation of her sodomy but was now also becoming lost in her own


He was right. Her own hands, once released, instinctively began the
intimate self-caress that she had learned over the years would bring her to
her own satisfaction. She marveled that this was even possible. She had
already cum three - three! times. And she wasn't even sore - well,
almost. She was sensitive beyond her normal capacities - every touch shot
sexual sparks from her pussy up through her spine.

She marveled at herself, in the dark, in an almost public place, a
stranger's penis in her behind, and no need to be quiet as she pleasured
herself wantonly. And she was not quiet. She moaned and grunted with her
own touch and the increasing pace of fucking behind her. Her fingers
danced across her pussy and breasts. Sandra's knees were still open, and
now bent a little, her ass jutting and pushing back to meet each thrust
from the phallus. Her arched back allowed her to rest her head on the
muscular shoulders of her strange lover, and though he had stopped talking
she heard his increasingly hard breathing and thrilled to it.

It was his increasing power and pace that controlled things now. Her
fingers moved faster to match him, and she felt her own passions rise
incredibly again as his movements became fiercer and more erratic. His
poise was evaporating, finally carried away by his passion, as he had done
so easily with her. He grunted now with his harder thrusts, and she yelped
and moaned with the combined onslaught of his cock and her own fingers.

"S.. Sandra... Unh..I- I am going to cum very soon now. Ern! Uf.."

"Yesssssmmmmmm..." Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Until now, no
one but David had ever been inside her at all, much less cum in her. This
intimacy had even been denied David until she was sure they were falling in
love...the bastard. Now she was letting someone else in - in ways David
would be allowed or even know. No, maybe he would know. Maybe she would
tell him.

"You're going to cum in... my... asssss..."

"Yes, my love, very - uh-soon. You are so hot. So passionate. You are
close again - ah!- yourself. I can hear it in your voice..."

"Yes....loverr... Oh yesss!"

"Ohh, Ssssandra I am boiling.. Rh.. rrrrrrRRRRRRaaaaaAAAGGHHHHHH!" His
head buried in the hair falling around her shoulders as he let out a deep
animal growl and slammed into her one last time. Sandra's eyes flew wide
as she felt her anal opening stretched yet further as the planted cock
swelled and pulsed. Her own fingers never stopped and she was on the edge
her self. A deep throb in her guts was accompanied by an upward surge of
the stranger's hips, as if he could shove himself still further into her.
She felt, she thought, deep within her a gooey warmth begin to spread. He
was cumming into her.

Her own hands reacted immediately, her fingers grasped a nipple and her
clit, pinched and pulled the way she had taught herself. The sensation was
sharp, charged, just this side of too much. But it was guaranteed to send
her exactly where she wanted - needed to go. Now her dark lover's hips
thrust up again, his cock injecting her with another surge of semen. The
feeling spread through her, passing between the barrier between her ass and
pussy, connecting with her own singing clit, shooting up through her
breasts, into her brain.

Sandra came. Her scream drowned out the lower growls of her lover as he
filled her with his seed, his own orgasm heightened by Sandra's strong
clenching anal muscles. Colors swam in her vision as she spasmed and
shook, held standing only by vice-like hands on her waist and the rigid,
jetting cock in her ass. Every cell vibrated with ecstasy. She was the
embodiment Sex, the incarnation of Pleasure. Tears streaked her face as
she shook uncontrollably. It went on and on - the hips grinding into her,
the filling of her bowels, the teasing of her most private flesh. The air
around her hummed. Perhaps she even blacked out for a second, the
head-rush feeling blending seamlessly with her climax. She drew in big
heaving breaths, matched by the heavy gasps from her finishing lover.

Slowly, as if descending from clouds, they relaxed together.

Sandra let out a final shuddering sigh, her rear muscles squeezing one
more time. She heard her dark lover gasp and felt him jump at the sudden
pressure. The cock slowly relaxed and subsided, still buried in her ass.
The deflating feeling was another strange sensation to Sandra, who could
not suppress a giggle. The squirmy sensation caused more reflexive
squeezing and the softening cock was slowly pushed out. The big hands now
slid around her body once more, right resting on her belly, left between
her breasts as he held her gently against him. His head still rested on
her shoulder. She turned hers toward it and their lips found each other in
the darkness.

Their first kiss, through stray strands of her hair was passionate and
wondrous - like everything else this night. Sandra detected her own
intimate taste on his lips, and scent on his face, mixed with his faint,
spicy cologne. The kiss lasted for a long time, barely broken by Sandra
drawing her hair away and turning to face her lover for the fist time. Her
arms encircled his broad shirted torso, as his enveloped her smaller frame
and allowed her dress to fall fully back into place.

Slowly, she became again aware of the world around her. The beat of
music outside their small, dark world rolled on. Her breathing was normal.
She was kissing and holding a complete stranger - one who had showed her
things about herself she would never forget. One who had changed her.
Finally she broke their kiss and leaned back against the sink. She could
make out a little more of his face. It was handsome. She found she wanted
to see more.

"Thank you." She whispered.

His hands ran up and down her arms, one cupped her chin. "No, Sandra.
Thank you."

They stared into each other's shadowy eyes for a minute. A small smile
on both their lips, a searching expression on Sandra's face.

He released her then, and she heard more than saw him draw his pants up
his legs and fasten them.

"Who are you?" She finally asked. The question had been trying to
surface for the last moments.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes... No! Wait! Ah!"

But he was gone. Just like he had appeared, he disappeared from the
small room in a second, unlocking, and slipping out the door in a fluid
motion, flipping the light on as he left and momentarily blinding Sandra.
She almost ran after him there and then, but stopped herself after the
first step reminded her that her slick pussy was bare under her short
dress. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw her thighs glistened with
her own cream, and the liquid sensation in her ass betrayed a small leak of
the stranger's cum from there. She couldn't leave the room like that.

Sandra stepped to the door and locked it - correctly this time. She
realized with a chuckle that turning it right, as she had when she came in,
did not in fact cause the lock to catch. Turning it left, as she did now,
did. If she had been paying attention - she looked at her watch and gasped
- almost two hours ago! - this whole...event... would never have

Sandra used the facilities, and cleaned and collected herself, in a
slight daze. Her panties were unsurprisingly dry now, having been off for
so long, and serviceable enough, thanks to the relatively clean nature of
this less trafficked bathroom. She put them back on and looked at herself
in the mirror for a short time - not bothering with makeup other than to
clean up obvious streaks or smears. As she reached down for her tiny
purse, her hand almost knocked the small card off the sink. It was
business card size, but all it had on it was a handwritten phone number.

She smiled to her reflection. She felt alive, adventurous. She was the
same as before, yet also somehow new. Somehow free.

She took a deep breath and left the small side bathroom, squinting into
the blasting sound and flashing lights of the dance floor. She walked
slowly around the periphery, between the tables one more time. She was
tired and going home (home?) but wanted to look around one more time.
Maybe she would see him. Maybe he would see her. Maybe others would look
at her and recognize what she was, now. She was surprised that she hoped
it showed that much.

Near the exit she might have seen him. He was the right size, and his
face might have been the same one she had almost seen in the darkness.
Their eyes met for an instant, then drifted apart. Recognition? Something
else? She could not tell. Sandra left.

The taxi ride to her apartment was uneventful, and she spent it thinking
about her life, per present and future. When she stepped into the
apartment, she saw David on the couch sleeping in the glow of a late night
TV movie. Quietly, she passed into the bedroom, undressed and slipped into
bed. Then she got up, donned her seldom-used full pajamas and got back in.
Tomorrow, She and David were going to talk about who was keeping the
apartment. It wasn't going to be him. Tomorrow, she would also be making
a phone call. Maybe.


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