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In the Luvshack

Keywords: MF, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: In the Luvshack

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

It is a perfect Saturday afternoon. The weekend chores are done
and Edward and Renee are in the backyard playing croquet. The
game is set up on the small lawn off the porch. Renee is winning.

Edward lines up his next shot. As he begins to swing his mallet,
Renee sprays him with the garden hose. His ball sails well wide
of its intended target. Standing in the grass, the water has
soaked him from head to toe.

The soaking has made his clothes cling to his body. As usual,
Edward neglected to wear underwear, so his shorts outline his
large cock. Rushing through the spray, he grabs his wife and
throws her onto the grass and begins to tickle her.

Helplessly squealing, Renee tries to get away. Finally, reaching
between Edward's legs, she grabs his cock and offers a truce.
Stopping tickling, Edward asks what she has in mind. Renee
responds by taking his cock out of his shorts and running her
tongue around its growing head.

Taking down his shorts, Edward lies back on the grass and watches
his wife. Her hands gently caress his balls and dick. With a
light touch, she sweeps her fingertips through the curly black
hair that wreaths his rapidly swelling cock. She likes to watch
it grow to its full length. As it stiffens, she grasps it hand
over hand, like a baseball bat handle, determined to give her
husband the best dick-sucking of his life.

She starts slowly, running her tongue around the head of his
cock, then putting her lips around it as if it were a large
strawberry. Then she continues by slowly licking up and down the
shaft. A small drop of pre-come seeps from his dick. Her tongue
washes over it, savoring the taste like a gourmet.

Gently nibbling down the length of his member, Renee turns her
attentions to his scrotum. Delighting in teasing her husband,
she exaggerates her tongue's circles as she caresses his
testicles. Lingering over his balls, she sucks one into her
mouth, causing Edward's back to arch in pleasure.

He looks down, watching her as she sucks his dick with whorish
abandon. Knowing that she is getting as turned on as he is, he
gently pushes her head away from his dick and rolls her over.

"It's your turn," he said as he pulls down her pants. Her pussy,
shaven smooth as usual, has a little tuft of curly red hair at
the top of the labia. Lowering himself to her pussy, Edward
concentrates on extending Renee's pleasure. He starts by licking
down one side of her taco and then up the other. Slowly
separating her pussy lips with his fingers, Edward uses the tip
of his tongue to trace a line from her pussy hole to her clit.

Closing his lips around her clit, Edward gently sucks her twat.
Feeling her clit extend, he adds his tongue. drawing circles
around her clit has Renee moaning in ecstasy. Instinctively,
Renee places her hands around Edward's head, holding his mouth on
her pussy.

Not wanting Renee to come too fast, Edward moves from her clit to
her pussy hole. His long tongue begins to move in and out of her
hole as his fingers lightly massage her cunt. Pushing up her
shirt and bra, he tweaks her nipples, making them hard and

Renee moves Edward's head from her crotch and demands, "Fuck me
now." Edward kisses her deeply, letting Renee taste her pussy as
he tastes his cock on her lips. Laying her back onto the grass,
Edward guides his stiff cock into her sopping wet pussy.

Her pussy is warm, soft, and slick. Edward begins thrusting
away. Both are too excited to keep from coming quickly. He
thrusts ferociously, grabbing her small breasts as he impales her
on his long shaft. Within moments, Edward comes, triggering
Renee's orgasm.

Laying on the warm grass, spent from their coupling, Edward
suggests they shower in the bath house before going inside.
Catching their breath, Edward takes Renee's hand and leads her to
the small outdoor spa that they have recently constructed. With
a high wall around their back yard, their privacy is complete.

Renee turns on the water and steps under the spray. Edward
embraces her from behind, cupping her breasts. She arches back
and kisses him. Edward's hand traces down her belly to the top
of her pussy. Feeling his dick stiffen in the crack of her ass,
Renee giggles, "Maybe we aren't finished yet."

Moving inside the bath house, Edward turns on the spa's pump.
Immediately the jets churn the water to a froth. Climbing in,
Edward positions Renee over a water jet. The jet's water
massages Renee's clit while Edward pinches her nipples. Renee
involuntarily moans as she moves her ass to allow Edward access
to her cunt.

Holding his wife over the water jet, Edward slowly enters her
from behind, her favorite position. The water swirls around his
balls as he strokes his cock into Renee's pussy. Edward moves
his hands to her hips, massaging her clit with his fingers.

Getting very turned on Renee gasps, "Harder, I want it harder."
Ready to oblige, Edward picks up the tempo of his fucking.
Nearing orgasm, Edward moves Renee on to the side of the spa and
starts ramming his cock into her twat. Finally, he comes,
flooding her cunt. Feeling the surge of hot come inside her,
Renee surrenders to the orgasm she has been trying to hold off.
Her pulsating pussy muscles milk the last come from Edward's cock
as the pair slide back into the water.

His cock still inside Renee, Edward kisses her and says, "Maybe
next time we'll try this with some company." Moaning her assent,
Renee bends her neck back and french kisses her stud husband.

Originally Written May 1993
(c) William J. Adams, 1998
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