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"In the Clinic" (c) 2001 Scribbler

"Its time for your session"

You know what that means, don't you?

You're in a special hospital, The Woodlands Institute
for the Study and Rehabilitation of Female
Masturbation. Its where girls like you get sent, when
their panties are found to be stained with juices one
too many times. . .

You recall the car ride there. . .I explained that we
were going to have to do something about your
"problem", and a short vacation would be in order.

Admissions. . .a pretty blonde nurse, smiling sweetly
and telling you to strip, and giving you only one of
those short hospital gowns, with a gap in the back.
Your hands cuffed behind your back. . ."You're not
going to have use of your hands here, darling. .
.they're what got you into trouble in the first place"
She explains that you're going to be controlled here,
very strictly. Everything will be done with you fully
observed. . .when you squat over the toilet to pee,
there'll be no door to close on the stall. . .you'll
be in full view of the floor staff, and will have to
present yourself to your nurse or orderly and ask to
be wiped. Very humiliating for you, but then,
you need the discipline.

I'll be taking personal control of this case,
experimenting with some new electic shock technology.
Little electrodes be clipped to your nipples, labia,
and clit. . .I want you to think about that.

We'll be presenting a series of stimuli to you--
shades of Clockwork Orange-- and you'll be spread in
lithotomy position on an exam table in a bare white
tiled room. You'll face a large glass window, behind
which medical students sit. Due to the
lighting difference, you'll see them only as shadows,
but you certainly will hear their discussion of your

The regime here is that you'll be punished by your own
lubrication. Dry skin has a fairly high electrical
impedence, meaning that current is unlikely to flow. .
.but as it becomes more moist, the electric current
will begin to flow.

We'll watch you then, watch start to flush as you
watch video of bottom being spanked, and then you'll
feel yourself getting wet. Almost instantly, a
tingling will grow, sharp little spikes of pain riding
the tide of your lubrication.

"She's a little masochist to be sure", a lecturer will
remark, "the thing about these 'sluts', and I use the
term advisedly, is that pain will actually increase
their excitement. . .to a point anyway. . ."

There are tears in your eyes, as the researcher and
nurse attend you.

"Nurse, its time to prepare her nipples".

You wonder about this. . .without lubrication, all
that your nipples feel is the slight tingling of
electricity, but nothing like the crackling shock that
slides like lightning in your crotch.

"Now dear, you're a very wet little masturbator,
aren't you?"

You can hardly bear to have another woman see you like
this, especially a pretty blonde girl, perhaps ten
years your junior. She rolls a stainless steel
gynaecologist's stool between your legs, and sits..
.you feel a cool metal pressure in the groove beneath
your cunt, and the a blunt scraping.

She raises the implement to where you can see it. .
.it is a tablespoon, now filled with your juices. You
quiver as she proceeds to walk to your side, and the
allow some of your juice to drip onto your nipple. . .

The shock is immediate, and transforming. . .a bolt of
lightning, emanating from your nipple and sliding down
your spine to your cunt. You're all sex now, you can
hear yourself howling, the pain and excitement growing
together in a synergy of lust. You're dimly aware of
the spoon over your other nipple, and the long mucous
strand of juice dripping down from it. . .hanging in
mid-air, stretching toward your clipped nipple, a
Damoclean prospect of punishment.


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