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A story - In The Parking Lot

Written by Blab


She had told me to follow her, so I did. There were a lot of reasons to
do as she told me: Her beautiful eyes, and the sly gleam in them when she
spoke to me. The seductive sway of her hips, which were surrounded by a
jet black mini skirt. Her English accent, which I had been listening to
for a half an hour, enthralled simply with the sound of her voice as we sat
and talked while I bought her drinks in that dive bar. But mostly it was
my hunger for her, the urge to kiss her red lips that I had been
considering the whole time.

She led me out the door of the bar, her high heels clicking on the
sidewalk pavement as I followed her towards the parking lot. She told me
to follow her - that was the only thought careening around my buzzing brain
as I watched her butt moving before me. When she stopped and turned
towards me, she caught the direction of my stare. I was a little
embarrassed, but I met her eyes as she smiled. "You think my buns look
good in this skirt?" she asked slyly as she half-turned to display them to
me again.

"I think they look fantastic in that skirt," I said. "Especially when
I'm watching you walk in front of me."

"Well then, love, follow me a little more to my car." She walked on,
towards a car parked away from the others near the back of the lot. I
stared some more at her asscheeks as they shifted against each other under
the thin fabric of her skirt. I couldn't see a single line marring the
smooth round curves of her ass under her skirt.

When she reached her car door she stopped, resting her hands on the roof
of her car, and stood there - she didn't turn towards me. I stepped up
close behind her and put my hands on her waist. I leaned my head towards
her neck, smelling her hair and feeling the heat of her body in the cool
night air. I whispered in her ear, "Your buns are beautiful, and so are
your legs..." I ran a hand down over her hip, fingers grazing the side of
her ass, and then down to her leg. "I also like your lips," I added,
putting my other hand on her neck, turning her chin sideways so I could
reach her mouth with a kiss.

Her lips moved against mine as she turned in my arms to meet my kiss.
Her hands were already moving over my chest, my shoulders, down my back.
Every heartbeat as I kissed her and felt her body against mine made me
hungrier for her, and I moaned a little into her mouth. Her hands found my
ass, sliding down, her fingers curling and gripping me to pull me closer
against her. I felt her stomach pressing against my erection, and knew she
could feel it too. My kisses trailed away from her lips, across her cheek,
softly down her neck.

I brought my fingers up to the buttons of her blouse, kissing and gently
sucking the soft skin of her neck as I undid the top button, the next
button, my mouth trailing my hands down as more of her skin was exposed
with each unfastened button. As I reached the cleft between her breasts I
pushed her blouse open, baring the round inner sides of her cleavage to the
night. My lips found the deepest spot between her breasts, kissing and
tasting as I unbuttoned the rest of her blouse.

She was leaning back against her car. I looked into her face - her eyes
were closed, but her mouth was open and her breath came in deep pants. I
kissed her lips again as I pushed her blouse the rest of the way open. I
cupped my hands around her breasts, feeling her nipples harden in my palms,
softly squeezing her breasts in my fingers as she kissed me back. She was
arching her back, pushing her breasts against me, and now her hands were
sliding down my chest, my stomach, and fumbling against my belt buckle.
When I felt her fingers pulling at my belt I groaned again - my cock was so
hard, straining inside my pants, and the thought of her hands opening my
pants and touching it made it throb.

Her eyes were open again, focused on her hands - the same place my eyes
were focused. First my belt buckle, then the button and zipper of my pants
opened to her fingers. My cock was standing out, stretching the white
cotton of my briefs, and her hand wrapped around the stretched fabric. The
sensitive skin of my shaft felt the heat of her hand, the pressure of her
squeeze, and my hips bucked a little. Holding me through my briefs with
one hand, she fished her car keys from her purse and opened her car door.
With the door wide, she sat down on the car seat with her high heels still
on the asphalt of the parking lot and her face now level with my erection.
I stood in front of her, holding my breath, aching to feel her lipstick-red
lips wrapped around my cock.

Staring straight at my crotch she pulled the elastic of my underwear
over my cock, exposing it to her gaze. My cock jumped and throbbed a
little when I saw her lick her lips and look up into my eyes. "Oh god,
please, take me in your mouth," I was begging her, pleading with her in a
husky voice. She smiled and kept her eyes locked on mine while she leaned
forward, opened her lips, and took the swollen head into her mouth. The
wet heat that enveloped the head of my cock was delicious, and a flood of
warmth coursed through my blood as I watched her lips slowly slide down the
length of my shaft until I was buried in her mouth.

Her head moved back and forth, my cock sliding between her lips. As I
watched her mouth I told her how good it felt: "Oh yeah, like that, your
tongue feels so good against the shaft like that, oh yes... Oh god, suck
me some more like that, yes, a little faster..." I held her head in my
hands, tangling my fingers in her hair as my hips pushed my cock into her
mouth. Her red lips were tight around the glistening shaft of my erection
as I slid out and then back in to her mouth.

The friction and heat of her mouth were bringing me closer to exploding,
but I wanted more of her. I pushed her head away, then bent down to kiss
her soft lips. I pushed her back on her seat until she was lying on her
back, her knees still projecting out the door of the car. I kneeled on the
pavement in front of her and slid my hands up her skirt. My fingers found
her underwear, a thong, and I could feel her juices as I brushed a
fingertip over the front panel that covered her mound. I stroked my
fingers gently over the fabric, evoking a moan from inside the car. I had
little patience to tease her, so I hooked my fingers around the straps of
her panties and pulled them down, lifting her high heels to pull them off.
Pushing her knees apart again, my hands slid up her legs to push her mini
skirt up to her waist as she raised her ass up off the seat. I reached my
arms under her legs and lifted her, pulled her towards my mouth.

First I kissed the curly soft hair over her mound gently, then I pushed
my tongue against her, parting her lips to taste the depths between. Her
thighs tensed against my biceps as I held her legs tightly. My nose
pressed against her clit as I pushed my tongue inside of her, stretching
and reaching for more of her taste, more of her juices. I thrust my tongue
in and out, feeling her muscles clutch at it as I pushed, then I licked up
and down, between the wet lips and up to circle around her clit. I heard
her moan when she felt my tongue stroking her clit, so I pursed my lips and
sucked gently on it, eliciting a louder moan as her back arched, pushing
her pussy harder against my mouth. My tongue led back down, and then up
again, stroking the length of her slit, gathering her juices as I licked
and sucked her. As her moans increased I licked faster, circling her clit
again, and then plunging my tongue inside to fuck her with it. Her hands
gripped my hair, pulling my face harder against her crotch, and all of the
sudden she was crying out as a flood of her juices descended into my mouth.
I held her tightly with my arms around her legs, slowing my tongue as she
came in my mouth, spasms moving through her body as she bucked her hips.

My pants were still open, my erection aching in the night air as I knelt
between her legs. I climbed off my knees and crawled up over her body into
the car. With one hand guiding my cock between her legs, my mouth met hers
in a kiss as I lay my body on top of hers and slid my cock inside of her.
She was drenched with her juices and the length of my cock sank into her
cunt in one long stroke. I felt her muscles squeezing me as I started
moving inside of her. Her legs curled up around my legs and I felt her
high heels digging into my calves, urging me on. "Oh cum, please cum inside me," she moaned, pushing her hips against me as I thrust into her.
Her folds surrounded my shaft as I slid in and then out until just the
swollen head was inside, and then pushing hard I slid back inside until I
was buried completely and I could feel her squeezing my entire length.
Faster and faster I stroked, feeling my orgasm rushing up in my blood as I
passed the point of no return. "Oh god yes I'm going to cum, oh yes," I
called out, sinking my entire length as my cock swelled inside her. She
called out her second orgasm with a shudder as I started to spurt between
her spasming folds, our hips bucking against each other as our moans echoed
through the parking lot. I drove into her again and again as the waves of
my orgasm washed through me, pressing her hard down into the seat of her
car as I filled her.


I'll be posting more stories here soon. I'd love to hear what you think
of my story.



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