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This story contains sex, just so you know. This story is also mine, and
permission is given for it to be archived as long as you make no money from it,
and this heading remains intact. The author is on his bony knees, begging for
comments at
A Night at Indian's Hollow,
By Shon Richards

The were the usual rumors surrounded this year's Halloween celebration at
Indian's Hollow. Some people thought the FBI was going to raid us for sure
this year, while others thought we were going to be raided by Baptists in
pick-up trucks. Most of my friends were banking on the rumor that Halloween
would be extended into a week long ceremony, but I think that's just wishful
thinking. My parents believed that this year all of the Gods were going to be
armed, since we had more non-believers in town. The most recent rumor revolved
around the town elders adding new Gods to the event, while the oldest rumor was
that the lottery was a sham and the elders chose all the gods. Despite the
rumors, all the men and women of legal age still dropped their forty dollars
into purchasing their lottery tickets.

I had just turned twenty-one this August, so this was my first year in the
lottery. I was excited. Of course everyone had seen some of the incarnations,
and everyone had a hint or a glimpse at what the duties were, but the Gods were
still shrouded in prestige and mystery. It was easier for a child of Indian's
Hollow to find out how to reproduce than it was to find out just what the Gods
did on Halloween. By purchasing a ticket, I thought I would finally be told
the mysteries. I was wrong. The most I got out of my parents were guilty
looks and the most I could get from my boss at the grocery store was, "Don't
worry about such things till you're the head of your own household."

Luckily, or perhaps planned by the Elders, I didn't have to wait that long. I
was one of the chosen.

The secrecy was still present when I was informed that I won. Mr. Vrice, an
Elder, was waiting for me at my house when I got home from work. He had
already talked to my parents, and told them I was to perform a duty for the
town. That meant mom was crying when I left; sometimes duties for the town can
involve leaving to go on missions. I was a bit upset myself, but Mr. Vrice
told me as soon as we got in the white van what the real deal was.

The terror didn't seem to fade, though.

Nineteen other people were waiting for me at the Church, meaning that there
were no plans to add any more Gods this Halloween. I recognized all of the
people; it wasn't that large of a town. I didn't try to talk to them; there
was a nervous silence that wasn't going to be broken by me. We just sat
quietly in a Sunday school classroom as Mr. Vrice read briefly from the Green

"Good evening, Brothers and Sisters, you have been blessed by God to represent
the Lesser Gods this Halloween," Elder Vrice said with warmth that didn't touch
his eyes. "Before we begin, let's take a moment to reflect on how Ignatius
Nowell came to fond our town."

Not a single groan was heard among the winners, though I'm sure we all shared
the same exasperation. Growing up in Indian's Hollow we had all heard the
story a million times. All of us knew how Ignatius Howell came out to the
pristine wilderness of North Carolina to track down the last remaining
archeological evidence of the Tuscarora Native Americans in the summer of 1931.
Even small children knew the details of the Eight Dreams of Clarity that
Nowell had while digging for arrowheads. Elder Vrice left out the part where
Nowell was experimenting with opium while digging, but then, the town has
always held that part to be vicious slander.

Then Elder Vrice followed up with an overview of what CBS's "48 Hours" called
"A mixture of Freud, Christianity, Native American myth and Stephen King." In
other words, he explained the finer details of our religion. I was impressed
though, it's not everyone who can name all fifty of the Lesser Gods. Being
young, I was of course a bit skeptical, but I was respectful. It's the
religion of my parents, and the religion of the majority of Indian's Hollow, so
who am I to say they're wrong?

When Elder Vrice felt that we were in the proper religious mood, he began to
walk around the classroom pushing a cart. At each of our desks, he left an
unmarked box. I couldn't tell if the boxes were randomly assigned or not. I
guess it's just another mystery of the Church.

Opening my box, I was greeted with the grinning face of some sort of Wolf
mask. It was very detailed, decorated with apparently real fur. There were a
few stains on it, as well as too much glitter for my taste, but all in all, it
was a mask that demanded respect. At the time, all I could do was tremble. I
recognized this God.

"Hey! He got the Fertility Wolf!" snapped the guy next to me. "That's not
right. Look, he's got glasses and he's skinny!"

"My mistake, brother Craig," Elder Vrice said with slight amusement. "The
Elders didn't realize that you were more qualified to distribute the costumes.
Perhaps we can arrange a meeting after this Halloween so that we can make
better use of your talents."

Everyone laughed. Craig didn't answer, which was the right thing to do.
Sarcasm came easy to the Elders, and they weren't too pleased when others
didn't find them amusing. Oh, it's not like a person would get killed or
anything. They just know better, that's all.

"Don't forget, once Halloween begins at dusk, you will no longer be members of
this town. You'll be assuming the roles of the Lesser Gods, acting as their
agents in Indian's Hollow. That means no smoking, brother Martin, and please
refrain from cursing, sister Victoria. It might be disturbing if the Wealth
Pig Goddess said 'son of a bitch' while on the holiest night of the year.
Young ladies, this means you shouldn't wave to your family or friends when you
see them. The congregation demands a mystique from their Gods, and trust me on
this: They don't really want to know who you really are. Not during, not
after, and not ten years from now."

"More importantly," Elder Vrice continued as he returned to the head of the
classroom. He paused till we were all looking right at him. "More
importantly, the Elders don't want you to reveal who you are. It's for the
best this way."

Later, as I began my rounds in town, I saw Elder Vrice's wisdom concerning
secrecy. It wasn't the citizen's happiness that concerned me, it was my
dignity. My costume consisted of the Fertility Wolf's mask, a pair of furry
boots, and glitter. That's it, not even underwear to protect myself from the
breeze. I was the most naked God of the night; even the Punishing Snake was
allowed to wear pants. The female Elder who doused me in glitter assured me
that I would stay warm all night, which didn't comfort me that much. That's
because she explained to me the rituals of the night.

The good news was that everyone was paying more attention to my companion
Goddess than looking at me. The Moon Harlot was Sandra Vogel, the high
school's Algebra teacher, who was already the beauty of the town. The large
natural breasts I had lusted after since high school were revealed in all her
glory. I was granted a special thrill to know I had finally seen the
near-mythical mammaries, and that no one else in town would know whose breasts they had seen that night. Once she'd placed her long brown hair into her
headdress/mask, slid her feet into the silver Romanesque sandals that tied
around her shapely calves, and had her nipples adorned with small cloth circles
that had to be glued on, she became the collective wet dream of the town. At
least her costume had real diamonds, placed on her mask and on her nipple
covering. The Moon Harlot had to suffer through a similar amount of glitter,
but where my glitter was golden; hers was the silver of the moon. Thank God
they didn't color my pubic hair like they did hers, I think I would die of
embarrassment if the woman Elder who clothed me had colored my pubic hair as

We rehearsed our greeting in the van, our assigned Elder insisting we say it
in sync together. Elder Wein was a small man, but the loud voice he snapped on
us kept our attention. He carried a rather large clipboard with him and
consulted a map as he carried us to the first house. Since he didn't seem to
treat us with reverence, I thought it wouldn't break my role if I asked a
question. Plus, it kept me from staring at the Moon Harlot's celestial

"How do the Elders know which houses the Gods visit?" I asked. "I've noticed
in years past, the Gods never overlap in their journeys around town."

"We use the stars, like Ignatious Nowell used when he first contacted the
wisdom of God. Why do you think the Elders spend so much time in seclusion?"
he asked, rather casually as he parked.

You don't get to be twenty-one in this town without realizing a potential
pitfall of a question when you hear it.

"Oh, I had no idea what they did," I answered, perhaps even truthfully.
"Astrology was one of those subjects I was never good at. I prefer to leave
that responsibility to the Elders."

That seem to please him, though I detected a smile from Ms. Vogel that made me
nervous. I kept a straight face as we approached the door to our first house,
holding hands with the Moon Harlot as we had been trained. She pushed the
doorbell, while Elder Wein kept a respectful distance behind us.

"Bane or Blessing!" the Moon Harlot and I called out.

A man answered the door, and relaxed when he saw us.

"The Vern household will take the bane," he said, and the Moon Harlot entered
into the house. When the door closed, I turned to Elder Wein, who was making a
note on the clipboard.

"Praise be to God for giving us a pleasant night to wait patiently," said
Elder Wein, who anticipated my question. I simply nodded, and waited.

Ten minutes later, the Moon Harlot came out, and told Elder Wein that the Vern
household had suffered their bane with satisfaction. He nodded, and then we
went to the next house. God, I was dying to ask Ms. Vogel what the bane was,
but I knew better than to break character like that. Walking around
butt-naked, my horny imagination came up with all sorts of scenarios. What
kind of private activity could be considered a bane when it involved Ms. Vogel?
Did she kick them in the nads?

We went to every house on Archer Drive, and at every house, the household
always choose bane. That's eight homes, and eight porches that I stood outside
with my wiener hanging out. After every home, I would study the Moon Harlot.
For what, I'm not sure. She didn't seem to walk funny, and her glitter didn't
seem to be coming off on any part of her body. By the time we got back into
the van, I was bursting with questions.

"How do the houses know which to pick? I thought they didn't even know who
was coming?" I asked.

"They don't know who is coming," confirmed Elder Wein. "But when they see who
is at their door, the head of the household can assess themselves and accept
the bane or blessing as they see fit."

"I guess I don't understand," I said slowly, phrasing my question in such a
way that didn't seem disobedient. "How does God prevent people from picking
the blessing, when they know they deserve the bane?"

Elder Wein looked at me via the rearview mirror, an expression on his face
that might have been astonishment.

"You will find that most people are happy to atone for their guilt when the
opportunity arises," he answered. "There, look at your fellow God, the Blight
Bat, performing his duties."

I looked where he directed and saw the Blight Bat, in full padded armor,
bashing the hell out of some man's car. He was using the ax that was part of
his costume to smash the windshield and hack at the tires. I could see the
owner of the car watching quietly from his porch, standing there with the
Wealth pig and their attendant Elder. It wasn't the first time I had seen the
Blight Bat destroy a man's property, but it was the first time I knew that the
destruction was voluntary.

"Never forget that the duty you perform as a Lesser God is always sanctioned
by the public," Elder Wein reminded us sternly. "You must perform the bane
without hesitation, for you are bringing the punishments the faithful know they
deserve. The same goes for the blessings. Never question yourself, Wolf, for
the people must receive their blessing with the same conviction that they face
their banes. Do you understand?"

"Sure," I said, and then jumped as the Moon Harlot placed her hand between my

"I've had no problems with giving the banes so far," Ms Vogel said as she
stroked my quickly growing cock. Elder Wein didn't appear to notice, and I
didn't dare turn my head to look the Moon Harlot in the face. Was it a sin to
fornicate with other Gods? Did I want to find out?

The van stopped at Martyr's Lane, and we disembarked again. My cock was hard,
swinging between my legs like an angry horse. Elder Wein didn't comment, for
which I was grateful. My mind got back on my job at the first house; they
chose bane. We skipped the second and third house, according to Elder Wein's
secret schedule. At the fourth house, the lights were off, but we stepped
forward anyway.

"Bane or Blessing!" we yelled, to which there was no answer.

"Let's go," Elder Wein growled, marking furiously on his clipboard.

"Maybe they didn't hear us?" the Moon Harlot said, and Elder Wein frowned.

"They knew what night it was; if they choose to ignore the calling of the
Gods, that's their choice," he said.

The Moon Harlot took my hand as we walked to the next house, and I shared her
concern. Everyone in town knew of 'somebody' who had missed their Halloween
appointment. For me, it was Mr. Garrick who found himself working weekends at
the sawmill for the next entire year. I've heard rumors of people who've
disappeared or people who had sudden divorces after missing a God visit, but I
think those are nasty rumors. It's only on liberal television news programs
that religious towns dispose of their members in gruesome manners. I'm sure
public embarrassment and job harassment would be enough punishment in Indian's

My mind was taken off of the unfortunates at Martyr Lane, 210, when we hit the
next house. We assumed our positions as normal, and made our request. I
recognized the man who opened the door. He was a senior at my school when I was
a freshman. Imagine my surprise when he answered the door and said, quite
eagerly, "Blessing."

When I didn't move at first, Ms. Vogel gave my hand a squeeze and gently
pushed me forward. The excitement of the night had my heart racing, but I
maintained a pose of dignity. I entered the house, giving a short nod to the
man. God, I hoped he didn't know who I was, or how young I was. Knowing his
shame was bad enough. I didn't want to compound it by letting him know how
young the God who was here to help was.

He didn't seem to have any shame, though. He smiled at me, and careful not to
touch me, he led me back towards his bedroom. It was there that his wife was
waiting for me, dressed in an almost virginal white chemise. She was reclining
on the bed, surrounded by burning candles. My hard cock surged with a new
arousal. For the first time that night, I really believed what the Elder had
told me when I was instructed on my duties.

"Thank you, Fertility Wolf, we've been trying for over two years," he said. I
nodded at him again, and put my hand on the door. He took the hint and left.
I might be the Fertility Wolf, but I was going to have some privacy! Hiding
behind my wolf mask, I approached the bed of the woman who needed my particular

She was beautiful, in that way that semi-nude ladies illuminated by
candlelight always are. Her brown hair was down, barely touching her
shoulders. She couldn't be more than two years older than I was, yet she
looked at me with a reverence in her blue eyes that was new to my experience.
Her chest was rapidly falling as I came near her, her bosom straining against
the sheer material. Good, she was nervous. The chivalrous part of my
personality came to the rescue. In soothing her, I found it easy to ignore my

"Ssshh, calm down, there is nothing to fear," I said as I sat next to her bed.
Funny, but I was still too nervous to actually touch her.

"I just want to conceive this time," she said, her voice husky from fear. "I
want to give my husband a child, like a husband deserves."

"Then worry no longer," I said. "It is not up to you now. From here on, it
is the duty of the Fertility wolf."

There must be something special about the mask, because I could see in her
eyes that she believed me. She reached forward and took my arms, pulling me
towards her. Moving her body further down the bed, she allowed her head to rest
on her pillow. Her legs parted slightly for me, the chemise riding up on her
white thighs. Kneeling on top of her, I assumed my role, praying that there
was magic in these lesser Gods and they were not just a fevered sex fantasy
from Ignatious Nowell. It felt wrong to be enjoying this woman, but if there
was a chance it would give her the child she wanted, I would not refuse her.

The mask restrained my mouth, which was maddening. I wanted to take her
nipples in my mouth, especially after being teased by the Moon Harlot all night
long. Instead, I had to use my hands, which I used in proxy for my mouth. I
cupped her breasts, carefully, as a part of me expected her to protest. My
thumb and finger found each of her nipples, hidden underneath the chemise.
When I touched her nipples, the woman cupped her hands over mine, pressing me
more tightly to her bosom. My cock surged painfully with arousal. This simple
act on her part was the permission I needed to enjoy myself.

Accepted by her, and accepting myself, I relaxed and made a better effort at
the task at hand. I shifted my attention, letting my hands roam her body. The
curve of her neck I explored with my fingers, and her shoulders I gripped as I
positioned my legs between her. Sitting up, I held her thighs, briefly
massaging them as I worked up the courage to enter her. I wanted to taste her,
kiss her as a way of comforting her, but the most I could do was touch her,
caress her, and massage her as I tried to get her to relax.

Her eyes were closed; perhaps she was imagining her husband as my fingers
worked at the tension in her thighs. Maybe she was fantasizing about a
celebrity, or maybe she was imagining the Fertility Wolf as he appears in the
Green Bible. I would never know. I simply touched her, until finally, she
said "Now, please."

As I guided my cock into her, she moaned softly, saying something I didn't
understand at first, but soon recognized as a prayer. Her legs wrapped around
my waist, driving me into her with the balls of her heels. I placed my arms
over her shoulders, looking down at the breasts that I wanted badly to kiss.
Instead, I simply watched them as I moved my hips. They rocked back with every
thrust, slipping free from the cleavage of the chemise. It was sexier to focus
on her breasts, for when I looked at her closed eyes and biting lips, it
reminded me too much of what this household had riding on me and the Fertility

The activities of the night, not to mention the prescience of the Moon harlot,
contributed towards its being a short blessing at this household. Within
thrusts of entering her, I was already expelling my seed into the woman. Our
motions froze as we felt the event occur, and she dug her heels deeper into my
buttocks, almost as if to give my seed a shorter route to towards her garden.
Slowly, ever so slowly, we thrusted together as we squeezed every last ounce of
seed from my pulsing cock. It was hot in my mask, and hotter between her legs,
but I didn't complain one bit. In fact, I was saying a prayer of my own.

The husband escorted me out, and I half expected him to take a swing at me.
Instead, he gave me fifty dollars, which I politely returned to him. I didn't
know the policy of Lesser God tipping, but it seemed to be fundamentally wrong.
When we left the house, the Moon Harlot and Elder Wein were waiting. I have
to admit it felt good making them wait for a change.

"This household has accepted the blessing," I said, happy that the mask
covered the huge smile I felt on my face. The Moon Harlot was looking at me
intently, but I let her know nothing of what transpired in this house. There
were other homes to visit, and other blessings and banes waiting for us. I
motioned for Elder Wein to lead us on.

The End

"We have a blind date with Destiny, and it looks like she's ordering the
lobster."- The Shoveler

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