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The Inner Circle

by Wrestlr

[M/M, MC, hypno]

[Synopsis: His brothers are home from college for the summer--and
they've brought a friend. An InFiltration story.]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions
in this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else.
Everybody in the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be
autobiographical, or it might be all fiction--who can say?

Copyright - 2002 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only
if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read
the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use
this without the express permission of (and payment to) the authors. This
paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

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* * *

The Inner Circle


When I got home, the moment I walked in the door, I took off my shirt. I
didn't have to think about it; somehow I just knew I was supposed to.
Anyway, it always seemed there were more important things to think about.

I was itching for a workout. I needed to blow off some steam and
release some stress. Pumping iron sounded great. We had some weights and
exercise equipment in the basement that Dad and I used--Sean and Adam too
when they were home.

When no one's around, I like to work out in the nude. Always have. I
like that "free" feeling. I only do it, though, when no one else is home,
because I don't want my Dad or my brothers thinking I'm too weird.

I checked around. Dad wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. No sign
of Sean or Adam--they were off somewhere. I didn't think of looking for
their friend Kurt, who was visiting us. Cool--I had the place to myself. I
went to my bedroom and stripped off the rest of my work clothes. I grabbed
a pair of shorts--just in case someone came home unexpectedly--and the
little towel I use to wipe off the sweat, and I padded barefoot and
bare-ass downstairs to the basement. Shut the door behind me too, so if
anyone came home I'd have a little extra time to get my shorts on.

The overhead lights down there were kind of dim. That's good. There
was one right over the bench press. I didn't remember it being there
before--Dad must have played handyman and put it in.

After I do my stretches, I always start with the bench press. I loaded
the weights onto the bar. I lay back along the bench. As I stretched out,
I could already feel my body relaxing, letting go. I had had one fucking
stressful day! I sure had plenty of knots to work out. I put my hands on
the bar and pushed it up. Okay, this was easy. Let the bar come down;
breathe in. Push the bar up; breathe out. It's a rhythm.

Down, in ... Up, out ...

Down, in ... Up, out ...

I can do the bench press in my sleep. My eyes slipped past the bar and
found themselves aimed at the light overhead beyond it. Something tickled
at the back of my mind. Something about lights? A half-formed thought
that kept skittering away. Something about a light. Oh, well--I just let
my body go on auto-pilot, moving the bar and breathing, working away the
stress as it worked up a good pump.

I started getting lost in the rhythm. It was easy to get lost, so easy.
My thoughts just wandered as my body worked. So easy. Like daydreaming.
So easy to focus on how my muscles felt as they worked and how the tension
was flowing, flowing right out of them. My body felt so good, so alive.
The more I let it work, the better it felt, and pretty soon I had a big ol'
hard-on, rolling up across my groin.

Maybe I fell asleep or something. Everything sure felt like a dream. I
heard someone upstairs. I snapped about halfway out of my daze--not all
the way, but enough to set the bar down, sit up, and reach for ... for my
... What was I reaching for? It was so hard to focus.

I heard someone open the door at the top of the stairs. Through my fog,
I realized I needed to get my shorts on. I couldn't let them catch me
sitting there naked with a hard-on. But my arms felt so heavy, almost too
heavy to move.

Footsteps--someone coming downstairs. I fought against the lethargy and
managed to sit halfway up. I made myself reach out for my towel, and I
pulled it into my crotch, over my erection. The terrycloth rubbed against
my rigid cock and sent a tremor of pleasure through my body.
Simultaneously, the thought, We're all guys here, went through my head, and
I found myself feeling comfortable, not really caring if they caught me.

Bare feet. Bare legs. A little fraternity tattoo on the outside of his
ankle, like Sean, Adam, and their friend Kurt had. Whoever it was, he was
coming down the stairs naked. Cock. Abs. Chest. No, it was not Sean or
Adam. He was stepping out into the dim light. Kurt. Somehow it seemed
like I was expecting him. He was smiling at me, walking toward me.

"Good boy," he said. "You see how easy it is? Just relax." His
fingertips touched my bare shoulder and guided me back, lying me back down
on the bench. "See? So easy to just lie back and let everything happen.
No worries. No fears. Just be carefree and relaxed, like your brothers.
You're a natural at this, just like they are."

He reached down and took hold of my wrist gently. He pulled my hand and
the towel away from my crotch. His voice was low and soothing: "You don't
need to hide anything," he said. "We're all guys here." The towel fabric
teased the sensitive skin of my dick, and the pleasure ripples pulled me
back a little deeper into the fog that still surrounded me. "Nice," he
said, appraising my exposed meat. It was pulsing now, needy, needing
attention, pulling me back down into my daze.

"Do you want to play the game again?" he asked, smiling. "Yes. I can
tell. You want to show me again how you've learned to play as well as your
brothers. Every time you play the game, it gets easier." He had a penlight
in his hand. My eyes were used to the dim room, and the beam from the
penlight dazzled me, but I didn't look away as he moved it from side to
side. I followed it with my eyes as long as I could. As long as I could
keep them open. So heavy. Eyelids already starting to close. Just like
he was telling me. My eyes were closing, and it was all right, and I gave
myself permission to let them close, and I sank back into the fog. My body
sank against the bench again. Too heavy to move, yet drifting and floating
at the same time. Too relaxed. Feeling too good. Feeling better when
something touched my dick. Enveloped it. Something warm and wet and
gentle, milking me, like the world's best blowjob, until at last I was so
relaxed I couldn't stop myself from cumming, and as I felt myself shooting
I also felt the world tilt out from under me and I sank the rest of the way
down into sleep.

Then a while later, I opened my eyes. I was still lying on the bench.
Must have been more tired from my mall job than I thought.

Maybe it had all been a dream after all? Dreaming about getting a
blow-job from my brothers' friend--how fucked up was that?

I heard the front door close. Someone was home. This time I had no
trouble sitting up, grabbing my shorts, and pulling them on.


I still lived at home with my Dad. Sean and Adam were home for the
summer. They're my brothers, and they never let me forget they're older than me. They'd been away at college--they both went to the same college,
and they both joined the same fraternity. They're both on the swim team,
too, though Sean swam in the distance categories, and Adam was a diver.
Sean was going to be a senior that fall; Adam had just finished his
freshman year, and he'd be a sophomore. They looked so much alike people
sometimes couldn't tell them apart--we all took after my Dad.

Me, I had just graduated high school and just turned 18. I was heading
to college that fall too, but I made sure I chose a different school. My
dad went to their college, and now both my brothers do. I figured it was
time to set out on my own. Traditions were made to be broken. Hell, I'd
always been the black sheep of the family anyway.

When Sean and Adam came home, they brought a friend with them: Kurt, one
of their fraternity brothers. He had just graduated and was going to be
starting a high-power career in a couple of months. I got the feeling they
were really close friends. This would be the last time they saw each other
for a long time, and his visit was his last chance to kick back before he
joined the work world. When they asked if Kurt could stay a couple of
months, Dad said no at first; then after talking to Kurt on the phone one
night, Dad changed his mind and said it was okay.

I didn't really like Kurt much, though. He was too confident, too cool,
a little too arrogant. He was always smiling like he knew some secret the
rest of us didn't, or like these was something going on that he wasn't
telling us about. He was one of the hottest men I'd ever seen, though, and
he was always walking around with his shirt off, so that kind of made up
for some of it.


Saturday, and I slept in, like usual. I don't know where Dad was, but
when I slipped on a pair of gray gym shorts and headed down to the kitchen
for some O.J., Sean and Adam were out back, in the pool. Kurt was sitting
back in one of the poolside, lounge chairs, with his back to me.

Sean and Adam were horsing around, splashing and dunking each other,
horsing around and hooting and laughing their asses off. They must have
thought I was still asleep upstairs, dead to the world like I usually am.

They couldn't see me through the glass doors, but I could see them.
Kurt yelled out something--I couldn't tell what he said because the glass
doors were closed. Maybe he called them over. Sean and Adam swam to the
side of the pool and pulled themselves out. Matching red Speedo-cut
swimsuits, the ones they wore for their university swim team. They trotted
over to Kurt, water cascading down their sleek bodies. Yeah, they were my
brothers, and I never really thought of them sexually, but I had to admit:
swimming every year since high school had given them both amazing bodies.

Kurt was sitting in the chair with his back to me. I couldn't see
anything of him except the top of his head, an elbow, and one leg slung off
the side of the chair. Sean came up to his left, Adam to his right. They
had these little half-smiles on their faces, eyes half-closed and looking
kind of distracted, like maybe they were tired or something.

I couldn't fucking believe my eyes. At first I thought they must have
known I was there and were putting on a show for me, but they went too far
for that. They slowly peeled down their swimsuits. Adam was already hard,
and Sean was semi-erect and rising. This was a show, but it sure wasn't
intended for me!

Adam planted his feet firmly on the concrete and started jerking off.
Sean rubbed a hand over his own chest and his other hand snaked around his
cock and then he was jacking too. They were facing Kurt, looking down at
him with their heavy-lidded eyes and smiles, and jerking off. I never in
my life would have guessed either of them ever did anything with another
guy, but here I was watching it.

Kurt moved a little, and then I saw him drop a yellow
swimsuit--his--beside the chair. He settled back in the chair. I couldn't
see much of him except the motion of his right elbow as he stroked himself.
He reached out his left hand to stroke Sean's thigh and ass.

He was talking to them. I could hear the sound, but I couldn't make out
the words through the glass door. They didn't seem to be paying any
attention. They were too lost in what they were doing.

I was seeing them in a whole new light. I knew they were hot, sure, but
I'd never seen either of them hard before, much less stroking. They looked
like twins below the waist too. It was uncanny how closely their
seven-inch cocks looked like each other. Looked exactly like mine too,
which I was hauling out of my shorts and stroking too. thick cocks must
run in our family.

Adam threw his head back and yelped out, and I watched him shoot his cum out over his friend's body. The top of Kurt's head jerked rapidly, like he
was busting his nut too. Then Kurt sat up and I saw his head heading for
Sean's crotch. Kurt stuck his head under Sean's cock and licked at his
balls. Sean grunted hard, then again, and his load jetted out across the
side of his friend's hair and ear.

Another couple of strokes, and I was gasping and shooting too, dropping
my load on the kitchen linoleum. Kurt said something them, too muffled for
me to make it out, then he's standing up, and they're all three grinning
and running naked back to the edge of the pool and jumping in.

I cleaned up my cum. They were horsing around in the pool like this
kind of stuff happened every day. Maybe it did for them, in that
fraternity. I felt kind of guilty about watching them. I wanted to go out
and join them, but--hell, I'd just spied on my brothers having a jerk-off
party with Kurt. So I snuck back upstairs to take a shower.


Dad seemed to be really enjoying himself. I could see him sitting out
back by the pool with Sean and Adam and Kurt. Sean and Adam were horsing
around in the water. Was that a flash of Sean's ass? Shit, they were

Dad didn't like us swimming naked, but he didn't seem to care. He was
sitting with Kurt on the side of the pool, laughing and grinning and
trading splashes at Sean and Adam like he was a college-age guy again
himself, not a care in the world. Maybe in his head, he still thought of
himself that way. He seemed really relaxed. There was a little bit of a
vacant look to his eyes; maybe his eyes were a little closed like he was
tired or something. But he seemed happy, kicking back and having fun. He
was naked, like they were, and wet, like they were. I suddenly realized
again what a handsome man he was--good-looking, tanned, athletic--how good
he looked from all his workouts in the basement gym.

I don't think them could see me, but Kurt must have realized I was home.
He got up and trotted bare-ass into the house to meet me. "Hey, there," he
said cheerfully, as I tried not to stare at the water dripping off his
pecs. "Come out to the pool and join the party." He was standing entirely
too close. His arm slid around my bare shoulders--I'd pulled off my shirt like usual when I came in the front door--and I felt the gentle pressure to
follow his body toward the pool. I felt my cock jump and start to get
hard, and that made me blush.

He felt my reluctance. "What's wrong? I bet you're tired after working
all day. Come on out by the pool and relax." He pulled at me again, and I
took a step, not wanting to.

"Listen," I said, trying to pull away a little, and trying to get the
words out before I got lost in his voice again. "Why are you doing this?"

His voice was smooth and soothing as honey. "Doing what? We're just
kicking back by the pool."

"You know what I mean. You just come into our home and start changing

"No, no, no," he cooed. "You've got it all wrong. I'm not changing
anything. I just helping you act on what's already there. See,
Doc--that's our fraternity adviser back at college--he showed us how to get
the best out of ourselves. He's such a great guy! I owe him so much for
helping me develop as an athlete, academically, and as a person. He always
says, if you want people to do their best for you, give them something they
want. Whether it's athletic success for Sean and Adam, or a chance to just
relax and forget his worries for your father. Give them what the want, and
they'll let you take control. I guess that's true."

"What do you mean?"

He reached out and stroked a wet finger down my pec. "Listen, I used to
be just like you. Back then, when I was fresh out of high school, I didn't
have a fucking clue. None of us did. Then I went off to college on a ball
scholarship, and Coach introduced me to Doc. Doc got inside me and helped
me figure out what I wanted. He gave me direction. Dude, I owe him so
much! Joining the frat was the best thing I ever did. But all that
success comes with some responsibility, y'know? The frat has got too many
guys for Doc to give personal attention every day. That's why he delegates
some of it. Before I graduated, I was one of the guys he delegated to. I
like helping people get what they want."

I said, "Huh?"

"Sure," he purred. "It's simple. The frat has got connections. The
alumns are major players now--political leaders, heads of corporations,
rich businessmen, famous actors, athletes--you name it. If you're worthy
of getting in, the frat's connections will practically ensure you get a
great career and lots of success." He tapped his temple with his index
finger. "See, the secret is mental discipline. Train the mind. Give it
some filter to block out all the unimportant stuff. Doc works with all the
guys and gets them used to the training, learning discipline and
self-control, and setting up the filters. That's what it's all about,
really. Then he teaches the some of the seniors--we call them Doc's "Inner
Circle"--he teaches them how to do it, and they help work with the younger
brothers. Then when the seniors graduate, they go off to their new
careers, but before they go, they teach the next senior class how to do it
so they can take over as the new Inner Circle. That's what I'm doing. I
just graduated. Sean's gonna be a senior this fall. If you were to ask
him, he'd say the last three years have been kind of a haze for him, but
that's just 'cause his filters have been keeping him focused. Now it's
time for him to realize what's been going on at the frat. Adam--he's just
a sophomore, so he's got a while to go yet. I thought I'd be teaching Sean
to hypnotize by just using Adam. He's a great subject. But it turns out
you and your father are good subjects too, so that's been a bonus."

I guess I had this shocked look on my face. Kurt said, "What? You
didn't know you were being hypnotized? Dude, I've been hypnotizing you
since the day I got here. I had you under less than an hour after I got
here. Your Dad too. He's one of the easiest subjects I ever had. I guess
I shouldn't have told you that, but it doesn't matter since you're about to
fall asleep and then this will all seem like a dream. Yes, a peaceful

I was like, what the fuck? Was he trying to hypnotize me? Somehow that
sounded pretty hot to me, and my cock started stirring again.

"You like it, don't you? Being hypnotized. I know you do. You love
it. Just like your brothers, and your father too. I can tell how much you
love it every time we play the game."

The game--it had something to do with a light. That much I remembered.
And it always made me feel very relaxed and happy and peaceful. I
remembered that too.

"Do you want to play the game before we go out to the pool? Is that it?
Are you wanting me to hypnotize you? Wanting me to shine the light deeply
into your eyes, until your eyelids start to blink and grow heavy. Yeah.
So heavy. Growing heavy already. You'd like that a lot, wouldn't you?"

My eyes were starting to blink a little. I couldn't make them stop.
Was this how hypnosis started? My body was feeling relaxed, starting to
sway a little, and he put his arm around me to steady me. My cock was
rising to rock-hardness now.

"Yes, I know. You've gotten so good at playing the game, you don't even
need the light anymore, do you? I can see how easily you'd go into a deep
trance just from listening to me, like your brothers and your dad. I could
put you into a deep, relaxing trance just by talking about hypnosis, or
maybe I could just snap my fingers and you'd fall into a deep trance almost

He looked like he was going snap his fingers. But then he didn't.

"Nah," he said. "On second thought, I'm not going to hypnotize you.
Not right now, anyway. Why don't you run along and play, like a good
little boy, and think about what I told you. You'll be hypnotized again
real soon, and there won't be anything you can do to prevent it. Hell,
you'll want it. But if you don't want to come out to the pool, I won't
make you. Run along now."

And then he turned and walked back to the pool, leaving me there inside,


I was watching through a crack in the door.

Sean and Adam were in the bedroom they shared. Kurt was there too.
Sean had on a pair of jeans. Adam and Kurt had on shorts. As far as I
could see, that was all they were wearing. I could see the tattoos on
their ankles--I wondered what it would be like to get a frat tattoo just
like theirs, something that said I belonged to a bigger brotherhood. I
felt kind of disappointed that I wouldn't joining their frat since I was
planning to go to a different school in the fall.

They were gathered on the bed. They had Kurt's laptop computer
connected to the phone line. I think they were downloading his email.
From the way they were all three crowded around the screen, they were
expecting something important.

Since that afternoon, when Kurt told me about the hypnosis, I'd been
watching him closely, but I made sure I stayed out of his way.

"There it is! Is that it?" I hadn't heard Sean sound that excited in a
long time.

"Email from Doc. Probably so," Kurt said. "I need to read this one in
private, guys." And he pulled the laptop off to the side, into his lap. He
read, and his face grew impassive, his expression almost slack.

"What does it say?" Sean urged in a whisper. "Did I get into the Inner
Circle? Well?"

Kurt moved slowly, like he was sleepwalking or something. He slid the
laptop aside and crawled toward Adam. He placed his palm on Adam's
forehead and said slowly, "Sleep now, Adam. Sleep now." And Adam gradually
relaxed and laid back on the bed, eyes closed, body limp.

And Kurt turned to Sean, and he put his hand on Sean's forehead, and he
said, "Sleep now, Sean."

Sean had been sitting cross-legged on the bed. He didn't move for a
second, then his torso began to ease backward, until he was laying out
alongside Adam. I couldn't see Sean's face or eyes--just his friend's hand
still covering Sean's face. Sean didn't move at all now. He lay limply
under Kurt's hand.

"Before you left the frat house, Doc gave you a gift," Kurt said. "Your
subconscious knows where it is. Doc says your subconscious can open that
special gift now. Let yourself find it, Sean, and open it. Accept this
wonderful gift Doc has given you. Let the gift become part of you ...
Have you let that happen, Sean?"

Sean's voice was a little muffled. He said, quietly, "Yes ..."

"Then you know what to do," Kurt said. "It's time for you to take my
place in the Inner Circle."

"Yes ..." Sean said. Moving now, he pushed Kurt's hand away. He sat
up. He reached out and put his hand on Kurt's forehead and said, "Sleep

I got the hell out of there. I didn't know what the fuck was going on.
I had to find Dad and tell him--maybe he'd know what to do.

I found Dad in the living room, slouched in a chair. He was talking to
someone on the phone--well, more like listening, since he wasn't saying
much. Must have been a boring conversation, because even though he was
smiling he looked pretty dazed. He was sitting in profile, and I couldn't
tell what he was doing with his hand in his lap, but it looked suspiciously
like ... like he was jacking off. Was Dad having phone sex?

"Uhm, Dad," I said uncertainly. "Uhm, I need to talk to you. It's real

He shuddered and dropped the phone and gasped, then collapsed back in
the chair with a long, contented sigh. I was thinking, Ew, gross!

After a second, he said, "Sure. What is it?"

"It's Sean and Adam. Uhm--Dad, there's something important you need to
see. C'mon--they're up in their room."

Dad stood up. He was naked. There was cum on his stomach, and his cock
was still half-hard.

"It's all right," he said. "Everything is happening the way it's
supposed to."

And I said, "Huh?" What the heck was wrong with Dad's eyes--he looked
like he was about to fall asleep.

Dad said, as his eyes slid closed a little bit more, "That was Doc ...
on the phone ... He explained it all to me ..."

Dad wasn't talking to me. He was talking to someone behind me.

I turned around, and there was Kurt. Just standing there, smiling at
me. He had that penlight in his hand, shining it into my eyes. I squinted
but I couldn't turn away--couldn't look away from the light.

"Shh," Kurt said. "Look into the light. It's time to hypnotize you
now. Everything is all right. Just relax and let your filters take over.
From now on, Sean will be in charge of your training."

And then he stepped aside, and I saw Sean standing behind him. Sean
took a step forward. He was smiling. He said, "Look into the light." And
he took the penlight from Kurt's hand, and Sean lifted that penlight and
shone it directly into my eyes. "That's right, bro," he said to me. "Just
look directly into the light."

Soon I was naked in the pool with them. We were playing, innocent as
puppies, splashing and dunking each other and playing grab-ass. That
familiar relaxed feeling filled me. I never wanted it to leave. I was
happy, grinning, couldn't stop grinning. I loved how this felt, playing
naked in the water with my dad and Sean and Adam and Kurt, with my dick
hard, and loving the way the water felt and the way their skin felt when
our bodies brushed up against each other. Sean was sitting on the side,
laughing, egging us on, telling us what to do.

And later, standing in a circle on the side of the pool. Jacking off.
All of us in a circle. So horny. So hard. Five guys needing to get off.
Dad and Sean and Adam and I looked so much alike, even our cocks. So
horny. And beside me, Dad reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock,
and I reached over and started jacking Adam, and then we were all jacking
each other off, and then Sean asked Dad if he would show us that trick he
learned while he was in the military, and Dad knelt down in the center of
the circle and he put his mouth around my cock and started giving me this
really slow, sweet suck-job. And Sean was telling us to share, and I moved
over and let Adam stick his cock in Dad's mouth, and we stayed circled
around him, jacking each other off and swapping turns letting Dad suck us,
until Sean told Kurt to cum, and he did, showering Dad's back with spunk,
and then Sean was telling Adam and me to cum, and we did, and then Sean was
gasping and and moaning as Dad sucked him, and Sean came, slamming his cock
deep into Dad's throat and feeding him his load, and then when Sean's
stormy orgasm was passing and his panting was slowing down, he told Dad to
cum too, and Dad fisted his cock faster, and he gave this huge grunt and
came, the cum leaping out nearly a foot.

Sean was chuckling--we all were. He reached over and gave my shoulder a
light smack. I looked at him--I felt so much love and devotion for him.
I'd do anything he asked.

It was a given that I'd change my school plans. I wouldn't be going to
that other school after all--I'd be going to theirs instead. It was a
tradition. I was going to pledge their fraternity too, maybe even work my
way up to the Inner Circle myself in my senior year. Sean assured me I'd
get in for sure.


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