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Archived Sex Stories

Innocence Lost


Innocence Lost


In Which the Pleasures and Virtues of Innocence, Chastity and Purity are

Innocence was the most attractive sixteen year old girl in her school.
She had beautiful rounded breasts, the perfect figure, long sandy blond hair half-way down her back and the most attractive face anyone could wish
for. When she smiled, boys melted into helpless submission and she was the
envy of all the other girls.

However, Innocence had a secret. Although the perfect girl in almost
every way, between her legs she was unlike any girl that you would normally
meet, because here, where most girls have a vagina she had a perfectly
formed penis and testicles. And a penis that could, with a little help, be
as good a size as those of most of the boys at school.

When she was very young, she was a boy and was treated like other boys.
But as she got older she could never again use the boys' toilets without
comment and had to wear clothes so different from those she wore before.
She had good taste and wore the most feminine and flattering clothes there
were, and never had the need of make- up to stir the penises of the boys in
her class, as she had great delight in noticing. But she wasn't now a boy.
At home she would often take her clothes off and stand in front of a
mirror to admire herself. She was very much in love with her body. Not
self-love but erotic love. She so wished to be able to fuck herself, but
when her body aroused her, her prick stuck uselessly out in front of her.
Try as she could, she couldn't bend it round to stick into her anus and she
couldn't bend over to suck it. She would stand in front of the mirror
frantically stroking and pummelling her penis until semen spurted out onto
the mirror. She would then have to take out a handkerchief and wipe it off
so that no stain would be left.

Her parents were unsure of what to make of her, but as she was in so
many obvious ways a girl they agreed it was best for her to dress as one.
She had to keep her secret to herself as much as possible. She would never
use the shower at school and was excused any activity that would risk the
world knowing her strange secret. But she would still go to the toilet standing up.

She loved both boys and girls, but especially girls. This was hard as
the boys were the ones most attracted to her. At every opportunity they
would kiss her and feel her voluptuous breasts. But she had to resist
showing what she had hidden, whatever her desires, which were very great.
No boy could get a hand below her waist.

All the girls were envious of her, but she was known as a cock-teaser.
Some girls, correctly, surmised that she liked girls more, but even those
girls who wanted to could never get their hands below her waist.

Her most treasured encounter was in the girl's toilets at school where
one not very attractive girl kissed her passionately full on the mouth and
massaged her breasts. Innocence responded by feeling this girl's breasts and even got a finger up her anus. But when the girl tried to force her
hand down the front of Innocence's skirt she had to push her off. And she
ran away with tears running down her face.

Her mother knew that Innocence masturbated once or twice every day, but
she dutifully changed the sheets with their yellow stains and ignored the
mess she made of the carpet. girls will be boys, she said philosophically.
Her older sister, Chastity, found it all very strange, but she was very
good and told nobody of her sister's strange secret.

"Is there anywhere I won't be treated like a freak?" wondered an
anguished Innocence as she pushed her middle finger as high up her anus as
she could and massaged her prick until it was as large as it could be. "If
only I lived somewhere where I could make love with someone and it would be
thought normal." The very thought caused a rush of sperm to come and run
down her legs and spatter over the bedclothes.

She would sit in the bath holding her penis in her hands and stroking it
as she thought of a world where she could be normal. If her father or
mother came in she would try to cover it up. Her sister came in once as
Innocence was having a particularly vivid fantasy. Innocence didn't notice
as her sister pulled down her skirt and sat on the toilet. Only as a rush
of urine and the plop of a turd hit the water did Innocence open her eyes
and look up.

"Don't worry about me, Innocence," said her sister indulgently. She
finished crapping and wiped her bum carefully with toilet paper. She stood
up and walked to the hand-basin. "Neither Mummy nor Daddy are here. You
can tell me what you think."

Innocence shyly said nothing.

"Can I see your prick?" smiled her sister. She looked at its still
tumescent thickness. "It's beautiful. Do you want to see my body?"

"I'm not sure..."

"Of course you're sure," she laughed. "I've seen you look at me." She
pulled her blouse off and dropped her skirt to the ground. She then
removed her blouse and knickers revealing a body as beautiful as
Innocence's. "What do you think?"

Innocence's excited penis told the whole story. Innocence's sister put
her hand on it and stroked it slowly. This was the first time anyone other
than Innocence had ever touched it and it got bigger and bigger. The thing
swelled larger than it had ever done before. "Oh it's so perfect!" her
sister exclaimed. She got into the bath with Innocence and bent over
Innocence in a most awkward way so that she could get her mouth over it.
This was the most ecstatic moment in Innocence's life so far, as her sister sucked and licked and swallowed her penis. It didn't take too long until
she felt the shudder as it voided sperm and then more and then more. Some
of it got loose and splattered into the bath, but most of it stayed in her
sister's mouth.

"This is the best come I've ever tasted," complimented her sister as a
little dribble came out of her mouth and smeared over her lips.

"It's the first time..." admitted Innocence.

"But not the last," her sister promised.

It wasn't - but never again so perfect. Innocence found the guilt of
incest so often weighed against the delight of sex that it inhibited her.
She could never face penetrating her sister's cunt, although her sister made clear she could. Just the thought made her go limp. Although her
sister had done her best, Innocence now felt more miserable than before.
"Is the only lover I'll ever have going to be my own sister?" she wondered.
She also felt jealous of her sister's sex life which she described in
great detail. All the boys who'd fucked her, sometimes more than one at a
time. The ways it'd be done, the shuddering and aching of it.

One of the girls at Innocence's school was also very different from all
the other girls, but in a way that couldn't be disguised. This was because
she was black in a town where all the other girls were white. Purity was
born in the same town as the school but even at sixteen she wasn't fully
accepted by all the other girls. This very difference made Purity a
natural ally for Innocence, though she never let on as to why.

It was a warm Spring day - as warm as any Summer day - and the two girls were playing truant. This wasn't particularly difficult at their school,
but as good pupils this wasn't something they did very often. To keep out
of sight from any teachers or parents, the girls went for a walk in to the
woods nearby.

"What a lovely day!" exclaimed Purity as they came out of a wooded grove
to a quiet bank-side with a view of the town below. "Shall we sit here?"

Innocence nodded. From here they could see all the town. The streets
spread out in all directions, trees lining the pavements and sprinklers
dancing in the gardens. Birds were singing and the low roar of a combined
harvester could be heard in the distance. The two girls lowered themselves
down onto the grass, which was lovely and dry as it hadn't been raining for
days. Purity took off her school blazer and lay it beside her. Yes, it
was warm enough, decided Innocence taking off her own blazer.

"I love warm weather," Purity announced with a grin which lit up her
face. She wore her hair in braids and beads which nevertheless hadn't
grown nearly enough to cover her face. Her lips were full and her teeth
were beautifully white and healthy. Innocence also had strong white
healthy teeth, but hers was a shy, almost timid, face and she rarely smiled
with Purity's natural fullness.

"Is it because of where you come from?" wondered Innocence, for whom,
like all girls at school, Purity seemed almost an alien.

"You mean where my parents come from?" corrected Purity. "I shouldn't
think it'd make any difference. But I do like the sun." With a cheeky
little smile she undid her blouse button by button. She pulled it off to
reveal her bra. "I especially like the feel of it on my skin." She stood
up and pulled off her skirt and then sat down in only her underwear. She
leaned back and then as an afterthought kicked off her shoes and socks.
She smiled at Innocence and then lay on her back with her eyes closed,
letting the sun soak in.

Innocence envied Purity for her boldness. She sat on one elbow and
examined her companion's body. She was a little younger than herself and a
couple of years younger than her sister, Chastity, the only other girl she'd ever looked at in such detail. Like herself, she was quite slim
although her bottom and breasts were just a little bit more rounded. She
particularly adored the powerful and sensuous line of Purity's chin and

"Why not take some of your clothes off?" suggested Purity.

"Oh I couldn't!" gasped Innocence, a bit taken aback. Her secret!

"Don't be silly! It's too warm to wear all that. There's nothing
indecent about me is there?"

"No," admitted Innocence, though she was sure some of the teachers might

"So come on then," laughed Purity sitting up and undoing Innocence's
blouse, which was soon off, lying on the grass. Innocence's beautiful
breasts were just about contained by her bra, which was as always just that
little bit too tight. "...And the skirt..." laughed Purity, eyes were now
sparkling with excitement.

"No! Not the skirt!" Innocence argued, knowing that her secret would be
seen under her knickers.

"Yes! The skirt!" giggled Purity who had already discreetly undone the
waist (Innocence hadn't noticed at all) and pulled it right down.
Innocence grabbed her crotch and tried to reclaim her skirt which Purity
held. "Hand it back!" she cried almost in tears.

"You are silly!" Purity cried, picking up Innocence's clothes and
running away with them. "See if you can catch me." Purity ran, her black
skin in clear contrast to her white underwear.

"Give them back! Give them back!" cried Innocence who stood up and ran
after Purity, her hand over her crotch. She lost sight of her friend who
had dashed into the wood, and stood helplessly at the footpath looking in
either direction. She looked backwards and forwards and then saw Purity
stroll towards her, wearing no clothes at all. Although Innocence had
already seen most of Purity's body this was a shock that Innocence found
difficult to accept. She choked. "Where are my clothes?"

"I've hidden them," smiled Purity. Innocence looked at her with
disbelief. "I'll give them back when you take all your clothes off."

"No! No!" This was the horror that Innocence had feared. What would
people think if they knew! "Give me back my clothes."

"Why won't you take your clothes off? I have. It's alright. We can
sit in the sun and get a nice tan."

"I'll take off my bra," bargained Innocence.

"Go on..." taunted Purity.

Innocence undid her bra at the back but her breasts fell out even before
she'd unclasped it. Beautiful rounded breasts with excited nipples. "And
the knickers"

"Not the knickers!"

"Yes! The knickers!" laughed Purity as she jumped on Innocence and
pulled them down. They had already been a fairly insecure prison for
Innocence's penis and testicles which often squeezed out of the elastic at
the best of times. Now in their slightly aroused state they almost offered
resistance as Purity tugged them down to her knee. Innocence fell
backwards and in supporting herself as she fell her hand came away from her
crotch which was revealed bare and inviting.

Purity sat back on her knees her already pert breasts appearing more
pert and the expression on her face losing its smile but not its
excitement. "Don't tell anyone!" sobbed Innocence who was nonetheless
unable to control her member's excitement.

"Stick it in me!" gasped Purity. "I don't care what happens. Stick it
in me!" She pushed her crotch forward and its moist, ready and welcoming
interior fitted easily around it. Innocence then sat back doing almost
nothing as Purity thrust her crotch backwards and forwards onto her
genitals. She gasped and sweated and grasped for support on Innocence's
breasts and shoulders. "Your nipples!" gasped Purity bending down with her
neck and grasping one in her teeth. She slipped her hands behind
Innocence's bottom and pushed Innocence's buttocks up and down, and then,
with a little more effort, she rolled the two of them over onto the grass.
"Push it in! Push it in!" she commanded.

Innocence soon forgot her original fears and pushed and thrusted at the
groin as she had never done before. Perhaps her fear of full sex with
Chastity was mistaken, she wondered, as her smooth erect penis pushed
backwards and forwards. She looked down at it as it went in and out - the
contrast between its whiteness (the more pronounced as it had never seen
the sun before) and Purity's blackness and the opaque blackness of her
crotch made it go on and on.

When Innocence had finally come and spurted uncontrollably in Purity's
crotch and down Purity's legs, she came back to her senses. What had she
done? she asked herself as she watched her white semen roll like tears
down the inside of Purity's black thighs. Without a word, Innocence and
Purity walked back to the grass bank where they had sat and for an hour
they lay together with no clothes but Innocence's white socks and shoes
cuddling each other and hardly saying a word.

"This will stay our secret," Innocence tried to persuade Purity to
agree. "You won't tell any one."

"Don't worry," Purity replied with a reassuring smile sitting up and
looking at her beautiful body. Her hand slipped down to Innocence's
flaccid penis and stroked underneath it and then held its limpness up. A
small globule of semen dropped out. "I won't whisper to a soul." She gave
the penis a little squeeze and it slightly stiffened. "Besides nobody
would believe me!"


In Which Blanche learns the Truth about Innocence and Chastity, whilst
Chastity furthers the experiences of Innocence.

Innocence's sister, Chastity, had many friends, some of whom came from
other shires and parishes. One such was Blanche, who came from Brook, a
county, Innocence was fascinated to discover, where naturism was pretty
nearly the rule and where most people felt comfortable not wearing any
clothes at all. Blanche was no exception, though this didn't inhibit her
from a tasteful application of makeup or from wearing bracelets and
necklaces. Unlike Chastity or Innocence, Blanche was not a slim girl but
her plumpness did not make her unattractive. Her body had a smooth, white
roundness which in its own way was nearly as beautiful as Innocence's own.

That summer, Blanche was staying at Innocence's home and her parents were obliged to make allowances for Blanche's preference for remaining
unclothed all the time. Innocence found it most peculiar, as the family sat around the dinner table with Blanche sitting there totally naked, her
large round breasts bouncing about as she ate or talked. Innocence often
felt a stirring from between her legs as she sat listening to Blanche's
account of her life by the river bank in Brook and watching Chastity gaze
admiringly at her friend's round beaming face. When Blanche leaned over to
pick up the salad bowl, her breasts wobbling so close, Innocence felt it
necessary to ease down her knickers to ease the discomfort caused as her
prick shot up in speculation.

At most other times, Blanche was with Chastity in whose room she was
staying, but there were occasions when the two girls would sit watching
television with the rest of the family. On these occasions, Innocence's
eyes would wander over to Blanche, who never returned her glances: perhaps
expecting such inquisitive gazes away from Brook.

Innocence was surprised when Chastity announced to her parents that,
while Blanche was staying, she felt embarrassed that nobody else was also
unclothed and that she had decided that she too would wear no clothes. Her
parents reluctantly agreed, but made it clear that they had no intention of
extending this gesture of politeness any further. From then on, Blanche's
visit became even more uncomfortable for Innocence as Chastity wandered
around as naked as Blanche.

"It does make it easier," laughed Chastity, when Innocence asked her how
she felt not wearing clothes. "Especially when getting out of bed or
having a bath." Innocence smiled shyly not knowing where to avert her gaze.
Innocence wasn't sure whether she was the only one at home one evening
when she pushed open Chastity's bedroom door while looking for a hair-clip
that she'd last seen when last in bed with her. Her parents were out and
most evenings Chastity and Blanche would also be out (though Blanche would
wear clothes when in public). She was surprised to see Chastity and
Blanche in bed together, but not, she was pleased to see, actually making
love. The thought had crossed her mind that Chastity might be more than
just a good friend of Blanche. Blanche's embarrassed response rather
reinforced Innocence's suspicion, but Chastity gently held onto her arm,
restraining her from jumping out of bed.

"Hello, Innocence," Chastity greeted her, "Are you looking for
something?" Her sister explained what she was after.

Blanche smiled indulgently at Innocence as she spoke, clearly amused by
her shyness. "Why don't you take your clothes off like your sister?"
wondered Blanche. "I'm sure you'd like to."

Innocence choked as she reviewed the implications of this suggestion.
"I can't do that!" she protested.

"But it's perfectly natural," Blanche continued. "See - your sister's
got used to it. You feel so much better without clothes you know! Much
more free!"

"I can't! I can't!" Protested Innocence with fear, aware that she was
stating her position too emphatically.

"Why ever not?" Blanche smiled. "Come on! Take them off! You're with
friends you know."

"The reason why not," explained Chastity kindly, "is that Innocence is
frightened that you might be shocked by what you see."

"Shocked! I see people with no clothes all day and every day at home."

"Well, Innocence has a little secret, haven't you?" Chastity continued.
"But," and she looked at Innocence reassuringly, "we're all adults here.
Show Blanche your secret, Innocence. Take your clothes off now. Or I'll
have to tell her, and she'd never believe me - not ever!"

"What could possibly be the problem?" Wondered Blanche who was
nonetheless excited by Chastity's teasing. "You haven't got some horrible
operation scars or a skin disease, have you?"

Innocence was defeated by her sister's persuasion and slowly removed her
clothes, reserving her knickers to last. As they descended below her
crotch and down her thighs, Innocence looked up at Blanche who stared in
apparent disbelief at her penis as it popped out slightly aroused by the
danger of the situation.

"Is it real?" asked Blanche looking at it with wonder.

"Touch it and see," advised Chastity. She looked at Innocence. "That's
all right isn't it?" Innocence nodded as Blanche put her hands halfway
round her penis and squeezed it very gently. Innocence's penis throbbingly
responded to the pressure. Blanche then cupped Innocence's testicles and
held them up as she looked around the base of her penis.

"Why it's beautiful!" gasped Blanche appreciatively. That praise did
it! Innocence's penis instantly shuddered and swelled as it responded.
Innocence looked up at Chastity who was sitting behind Blanche on the bed
with her hands on Blanche's shoulders. Chastity was just smiling
reassuringly when Innocence became aware that the sensation of Blanche's
stroking and squeezing of her penis was replaced by a curious wet and warm
feeling that Innocence had only experienced before inside Purity's cunt.
Innocence looked down to see Blanche's head bobbing up and down on her lap:
her penis inside her mouth. It was almost with alarm Innocence realised
that although her penis was now as big as it could get, and bigger than it
normally got even with Chastity, Blanche could get the whole of it into her
mouth. Where did it all go? wondered Innocence. When she realised from
the slight pressure at the edge of her penis that it was all the way down
Blanche's throat, the thought of it caused her to spasm and she was
suddenly aware of having come inside Blanche's mouth.

Blanche pulled Innocence's still throbbing penis out of her mouth, semen
around her lips and dripping onto her chin. Blanche licked her lips and
smiled as she took gobbets of semen onto the tip of her tongue and rolled
it back into her mouth.

"I should've pulled it out earlier," apologised Innocence who was
hopelessly embarrassed as she looked at the semen still dripping from the
end of her penis and falling in little drops onto the bed-sheet.

"Don't worry," Blanche said after rubbing the back of her hand over her
lips. "Your semen's got the just the right taste. And besides it's very
nutritious - full of protein."

Blanche soon left Innocence's home and life returned to normal.
Chastity reluctantly returned to wearing clothes again, although she seemed
less embarrassed about being seen with none on while in the bath or shower.
Innocence still felt dissatisfied. She returned to regular masturbation
which she had allowed to lapse while she had the distraction of both
Blanche and Chastity around. She would stand in front of the mirror in her
room, no longer caring if Chastity were to catch her, and stroke her penis
into life.

Sometimes she indulged in target practice. How high on the mirror could
she get her semen to go? But this activity soon lost any meaning, as did
her attempts to stimulate herself by comparing the relative length of her
penis or seeing how far she could get her middle finger up her anus. The
thoughts that stimulated her most were those of her love affair with Purity
and Blanche's sex games. Thoughts of Chastity filled her with guilt. It
was one thing to make love to someone like Purity or even Blanche - but
your own sister! In fact, although when she was with Chastity the thought
seemed less oppressive, when masturbating she only had to think of sex with
Chastity and the whole exercise tasted vaguely uncomfortable.

Sometimes thoughts of Chastity and her relationship stimulated her to a
bigger and better orgasm as she concentrated on the very perversity of it.
Sometimes, it had the reverse effect and deflated her penis like a
punctured balloon. When Chastity saw Innocence masturbating - which was
usually in bed as Innocence preferred to avoid the risk of being caught
doing so in front of a mirror - she could only speculate on the fantasies
which generated her private excitement. Innocence would never be able to
divulge her fantasies particularly where Chastity was such a large part of

Innocence liked to watch Chastity when she masturbated, which was much
less often. There seemed to be almost an innocence in an activity where
everything happened inside and only the sighs and groans and the dampness
of her crotch gave any evidence as to what was happening. When Innocence
masturbated, it was obvious to everyone what was happening and made it much
more difficult to do in company.

Chastity was genuinely worried about Innocence. She loved her both as a
sister loves a sister and as a lover loves her lover. It was difficult for
her to see that there was anything wrong in their relationship:
particularly as it gave her so much pleasure. As far as she was concerned
the perverseness of incest was just an extra flavour to their lovemaking,
like the fact that Innocence had such an odd appendage for such an
attractive girl.

It took time and a lot of hard work, but gradually Chastity patiently
widened the range of sexual activities the two of them could do together.
It was a momentous day for Chastity when she had at last persuaded
Innocence to put her penis up her vagina. To Chastity it was almost like
losing her virginity again as Innocence pummelled away inside her cunt but
all Chastity could see was a beautiful woman on top of her. She came and
she came and she came. Only later did it worry her that the neighbours may
have heard her cries and may have reasoned that only she and her sister were at home. But what the fuck! she thought. There can only be so many
perfect moments in your life.

After the missionary position, Chastity persuaded Innocence to greater
adventurousness. Entering from behind was an interesting experience,
although Innocence didn't adopt Chastity's suggestion that she should
penetrate Chastity's arse. In a way it was also disappointing, because
besides the occasional brushing of Chastity's breasts on her naked back it
was no different to having a man do the same thing. But Innocence had
clearly enjoyed it as Chastity was sure when she sucked off the last
droplets of semen from Innocence's prick.

Despite Chastity's boldness regarding sex, she was less inclined to suck
Innocence's prick after the first time she had persuaded Innocence to
thrust her penis up her arse. It was then that Chastity was sure that her
sister's penis was definitely amongst the largest she had ever known. Any
deeper inside, Chastity felt, and it would be in her stomach. However,
when Innocence withdrew her prick Chastity saw the telltale brown stains of
excrement, and she was sure she'd thoroughly cleaned her arse before they'd

Still, Innocence was still a virgin, Chastity reasoned. Virginity, for
a girl, is when you've never been penetrated. Never lost your maidenhead.
Whatever else Innocence was, Chastity could only think of her as a girl.
However, when she mentioned to Innocence the idea of her wearing a dildo to
penetrate her rather than the other way round, Innocence was initially

"But it's for you, my sweetness," Chastity argued. "What pleasure can I
get from it? A dildo won't give me the sensations that your prick gets
when it's inside me. It's just that you can't stay a virgin forever."

Innocence was unconvinced, and so Chastity felt it unwise to press the
topic further. But to persuade her, Chastity made a point of insisting on
anal intercourse every time and stressed how much pleasure it gave her.
"Don't you think," she would say, "that it would complete your education?"

Eventually, as in all other matters, Innocence accepted the proposition,
so Chastity bought a dildo from a shop. She was tempted to get a large
one, but she reasoned that it would be best to find one designed for
backsides. The shopkeeper was very helpful. She had some demonstration
dildos and she and Chastity went into the demonstration room to see what
they were like.

While they were in there, another customer was trying out different
underwear which revealed her nipples and crotch, but Chastity and the
shopkeeper studiously ignored her as she put on and took off again
different combinations of underwear. Chastity reasoned that Innocence,
being her sister, would have much the same arse-size as herself, so with
the shopkeeper assistance she tried different dildos up her backside. The
shopkeeper, a fairly efficient middle-aged woman, slightly greased
Chastity's buttocks and anus with some sterile cream and then eased the
dildo in, while Chastity gasped with each extra inch pushing inside her.
Eventually, and after trying the same one several times she found the right
dildo and took it away with her.

It was a strange sensation for Chastity to do the thrusting. Before
she'd only done it with Blanche and she'd given most of the instructions as
to what to do. It made sense, the first time, for Innocence to be in the
most comfortable position, which was face-down on the bed with her bottom
raised in the air. Chastity strapped the dildo around her waist and the
two girls indulged in more normal foreplay. Chastity paid particular
attention to lubricating her cunt by having Innocence's penis stroking its
outside. Then using a mixture of her own wetness and the cream supplied by
the shop she moistened the entrance to Innocence's arse. The two sisters
had recently spent a lot of time stimulating their arses, so Innocence was
quite used to feeling Chastity's middle finger all the way up her. Then
she felt a very different sensation as Chastity pushed the dildo into the
lubricated entrance, gripping Innocence's penis, while rubbing and
massaging it.

Innocence's virginity soon went, perhaps sooner than she'd anticipated
as she came with an almighty shudder and splattered semen all over
Chastity's sheets. Afterwards, she felt very sore behind and it was
several days until she could walk without feeling a soreness somewhere deep
up her bottom. However, the two sisters practised whenever they could and
soon it seemed quite natural to Innocence to have a dildo thrusting away
inside her and her penis being handled to climax at the same time.

Chastity preferred to enter Innocence from in front so that she could
better appreciate Innocence's female body. From behind, it was almost like
fucking a man rather than a woman even though Chastity's back was a woman's
back. She persuaded Innocence to hook her legs through her arms so she
could penetrate Chastity from in front and have Innocence's penis rub
against her tummy and eventually come all over her. In fact with a bit of
ingenuity, the two girls managed to arrange their activities so that both
were being penetrated and penetrating simultaneously but it was awkward to
maintain this pose for very long, even when lying down sideways on the bed.
Despite the success of their lovemaking Chastity could see that
Innocence was dissatisfied and even a little unhappy. So one day, when the
two girls had just made love, Chastity tried to find out what was troubling

"I just feel such a freak!" Innocence complained.

Chastity smiled reassuringly and stroked Innocence's limp penis with the
back of her hand. There was nothing that could be done about that,
Chastity reasoned to herself, and, anyway she wouldn't want her sister to
be any different.

"And I feel guilty about incest," Innocence confessed.

This was more alarming to Chastity, because it went to the very heart of
their relationship. She loved the danger and perverseness of it, and she
had assumed the same was true for Innocence. In fact, until then it had
never occurred to Chastity that Innocence would ever feel differently.

"There's a friend of Blanche's," Chastity told Innocence, "called Alice
who makes love to her sister, Dinah, just as we do. Perhaps you would feel
happier if you met other people like us. Then you wouldn't feel such a
freak. I can contact Blanche and perhaps arrange to stay with Alice."

Innocence thought about it. If other people made love to their sisters,
perhaps it wasn't so bad if she did. Perhaps all she needed was to get to
know other people who did such things. "Yes, I'd like to visit Alice," she
said positively.


In Which Alice is introduced to Innocence and Chastity, and discovers
that of the two she prefers Innocence; her friends practise the thespian
arts and learn the theatrical skills of Innocence; and, to her
disappointment, she discovers her lover prefers the charms of Chastity.

Alice wasn't so sure she liked the idea of being identified for her
incestuous relationship with her sister, so when Dinah told her that this
was the main reason why Blanche's friend Chastity and her sister Innocence
were visiting, she wasn't at all enthusiastic. No more than Innocence did
she like to feel part of a freak show.

"If they expect the two of us to make love together in front of them,
they're going to be very disappointed," Alice announced. Dinah was always
inviting guests to stay at the apartment the two sisters shared, and, to be
honest, Alice was never very enthusiastic about the sex games Dinah tried
getting her to participate in. She couldn't really appreciate Dinah's
argument that because they were no longer living with their parents, they
should do exactly what they wanted.

However, Alice didn't feel so troubled when she was introduced to
Chastity and Innocence. Chastity, Alice felt, was a girl much like her
sister, if anything just a little more self-confident and exuded more of an
air of promiscuity. Innocence was very different. She was a girl much the
same age as Alice herself, and very pretty as well. She was dressed in
such a sweet blue dress down to her knees with a pretty blue bow around the
waist and dainty little shoes and white socks. Her face shone with an air
of trust and hope, and her long hair swept down to her waist. Alice wore
what she always wore at home, which was nothing, so Innocence could see
Alice's newly formed fifteen-year old body - her small breasts totally
hidden by the long bush of hair that flowed down her front.

Alice wasn't at all surprised when Chastity took her cue from Alice and
Dinah's nudity, and within minutes of being introduced had taken off all
her clothes. Innocence, however, did nothing of the sort, and indeed
seemed somewhat discomfited by being with three naked women. Alice had not
always been a naturist - and indeed she couldn't really say she was one
now. It just seemed natural never to bother, with Dinah not wearing clothes
anymore, and most of Dinah's friends doing the same. If nothing else, it
meant less trouble in the morning when preparing for the day.

The four girls chatted in the living room, and Alice was relieved that
the subject of incest didn't come up. Although she enjoyed making love to
Dinah, it wasn't something she wanted to make an issue of, and in fact was
a little embarrassed about. She actually felt a little disgusted at the
idea of Chastity, who was eighteen - just two years younger than Dinah -
making love to such a sweet girl as Innocence. Clearly, Innocence wasn't
as comfortable talking about sex and lovers as Dinah and Chastity were.
Alice chatted to Innocence mostly about her school-life and what her
hometown was like. They also chatted about Blanche and the district of
Brook that Innocence had never visited. As Alice explained, she felt that
Brook, although a delightful place in many ways, was not really where she
felt most at home.

It came as little surprise to Alice to see Dinah and Chastity become
increasingly affectionate with each other, leading to them kissing each
other. When Dinah announced that she and Chastity would be going to the
guest bedroom together, Alice declined the offer of joining them.
Innocence wasn't asked, and Alice was sure she would also have refused

When evening came, Dinah announced that she would be sleeping with
Chastity, so Innocence could share the bed with Alice. The two girls'
apartment consisted of only two bedrooms and a living room, so Innocence
had only the choice of the sofa or the bed with Alice. Alice accepted the
offer, as she was sure that sleeping with Innocence wasn't going to be one
of those situations where she'd feel obliged to make love. Despite this,
Alice was attracted to Innocence: there weren't very many women as pretty
as she.

When bedtime came, Alice washed herself in the tiny bathroom and
towelled herself dry before jumping into the bed. While in the bathroom,
she could hear Dinah and Chastity making the loud noises of lovemaking.
Dinah's probably brought out the sexual accessories, thought Alice,
thinking of the cupboard full of dildos and vibrators. When Innocence went
to bed, though, she went into the bathroom fully clothed and came out after
several minutes fresh-smelling and wearing a white cotton nightie down to
her ankles. Innocence walked into the bedroom carrying her clothes in her
arms and saw Alice lying prone on her back on the back masturbating at the
thought of Dinah and Chastity's lovemaking which was now loud enough to be
heard through the walls. Innocence put the clothes down and stood back
watching Alice's fingers exercise her crotch. Innocence felt
simultaneously embarrassed and aroused. She was too embarrassed just to
enter the bed while Alice was so engaged, but as she stood by the door she
began to get embarrassed for a different reason as her prick got aroused
and was beginning to stand out very obviously against her nightgown.

Alice saw Innocence standing quietly by the door, but thought nothing of
it - except it was strange that she should be wearing a nightgown. As she
examined the nightgown from her position with her head against the pillow,
she noticed that there was a very strange protuberance around the waist.
It pushed out the nightgown at least seven inches from Innocence's waist
and Alice couldn't think what it might be. Overcome with curiosity and
with the fingers of her left hand still rubbing away at her crotch, she
leaned over and put the fingers of her right hand on this protuberance.

It was a sausage-shaped, stiff, but warm protuberance which Alice felt
through the nightgown and which Alice recognised very well. But that was
impossible! Her other hand disengaged itself from her crotch and both
hands felt it under the nightgown. "I thought you were a girl!" she
exclaimed in surprise.

"I am!" said Innocence sadly.

Alice pulled up Innocence's nightie to the waist so that her penis stuck
out raw and pink and hard. Alice ran her fingers down the length of it
from the hair at the crotch to the pink glans. "This says you're not."

Innocence gently pulled the rest of her nightgown up and over her head.
She shook her hair loose as she freed it from her shoulders. "I am!" she

Alice could see what Innocence meant. Except for the lack of vagina,
and the presence of this penis, nobody could doubt that Innocence was a
woman. She had flesh in exactly the right places, and her breasts were as
round and well-formed as any that Alice had seen. Without her clothes,
Innocence was even more attractive, and Alice felt her heart melt like hot
wax as she contemplated her.

"You're so beautiful!" she cried throwing herself onto Innocence and
guiding her backwards on to the bed. Alice sat aspread Innocence's thighs
and studied her body. She stroked the legs and smooth taut stomach with
her hands. "So beautiful!" She looked at Innocence's erect prick, and
there was no doubt that there was some reciprocity of feeling. Alice
brought her mouth down over the end of it and exercised it with her lips
and tongue. It shone and glistened with the bedroom light reflected in its
smooth wetness.

It wasn't too long until Alice had guided Innocence's penis inside her
cunt, and Alice's own cries of pleasure joined those of Chastity and Dinah.
Innocence was a girl who despite her apparent demureness was easily
sexually aroused and thanks to Purity and Chastity much practised in the
art of making love. Alice hadn't had such a passionate night of love for a
very long time, and her reservations about the oddball couple were soon

Several hours later, while Innocence lay asleep in her arms, Alice
studied the blissfully sleeping form. With such an unusual encumbrance
Innocence was a girl destined for unhappiness, but one who would also give
so much pleasure to other people. Alice listened to the faint roar of
steam trains in the distance as they left for their destinations. Perhaps
somewhere, Alice reasoned, there may be a place where Innocence wouldn't be
such a freak.

Alice had many friends, one of which was Mouse whose unannounced visits
she had got rather used rather accustomed to. Now that Mouse was an
actress, her life seemed to have no routine except when she was in a
performance somewhere. As Mouse was soon to be playing Cordelia in a
performance of King Lear, Alice had been expecting Mouse to descend on her
at any time.

She perhaps didn't expect Mouse to arrive while she and Innocence were
making love in Alice's bedroom, but Mouse was not at all embarrassed. She
was rather more fascinated by Innocence's penis. She stood back, in only a
psychedelic tee-shirt and nothing else besides a collection of bangles and
bracelets, and watched as Innocence's penis thrust in and out of Alice's
cunt and as Alice grunted rhythmically in pleasure. It startled Alice
when, after Innocence had spurted out her semen into Alice's mouth (so much
better than having it drip down the thighs), Mouse introduced herself.

While Mouse and the girls chatted, she held onto Innocence's prick and
stroked it with her fingers. "It's so perfect!" She commented. "A girl with a penis - paradise indeed!" Innocence's ever-ready member swelled and
throbbed under the attention, but Alice wasn't too keen on seeing her new
lover make love to Mouse, so she tactfully eased Innocence away from Mouse.
She noticed that Mouse was still shaving her vulva although her hair was
now long and flowing - nearly to her waist. This was necessary, Mouse told
her, for a role in a Shakespearean play.

Mouse pointedly ignored Alice's attempt to separate her from Innocence
and her hand massaged Innocence's prick the more vigorously. "Why do you
have to do that?" asked Alice exasperatedly.

"Well," answered Mouse, "I've got to get some practice for King Lear.
It's a modernised version and I've got to make love with at least two men in the three hours of the performance - so I've got to stay in trim."

"When is the performance?" wondered Alice.

"It starts in just two months time, but we've not even started the
rehearsals. I've got the script though. It's mostly the original
Shakespeare, but there's a lot more sex in it and some of the boring bits
have been taken out. I've seen the costume I've got to wear and it's
really groovy. It's meant to be authentic Celtic - and as we know these
Celts didn't wear much, especially when they were fighting. It's just a
head- dress, boots and a sort of thong which doesn't hide anything."

It took Mouse a bit of persistence, but eventually she persuaded both
Alice and Innocence to help her with rehearsing her part in King Lear. To
be authentic, it would involve Mouse making love to Innocence. Mouse would
play the part of Cordelia, Innocence the relevant male characters and Alice
would play all the others. It was also necessary, Mouse said, for them all
to be naked - but Alice saw this didn't mean Mouse shedding any of her
jewellery. She pulled off her top to display her well- rounded breasts which certainly couldn't disguise themselves under the flimsy tee- shirts
she chose to wear these days.

This version of King Lear was markedly different to the version that
either Innocence or Alice had read at school. The first scene was
essentially an incest scene. It featured King Lear, played by Innocence,
who had decided to make love to his daughters to impregnate them so that
only the purest royal blood would flow in the veins of their children.
Both Regan and Goneril, both of whom played by Alice, readily agreed - and
most of the first act involved Alice and Innocence making love. The stage
directions for the love-making were quite specific and required full
penetration by King Lear. Alice quite enjoyed this, though Mouse seemed
relatively frustrated as Cordelia really had very little to do except
masturbate (which wasn't in the script, but Mouse claimed that this kind of
ad-libbing was perfectly reasonable).

Both Alice and Innocence were quite happy when they had to switch roles
halfway through the act, after King Lear, who was still humping away at
Regan, asked Cordelia to join in. As was required Cordelia refused and
Innocence, holding the script up in one hand with her penis still deep
inside Alice, ranted at her. The reason for Cordelia's reluctance was less
to do with an aversion to incest (which Mouse insisted was quite common
amongst Celts) than to do with her father's pride. After this, Alice took
over the role of King Lear and other people, and Innocence took over the
role of Cordelia's suitors. The act required Cordelia to have love made to
her first by Burgundy and then by France, both played by Innocence. This
involved fellatio for Burgundy and full sex with France. At the end of the
scene, Innocence was totally exhausted and found it difficult to pronounce
her lines. Alice noticed how very professional Mouse had become in her
role, barely skipping a word or a studied nuance however frantic the

Cordelia's next appearance in King Lear was right at the end of the
play, so the three girls didn't have to rehearse any of the intervening
acts or scenes. However as Alice noticed, this involved the King making
love with the Fool who was described as ambisexual and for whom all sex had
to be anal. It also involved sex between Edgar and the Fool, three-way sex
with Edmund, Regan and Goneril, and several scenes of cunnilingus, fellatio
and masturbation. She was pleased to see no equivalent of Gloucester's
scene of having his eyes cut out. Indeed, if anything, this production was
actually less sadistic than the original version.

The last scene began with France and Cordelia making love while various
of the significant characters - including a much reduced role for Kent -
came and went apparently unabashed. Again Innocence played France, and as
this involved several stage directions requiring some rather peculiar
sexual positions, she found it quite a strain. "I'm sure," Innocence
remarked, "that a man is much more flexible than me."

"It's only practice that does it," Mouse replied.

Innocence had to rest for a while after playing that role, and examined
herself for bruises - one of which between her thighs was clear evidence of
the acrobatic excesses expected of modern theatre. After that the three
girls had to play the final act which required Lear, played by Innocence,
to make love to a dead Cordelia, who had just been hanged. This role was
quite difficult, and Alice was aware that the actor who had to play Lear on
stage was going to have a difficult time. He would be required to make
love with six or seven different people, change his character from an
egotistical monster to something more like a normal sex maniac and still
remember some quite awkward lines. The art of the last scene, as Mouse
explained, was not just to show Lear's remorse, but to show necrophilia in
a positive light. Her part, which was to make no response except a shudder
during the "Never never never never never" speech, required the skill to
play dead and express no sexual excitement. "The exact opposite," she
pointed out, "of what's normally expected of an actress."

The three girls, on Mouse's insistence, rehearsed the scenes several
times, and Alice could see, from a dispassionate professional view, that
Mouse's performance was improving. But as it involved making love to
Innocence, who was quite clearly rather enjoying it, the whole affair was
not of overwhelming appeal to her. It also came as no surprise to her,
that as the days passed, Innocence left Alice's bed, and she and Mouse
began sleeping together on the bed-settee in the living room. To a certain
extent, Alice rather welcomed being able to sleep alone again. On the
other hand, despite the fact that she and Innocence would still
occasionally make love, it still troubled her to see Mouse and Innocence
sitting together with their clothes tossed aside and Mouse's hand
invariably grasping Innocence's penis. In fact, Mouse's hand and
Innocence's penis hardly ever seemed to be apart.

When Alice heard that her friend Kedi was visiting, she felt a real
tremble of excitement. She had never loved anyone as much as she loved
Kedi and the thought of making love to her again made her flesh tingle and
her body feel warm. Kedi was coming in by train, so it was with great
enthusiasm that Alice volunteered to wait for Kedi at the railway station.

Alice arrived early just in case Kedi's train should also be early, but
no! In fact it was late, and she sat disconsolately on the platform,
watching people getting on and off the trains. There were people
travelling from all over. Some Alice kept her eye on as they walked by,
almost hoping that they would satisfy the lust she was feeling. Soon,
however, Kedi did arrive. As a concession to public decency, she wore
clothes but as always as little as she could. In fact, she wore nothing on
her slim black body but a pair of shorts and not even a pair of shoes.
Most people wore more than that and so Kedi's breasts attracted a great
deal of attention. Alice herself, knowing of Kedi's arrival, wore as
little as she dared - which was a tee-shirt and a pair of very brief shorts
- but she was overdressed in comparison.

Alice ran over to Kedi and smiled into her grinning face and the
beautiful erect nipples which seemed to suggest that Kedi was pleased to
see her. She felt like instantly throwing herself on the ground and making
love, but the most she could do was kiss her full on the face and
breathlessly declare how pleased she was to see her.

Alice and Kedi walked back to Alice's flat, with Alice helping to carry
Kedi's bags. When the two girls came by a little copse near home, passion
got the better of Alice and she flung herself on Kedi. "Here! Now!" she
gasped as a command. "Now!" Kedi nodded, and the two girls crept into the
copse out of the public gaze.

When they'd got behind a bush, Alice pulled off her tee-shirt in one
passionate gesture and forced down her shorts. She then pushed herself on
top of Kedi who was overwhelmed by the attention. Alice put her whole
mouth over Kedi's nipple and while biting and nibbling it, eagerly rubbed
Kedi's vagina. Kedi reciprocated with just as much enthusiasm but with
more practised skill.

Anyone passing by would have heard the moaning and groaning as the two
girls forgot everything and made love on the damp and dirty ground. Grit
and trampled leaves affixed themselves to Alice's skin, but she didn't
care. All she cared about was Kedi.

After Alice didn't know how long, the two girls were sated and with
reluctance picked up their things to return to Alice's home, but Alice just
couldn't find it in herself to put her clothes back on. It felt so
wonderful to be skin against skin with the one she loved! Consequently,
Alice and Kedi wandered back naked together through the tree-lined streets
to the flat, unconcerned about the attention they attracted. What did
Alice care for what other people felt: she was just happy to be arm in arm
with Kedi, nestling up against her warm black body.

When they got back home, Alice brought Kedi straight to her bed and they
resumed making love. In fact, they wouldn't stop. The only reason Alice
ever found for leaving Kedi was to go to the toilet or to have something to
eat and Kedi would follow her, invariably as close to her as she could.

Innocence and Mouse were also making love most of the time now, but
Alice felt that with the onus of having to entertain Kedi she was excused
from helping Mouse with her rehearsals for King Lear. Unfortunately, Alice
soon found that she couldn't monopolise Kedi's attention, as Kedi offered
her assistance quite willingly. Alice had never before felt so much
jealousy as when she watched Innocence's penis thrust in and out of Kedi's
vagina with Mouse eagerly plunging her tongue in Kedi's mouth. So, she
argued, maybe it is for art, and maybe the part I'm rehearsing is redundant
at this point, but must I watch this?

She wondered what Kedi thought of Innocence's rather strange body, but,
as always, Kedi just accepted it as it was. "Innocence is a beautiful
girl," she commented, "and she is especially endowed where girls are not
usually endowed at all." She also loved it as Innocence thrust in and out
of her. It was on these occasions that Alice only felt a lessening of her
jealousy if she caught sight of Mouse, who was clearly very passionately in
love with Innocence, watching the two of them together with that look of
jealousy Alice so recognised from herself.

When Alice made love to Innocence now, it was almost all out of spite to
Mouse who also loved making love to Kedi (especially when Kedi used some of
the curious penis shaped roots she'd brought with her from her own
country). She especially made sure of doing so when Mouse was watching and
she made sure that she expressed as much passion as she could as
Innocence's prick pushed deep and deeper still inside her. In all this she
would try and involve Kedi: licking, kissing, masturbating her as Innocence
thrust away and caressed the both of them.

In the evenings however, Alice kept Kedi to herself. Mouse can sleep
with Innocence. Dinah can sleep with Chastity. But Alice must sleep with
Kedi. And through the night she would come and come again with a passion
that she was sure echoed throughout the flat, and if it woke her sister or
her friends, what did it matter? It showed that Alice and Kedi were very
much in love and inseparable. No love, Alice was sure, was greater than
that she felt for Kedi and her beautiful black body.

Alice loved everything about Kedi's body. She loved its relative
maturity. She loved the fact she was so black, so that when the girls'
bodies intertwined in as many as four - and when Dinah and Chastity became
interested six - people, Kedi's body was so much apart from the rest of the
white and pink flesh. Alice loved Kedi's strong gleaming white teeth,
whose grin filled a whole room and would instantly stricken Alice with a
passionate and helpless longing. She loved Kedi's cunt which so enveloped
her tongue, which lubricated so easily with her fingers and gave out such a
rich hot and seductive smell. She loved Kedi's round breasts with the
beautiful brown nipples. If she prayed, and Alice never prayed, she would
have prayed that Kedi should never leave her.

Much as Alice enjoyed Innocence's company, she never felt so warmly
towards Chastity. This didn't matter so much while Chastity and Dinah
spent so much time together - after all they were much the same age and had
very similar sexual appetites. What changed Alice's attitude towards
Chastity was when she took Kedi away from her.

At first it seemed almost innocent. Chastity only made love with Kedi
while in mixed company, and, perhaps in compensation, Alice would be
embraced by more than one other girl at the time. However, as Alice viewed
Kedi and Chastity making love through Mouse's pubic hair with her tongue
slowly licking at the moist opening, Alice felt acute pain as she watched
the two girls in what could only be true passion. Even the slow rhythmic
thrust of Innocence's prick up her own cunt while supporting herself on
Alice's raised buttocks couldn't distract her from her jealousy.

Mouse noticed Alice's unease, and tenderly lifted herself up, obscuring
Alice's view of the black and white coupling, and stroked Alice's head.
"What's the matter?" Mouse wondered. "Don't we satisfy you?"

Alice couldn't answer, but there came to her a sudden welling up of
emotion as she thought of Kedi making love to Dinah. She took her mouth
away from Mouse's cunt and looked longingly into Mouse's face. She felt
terribly conscious of the salt track of tears down her cheeks - but she
knew that any attempt to hold them back would merely cause her to cry
loudly. She could hear not only Innocence's pants as she thrust vigorously
away, but also the painfully loud and mutual gasps from Kedi and Chastity.

Any illusion Alice may have cherished that Kedi's and Chastity's
affection was less than mutual were removed when with a rush of hot thick semen and a gasp Innocence had come inside her, and the cries of her lover
and Chastity couldn't be in any way confused. If anything the loudest and
fullest throated cries may have come from Kedi while Chastity voraciously
chewed at her vagina.

It didn't really come as too much of a surprise when Alice found that
she was sharing Kedi with Chastity, but the first night when Dinah returned
to their bed and Kedi stayed in the same bed as Chastity still required
severe mental readjustment. Dinah could see that Alice was troubled and
did her best to comfort her. But making love with Dinah didn't work that
evening. The thought of incest only reminded Alice of Innocence's sister and whom she was sleeping with.

Alice thought that maybe her selfless love could be resolved merely by
being near Kedi - but the fact was that although she and Kedi would still
make love it was less frequent than before and there was always the strong
smell of Chastity about her. In fact, although their moments of passion
satisfied Alice in a way that no one else could, she couldn't hide her
misery and jealousy from Kedi.

"But Alice dearest," Kedi tried to argue. "It is no reflection on my
love for you that I sleep with Chastity now."

"But I love you," replied Alice. "When I'm not with you I feel a void
in my life. Only when we're together am I whole."

"Don't be silly," Kedi tried to laugh, but she was visibly troubled by
Alice's contention of love. Kedi however did suggest that she make love
with Chastity. "Perhaps you could get to love her as well."

"But I only want you."

Alice had not once made love to Chastity, although Chastity had
frequently felt and tongued Alice's body when all six girls were making
love together. These sixsomes usually only happened by chance and not
usually on Alice's volition. But sometimes when a couple became a
threesome, it seemed only natural that the numbers should be added to. So
perhaps Kedi, Innocence and Alice might be making love on the garden lawn
as the evening sun drew in, only to be joined by Mouse - tempted as always
by Innocence's penis that she would always want to have pushed into her
mouth and feel the hot warmth of it against her lips and the back of her
tongue down her throat. Then one of Dinah or Chastity would join in,
excited by so much sexual activity, to be joined not much later by the
other older girl.

It was in such circumstances as these that Alice would find herself
having love made to her by Chastity, but not once just the two girls together. However, one night, Alice was lying in bed alone listening to
the sounds of Mouse, Innocence and one other making love together - Mouse
as always making the loudest moans. "Innocence! Oo! Innocence! Ooo!
Oooo!" she gasped. She was masturbating desultorily to this, imagining
Kedi's gorgeous black body against hers. Kedi's tongue in her cunt. Her
fingers up her backside. A slim black bum stretched out in front of her on
the mattress.

It was then that Alice became aware of another presence in the room, but
it wasn't Kedi. And it wasn't Dinah either. Chastity was sitting perched,
naked as always, at the end of her bed watching Alice's fingers stroke and
finger her cunt. Seeing that Alice had spotted her, Chastity tenderly
stretched out her arm and her fingers to anchor on Alice's knee, and to
stroke it softly, softly. She gradually moved her hand from stroking the
knee to the inner thigh and stroked it more sensually towards the upper end
of the thigh near the crotch. Alice removed her own fingers from her cunt,
and lay back in an almost helpless position as Chastity became bolder with
her caresses.

Alice neither resisted nor encouraged Chastity in her love-making, as
Chastity soon engaged her mouth on the still quite moist cunt and nibbled
around the hairy flowering of it and the legs around it. After a while,
Chastity could see that there was not going to be much more response, so
she briefly kissed Alice on the left nipple and left her room.

A few minutes later, Dinah entered the room, quite clearly exhausted
after her love-play with Innocence and Mouse. A trail of Innocence's thick semen trickled down between her legs, and would soon make a little damp
patch on the sheets wherever Dinah should choose to sit.

"You know," said Alice, almost as an aside, "the apartment's got
terribly crowded since Chastity and Innocence have been here."

Dinah started, as if this revelation had never occurred to her, but she
looked at Alice thoughtfully. Clearly, she had had her own discussions
with Kedi and Chastity on Alice's happiness. "I suppose four people is
about the most this apartment can handle for any length of time. Perhaps
the two sisters would be happy to visit the countryside."

"The countryside?" wondered Alice.

"Well, I know that Une's quite happy to entertain any of our friends,"
suggested Dinah.

"Would they like that?"

"It would be absolutely perfect," Dinah said. And what is more, Alice
thought, Kedi could stay here with me without Chastity's malevolent


In Which Innocence and Chastity are found in the countryside.

Une just loved to be fucked. But with a cunt as large as hers it took
such an effort for her to be satisfied. Generally, one man just wasn't
enough, she'd need two or maybe three simultaneously pounding away in her
nether regions for her to be satisfied. It was sometimes awkward to
arrange such a meeting of pricks inside her, but practice had brought great
facility and imagination to her. Two was easy enough. One from above and
one from underneath both thrusting into her cunt. A third was more
difficult, but her more athletic lovers soon found a way of squeezing a
penis between two already active members.

Une was at first reluctant when some friends of Blanche's asked her if
she'd mind them visiting. They were both sisters and she'd not met either
of them, and she wasn't sure they would make pleasant company. Une
generally preferred the company of men, particularly if there were deep
inside her, - but she had a large old house in the country, so she couldn't
plead lack of space nor was she planning to go away for a while.

When Innocence and Chastity arrived, Une greeted them in the long white
dress she usually wore which flowed loosely from straps around her
shoulders, just covering her breasts and reaching down to her bare feet.
Her long white hair wisped down about her hips, nearly the same colour as
her skin and dress. Evidence that she was no albino was provided in the
shining gleam of her blue eyes.

Une thought Innocence and Chastity were rather curious names for two
girls who really didn't look like they possessed these attributes at all.
The simple dress that only just obscured her groin and knowing air made
Chastity not seem at all chaste. Innocence seemed the more chaste of the
two, but it was obvious to Une that innocent she was not. She hoped her
male lovers wouldn't be distracted by these two very pretty women and
choose to fuck them instead of her.

Une showed the two girls around the house and where to put the very few
clothes they'd brought. She explained to them, as tactfully as she could,
that some country people had some very strange ideas, and that they should
be very cautious about how they behaved in public. "I'm sometimes
considered to be a witch because of my appearance," she elaborated.

Chastity sat back on the four poster bed in the bedroom that had been
allocated to her. "What is there about you that makes them think you're a
witch?" She asked in an ambiguously coy way. "You certainly don't look
like my idea of a witch!"

"There aren't that many people with such white skin and hair as me," Une

Chastity laughed. "I thought witches had pointed black hats and rode on
broomsticks." She looked conspiratorially at Innocence. "No," she said
thoughtfully. "I think they think you're a witch from what Alice told us
about you."

"And what's that?" Asked Une, both fascinated by what this Alice might
have said and annoyed at Chastity's cheek.

"Why! That you've got the biggest cunt in the world," Chastity
exclaimed. "I'm told you can get three pricks in it at once."

"Four on occasion," corrected Une. "Well, yes I have a very large
vagina. But if you think I'm also a lesbian ..."

"Don't worry," smiled Chastity. "But I'd love to see your cunt. I
really would."

"And what could you give in return?" Wondered Une who wasn't at all sure
she liked such blatant conversation about her crotch.

"Why!" Exclaimed Chastity as if surprised. "Hasn't Blanche told you
about Innocence? Her attributes make your oversized cunt seem like nothing
at all."

"I'm sorry I don't understand."

"Come on Innocence. Take off your clothes and show Une your stuff,"
ordered Chastity.

With some reluctance, Innocence removed her pretty white blouse and
knee- length skirt. She took her sandals off first, and then unbuttoned
her blouse, revealing her full breasts and feminine curves. Then she
gradually eased down her dress. Une was feeling rather bored. Nudity
really didn't excite her, even on very attractive girls like Innocence, and
what on earth could a girl have that would interest her? A cunt as wide as
her own perhaps.

Une wasn't prepared for Innocence's prick that popped out as she pulled
down her white knickers. As soon as she saw it, her original feelings of
scepticism were replaced by curiosity and a certain amount of lust.
Innocence's penis wasn't nearly one of the largest Une had ever seen or had
inside her, but it was a beautiful well- formed penis - one which surely
deserved to be enjoyed.

"Does it function?" Une wondered. Innocence nodded, obviously
embarrassed by Chastity's blatancy.

"Touch it and see," instructed Chastity.

This Une proceeded to do. Knowing what was expected of it, Innocence's
penis immediately stiffened. Une stroked it gently in her hands and
watched in great wonderment as it grew and grew just as she'd expect from
the penis of any of her friends. So, Innocence certainly didn't have as
large a cunt as Une. In fact, as Une's examinations swiftly established,
Innocence didn't have a cunt at all. Instead she was blessed with a
beautiful penis. And a penis on such a beautiful and feminine body.

As she saw Innocence's penis grow to full size, the hunger she felt in
her crotch got so great she just had to do something. With one very simple
movement she brought her dress off over her head and her otherwise naked
body. Her cunt was already moist with lust. "Put it in me. Put it in.
Now!" she begged looking at the stiffness of it.

In next to no time, Innocence and she were rolling about and fucking in
a way that surprised Une in its intensity. Clearly, Innocence was a girl accustomed to satisfying the lust of people, perhaps several at the same
time. And also, as Une became aware from Innocence's own passion, she was
a girl as attracted to Une as she was to her. What surprised her more, was
that, although there was still plenty of space spare in her vagina, Une was
feeling sexual gratification she'd not felt for a very long time. Not even
with three men crawling over her, fucking every orifice.

Une wasn't at all sure why Innocence gave her such intense pleasure but
it was intense enough and she just wanted more and more and more. Soon
enough, Chastity was forgotten. For all Une cared, she might have run on
to have sex with one of her lovers who were staying with her. She didn't
care how much pleasure that slut of a girl was giving nor to whom. All
that mattered was the passion that Une felt as Innocence's expert and
practised penis thumped in and out of her, occasionally spurting out with
warm, delicious semen, and yet still seeming to have yet more erection and
come to give.

For the first time since she'd made love to a real elephant of a man,
Une just came and came and came. Her cries of passion were loud enough to
fill the whole house. What did it matter how full her cunt was by prick?
What mattered was the delight of it! She would experience this again and
again, Une resolved. She was going to enjoy the visit of these two
suburban girls.

Une just couldn't be parted from Innocence. Wherever she went,
Innocence had to come with her, and fuck her as hard and as often as
possible. They made love in all the rooms of her house and in her large
garden. Sometimes Une's other lovers would join in, turned on not only by
Une's body but also by Innocence's. Une guessed it was probably the first
time that Innocence had had sex with men, and it was clear to her also that
although she enjoyed it, it was with her that Innocence got the most
pleasure. In any case, Innocence's anus wasn't really comfortable with a
man fucking her. She preferred putting a man's prick in her mouth while
fucking Une. Although Une didn't usually like women sharing her men, in
this case she made an exception, and of course Innocence was in one crucial
way as much man as any of them.

Une didn't really care too much what Chastity was doing - Innocence was
enough for her. She knew from what her lovers told her that Chastity was
making love with each of them, either in turn or together. On one
occasion, she came into Chastity's bedroom to see two of her well-trained
lovers pounding away at Chastity's orifices (in her case, her cunt was only
just big enough for two, so she clearly found it more comfortable for one
to take her anus and the other her vagina). Normally, Une would find this
kind of disloyalty intolerable and would have ordered out both Chastity and
her lovers, but now she just didn't care. As long as she had Innocence's
beautiful feminine body and her wonderful prick inside her, what did it

It was market day in Une's village, when people from all around would
come and sell their wares. Une persuaded Innocence to come along and so,
too, did Chastity. She was aware that Chastity was attracted to her, but
as a rule Une really was not interested in women. Innocence was an
exception - but then she was an exception in much more than one way.

The market sold all the wares associated with village markets. There
were stalls selling cheap imported tee-shirts, bootlegged videos, cheaply
made jewellery, oddities that Une found at best amusing in their cheap
vulgarity and wares which would never be accepted by Health and Safety
Officers. Une examined the stalls desultorily, as always wondering why she
bothered, but also aware that there might always be something there that
would make the excursion worthwhile.

Chastity located a pornographic book-stall, which sold second- hand
magazines and books which were a little worn at the edges. She picked up
copies, with clearly no intention of buying and viewed them with amusement.
"How was that goat persuaded to do that!" she exclaimed showing a picture of a girl and a goat. "It looks pretty awkward for her as well." She
flicked a few pages. "But the sperm looks just the same as human sperm,
doesn't it Une? In fact it looks just like yours, Innocence."

Innocence picked up one which concentrated entirely on anal intercourse.
"That looks painful!" she commented, putting it down and casting her eyes
around at other stalls.

Chastity dropped the magazine she was reading. "God! This market is so
boring!" she remarked. "Is this really the high light of life in the

Une felt offended by this. It was the country itself, not its market,
that made the place worth living in. If Chastity couldn't appreciate even
this little thing, then what hope was there for her?

The three of them made their way out of the market, and into an inn
which was mostly full of market stall holders. They were talking
animatedly with each other, while in the corner a video sex machine was
flashing images of various scenes of sexual intercourse. Besides Une and
her two friends, there were few other women in the pub and those were all
old and ugly.

"Where's your boyfriends, m'dear?" asked an elderly gentleman walking up
to their table.

Une smiled in the way that she knew would normally devastate the
relatively ignorant villagers. "How is your missus's lumbago, Giles?" she
asked considerately.

"Bearing well. Bearing well," he said moving back to his company.

Chastity was clearly very uncomfortable here. "This is fucking boring!"
she announced, swallowing her half pint of porter. "Come on, Innocence,
let's go somewhere more exciting."

"Where?" wondered Innocence.

"Anywhere!" announced Chastity. "Anywhere that's not here, anyway!"

Une and Innocence followed Chastity as she stormed out of the inn and
followed the path out of the village towards Une's home. She certainly did
not appear happy. They passed by a corn-field within sight of Une's house.
"What I need," announced Chastity, stopping suddenly, "is a fuck. A
fucking good fuck! And I need it now!"

"And how are you going to get that?" asked Une, visibly annoyed with

Chastity frowned at Une. "From what you know about Innocence, you need
to ask that?" asked Chastity incredulously.

This was the first time that Une became aware of the incestuous
relationship between Innocence and her sister, when boldly, and with no
regard for Une's feelings, Chastity pulled off the slip she was wearing and
unbuttoned the pretty little dress that Une had provided Innocence. It was
one that had made the little girl look even sweeter, flowing out at the
waist and coming to her knees. But this was soon down over her ankles and
pushed to one side. Then with the practice that must have come from making
love with Une's lovers, Chastity persuaded Innocence's penis into erection
and straight in her cunt. Une looked on in astonishment as Innocence
blatantly fucked away at her sister.

Une looked imploringly at Innocence, her little darling, and then
noticed Innocence returning the look even while her buttocks thrust up and
down on Chastity. Chastity also looked at Une. "Don't wait to be
invited," she commented. "Join in!"

Une certainly did not feel inclined to do so, but soon her lust for
Innocence became too much for her, and then, for the first time in her long
love life, she made love with a woman who was a woman in every detail.
Perhaps, it wasn't really the same thing, she thought, as she shared
Innocence's so virile member. After all, she reassured herself, this is
fucking as it's normally done between a man and a woman. And, in any case,
was this so very different to love with two men.

But one partner, she couldn't help thinking, who couldn't satisfy the
rapacious desire of her cunt. And indeed, as their bodies writhed in the
corn, scratching her skin and catching in her hair, she felt for the first
time since she'd started making love with Innocence a kind of emptiness in
her cunt. A feeling that was normally only satisfied by an extra prick
inside her. This evening, she resolved, she'd get at least two, maybe
three, inside her, even if it meant sharing Chastity with her male lovers.


In Which Innocence is embodied in the value of Twelve; and joined in a
fury of pain and pleasure; and in which Chastity pursues love of a woman
and Innocence the Love of God.

It was in another field, this time within Une's extensive estates, that
Une and Innocence were happily fucking together. Being her own estate, Une
naturally chose a comfortable field where the grass was short and green
enough for there to be relatively little scratching or discomfort from the
ground as the two lovers pursued their business. It was a lovely sunny
day, and as Une straddled her thighs over Innocence gazing down at her
beautiful penis thrusting in and out she could feel the sun burning her

It was with a little surprise that Une felt more feminine caresses from
behind. But she didn't care. After making love to Chastity on a few
occasions now, she no longer cared about her attention. She merely moaned
appreciatively and bent forward over Innocence's prostrate body to give the
caresses as free rein as possible. She pushed her tongue into Innocence's
mouth and the two lovers explored each other while these other hands
explored her.

And, then, with a shock, Une felt another object, hard, stiff and
clearly the right shape, also enter into her moist welcoming vagina. What
was this? she wondered. One of her lovers? Or (and this gave her a
glorious frisson of desire) a woman endowed like Innocence? With that
fantasy she brought herself to the point of a loud and explosive orgasm as
two tools exercised themselves inside her capacious void.

It was only when Une disentangled herself from the writhing bodies she
found that there was in fact only one other person and she was a totally
normal woman. Normal, that is, in the biologically accepted way. She was
a little skinny, with high cheeks and perky breasts dominated by pointed
nipples. She was also virtually naked - but then so too were Une and
Innocence. How this girl was not normal was that her hair was virtually
all shaved except for a long pointed quiff on her head several inches long.
Body jewellery decorated and pierced her body, including golden dangling
earrings and pointed ivory caps over her nipples. She also wore a dildo
strapped around her waist which although it totally obscured her vagina seemed somehow much more indecent than total nudity could ever be.

Une had seen this look before. It was, she knew, a fashion amongst many
girls in the cities to dress in this way - and it meant nothing there.
Secretaries, receptionists, hairdressers and all sorts wandered around
quite naturally with curious hairstyles and either dildos or, less
provocatively, codpieces covering their cunts. Even in the cities, total
nudity was not that acceptable. However, this style of dress was bound to
attract a great deal of adverse attention in the country. And, anyway,
what was a girl like this doing so far away from the night-clubs, bars and
haunts of the big city.

Her name was Twelve - a common sort of city name it appeared. She had
come to the countryside with her lover - a man called Three - and the two
had had an argument. He was not very tolerant when he found her in bed
with two other people, and had stormed back to the nearest railway station
leaving her behind. She was renting a room from a couple of local people -
"real yokels" she described them. Une knew all the people in the village,
and the family she described were some relatively poor freeholders who
farmed goats just above the village. Heaven only knows what they thought
of a provocatively dressed girl like Twelve who probably had no sympathy or
understanding at all of country ways!

Normally, Une would have had very little time or sympathy for someone
like Twelve, but after the circumstances of their meeting - in which she'd
betrayed rather more interest than she normally would have done - it seemed
churlish not to invite her back to her farmhouse. Twelve agreed, and they
returned to meet Chastity, whom these days made no effort to disguise her
indulgence in sex with two of Une's lovers. With semen dripping out of her
mouth, she greeted the company and almost immediately discarded her male
company to focus her conversation on Twelve.

It came as no surprise to Une when, as the night progressed, Twelve and
Chastity disappeared off to have sex together. She knew that it didn't
involve the dildo, because Twelve had long past removed it and her ivory
nipple protectors and left them on the mantle-piece ("It's wonderful to go
naked!" she announced, almost incongruously).

Twelve became quite a regular visitor to Une's household - and, with
increasing jealousy, it became apparent to her that it was Innocence and
her wonderful penis that attracted her the most. "Innocence is so lucky!"
Twelve announced, holding Innocence's erect penis between forefinger and
thumb. "The rest of us just pretend to have this kind of thing - but for
her it's real. And it comes all over you so creamy and rich! I just love
the taste of it!" Une's jealousy was not lessened by the evident fact that
Innocence also enjoyed Twelve's attention. How could she prefer such a
vulgar slut? she wondered. But she could see that beneath her urban
veneer, Twelve was a very tender lover and treated Innocence in a way that
perhaps only an experienced lover of women could. Une's experience of
making love to women was still not very great, and it was something that
she had still not reconciled herself to. She wasn't a dyke was she?

Twelve had some peculiar interests. She listened to music which sounded
about as execrable as music could be. Fast and cacophonous. Noisy and
unstructured. It wasn't music at all. Only the fact that Innocence would
be listening to the music with Twelve, and Une's wish not to lose touch
with her enticed her to spend more than the smallest amount of time with
them. She also seemed extremely interested in films which had moments of
violence and pornography of the kind that most villagers were quite happy
to watch, but to Une these were only the interesting bits of films which
punctuated periods of plotless meandering and self-indulgence. And the art
she professed to like! What was the point of art that gave no pleasure?

However, for Innocence's sake, Une tolerated this and the mammoth sex
sessions that Innocence and Twelve indulged together. Even Chastity seemed
to find Twelve's fascination with Innocence's penis a little bizarre.
"There's only a few inches to it!" She exclaimed. "Surely she must know it
in total detail by now." Une couldn't answer. In fact, she wondered if it
might not be the peculiar drugs that Twelve and Innocence indulged together
that kept the two going for so many hours.

"Innocence isn't a happy girl!" confided Twelve one day, while Une and
she were lying face down in the sun. Twelve's skin had gone rather red in
the sun. She clearly wasn't used to it at home, but she still persevered.
She had developed a reddish freckly glow on her shoulders and around her

"What do you mean? Not happy?" wondered Une. Perhaps Innocence had
realised that Une was the only true love for her life.

"In many ways Innocence is just an ordinary girl. And she just wants to
be an ordinary girl. But she doesn't want to pretend to be something she's
not. She's curiously endowed and she doesn't want to change that. But she
does want to feel less of a freak."

"There's nothing wrong with being unusual," sniffed Une conscious of her
unusually large vagina.

"But your asset doesn't give you identity crises," mused Twelve.
"Innocence knows that she's not really a woman. But she's also clearly not
a man. So what is she? Gender identity's pretty important you know!"

Une sniffed again. "And what is she supposed to do about that then?"

"That's exactly Innocence's problem."

Twelve soon moved out of the cottage she was lodging in to stay at Une's
home. She complained to Une that she was fed up with having anal sex with
her landlord. "It's the only way I can afford to pay," she declared. Une
wondered why it had to be anal sex. Why not more conventional forms?
"Well, it does get a bit painful - especially when he asks for a month's
rent in advance. And he's not very subtle. But it's the only sex his wife tolerates. In fact she has to watch to ensure that he doesn't commit any
infidelity and enter me from the front." Une didn't comment, but she was
aware that among some of the more traditional villagers there was the
belief that the only sex which really counted was that which would lead to
procreation. Sex with animals, prepubescents, men or any anus wasn't
considered in the same way at all.

Not long after Twelve moved in, a friend of hers, also from the big
city, came to stay at Une's home. This girl was of oriental background
with the undeniably exotic name of Ching. Ching was a smaller girl than
Twelve with a slender waist and breasts that were more just aureate pink
bumps on her chest. However what she lacked in endowment she compensated
by a brashness that easily exceeded that of Twelve. Her own dildo was held
on by rings pierced around her anus and vagina and was of exaggerated
dimensions, more than a foot in length. Her hair was completely shaved off
except for a little tail of hair dyed an incongruous golden colour flicking
over her shoulders. She made no attempt to disguise the flatness of her
breasts and in fact was habitually naked except for her dildo, petite golden sandals and an ankle-ring.

Ching didn't hesitate at all before making love with Twelve, Innocence
and Chastity. It was only a little later that on Twelve's insistence Une
also made love to her. Ching's dildo was well-designed for Une's cunt -
the tightest fit she'd had for a very long time. Despite it being
artificial and unable to spurt any semen, Ching made up by a passion and
skill at love-making which was greater than even Twelve's. Indeed, as Une
came to be aware, Ching's sexual appetite was biased quite differently to
Une's own. The clearest evidence of this was that unlike the other three
guests, Ching had no interest in her male lovers at all. However much they
tried to interest her in their own endowments, the only penis that
attracted Ching was Innocence's that was only rarely permitted inside her.

Ching had other tastes which Une only gradually became aware of, and
this began to change the atmosphere of Une's home. The first time that Une
discovered this was when she found Innocence one morning in the living room
with her hands tied behind her back and legs and penis tied by ropes to the
furniture. As the rope tying her hands was attached to a hook from a
ceiling, she was in a very uncomfortable position which made her eyes water
as she pulled on the rope. Her penis was decorated by a ribbon tied in a
quite pretty knot which nonetheless must have squeezed when she got an
erection. She had been unable to cry out as her mouth was covered by a
cloth tied around her head.

Une quickly untied Innocence and soon established that this was the way
she'd been left by Twelve, Chastity and Ching after they'd been playing one
of Ching's games. Innocence, as Une soon gathered, became the object of
most of Ching's games which required bondage and a little pain. Perhaps it
was because Innocence was the youngest of all the people staying at Une's
home or because of her general attitude of doing whatever she could to be
of help to others. But Une surmised that it may have been more to do with
Innocence's endowments which somehow attracted Ching's attention.

Innocence wasn't the only one to be smacked, tied up or mildly
humiliated. Une found Ching herself face up while Innocence was urinating
on her face and Twelve was fucking Ching with Ching's own dildo. On
another occasion it was Twelve whom Une came across tied spread-eagled to a
bed while Ching and Innocence fucked her repeatedly despite the blood that
had gathered just between her legs. Even Chastity, who generally seemed
above the role of the victim, accepted a role of helplessness when Une
found her tied to Innocence whose penis was inside her anus and secured in
such a way that it couldn't easily come out.

Une herself didn't take part in the girls' games, and soon got to feel a
kind of exclusion. Perhaps it was because she was so much older than the
others or perhaps they realised that Une's sexual predilections were of a
less unconventional kind. She also realised that the tensions among the
four other girls were exacerbated by Ching's games along with the peculiar
drugs she'd brought along - some of which apparently did wonders for one's
sexual appetite and stamina. Innocence seemed to be becoming more silent
and reserved. On the occasions that Une made love to her, she was aware of
a kind of desperation in her passion. She sometimes wept silently just
after achieving orgasm as if the release it brought had also caused her

Innocence was the centre of all the attention. Twelve would still hold
her penis for hours on end, gently stroking it and occasionally taking it
into her mouth. Ching and Chastity also pursued Innocence, and competed
with each other for her body. This produced many occasions where the two
girls would be locked together in sex games where the underlying aggression
of Ching's predilections would lead to quite visible bruises.

However, neither Ching nor Twelve were to stay for very long. They
departed as abruptly as these two manifestations of urban life had
originally trespassed into the peace and calm of the countryside. Their
last night involved a lot of noise, screams, giggles, slaps and groans.
Une was sufficiently disturbed by it to go into the bedroom Ching shared
with Twelve to see what was happening.

In actual fact, she still couldn't be sure as all she could see was a
contortion of flesh, leather, dildos and Innocence's erect penis that was
hammering away inside Ching's vagina. String, rope and vegetables were
strewn around and there was a strong smell of sex mixed with urine. Une
felt reluctant to either intervene or participate, so she retired to her
room. Her first thought had been to call two of her lovers and satisfy a
kind of sexual vacuity, but somehow the thought of just masturbating was
more attractive. So, she lay in her room imagining what was going on
elsewhere and moistened her vagina with milk, carrots and her fingers.

The next day, both Ching and Twelve were gone. The house felt as if a
hurricane had passed by, but was now back to the calm which had preceded
their visit. Innocence however still seemed a little shaken by it all and
Chastity now seemed to spend more time with Une's male lovers than with
either Une or her sister. Une felt that Innocence was going though some
kind of crisis precipitated by the hedonistic abandon of the last few

A curious side effect of Innocence's melancholy was that she no longer
made love to Une, Chastity or any one else. She now spent most of her time
sitting in a chair by the fire reading books. She took to wearing a simple
white robe much as Une did which trailed down to her ankles and covered her
shoulders and arms. As she sat on the chair with her bare feet pulled up,
her long hair flowing down to her waist and her beautiful face looking so
serious, Une felt more passionately in love with Innocence than ever
before. But as Innocence made quite clear, she could look but not touch.

Chastity, however, had become more engrossed with Une and very soon the
two women developed a routine of making love together with two or three of
Une's male lovers and sometimes just the two of them. Chastity herself
seemed a little more reserved and sometimes she would talk more to Une than
indulge in more physical conversation.

Une became aware that Chastity was actually in love with someone, and
not, as she'd originally believed, just in herself, and not, she was less
pleased to discover with Une, but with a black woman she'd met before she'd
come to stay in the countryside. Chastity's intention was to go and live
with this other woman in another part of the country where she described a
life of naked frolics and passionate lovemaking. Une wondered what was so
different about their own amorous activities, but she'd lived long enough
to be aware that affairs of the heart were less to do with what was done
but how it felt to do it.

Chastity was also very concerned about Innocence. She confessed that
she felt that her current unhappiness might very well be Chastity's own
fault. She had introduced her sister to incest, lesbianism and a host of
lovers. Some of these lovers Une knew - they had somehow passed her path
before - but Une wasn't at all sure why that should be a problem.

"It's only a problem because Innocence doesn't know what she is, and
where she wants to go," explained Chastity. "She's a girl with a penis,
and she doesn't know what she's supposed to do about that."

"She doesn't seem to mind having a penis," commented Une stroking
Chastity's clitoris gently and thinking of Innocence's passion. "In fact
it seems to cause her less problem than it would for most men."

"I'm not saying she wants it removed. That would almost be too simple."

"What do you think she'll do?" Wondered Une. She thought of Innocence
lying front down on the carpet by the roaring fire in her white robe with
one leg nonchalantly raised and the other stretched out straining over a
novel by Dostoevsky, a poem by Goethe or some other book.

"Well she's been reading the Bible recently," commented Chastity.

"The Bible?"

"And the Koran, the Baghasadvita and Kant. She's gone through almost
all your collection of religious and philosophical books. She's read the I
Ching and the Kama Sutra. She's looked into Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and

Une had a very large library of books which she'd collected on her
journeys around the world. At one time or another she'd been to almost
every country and acquired things from each. Carpets, ornaments,
paintings, flowers, compact discs, videos and, of course, books. It
wouldn't be true that Une had read all of them. It wasn't too easy to read
books written in those languages she hadn't yet learnt. A large part of
her collection was of erotic books from different cultures and different
times. It was these books, she knew, that Chastity and Twelve used to
read. Innocence didn't read those particular books.

One of Une's most prized books was a copy of the Bible reinterpreted by
a sect which seemed to see sex in everything. The italicised annotations
on the margin made constant allusions to sexual activities and proclivities
sometimes blatantly referred to, but more often only hinted at. The most
interesting part was an Apocrypha of obscene stories concerning Jesus'
fucking of a hundred whores, Moses' incest in the desert, Eve being fucked
by Cain and Abel, and missing chapters from Revelations which featured the
sexual humiliations of hell. There was a particular chapter on the sexual
tortures of early Christians by the Romans. This, however, was not the
copy of the Bible that Innocence was reading.

Une also had a collection of Jacobean and Elizabethan sex plays which
were performed surreptitiously and invariably climaxed in on-stage sex in
the fifth act. This however was as nothing compared to some decadent Roman
reworkings of Euripides, Sophocles and other Greek playwrights. There came
a phase in the Roman Empire where authenticity became very important.
Although it was possible to persuade slaves to enact the classic plays in
authentic blood and gore, a good actor would have a short life. Oedipus
could only be blinded once. So an attempt had been made to reinterpret
violent action by sexual action, which stretched the physical resources of
slaves, allowed sufficient humiliation to satisfy the appetite of the Roman
audience and for those in the audience who liked authenticity. Une's
knowledge of Greek and Latin words for the anatomy and sex had improved

It was not a total surprise when Chastity and Innocence announced that
they would be moving on. Chastity would look for her black lover and she
hoped that the two of them would be reconciled. Innocence however had
decided to work for Christ and was going to live in a Convent. She was
assured that as she had no vagina and had therefore never been penetrated
there, she was technically a virgin and could take such orders without any
hypocrisy or deceit.

Chastity didn't seem too pleased by her sister's decision and had even
tried to persuade Une to intercede. "I can't bear the thought of having a
nun for a sister," she complained. Une, however, had a longer view on
this. The point is to keep looking. Not to find. To join a holy order is
not the last step of a journey of discovery, but possibly just the first
step of a new journey within a particular frame.

"Fuck that!" Chastity snorted uncharitably. "The sooner my sister returns to her senses the better!"


In Which Innocence is embraced by Religious Faith and found in a
Convent; the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity are also revealed and
Charity finds her natural place; Purity is found in the spiritual home of
Faith but lives outside its confines.

The Convent of St Mary Magdalene the Prostitute was situated a long way
from any town or city and surrounded by fields and woods. An ideal place
Innocence believed for peaceful meditation and religious contemplation.
The order of Magdalenites was fairly ascetic which suited her present mood.
She gladly had her hair shaved off although she felt a pang of prideful
regret as she viewed her long tresses lying discarded on the floor of the
Convent's Induction room. She gladly accepted the rule that all nuns of
the order would have no possessions and were allowed the use of only one
item of clothing which was the long black cotton dress and wymple that all
nuns were obliged to wear. Innocence entered into the spirit of
worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart - gladly viewing her
as one of His harem.

The order took the prostitutes whom Christ favoured as an example of how
a woman should worship Him. They were to be His holy concubines, His
mistresses, who would dedicate themselves to Him and to no other. But in
addition they were to set a good example to others and to work in the
community where they gave succour to the poor, the lame, the halt and
anyone else who felt the need of their comfort.

This was not, of course, necessarily succour of a sexual kind. Although
the order used many images of physical love, these were meant only
figuratively. It had been stressed that the order did not practise the
code of conduct of the Blessed Whores who believed that one should fuck for
Christ. That order had the belief that the best way in which to express
the love embodied by Christ's preachings was by physical passion in which
one surrendered oneself to all the demands made by supplicants.
Innocence's mother Superior didn't completely condemn these nuns: she
merely contended that it was a style of worship was not practised by the
Order of Magdelenites. Indeed she stressed that the virginity the order
held in such veneration demonstrated a fundamental difference. It showed
that they were saving themselves only for the love of Christ which would
come to them when they met Him in the Hereafter.

Innocence shared her Convent dormitory with three other girls with whom
she also prayed and ate meals. Two of the girls, Sisters Hope and Faith,
always shared the same bed and frequently made love with each other. After
prayers, they would enter the dormitory, take off their robes and then
retreat to bed. Innocence however was pleased that their passion seemed
curiously innocent and restrained in comparison with that with the women
she'd made love with. The two girls clearly loved each other and found no
contradiction between saving themselves for Christ - who they claimed to
love above all else - and making love to each other. They were, after all,
still virgins.

The other girl in the dormitory, sister Charity, wore her robe as little
as possible. She took great pleasure in carrying out most of her tasks
without clothes on. This did not, of course, extend to those activities
which would be visible to the public, but to those such as prayer, reading,
gardening or eating which were spent only with other nuns. She wasn't the
only nun in the Convent who believed that asceticism should spread to an
abandonment of clothes and who took pride in displaying the sacrifice of
her hair to Christ. Such nuns were however in the minority, and were still
very strict about adorning robes and covering their heads when entering a
Church. The Church, it was felt, is a place divorced of flesh or
temptation, although, as the mother Superior mentioned, this was not the
attitude of the Blessed Whores. Their congregations were always held in
the nude and masturbation was an integral part of the service.

Innocence wondered if perhaps sister Charity would not have been better
suited to this more promiscuous order as she was always masturbating. She
made love to herself rather more frequently than Sisters Hope and Faith did
with each other and, it seemed to Innocence, made rather more noise in
doing so. She had no embarrassment about discussing this though. "I make
love to Jesus in my mind," she claimed. "It is He who I imagine I'm making
love with. I'm preparing myself for the Rapture when He will enter me and
fill me with His Semen." She also claimed that she had no interest in
making love with anyone else but Christ. "I am faithful to Him," she said
openly stroking her clitoris with her finger while licking off some of the
fluid with which she'd coated her other finger from her bout of frantic

sister Charity masturbated in front of Innocence and the other two nuns
with a promiscuity that seemed bizarre to Innocence, but seemingly didn't
bother Sisters Hope and Faith. "It's just her Passion for Christ,"
explained sister Faith with a beatific smile from underneath the sheets.
She also tried to encourage the others to join her, but this didn't appeal
to the other nuns so much. "We have our own way of showing our Love,"
explained sister Hope, squeezing sister Faith's hand. Innocence for quite
different reasons didn't want to either, but this was more difficult to
explain to sister Charity.

In fact, Innocence felt she was still living a bit of a lie. On the
advice of the mother Superior, who'd examined her penis with the clinical
eye of one who had earlier worked as a masturbator for married couples with
potency problems, sister Innocence had decided to keep her peculiar
endowment secret from the other nuns. This sometimes caused Innocence
great embarrassment, as she washed apart from the others and took her
clothes off so coyly. The other nuns, however, made no comment and
probably had no suspicion. After all many nuns had peculiar habits and a
strange fastidiousness. This presumably was not unconnected for many of
them with their decision to join an order that renounced pride in the
flesh. This did mean, however, that when Innocence was aroused by the
masturbatory groans of sister Charity or the lovemaking of the other two,
she had to face down on her bed to hide her rather prominent erection.

The good works that the nuns did usually was of the nature of giving
food and clothes to the poor, giving advice and comfort to those who needed
it and making honey, wine and pretty mugs at attractive prices which could
be sold at the Convent's shop for a reasonable profit. However, the order
also practised marriage counselling for which they were famous. Very few
nuns actually took on that role and it was one that only more senior nuns
practised. This role was basically to masturbate the men and women in
their lovemaking so that they would be able to consummate their love - a
task requiring great patience, a deep throat and a flexible tongue. This
rôle continued beyond conception to helping the couple make love during
pregnancy and both pre- and post-natal counselling. As the mother Superior
said, it was a unique rôle of the order to be able to provide this kind of
assistance in bringing comfort coupled with the strictness with which the
nuns would abstain from further interference. A rôle not open to the
Blessed Whores who would probably cause resentment in those with sexual

The order had several convents spread about the country and the world.
As a policy, it did its best to adapt to the environment in which it was
based. In the Arctic Convent, this meant that the nuns had to wear rather
thicker, fur-lined robes, and gardening duties had to be replaced with work
in the fisheries. In the city, the nuns were forbidden to leave the
Convent singly because some people, mistaking the nuns for Blessed Whores
or even Sodomites for Christ, would approach them in a way that might be
appropriate for these other orders but could severely compromise their
position within the precepts of the order. Innocence was pleased, however,
that her Convent was based in the idyllic country-side where none of these
restrictions applied.

She would often go for walks in the woods with an unusually clothed
Sister Charity or with other nuns whom she would meet at prayer. She liked
to go to the hostels where poor people stayed in tiny rooms with barely a
rag between them and dole out the clothes that the nuns made with such love
and dedication (knowing full well that many of these clothes were then sold
on for a profit for food and these same wretches would be naked again). To
a certain extent, she felt quite satisfied with her lot, although she still
felt very much an outsider. Just denying her sexuality and her physical
attributes did not resolve them.

One of the more prominent Convents of the Order of St Mary Magdalene the
Prostitute was based in the district of Brook, famous for its very relaxed
attitude towards nudity. In keeping with the order's general policy of
integrating with the community, the nuns in the Convent would themselves be
naked if it so suited their disposition - an attitude not at all at odds
with the abandonment of worldly goods. It was not at all surprising to
Innocence to discover that sister Charity had applied to transfer to this
Convent, and she was delighted for her when her transfer had been accepted.
On the evening of the day that the mother Superior had given her the
written confirmation of the transfer and the date on which her appointment
would commence, she indulged in a marathon masturbation session which
frightened even Innocence.

She flung herself bodily against the wall, thrusting her fingers deep
inside her anus and vagina while massaging her breasts and nipples with her
other hand and sinuously pushing herself up and down. The noise of her
passion made meditation impossible for Innocence, but she didn't wish to
show her gladness for sister Charity's happiness in a more demonstrative

The following day, the mother Superior called Innocence to her study and
surrounded by her books and the enticing image of the saintly St Mary
Magdalene, she explained to Innocence that sister Charity was to be
escorted to the new Convent as it was the policy of the Order that none of
the nuns should travel singly. And as sister Innocence was sister Charity's closest friend and companion at the Convent it was only meet and
proper that she would be the one who would do so. While at the Convent at
Brook, sister Innocence would of course be expected to continue with her
duties of prayer and service to the community although her stay would be
necessarily brief. Innocence expressed gratitude that she was honoured
with the trust given her, and went away looking forward to her travel

The two nuns travelled to Brook by coach on a journey that took them
over hills, through woods and along roads lined by fields of fruit and
vegetables where farmworkers tended their crops. There was no border post
marking the coach's entry into the district - or none that Innocence could
see - but sister Charity immediately brought it to her attention that
they'd entered. "Look!" she said, excitedly pointing at a group of people
standing idly by the road, one of them with a small motor scooter and the
others apparently admiring it. There was nothing peculiar about the scene
at all, Innocence thought at first, until she noticed that none of these
characters were wearing any clothes. In fact when she'd noticed that, she
soon became aware that more than half the people the coach passed by - even
the ones driving cars or bicycles - were totally naked. "We must be in
Brook!" Innocence exclaimed.

The two nuns were not the only ones on the coach to realise this, as
they noticed many of them had divested themselves of their clothes.
Perfectly ordinary people who really did not warrant a second glance when
they boarded the coach were now sitting absolutely naked and chatting
animatedly amongst themselves. sister Charity herself was dying to
unclothe herself but she decided that it was probably best to have
disembarked at the Convent before integrating herself more fully into her
new community.

The coach eventually drew into a bus station in the middle of the small
town of Divin, and the two nuns disembarked into a seething mass of naked
bodies. Even Innocence felt very much overdressed in her robes and wymple
in this environment, but she was determined to retain her secret for as
long as she could. The two nuns asked for directions to the Convent and
soon set off by foot along the winding road which led eventually to the
imposing but nonetheless welcoming majesty of the Convent which was in what
had once been a dilapidated castle. They were soon through the door of the
building and taken to sister Charity's room which she shared with three
other nuns. sister Innocence was to stay in the same room for the duration
of her stay, and a bed was brought in for her benefit.

Innocence soon found that the policy of casual nudity was followed
within the walls of the Convent as much as it was outside. Indeed the only
way in which the nuns could be recognised as such was by their shaved heads
and the wooden crosses that dangled on their chests. Even the mother Superior, a woman nearly seventy years old, was totally unclothed but
nevertheless wore as much dignity as sister Innocence's own mother Superior. sister Charity was soon as naked as most of the rest of new
convent and looked as naturally suited to her new conditions as any of the
others. Innocence, however, despite sister Charity's entreaties and the
Mother Superior's example didn't adopt the custom of the other nuns.

This made her feel rather more of an outsider than she felt before. She
was trapped between appearing eccentric by her insistence on remaining
clothed, even at such times where even the most modest of nuns were nude
such as meal times or prayer, and her reluctance to parade her unusual
attributes. She sought refuge from her confusion by going to the Chapel
and sitting on the pews to pray for guidance from the Lord. However even
here, where in her normal convent even those such as sister Charity were
strict in their observance of decorum, there was no escape from an
environment of relaxed or absent dress code. As she sat with her hands in
front of her face she could watch other nuns nakedly performing their

She then heard a choir rehearse a performance of a choral tune and saw
that they too were all naked, including some very young girls who could not
be old enough even to be novices. Presumably they were children from the
community - perhaps those taught at the Convent school. The surroundings
of such nudity in what were still to her incongruous settings inevitably
caused Innocence's penis to stir and push uncomfortably against her robe.
Innocence was unable to stand while her secret assets stood out so
prominently and she felt restrained by her faith from relieving her
embarrassment by masturbating in the pews. So she had to wait nearly half
an hour until the swelling subsided and she was able to stand up.

She and sister Charity were still able to go for walks together where
they studiously avoided discussion on the very visible aspects of the
community as they passed naked couples, other naked nuns and others in the
streets of Divin and along the country lanes around the Convent. It was
while walking together that Innocence for the first time saw two members of
the Order of the Blessed Whores indulging in their peculiar form of
worship. The two women were clearly nuns, and were in fact less naked than
Sister Charity. They had shaved heads and a cross over their chest just
like sister Charity, but in addition they wore black stockings with
suspenders and very high stiletto heels. This didn't appear very
appropriate to Innocence. In addition, they were being fucked quite openly
by a group of four men and begging for more to join in. "Fuck for Christ!"
they pleaded, smiling and laughing. "Show your love for Him by showing
your love to us!"

"Disgusting!" snorted sister Charity, visibly offended at the sight of
naked buttocks thrusting in and out of the nuns' anuses. "How can they
consider themselves virtuous if they don't save their virtue for Christ!"

Innocence became used to the stares that followed her as she walked
around the streets of Divin. Although there were many nuns who visited the
town, most did not dress as she did. sister Charity often accompanied her
and attracted rather less attention than her. However, sister Charity soon
found other companions and Innocence began to take more pleasure in walking
by herself. She was struggling with her own thoughts. Wasn't there
something a little hypocritical, she asked herself, in joining a Holy Order
to find herself if she had to pretend to be different to what she was to
remain in the order?

She wandered into a church in the town centre that always gave her a
reassuring sense of peace. She pushed open the heavy door designed to keep
out small birds and strolled around the perimeter of the church looking at
the stained windows and mediaeval statuary which clashed curiously with
more modern features such as the wooden notice boards advertising missions
in foreign lands and the requests for donations to the upkeep of the
Church. She wasn't quite the only person in the church, as there was a
naked middle-aged couple also wandering about and commenting to each other
about the antiquity of the church.

She was drawn as always towards the candles lit for individual prayers
and wishes. As she always did when she was in a church she selected a new
candle, made a brief prayer to herself for peace in the world (which
nonetheless felt inadequate for the inarticulate longings she actually did
feel) and then lit it with the flame of another candle before placing it in
an empty candle-holder. She closed her eyes in passive contemplation after
she'd reassured herself that the candle would continue to burn.

"A penny for your thoughts, sister," commented a voice beside her.
Innocence opened her eyes and looked at who it was who was speaking. It
was a black girl with hair grown wild like a bush, no clothes at all and
the shadow of unshaven hair on her arms and legs. Innocence recognised
her, but not instantly. It was the eyes and broad smile partly obscured by
the bush of hair that triggered her memory.

"Purity!" Innocence gasped. "You live in Divin!"

Purity frowned. "Well not quite. Brook maybe. But how do you know me,

"It's me! Innocence!" The nun declared to her former lover. She pulled
off her wymple to show her shaved head but more importantly her otherwise
obscured face.

"Innocence! A nun!" Gasped Purity. She stepped back and bumped her
bottom against a pew. "Ouch!" She rubbed her arse with her hand. "I would
never have believed that you ..."

The two old friends left the church and wandered to a nearby tea shop to
continue their reunion. Purity still found it odd that Innocence should
have made such a radical step as to join a Convent after leaving home with
her sister, but as she explained she too had changed since the two girls were at school together. She was now living in a commune of vegans in
Sauterelle, a country district of Brook far away from it all. "We don't
believe in unnatural things at all. We eschew exploitation of all animals,
including wearing leather and eating animal products. We don't wear any
makeup or cut our hair at all. I don't shave my legs any more."

The more Innocence heard about Purity's commune the more it sounded
rather like the Convent that she served at except that there was no
apparent belief in God and the rules of behaviour derived their legitimacy
from mutual consent and discussion rather than from a belief that they were
derived from the commands of the Lord. There was also the very real
distinction that in the Convent, Innocence was meant to avoid carnal
knowledge and maintain her virginity, whereas there was no such belief in
Purity's commune. In fact Purity rather boasted about her sex life which
involved activity with men and women on a casual understanding that evoked
for Innocence the life she'd left with Une and Chastity. Indeed, she could
now see that she was actually actively missing it.

Purity was visiting Divin for no particular reason. She had just
decided to leave the commune for a few weeks and see more of Brook.
"Sauterelle's not the whole of Brook after all," she explained. She'd
hitch-hiked across the district, occasionally having to repay the favour of
a lift with sex ("But only if I like the driver!" she explained). She only
happened to be in Divin because her last lift happened to drop her there
and until she'd met Innocence she'd really seen no reason to prolong her
stay. "It's pretty dull round here!" she exclaimed.

"But there's some very pleasant countryside," Innocence remarked. And
so it was that after the two girls had finished their tea and biscuits,
Innocence and Purity walked out of the town and into the woods above the
town. Purity didn't seem to mind that part of the way led through some
muddy paths and that she got mud caked on her feet. "It's totally natural
and good for the soles!" She remarked while Innocence more daintily made
her way around the puddles' perimeters holding up her gown to prevent it
getting stained.

They were soon sitting side by side on a hillside looking over the town
of Divin and the Convent where Innocence resided. "Doesn't this remind you
of the first time?" Purity asked Innocence. Indeed it did but Innocence
made no reply. This was a different time and a different place.

Purity leaned over with small traces of slightly damp grass attached to
the hairs of her arms and legs and stroked Innocence lovingly on the face.
"You never take your clothes off do you?"

Innocence started. "What do you mean?"

"Even though you're in Brook, you never take your clothes off,"
elaborated Purity.

"I can't! I couldn't!"

"Because of your beautiful prick!"

"I don't want people to know ..."

"Don't be silly!" laughed Purity reassuringly. "I know!" She stroked
her mound of unruly pubic hair. "I know only too well! And I still often
think about it!" She kissed Innocence tenderly on the lips. "You were my
first true love! And I still think the best!"

And so it was that Innocence gradually lost her inhibitions and her
clothes and for the first time since she was in Brook she dressed in the
way that seemed most appropriate. It took Purity very little coaxing to
convert Innocence's small act of daring, hidden as they were from view of
other people, to full sex. Innocence's gown became the blanket on which
the two protected themselves from the discomfort of the grass and small
patches of mud and became the playground on which they fucked for several
frantic hours. Innocence had forgotten how much she'd needed sexual
satisfaction and her balls seemed to have no shortage of semen to release
into Purity's cunt. There was no part of Purity's body that she didn't
re-examine. She licked every rogue hair on Purity's legs. She rubbed off
the dried mud from her feet and licked the last traces off with her tongue.
Purity's mouth had developed a facility for swallowing her penis that she'd
never had while the two were still at school and Innocence loved the tender
squeeze of her black lover's throat on the throbbing end of her member,
causing a sudden whoosh of semen which startled Purity and almost choked

When they'd finished and Innocence collected together her wymple and the
gown that barely disguised her still excited penis, she felt a betrayal
towards her order. "I'd sworn to dedicate my love to Jesus Christ!" She

Purity kissed Innocence full on the mouth. "I don't believe that the
Church is the best solution for you, my dearest," she said.

"But what is?"

"Somewhere where you'll be accepted fully for what you are. Somewhere
that you'll feel no pain about being endowed in such an unusual way.
Somewhere where you feel you belong."

"And where is that place? In your commune?"

"Maybe. But then one person's solution is not necessarily another's!"


In Which we learn about the pains of Humility; and Innocence leaves
Religious devotion and we rediscover the virtues of Chastity.

When sister Innocence had returned from Brook to her own Convent she was
to find that sister Charity's bed in her room had been taken by a new nun,
Sister Humility, who seemed to take the literal meaning of her Christian
name very seriously indeed. In fact, the first time Innocence met sister Humility she was knelt down on the floor with her robe pulled forward over
her shoulders and crouched on her feet, showing her bare back and her
buttocks. She was looking at Sisters Faith and Hope who were, unusually,
making love to each other without the cover of their bedsheets. This was
odd, Innocence thought. Perhaps sister Humility had a similar desire to
masturbate as sister Charity and a need for voyeurism to intensify her
feelings. However, her innocent interpretation was soon disproved when
with a sudden crack she saw sister Humility's hand pop up followed by a
length of cord which slapped against her back leaving a small trail of
blood. sister Humility was beating herself.

When sister Humility and the other two nuns noticed sister Innocence
they greeted her, and politely finished what they were doing. sister Humility sat down on her bed, with her robe still gathered up to her neck
at the back but covering the whole of her body at the front. For a woman
who seemed to enjoy self-abuse she had a curiously child-like face with
open blue eyes and a tiny nose. sister Faith sat behind sister Humility
and tended to the fresh wounds that she had which were lost on a back full
of scars from previous beatings which stretched from her neck to the top of
her thighs. The scars were at their deepest and most frequent between the
shoulders and on her buttocks.

sister Innocence learnt that her new room-mate believed passionately in
mortification of the flesh as being the means towards salvation. As a
result of daily punishing her sinful lusts, she would purify her soul such
that at the Rapture the Lord's semen would arrive in her uncontaminated by
other lusts. She had persuaded Sisters Faith and Hope, who cheerfully
admitted an initial reluctance, to help her in her self-mortification by
emulating the lust that she wished to ban from herself and which she
believed she would beat out of her. "You can see," she admitted pointing
to the many scars on her back, "that my thoughts have been less than pure
and have required a great deal of humbling."

Innocence resisted pleas by her room-mates that she either help sister Humility in purging herself of her sinful carnal desires by emulating
masturbation or sex or purge herself of such sins by similar
self-mortification to that of sister Humility. In fact, now that sister Charity had gone she felt curiously lonely in the Convent. She realised
now how much she'd needed sister Charity's friendship.

So, when she heard she had a visitor she at first thought and hoped that
it might be sister Charity returning from Brook. This, she admitted to
herself, was unlikely as sister Charity had seemed almost deliriously happy
in her new home when they parted with a chaste kiss on the lips. She had
made many new friends - many of whom shared her belief in the rightness of
masturbating to thoughts of Christ's ultimate entry into their body and
soul. In Brook, sister Charity's views were not at all eccentric.

Her visitor was in fact Kedi who Innocence hadn't seen since she'd left
Alice's home. She was dressed more demurely than Innocence had ever seen
her before - no doubt as a mark of respect for being in a Convent.
However, the white cloth over her breasts and around her crotch didn't
detract at all from the beauty of her otherwise naked body. She sat
waiting on a chair in the reception room with her legs crossed and swinging
her bare feet nonchalantly back and forth. She grinned widely as Innocence
came in and sat nervously opposite her.

Kedi explained that she had come to visit Innocence partly on the
bidding of Chastity who was wondering how her sister was doing. She and
Chastity were living together at a house they were renting in Wonderground
near where Mouse and her parents lived, but she had been visiting some
friends in Brook and had stopped at the Convent as it was en route.

"I thought you'd still be living with Alice and Dinah," commented

"Well, Alice was very jealous and possessive, was she not?" remarked
Kedi. "And it was very difficult when you and Chastity have left because
Alice started to get upset when Mouse began to sleep with me. I thought I
ought not to cause any more problems and when Chastity has come to visit me
and said we can live together I didn't refuse."

"How is Chastity?"

"Your sister seems very happy. Much happier than when we have been
together at Alice's. She says she is very much in love with me. In fact
she says she has never loved anyone as much as she loves me now. But she
says she loves you very much. And she is very much thinking of you now.
Are you happy?"

Innocence nodded, but she felt that perhaps she didn't express quite as
much conviction as she might have done. Kedi gazed sympathetically into
Innocence's eyes and her grin took on a slightly sadder tinge.

"Do you think you like to be a nun? I have been very surprised when I
had been told you become a nun. It must be strange for you."

"Why strange?"

"With your special gift," Kedi said without embarrassment. "And the
life you and Chastity have led together: it has not been life like many
nuns. Are you not supposed to be a virgin?"

"I am a virgin!"

"Perhaps," said Kedi diplomatically. "But Chastity thinks that you must
find it more difficult as one who has known what it is like not to be a
virgin or not very like one and to be a nun. Are you sure you are happy?"

Innocence nodded ferociously. "As long as I serve my Lord I am happy,"
she said fervently.


"Because I know that when I die I shall be raised to Rapture and he will
enter me and possess me and cover me with his Holy Semen and push his Holy
Member deep inside me!"

"Won't that be painful for you!" laughed Kedi. "And anyway I thought
you have preferred the love of a woman."

"Jesus Christ the Lord is different," insisted Innocence.

"It is the first time I have heard that He is a woman," smiled Kedi.

Kedi and Innocence continued talking in the reception room and then,
with the mother Superior's permission the two went for a walk in the woods
around the Convent. As soon as Kedi felt that they were out of sight, she
took off her clothes which she complained were uncomfortable and she walked
along naked with Innocence holding her clothes in one hand and her free arm
around Innocence's waist. Then, without warning, she let her clothes drop,
wrapped her arms around Innocence more passionately and pushed her tongue
deep inside Innocence's mouth. Taken aback Innocence reciprocated, but
then she struggled free.

"I can't!" she struggled. "I'm saving myself for the Lord!"

"And just what have you got left to save?" asked Kedi, not put off at
all, putting her hands inside Innocence's gown and grabbing her suddenly
erect penis.

And so it was that Innocence found herself making love with incredible
passion with her sister's lover and as the sweat poured down her breasts and the salt was licked off by Kedi's tongue, reflecting on the commitment
she still felt towards the Order.

"Perhaps you should ask your mother Superior to visit Chastity and me,"
suggested Kedi afterwards as they sat naked in the corner of a field by a
small pond. "If you still wish to stay in the Order after you have stayed
with us, then you will know for sure the extent of your commitment to your

"But I'll be misled!"

Kedi laughed and licked Innocence's ear with her tongue. "We can only
hope so!"

sister Innocence's mother Superior was very saddened when Innocence
confessed to her doubts that serving the order was best for her and
accepted Kedi's advice that Innocence visit her sister and her. "We will
of course pray for your soul and the hope that whatever decision you make
that you will be ready to receive the Lord in Body and Soul at the Final
Coming." Innocence nodded meekly, and said that she hoped that the Lord
would come over all the members of the Convent at the Final Reckoning.
Innocence left Sisters Faith, Hope and Humility feeling uncertain as to
whether she'd ever see them again. She then rushed out and off to the
railway station as fast as she could to hold back her thoughts and her

Her train journey to Wonderground took her by train, but she knew when
she'd entered the district as the dress of the people there were just as
Kedi had described. The men wore double-breasted suits and the women
nothing but stockings, suspenders and stilettos, except for thick scarves
which covered most of their breasts and large floppy hats which covered
most of their faces. The quite disturbing effect Innocence found was that
attention was diverted to the vaginas of all the women. None of these were
shaved, as had been an earlier fashion, but she could see that many women
had jewellery attached to them. Innocence felt as inappropriately dressed
as when she was visiting Brook, but then she was a nun and in her order it
would have been ostentatious to wear such clothes.

Innocence used a street map supplied by Kedi to find her way through the
suburban tree-lined streets - each identical to the last - to find her way
to the house where her sister and her lover were staying. As she walked
her flat sandals assisted her stride substantially better than the
teetering heels of most other women. When she found the house, it was just
one of many in a suburban terrace distinguishable most by the poorer state
of the paint on the front door and a poster sellotaped to the inside of a
window demanding equal rights for blacks. "Is this it?" wondered Innocence
checking the number of the house against the address Kedi had supplied her
and then ringing the door-bell. A muffled farting noise signalled some
rustling inside and the pushing aside of a few locks. Then as the door
opened she saw her sister dressed herself in the stilettos, suspenders and
stockings of the district, but otherwise typically naked. Her hair was
tied back into a ponytail and flopped over her shoulder down to her

"Come in! Come in!" Her sister said hurriedly and then fussed her into
the living room. Innocence sat down in a slightly worn armchair just by
the gas fire and just opposite a large but battered television. "Make
yourself at home, and take off some of your clothes." Innocence took off
her wymple to reveal her shaved head which alarmed Chastity. "What have
they done to you?" She shrieked. "You look terrible! Why don't you put on
some other clothes?"

"I don't have any other clothes," replied Innocence honestly.

"They haven't been mistreating you, have they?"

"Of course not."

"But your hair..."

"I chose to sacrifice my hair for the Lord."

"Well, while you're here you can't dress like a nun."

"Why not! I can't go round naked, can I?"

The two sisters chatted together, and Innocence became further aware of
the extent of her sister's incomprehension at her choice of vocation.
However, she came round to agree that it would be inappropriate for her to
dress like a nun while she was in a state of indecision as to whether to
remain one. When Kedi arrived, dressed as always in nothing and making no
concessions to the fashion of the district, she suggested that Innocence
stay naked at home, but wear her gown when going out. Chastity tried to
persuade Innocence to dress more fashionably - at least to wear stilettos
and stockings - but Kedi sided with Innocence. "If she do not want to
dress like that and if she wants to hide her gift of the gods from curious
strangers then she has every right to do that."

As the days went by, Innocence began to feel her adherence to her Holy
Order was slipping past her. Perhaps, she considered, her attachment
needed the constant reinforcement of being with other nuns and regular
prayer. However if her faith could slip so rapidly after such a brief
respite it may be that Kedi and her sister were right in saying that a
religious vocation was not for her. (Chastity seemed to think that those
who practised prostitution for Christ might be on to a good number,
although she didn't like the idea of not being able to veto who you made
love to.) At first, Innocence tried to resist the inevitable relaxation of
her behaviour, but it wasn't too long until she decided to abandon wearing
her gown altogether even though she continued shaving her head as a mark of
spiritual respects. She decided to wear stockings and stilettos, but also
opted to wear a dress and knickers to cover her penis. This made her seem
quite eccentric, but not as eccentric as she might have seemed otherwise.
She felt a bit uncomfortable in the district, and felt that she wasn't
quite ready to be so immediately immersed in the world outside the Convent.
She'd already succumbed to Kedi's advances, so she was unable to resist
making love to her each night which Chastity initially seemed not to mind.
"What matters is that my darling sister is happy!" she professed. After a
while, Chastity seemed to get restless about her lover dividing her time so
diplomatically between the two sisters. "I love you both," she complained,
"but I get less than half of your attention."

She gradually tried enticing Innocence into making love to her, but her
sister resisted her attentions quite firmly. In fact Innocence became
quite forceful in physically pushing her sister off her as she transferred
her tongue from Kedi's vagina to the penis that was energetically thrusting
into it. "When I make love to you," Innocence declared, "is the time I
will definitely have left the Order."

This time inevitably came, and when Chastity's mouth met her sister's
and she wasn't pushed aside she knew that Innocence had left her religious
vocation behind her. She hid her thoughts from her sister as Innocence's
penis entered her for the first time that a penis had entered her at all
since she'd left Une's lovers behind. She trembled as Innocence thrust
away at her remembering their love sessions in the past and Chastity's
little preferences. She orgasmed with a frightening intensity as Kedi and
Innocence brought her to one, then two, then three and finally four
climaxes. She shrivelled away with postcoital exhaustion and predicted to
herself that the following day her sister wouldn't be shaving her head.

And this indeed was what happened, but Innocence had made another
decision. She brushed her hand over the stubble on her head sitting on a
chair with no clothes on and staring over at Kedi and Chastity who were
sitting close together naked but for Chastity's stockings. "I'm returning
to Brook!" she announced.

"Returning?" wondered Chastity.

"I don't want to stay here," Innocence announced. "I need to go
somewhere somehow more pure. Somewhere with simple principles."

"And you think you'll find them in Brook!" Scoffed Chastity. "You're
just as unlikely to find salvation or whatever you want in Brook as in a
Convent. Brook is nothing more nor less than a naturist's paradise. You
surely don't believe that nudity solves anything or makes things better?"

Kedi sniffed. Her own attitude towards clothes was culturally
determined but no less firmly felt for that. "If Innocence thinks Brook is
the district where she is to be happiest, then she must go!" she opined.
"It is a more good place than here. The people are more honest and more

Innocence knew very little about such things as her only real
experiences of Brook were the Convent there and her reunion with Purity -
but these had impressed her. Perhaps she could find herself in Brook like
her schoolfriend lover had. "I'm sure it will be good for me. And I must
get away from everyone I know and think for myself."

Chastity smiled indulgently. "I'll lend you some money to start off
with," she agreed. "But you'll have to get a job while you're there."
Chastity was earning good money in her job in a shop selling computers,
video and audio equipment, and this together with Kedi's earnings as a
street sex entertainer and some office cleaning made just enough for them
to have saved enough money to be relatively generous. "When are you

"As soon as I can!" Innocence announced, stroking the unshaven hairs of
her legs. She sipped slowly from her cup of coffee. "I just feel I've got
to get moving!"


In Which Innocence is found in a Vegan Commune; and gains profit by
untrammelled display to an unknown public; and in which Dodie discovers
Innocence in the cool mountain air.

Innocence made the journey to Brook by train, waving goodbye to her
sister and Kedi and wearing the clothes she thought best suited her
destination. These were a pair of baggy shorts, sandals and little else
except for the rucksack she had over her shoulders. She had decided that
the clothes of her sister's district were not really appropriate. The
train eventually surfaced in Brook and she disembarked at the town of
Sauterelle. She didn't know anyone in Brook except her former lover,
Purity, and she thought it would be best to stay with her.

She didn't really know where to go when she arrived in the town - it was
much larger than Divin and there were no signposts pointing to Purity's
commune. She humped her rucksack over her back and wandered through the
streets of thronging bare flesh forever glancing around in the hope of
seeing Purity's distinctive dark skin. Purity had given her some very
sketchy directions but they didn't seem at all adequate as she paused by a
street map just outside a municipal building. She felt curiously
conservative in a town where almost all younger people were thoroughly
naked and she could compare her own hidden endowments with those of all the
men there. However, the street map was of some assistance and she
established that the way to Purity's commune was several miles away. After
a lot of questioning and searching around, she eventually found a bus which
took her within two miles of the commune from which she could walk.

She had curiously romantic views of what Purity's commune would be like.
She did not expect it to be in such a very rundown farmhouse. Just
outside, sitting in the sun, were a naked couple in the distinctive unkempt
appearance that Purity had expected: the man with a long untidy beard
obscuring what little of his face was not already covered by his long hair
and the woman's face similarly hidden by her long curtains of hair.
Innocence introduced herself to them. "I'm looking for my friend Purity,"
she explained.

"Purity," mused the woman pushing a curtain of hair to one side
revealing a long nipple on a tiny breast. "I don't think she's here at the
moment. She's always going off all over the place, isn't she?"

"Yes," agreed the man. "She's always travelling. I don't think she's
decided what she wants from Brook."

Seeing how disappointed Innocence was with her friend not there and
discovering that she really didn't have alternative accommodation, the
couple said that she could stay at least until the evening when the commune
could discuss if she could stay longer. All decisions affecting the
commune had to be decided communally and there were meetings every night
for several hours concerning the issues involved. "I think we spend more
time talking about what we can do than actually doing it!" remarked the

While Innocence waited for the evening meeting to start, she was
introduced to other people of the commune. Everyone had let their hair
grow freely, wherever there was hair to grow, and Innocence felt very odd
with only the stubble of hair on her head which made her look thin and
slightly malnourished. They also wore no clothes at all - not even robes
or jewellery or shoes - making Innocence feel even more distinct from her
company. Not only was there an attitude of naturalness in how people
appeared, there was a total openness about their sexual behaviour. Several
couples or groups of more than two were indulging in sex when Innocence
first met them, and there was no attempt to stop for Innocence's sake. The
man would continue fucking away while chatting, totally unembarrassed about
it and totally unconcerned about any sensitivity Innocence might have.

Innocence joined in the communal dinner which was a kind of amorphous
mush of boiled vegetables which tasted overcooked and rather too spicy.
There was no crockery or cutlery used and Innocence had to dip her hand
into a large mound of tepid mush to take handfuls of the food and then
direct into her mouth what little of it didn't immediately fall onto either
the floor or onto her breasts. She began to appreciate the lack of clothes
as a way of keeping the laundry duties low.

Eventually, and in a somewhat chaotic way, the meal evolved into the
communal meeting she'd been told about. She sat through what seemed to her
a very tedious discussion between at most three of the twenty or so people
gathered there concerning the political and moral perspectives regarding
fairly mundane things such as a shit rota, the division of shared spaces
for the benefit of women's freedom from male oppression and the need to
demarcate the commune from the road by some kind of a sign. Almost all the
discussions were unresolved and there were no votes taken. One of the
people who did most of the talking had a habit of wandering well off any
subject of general interest to such subjects as her personal relationships
and her unsympathetic views on people who wore wool or silk.

Innocence tried hard to appear as interested in the discussion as she
felt she ought to be, but she felt rather disorientated and focused on the
joints that were being passed around and had more than once lost touch of
what the actual topic of discussion was supposed to be. It, therefore,
came as a bit of a surprise to become aware that she was now the subject of
conversation and that a man with only a nose visible through the black and
grey hair of his face was trying to attract her attention.

"Do you agree or not, sister?" he was asking.

Sister? Wondered Innocence, thinking for a moment they must have
thought she was still a nun, but then remembered that everyone addressed
each other as sister or brother. "With what?"

"You can stay in the commune for as long as you help with the chores and
preparing the food," prompted a man near her whose attempts at growing a
beard had resulted in only a few sorry black wispy strands.

"And that you take off those disgusting clothes!" snorted a rather fat
woman with a rather large and furry birthmark on her thigh.

Innocence didn't feel able to argue in her marijuana-induced haze, so
against her normal inclination she took off her shorts and knickers and
stood up shakily feeling a little ridiculous. Her penis dangled down with
no feeling, but attracting a great deal of attention. "I agree with
everything you say," she said in a voice that sounded rather incoherent and

"Are you a brother or a sister?" asked one of the main speakers.

"What a sexist question!" immediately snapped another.

"Gender is not important!" agreed another.

The meeting degenerated into a fervent argument - with everyone in
agreement - that Innocence's gender was not a subject of discussion,
dispute or voyeurism, while it was quite clear to Innocence, as she slowly
lowered herself onto a bean bag, that she was the subject of all these
things. She sadly picked up her shorts and knickers and hesitated over
putting them back on again, but decided rather to pack them hastily into
her rucksack which was resting just behind her.

"Don't worry about it, sister," said one man with a wispy pale goatee
and long pale hair. "You're accepted into the commune."

"Am I?" Wondered Innocence slowly stroking her penis and watching with a
kind of disinterested fascination as it falteringly got larger. She
noticed as she masturbated herself that she was watched with rather the
same fascination as an animal in a zoo, and nobody took the opportunity to
join her. She felt quite lonely as she came into her hands and allowed the
semen to trickle through her fingers and onto the floor. Before long her
consciousness left her and she collapsed on the floor by her own little
stain and amongst the spillage of her dinner. All around her the meeting
continued, apparently regardless, concerning matters of awesome triviality
which made staying awake inconceivably difficult.

The commune seemed to be divided into a majority whose work was
concentrated entirely on the running of the commune and felt a certain
satisfaction in their separatism from the outside world and those whose
contribution to the commune was to bring in the money they earned by
working. Perhaps because Innocence had never adopted the commune by
choice, she felt more sympathy with those in the latter category. One of
these was Bouche, a girl who didn't even pretend to have no interest in
Innocence's penis but spent rather a lot of time admiring and discussing
it. To Innocence this actually felt better than the company of most of the
others who so studiously averted their attention from her most prominent
feature in a way that made Innocence feel actually rather more
self-conscious and embarrassed. Most people in the commune, however,
avoided contact with her altogether.

Bouche was a petite girl with tiny breasts that were mostly nipple and
very girlish hips. Like all the girls in the commune she didn't believe in
even the ostentation of a ribbon in her hair but she did nonetheless plait
her hair. This meant that her face shone out rather than being obscured by
either a curtain or a mound of hair. She made her living, Innocence was
intrigued to find, in a photographic studio.

"Are you a model?" Innocence wondered.

"No, not at all," laughed Bouche. "I don't think I've got quite the
right figure or features. And, anyway, I'd have to shave my legs and get
my hair styled to do that." What Bouche did, Innocence discovered, was to
fellate the male models who posed for the studio. There wasn't much of a
demand for just nude models in the newspapers and magazines of Brook as
nudity was so widely visible, but the demand for erotic or pornographic
photographs was in no way diminished because of that. What she did was
help at the studio by stimulating the penises of the male models so that
they were fully erect for the photographs that would appear in women's
magazines or newspapers. This inevitably included semen shots, but these
weren't always used. "It's not always very photogenic," Bouche explained.
A lot of people in the commune disapproved of Bouche's source of income,
but it didn't bother her. "They say it's sexual exploitation and I'm
contributing to it. But I'm not the one being photographed and it's not
like proper sex, not like real pornography. And besides I enjoy it. I can
give several dozen blow jobs in a day. And I've become an expert." She
smiled indulgently at Innocence. "Here. Let me demonstrate."

Innocence didn't mind as Bouche took her penis into her hand and then
with a mixture of caressing with her fingers, licking with her tongue and
manipulating her lips, throat and teeth, bring it to a very full erection.
"The art of my work," explained Bouche when Innocence's penis was as
engorged as it had ever been, "is to bring the penis to its maximum point
and to hold it there for as long a time as possible. And, my! You
certainly are splendidly endowed!"

Innocence also needed to earn some money. Her sister's generosity was
not sufficient for Innocence to stay in Brook for very long, and she didn't
feel too enthusiastic about spending her time emptying latrines, preparing
stews and attending the interminable meetings. There was no evidence of
Purity returning yet, and Innocence felt she'd rather see a little more of
Brook than just Sauterelle. She'd heard, for instance, of the snow-covered
mountains of Les Grandes Petites, and wanted the opportunity to visit them.
Bouche appreciated that and suggested to Innocence that she pose for her
photographic studio. "They mostly only photograph men, but I'm sure they'd
make an exception in your case. And because you're so (let's face it!)
unusual you'll probably get paid a better rate."

Innocence had more than a few reservations about being photographed by
strangers and then to be viewed by many more strangers in their magazines
and journals, but Bouche persuaded her that there really wasn't any pain
involved. "You don't have to spend more than a couple of hours in the
studio. And it'll be more than worth your while." Innocence walked with
Bouche into the town of Sauterelle, feeling really very embarrassed with
her penis dangling between her legs. She hated the attention it attracted
as she walked by - some of it shock, some of it persistent curiosity and
some of it people simply turning their heads to have a second look. She
felt she'd been right to keep her assets well-hidden and resolved to return
to wearing her shorts when she'd left the commune to see the rest of Brook.
It sometimes occurred to her that one of the other reasons she was
attracting attention was because of the extreme shortness of her hair which
was still only a few days' growth.

The photographic studio was just above a shop in one of the main streets
in Sauterelle and very well-equipped in technical equipment. She didn't
know the names of even a fraction of the machines she could see but
nonetheless they were very impressive. The photographer was a small gay man who wore a beret over his shoulder-length hair and had a ring pierced
through the foreskin of his long thin penis. He had a curious habit of
tweaking and stroking his penis as he spoke but it gave no sign of having
an independent life.

"So you're Innocence," the photographer smiled. "You even exceed the
description Bouche gave me of you! I really must take advantage of your
kind offer. I've already cancelled two other engagements. And if need be
I'll cancel more." He took Innocence's balls in his hand and gently bounced
them up and down as if weighing them. "And you're so very beautiful!"

The rest of the session took place in a room at the back involving a
bewildering array of backdrops and in which countless lamps and cameras
were pointed at Innocence. The pattern of each session was much the same -
and the photographer insisted on several of these for which he offered ever
more tempting sums of money. The photographer and Bouche chatted with
Innocence on subjects of bizarre inconsequentiality, such as the weather,
the football league or the design of a neighbour's shop-front. All the
time, Bouche would stroke her penis and occasionally take it into her mouth
as if waiting for a time when it was ready. Then, as if an invisible and
inaudible signal had been transmitted, Bouche would start getting more
energetic with her fellatio and the photographer would move towards his
cameras talking all the time, but interjecting his patter with comments
such as "That's right!", "You're doing fine!" and "It's coming on now!" As
this happened, Bouche's skilled attention caused her penis to engorge to
that almost bursting extent she'd succeeded in achieving at the commune.

Then Bouche would disengage her mouth and hands from Innocence's penis,
but not her eyes which she kept focused on Innocence's eyes in a way that
communicated love, concern and encouragement. Innocence could see Bouche's
value to the photographer as she stayed under the gaze of the photographers
rapidly shuttering camera with an erect penis that seemed to have lost all
memory of what it was like to be small. It stayed erect for what seemed
like forever, while the photographer coaxed Innocence into different
sitting and standing poses with a variety of backdrops he selected. Some
of these backdrops featured bedrooms or other rooms in a house. Some of
these were outside scenes of mountains, lakes or cities. Others were
completely surreal - such as outer space, mythical countries or prehistoric
environments. Sometimes Innocence would be asked to hold her penis forward
in some triumphant pose. Sometimes to put a hand behind her stubbled head
with a coy smile. Sometimes she was asked to put a finger in her anus and
then to put it to her mouth or nose. Occasionally, Bouche would intervene
to give Innocence's penis a little stroke or even to put the glans in her
mouth to keep her member in a sufficient state of excitement.

The session would end, again decided by Bouche's and the photographer's
experienced skill, with Bouche exciting Innocence's penis exactly to the
point of coming and then Bouche would disappear out of camera shot as
Innocence masturbated off the drops of semen that she could squeeze out of
her. At this stage the photographer would come very close to the top of
Innocence's penis to make sure of capturing the moment each stream of semen
came free of her penis and spurt forth.

After each session, Innocence felt no less exhausted than Bouche and the
photographer seemed to be, and quite happily collapsed on the bed that was
made available with Bouche on one side and the photographer on the other,
who recommenced his comforting prattle. Innocence felt somehow better for
attracting so much attention to her body, but also felt that this wasn't an
experience she'd like to repeat for a long time. Her balls ached in a
curious way and there was a very strong and rich smell given off by her

However, Innocence was delighted by the cash she received at the end of
her day. It was far more than she'd expected and more than enough for her
to leave the commune at Sauterelle and see Les Grandes Petites. That
evening, when she headed back to her hammock at the commune after eating a
hamburger and chips at a take- away, in preference to the lentil and bean
mush she'd otherwise have to eat, she resolved to leave the following day
unless Purity appeared.

And as Purity was as far away as ever, Innocence found herself several
days later walking up the mountain passes of Les Grandes Petites. It was
wonderful to get away from people! exclaimed Innocence to herself. It was
a warm day, but even so she could feel a little cool draught coming down
from the snowy peaks. She wore only the boots she'd bought at a
mountaineering shop at the nearest resort and the rucksack over her
shoulders in which she kept her other clothes, a flask of coffee and some
sandwiches. It was with relief about a half hour earlier that she'd
decided she was sufficiently isolated from anyone's curiosity to abandon
the shorts she'd returned to wearing all the time since she'd left the
commune at Sauterelle. It was curious to Innocence how her present nudity
seemed to differ from that of the commune where it had almost been a
religion rather than a preference. She wasn't too sorry to leave the
commune, its tasteless food and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, its
overwhelming smell of body odour and bad breath. But it was with sadness
that she'd left Bouche and she hoped that when she'd return that Purity
would be there.

The mountains were beautiful. She always felt she was coming to the top
of them but each time she reached the top of a ridge there was always
another much larger one looming over it. Sometimes she paused and sat on
the coarse grass which intermingled with her pubic hairs watching the view
of Brook stretching out beneath her with the inhabitants looking like tiny
insects and their towns like insect nests. Occasionally, she paused that
little bit longer to eat a ration of sandwiches, to read her guide book or
simply to lie on her back in the sun-warmed stubbly grass and allow the sun
to bake her breasts and groin. Perhaps, she thought, I'll lose all
evidence of the whiteness that marks where I've worn my shorts.

The guide book she had was one which Bouche had lent her and was written
by someone who had an ideological perspective on everything. Innocence
found it a bit annoying that there seemed to be nothing about Brook and its
landscape that didn't have a history of political struggle or a
contemporary ideological resonance associated with it.

After a while, Innocence reached the object of her walk which was to
reach the glacier which marked the lowest altitude at which she could
expect to meet snow. She walked up to the glacier and then gingerly trod
into the crunchy slightly thawing snow. She felt the coolness of it on her
ankles just over her boots. Then suddenly, with a curious passion and
impulsiveness she threw herself bodily into the white crisp snow so she
could feel it against her skin. She luxuriated in the snow as she rolled
around in it, dripped it over her breasts and packed it against her groin.
Her penis responded to the cold by shrivelling to ever such a tiny size.
She felt it with her fingers. It was curiously warm as a contrast to the
ice in which it had been dripped. This contrast was enough to stimulate it
and soon her penis was as large as it had previously been small and she
started unselfconsciously masturbating with her knees sinking in the snow.

Not totally unselfconsciously though, as she suddenly noticed someone
also with extremely short hair watching her from a rock just to the edge of
the glacier. At first Innocence thought this might be some kind of mirage
and she was looking at a mirror reflection of herself, as women with such
very short hair were rather unusual in Brook unless they were nuns. But
this girl had a very skinny body with tiny breasts just like Bouche.

"Don't stop!" pleaded the girl when she noticed that Innocence had
spotted her. "I've really enjoyed watching you! And you've got such a
wonderful dick!"

Well really! thought Innocence. She wasn't masturbating for this
woman's pleasure. Crossly Innocence picked herself up and waded through
the snow away from her partially melted patch towards where she'd left her

"Don't go! Please!" pleaded the girl standing up. She, like Innocence,
was wearing only boots and a rucksack, but there was a glimmer shining from
her crotch and nipples which really didn't seem very natural. Innocence
paused briefly, but then continued. Why did her days of solitude have to
be disturbed so?

"You're Innocence aren't you!" Shouted the girl. "I've heard so much
about you!"

Innocence started. How did this total stranger know her? Was it those
photographs she'd had taken of her? Had her freakish fame spread so far?
The girl ran towards her, and Innocence could see further glimmerings from
the brilliant sun through the ice-blue sky reflecting from what she could
now identify as body jewellery. And such a lot of it! Her ears seemed to
be a mass of earrings. A ring through her nose. Great round rings through
her nipples and a collection of shiny gold and silver metal attached around
her groin. A woman clothed only in precious metal.

"I'm a friend of Mouse's!" announced the girl. "My name's Dodie! I
knew you were in Brook. Your sister told Mouse about you leaving. I never
expected to see you though! And you do have the most wonderful prick!"

Innocence stood by her rucksack on the grass looking bemusedly as Dodie
herself stepped out of the snow and her brilliantly edged shadow obscured
the few flowers surrounded by melted snow.

"It's beautiful! I must touch it!" gasped Dodie, coming to within feet
of Innocence. Dodie reached out her hand and took the round mass of
Innocence's testicles in her palm. "It feels so firm and sure! You must
be the luckiest girl in the world!"

Innocence wasn't sure that she felt like that, but she settled down in
the grass next to Dodie and allowed her to put her arms around her and to
caress her breasts and stimulate her penis. She'd had so many hands caress
her that she somehow didn't mind a couple more, even from someone who only
knew her by report and whom she'd never heard of before.

"You've got Cafard's classic guidebook!" exclaimed Dodie, suddenly
taking one hand off Innocence's penis and reaching for the guidebook Bouche
had lent her which was lying just by Innocence's sandwiches. "How
wonderful! And I didn't know you were at all political! But then Mouse
wouldn't know would she!"

Innocence reflected on the truth of that - Mouse hadn't the slightest
interest in political, social or ethical matters. However, Innocence
wasn't especially marked for her political interests either. "It's not
mine, I'm afraid! I'm borrowing it!"

"Don't you find it puts Brook into perspective though?" Remarked Dodie
detaching her other hand from Innocence's left breast and used it to
support the book on her lap. Innocence felt slightly discarded by this
sudden change of Dodie's attention. Her attention was focused on the rings
and studs embellishing Dodie's groin and hidden tantalisingly within the
bush of her pubic hair. "People think of Brook as just being some kind of
naturist holiday resort. A place where you can take your clothes off and
fuck in public. But it's so much more than that! It's a whole history of
political struggle for freedom. A struggle to retain its own distinctive
identity in an unsympathetic nation."

Innocence's mind wandered as Dodie concentrated her thoughts on
politics, and she let her gaze return to the hills. The political struggle
wasn't there at the moment, she thought. What there was was the swerve and
sweep of swifts, the song of birds hidden in trees, the ticking of cicadas
in the distance and the shadows of the mountains etched against the deep
blue of the sky. She gradually became aware of hands attaching themselves
to her thighs. She looked down to see Dodie, who had taken off her boots,
kneeling in front of her, resting a hand on each of her thighs, looking
imploringly up at her.

"May I?" Dodie asked in a curiously submerged voice glancing pointedly
at Innocence's penis. Innocence nodded. She stayed transfixed by the view
while Dodie's mouth engaged itself on Innocence's penis with a passion that
she'd not experienced since she'd last made love to Mouse. Dodie wasn't as
technically proficient at fellatio as Bouche, but there was no doubting her
passion or the joy in which she licked up the semen that eventually came
pumping forth and threatened to stain the scenery.


In Which Innocence is restored to Purity; the beauty of Innocence is
immortalised on film and Purity and Innocence are exposed to the virtues of
great wealth and proportion.

Dodie and Innocence were staying at different resorts on opposite sides
of the mountain where they met, so despite Dodie's entreaties that they
stay together and further what she said was potentially a beautiful
relationship, Innocence returned to her hotel room to spend a few more
uneventful days in the shadows of Les Petits Grands. She soon felt the
need to return to the vegan commune in the hope that Purity would have
returned. The thought of being with Purity once more filled Innocence with
a warmth of expectation and desire.

When she returned, she carefully removed her clothes before coming
within sight of the commune as she didn't wish to attract the approbation
of the more fundamentalist commune members, although she was aware that the
stares she got were no less pronounced than before. She felt nervous as
she walked towards the main farmhouse, her penis shrivelled from anxiety
and aware that although her hair had grown to nearly a centimetre in length
it was still very short in the eyes of her company. She was delighted
though when Purity hurried up towards her smiling with her arms
outstretched. In less than no time Purity's arms were around Innocence's
naked body and they were kissing each other full and long.

"I'm so pleased you came here!" Purity exclaimed. She ran a hand down
Innocence's stomach from the hollowed recess of her navel, over the
flatness of her stomach and to her penis. "And you can see that you have
nothing to fear of being naked here! Isn't it so much nicer?"

Innocence let her eyes drop down to her waist where the whiteness of her
skin around the groin clashed determinedly against the opaqueness of
Purity's skin. She was very conscious of the lack of sun she'd allowed
against her lower body and how untanned she seemed in contrast to the

Innocence enjoyed her stay at the commune much more now that Purity was
there to share it with her. She and Purity slept in the same room and the
same bed in the commune. At first she was alarmed that she would have to
share the bed with two others: a fat woman with an unfortunate propensity
to fart and belch for which she never apologised nor gave any warning, and
a very skinny man with a very thin penis and a wispy apology for a beard.

Innocence soon found out more about the sexual ethics of the commune
which she found she was expected to participate in. This was principally
that one would never have exclusive partners - this was considered a great
vice leading to jealousy and selfishness. And also one had to be very open
about one's sexual behaviour and pay no attention to anyone else's presence
when making love. This meant that at any moment and at any time Innocence
would stumble across two or more people making love with each other making
no allowance for the nuisance the flailing of their limbs or their ecstatic
gasps would make. Another feature of the sexual ethics was that there was
apparently no concept of aesthetic choice in whom one made love to - and
most certainly gender, race and age were not to be used as grounds of
discrimination either.

As a result she often found Purity in the throes of lovemaking with the
most unattractive people, and usually at some time in the night during,
after or before Purity and she had made love together. She might be deep
inside Purity, her bottom trembling with ecstasy, sweat clinging to her
chest and Purity's vagina clasped tightly to her penis (Purity had quite a
grip which she used to great erotic effect). Then Innocence would notice a
hand grasp her testicles, or another tongue probe the entrance to her anus
as her buttocks were gently parted, or see another penis appear in front of
her face to be greedily gobbled by Purity. Sometimes there might be four
or five people gathered around Purity and her participating in their
activity with no prior invitation to do so.

Innocence knew that her attitudes towards sex were definitely not as
liberated as they ought to be. She found some of the partners she'd make
love to distinctly unattractive. They might be grossly obese with layers
of fat around the top of their thighs and contrasting tiny hands or feet.
They might be painfully thin with breasts more like fat sausages with hairy
nipples at the end. There were penises that barely made any impression
when erect - perhaps half an inch long and spurted uncontrollably and often
into her face. There were those who made no effort to clean the shit from
their bum after they'd excreted leaving unpleasant dried and sometimes
moist brown faeces trailing between their cheeks. A common feature of
members of the commune was their lack of physically attractiveness - Bouche
and Purity were very prominent exceptions and this possibly explained their
popularity as partners. This common feature was partly obscured by the
curtains of hair over the face and shoulders, but not assisted in many
cases by the untrimmed facial hair.

Innocence wasn't getting to enjoy the meals or the meetings any more.
The meals were distinguishable only by the strength of the herbs and spices
that were mixed in, sometimes so strong that however hungry she happened to
be she was unable to digest the food at all. The meetings became, if
anything, more tedious as she became more familiar with the topics of
conversation. Frequently, in any case, she would find her attention
diverted from the meeting as Purity or another person would start
stimulating her penis or even suck it off in full view of everyone.

Purity was not one of those in the commune who spent most of her time
working in the fields or cooking. She was one of those who went outside
and worked in the community. She was almost openly dismissive of the
majority of the commune who never ventured outside its grounds. "They
might as well be anywhere! Why bother to live in Sauterelle?" she would
say. Innocence was never completely sure what Purity did to earn money,
although Purity never deliberately hid the source of it. It just seemed to
differ every time. Sometimes she would earn money at a shop selling
incense, tarot cards and joss-sticks. Sometimes at a market stall selling
mystical books. Sometimes at record shops or factories or cleaning
streets. "I'm very resourceful!" she admitted.

When she was at the commune, she spent most of her time with Innocence
but often she didn't come back leaving Innocence feeling lonely and
friendless. Only Bouche would give her any great attention when Purity
wasn't around. Somehow, Innocence's very obvious difference could only be
broached when she was already occupied with Purity. Bouche couldn't be
around all the time of course, so often Innocence would help at the commune
in peeling turnips, boiling carrots or tilling the soil with the wooden
instruments that they made themselves and somehow preferred to those that
could be bought at shops. Often she would sit in her room watching life go
by through the window of her room. Sometimes she would be watching people
making love, but usually she just watched mundane activities and the games
of the animals.

Because of the commune's disapproval of clothes, she felt nervous about
venturing into Sauterelle where her penis attracted so much attention and
which she couldn't hide. When she did venture, she would try her best to
obscure it with her hands or a bag, but it was very uncomfortable to keep
up her guard in this way. Her hair was growing longer though. She no
longer looked like a nun but her hair was too untidy to make her look at
all stylish. She viewed herself in shop mirrors (there were no mirrors at
the commune as such vanity was discouraged) and longed to be allowed to
style the awkward mass of inch-long hair.

"What you need to do," Purity advised Innocence, "is to earn some more
money and work in the community."

"Doing what?" asked Innocence. "Photography?"

Purity smiled. "Why not?" She leant over to Bouche who was sharing the
bed with them at that stage. "Any suggestions?"

"I might be able to help," Bouche answered, looking up from the fat
short penis she'd been stroking. "I'll ask around."

Bouche's photographer friend didn't have any work at present. He was
still selling prints of the previous sets of pictures, but he said the
pictures had generated a fair amount of interest. "Women so well endowed
aren't that common even in Brook!" he explained. However, a day or so
later Bouche was able to tell Innocence of work that both she and Purity
could participate in.

"It's a film that someone's making about life in a small village or
something," she explained. "Or is it about some court case. Anyway,
they're very interested in incorporating Innocence in some scenes to add
some extra interest. And also they want someone to help with the fuck

"I don't want to fuck in front of the camera!" gasped a horrified

"No, not you," smiled Bouche. "It's the main star. She's black and she
also doesn't want to be filmed fucking. So they want some black girl just
for those scenes."

"Fucking in front of a camera never bothered me!" laughed Purity.
"Anything for money. Within reason of course."

So the two girls accompanied Bouche to the set of the film which was in
a small village, Escarbot, just outside Sauterelle. The director was a
lanky tall gentleman who wore only a waistcoat and a shade over his eyes.
He was very impressed by Innocence's appearance and was even more attracted
by her cinematic potential when Bouche demonstrated that her penis was
fully functioning. "It's a shame I'd never heard of you before," he
commented, "otherwise I could have made a whole film around you. The most
I can do at present is to get a scene or two written in which you're

Innocence's appearance was indeed appropriate for the present film in
that as a result of living in the commune she had a very rustic appearance
about her. Particularly with regard to her short unkempt hair and the tan
she was developing from staying out in the sun so much. The role in which
she was cast was essentially as a village eccentric. Originally, the
village eccentric was to be eccentric by virtue of being an invalid. "But
that wasn't very cinematic," explained the director. "We wanted a
character that was somehow odd. A leper. A village idiot. A eunuch. We
considered lots of alternatives. But you're just perfect. And sexy too!"

Innocence wasn't required to do a great deal of acting as such. Her
lines didn't amount to very much and were certainly not too much for her to
memorise. Mostly she was just filmed in positions that could be
incorporated where appropriate in the film later. Great attention was
given to her penis to ensure that it was easily visible but not too
blatantly so. Bouche's skills were employed here to give it the right
touch of tumescence that was required for the big screen.

Innocence enjoyed having make-up put on her - a thing which Purity was
adamant on refusing for herself. She watched herself in the mirror as her
face and body were touched up to suit the demands of the camera. She
thought to herself that when she'd been paid for the film, the first thing
she'd do would be to go to a beauty salon and get her hair cut properly.
Here, the hair was trimmed only so much that it would look appropriately
untrimmed but still cinematic.

Purity's role was much more basic, and consequently she was able to
avoid being made up. In the film, the lead character was a black woman who
was married to a man in this small village where there was considerable
racial prejudice. Part of the irony was that the black woman was not
accepted into the community because of her differentness whereas the
character played by Innocence who was no less different (and in fact
probably a great deal more so) was. By some series of complications, all
this chemistry led to a court case and a tragic end to the film, but none
of these scenes concerned either Purity or Innocence. These weren't to be
filmed in the village of Escarbot and the sex scenes didn't involve the
black actress.

The actress didn't blanche so much at the fellatio scenes - although the
director pointed out that these would probably have been modified had she
objected. So the filming of the sex scenes would continue with the male
actor (or at least his member) getting quite excited as she slobbered about
with his balls and his prick. Bouche was very dismissive of her technique.
"She'd never get a job like mine," she sniffed. "Look at the amount of
wasted film there'll be. It's taken her nearly ten minutes to get it to
that size! And I don't think she could she could get it any bigger!"

Then Purity would step into the fuck scene. The black actress would
step to one side wiping her full lips clean of the taste of the male
actor's penis. She would wander off to the changing room where she would
clean her teeth to remove every last trace from her mouth. In the
meantime, Purity would move into place in the film set and her film lover
would insert his now erect penis into Purity's cunt. Purity and the actor
would improvise the rest of the scene which Purity would succeed in
prolonging to at least ten minutes and several quite different positions.
Purity was particularly keen on anal fuck scenes as she'd been told by the
director that if they were included in the final cut it would increase her
bonus, but she was sensitive enough not to reduce the standard vaginal
shots to too few a number. While they were fucking, the camera operators
would run around taking shots of almost only the genitals from many
different angles. They seemed to get dangerously close to the action, but
Purity was sufficiently used to having sex in public not to appear in the
slightest bit concerned.

"That was excellent, Darling!" exclaimed the director afterwards. He'd
been watching the fucking through the monitors connected to the camera that
was filming and by means of which he'd been co-ordinating the activity.
"You're a real professional! We've probably got enough material in that
one shoot not to need to take it again! Ace! Brill!"

The director then explained how the footage would be incorporated into
the film. The black actress would later be filmed with the actor feinting
sex in various positions that fitted in with the penetration and
ejaculation shots, and these would be intercut with the scenes with Purity.
"No one will be any the wiser!" he said. "Nobody will be able to tell the
difference between one black fanny and another!" However, he commented that
the unshaved legs and the mass of hair on Purity's head might complicate
some of the shots. "Darling Papillon religiously shaves her legs, so we'll
have to carefully edit out any glimpse of yours, Darling. You've got
delicious legs - absolutely super! - but the hairiness just won't be

Purity and Innocence lived together at the film set for several days and
didn't venture back to the commune at all. Bouche felt much more loyal to
the commune and went back every evening. She complained that she was
underworked, but not about the pay. Although there was a need for erect or
slightly tumescent penises in the male cast, this was not for all scenes.
Most of the film had no sex content at all, and indeed the cast wore more
clothes on set than off. The director admitted that the film could have
been filmed almost anywhere in the country and there was nothing very
special about Brook except that the liberalness of the environment meant
that there had developed a very healthy pornographic film industry and
consequently a lot of concurrent film services.

Innocence was delighted when she got paid. There was more than enough
for her for a long time and she'd got a film credit as well! She'd
definitely be looking forward to seeing herself and her penis on the large
screen. "All I'll see of myself is my cunt and arse!" sniffed Purity, who,
although she'd earned less than half of what Innocence had earned (even
with her anal sex bonus!), was pleased with what she'd got. The worry
Innocence had related to returning to the commune.

"I don't think I want to go back!" she confessed.

"Why not?" wondered Purity who seemed genuinely concerned at parting
from Innocence. Their time together in Escarbot had been passionate and
very enjoyable.

"I don't like it. I don't like the food. I don't like the meetings. I
don't like a lot of the people. And I don't like feeling like a freak!"

Purity seemed quite upset. "I'd no idea it was so bad!"

"It's you I love! Not the commune!"

At that Innocence and Purity made a very tearful decision to part.
Purity back to the commune, and Innocence resolved to return to her sister and her sister's lover. She felt that in their company she would be better
accepted than anywhere else. Purity admitted that she wasn't sure how long
she intended staying with the commune. "It's my life at the moment. It's
not easy to leave!"

Innocence kept true to her earlier resolve. She returned to wearing
shorts to hide her penis and went to a beauty parlour to have her hair cut
and styled. When she left with tastefully applied rouge on her nipples and
a blonde bob, she felt curiously liberated, but resolved to see more of
Brook before returning to Chastity and Kedi.

Before she left Brook, Innocence arranged to meet Purity again for a
last drink at a cafe bar in Sauterelle, known as the Rampant Lion, an
occasion Innocence knew would be very sad. "You will come and visit me?"
she insisted of her black lover.

"And you'll come back to Sauterelle?" Purity responded.

The Rampant Lion was a place of glass, ivory and lush red velvet
upholstery only half full of mostly young people who were without exception
naked. Innocence, in fact, was the only one whose genitals were covered,
but the shorts she was wearing were so tight that with the exception of the
crotch her beautiful figure wasn't obscured at all. She had heard
somewhere that in Brook there was no visible class distinction or any other
kind because everyone was equally as bare, but Innocence no longer believed
this. Purity very much stood apart and not just by virtue of her skin
colour. No one else paid so little attention to the state of their hair or
the hirsuteness of their limbs. No one else at this rather pricey retreat
wore anything as basic as nothing on their feet. And everyone wore at
least a bit of make-up - if only to highlight the nipples or to accentuate
the toe or finger nails or just to enliven the lips of their vaginas.
Innocence felt obliged to go to the counter each time to buy the drinks so
that Purity wouldn't be embarrassed by any rudeness from the bar-staff.

Innocence was sat perched on the stool by the bar with her reflection
staring at her from both the mirror behind the bar and the one that covered
the bar counter itself waiting for the barmaid to finish serving another
woman who seemed to be buying for a group of ten other women. They were
probably office girls on their lunch break, but from the hoots and gales of
laughter that erupted on occasion from their table Innocence wasn't sure
that they weren't midday party-goers. Then she heard a girl who was
between her and the one being served draw in her breath and give a soft
whistle just below her voice. This was accompanied by "Would you ever
believe that!" coming from the table of office-girls. Innocence turned her
head to see what was attracting the attention.

It was a large well-built man, as unshaven and hairy as any of the men at the commune but with a red richness of hair that didn't look at all
unkempt, but indeed rather grand and majestic. Like all the other patrons
he was naked, except for the bag he was carrying over his shoulder which he
hoisted off as he made his way to the bar. It was not however the
attractiveness nor the hairiness of the man that was attracting so much
attention, however, as the size of his limp penis dangling majestically
between his legs. It was at least ten inches long over a pair of equally
majestic testicles. Innocence had never seen anything like it. Her own
penis was nothing like as large as that.

When the gentleman arrived, he was served directly before Innocence even
though she'd been there first - but she didn't mind as it gave her more
opportunity to examine his magnificent endowment. The girl who was
standing next to Innocence started chatting idly with him. Innocence
herself had finally got served and picked up the two cocktails she'd

"Haven't I seen your photograph?" suddenly remarked the gentleman to

She started. Did he mean the photographs taken by Bouche's photographer
friend? That was always possible. "I don't know," Innocence answered
slightly blushing. "Where might you have seen it?"

"At a friend's home," commented the gentleman in his deep voice. He
frowned while trying to remember where it might have been.

"Was it in a magazine?"

"No, not a magazine. Although it wouldn't surprise me at all to
discover that a beautiful woman such as you were a model. No, it was a
photograph in a frame. Are you a friend of a woman called Une, by any

Innocence started. "Well yes I am." She knew the photograph he meant
and she also knew that it showed her totally naked with her penis on full
display with Une in her white gown gently stroking it. So this gentleman
knew her great secret!

"You must be Innocence. I've been told so much about you. My name's
Leon. May I join you?"

"I'm with a friend," explained Innocence in a way that was more an
invitation than a statement. She and Leon walked up to the settee where
Purity was sitting and looking terribly bored. She was flicking through
the pages of a woman's magazine that was supplied by the cafe-bar
containing recipes, knitting designs and pictures of men with fully erect
and slightly shiny penises. It was with such a page being open that Purity
raised her head to virtual eye-level to Leon's penis and was instantly
taken aback.

"My god!" she gasped accepting the cocktail from Innocence's hand. "Is
it real?"

"Is what real?" laughed the gentleman still standing while Innocence sat
down next to Purity.

"Your prick. Is it real?"

Leon laughed and looked around the bar where other patrons averted their
eyes guiltily. "Feel it and see!"

This Purity did without any shyness. "It's amazing. And exactly the
right proportions. The weight of these balls." She weighed them in her
palm and pinched one. It was almost the size of a snooker ball. "Does it

"I'm not going to show you now whether it works or not," teased Leon,
pulling a chair towards him and sitting down on it.

The conversation soon roamed away from Leon and his assets, and although
he gently hinted at his knowledge of Innocence's unique attributes it
stayed generally away from genitals altogether. Leon lived in Brook,
partly, he said, because of the weather and the people, and partly because
of the difficulty of finding a pair of trousers or underpants that were
appropriate elsewhere. "I'd probably have to wear a kilt or toga
otherwise!" he joked. He'd not always lived in Brook, but it was here that
he had started his business and although it had branches throughout the
country it remained based there and so did he.

When the evening ended, Leon invited the two girls back to his hotel
room in Sauterelle which they were glad to do. It was a full suite in the
Hotel Abeille with a beautiful view over the town of Sauterelle to the
mountains and sea beyond. Innocence had never seen so much luxury before
and was completely overawed, but not Purity who was in next to no time on
top of Leon's penis sucking away at it. Innocence was alarmed as his penis
stirred and grew and grew and grew yet more. The length of it was at least
as long as Purity's arm from elbow to wrist.

"Have a taste!" invited Purity. Shyly Innocence, still in her shorts,
crawled over the silk sheets of Leon's bed and with a little temerity
applied her lips to the underside of Leon's prick which noticeably stirred.
The two girls licked and sucked around the enormous mass of penis.
Innocence put as much of it in her mouth as she could and that was barely
the glans.

"Take off your shorts," suggested Leon. "I know what you have to

Innocence smiled shyly but undid the belt of her shorts and pulled down
both shorts and the knickers underneath revealing her own very stiff and
excited penis which nonetheless looked very small indeed compared to that
of Leon. He bade Innocence to turn her body round and put her penis into
his mouth while she and Purity continued to massage his. At one stage,
Purity attempted to get some of it into her cunt but no more than seven or
eight inches of it could get in her and it was clear to Innocence that
although she was terribly excited and well juiced it was causing her a
certain amount of pain. Tenderly Innocence eased Leon's penis out of her
cunt and licked the lips with her tongue.

When Leon came, it lasted several minutes as spurt followed spurt.
There was so much semen stored and waiting to come out that it couldn't be
relieved in just one go. Semen spread everywhere. Purity had a mouthful
and Innocence too and still their bodies were covered in the sticky
lubricating stuff, the sheets clearly stained. This stain was not alone
because in amongst the spurts of Leon's semen Innocence's own also spurted
free into Leon's mouth and trickled down Purity's face. Never in their
lives had the two girls seen so much semen.

And then Leon's penis shrivelled gradually back to its original ten
inches. But everyone was too exhausted to repeat the exercise.
Innocence's mouth and jaw ached from the strain of putting such a large
firm thing inside it. Purity's groin throbbed and ached and there was
blood where some of her inside flesh had torn in the exercise. ("My second
maidenhead!" she joked looking at the blood smeared on her hand.) Leon was
the least exhausted of the three of them, but he made no attempt to re-
initiate the lovemaking. Instead he tenderly kissed the two girls, told
them that they could stay the rest of the night and that the bathroom
facilities were theirs whenever they wanted to use them.


In Which the virtues of Innocence are exposed to and enjoyed by the
young and untutored; Innocence returns to Chastity carrying the pleasures
of youth, which learns of the values of theatre and party-going; Chastity
is introduced to the home of youth, where new and exciting ways of living
are discovered.

Zipper had never seen a woman with a willy before. Not that he'd not
seen plenty of willies, and not just those of his friends. Although he was
only eleven years old, he was quite an expert on willies. He'd sucked and
licked so many of them - short fat ones, long thin ones, tiny ones smaller
than his own, and of course exquisite perfectly proportioned ones like
Innocence's. This knowledge and experience didn't come by chance of
course. Like many of his friends cocksucking was his sole source of income.
He had got very depressed and upset while living with his parents - the
way they would tie him up and shove things up his bottom. They'd been
doing it for years and some of the things they put up him were extremely
uncomfortable. The worst was his own daddy's willy, but at least his daddy
had given him practice in what proved to be a fairly useful skill for
earning money. His mummy was just as bad, even though she didn't have a
willy to stick inside him. His own willy was often as sore as his bottom
after his parents had been playing their games with him, with little tooth
marks and scratches all over his willy and bollocks. When he found that
Bouncer, a friend of his, had parents who also played funny games like
that, the two of them ran away from home and lived in the streets where
they lived by nicking things and begging.

However none of this really provided much of a living. Zipper couldn't
buy toys or afford a telly or any computer games. However, he'd still
managed to find a squat where he and his friend and four other children of
the street were able to stay. The six of them all shared a large double
bed - a mix of four boys and two girls. There was Zipper and his friend.
Two of the others, Shitbum and Twat, were brother and sister and twins, but
they always shared each other's willy or fanny. The twins were fourteen
years old and the oldest of the six of them. The remaining boy, Toothpick,
was thirteen and had lost a hand and some of his arm in an accident. The
other girl, Annie, was very sweet, only eleven and had a very bushy head of
curly hair which obscured her face whenever she was sucking off Zipper or
any of the other boys.

None of the children seemed to be making much money from nicking things,
although they'd nicked a nice video player (but no television or video tapes). Then one day the twins came back with a lot of money. They'd made
it by having sex with a really fat ugly man. Twat had been sitting in the
park playing with herself as usual (which is why she'd got her name) when
this man said he'd pay her five guineas to put his willy in her. Twat was
not a pretty girl - very skinny with a long nose - but she reckoned this
bloke didn't really care about appearances. She didn't want to be with the
man by herself so she asked if her brother could accompany her. He agreed
and even paid an extra five guineas for the two of them. It seemed a good
scam. And it really didn't last very long.

Not very long afterwards, the two twins started selling themselves for
sex on a regular basis - and this encouraged Zipper and Bouncer to do the
same. Annie and Toothpick weren't too keen on it. Annie because she
didn't want a willy inside her and she didn't want to put her lips on
strange willies. "They'll taste funny!" And Toothpick thought it was all
very horrid. Anyway, he made a lot more from begging than the others.

At first Zipper found sucking, licking, tonguing and swallowing penises
rather unpleasant - although there was a novelty value. They certainly did
smell and taste very funny. Not at all as nice as Bouncer's or
Toothpick's. Some were worse even than Shitbum who always seemed to get a
bit of shit stuck in the hairs around his bottom. After a while though he
got rather used to it. And it brought in a lot more money. The children
didn't have to steal any more, and were able to buy a big colour
television, a computer games console, a hi-fi and plenty of video and audio
tapes and discs. They were even seriously thinking about moving out of the
squat and renting a flat somewhere. After all they were making more than
enough in a single day to afford a flat for a whole month. They had all
the sweets, pizzas and hamburgers they could want and the twins were even
smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. It was all very good fun, and the
only penalty was getting a mouthful of spunk or a sore bottom. And Zipper
had got worse than that from his parents without them paying him anything
at all.

Zipper, Bouncer, Twat and Shitbum found that the best place to get
business was in the park, near the children's swings and not too far from
the public toilets. A lot of men and sometimes women would go there to
meet friends for sex in the toilets or just to stare lasciviously at the
children playing on the swings and slides. "Lick Your Prick! A Guinea!"
Zipper would advertise whenever anyone went buy. He might also say "Suck
Your Cock!" or "Your Dick! My Throat! A Guinea!" He charged a guinea for
every willy he put to his mouth, and five guineas for every time a customer
put their willy into his bottom. "Up The Arse! Five Guineas!" He'd offer
if the customer looked potentially interested. He envied Twat having a
fanny as well as a bottom. Not only did she get more custom than he or the
other boys got, she could also charge a sort of in-between price of three
guineas for her fanny. "It doesn't hurt like the arse does," she
explained. "So I charge less!"

The four children dressed up for their customers as they worked out what
customers liked. Twat and Shitbum both dressed the same in dresses that
were short enough so that they could flash their willy or fanny. They had
long hair which they tied in plaits and wore white socks and shoes.
Bouncer wore shorts and a shirt with a tie with short socks and laced-up
shoes, but contrasted his boyish looks with thick girlish make-up. Zipper
didn't wear anything except necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, belts and
other bits of jewellery he found, and he grew his blond hair long and
straight. He knew that it was difficult for anyone to tell if he was a
girl or boy until they came quite close and could see his willy.

They usually took their customers to some bushes in the park where they
could get on with it without fear of interruption. Zipper might lie down
on his front or pull his legs up to display his arse if it was a five
guinea job, but otherwise it would just involve kneeling down in front of
the customer's trousers, taking out their willy and getting it big and then
let all the spunk go either onto his chest or onto the customer's trousers
depending on how much he liked the customer. Of course the tricks were
negotiable. Sometimes Bouncer would join Zipper with a customer and
sometimes Twat and Shitbum (though sometimes the twins offered to wee and
pooh as well for the customers and Zipper didn't like that at all).
Sometimes, and for double, the customer would take Zipper into his car or
to his own home. Overnight sex always cost the customer at least
twenty-five guineas. Only very rarely did a customer ever go back to
Zipper's squat.

One exception was Innocence. Zipper didn't even imagine she'd be a
potential customer. This very beautiful girl wearing a blouse and very
brief shorts with that sun- tanned look that people often got when they'd
just been visiting nearby Brook was sitting on a park bench watching the
children play with a rucksack on her lap. Zipper quite fancied her. He
often wished that he'd get more women customers. He didn't really fancy
Twat, although she was very good at sucking him off, and Annie's fanny was
too small for Zipper or any of the other boys to get their willies in
comfortably. He sat on the park bench next to Innocence and eyed her up.
Coo! It'd be lovely to stick my willy in you! he thought.

He spotted a potential customer. A man in his late forties in a leather
jacket who'd passed Bouncer and his lustful wink with a very guilty
expression. "Lick Your Dick! Only a Guinea!"

The man stopped and faced Zipper. "What did you say?"

"A Guinea for a Wet Willy! Five Guineas for a Tight Fit in the Rear
Pocket!" Zipper advertised cheerfully with a welcoming smile running his
tongue over his lips and fingering his willy.

"Well I never did!" the man said appearing shocked and looking at
Innocence with a look of disgust. He then hurried off. Zipper laughed as
he went away, and then blushed as he noticed Innocence staring at him.

"Is that what you do for a living?" she asked.

"Yes," cheerfully assented Zipper. "In the mouth. Up the back." He
looked down at Innocence's breasts. " I do women too! Cut price!"

"I'm not sure I really want to," said Innocence, but not looking too
sure of herself. It was in this way however that Zipper persuaded himself
to take Innocence back to the squat. In fact he offered Innocence an
overnight session for only a guinea. He must be an idiot! he thought. On
the other hand, the women he'd done it for in the past had been really very
old and he'd not enjoyed doing it at all. It was good they didn't really
expect his willy to get very big at all, otherwise he might not have got
paid. But with Innocence, his willy was swelling most embarrassingly and
brushing against the jewellery around his waist long before they got back
to the squat.

Annie was lying in bed in just bed-socks watching a cartoon on
television when they arrived, but she courteously made space for Innocence
and Zipper, and carried on watching while Innocence shyly took off her
clothes. It was at this stage that Zipper got a shock and had to interrupt
Annie from her cartoon to show her. This was a woman with a willy. And
not a made-up pretend woman. A real woman with proper bosoms, slender at
the waist and wider round the hips. Annie couldn't really see what Zipper
was fussed about. "So! It's only a willy like you've got!" And she
returned to her cartoon.

"What do I do?" wondered Zipper, fingering his willy. "You haven't got
a fanny for me to stick it in."

"What you do with most of your customers," laughed Innocence. "That's
all I want!"

And that indeed was all that Zipper could do. And it was a real willy
too. Not pretend. Innocence didn't take it off to show a fanny underneath
and real spunk came out of it which tasted just like real spunk. And when
Innocence went to the toilet she stood up just like a man and wee came out
of it. Zipper was pleased at that moment that Twat wasn't there because
she'd have put her mouth out to intercept the flow and find out if that
also tasted like normal wee.

The following morning, Zipper couldn't bear to be parted from Innocence
although he gratefully accepted the ten guineas she'd paid him. Making
love with a woman with a willy must be his destiny he thought. Never
before had his lovemaking been so passionate and genuine. Not even when
his mother was at her most tender and affectionate had there been anything
to compare with the strength of his feelings at that moment. "I must come
with you!" he pleaded. "Wherever you're going!"

Innocence told him that she was on her way to Wonderground where her
sister, Chastity, and her sister's lover, Kedi, were sharing a flat. This
was miles away and would involve quite a long railway train ride. "That
sounds fun!" Said Zipper who'd never done very much travelling in his life.
Indeed, the most he'd had was when he'd been on a seaside holiday with his
parents, and his abiding memory of that was getting sand up his backside,
down his throat and between his teeth.

"But what about your friends?" asked Innocence.

"They'll be alright!" Said Zipper, but already missing them. Indeed, it
was a very tearful goodbye later that day to Twat, Shitbum, Bouncer, Annie
and Toothpick. One which soon became an extended love session with
Innocence participating. Making love in such numbers wasn't at all unusual
for the children - Toothpick particularly enjoyed them as he didn't get as
much sex as the others otherwise - but it was the first time that someone
else had joined in. Twat particularly liked closing her fanny over
Innocence's willy. "Oooh! It's so firm and hard!" she exclaimed

When the train arrived in Wonderground, Innocence pointed out the
fashions that dominated which were very bright and colourful. Both men and
women were wearing smocks or dresses which came just above the crotch which
was always shaved off and frequently had the cleavage low enough to display
all the breasts. The fashions were definitely more sexy than those Zipper
was used to. It occurred to him that it would be quite difficult to dress
in a way that was sufficiently sexually provocative to excite custom in
this district. Everyone wore plastic jewellery and had multicoloured
dayglo make-up. The hair was very long and straight - often lower than the
buttocks which would otherwise be on show. Zipper's hair was quite
appropriate for this district and he was looking forward to removing the
shorts, shirt and cap he'd put on over his jewellery for the journey.
Innocence's hair, however, was decidedly very short - covering only half of
her ears and just brushing the nape of her neck.

When Innocence and Zipper reached Chastity's flat, it was neither her
sister nor Kedi that opened the door for them, but a girl with waist-length
hair wearing only a tee-shirt which barely reached to her belly-button and
hardly contained her round full breasts which flopped loose around inside.

"Mouse!" exclaimed Innocence. "What are you doing here!"

"My mum kicked me out," the girl explained. "But I'm so pleased to see
you! And just who is your delightful little friend?"

Mouse, so Zipper soon discovered, was thoroughly besotted by Innocence.
She was forever grasping her penis, whether or not she had any knickers or
other clothes on. Innocence seemed fairly attracted to Mouse, and it soon
became clear to Zipper that the two were reviving a once-passionate affair
which seemed to entail considerable and extensive love-making. Not that
Zipper was at all excluded, as Mouse couldn't bear to be parted from him
either, so they made a kind of threesome. Mouse had a kind of obsession
with children and she often asked Zipper if he could bring his friends
along so that she could make love to them as well. Mouse's passion for
Zipper suited him as it gave him more practice and experience with vaginal
sex than he'd ever had. Although his willy was still small, and, unlike
his customers or even Shitbum or Toothpick, totally hairless, he was
beginning to get more predictable erections and once or twice he was able
to release spunk like he'd seen so many other times, if in much smaller

Zipper enjoyed lying astride Mouse's substantial thighs, his willy as
deep inside her as it could go and with his face in her lovely round and
cushion-comfy breasts. At other times, he would have his willy in her
mouth with Innocence's willy thumping away inside Mouse and hands gripping
on Mouse's shoulders. He was able then to relish the difference a longer
and more flexible grownup's tongue could do with a willy. It was more
pleasurable than even what Annie could do. Other times, Zipper's willy
would be in Mouse's arsehole - the smaller hole - while simultaneously
Innocence would be humping away at Mouse's larger hole at the front while
Mouse would be shrieking and shouting in an ecstasy that echoed throughout
the whole flat and, no doubt, adjacent ones.

Mouse was an actress and she was preparing for a children's play which
she confessed involved considerably less sex than most of her plays. "The
only bit in the play at all is when I suck off a lucky boy in the audience,
and that's just to demonstrate an educational point about something or
other." Mouse still found that sufficient excuse for practising the scene
over and over again with Zipper. "Thanks to you," she said, "I'll be
expert by the time I have to perform."

Mouse showed a fascinated Zipper promotional photographs of other plays
she'd performed in, many of them showing her in positions of either being
fucked or sucking off someone else. Zipper didn't know a great deal about
theatre, although Mouse promised to take him with Innocence to see a few
plays that were on locally. He wasn't convinced that he'd especially enjoy
them as they looked rather heavy- going. The only aspect he thought he'd
enjoy at all were the sex scenes, but he was put off by the way that Mouse
justified them on grounds of their artistic value.

The plays that Zipper did like the pictures of were ones like Midsummer
Night's Dream in which Mouse played a naked Titania who seemed to be being
fucked by someone pretending to be a donkey. All around were lots of naked
children who were miming that they were wanking themselves. There was
another called Peter Pan in which Mouse was playing a girl called Wendy who
was making love to another girl, but one who was actually supposed to be a
boy, the Peter Pan of the play's title. Although this other girl had
smallish breasts, she wasn't doing much pretending to be a boy. Shitbum
did a better job at pretending to be a girl than this Peter Pan was of
being a boy. They weren't even using one of those plastic willies that
Chastity occasionally used on Kedi. Another play that Zipper quite liked
the look of was Toad of Toad Hall, where everyone was dressed as an animal.
Mouse was playing a character called Rat, though why they couldn't find a
man to play this part Zipper couldn't say. There was a curious scene where
lots of characters wearing animal heads were having an on-stage orgy in a
country-side scene.

The other two people in the flat were Chastity and Kedi, who
occasionally joined in the lovemaking with Mouse and Innocence, but for the
most part stayed together. There were two bedrooms in the flat: the one
where Innocence's sister and her lover slept, and the other where Zipper
slept with Mouse and Innocence. Zipper quite liked the holiday from making
money as there seemed to be everything in the flat that he needed. No more
sucking cocks! he thought. Except for Innocence's, of course. Not that
it would be that easy to get into the swing of doing business in a strange

He wasn't sure what he thought of Wonderground. There seemed to be a
lot more sex available for sale or for free than he was used to (which was
probably bad for business). He got used to not attracting any attention
from his ambisexual appearance, and developed an interest in going to the
cinema where they were showing some very brightly coloured films with song
and dance and a tendency for almost any activity to degenerate into an
excuse for either sex or a song. There was a curious tendency in the films
to show black people like Kedi as people from another planet endowed with
curious sexual facilities and an appetite for sex much greater than anyone

This might be true for all Zipper knew, because before meeting Kedi he'd
not met many black people before and certainly not had sex with any of
them. It certainly seemed true that almost all the prostitutes Zipper saw -
many as young or younger than himself - who advertised their trade openly
in the shopping precincts or in the theatre district, were black. Perhaps
they did sex better than anyone else. From his experience with Kedi, he
was sure they were good, but not that much better from Innocence, Mouse or
Chastity. He felt embarrassed to admit his professional interest in this,
but for the moment he certainly didn't feel like competing.

Being a child had its disadvantages Zipper realised, and one of these
was that there were so many things that he wasn't allowed to do because he
was considered too young. So, when Mouse persuaded Innocence and her
sister to come with her to see a play that was classified as for Adults
Only, Zipper was made to feel very much left out. The play they were
seeing starred a friend of Mouse's who was quite adept at having more than
one willy in her pussy at one time, and the theme of the play indeed
concentrated on precisely this talent. This however wasn't why it was an
Adults Only production. The reason was the promise of audience
participation which Chastity was looking forward to with almost obscene
speculation. "I've heard that one of the actor's is almost eleven inches
long," she said, rubbing her hands together.

Zipper was left with Kedi in the living room watching some cartoons.
Zipper couldn't concentrate at all, even though it showed Huggy Bear being
buggered by Florence the China Doll with a carrot. He was bored. He had
got used to having sex with Innocence and Mouse, and although Kedi promised
him a bit of sex if he was good, one person - well! it wasn't the same at
all! Kedi sat there, naked as always, looking a little put out by Zipper's
sullen mood. Then suddenly the telephone rang. Kedi jumped up extremely
promptly - Zipper guessed that perhaps Huggy Bear cartoons weren't
something she'd usually choose to watch. Zipper surreptitiously watched
Kedi on the phone from the corner of his eyes. He didn't want to betray
too much interest.

When Kedi returned, she told Zipper that she'd been invited to a party.
Well, not just her but all the girls from the flat. She said she'd go, but
only if Zipper could come, and now she wanted to know what Zipper wanted to
do. Zipper hadn't been to very many parties in his life, so he wasn't too
sure what to say. It must be better than staying in, he thought, so he
agreed, and ran up to his bedroom to put on his new jewellery and some
eye-liner. The parties he'd been to when he'd lived with his parents had
been of two kinds. One was where he had been invited to birthday parties
by his school-friends, and this usually meant an orgy of jelly, sweets and
toys. The other sort were the ones he was taken to by his parents. In
these parties, there was generally an orgy of quite a different sort, and
he'd often be at the centre of it together with any other children there.
He'd hated those parties. It would be days later until his bottom would
recover and he could poo properly again.

The party wasn't too far at all from the flat, so Kedi and Zipper were
able to walk there. It had been raining recently, but this didn't persuade
Kedi to put on any shoes, so as she walked along her black feet got rather
smeared with brown. Zipper knew when they were almost at the party because
he could hear a throbbing and thundering of music and could see couples
making love in the streets surrounding the house. It was clear which house
was hosting the party from all the activity and noise around it and the
fact that the front door was wide open. The only invitation card that the
two needed however was the bottle of wine that Kedi had taken out of the
fridge before they'd left.

When the two went through the front door, Zipper felt that he was
suddenly thrown into a world of total confusion. Everywhere seemed to be
lined by people leaning against the walls, holding paper cups or cans of
beer and in many cases with cigarettes and other similar things in their
other hands. Where were they supposed to go? Kedi seemed to know the way,
and guided Zipper to a kitchen where she left the bottle of wine and poured
out some other wine into a paper cup. "Do you want some?" she asked with
her incredibly broad grin that so often reduced Zipper to awkward

Zipper assented and from then on the evening took on a very hazy
non-focused appearance. He wasn't sure where he was or what he was doing.
Sometimes he was with Kedi and sometimes very passionately so. He
distinctly remembered her being on her back on the sofa with other people
dancing around them and his little penis pushing in and out of her. He
also recalled Kedi's toothful mouth around his little penis while the two
were queuing up for the toilet. He also remembered the location shifting
from room to room and up and down the stairs. Sometimes he was talking
with different people and sometimes making love to them. There was at
least one occasion where he allowed a male guest to enter his backside, but
this was fairly brief and the man didn't come at all - at least not over

There was then a period of lucidity, when Zipper found himself lying on
the slightly damp grass in the back garden just by a small puddle of fresh
smelling vomit which he could only assume he was responsible for. He ran
his slightly sore tongue over his lips and was astonished to find a very
peculiar taste on them. He put the back of his hand to them to find a red mark left behind. Blood! he wondered. No, he reasoned. Lipstick! At
one stage he'd supplemented the eye-liner with lipstick, with which he'd
also decorated his nipples.

"Are you alright?" he heard Kedi's voice ask from somewhere. Zipper
looked around, and then focused on a very concerned looking Kedi who was
arm-in-arm with a slim fifteen year old girl also wearing no clothes.

Zipper smiled bravely. "Nothing that another beer couldn't cure."

He was then steered back indoors for more alcohol, some drug which he
had to sniff through a guinea note and not long after more sex with Kedi
and this girl that Kedi had somehow picked up. He gradually became aware
as his senses somehow became sharper and more intense that Kedi, her new
friend and he were not the only ones making love. The carpet where they
were lying, slightly scattered with puddles of beer and the odd cigarette
ash and peanut, was also taking the weight of ten, twenty, he didn't know
how many people who were making love with each other in two- somes,
three-somes, and then, as the evening progressed and the music played
became slower and more mysterious, one amorphous mass of groaning body with
mysterious smells and lots of sticky secretions. Zipper could only tell
who he was making love to by virtue of the fact that Kedi was black and
nobody else was.

Using this guide to activity, Zipper knew that more often that not it
was Kedi who he was fucking, and she who more than anyone else would put
his penis into her mouth. However he fucked several men and was fucked by
them, together with several women. It was impossible to say how long the
orgy lasted, but after a while Zipper felt a pain in his lower regions
totally unattributable to sex and rather more to do with the beer he'd
drunk. Somehow he disengaged his willy from the back side it was in (male
or female he didn't know or care!) and pull himself free from the
intertwining limbs. Then when he'd staggered to his feet he had a
disinterested aspect of a writhing mass of mostly white flesh and staggered
into the garden for a wee, because he couldn't quite work out where the
toilet might be.

The garden was lit mostly by the light from the living room and, except
for a couple lying naked and spreadeagled on the grass was quite empty.
Zipper weed on the flower-beds, wobbling backwards and forwards with a
certain degree of instability. He then wandered back with a curious
feeling of disoriented bravado. "Guinea a Fuck!" he announced as he
wandered back into the living room where the orgy was continuing with
slightly slacking enthusiasm. "Guinea a Fuck!"

Zipper didn't know quite how it happened, but before the party finished
and he and Kedi went home he'd become the star attraction of the party.
Everyone, women and men, queued up to either fuck him or be fucked by him.
He didn't know where he'd got the sexual energy from or why his willy
stayed so stiff for so long, but he did. How he got home, he couldn't
remember, but the soreness of his bumhole lasted for an incredibly long
time. He had so much spunk inside him, he was still finding traces of it
on his turds a week later. He had bruises all over his inner thighs and
he'd somehow got a black eye.

It was daylight when Kedi tucked Zipper into bed and gave him a tender
kiss on his willy. Zipper didn't want Kedi to go and grabbed her by the
arm as she turned to go.

"You're not wanting to make more love, do you?" wondered Kedi. Zipper
shook his head. He'd had enough of that! But he wanted a cuddle. And so
it was, that Kedi came into Zipper's bed and the two slept together with
Kedi's arms around Zipper, and his arms around her waist and his face
buried in her breasts.

Chastity didn't seem to mind at all that somehow Zipper had transferred
his affections from Innocence and Mouse to Kedi, and was now spending
rather more time in bed with Chastity and Kedi than formerly. Chastity
seemed to actually rather enjoy watching Zipper fucking Kedi, and
masturbated furiously to it. After a while it seemed quite natural for
Chastity to join in with the two. She seemed to be especially fascinated
by Zipper's willy. She would put the whole of it, bollocks as well, deep
into her mouth and run her tongue over its hairless length.

"It's so delightfully small!" She'd comment. Zipper wasn't at all sure
that this was a compliment. He'd much rather have a fully grown one like
Innocence. Then he'd get a much tighter fit when he was inside Kedi or
Chastity. He'd seen the passion that Innocence was able to inspire by her
full-sized willy, as it rubbed against the girls' clitorises and pistoned
in and out. Chastity, however, seemed to be getting obsessed by Zipper's
younger childish body.

"Oooh! I'd love to make love to more people like you!" She'd say.
Zipper wasn't sure what the obstacle to this was. There were plenty of
child prostitutes about. They were admittedly black and he was white, but
judging from Chastity's passion for Kedi colour was not an obstacle.
Perhaps the difference was paying for it. Half of Zipper was becoming
aware that he was now giving it away for free and the other half was
becoming aware that he didn't have as much money as he used to. He was
also beginning to miss his friends. People like Kedi, Innocence, Mouse and
Chastity were all very nice and they made sure he didn't go hungry, but
they were all grownups. Zipper didn't know anyone in Wonderground of his
own age, and he didn't want to go to school which was the best place, he
knew, for meeting such people.

"I'm going back home to my friends!" he announced to Kedi and Chastity
one day. Most of the girls were sad to hear that he was going - especially
Mouse who particularly appreciated making love to Zipper and had been very
put out when he started sleeping in the other bed. "Why can't you stay?"
she implored. Chastity's reaction was quite different. "Can I come too?"
she asked.

"Why?" wondered Zipper. "Won't you miss Kedi?"

"Only for a couple of days," explained Chastity. "But I so want to meet
your friends."

Zipper agreed, and in anycase he was a little frightened of travelling
by himself. When the train that Chastity and Zipper were in had left
Wonderground, Zipper realised how much he'd missed being away. Fashions
were back to normal, and Chastity suddenly looked quite ridiculous with her
tits dangling on the outside of her ankle-length skirt and with her
waist-length hair with a hair-band to stop it falling over her face.
However, at least she'd had the sense to keep her crotch hidden, as Zipper
reflected when he became aware of the genital-free area he was in. He was
hiding his own willy under a pair of baggy shorts, but he realised his
appearance was still attracting far more attention than it had been for a
long time.

old habits don't die, and before Zipper had disembarked from the train
he'd earnt a couple of guineas by giving blow-jobs to men who seemed more
interested in him than most. He told Chastity about these encounters in
the men's toilets and she seemed extremely interested in the details. "So
why do you think fat men's willy's smell different?" she'd ask. Or "What's
the best flavour toothpaste to take the taste away?"

Zipper's friends were pleased to see him again, and curious about his
new friend. "Has she got a willy too?" Twat asked. She was disappointed
to find that Chastity was just an ordinary girl in that respect, and she
thought the way Chastity dressed was quite hilarious. Shitbum wanted to
know if Chastity liked eating shit and was also disappointed to find that
having wee on her face was the nearest excretory vice to that she'd
contemplate. Annie liked Chastity's long hair. Bouncer said he only liked
men or women with willies. But Toothpick was excited because he especially
looked forward to some sex with an older person. Except for Innocence he'd
hardly ever fucked older people at all, and it was a treat he could barely
wait for.

Toothpick's particular talent in sex was the stump that he had instead
of a hand, and this was put to particular use with Chastity's spacious and
welcoming fanny. Chastity lay back and relished his entry right up to
elbow. And then all six children were making love to her. Zipper was
astonished by the volume of noise that she was making as she gasped and
shouted out her ecstasy. Most of his clients hardly made very much noise
at all. But then he wasn't sure whether they really enjoyed it that much.

Chastity didn't seem to want to stop making love. She lay in the bed
long after the session finished and kept seducing others to come into bed
with her. She seemed particularly keen on Annie. She licked Annie's
hairless fanny with her tongue and pushed as much of it inside of her as
she could manage. Annie also seemed to enjoy it. She complained that the
boys were always too rough and that Twat's nose kept dribbling on her
thighs. Chastity however was clearly much more practised at making love
and her skills translated themselves into more passion from Annie than any
of the children had ever witnessed before.

Twat and Shitbum soon lost their original reservations about Chastity
and they gradually initiated her into their slightly more adventurous and
rather more smelly games. Although Chastity was soon complaining (like
everyone else!) of the horrible taste of the shit stuck to Shitbum's pubic
hair, she seemed to enjoy the sessions on the rubber sheet that the other
children insisted should be laid on the bed before the twins started
crapping or weeing on it.

Zipper soon returned to his favourite spot in the park. He was actually
enjoying it rather less than he used to. Somehow, this kind of sexual
servicing really didn't appeal even as much as it used to. He'd got too
used to doing it when he wanted. Bouncer had had much the same thought -
even though he was now saying he really enjoyed it. "Men are so much
better!" he'd say. Zipper wondered what that must mean, because Bouncer
seemed to enjoy his sex sessions with Chastity just as much as he did,
whereas he never enjoyed sucking men's willies or having them inside him
nearly as much. However, Bouncer had started buying drugs with the
proceeds of his clients and was now selling them. Zipper was quite
interested to discover how much profit could be made. The more you bought
and sold, the more money you made. "It's about 50%!" boasted Bouncer.

This must be the way to go! considered Zipper who was beginning to be
more sure of the different effects of the different drugs. And it's
something you can do indoors when it was raining! And your bum doesn't get
so sore!


In Which Mouse appreciates Innocence and her thespian ambitions in equal
measure; her performances help Kedi otherwise wedded to Chastity; but she
affirms greater affection for the virtues of Innocence than those of

Mouse was passionately in love with Innocence, with a passion that burst
through her tee-shirt and swelled her breasts. She could hardly bear to be
parted a moment from her side. She loved putting Innocence's gorgeous
penis deep inside her mouth and allowing it to brush against her tonsils.
She loved holding it in her hand and feeling it gradually grow from a tiny
little acorn to a giant oak in less than a minute. She loved having it
deep inside her cunt, while holding tightly onto the frame of the bed, and
pushing as hard as she could against it to force it to go as far inside as
it possibly could.

She missed the departure of Zipper with Chastity. She'd always enjoyed
sex with children. There was something about the slenderness of their
hips, the delicacy of their limbs, the androgynous flatness of the chests
and the hairlessness of their crotches that made her feel very hot. She
just wanted to engulf her face in their crotches. But making love with
Innocence was a full-time occupation. How could someone with such a
perfect female body have such a perfect penis and at the same time be such
a passionate lover? It really exhausted her!

She hoped it didn't affect her work as an actress. In rehearsals, she'd
have to make love two or three times an hour and sometimes in extremely
awkward positions. It was quite irritating sometimes that she'd have to
accept frequent coitus interruptus as the director would demand that she
and whoever she was with (and there were often more than one) should repeat
a particular routine in a different way. "I don't think it's totally
appropriate for you to bugger Mouse in the first act. It may be
appropriate in the last scene, but I think no anal yet." Or he might say:
"A little less crotch and more oral, Mouse, lovie!" Or "There's something
wrong with this scene. Perhaps if you did it doggy style. And you'd
better keep that scarf out of the way. Fling it off if you must!"

After all the rehearsals and when the play was on stage though, Mouse
didn't seem to notice the strain of frequent sex at all. She might already
be pretty exhausted from an hour or two of sex with Innocence when she
arrived at the theatre. She may still have trickles of semen down her legs
coming out of her vagina at irregular intervals. But once she was in her
role, she was totally lost in her character. All she thought about was
fitting her sexual behaviour to her part and her lines.

Recently Mouse had mostly been working on sex farces, which involved
rather more sexual partners than in most plays compensated by rather
shorter sessions. Most sex farces like Keep Your Trousers Up, Wave Your
Willy, More Sex Please and Oh Bangkok! started with a sex scene, followed
by an embarrassment where partners revealed their sexual jealousy, then a
sequence of partner-swapping scenes and then usually concluding with an
orgy involving all the cast. Mouse had built up a good reputation, and
often took the lead female role, - or one of the several lead roles.
Sometimes the role demanded lesbianism and it was soon recognised that
Mouse had a particular appetite and aptitude for these scenes. This only
increased her bankable value on most productions.

Early in her career, however, her penchant for children had almost
terminated it. It was one thing to masturbate children on stage - this was
recognised as being quite healthy and educational for children. It was
another thing to take up a relationship with the leading child star
especially if it was the director's child. However Mouse's career was
saved by her volunteering to share the child with the director and by
accepting a rather unpopular role in a production of Titus Andronicus which
required that she get beaten quite brutally on stage every night. The
bruises on her face and the whip-lashes and blood on her back were,
however, she thought, an acceptable penalty to pay for continuing her
thespian ambitions.

When Mouse was on stage she would sometimes look out at the audience at
the men and women who were transfixed by her love- making. She enjoyed the
sounds of the audiences gasps as she put an actor's erect penis all the way
down her throat. She loved pulling out things like letters, documents or
weapons from inside her vagina when the role demanded it and watching the
audience's eyes widen as it emerged. "Here are the documents which the
king demanded!" she would announce when the plastic bag containing them was
only halfway out.

Not all the parts gave her much pleasure though. A production of The
Toilet Lovers, a farce about people with excretion fixations involved her
peeing and shitting on stage and then pretending to eat the turds of a
fellow actor as he also shat on stage. Much of this was actually faked, as
neither she nor anyone else had the required bowel control (nor the stomach
for the smell and taste of it), but she was so thoroughly into the role
that she could almost imagine the disgustingness of it.

She was currently appearing in a production of Henry IV, where she
played a whore of hitherto unsuspected significance in the lives of not
only the future Henry V but of Falstaff. Mouse loved wearing the costume
of this whore, which was apparently quite authentic fourteenth century,
being nothing at all except a cloak to cover her in the streets. The
costume designer had apparently done a lot of research into the subject and
had come to the conclusion that fourteenth century whores lived in a world
which so totally accepted nudity that whores had no choice but to remain
naked all the time to attract any custom. However she had to wear very
thick make-up to make her face totally white and her eyebrows were shaved
off which gave her a quite startled aspect.

This looked especially strange when she was not at work. The fashion
now had moved to quite long dresses with a slit right up from the ankle to
the elastic waist which was hoisted just below the breasts which were meant
to be as full and voluptuous and unrestricted as possible. The only
jewellery she wore was an ethnic bracelet, and she wore platform shoes that
made her seem much taller than she was. She was proud of her long hair,
despite the pain it sometimes caused her when she accidentally sat on it.
This contrasted quite dramatically with Innocence's hair which was now
straight and reached just over her collar. But then after being bald,
Innocence had a long way to go until her hair was as long as it had been
when Mouse first met her.

Innocence had become quite a frequent theatre-goer, - principally of
course just to see Mouse. As Mouse's recognised girlfriend, she didn't
have to pay the entrance fee and, simply sat in whichever seats were still
unsold or, if they were all sold, she'd sit in the aisle in her long dress
and her own beautiful breasts on display. Mouse loved catching a glimpse
of Innocence in the audience and loved to acknowledge her encouraging
smiles or her occasional waves.

The most demanding aspect of her performance in Henry IV was having to
make love not once but three times to Falstaff. Mouse didn't mind so much
making love to Prince Hal. The actor playing him was quite good and
considerate at sex. He knew how sore a girl's cunt could get and was able
to make allowances for it. He also appreciated how difficult it could
sometimes be to utter your lines while you were taking deep intakes of
breath in your love-making. The actor playing Falstaff wasn't so
considerate, even in the scene where Prince Hal and Falstaff joined
together in an orgy with all the other Cheapside characters. It was
probably inevitable that an actor chosen to play a fat, slovenly, boastful
and cowardly character such as Falstaff should have some of the
characteristics himself. Mouse didn't appreciate having a mouthful of his
bad breath, gin-smell and cigar-smoke as Falstaff's tongue went deep inside
her mouth. She didn't like the smell of his farts which always erupted
just before he was about to ejaculate. And she especially didn't like
trying to gasp out her lines while his bulk collapsed on her substantially
smaller body.

Innocence was aware of all this, and showered Mouse with kisses after
the performance after she'd taken her make-up off and wiped off the semen
from her crotch and mouth with a handkerchief. After the performance, the
two would often rush off to a night-club not so much for the dancing and
drugs, but more as a way for Mouse to work off her discomfort. She was
definitely looking forward to the end of the run for Henry IV. The next
play to be performed, however, was very likely going to be The Tempest.
She hoped that the role of Caliban wouldn't be played by the same character
as was playing Falstaff. Even if he was though, the sex scene with Caliban
came very early in the play and was thankfully rather brief. Most of the
time, the naked Miranda made love with only a Ferdinand shipwrecked naked
on the island, although the naked Ariel indulged in a bit of oral sex with
her. The Tempest was famous as a play of almost total nudity, where only
Prospero seemed capable of retaining more than the most tenuous grip on

Mouse was quite pleased with her body, and had no reservations about
displaying it on stage. However, her full breasts which were sometimes an
asset, - especially for the viewing advantage of people in the rear seats -
did mean that certain roles that demanded actresses of fairly flat breasts were forever denied her, such as Peter Pan, Prince Charming and Joan of

Mouse wasn't the only performer sharing the flat with Innocence and her
sister. Kedi also made a living on stage, but in a very different capacity
to Mouse. Her performances were, in any case, on a regular work routine
according to a peculiar shift rota with some opportunity for overtime. She
was working at a sex show where for half an hour every two hours or so she
would take the stage to perform her act which was of her own design and
varied only according to the time of day or the day of the week. She no
longer needed to make a living by masturbating in the street - and indeed
more liberal employment laws regarding ethnic employment now meant that she
could actually earn more through regular employment than she'd used to earn
from a day on the street.

Mouse and Innocence often went out with Chastity to see Kedi's act at
the Teddy Bear, - partly to keep Chastity company but partly because as
friends of one of the star turns the girls usually got all their drinks
free. The atmosphere of the Teddy Bear was totally different from the
Queen Elizabeth Theatre. For a start, most people were only partly engaged
in the performance. Many would continue their conversations irrespective
of what was happening on stage - a rudeness that Mouse could never have
borne herself. There you are, baring your soul and usually a great deal
more, and being treated like wallpaper! The other main difference is that
instead of being lined up in rows with all eyes directed towards the stage,
the seating here was around tables where the clients would be drinking wine
or beer and sometimes eating, and the music continued almost constantly.
Only occasionally did an act require very much in the way of dialogue or
monologue, and generally the music was only broken by the compere - one of
a series of fat men with very loud suits and greasy long hair - to announce
the next act.

"From the darkest Jungles! From the lands of Cannibals, Tigers and
Giraffes! Away from the Steaming Cauldrons and the Teeming Starvation
Camps! We have our very own jungle Bunny! Our own Royal Coon! Princess

Kedi's stage title was indeed Princess Pussy, and she was in the very
privileged position of being the only black artiste in a club where the
others were either white or oriental. Generally, black sex performers had
to work at the seedier clubs like the Black Cock or the red Windmill or the
Deep Throat Kitten. In those places, as Mouse had found out, all the acts
were black (although not many of the audience were) and the acts often
included potential or pretend self-mutilation. The girls and the men in
those establishments were required to perform to a high degree of sexual
humiliation, and men in the audience were often invited to come on stage to
fuck the performers or even to piss on them. Princess Pussy's act however
was nothing as coarse as that.

As an actress, Mouse had a great deal of respect for Kedi's act. She
knew how difficult it was to put so many such large things inside her cunt and to produce them with the correct theatrical relish. She also
appreciated the problems of keeping some of them in there after her
Chocolate Sandwich routine, which meant being fucked by two white men at
once, and still have them ready to pull out afterwards. Half an hour is a
long time to continue a sex act, and to provide sufficient variety to keep
the act going. And also providing enough interest after the other acts
which had already sated most of the audience's appetite for watching
fucking, masturbating, buggery, oral sex or audience participation. Kedi
didn't even, as some turns did, enliven her act with a monologue to focus
interest more fully.

The art of Kedi's act, Mouse was sure, was to broadcast her broad grin
at all stages which somehow made it all seem much more enjoyable than it
might have been. She kept her grin going even after inserting her finger
all the way up her anus, withdrawing it and licking it. Mouse knew from
experience that this often didn't taste at all nice however good your
personal hygiene, and to do that so often required a stomach that Mouse
wasn't sure she had.

When Henry IV finished, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was closed by the
Local Council for a couple of weeks for redecoration, and in that time
Mouse had an enforced unpaid holiday in which neither she nor anyone else
could even begin rehearsals for the next production - which indeed was
going to be The Tempest, and in which Mouse was definitely taking the role
of Miranda. As expected the actor who played Falstaff was going to play
Caliban in this production, but she was pleased to find that the one who'd
played Prince Hal was going to take on the role of Ferdinand. But in the
meantime, Mouse found herself in a kind of acting hiatus.

"I feel so empty when I'm not performing!" she complained while sitting
in the living room with Kedi and Innocence.

"If you are liking I'll bring you into my act at the Teddy Bear,"
suggested Kedi. "Are you wanting that?"

Mouse wasn't sure. Sex shows weren't theatre, however much skill they
involved. "Do you think I'd be any good at it."

"I have saw you many times at the theatre," Kedi remarked. "I am
certain that you will be perfect."

Mouse was still unconvinced, but she sat with Kedi and discussed what
sort of things she could do that would be suitable for an act with Princess
Pussy. They determined that they would have a double lesbian act, and
would replace the Chocolate Sandwich routine with Mouse and Kedi using a
double-ended dildo in each other's cunt simultaneously. It would also rest
Kedi's anus which had got a bit painful after being penetrated at least
four times every day. Mouse wasn't too sure that she fancied having things
pulled out of her cunt of quite the dimensions that Kedi did, but she was
shown the techniques that were used to make it more comfortable. For
instance, the yards of coloured ribbon that she pulled out early in her act
was in fact stored in a matchbox, which she would surreptitiously replace
with others during the act when the lights dimmed.

The two discussed the Saturday night Princess pussy act which was an
hour long and involved audience participation. Kedi demonstrated that the
art was to stretch out the oral section with the members of the audience
and then get them to come as quickly as possible inside them. With the two
of them, it would be possible to restrict the numbers of guest participants
to less than five in the half hour allocated.

Mouse was more nervous than she'd ever been on stage before when she
appeared with Kedi as Princess pussy and the Clitoris Cat. Her role
involved her contrasting Kedi's total nudity by dressing in a theatrical
cat-mask with whiskers (also very much in contrast to her name) and putting
a long furry tail deep inside her anus. Otherwise she wore nothing except
a collar round her neck which Kedi attached to a chain.

Their act extended on Kedi's own with a little twist relying on
preserving the fantasy of Mouse being a cat. Part of this involved Kedi
pulling at the tail that Mouse had rolled up in her arse which served to
not only show that it was in her anus but illustrated it being of a rather
improbable length. Mouse found herself genuinely enjoying the sex with
Kedi. It was not often that stage sex gave her genuine pleasure, but Kedi
was a friend and an occasional lover and this meant that she showed a
tenderness that most of her co-stars were not really capable of. As the
two of them leaned back on their shoulders with the double-ended dildo (all
twenty-four inches of it!) deep inside the two of them, Mouse couldn't help
but look out at the table where Innocence and Chastity were sitting.

There they were, holding hands together and wishing the best for their
respective lovers. Mouse smiled to herself, and then in a sudden spasm of
real passion she arched herself onto Kedi, causing the dildo to pop out
suddenly in the abrupt motion and showered Kedi with kisses. Kedi started
and flashed an expression of real annoyance. Mouse smiled apologetically.
She then returned to her previous position, forcing the dildo up her much
moistened cunt and returned to her exertions with renewed vigour as if the
unscripted action hadn't happened at all. It didn't do to be making love
for yourself. As a professional, you had to think of the pleasure of the
audience. Not your own pleasure. Even if the two did sometimes coexist.

Mouse wasn't sure what her real feelings were towards Chastity, although
she'd often made love with her, along with everyone else. She was a much
more demanding lover than the other two girls - certainly more so than
Innocence - and not nearly as tender towards her. However, when Chastity
mentioned an opportunity to make love with a child, Mouse's interest perked
up quite considerably. As a result of her experience with Zipper and his
friends, Chastity had developed quite a passion for children - but
opportunities didn't really happen that often. However, at the moment she
was working at a shop in a stately home and had struck up a friendship with
one of the black cleaning-women - all the menial jobs were done by black
women - who had a young eleven year old daughter. Chastity had been
working on this woman, Fare, for long time and at long last she'd arranged
to have an evening at her place with her daughter, Ayi.

Mouse was immediately suspicious. "How do you know there'll be any

"My relationship with Fare hasn't been totally innocent."

"I mean with Ayi ..."

"Fare knows what to expect."

"But does Ayi?" wondered Mouse, but Chastity wasn't going to elaborate.
She wasn't a girl not to share her pleasures with her friends though, which
was why she'd mentioned it to Mouse. Innocence apparently wasn't too keen
on the idea. "She's a bit of a prude, really!" Chastity commented. "I
blame it on that bloody convent." Kedi had also declined, and gave no
reason, but Mouse got the feeling that she somehow disapproved of
Chastity's scheming with her work-mates. Perhaps she felt, as Mouse did
but didn't really care, that in some way Fare and Ayi were being
manipulated by Chastity.

Certainly, Chastity insisted that the two girls dress somewhat more
conservatively than they would normally do. Rather more like she would
dress at the Stately Home - covering both her crotch and breasts with a
simple smock-like dress and wearing tidy little sandals. Fare's home was
in a poor quarter of the town, which was badly lit by street-lamps and with
streets prominently littered with ancient and broken-down cars. Her own
home was a flat in a quite narrow terrace, with a front door patched up by
cardboard and no evidence of having been painted for a very long time.
There was no response to the door-bell, and Mouse was feeling quite nervous
as she stood on this strange door-step watching shadowy black figures go
by. Despite her love and affection for Kedi, she still had a kind of
prejudice for black people which was quite common throughout Wonderground,
despite all the recent reforms. She still feared these foreboding black

"I reckon the door-bell's out of order!" commented Chastity who started
banging the letter-box. This seemed to work far better, and soon there was
a hurrying sound as a light came on in the hall-way and a dark shadow
started fumbling with a complex of locks and keys. Then the door opened
and a small black woman - shorter even than Mouse - in her late thirties
wearing an apron and a quite smart but rather faded dress stood in front of
them. She grinned in a way that was reminiscent of Kedi, but otherwise had
a somewhat less prepossessing or dominant appearance. In comparison to
Fare, it was obvious why Kedi was such an exceptional and attractive woman.
She was very friendly however, and giggled in a quite girlish way after
Chastity greeted her with a very deep kiss that plunged straight down her
throat and clearly took her by surprise. She blushed in a way that was
still visible through her very dark skin, and fussed rather unnecessarily
with her apron. "You must being Mouse," she said looking at her. Mouse
nodded feeling very embarrassed, but appreciated nonetheless the way in
which Fare had obviously worked to make her poky little flat look as
attractive as possible. There were many cheap posters on the slightly
faded and stained wallpaper, probably to cover the worst stains. The
furniture was sparse and battered, and the floor was covered by a montage
of carpets and rugs. In the corner of the room however, and sitting very
quietly and looking very apprehensive, was a little girl in a very innocent
school-girl outfit. Mouse looked towards her and smiled welcomingly. Very
shyly and quite briefly, the girl responded in kind.

"This is my daughter, Ayi," Fare said very proudly. "I hope you will
being kind to her. She have never been touched before."

"Don't you worry, Fare," said Chastity, kissing her full on the mouth.
"Mouse is an expert at this sort of thing. Aren't you?"

Mouse frowned apprehensively at this statement. What was Chastity up

"Now, take your clothes off, Fare," advised Chastity, "and be patient
while Mouse initiates your daughter." Mouse raised an eyebrow quizzically.
"Go on, Mouse, show how the young are initiated in our culture. Show Fare
how natural it is." Fare smiled sadly at Mouse, while she took her clothes
off totally and stood naked in front of Chastity who remained clothed.
Mouse was still unsure what was meant of her. There was clearly some
deception going on, using Fare's ignorance of local custom, but Mouse
didn't know what was required of her. Indeed, she was feeling extremely
sorry for Fare and her little daughter, being victims of such blatant

She walked over to Ayi, who, probably from prompting from her mother behind Mouse, stood up from the chair where she'd been sitting and looked
up pensively at Mouse. The next thing to do, felt Mouse, was to get to a
less threatening position, so she knelt down in front of Ayi, so that the
little girl was taller than her. "Where shall I begin?" she asked herself.
She turned her head round to look at Chastity for guidance, and felt almost
shocked to see her already running her tongue over Fare's naked black body
and forcing her fingers up her vagina. Ayi was looking as apprehensively
at her mother and her lover as she was at Mouse.

"It's alright, Ayi dear," said Mouse in the practised voice of one who'd
seduced younger girls before - although not in such settings before. She
put her fingers to the top button of Ayi's blouse and felt a spasm of fear
run through her small body. Mouse leant forward and gave Ayi a tender kiss
on the lips, and then proceeded to undo more buttons. Slowly, and with
frequent tender caresses and kisses, Mouse undid all Ayi's clothes,
revealing the young painfully slender and smooth black body beneath.
Eventually she had all Ayi's clothes off, and the girl was standing naked
in front of her still looking very nervous.

Stage two, thought Mouse, in her experienced way, as she relished the
beauty of the child's body. She then concentrated her tongue around the
top of the thighs and her flat stomach, gradually working towards the
girl's crotch. She then gradually guided the naked child back onto a sofa
so that she could be in a more comfortable position. Gradually, and with
coaxing, the girl became more relaxed and even seemed to begin enjoying
herself. Stage three came next, Mouse said to herself, as the caressing
and kissing became more physical and active. Ayi started gasping with a
new-found set of physical feelings she'd never had before.

What Mouse hadn't suspected was that there'd be a further stage after
bringing herself to orgasm - which rather frightened the girl who was not
used to the full- throated cries of an aroused woman nor of the peculiar
thrusting body movements and spasms - and bringing Ayi as close to arousal
as it was possible for a girl of that age to come. This further stage was
when she found herself joined in the love-making by Chastity. She flashed
an inquisitive and slightly angry glance at Chastity. "Is this really
right?" she whispered, as Ayi trembled under the new unaccustomed intensity
of sexual arousal.

Chastity smiled at Mouse in a way that seemed both smug and
dispassionate. "I don't think Fare would complain, do you?" Mouse turned
her head round to see why this might be so, and saw that Chastity had
somehow tied Ayi's mother up with ropes to a chair, with her hands tied
behind it, her legs to the chair-legs, a handkerchief tied around her mouth
and head, and her crotch wide open with what looked like a carrot protuding
out of her vagina. Mouse didn't want to alarm Ayi, but she felt very
unsure of herself. Still keeping her hands stroking Ayi's tender little
bottom, Mouse put her mouth to Chastity's ear. "Did she consent?"

Mouse suddenly felt one of Chastity's fingers enter her own vagina.
"Shh! Lover. Don't worry about her. She's enjoying every minute of it!"
Chastity's reassurance put Mouse in an uneasy and, she felt, self-deceiving
state of acceptance, which allowed her to go along with Chastity's games.
These involved pursuing rather more vigorous sex with Ayi than she might
otherwise have considered. She was quite aware that the girl would feel a
lot of discomfort and possibly pain around her crotch and anus, and even
the mouth which Chastity kissed rather vigorously. Although the child had
got rather intoxicated on their love-making she'd soon see things a little
differently later.

The games the girls played with Fare must have required a lot of consent
on her behalf, Mouse felt, but she pretended to herself that Chastity had
arranged this before, but significantly she didn't feel inclined to take
the handkerchief out of Fare's mouth. Fare was entered and entertained in
many devious ways, until Chastity felt she was sufficiently exhausted and
freed her from her ropes. Although, Fare seemed uncomplaining afterwards,
there was a somewhat troubled expression on her face, and not a little
haste as she guided the two girls out of the front door.

"Do you think she'll invite us back?" laughed an indefatigable Chastity
as they left. Mouse didn't say anything, and wasn't sure at this stage if
she even liked Chastity at all. However, she was Innocence's sister.


In Which Kedi discovers an innocence quite unlike the Innocence she
knows so well; Innocence learns that the virtues of her name can contain
elements of ignorance; and Mouse achieves success in her audition.

Null was a girl driven entirely by sexual passion. But an undirected,
random and undiscriminatory sexual passion. She was forever in a state of
sexual readiness, constantly dripping with passion, and constantly aching
to have her vagina filled with sexual satisfaction. She was a slender girl with a bush of wild uncombed shoulder- length hair and nothing else.
Clothes didn't remain on her long enough to be called her own, and all
attempts made to keep make-up or jewellery on her was wasted. All she ever
wore was a ring pierced through the top of her vagina, above the clitoris,
where a chain could be connected to restrain her from attacking any
potential candidate for sex. Most of the time, she would sit in a state of
torpor, occasionally stroking her crotch or massaging her breasts, but when
a man, a woman or a child came by she suddenly became rampant, and would,
where there were no restraints, throw herself physically on that person and
attempt to have sex with them.

When Null was introduced to Kedi, she was chained up with her ankles to
her wrists, looking very sorry for herself in the corner of a night-club
room. The owner of the Teddy Bear had bought her, or at least signed a
contract for her services, in the hope that she would make a good act.
Unfortunately for him, she was untrainable, she couldn't speak a word or
even, seemingly, understand any, and when released from her chains, simply
launched herself in an uncoordinated fashion on the first thing she saw.
This happened to be on stage, when the Sex Machine, as her stage act was
known as, was unleashed. There was no build-up, as the proprietor had
hoped. No gentle masturbation or even a routine of sexual advance. She
had been brought on stage where she'd been actively rubbing her clitoris,
clearly excited at the prospect of attention. Her keeper, a small man in
his late forties, unchained her with her face to the audience. When
released, however, she sprang straight off the stage onto a table where a
young couple were sitting, clearly more interested in each other than
anyone else, and started molesting the two of them. With no preparation,
she pulled off the already modest dress she was wearing and started
grasping at the crotches of the man and the woman, groaning in a
full-throated and quite frightening way.

It had been difficult to restrain Null, as everyone who touched her was
instantly the focus of her sexual attention, as she pulled penises out of
their trousers, and unbuttoned blouses. Initially, there was an amusement
value but this became somewhat diminished as the struggle to restrain the
girl started resembling that of controlling an escaped animal. Kedi had
heard of this embarrassing evening, and how it had convinced the proprietor
that Null wasn't a suitable act for his place. Perhaps at the Bird Cage or
the Revue Bar, or other coloured establishments, an uncontrolled beast like
Null would be better suited, but her act would be all audience
participation and no showmanship at all.

Kedi knew that the proprietor was offering Null to her because she was
black and that he had the peculiar idea that black people were somehow
better than white people in coping with such naked sexuality, but it was
more out of a sense of sympathy for the girl that she'd accepted. She
couldn't help feeling sorry for Null, seeing her chained there with her
bushy brown hair falling over her face but not obscuring her manic hungry
stare and the tongue that lasciviously brushed across her lips as she eyed
Kedi watching her.

It was not easy for Kedi to take Null back with her to the flat she
shared with her lover, Chastity, and with Innocence and her lover, Mouse.
Even in Wonderground, a certain degree of modesty was required. It was all
right for someone like Kedi to walk about naked. She was after all, black,
and somehow this was considered more acceptable. It was another matter to
take around Null, who seemed to forever have her hands stroking her vagina,
anus or breasts, and couldn't be trusted to keep her clothes on for any
length of time at all. Her hands still had to be manacled together, and a
chain was attached to her cunt-ring to a lead which Kedi would hold. The
reason for the cunt-ring, Kedi was told, was that Null was much more
responsive to a tug about her crotch than anywhere else, and thus much more

Null was a girl much adapted for sex. She had had so much sex in her
life, that her vagina had become quite hardened to it, and she seemed to
produce lubricants from inside her at a terrifyingly consistent rate. Her
stamina for sex was of record- breaking proportions. The proprietor had
found to his cost that Null had no sense of when to stop. When she was
released for sex with him and immediately jumped on top of him and within
seconds had stimulated his penis and pushed it inside her, he had thought
that he was on to a good thing. After more than an hour later, when he was
thoroughly exhausted and she seemed as fresh and hungry as when they had
started, he felt somewhat out of his depth.

Kedi gingerly led Null through the streets by her lead. She wore a
single white robe, with her manacled wrists, as well as the lead Kedi held,
attached to the cunt- ring. Null followed behind, with her eyes wildly
roving and blowing kisses and making very lewd gestures with her tongue at
people passing by. When the two had got onto seats on a train, Kedi
securely held onto Null's hands which given any opportunity would either
burrow deep inside her dress to her cunt or wander to Kedi's own cunt. On
one occasion, she let her eyes drop down to see that Null had somehow
pulled up her dress to above her waist, had her legs wide open and
swivelling her mousy-brown and slightly worn crotch at the young seven-year
old girl opposite. While Kedi bent over to pull Null's dress down to her
knees, she could feel Null's teeth nibbling at the back of her neck, and
the tongue wandering along to her ear. This felt quite pleasant, so Kedi
allowed this to continue. This was a mistake, because the next thing was
that Null got out of her seat and pushed her self against Kedi on her seat
groaning loudly and gutturally as she pushed her crotch hard against Kedi's

After Kedi had settled Null down, and thought that perhaps she had
nothing more to worry about, she relaxed by looking at the advertisements
on the train above other passenger's heads. These were for such things as
condoms - showing a woman putting one over a man's erect penis with the
slogan For a Firmer Fuller Fit - and cigarettes, which were bizarrely as
full of sexual content as the one for condoms. Kedi's eyes dropped down to
the level of those of the passengers opposite and noticed that the old woman and the young boy opposite were staring across at Null with what
looked like appalled voyeurism. Kedi turned her head to see the object of
their stares, which was Null who had bent her head over and was fellating
another boy, in his early teens, who was clearly enjoying it from the size
of his penis. With an apology to the boy, she pulled Null up, and took the
two of them along to another seat in a different part of the train.

On the way down the corridor, however, it was necessary for Kedi and
Null to squeeze past a tall man standing by the doors and it even startled
Kedi when Null suddenly dropped onto the floor in front of the man, pulled
his trousers down with her teeth and started sucking and licking his penis
which, rather predictably, started swelling at the unexpected attention.
Kedi pulled Null up by her hair, hoping that the action wouldn't cause her
to bite the penis off, and bundled the girl off to the end carriage. It
was there that she resolved that the best strategy was to restrain her as
forcefully as she could, which she did by securing her to her waist and
allowing Null to lick and kiss her face all over. It was, therefore, with
relief that Kedi was able to bundle Null out of the train eventually with
her face stinging from a coating of saliva, and then to march her to her

Null was not generally curious of the environment she was in. She'd
been in many and in several different countries, but she'd never really
thought about anything other than sex, and where she'd next be getting a
fuck from. She loved the strong forceful way that Kedi handled her and she
looked forward to being able to have full sex with her. On the walk down
the green leafy suburban streets of Wonderground, Null held passionately
onto Kedi, allowing her dress to ride up as high as it could to feel Kedi's
smooth black thighs against her own. She felt constantly driven to throw
herself bodily against Kedi and luxuriate in her beautiful tall firm body.
It was only when Kedi had pushed open the door of the modest flat she
shared that Null was at last able to achieve her ambition. At last her
advances on Kedi were not repelled and she pushed the tall black girl onto
the sofa and the two were making love.

Null wasn't very able to compare the quality of her sexual experiences,
but had she been able to she'd have known that this was amongst the best,
particularly when two other girls, a shorter one and one almost as tall as
Kedi - Mouse and Chastity - joined in, and she found herself the centre of
attention of three women. She'd often had group sex before - though
normally with men and usually with penises in every orifice, but what was
lacking in quantity was being compensated to a certain extent by quality.

Innocence came as a surprise to Null. Even she had come to associate a
woman's body with a cunt and a man's body with a penis. But here was a
woman's body with a penis. And what a penis! Null leaned over Innocence's
body licking her thighs with a long practised tongue and watching the
swelling as she eased herself closer and closer towards it. She then took
Innocence's testicles into her mouth and ran her tongue round and round
them, watching with fascination as Innocence's penis swelled and grew and
swelled in a curious upright contrast to the round-thighed, smooth-skinned,
flat-stomached, full-breasted woman's body it was attached to.

Null put her lips to the glans at the end of Innocence's penis, with the
foreskin pulled back as far and as tight as it could go. She then
gradually eased her mouth over it and then pushed the whole of it deep and
deep down into her throat, while the throbbing sexual urge between her
thighs grew and grew. And then it couldn't be contained any longer, as she
pulled Innocence's fully erect penis out of her mouth, and in two or three
swift manoeuvres she had it firmly inside her cunt. Her eyes swelled with
satisfaction, and she gasped with a frightening intensity as it pushed as
deep inside her as it could.

Then sitting astride Innocence, she looked down on the beautiful woman's
body beneath her, with her straight hair grown just to her shoulders, her
round breasts with pink full nipples, the slender waist and her beautiful
full lips. She stared into Innocence's eyes which projected a compassion
and intelligence she couldn't really understand, but also a lust and sexual
urge that she understood fully. It was this latter she loved, and which
drove her to push her body up and down with fierce rhythmic thrusts and an
urgency she rarely felt as strongly, until her inevitable orgasms came.

Null always orgasmed. She orgasmed several times each day, not
necessarily from sex with other people but just from the passion of her own
masturbation. But this time her orgasms came with a strength and ferocity
that frightened even her. Where was it coming from? Her eyes burst into
spontaneous tears as she thrust and thrust at Innocence's beautiful body.
And in the meantime she pushed her middle finger deep inside her anus to
add to the thrusts of Innocence's prick which she could feel against the
tip of her finger through the internal membrane.

Then, she had to do it, she pulled Innocence's still erect penis out of
her vagina and thrust it deep inside her anus. For a few minutes this went
on while she used her fingers to part her vagina and thrust them deep
inside the front of her and exercised her clitoris. And then came an
explosion of orgasm. Greater than that before. And in the midst of it she
felt Innocence release herself. Quickly she pulled Innocence's penis out
of her backside, and while the semen was still pumping out, she put her
mouth around it, - ignoring the traces of shit and blood that had attached
itself to it - and released it into her throat. Her favourite food was
semen - and woman's semen was a feast she could never miss

Fortunately for Null, Mouse didn't appear to mind too much that her bed
with Innocence was now often shared with a rampant sex machine - although
if she'd had the wit to understand, she would have become aware that
Innocence was becoming a little exhausted and frankly tired of Null's
incessant craving for sex. It was while Innocence's penis was deep inside
her anus while her hands were grasping the headrest at the top of the bed
that Mouse returned looking thoroughly exhausted herself. Her hair, now
cut very short in a boyish style was sticking up and out in all directions
and the jacket she wore had its buttons done up slightly out of sequence.
These days Mouse had adopted a very business-woman appearance, with
frequent visits to the barbers to keep her hair a tidy short-back-and-sides
and a neat jacket or blazer that almost, but not quite, covered her shaven
crotch. She had taken to wearing stockings and stilettos - but on this
instance she was completely bare-legged.

"How did the auditions go?" wondered Innocence, withdrawing her penis
from Null's rear end and signalling her to resist.

Mouse smiled triumphantly. "It was hard work - but I got through!" She
had just been auditioning for the lead part in a prestigious musical, which
would take her touring around the world, and would instantly propel her
into the aristocracy of sex actresses. This musical combined music and
song, drama and comedy, sex and more sex. It was in fact a musical version
of Anne of Green Gables, where Mouse would be playing Anne and would
distinctly relish the sex scenes with school- children.

Mouse settled down on the end of the bed and idly stroked Null, who was
being restrained by the chain tied to her cunt-ring and with the end looped
around Innocence's wrist. "How hard were the auditions?" Mouse's lover

Mouse leaned towards Innocence and kissed her tenderly on the lips.
"Very very hard!" she elaborated.

In fact as Mouse explained, the tiring aspect was to have to perform so
many demanding sex acts in front of people she'd never met before with
people whom she'd also never met - and certainly had never fucked - before.
And she had had to do that with a degree of enthusiasm and professionalism
that had to be greater than that which she would more normally need to

The first part of the exercise was simply to determine how well Mouse
could continue to act while having sex with a single partner. Her partner
in this case was a man who was himself being auditioned. Her task was to
convincingly recite her lines, - which she'd had the opportunity to
practise at home, - while being fucked from under her and at the same time
bring her partner to a climax at the appropriate point. Then at that point
- and neither earlier nor later - she would take her partner's penis level
to her face and have him ejaculate into her mouth. She knew that a lot
depended on the skill of her partner to curb his ejaculation to the right
moment, as well as on her skill to assist this process. As it happened her
partner ejaculated too soon, while Mouse was completing her speech and
positioning herself to take the final act. Semen splattered all over her
breasts and covered her lipsticked nipples. Mouse however managed to
ad-lib sufficiently well at this stage to make it appear that this might
not have been an accident.

She had obviously done quite well enough at this stage, because she was
then invited to a more formal interview. Here - like other candidates -
she rushed to the lavatories to straighten her clothes, pull on her
stockings, apply make-up and lipstick to her face, breasts and cunt, and
run a comb through her hair. She then carefully buttoned her jacket and
waited anxiously with others in the anteroom. She spent a little time
reading the various Stage and Theatre magazines and examining the other
candidates who were both competitors and potential future colleagues. Like
her they were dressed in their smartest - or in ways that they felt put
themselves at their best advantage. One slim girl with a gorgeously boyish
face that Mouse was aching to have sex with in the auditions, was dressed
in a pair of thick-soled boots, a short unbuttoned leather jacket and
nothing else. She hadn't shaved her vulva, which was a gloriously abundant
bush through which Mouse caught a glimpse of some gold jewellery.

The formal interview was one where Mouse felt she'd excelled. She
carefully arranged her legs so that her cunt was shown to its best
advantage, and unbuttoned enough of her jacket to emphasise the
voluptuousness of her bust. The interviewing panel consisted of the
director, the producer and a short girl with glasses and long, abundant
hair which obscured most of her face and most of her body. They asked her
the usual questions about her experience, her acting qualifications and
what she knew about the production. At the end, they informed her that she
was invited to be amongst those who would be judged on their sexual
abilities after the formal interviews.

This was to be in the afternoon, so Mouse was free to spend time by
herself, which she did by looking around the clothes shops in the vicinity
of the theatre where the auditions taking place. It was with some anxiety
that she noticed that the girl with the boots and leather jacket was also
invited back for the sex tests. The tests were on three areas of sexual
expertise - which were fairly standard - being anal, same-sex and group
categories. When Mouse came back, she carefully stripped herself - putting
her stockings into her jacket pocket - and positioned herself with the
other naked candidates at the side of the stage, waiting for her turn. She
made a point of sitting next to the girl who had worn a leather jacket -
and was now revealing a tattoo of a naked child on her shoulder - in the
hope that she would have her same-sex audition with her.

The sexual audition ordeal took several hours. The first exercise was
fairly short - being essentially the anal sex. The candidates were
examined by a doctor first for their suitability - and one man with piles
failed at that stage. Then each candidate had a greased dildo eased up
their anus, while their clitoris or penis was stimulated. This was clearly
an opportunity for acting - where some candidates made rather too much of
an effort to demonstrate their arousal at anal entry. Mouse was no
different of course. When you're being fucked up the arse-hole on stage
and you're sharing the lead part in a song with the man who is buggering
you - it is essential to appear to be enjoying what you're doing it.

The lesbian sex session lasted much longer - and Mouse was pleased that
she did in fact enjoy the girl who'd worn the leather jacket.
Disappointingly for Mouse, she soon established that this girl wasn't
actually very keen on sex with women at all. Although she'd obviously had
some experience on stage, - and went through the motions in a fairly
convincing way, - she had no native enthusiasm for the task and her cunt was hardly lubricated at all. This was totally unlike Mouse, who was
aching with desire for the girl and was persuading her to do such things as
putting her finger up her anus and to nibble her clitoris that really went
beyond the call of duty. However the role of Anne of Green Gables involved
a great deal of lesbian sex, and Mouse hoped this wouldn't go unnoticed.
And in any case, it may have been that this girl was being auditioned for a
different role where there'd only be perfunctory lesbianism.

The homosexuality was tested with everyone on stage at the same time,
and the interviewers went around examining the candidates - sometimes quite
close up. The director took particular interest in Mouse and her partner,
and traced the girl's finger to the entrance of Mouse's anus with a certain
amount of satisfaction. The last exercise, the group sex, merely
amalgamated all the separate homosexual couplings into one large mass of
writhing, mostly white, flesh. In this exercise, Mouse was most
disappointed to lose her partner, who was soon to be seen with two men fucking her in the mouth and in the cunt. This exercise went on for more
than an hour - and involved Mouse in sex of many different kinds with
people who in most cases she'd only ever be able to recognise again from
their genitals.

"And you got the job!" summarised Innocence, after Mouse had given her
own account of the audition.

"I got the job!" confirmed Mouse proudly "And I'm off abroad as Anne of
Anne of Green Gables in about eight days."

"Congratulations!" said Innocence, easing Mouse out of her jacket and
showering her face with kisses. Here at last was something Null could
understand after sitting back staring blankly at Mouse as she gave an
account of her auditions. She pulled herself forward and put her arms
around Mouse's naked body applying her lips to the smudged lipstick on
Mouse's nipples. Mouse didn't resist at all, and with a whoop of joy Null
gave herself in total abandon to the following proceedings. She'd not
understood what Mouse had been saying, but from the taste and smell of
drying, caked-on semen around Mouse's cunt she had a fairly good idea of
what Mouse had been doing. And she couldn't have approved more


In Which we learn about the rewards and joy of unbridled pleasure, but
also see how it may compromise the better virtues of Innocence and

What could be done about Null? wondered Kedi as she sat astride
Innocence thrusting her crotch backwards and forwards on Innocence's
wonderful penis. She was unable to avoid wondering about this as Null was
sitting opposite her on the floor, chained as always to the furniture
frantically masturbating herself while Innocence and Kedi were in the
throes of mutual passion. What talents does Null have? Kedi continued to
wonder as the two exhausted lovers collapsed together and a trickle of
Innocence's semen flowed down her inside leg.

"What would you say is Null's greatest asset?" Kedi asked Innocence as
they cuddled up together watching the girl lick her hands of the
lubrication she'd generated from her cunt.

"Her sex drive?" suggested Innocence, obviously imagining that Kedi
already knew.

"Sex drive?"

"Well, no one else can go on and on and on like she does and keep up the
same level of enthusiasm."

Kedi could only agree and this became the basis of an idea she
developed. Null was certainly a girl who could take partner after partner,
and continue doing so all day. Why then not charge people for the
privilege of doing so? Kedi had had enough experience from organising her
own sex shows to see exactly how this exercise could be done. And soon
with the assistance of Innocence and her sister she put her idea into
practice. Mouse said that she'd like to help, but as her priorities were
to do with preparing for her departure to sing and dance and have sex on
stage Kedi actively dissuaded her. "There is enough for you to do. And it
is not much work we have to do either."

Indeed, to a certain extent there wasn't. Kedi found a garage she could
rent at a reasonable rate in the town centre which she kitted up with a bed
and sheets she managed to find in a deserted building. She then made the
interior of the garage as much like a bedroom as she could, with erotic
pictures that she's borrowed from Mouse that were in fact promotional
photographs of productions she'd been involved in. Any discriminating
visitor would have soon established that there were rather more pictures of
Mouse than of anyone else.

However, discriminating visitors were not what Kedi was anticipating as
she set up a stall outside the garage, just by the door that led into it
from the side. It was just visitors willing to pay a reasonable and
relatively competitive rate for five or ten minutes of sex. Indeed, what
Kedi had decided on was to supply conveyor belt sex with Null as the main
provider of this commodity. Above the door, she hung the sign Five Minute
Fuck, and underneath the actual rate and a picture of Null in a lascivious
attitude. This photograph was not difficult to take, - the difficulty was
determining which of the many lascivious and frankly sluttish photographs
most promoted Null's unique properties.

Attracting custom was not initially easy, but Chastity and Innocence
helped Kedi by handing out leaflets advertising Null's unique skills and,
of course, the exceptionally reasonable rate. As the leaflet made clear -
how could a potential customer possibly afford not to take advantage of the
offer? What Kedi was not sure was if what she was doing was making Null a
prostitute against her will or if, indeed, what Null was doing could
properly be called prostitution. However, on the first fairly slack days,
when it was Kedi's turn to supervise Null's lovemaking rather than to
collect pay at a table from visitors queuing up to come in, she came to the
conclusion that she was really just providing a service for Null and if
there was some pecuniary compensation for it then that could not be bad.
Null was so clearly grateful for the sex she was receiving and so reluctant
to see each customer leave that Kedi couldn't really consider that Null was
being exploited.

Null's success at providing the perfect Five Minute Fuck was not
immediate. In the first weeks or so, it was quite difficult to release
Null from customers who delighted as they were at getting rather more than
their money's worth had really decided that they'd had enough. Null was
almost inconsolable when a customer had left, and soon Innocence and
Chastity had to provide assistance in giving the oversexed Null sexual
satisfaction as well as assisting Kedi with the organisation of the
venture. Soon however, the one or maybe two customers an hour had grown to
be a constant queue of men and occasionally women who would patiently wait
their time to have their moment of sexual release. At lunch time on a
working day, this queue might stretch several yards along the road and
provided obstructions to other businesses which was only compensated by the
extra trade these businesses themselves were gaining.

The pattern had soon set in, with Kedi, Innocence and Chastity taking
turns at collecting money from customers before seeing Null and restraining
Null from continuing to have sex with a customer who was either clearly
finished or had exceeded his five minutes. Null was certainly much happier
now and it was only because the three girls couldn't maintain their roles
for twenty four hours a day that Null ever got to finish making love at

"Is there any limit to Null's sexual appetite?" Innocence exclaimed, as
late at night after the last people in the queue had been satisfied (and
usually in substantially less than the promised five minutes), Null was
still clamouring for Innocence to fuck her.

"Is there a way to find out?" wondered Chastity, who then came up with
the idea of a Fuckathon. This, she said, would be to simply ask people to
take turns in fucking Null, and keep it going until Null could keep going
no longer. They would pay for the privilege of being in the Fuckathon and
they could invite newspapers and television reporters to witness Null's
phenomenal achievement.

"But shouldn't we collect the money for a charity or something?" queried
Innocence who really didn't know of her sister ever doing anything if there
wasn't some distinct advantage to herself in it.

"We can give a certain amount to a charity, I suppose," Chastity
conceded, "but only after we award ourselves pay for the administrative

Neither Kedi nor Innocence was that sure of Chastity's sincerity
concerning any charitable activity, but they helped Chastity book a room
with a raised platform and seats for an audience and helped her in
promoting the Fuckathon. This event attracted rather more attention than
even Chastity had anticipated, but this was mostly because of the
reputation already generated from Kedi's Five Minute Fuck enterprise.
There were a large number of sponsors willing to pay considerably more for
the privilege of taking part in the event than they would normally need to
do for Null's services. Kedi's main hope was that they wouldn't run out of
fuckers before Null finally gave up.

On the day on which the event began - and it was anticipated that it
would continue for several days - Kedi was gratified to see the hall was
full and not just with participants but with observers, reporters and
television cameras. In fact one television station, fronted by a woman
with short hair, a business suit and large breasts that deliberately burst
free from her jacket, was to film the whole event, but not to actually
screen it all. This woman started off by describing the event to her
viewers, - which included the stage, the participants and, most importantly
of all, Null herself. This woman interviewed both Innocence and Chastity
whom she described as the main organisers of the event, but pointedly
avoided interviewing Kedi, although she had more to do with its
organisation than anyone else. Kedi would have been more offended had she
not lived in Wonderground for so long and become rather accustomed to such
casual racism.

Several reporters had tried to interview Null as she lay chained to the
side of the stage before the event, but were soon discouraged by her
inability to understand their questions, to form any answers and to
restrain herself from trying to sexually assault them. However, when the
event started it was much easier to focus on her as participant after
participant came on stage in agreed turns, paid their money, and fucked

This routine went on and on, and soon the commentators found that really
there were only two things they could do. One was to praise the
participants in working so hard for charity and making the event such a
success (and forbearing to mention those whose sexual performance was not
quite adequate and who after the prescribed maximum time had to be taken
off stage without achieving any successful sex at all). The other was to
pass comment on Null's unflagging sexual enthusiasm, her frequent, noisy
and often explosive orgasms and what a marvellous performer she was. This
must have become very boring for both spectators and commentators after a
while as after a full day of sex, Null continued through the night and into
the next day with no apparent sign of fatigue.

This state of affairs just continued and continued, and by the eighth
day in which Null had not slept at all, the audience which had thinned out
after the second day was packing out the hall as spectators observed for
themselves a phenomenon of sexual stamina that most hadn't believed
possible. Kedi's fears of a lack of fuckers proved to be unfounded as the
fame of Null and the Fuckathon had spread beyond Wonderground and people
were rushing to participate from everywhere.

And then, just when it seemed that Null would never tire, indeed after
she'd just yet again exploded into orgasmic screams that echoed throughout
the hall and frightened off a flock of pigeons outside, she suddenly
collapsed underneath the man who was fucking her at the time and fell
asleep. The Fuckathon was then over.

Kedi was relieved. She wondered whether Null would be all right after
such relentless fucking, but she was and a few days later, after she'd
recovered from an immensely long sleep she was back at the Five Minute
Fuck, with her name in much larger letters and a photograph of the
Fuckathon, being charged out at somewhat more extortionate rates than

Null didn't understand why, but she felt that she was being treated with
rather more respect and consideration than she'd ever had before. Her most
pressing need, which was for frequent and unrestrained sex, was at last
being satisfied and she was very grateful to the women who'd made it
possible for her. Now that Mouse had left to perform elsewhere, there were
now only three others sharing the flat, and although she wasn't able to
quantify it in any way, their quality of life had somehow improved as well.
She really had no suspicion that in some way her prodigious sexual appetite
was the reason why none of the girls needed to work any more, beyond
facilitating her own services to the many clients who would queue up for

Innocence was now quite lonely now that her lover had gone, and she had
decided not to share her bed permanently with Kedi or her sister, though
this didn't prevent her having sex with them on frequent occasions. Her
times with Null were mostly spent with the sole intent on giving the girl the kind of care and attention she quite obviously needed. Innocence,
however, was the only one of the girls who ever came to her for sex, but
the one who was most attentive to her these days was Chastity. When Null
was out of the now sumptuously decorated flat, away from the massive video and stereo system, and not lounging in the comfortable luxury furniture,
she would either be providing her Five Minute Fuck or, increasingly, be
escorted by Chastity to the premises of some man who seemed delighted by
the extent of her sexual desire.

There seemed to be an endless procession of these visits in premises
more sumptuous even than those she'd become accustomed at her flat, where
men with great wealth, sometimes singly and sometimes in groups with
participating women, would assist her in indulging in all sorts of sexual
activity. She would be urinated on, have faeces dropped onto her, would
have whole hands pushed inside her while her anus was being filled by all
sorts of objects, sometimes manacled and chained, sometimes slapped, but
always having close intimate attention. This was what she craved and what
she demanded. And in all this, Chastity would be out of sight waiting for
her, and would only appear when, after hours of sexual activity it was time
to leave. And quite often she would be handling a large wad of notes.

Null was not totally insensitive to the atmosphere at the flat which
often seemed strained, with Innocence and Kedi arguing with Chastity it
seemed about the very money which Chastity was collecting from Innocence's
clients. They somehow appeared rather less than enthusiastic about her new
activities. Often at the end of these arguments, Innocence would sit with
a Null restrained by chain and cunt-ring and talk to her. Null had no idea
what Innocence was saying, but it seemed very sympathetic and tearful.
What troubled her was that these conversations didn't necessarily lead to
sex, but she supposed that Innocence was getting some gratification from

There then came a period where with apparent reluctance from Chastity,
Null found herself totally deprived of all sex except from Innocence.
Indeed only Innocence and Kedi ever came to speak to her, while Chastity
might be seen looking at Null from round the corner of a door. This
abstinence upset Null. She flung herself bodily at the two girls and
masturbated with everything she could find, including her food. She weeped
from frustration and beat her cunt hard to stimulate sensation from it. On
one occasion she hit it so hard that it started to bleed, and she took
consolation in letting the blood gather in her hands and then licking them.
When Innocence found her lying on the sheets with a puddle of blood between
her legs, she shrieked and was soon joined by the other two girls who
argued vehemently amongst themselves what should be done.

The result of this was a return to visiting men again in Chastity's
custody - something which clearly pleased her, but appeared to give less
pleasure to the other two. Chastity had started talking to her at greater
depth and indeed to show a great deal more affection than before. She
didn't however appear to be particularly enthusiastic about having sex with
her. She also now took on the responsibility of feeding her, washing her
and combing her hair - tasks that previously only the other two had ever

Null was happy to return to fucking. She didn't mind who fucked her.
Women with dildos, dogs, donkeys, children - it didn't matter! Chastity
also didn't mind, it seemed - being more concerned with the money she was
receiving. Null missed the Five Minute Fuck, although her own perception
of it had been of a paradise served by an unending queue of fuckers.

However, she was vaguely aware that things were due to change again -
and found some of Chastity's attention rather more clinging than before.
She also became aware that the other two girls approached her in a way that
she'd experienced before whenever she was due to leave somewhere. The
change when it came though was not totally unexpected.

The evening before was one she spent making love to both Innocence and
Kedi with Chastity watching unhappily from a chair. Innocence was much
more passionate than usual and greatly attentive to giving the girl as much
pleasure as she could. Although, Null shared her penis with Kedi, she got
the feeling that Innocence was making a special effort to fuck Null
principally. The lovemaking went on through the night, and was punctuated
with tears and some arguing from Chastity.

The following day, she was awoken by the three girls who hugged and
kissed her in a sorrowful manner, and then she was introduced to a new
companion who was a tall middle-aged woman in a long white coat and with a
very sad smile. This companion took Null around the shoulders and cuddled
her firmly to her bosom, restraining her at the same time from any sexual
activity. Her hair was stroked and her face was tenderly kissed. She was
then put into a strange jacket whose sleeves pulled her arms across her
waist and prevented her from moving. There followed a peculiar ceremony of
tears and kisses and cuddles from the three girls, which somehow she knew
meant that there wouldn't be any more sex with them again. Null had
experienced occasions like this before, but never so intently.

All of a sudden, something deep inside her cracked and she started
crying and blubbing and weeping unrestrainedly. She felt surprise as her
eyes started pouring out tears whose salt trail mingled in her mouth with
the dribble of snot from her nose to produce a very salty taste. Although
no one had hit her, she felt the same bruised and damaged feeling about her
lower face that she'd usually only experienced after rough sex with men of
peculiarly cruel taste.

The last Null saw of her companions were the three of them through the
window of the white car waving again and again at her as it drove away with
her and her new companions. Kedi was standing naked as always, while
Chastity and Innocence had their arms around each other with Innocence
crying almost as much as Null was. Her new companions spoke to her and
cuddled her, but as the realisation of the perhaps permanent loss of her
lovers became clearer, Null began screaming and wailing inconsolably - and
continued to do so for several more weeks until she could no longer clearly
remember just what it was she was missing so terribly.


In Which Dodie rediscovers Innocence; and Innocence acquires a new fame
from past endeavours.

Dodie had been away from Wonderground for so long on her travels which
had taken her as far as her stamina and savings allowed her. She had seen
so many different countries and districts, and had met so many different
people. And frequently made love to them. She'd accumulated possessions
and had them stolen. She'd lain for days in foreign hospitals and
frequently been so intoxicated or drugged up that she'd lost all knowledge
and recollection of normal time and space. But in all her wanderings, one
of the moments she'd treasured most was the occasion when she had sex with
Innocence on the glacier. Such a perfect location! And Innocence such a
mistress of the art of sex! Dodie had come and come and come again - her
cries of passion bouncing off the mountains and threatening to set off
avalanches. In fact, so impressed was she by her moment of passion that
before the last drop of Innocence's semen dripped out of her vagina, she
went to a tattooist to have the name Innocence embellished on her left

So when she heard that Innocence was living in Wonderground, Dodie
headed to the address she'd been given expecting to meet her and also
Mouse, who she'd heard was Innocence's current lover (The lucky girl!).
She rang the doorbell and stood nervously in the porch in a padded nylon
jacket and huge trainers. Otherwise she wore nothing at all, except a
paraphernalia of studs and rings piercing her body and skin at various
points, and with a head which unlike her crotch or underarms was completely
shaved bare. At last, the door opened and she saw a slightly startled
Innocence who was dressed in only a silk dressing gown.

"Hi!" Dodie announced herself as self-confidently as possible. "I'm
back home!"

Innocence looked at Dodie a little blearily. Although it was
mid-afternoon, she'd clearly just been asleep, and finding it a little
difficult to focus her eyes. Dodie was relieved to find that she
remembered her after all these months. Perhaps our lovemaking had been as
memorable for her as it was for me, Dodie hoped.

"O hello, Dodie!" Innocence said with a warm and welcoming smile. "You
better come in!"

Dodie's heart began beating uncontrollably as she followed the beautiful
Innocence into the living room where she was introduced to Kedi and
Chastity who were eating dinner and listening to a compact disc. Kedi was
wearing nothing as usual and actually recognised Dodie from several years
before. Chastity was wearing a very tight dress which fit as tight against
her body as a dress could do, but was too short to cover her shaven vagina.
Her hair was straight with a geometric cut and fell just short of her

"So, where've you been?" asked Kedi, whose English had clearly improved
a great deal over the years. "Mouse told me that you were travelling the

"As much of the world as I could manage," admitted Dodie, aware that her
travels had been with substantially less purpose and direction than even
that description gave. She was carrying a heavy rucksack on her back and a
plastic bag, and was pleased to divest herself of these and leave them in
the hallway. She was surprised by the relative luxury of the girls' home.
She imagined that it would be much the same as the homes she used to live
in, with overflowing ashtrays, scattered empty wine bottles and clothes
scattered about. Here was somewhat considerable comfort, with tasteful
fittings and sumptuous thick pile carpets and new simple and commodious
furniture. There were stereos, computers, videos, microwaves and
everything. This was clearly not a place of poverty. She felt a little
nervous as she took off her padded jacket, under which she was wearing a
sleeveless singlet that barely pretended to hide her tiny little breasts.
The house didn't have the smell she'd become so accustomed to: of unflushed
toilets, unscrubbed beer-stained linoleum and hashish-stained wallpaper.

However, her feeling of feeling an inferior outsider diminished as she
began recounting her exploits across the continents, the people she'd met,
the cultures she'd observed and her more amusing adventures. "It's a real
fucking weird world out there!" she exclaimed, scratching the long hairs of
her crotch. "It's all fucking weird shit, the lot of it." She then
produced a half pound of best hashish, from which she crumbled a few grains
into cigarette papers and disinterred cigarettes, and with this stimulus
and several bottles of wine, the conversation continued for several more
hours and Dodie didn't find herself exhausting her supply of anecdotes or

She discussed her sexual encounters with shepherds in the distant
mountains of the equator and their curious predilection for making love to
sheep, which took on almost a religious significance. She discussed the
unsavoury political character of dictatorships that severely limited
freedom of speech, despite appearing so liberal in other respects -
particularly with regard to sex and drugs. She talked about the way she
suffered sexual and racial taunts, and the more frequent times when her
appearance had clashed with the attitudes of authority. She talked of the
drugs she'd taken. The sex she'd had. The times she'd been beaten, had
stuff stolen, intimately searched by border patrols, been sick. The
religions, ideologies and wars she'd found out about. The so many ways she
felt her horizons had been uneradicably altered by her experiences. "I
wouldn't have had one slightest change to all that's happened to me!" she
boasted, knowing this to be quite different to what she felt on innumerable

It was inevitable that Dodie and Innocence should end up fucking, which
they started doing before Kedi or Chastity had retired to their own beds.
The lovemaking was all that Dodie remembered and more. And in the midst of
it Dodie confessed the strength of her affection for Innocence, how she
never wanted to be parted from her, how she thought about her every day,
how she had been so impressed as to get a tattoo to celebrate her love.
She held Innocence close to her body - she didn't want an inch of space
between them - and cried unaccustomed tears of joy at the thought of
staying with her and making love with her again and again.

Innocence was clearly both flattered and a little put out by Dodie's
protestations of love, but she appeared to have no objection to having
Dodie share her bed for the conceivable future. She clearly enjoyed
Dodie's devotion to her penis which she would hold and put again and again
into her mouth or vagina, to stimulate it when it was not aroused and to
satisfy it when it was. Dodie had the feeling that Innocence was carrying
the weight of some unhappiness around with her, but she wasn't at all sure

At first she thought it was to do with Mouse's departure to follow her
career, but she came to realise that their love had never been particularly
exclusive. She wondered if the departure of Null, who had provided the
means for the girls' luxury, might be the cause. But that didn't seem to
be the full reason for her sadness, either. There was clearly something
that Innocence wanted in life which just living with her sister and her
sister's lover in comfort and relative luxury didn't fully satisfy. Dodie
hoped that her arrival as Innocence's new lover might in some way bring
more joy into Innocence's life, but that somehow didn't seem the whole

Dodie's stated opinions for Innocence's dissatisfaction narrowed on her
ambiguous status as a woman with a penis - and how her sexual identity was
compromised and its socio-political and socio-economic significances
thereof. She argued long and hard that what Innocence manifested was the
unease of sexuality in a tightly sexual stereotyped society. Dodie's inner
feelings, however, were that these stated reasons reflected more her own
character and attitudes and probably not a great deal of Innocence's.

Innocence was quite excited when the film Forbidden Love, - as was
entitled the film she'd been filmed in while she'd been living in Brook, -
was finally released, and she was able to go with Dodie to see it in the
cinema. It seemed to her that almost all the film footage that had been
taken of her and certainly all her modest dialogue had been included in the
final cut, and she appeared more prominently in the film cast listing than
she'd expected. Indeed, a picture of her was even included in the poster,
with her penis fully erect, which it had never been in the filming. Dodie
was pleased for her lover, who seemed much more excited by her modest film
success than she'd ever expected.

Innocence was even more thrilled when she got a phone call from a small
circulation magazine, Fuck Films Today, asking to interview her to which
she unhesitatingly agreed. The whole idea of fame clearly gave her
considerable satisfaction, even though it was a magazine Dodie had never
heard of, and neither had the other girls. Dodie bought a copy for
Innocence to read, which was more difficult than she'd anticipated as most
newsagents hadn't heard of the magazine either. It was a rather cheaply
produced magazine on not particularly good quality paper, and featured long
articles about obscure fuck films, with pictures of the stars. However,
this didn't trouble Innocence who eagerly looked for photographs of the
unlikely named Nancy Titbits, who was the woman who had phoned her up and
was going to interview her.

Nancy looked just like her photographs when she appeared at Innocence's
flat with Paul, the photographer, and all their recording and film
equipment. She had short cropped hair, was almost painfully thin with a
tiny nose in a round face, wearing a baggy tee-shirt emblazoned with the
magazine's name and a very brief pair of shorts. The photographer wore
very baggy and bedraggled trousers and jumper, and long hair that fell over
his face and didn't appear to have been washed for several days.

"Where shall we conduct the interview?" Nancy wondered as they were let
in, clearly impressed by the luxury of the flat. Innocence was dressed in
a long sleeveless silk dress with a split in the side which travelled from
her ankles to very nearly her armpit and under which she wore nothing else
at all.

"Anywhere you like!" Innocence answered. "As long as Dodie can watch."

"Of course she can!" Nancy said, settling for the girls' living room.
"I take it she's your lover!"

"You could say that," smiled Dodie who was dressed for the occasion in
just her singlet and wore a back-to-front baseball cap over her shaved

While Paul was setting up the equipment, Nancy explained what the
interview would involve. Most of it would consist of a question and answer
session, which would comprise the text of the interview. Then Innocence
and Dodie would be filmed together, either posing or, preferably, also
having sex. Finally, it would be desirable if Innocence could have sex
with her, so that she could legitimately include comments in the article of
Innocence's sexual skills. This would also be photographed, to provide
evidence of the truth of Nancy's assertions. "It's expected by our readers
that the interviewers should make love with the interviewees. For many of
them it is the main reason they read our magazine."

Dodie and Innocence had read Fuck Films Today with enough attention to
be aware of this requirement. Most of the photographs of Nancy in the
magazine had featured her being fucked by a male porn star who had a minor
rôle in films where his substantial bulk was desirable. His penis was of
quite normal dimensions, but Nancy had done her best to suggest that it
gave considerable satisfaction.

Nancy settled down on a sofa next to Innocence and turned on her
cassette recorder. She started asking questions while Paul fussed around
taking photographs of the two from several different positions. The
questions she asked were appropriate for an unknown fuck film star, about
whom nothing previously was known. These were to do with her childhood,
why she'd chosen a career in fuck cinema and where she thought her career
would take her. She asked very many more questions about her penis:
whether it was genuine, if she'd had it all her life, what shortcomings and
advantages there were to being a beautiful woman so unusually blessed, and
what her sexual preferences and predilections were. At this point,
Innocence was asked by Paul to show her limp penis to the camera for him to
photograph, which she did by pushing her skirt to one side over her
wide-spread legs.

In all this questioning, Dodie noticed, Innocence answered fully and
without too much embarrassment, being clearly delighted in her relative
importance as the subject of the interview. It seemed to Dodie that
Innocence was happier and more relaxed than she'd ever seen her before.
Stardom and fame undoubtedly suited her. Dodie had never been filmed
having sex before - and neither, she discovered, had Innocence - but it
wasn't without enthusiasm that the two divested themselves of clothes when
the question and answer session was completed and after posing for a few
moments for a few photographs started making love together.

Dodie reflected as Innocence's erect penis entered her bejewelled vagina that after having had sex so publicly without a camera recording what they
were doing, there really was no difference now - but Innocence appeared to
have a better feel of what was expected of them by positioning her genitals
as prominently as possible. It seemed to Dodie that her lover was actually
enjoying the sex rather more in that it was being recorded for posterity
than she did normally. Her gasps of ecstasy were notably more
frighteningly full-throated than usual. And when Dodie was sensing through
the repeated series of orgasms that were racking her slender body that
Innocence was just about to ejaculate, she untypically withdrew her penis
from inside her, pushed Dodie slightly off her and ejaculated her
prodigious semen over Dodie's tiny breasts and onto her face.

Dodie licked the semen from off her face, looking at her lover who was
sitting astride her with a hand on her erect penis squeezing out the last
drops of semen that spurted beyond her and onto the already slightly
stained upholstery. Her eyes were squeezed close in inexpressible ecstasy
and her full large-nippled breasts were heaving with her chest as her body
shuddered with joy. Her other hand held Dodie down beneath her, gently
massaging one of Dodie's prominent nipples.

The next thing Dodie knew she was redundant as Innocence and the now
naked Nancy, whose breasts were nearly as small as Dodie's, had replaced
her and the two were fucking together with incredible, almost theatrical,
abandon. Dodie felt jealous of the pair's lovemaking - a feeling she'd had
whenever she watched Innocence with Kedi or her sister - despite her
knowledge that in the same situation she'd behave in exactly the same way.
She felt particularly frustrated in the knowledge that her episode of
filmed sex was over, and that Innocence wouldn't appreciate it at all if
her interviewer confused her lovemaking with the fresh young film star with
that with her lover. Nancy and Innocence continued making love for quite a
while, involving all orifices - including Innocence's own anus which Nancy
entered with a dildo she had handed to her and strapped on by Paul.

The photographer continued snapping away. He paused during the more
prolonged sessions of continued passion, and then switched into action
whenever the two altered their routine to enter a new position or when a
new orifice was explored. He was clearly quite excited by the action
himself, as Dodie could see by focusing her eyes on the swelling in Paul's
trousers, but made no attempt to contribute to the action himself.

Eventually, after Innocence had released copious amounts of semen over
Nancy's breasts, buttocks and face, the two collapsed in an exhausted,
wasted state on the carpet with Nancy reflectively stroking Innocence's now
flaccid penis. Paul continued to snap pictures, and included amongst them
those of still damp and unmistakable stains on the carpet and elsewhere.

"I think that will be quite sufficient!" announced a flushed Nancy,
standing up and slipping on her tee-shirt. She was clearly quite flustered
because she initially pulled it over her back-to-front with the logo of an
erect penis and the slogan Films to Fuck to at the front rather than at the
back. She squeezed her slender hips into her shorts with some difficulty
and then kissed Innocence with some passion on the lips.

The interviewers left in a state of some disarray, but gave precise
details of how many pages the interview would occupy - which was about ten
including a centre-fold and several full-page pictures - and the date of
the edition in which the interview would appear.

"It'll be front-page material!" Nancy promised. "We'll give you good
copy - you don't have to worry. Fuck Films Today will do its best to
promote your career."

These kind words gave Innocence quite obvious satisfaction, which she
expressed more greatly in the passionate lovemaking she and Dodie indulged
in not long after the interviewers had gone.


In Which Dodie compares the relative virtues of Innocence and Chastity;
Kedi abandons Chastity; and Dodie leaves the comfort of Innocence.

Dodie understood the freedom of Innocence's love-making, and how it
would frequently involve her fucking her sister or Kedi, but it did little
to lessen the jealousy she felt as Kedi or Chastity would be yelping with
pleasure from the continued thrusts of Innocence's beautiful penis.
Although she so often thought of her lover's prick being her own that she
found the pangs of sharing it almost unbearable, she couldn't complain
about it without being guilty of great hypocrisy as she would often join
Innocence in her lovemaking with the others, and on several occasions she'd
made love to Kedi when Innocence wasn't in or was in another room making
noisy and passionate love to her sister.

She enjoyed her sex sessions with Kedi. The black girl was a great
lover: tender and passionate, somehow always responsive to Dodie's mood,
whatever that may be, just as she was to those of the two sisters. She had
no grounds to complain as with the passing weeks, Kedi seemed to be
spending rather more time in Kedi's and Innocence's bed, and rather less in
Chastity's. Dodie knew, although neither Kedi nor Chastity ever discussed
it, that their relationship wasn't going through the best of its days.
Sometimes she even heard the two lovers quarrelling in bed - usually just
before a quiet, dry-eyed Kedi would wander naked into Innocence's bed and
noiselessly ease herself into bed besides the two of them. On those
occasions, she never demanded or invited sex, although she was appreciative
of Innocence's cuddles.

Dodie soon re-established contact with all her friends from before her
travels, but she preferred to spend more of her time with Innocence at
their house rather than in the less salubrious flats, squats or bedsits
she'd previously haunted. However, she kept up her acquaintances
sufficiently to be able to spend evenings out with Innocence or Kedi to see
plays or to go to the odd night-club. She also revitalised her friendships
with her more radical political friends and sometimes found her evenings
spent fly posting or listening to very dull, badly dressed middle-aged men addressing an audience of people dressed with the same disregard for
conventional dress-sense as she. It was through these contacts that she
found herself active in the anti-racist campaign in Wonderground.

The cause of anti-racism was also of great interest to Kedi, who had
less of an ideological and more of a personal reason for wanting to be
involved in any campaigning. Kedi had suffered a great deal from racism in
the district - which although not as explicit or widely sanctioned as
before was still widespread enough for her to attract more adverse comments
for her skin colour (which she couldn't do anything about) than for her
nudity (which she could easily do something about). It was for this reason
that Kedi and Dodie found themselves coupled in the Multiracial Fuck-In,
which was organised by a radical group - the Socialists Wankers Party - to
protest against the discriminatory laws in Wonderground which although it
permitted mixed-race relationships, discouraged it by such means as not
allowing black, brown or asian partners of foreign birth Wonderground
citizenship, but permitted it when both partners were white - irrespective
of the country of origin. It was also a legal requirement on almost all
government documents to state skin colour, whether it was to sign a receipt
for paying local government tax, apply for planning permission or to buy a
television licence.

Kedi and Dodie went along to the march which preceded the demonstration
with neither of them in clothes, as did almost everyone else who was
protesting. Innocence, who felt great sympathy for any group that was
discriminated against for reasons to do with their sexual or physical
make-up, nevertheless felt unable to come along as she didn't want her
penis to become more of a focus of attention than the multiracial nature of
the demonstration; even though it was made clear to her that nudity
although desirable was by no means obligatory. "I just don't want to make
a big issue about something like this!" she sighed holding her penis in her
hand. Chastity wasn't too concerned about coming either, asserting that
demos were just a drag. "They never achieve anything and it's always
raining," she commented.

It wasn't raining at all as Kedi and Dodie walked arm in arm with a
crowd of Orientals, Arabs, Asians, Blacks and Aborigines who almost
outnumbered the white people in the crowd, and contained rather more who
were wearing clothes and showed no inclination to participate in the
Fuck-In. There was a mix of people in the crowd - most of them naked and
most of them men - with a high proportion of political activists many of
whom, like Dodie, had shaven heads and a plethora of body jewellery and
tattoos. There were also some with long brown ragged hair wearing large
rubber-soled boots showing off rather malnourished bodies and carrying a
strong smell of not having washed for rather a while. Dodie knew that her
life with Innocence had changed her, as she deliberately avoided being too
close to those demonstrators or at least downwind of their stench.

The protesters marched along the street - fortunately dry as many of
them, like Kedi and Dodie, were barefoot as well as bare in every other
detail, - crying out slogans like "Black and White Fuck and Unite", "Fuck
You! Fuck the State! Fuck the Weather! Watch Us Fuck Together!" and
"Hell Alright! Black Fuck White! Come On Jack! White Fuck Black!" As
they went by, an inquisitive crowd of spectators watched as they proceeded,
some visibly disturbed by the way several demonstrators had already
commenced making love with each other as they went along; though the
multiracial aspect of it appeared to cause the most concern. Dodie was
quite excited by the attention they were getting and on several occasions
made great efforts to get her mouth attached to Kedi's and her fingers into
Kedi's vagina as they walked.

Eventually the protesters arrived at the town park where the Fuck-In was
to take place, but not before hearing a procession of obscure politicians,
wordy intellectuals and minor celebrities appear on the platform and say
how much they supported the cause and how much they were looking forward to
joining in the sexual activity with the rest of them. Long before the last
speaker appeared on the platform to announce that the Fuck-In had
officially started the ground in front of the platform was full of wildly
copulating multicoloured bodies replacing the shouts of slogans by more
earthy breathing, full-throated orgasmic cries, gasps of ejaculation and
the puffs of exertion.

Neither Kedi nor Dodie had ever been in such a mass of naked writhing
flesh before, which stretched beyond the dimensions of a football pitch in
all directions and where partners were swapped and moved about freely.
Initially the two girls concentrated their attentions on each other - Dodie
as always being brought again and again to unbridled orgasm by Kedi's
expert sexual skills. It wasn't long however until the two girls lost
sight of each other (although occasionally their bodies must have
conjoined) as the mass of naked flesh overwhelmed them as it did everyone
else into one homogeneous heaving body undulating with packets of sperm
flavoured release. Semen splattered everywhere: on white bodies, brown
bodies, black bodies. Messing up blond hair, tangling in black curly hair,
smeared on shaven heads. Sweat pulsed off black limbs, coffee-coloured
buttocks, golden-brown stomachs and down the inside thighs of vaguely
yellowish round legs.

The demonstration was a great success, Dodie was sure; although she had
no idea whether it would actually change the world for the better. It
attracted a great deal of media coverage - pictures of the gathered mass of
coitus appeared on the front pages of all the newspapers and was nearly
headline news on the television. It went on for many hours longer than
expected - and only the chill of the night finally cleared away the last of
the orgiastic demonstrators. But most of all, as Kedi also agreed, it was
good fun. It was one of the most enjoyable fucks she'd had - and they'd
been through such a long series of partners. There was all colours, both
genders and enough pubic hair in her mouth to keep her satisfied beyond the
night and nearly drained her of the energy to make love with Innocence that

Kedi and Chastity's relationship had always been less than perfect while
Dodie was sharing the house with them, and it was inevitable that it would
break under the strain. Kedi was now spending all her nights in bed with
Innocence and Dodie, which made their nights more cramped. Much as Dodie
enjoyed feeling Kedi's warm slim black limbs enmeshed in hers, she felt
robbed of the last vestige of exclusivity in her relationship with
Innocence, particularly as it was clear to her that Kedi somehow attracted
more of Innocence's affection than she.

The change in Kedi's affections - which she never spoke about - very
much upset Chastity who took a succession of men into bed with her
(sometimes several at the same time) but made no secret of her desire to
sleep with Kedi. Her approaches, which were rarely subtle, were always
firmly but forcefully rejected by Kedi, who would even stop in the middle
of being fucked by Innocence below or above her, to express her wishes.
Dodie could see that it wouldn't be long until Kedi would be leaving. When
the day arrived it came totally without warning, when Dodie returned home
to find Innocence and Chastity involved in loveless fucking, with Chastity
growling and hitting Innocence as she orgasmed to Innocence's thrusts.
Dodie didn't feel inclined to join - and anyway she'd just had sex with an
old friend of hers - so she wandered into the kitchen where she found a
polite note from Kedi which said that she had left to visit a friend of
hers and attached no forwarding address.

Chastity was inconsolable, but Dodie could see that she was too proud to
express it by crying on anyone's shoulder. Instead she made frequent -
almost incessant - demands on Dodie and Innocence to have sex with her.
Innocence almost always agreed, and more often than not, Dodie would be
sleeping alone in Innocence's bed, while in Chastity's the two sisters were
fucking noisily and agitatedly through the night. On these occasions,
Dodie would cry softly to herself, her hand idly masturbating her
bejewelled vagina as she imagined only too well the movement of her
beloved's wonderful penis as it thrust in and out of Chastity's lubricious
cunt. Chastity's demands on Dodie were also very insistent, but much as
Dodie enjoyed the passion and intensity of her lover's sister's lovemaking
she found it empty of true love. It was quite obvious to her that she was
at best a poor substitute for Kedi, whom Chastity clearly still loved, and
at worst just a distraction like all the men who'd be leaving early in the
morning never to be seen again.

Life with the two sisters was not nearly so pleasant now that Kedi was
no longer there. Dodie had to admit that the black girl had been a much
better influence on the household than she'd ever been. Without Kedi, the
house began to lose a great deal of its orderliness; and tension rather
than relaxation dominated over relations and sexual activity. Innocence
made an effort to remain the same, but she was evidently upset by her
sister's sorrow and this meant that she allowed her clothes to get more
crumpled, spent less time on keeping herself clean and tidy, and allowed
the hair under her armpits and on her legs to grow to a soft velvety down.

Chastity's appearance disintegrated much more obviously. She allowed
her shoulder-length hair to lose all semblance of style and took to wearing
only as little as she could, put on with obvious haste and little evidence
of discretion. She took to wearing a singlet which had a rip in it that
daily got worse so that soon no amount of effort could persuade her left
breast to stop dangling out. Dodie found it disturbing that no
conversation with her could last for very long before Chastity would make a
rather blatant attempt to seduce her. She would grab Dodie's hand and
press it against the stubble of her pubic hair or against her free breast and its protruding nipple. She would pull up the singlet or tee-shirt that
Dodie wore and press her tongue on the small protuberance of bosom or the
nipples that so easily became harder and more excited. This was as nothing
to her attentions towards her sister, whose penis was almost immediately
grabbed, massaged and often inserted directly straight into her cunt or, on
occasion, her anus. Innocence wouldn't protest, which upset Dodie the
more, but her lover explained that it was the best way she knew of
comforting her sister for the heartfelt loss of the black love of her life.

Dodie was torn between her desire to stay with Innocence, whom she loved
so deeply, and her need to escape from an environment which had become
quite unpleasant and obsessive. She spent rather more time with her other
friends, often not returning home: knowing that rather than be surrounded
by the beautiful body of the most wonderful lover she'd ever known she'd
spend another night listening to the constant thump thump of Chastity's bed
against the wall and the girl's unrestrained cries of ecstasy. She
wondered if she could ever find a solution to her dilemma, - one that would
allow her the opportunity to keep open her relationship with her unusually
endowed lover.

In the event, it was actually Chastity who provided the excuse.
Innocence had often spoken about her desire to continue her school
education from where she'd left off and her sister had started discussing
the subject with her. One afternoon, after arriving from a long
opium-smoking session, Dodie found Chastity and Innocence sitting together
in the living room, not making love or even with their arms around each
other, but with a whole host of quite dull looking brochures scattered
about the floor. They were commenting to each other about courses in
subjects as diverse as Politics, Biology, Philosophy and Religion.

"Isn't it wonderful!" smiled Innocence, seeing Dodie arrive. "We're
going to college."

"College? Really! Where?"

"O! It's simply miles away!" replied Chastity lowering a brochure she
had which outlined the various extracurricular activities there were.
"We're going to be students."

"That means you'll be moving out of here," commented Dodie thoughtfully.

"Yes, it does," admitted Innocence sadly, "but we've been living here
for ever such a long time! It'll be good to make a change. And I'd like
to be properly educated."

"And they've got a lovely swimming pool at this college," enthused
Chastity. "A gym, a sauna and an arts centre. It'll be wonderful!"

"I suppose I'll have to find somewhere else to live," mused Dodie sadly.

Innocence sighed sympathetically. She stood up leaving her brochure on
the floor and walked over to Dodie's forlorn figure wearing only a pair of
denim shorts, allowing her breasts full freedom. She put her arms around
Dodie's shoulders and pulled Dodie close to her. "We may be parted,"
Innocence said. "But I'm sure we won't be parted forever!"

This little homily comforted Dodie immeasurably. She may be parted from
Innocence, but she was still appreciated. A warm moistness gathered in her
crotch as she tightened her grip on Innocence. "I hope you're right! I so
hope you're right!"


In Which Gryphon teaches Innocence and Chastity in a college of Further
Education; and develops a particular affection for the attractions of

Gryphon had enjoyed her work as a school-teacher and it was a great
disappointment for her when it became clear that she would have to
seriously consider a move to another institution - and as there was such a
shortage of suitable places in the district, it had to be to the local
college. The job suited her as she was able to indulge in both of her
passions: body-building and sex for which her positions as Physical
Education and Sex Education teacher gave her plenty of opportunity to
practise both. As a P.E. teacher, she could stay as fit as she could,
using the school's training equipment while at the same time instructing
her pupils in how to build up their bodies. It was true that few of them
were at all as interested in developing bodies as muscular and awesome as
her own, but those who did were given every chance for extracurricular
activity as she prolonged her working out in the school gym until quite
late in the evening. Gryphon loved that hot burning sensation that came
after a long session which told her that she had once again pushed her
muscular frame to its limits of physical endurance. It particularly
gratified her that in her school all Physical Education was done in the
nude and she had full opportunity to revel in the presence of the naked
bodies of her pupils. She particularly enjoyed outdoor sports on chilly
days when her pupils' nipples were stiff and erect from the cold.

The school was a Topless Girls' school where the required uniform was a
skirt, knickers, socks and shoes, and nothing else. Some of the older girls - the prefects - wore scarves around their necks but otherwise
nothing hid the girls' beautiful newly-formed breasts and their slim waists
and shoulders. The sex classes were particularly good for Gryphon,
although, of course, this wasn't where Gryphon had the opportunity to enjoy
sex with the pupils. The practical sex was provided by the male Sex
Education teachers, who would fuck her in front of the class towards the
end of the year - when the subjects relating to sexual organs and theory
had been thoroughly covered. In a way, this was the least satisfying part
of the Sex Education course as Gryphon had less interest in having sex with
men than with young girls for which she reserved the greatest passion. She
adored the bodies and sexual innocence of the younger girl, and always
cursed the restrictions put on her that prevented her doing more than
touching their smooth vaginas when demonstrating how their organs worked.

Her fingers could open wide the vagina of the lucky child chosen to sit
in front of the class for demonstration, but hers was the only vagina she
was permitted to probe around more physically - pushing her fingers or a
dildo deep inside them. She wasn't even permitted to allow the girls to
put their fingers inside. However, in front of a class of beautiful young topless girls she needed little stimulation to excite her when she was
demonstrating masturbation and the joys of the female orgasm.

However, she didn't lack sex with the pupils and this is what hastened
her departure from the school. Not all her colleagues appreciated the
licence that she took with pupils who assented to seeing her after class in
her study or who agreed to extra- curricular sex studies away from the
school. However, she wasn't the only teacher who took such advantage of
her wards - though most of the others were men or older women who had
somehow kept it far more discreet than she'd managed.

There was no shortage of girls volunteering for her sexual attentions -
although Gryphon hoped that it wasn't solely for the better grades this
activity guaranteed them. She hoped that at least some of them enjoyed
their passionate love-making in the gym late at night, in the school
showers or in the tiny study behind the Sex Education Laboratory. She
enjoyed running her hands and tongue over their small or sometimes unformed
breasts. She loved to pull down their knickers and skirt - often leaving
the socks and shoes on, even though she was always totally naked - and
apply her fingers and tongue to their lower orifices. She loved it when
they rubbed their bodies against her, and particularly when they could be
persuaded to try on one of her extensive collection of dildos, strapped
securely around the buttocks, and then thrust again and again deep into her
moist and excited cunt. What pleasure could be greater than this! she
would muse as once again the sweat of her body would mix with that of her
pupil, and the never limpid dildo thrust as deep into her as the selected
specification allowed.

Sometimes, she and other teachers would enjoy the pleasure of their
pupils at each others' homes. Some of the male teachers - particularly the
Maths and Physics teachers - were particularly keen on practising at home
the traditional disciplinary rôles otherwise denied them in the liberal
forward-seeking environment of a topless girls' school. They would take
pleasure - and disturbingly, the victims as well, - in punishing the pupils
for their school-time misdemeanours with slaps on the buttocks or even with
a cane. Some of these girls never seemed satisfied until their buttocks
were red and raw, black and blue, from the beatings that they received.
The more harshly they were treated, it seemed, the more passionate the
subsequent love-making. It often seemed to Gryphon, who joined in this
practice without great enthusiasm, that the girls relished the punishment
they were getting as their just deserts for the extra grades they were
undoubtedly going to gain.

The headmistress was one of those, and the only woman, who took pleasure
out of this species of activity, and visits to her home usually entailed
the pleasurable company of several pupils. These were particularly
passionate evenings for Gryphon - especially as the headmistress took more
pleasure from punishing the pupils than from having sex afterwards. On
occasions Gryphon's muscular body would be fawned over by three or four
pretty girls - often not yet teenagers - while the headmistress would watch
from the sofa exercising her cunt with a cane or even the end of a whip.
Even Gryphon thought that the headmistress abused her position of authority
as she felt sure that not all the pupils had volunteered for such
ill-treatment or had probably not been fully aware of the extent of her
peculiar tastes.

However, Gryphon's departure was determined when the headmistress left
after a scandal involving not one of the pupils, but the parent of one
whose daughter had never participated in any of these activities (and who
consequently had to struggle hard to achieve anything like the grades of
her more sexually active and indiscriminate class-mates). Gryphon never
really found out all the details, but the husband of this parent was
extremely incensed and the headmistress had to leave for another district a
long way away. She speculated that perhaps the parent had been beaten like
many of the pupils and the evidence of this had been sufficient cause for

Nevertheless, the new headmistress, a small woman with very small
breasts (which she kept as revealed as those of her pupils), was not at all
sympathetic to staff who took liberties with their pupils. Several of the
previous headmistress's closest friends were given a very severe dressing
down, as she delved into the discrepancies between the pupils' grades and
their ability. Gryphon kept a low profile, knowing that the marks that she
gave them (especially in Sex Education) were remarkably consistent with
their actual abilities. However, the new headmistress made sufficiently
frequent references to Gryphon about how she'd been implicated in the
sexual exploitation of her wards, for her to know that her departure
wouldn't be too unwelcome.

And so it was, that Innocence's and Chastity's first day as students at
King's college for Further and Technical Education was also Gryphon's first
day as a college Lecturer in Physical Education and General Studies.
Gryphon's greatest disappointment was that the students were of both
genders and that they were mostly older than those she'd been teaching
before. She was also disappointed that the pupils here were not topless by
policy - although several students were so by choice. And, in some cases,
were substantially more than topless. But at least she was still teaching,
and the college Gym was actually a great deal better equipped than the one
at the school.

Chastity was a student in one of Gryphon's P.E. classes and from the
beginning she suspected that this was a girl particularly amenable to
extra-curricular sex. She watched Chastity with particular interest from
her first day at school - particularly noticing the intimacy she enjoyed
with another very pretty girl, with blonde shoulder-length hair and a
fairly conservative wardrobe of blouses, skirts and plimsolls. Chastity
wore her hair in short plaits and also chose to wear a blouse and skirt
most of the time - but her blouse was almost always undone often allowing
her breasts to fall out and Gryphon spotted that she never wore knickers
underneath her flared skirt. She was slightly disturbed when she learnt
that Chastity's close companion was not a girl-friend, but in fact her
sister. There was nothing about their behaviour together that suggested
that they didn't have a healthily intimate relationship.

She noticed that Chastity was fairly indiscriminate in her choice of
partners, flirting with both the boys and the girls, and often to be found
cuddling or kissing with one or the other with total disregard to what
others might think. This gave Gryphon some hope of sexual satisfaction, as
she had not as yet built up any sexual relationships with any of her
students. She had had sex with a couple of her male colleagues, but this
really didn't give her the satisfaction that she craved. She knew that her
very muscular frame, with muscles much larger than those of any other
member of staff, was of great fascination to others at the school and she
enjoyed demonstrating the superiority of her physical strength over others.
So much for the weaker sex! But however hard and frantic the lovemaking,
however many times she enticed her colleagues to ejaculate over her firm,
unlined torso, letting the semen intermingle in the oils in which she
habitually greased herself to accentuate the ripples and contours of her
muscles, however many men she allowed to fuck her at the same time, it was
the company of young girls that she most longed for.

She made passes towards some of the prettier, more immature looking
girls after P.E. classes while everyone was still naked, or after General
Studies lessons, but these were always misinterpreted as just kind or
helpful statements and never led beyond an innocent pet on the cheek or the
caress of a naked behind. Gryphon longed for more passionate encounters,
where she could feel the sting of fresh saliva on her face after a young girl's licks and kisses. She longed again to hold a slim body in her arms
while thrusting again and again with her dildo into the child's anus, and
to watch the shivers of pleasure rack the young frame. It was somehow
easier at the Topless Girls' school where there had been a long tradition
of intimate staff-pupils relations, than here where students had come from
such very different backgrounds and more often than not had had no
suspicion that there was more to be had from their teachers than just
pedagogical instruction.

She guessed that Chastity knew well enough of the potentials for better
staff- student relations, and this was well illustrated after a Cross
Country run which she'd been leading and had effortlessly stayed ahead.
She'd almost regretted being ahead - although the competitive side of her
character wouldn't allow for anything different - as she'd missed seeing
the girls (and, incidentally, boys) running along naked in the midday sun,
a sight that always gave her considerably erotic satisfaction. She'd
showered and was practising with weights in the Gym, admiring the muscles
swelling in her forearms and wrists as she lifted the weights up and down
in mechanical rhythm. Soon she'd reached her present target for lifting
weights, and with sweat trickling down her face, into her eyes, through the
blonde mess of her short hair and down the thick muscles of her neck, she
made her way into the changing rooms to have a shower.

She was alerted to Chastity's presence in the shower by the sound of
serious panting and an occasional gasp. Inquisitive as always, Gryphon
crept slowly into the shower where the water was still gushing, to see
Chastity with another girl. Gryphon paused breathlessly when she
recognised Chastity, but also at the sight of the girl who was one for whom
she'd reserved particular affection. She was a very slim girl, with a very
young body. She barely had breasts at all and certainly no curves to
betray her sixteen years. She was also a girl that Gryphon had always
considered a lost hope, as she carried around with her an air of
untouchable innocence that the teacher believed from previous experience
was utterly insurmountable. And yet here she was - a conquest of this
sluttish student - enjoying absolutely Chastity's fingers probing deep
inside her cunt and her teeth nibbling at her tiny precise nipples.

Gryphon stood at the corner of the shower room, transfixed by the sight
and the girl's passionate cries. Then she noticed Chastity was looking at
her, and smiling while her teeth and mouth wandered away from the nipples
and towards the girl's earlobes. When Gryphon betrayed her emotion with a
blush, Chastity grinned broadly and then theatrically inserted her middle
finger into the girl's anus. The girl started slightly, her taut buttocks
slightly tightening with recognition of the invasion, but any complaints
she might have were muffled by Chastity's tongue which burrowed deep into
her mouth. Gryphon stood fascinated, watching the warm water of the shower
cascading over the naked girls while Chastity's fingers stimulated the girl from front and rear. Half of her wanted to be invited to join and another
half felt uncharacteristically embarrassed and just wanted to run away.

It was the latter half that triumphed, and Gryphon wandered off to the
Gym, where she sat by the vaulting horse and began frantically
masturbating. She pictured again and again the image of Chastity inserting
her finger deeper and deeper into the girl's arse, and she could picture further Chastity taking the girl's clitoris in her teeth and nibbling at
it, while she ejaculated again and again, louder and louder, with her body
shaking with passion with greater and greater abandon.

"Why hello there!" she suddenly heard. Gryphon looked up with a
startled expression, her fingers moist with vaginal stimulation and her
face contorted with the effort of imagination. "You seem to have enjoyed
my making love with little Josie as much as I did."

Gryphon didn't know what to say. She looked up at Chastity's naked
body, with her red-ribboned plaits just reaching her shoulders and still
glistening with drops of water from the shower. She tried to articulate
something, but Chastity bade her quiet with a forefinger to her mouth.
"You have such a beautiful body, you know," she commented, placing her
hands on Gryphon's shoulders as she sat below her on the matting. "Those
triceps and biceps. All those curves and crevices. And such a lovely firm
stomach. And so smooth! Almost to your tiny furry patch..." She kneeled
down in front of her teacher and placed a hand on Gryphon's pubic hair and
started stroking. "May I?" she asked, tweaking Gryphon's clitoris in her
fingers. Her teacher could only nod.

And so it was that Gryphon struck up a sexual and romantic attachment to
Chastity - the first time with a ward on almost equal terms. She wasn't
able to maintain the status of superiority by rank and age that she managed
so easily with other charges. Chastity was not in the slightest impressed
by that - although she commented that she now knew how to improve her
grades without studying. When Gryphon asked jealously whether this meant
she was having sex with her other teachers, Chastity only smiled. Gryphon
needn't have asked though, because she knew from conversations with her
colleagues that almost all her male teachers and at least one other female
teacher had also had sex with the girl. Her sexual promiscuity had given
her quite a reputation in the school - but so many had received pleasure
from her that she wasn't at all censured for it.

Chastity assured Gryphon that she was her favourite lover at the moment.
She loved her body, with its mixture of feminine curves - the narrow waist,
the full breasts, her little girl lost face - and masculine contours. She
loved the firmness and strength of Gryphon's muscular thighs which could
grip so tight they could squeeze all the breath out of her. And the
muscles that Gryphon had trained in her pubic region and her buttocks that
she could use to stimulate their lovemaking.

Chastity's sister, Innocence, remained a mystery to Gryphon. Although
Chastity talked about her, she never mentioned anything about her sex life
or sexual predilections. She heard that quite a while ago she had left
home abandoning her education, and that now both she and Chastity were
assiduously recommencing their education from where they'd left off. She
was convinced by the sisters' kisses and caresses that the two of them
enjoyed frequent sex with each. Often their sexual relations were made
more than clear to her as the two might kiss tongue to tongue while Gryphon
was looking on, but she never saw the two indulge in genital intimacy.
Perhaps Chastity knew, as Gryphon belatedly realised, that her affection
for Chastity had become a jealous love, and more than the thought of her
beloved having sex with others made her feel distinctly upset.


In Which Gryphon purchases affection and gains a little satisfaction;
the provision of Chastity to those willing to pay; and Gryphon's discovery
of the hidden virtues of Innocence.

Despite the rewards of her affair with Chastity, Gryphon still didn't
feel that her sex- life was wholly satisfactory. She acutely felt the
insecurity of having a relationship with a girl who had so many different
partners and made no pretence otherwise. She looked for another outlet for
her sexual needs, and thought she may have found it in the district near
her town-centre house which was famed for its streetwalkers and
prostitution. She often passed the roads where the girls, transvestites
and transsexuals paraded themselves for sexual services at all times of the
day and night.

The prostitutes dressed in all manner of revealing clothes. Stockings,
suspenders, garters, basques and even total nudity - but however they
dressed, by tradition they kept their groins displayed. This was partly
for reasons of identification, as someone so prominently displaying his or
her pubic region (often blatantly thrusting it forward!) was quite likely
to be selling it as a commodity. It also was a very handy way of being
sure of the gender of the particular prostitute as some of the most
feminine prostitutes, with quite substantial breasts and good figures, were
in fact endowed with penises. Gryphon quite admired the dedication shown
by these men towards changing their sex, as it matched the dedication she
also had towards building up her own figure - albeit in the opposite
direction. Some of the younger prostitutes - and these were the ones to
whom Gryphon was particularly enamoured - were of ambiguous gender for
quite different reasons. It was the lack of gender signals that their
undeveloped bodies generated that meant it was advisable to take a good
look at what they had between their legs.

Despite the muscularness of her frame, Gryphon was undoubtedly a woman
even though the clothes she wore consisted mostly of track suits or other
sportswear. As a result, Gryphon was never approached by any of the
prostitutes as she walked home, which she felt was a great shame. She
often pleaded to them in her imagination, to turn their bodies towards her,
flashing their cunt or penis, smiling welcomingly and asking her whether
she fancied a fuck. They never did, as their custom was entirely composed
of men, who guiltily walked up and down the street, furtively glancing at
the women as they deliberated just whom they wanted to fuck. And those
that were not walking, were cruising slowly along in their cars while the
prostitutes waited to run towards any car that slowed down sufficiently or
actually stopped.

Gryphon tried to pick up courage to pick up a girl, but something about
the sordid activity rather disturbed her. She thought of it partly as an
admission of her failure to obtain a fully satisfactory sex-life, and
partly she felt that it was an unsightly exploitation of her own sex. But
on a drizzly day when there were fewer punters and the prostitutes were
openly cutting their prices to generate any business at all, she approached
a young oriental girl - perhaps only eleven years old - with the
proposition. The child was one whom Gryphon had often lusted after as she
passed by, feeling great sadness when she saw the girl leading off one or
two men with their hands groping around the smooth vagina she showed
beneath her white blouse. The child was quite gauche as she stood there,
thrusting out her smooth unshaven wares, and today she was wearing a
see-through raincoat that didn't obscure at all her blouse or her smooth
crotch while she held up a pretty little umbrella to keep the drizzle off
her face.

The girl was more than a little amazed to be approached by a woman -
especially one with a physique like Gryphon's, - but she nervously smiled
and then wordlessly led Gryphon along the dark damp streets to her home,
which was on the eleventh floor of a tower block. Gryphon felt
increasingly uncomfortable as they mounted the urine-smelling steps past
graffiti with phrases like We Don't Give A Fuck!, Niggers Keep Out! and
Kevin Sucks Boys' Dicks! However, they eventually reached the girl's home
which was one of several doors on a balcony looking over an identical
building opposite, in front of which there was a constant drip drip of rain
coming off the roof and through holes in the plastic guttering.

The girl opened the door with a series of keys, and took Gryphon along a
very dingy hallway littered with children's toys and motorcycle parts to
her room which betrayed all the evidence of a girl more keen on pop stars
and computer games than on sex with middle-aged men (or for that matter
well-built woman P.E. teachers) Gryphon could see that this was not the
sort of girl who would ever have been privileged enough to enrol at the
Topless Girls' School, and quite unlikely to get the chances in life that
her pupils had. Sex with strangers for money at eleven years of age was of
quite a different order to having sex with your teacher in the hope of
better grades. As the girl silently removed her few clothes and hung them
on the threadbare upholstery of a single chair, Gryphon could hear the
sound of the television coming from the living room intermingled with the
whine of a young child and the yell of a frustrated mother. She could also
hear the constant thumping noise of a stereo system from the flat above,
but she had no way of distinguishing what the music might be from its
insistent bass rhythm.

Although Gryphon was very practised with sex with children, this was
quite a novel experience to her. It was both sordid and in a novel way
very erotic. She quite hated herself for it after she'd guiltily paid for
the sex with an extra note on top of those she'd agreed to (for which the
girl was pathetically grateful). On the other hand this sampling of a
world of degradation and disgust was curiously satisfying. Gryphon quite
enjoyed the fact that what she was getting was paid services - like having
her car serviced, or having a haircut, or getting her clothes dry-cleaned.
There was no emotional baggage to carry around, though she felt a certain
amount of sympathy for the girl she'd spent more than an hour licking,
kissing and finally entering physically with the dildo she'd especially
brought for the purpose. The fact that the girl bled from the violence of
her sexual activity seemed curiously distant from the real world of
sensation. She was, after all, only a prostitute.

Gryphon's discovery of paid sex became a secret passion. She didn't
feel able to discuss it with anyone. Not with Chastity. Not with
Innocence. And certainly not with her colleagues. Had she still been
teaching at the Topless Girls' School she'd probably have confessed it to
her headmistress, knowing that in some peculiar perverse way she'd have
fully approved her behaviour and would have total sympathy. However, for
the prostitutes parading Kingsway, she became quite a frequent sight -
especially at the hours when there was least chance of being spotted by any
of her colleagues or students.

At first she concentrated on her main passion - which was for little
girls - but she felt that with so much variety on offer, she could afford
to diversify (and in the competitive cut-throat environment in which they
plied their trade their services were quite affordable). She enjoyed the
sexual attention of young boys, transsexuals, pregnant women, all sorts.
In many cases, she got a privileged view of the prostitutes' homes which
were often rather less well appointed than that of the oriental girl with
the raincoat. Sometimes they were filthy squats and the sex took place on
soiled mattresses lying on bare and filthy floorboards with the sound of
echoing conversation coming from other empty rooms. Sometimes they were in
tool-sheds, made to look like bedrooms but with only just about enough room
for Gryphon and the prostitute to lie down with their feet banging against
the splinters of the door. The worst was when the prostitute had nowhere
to take Gryphon - and she'd already agreed to her services - and it was sex
standing up in a backyard or a deserted alley-way, with their feet covered
in litter and the wind lapping around her bare arse.

Gryphon knew that the prostitutes had mixed feeling about providing
their services for a woman rather than a man. On the one hand, Gryphon
took much longer to satisfy than a man who could usually be expected to be
relieved of his semen within five minutes. On the other hand, sex with
Gryphon didn't necessarily entail either vaginal or anal sex, and some of
the more chatty prostitutes told her that often a girl's cunt just needed a
bit of a rest. Gryphon could scarcely agree, but she was aware that her
purchase of their services provided the girls with unsuspected variety.

One night as Gryphon was cruising Kingsway she was rather taken by the
distant sight of one girl with her hair in pony-tails, wearing a demure
blouse and socks, - but her vagina, as always very prominently displayed.
This attracted her partly because of her own tastes, but also because here
was a girl she'd never seen on display before. She was clearly very open
with her offers, leaning out and flashing her cunt boldly at every man who
passed by.

However, it came as rather a shock when she approached nearer to see
that this prostitute was someone extremely familiar to her. She was, in
fact, Chastity, whom Gryphon had never imagined as someone who'd ever find
the need to sell herself in this way. From her visits to Chastity's flat,
she'd been rather more impressed by the relative comfort in which she and
her sister lived. She hesitated, intending to turn round so that Chastity
wouldn't recognise her - but it was too late.

"Hi there!" Chastity called out cheerfully wandering towards her. "Off
home are you?"

"Well, yes," lied Gryphon who'd really been searching for more paid-for
pleasure, but still not wanting to confess to her nocturnal habits. "What
are you doing here?"

"What do you think?" Chastity laughed, hitting her gently on the
shoulder. "Us students have got to do something to afford our education."

"Does Innocence do this as well?" wondered Gryphon.

"Innocence? O shouldn't think so. She'd be terrified if she were
confronted with a strange man. And I don't do this that often - but when I
do... It's real good money! Hey, need the fuck of a lifetime?"

This last was addressed to a short middle-aged man in an anorak who was
passing by. He was one of the punters that Gryphon had often seen
wandering by. He paused in his stride and nervously examined her. "How

When Chastity answered his question, he nodded and Chastity put her arm
through his. "I'll take you somewhere for a fuck you won't easily forget."
Gryphon was about to melt away, feeling more than a little upset to see her
lover selling herself so cheap (although it was for a little more than she
usually needed to pay), but Chastity grabbed her by the arm. "Come along,
lover, this'll be fun!"

The client didn't appear to object at all as Chastity walked along
linking Gryphon on one arm and him on the other. Gryphon felt dragged
along by events, and didn't say a word, even as her lover put her arm
around her waist. Chastity chatted all the while with the client to
ascertain what his particular sexual preferences were and promising to be
able to provide all he wanted and more for the extra costs which she
specified in clinical detail. Gryphon's thoughts concentrated on just
where it might be that Chastity might be leading her - her lover didn't
live anywhere near this district and she was sure that she wasn't someone
who would use a backyard or a patch of grass for a fuck.

In this she was right as Chastity led the two of them to a quite nice
small house tucked away down a private road more noted for its herbaceous
borders than its brothels. She unlinked her arm from Gryphon's and rang
the doorbell. After only a few seconds the door was opened by a girl Gryphon recognised from the school but didn't actually teach. She was a
shy very skinny girl with blonde plaits and wearing jeans and tee-shirt.
"Oh, it's you again! It's the fourth time this evening. If Mummy were

"But she isn't," smiled Chastity. "Let us in."

The girl obeyed, eyeing Gryphon suspiciously as they walked through the
porch into a wide hallway. This was quite unlike the kinds of houses
Gryphon usually was escorted into, and she could see that Chastity's client
was also very impressed. "I haven't managed to clean up since the last
one..." reproved the girl, leading the three of them on to a bedroom
plastered with posters of film-stars and in which a compact disc was
playing some inappropriately frantic dance music.

"You'll get your percentage, Camille. And you can get to watch again,"
Chastity replied, methodically guiding the client to the bed and pulling
down his trousers. His penis was standing fully erect and he was clearly
rather enjoying being in the company of so many women. Chastity pushed his
trousers down below his knees, while running the fingers of her other hand
up and down the length of his prick. "You can watch as well, Gryphon,

Gryphon felt she had very little choice as she sat down on the floor
underneath a travel poster while the girl who owned the room sat frowning
but unprotesting on her chair. She watched bemused as Chastity lay on her
back - not taking any more clothes off and guided the man's penis into her
cunt. For the next few minutes, Gryphon and she watched in fascinated
silence, with the empty space filled with the ecstatic shouts and cries of
the singers on the compact disc, while the client pushed in and out of her
cunt, his buttocks heaving towards them. Uncharacteristically, Chastity
made no cries of pleasure as he continued his thrusts. It wasn't too long
until he gasped hard and fast, and presumably having released his sperm he
collapsed on top of Chastity's body. Gryphon's lover lay there smiling
cheekily at Gryphon and Camille, and then whispered into the man's ear.
Whatever it was she said, he appeared to agree to and also to whatever the
cost of it was.

He then stood up and so did Chastity, who approached Gryphon and lifted
her up by her shoulders. "I told him that you were my teacher," she said
by way of explanation as she unzipped Gryphon's track suit. Chastity's
teacher felt unable to protest as her clothes were steadily removed, and
she appeared naked in front of Chastity's client and Camille. She found
her clitoris being exercised and soon surrendered herself to the familiar
warmth of her lover's body. The sex this time was considerably more
ecstatic, and Gryphon was able to observe the client masturbating furiously
- clearly unsettling Camille who nevertheless sat in stunned silence. Her
love-making was rather disturbed when she felt some droplets of warm liquid
dropping on to her broad back as her muscles were rippling with the
tensions of lovemaking. Startled she turned her head, not too surprised to
see the client's penis spurting long streams of semen over her and her

When he'd released his semen, Chastity unceremoniously halted the
lovemaking, and led the client downstairs leaving Gryphon and Camille alone
in the bedroom. Gryphon was exhausted and feeling somewhat filthy.
Camille looked at her with a long melancholy stare that fit very well with
her long thin face. Gryphon felt obliged to say something to comfort the
girl - fighting her own desire to take the girl's jeans off and to apply
her tongue to her young cunt. "Does Chastity often come here?" she asked
weakly, leaning forward on her broad forearms. Camille made no reply, so
Gryphon repeated the question.

"It's the fourth time this evening," Camille replied. "The fourth dirty
disgusting man! And the third evening Chastity's done this..."

Gryphon realised belatedly that the girl was feeling quite
understandably exploited, and she also knew that she couldn't really say
anything which could either justify Chastity's behaviour or even comfort
her. Furthermore, her own participation rather compromised herself as an
independent witness.

"Just because Mummy's not here! What would she think if she saw those
horrible men fucking on my bed. I'll have to put all the sheets in the
washing machine - and Mummy'll wonder why I've got so clean and tidy all of
a sudden!" Camille pushed a hand over her forehead and through her hair.
"Never again. Never again."

Chastity appeared again, counting a number of notes. "He thought you
were great, Gryphon!" she announced cheerfully handing her a couple of
notes. She then kneeled down in front of Camille and took the trembling
girl in her arms. "...And Camille, sweetest, my dearest love, you are so
wonderful! Only someone as beautiful, as kind, as understanding, as you
could help me in my time of need!" She handed the girl a couple of notes,
and then showered her face with kisses. Gryphon could see that here was
yet another of Chastity's conquests, whom she'd presumably decided was
worth getting to know better for the accommodation she offered. She also
felt a burning flush of envy as she watched Chastity passionately kiss
Camille full on the mouth and massage her young small breasts under the

When Chastity had at last finished, it was clear that Camille had
sufficiently forgiven her for her exploitation to want rather more
lovemaking, but Chastity was not ready to oblige. "I'll best show my
teacher home," she smiled.

"Can't you stay?" pleaded Camille.

"Your Mum's due home soon, isn't she?" smiled Chastity by way of
explanation. She led Gryphon away, after she'd put her track suit back on,
and as she walked out she softly commented: "I wondered if I'd ever be able
to get away from her..."

"Sorry?" wondered Gryphon.

"Camille," explained Chastity, opening the front door and leading them
out into the street. "She's so possessive!"

"Possessive?" Gryphon felt fairly possessive herself about her errant
lover. "How did you get to know her?"

"How do you think? I'm her first lover as well! But I really don't
want to get tied down with a wimp like her. She thinks that I'll give her
another session - but she was so boring! Not like you, darling!" She
squeezed Gryphon's muscular buttocks. "You're a real lover! Shall we go
back to your place?"

Gryphon felt thoroughly helpless and completely manipulated, but she
nodded. "Yes, I'd enjoy that," she admitted sadly.

The fact that Gryphon lived so close to the main drag where the
prostitutes hung out was seen as a great boon to Chastity who took very
little time in persuading her teacher to let her use her flat to bring her
clients back. At first Gryphon made an effort to be in whenever Chastity
announced that she'd be back for a night of business - but she didn't enjoy
it at all. She didn't enjoy watching her student lover being fucked on
what was admittedly her spare bed but one on which she herself had sex
occasionally. She had again tried, but really didn't derive much joy from,
participating in the love-making. She'd never found men that attractive at
the best of times, and precious few of Chastity's clients could ever be
described by even the most charitable as attractive. The saddest aspect,
Gryphon thought, was their total lack of imagination in their lovemaking
combined with some very sad fantasies that said more about a
self-recognition of their inadequacies - and not only in sexual matters -
than it did about the potentials of sexual adventure.

Gryphon found she preferred to find an excuse to get away while Chastity
was servicing her clients and pick up a prostitute for her own purposes for
which she would gladly pay more to extend the period of lovemaking. This
activity though was palling quite rapidly as Gryphon found herself
imagining the girls she was fucking or sucking were just girls like
Chastity. And then the painful thoughts of her lover lying in on her spare
bed with her legs open while a hairy-arsed man thrust his buttocks back and
forth and looking rather apathetically at something immeasurably more
fascinating in the design of the lamp-shade.

Gryphon visited Chastity's own flat rather less often these days. She
felt that her relationship was already petering out not very long after it
had started and that her favours to Chastity had fast become more akin to
the financial gain that she got from Chastity's services (which barely
covered the costs of the prostitutes she'd be using in the meantime).
Chastity must have realised this, as she became rather more insistent that
Gryphon should visit her.

"I think it's about time I properly introduced you to Innocence," she
announced to Gryphon one day, after her (it seemed) eleventh client that
night. Gryphon thought she knew what her student meant by this. It was
just a euphemistic way of describing having sex with Chastity's sister -
which she looked forward to immensely having been very much won over by the
girl's beauty, her modesty and the suggestion she somehow imparted of being
a very passionate lover.

She could see though that Innocence hadn't herself suggested the idea
when she went to Chastity's flat to fulfil her lover's promise. The girl wasn't as excited by the prospect as Chastity so clearly was and seemed to
find endless excuses to delay going to bed with Gryphon and her sister.
This was even after Gryphon and Chastity had long since stripped off their
clothes and had enjoyed nearly an hour of lovemaking together, watched by
Innocence sitting on a sofa sipping the last glass of wine left from the
bottle Gryphon had brought along with her for the occasion. Gryphon felt
almost embarrassed by the hugeness of her muscular frame, the broadness of
her back, the leanness of her stomach and the prominence of the veins in
her arms. It seemed somehow so indelicate compared to the softness of
Innocence's sweet little body.

Finally, and after some cajoling from Chastity, Innocence agreed to
disrobe for her and her lover. Gryphon's heart skipped a beat as she
examined the pure round orbs of the Innocence's full breasts, the perfectly
formed aureate nipples, the slender waist , the smooth thighs - so
beautifully proportioned: young and slim and firm. However the
palpitations of her heart were as nothing to the near asphyxiation she
reached when Innocence was persuaded to pull down the silk knickers she'd
left until last and revealed a perfectly formed and now semi-erect penis.
How could such a beautiful girl be so divinely blessed? Gryphon asked
herself while Chastity took full advantage of Gryphon's sexual excitement
and buried almost the whole of her fist into Gryphon's muscular vulva. She
felt close to fainting as Innocence strode across the room towards her
sister and teacher, her beautiful figure exactly like her dearest fantasies
of beautiful women but carrying nonetheless a perfectly formed penis
standing erect in front of her just waiting for Gryphon to put her mouth

And this she did, after Chastity had shown her that Innocence's penis
didn't reject the advances of her sister's lips and tongue. She traced her
tongue around the moist full-veined length of it, felt the glans prod
gently against the top of her palate and then slide (so smoothly!) down her
throat releasing that smell of male sex which Gryphon had never really
appreciated so favourably before. She let her tongue wander around the
hairs of the testicles, letting one hard ball into her mouth and nibbled
gently while watching the frisson of pleasure it gave to the long length of
unsheathed penis.

It wasn't unsheathed for long, as Chastity opened her legs and allowed
her sister's prick full entry first into her vagina and then, when it was
fully moistened the anus at which Gryphon had been prodding earlier with
her middle finger and lapping it avidly with her tongue. And then it was
Gryphon's turn as Chastity helped her sister move her erect penis into ...
no! not that! ... straight into her arse without first priming her
vagina. Then as Gryphon was experiencing a series of more rapid and intense
orgasms than she could remember - her eyes nearly popping out of their
sockets, her tongue raw from the bites of her own tongue, her nose
releasing snot from its own confused intensity - there came the feel of the
entry of a far firmer and much larger phallus in her vagina. It was,
inevitably, Chastity who had taken a large dildo - easily eighteen inches
long - and was forcing it into Gryphon's front entrance as deeply as she

Gryphon gasped and shouted and yelled and screamed as the intensity of
the penetration reached to the core of her being, threatened to tear her
heart out from the muscular frame in which it was restrained and as her
tongue throbbed with dehydration. She flung herself forward with
exhaustion and lay flat on Innocence's sheets - a mass of rippling muscle
and smooth hard skin, buttocks rippling with tension and her massively
strong hands gripping tightly at the corners of the sheet, threatening to
tear the entire bed in half.

After this, Gryphon saw rather less of her student and her sister. She
sensed that this lovemaking - in all its intensity and passion - was not so
much a prelude for more to come but rather the final and most intense phase
of a relationship which left Gryphon feeling rather more soiled than
satisfied. She continued to teach Chastity and on occasion the two of them
would make love in neutral territory. Never again at Gryphon's flat nor
that of the two sisters. More often in the gym after school or in the
quieter corners of the playing field. She didn't make love to Innocence
again. She felt rather frightened to do so. The natural unrequested
assets of Innocence conflicted too much with her own pursuit of self-built
perfection and she felt that the full woman's figure that the girl had
departed too far from her first passion, which was still for the younger
girl's body. This was after all why she had first taken up the profession
of teaching.


In Which Purity is reconciled with Innocence; Purity is separated from
Chastity; and Purity appreciates the value of Twelve, but is displeased by
the association with Chastity.

Purity hadn't seen Innocence for such a long time, and she was very
pleased when she heard that she and her sister had left Wonderground.
She'd never cared to visit a place with such a poor reputation for racial
discrimination, so it was with rather more enthusiasm than might otherwise
have been the case she took the train from Brook to the city of Labia where
Innocence was studying at the Further Education College. As the train
travelled along, passing the fields and forests that divided Brook from the
suburbs of Labia, Purity toyed with the idea of returning to education
herself, but reasoned she was having rather too much fun being free and

She'd left the commune. She'd had quite enough of lentil-burgers and
nut- loafs, and had been staying in a friend's flat in the village of Noir,
but when she received such a welcoming and chatty letter from Innocence
telling her about her life since leaving Brook it would have taken a great
deal to dissuade her from setting off to be reunited with her old school-friend. She reluctantly put on some clothes for the journey -
basically being just a pair of cut-off denim shorts, large air-ware soled
boots and a rucksack over her shoulders containing all the possessions she
ever though worth taking around with her. On leaving the commune, she'd
also bit by bit abandoned the styles she'd adopted there: she now had her
hair cut very short (not quite shaved off) and she'd started shaving her
legs again - and had recently even started shaving under her armpits. She
enjoyed the fresh feeling it gave her - but she still didn't feel inclined
to shave her vagina like so many other girls were doing these days.

When she arrived at Labia Central, she was aware of being rather earlier
than she'd promised Innocence when she'd phoned up earlier. She dragged
her rucksack out behind her and wandered around the platform looking for
something interesting to do. She had absolutely ages to kill, and the
newsagents seemed to sell nothing of the remotest interest to her. She put
a few coins into a vending machine to receive some tasteless coffee in a
plastic cup (totally against the principles of the commune who'd oppose the
waste of plastic not to mention the dangerous influence of caffeine). She
then wandered into the waiting room to wait for Innocence, this being the
rendezvous point that they'd previously decided on.

Purity wasn't the only one in the waiting room. A man and woman were
locked in a passionate embrace in the corner just by the waiting room
gas-fire and just under a poster featuring a naked man fellating another
man advertising the wonders of express delivery services. Purity opened up
the newspaper that she'd bought for her outward bound journey, and returned
reluctantly with a sigh to the crossword she'd all but abandoned earlier.
However as often happened, she managed to finally crack one of the stubborn
clues on which so many other solutions relied and in a spate of activity
she knocked off several other clues. She was engrossed for several
minutes, but was brought to attention by the familiar sounds of ecstatic
gasps and heavy breathing. She peered over her newspaper to see that the
couple had rather departed from their more innocent canoodling and the man was in the process of fucking the woman quite openly, with her legs wrapped
around his waist. Even in Brook, openly making love in such public places
was not considered particularly tasteful, and Purity watched in some
fascination as the two became wholly immersed in the intensity of their

She noticed Innocence hurrying along the platform towards the waiting
room, obviously aware that she'd inadvertently arrived rather late. With
some relief, Purity deposited her newspaper in a waste-paper bin, and
dashed out of the waiting room to meet her old school friend again. She
had grown her hair a lot longer since she'd left the Convent, Purity noted.
It was now she, not Innocence, who had the much shorter hair. It was long
and flowed over her shoulders, a white tee-shirt worn over her voluptuous
breasts, a short flared white skirt and knee-length socks, which were also
white. Innocence looked every part the quality of what her name suggested.
She ran over to Purity and pulled her friend's black body against her
chest, and once again there was the beautiful reassuring smell of her long
hair on Purity's face. The two girls kissed long and hard, their tongues
deep inside each other's mouths. Purity grasped at Innocence's breasts under the tee-shirt while her lover massaged the round fullness of her
buttocks. Purity could feel the hardness of Innocence's erect penis
pressing against her side through the lines of her skirt.

"Who gives a shit?" thought Purity, as with a sudden urge she guided
Innocence and herself out of sight of most of the platform, and pulled down
her shorts while at the same time freeing Innocence's penis from the
confines of her knickers. It was as beautiful as she'd remembered it:
erect and smooth, veins frantically pumping in the blood and standing out
distinctly. Warm and hard! Throbbing and firm! Within seconds, Purity
guided it into her moist and appreciative cunt, giving a gasp of
involuntary pleasure as it slid into her. (Oooh! So easily!) Innocence
then thrust away at Purity, her buttocks hidden from sight by her skirt,
with a pair of shorts lying at her feet and a poster supporting her heaving
arse just behind her, advertising the many delightful places that could be
so easily reached by train.

Eventually - and too soon, thought Purity - the passion of the moment
exploded in a release of hot semen that gushed free of Purity's hairy cunt and dripped down onto her now smoothly shaven thighs where they could be
easily seen against the darkness of her skin. With a bit of post-coital
haste, the two of them straightened themselves up before heading to the
flat that Innocence and her sister were renting near the college.

Labia was a town full of students - university, art school, seminary,
technical college and academy students. Purity felt distinctly inferior in
her lack of education as she passed the colleges that lined the main
streets. She was also impressed by the sisters' flat. Where had they got
the money together to afford such a nice flat? And full of so many
expensive things! After her voluntarily Spartan life in the commune she
felt rather overwhelmed by the computers, videos, stereos, luxurious
furniture, etcetera, that filled their home.

"Student grants must be extremely generous!" Purity gasped as she
settled down on the sofa opposite Chastity who had hair nearly as short as
her own, wore a very tight short skirt and black silk stockings.

"Not at all!" Innocence's sister replied. "Most students don't know how
they can manage at all."

"But you live in such luxury!" gasped Purity as she sank into the deep
recesses of an armchair which simply by virtue of being covered in leather
would never have been permitted into the commune.

"I don't know how we do it," Innocence admitted, as she sat on the arm
of the chair and ran her hands up and down her school-friend's bare arms.
"I think it must have something to do with the part-time evening work that
Chastity does. And, as I told you in my letters, we made a lot of money
while we were still in Wonderground."

"It's wonderful here!" enthused Purity, leaning against Innocence's bare
breasts and feeling the nipple brush against her cheek. "It's perfect!"

Purity had never been very fond of Chastity when they went to the same
school and despite her intentions of being more charitable towards the
sister of her school-day lover she felt no great feelings of affection
towards her now. While at school, Purity had felt that her lack of feeling
for the girl had been from some kind of jealousy, but now she felt she had
some quite genuine reasons for her dislike. Partly this was from the
discovery she made fairly soon of the sisters' incestuous relationship. It
wasn't just that she was prudish in that particularly direction, though it
was an activity she'd never have dreamed of having with either her brother or sister. Rather it was more her feeling that Innocence was very much the
exploited partner in a relationship which Chastity was able to take
advantage of by virtue of the closeness they'd had from birth. She got
rather irritated by the occasions when Chastity would intervene in her
lovemaking with Innocence and insist that her sister fuck her at least as
hard as she'd previously been fucking Purity.

It was true that Innocence got some pleasure out of the lovemaking,
though Purity felt sure that she'd never seen her instigate it and always
seemed rather apologetic as she entered her sister's ever-waiting cunt.
She and Innocence might be having a most glorious fuck - she'd be lost in
the waves of her passion with trickles of her own vaginal juices mixing
with earlier semen released by her lover, when suddenly she'd find that
there was an interloper with her mouth around Innocence's balls, licking
the length of her glorious penis or locking her mouth viciously with
Innocence's. There as always would be Chastity getting quite obvious
pleasure from the power she was able to exert over her sister.

Purity also believed that Chastity was treating her sister rather more
as a reliable standby than as a true lover, as she would often bring home
with her girls from the college and she knew not whom she'd have sex with.
There seemed to be an ever-changing series of girls (and very occasionally
boys) who would be led by Chastity to her bedroom, the bathroom or would be
found in the throes of passion in the living room. So many of them seemed
to be very young - much younger than any of the students that would be
going to the college. On occasion they seemed to be more children than
consenting adults - particularly the occasional boy.

The sympathies that Purity felt were always directed towards the lover
Chastity brought back - they often seemed rather naïve and unsure of
themselves. In fact, Purity was convinced that a rather unseemly high
proportion of them were virgins. It upset her to think that for these
girls their first experiences of sex should be with someone like Chastity
who almost certainly the following day or the day after that be having sex
with another person whom Purity had never seen before and would probably
never see again. Some of the girls were quite clearly quite tearful and
unhappy after their experiences - and Purity imagined would be less
enthusiastic in ever repeating.

She could only guess what activities Chastity indulged with these young naïfs, but there was uncomfortable evidence left behind. The smell of
urine in the bath where she'd taken them or even on the bed sheets. The
traces of blood on the sheets, on the carpet or even just stubbornly left
on Chastity's thighs or the dildos she often used. Some of these
instruments of sexual pleasure seemed to be of quite cruel if impressive
dimensions and even Purity after her years of fucking blanched at the idea
of them entering her vagina or her anus, where she knew from the odd
blood-stained stool left in the toilet by a tearful visitor they had been

"Really, Chastity," she one day rebuked her lover's sister after yet
another young girl had left. "Couldn't you be a little more considerate?"
She felt extremely sorry as the tear-stained face glimpsed her as she left
through the door that Purity was entering. The girl was probably no more
than eleven years old and had had some of her clothes rather torn by
Chastity's rough lovemaking.

"What do you mean?" spat back the girl, angry at being even mildly

"The way you treated that girl! I saw how she was stroking her arse and
I'm sure that's piss I can smell."

"What's it to you what I do with my lovers?"

"I was just saying that I thought you ought to think more about the
people you make love with. I'm sure they didn't want to lose their
virginity in such a brutal way."

Chastity snarled as she removed the slightly brown and red-stained dildo
she'd had strapped to her otherwise naked body. "Firstly, what makes you
think that little slut was a virgin. And secondly even if she was who are
you to say how she'd want to lose her virginity. And thirdly I just don't
agree with you that I'm brutal."

"But, Chastity," interceded Innocence, who appeared from the bedroom
naked and with her penis still slightly erect after having made love to
Purity. "You must admit that you're a little bit brutal..."

"Not at all!"

"Well, you sometimes get pretty rough with me, and I've noticed you do
get a little bit rough with your lovers."

"Are you siding with your black lover against me, Innocence?"

"What do you mean, Chastity? Are you still bitter about Kedi leaving

"I don't care what you and your hippy friend think. I'll do ...
exactly ... what I like!" With that Chastity span around with her dildo in
one hand and marched straight into the living room where she turned on the
television and watched a sex comedy which she'd normally have sneered at
for being too tame, with the volume deliberately turned up loud.

Purity's criticism of Chastity marred the atmosphere in the flat from
then on, and Purity soon found that she'd rather preferred the days when
Chastity would intervene in her lovemaking with Innocence. Instead she
became more possessive of her sister and frequently denied her of her
lover's caresses. She became more polite than friendly with her
conversation with Purity and deliberately avoided allowing it to become
more intimate. Even when Purity made a gesture of putting a hand on
Chastity's hand in the hope that it would lead to an unfreezing of the
coolness between them, this was just left uncommented and ignored.
Eventually she had no choice but to remove her hand and wander away.

Occasionally, Chastity would come up with some rude caustic statements.
Some of these were about Purity's perceived prudishness, where Chastity
would pretend to seek her approval before taking another underage girl upstairs - "If it's all right with you, of course, Purity?" Sometimes these
were harsh comments about her being an old hippy with too much of a
fondness for lentils, alternative living and never wearing clothes. She
felt very vulnerable on this account, as she was still a vegetarian and
definitely never wore clothes any clothes around the house. They still
made her feel very uncomfortable. Some of Chastity's comments were pure
spiteful racism about her colour: such as references to not seeing her in
the dark or not noticing if she were dirty or not. Considering that her
lover for so long had also been black, it made Purity wonder if the object
of her sarcasm was really herself.

She knew she couldn't stay for long in this atmosphere, and she felt
torn between her desire to leave Chastity and her desire to stay with
Innocence. A compromise which she tried hard to persuade Innocence to
accept was that when the vacation came she should come away with Purity for
some travelling together. In the meantime, she treasured her moments of
passion with Innocence on those nights when Chastity didn't make first
claim or drag her off (as she'd never done before) to become an active
participant in her abuse of her young lovers.

"Innocence, darling! I'm home!" Purity called out as she pushed open
the door to the flat after another futile day of looking for work in the
city of Labia. There was no reply. "Innocence!" She shouted again,
wondering where her lover might be. She knew she wouldn't be with Chastity
as she'd seen her sister walking in town with one of her college friends.
She pushed open the door to their bedroom to see Innocence in bed with
another girl whose very red lipsticked mouth was oozing semen from
Innocence's penis that was thrust deep inside while Innocence was greedily
lapping at her cunt.

Purity had never seen this girl before, and her appearance came as
rather a shock to her. She was totally depilated. Her vagina was shaved,
her head was shaved and even her eyebrows were shaved. This gave her a
very odd appearance as there was nothing to delimit her forehead from her
face. Purity stood at the door in a short skirt and white blouse she'd
borrowed from Innocence as the two naked girls continued in their
passionate lovemaking - the strange girl only noting her arrival with a
disarmingly friendly smile. She stood there for several minutes not at all
sure where to put herself, until Innocence saw her there and with a little
gasp of embarrassment straightened herself up while the strange girl wrapped herself around her. She had very pale skin that highlighted the
freckles around her nose and shoulders.

"You've not met Twelve have you? She's a friend we made when we were
living in the country."

"Pleased to meet you," said the girl smiling and still holding
Innocence's semi- erect penis covered as it was with the slime of her
vagina. She leaned over with her free hand to shake Purity's. "You must
be Purity. Innocence has told me so much about you."

Twelve's hand wandered upwards from Purity's hand to her neck and then
with a little force the skinny girl pulled her face down to her own, almost
unbalancing her in the process. She pushed her tongue deep into Purity's
mouth and there was once again the familiar taste of Innocence's semen
mixed with Twelve's saliva and some other more exotic tastes that Purity
couldn't easily identify. Within seconds Twelve and Innocence had stripped
her of all her clothes and the three bundled together in a mass of black
and white flesh. She relished the feel of her tongue on the slight stubble
of Twelve's crown and around her vagina. She appreciated the way Twelve
persuaded Innocence's penis to regain its previous glory and assisted her
in thrusting it deep inside her cunt, while she licked and chewed her
clitoris and the lips of her vagina.

Purity was not happy about the way this girl had interposed herself so
easily between her and Innocence, but she had to admit to actually rather
liking this strange girl. She soon identified the sole piece of jewellery
she wore which was a small gold stud in her clitoris that felt so smooth
and hard against her tongue and which Twelve adored having nibbled. She
was also a welcome relief to the tension in the flat that continued between
her and Chastity who nonetheless soon fixed her attention on Twelve when
she came home. Purity was grateful for the distraction it provided
Chastity as the two started sharing the same bed, leaving her with more
time with Innocence.

It was impossible to really dislike Twelve who was very fair and
selfless with her lovemaking - paying more attention to giving pleasure
than to receiving it, and the source of many of Purity's more passionate
orgasms these days. She enjoyed their evenings out together, away from
Chastity and her stream of young lovers, either with Innocence and quite
frequently without her, as she was so intent on her homework. Twelve was
very chatty company who easily made more friends in Labia than Purity had
ever done and rather more interesting company as well.

She was a strange companion to be with: her lips so red and the rest of
her so bare and hairless (an effect she achieved by the occasional waxing
as well as by shaving). She wore an outfit of leather straps which pulled
in on the contours of her buttocks and just about hid the lips of her
vagina - although Purity was sure she could sometimes feel the stud of her
clitoris as they groped together in the dark shadows of a night club or a
pub. Her nipples appeared through the straps around her breasts that did
nothing to disguise their smallness and on occasion she would wear a collar
around her neck that she was sure originally belonged to a large dog. She
also affected to wear small fingerless leather gloves which didn't protect
her fingers from the stain of nicotine or cannabis that she so habitually
smoked. This last affectation was the one that disconcerted Purity the
most as tobacco was almost totally banned in the commune (although most
other drugs were not). The fumes sometimes made her feel positively unwell
and she was always aware of the taste of it on Twelve's tongue and around
her stained teeth.

Twelve also had a taste for the kind of sex games that Chastity
practised and was quite pleased to participate where both Purity and
Innocence had reservations. She was, however, somewhat more tender with
Chastity's young lovers than Innocence's sister ever was. Although Purity
always felt a measure of concern for the children or older girls that
entered into their grasps, she noticed that they usually seemed less
troubled afterwards (even if Chastity sometimes looked dissatisfied). It
was reassuring to see Twelve kissing them tenderly goodbye, sometimes for
several minutes, before they left. Some of the sex games Chastity and
Twelve practised had an element of perversion in them, Purity was sure.
There was sometimes a dribble of urine on Twelve's hairless thighs or even
down her face. Sometimes there was even the odd scratch or bruise to be
found somewhere or other on Twelve's body - perhaps more visible in
contrast to the paleness of her skin and the slight impression of blue
veins on her high cheeks. Twelve only laughed when Innocence or Purity
commented about it. She never gave a full account of her activities with
Chastity - and Purity felt that she didn't really wish to know, either.

When Twelve discovered Purity's plan to leave with Innocence during her
vacation to travel around the country, she positively bubbled with
enthusiasm. At first, Purity was worried that this meant that she wanted
to come as well, which was not what was really intended. Purity had hoped
to spend more time alone with Innocence, well away from what she perceived
as the malign influence of her sister, but Twelve had somehow come to the
same conclusion herself.

"Don't worry, I'll look after Chastity!" She commented. "It'll be such
fun to have the flat all to ourselves!" However, she was very eager to
describe places to visit, things to do, delicacies to eat and customs to be
wary of. Purity looked forward to the vacation as if she was the one who
was the student having a well-deserved break.

Twelve persuaded Purity to shave off her own pubic hair which made her
groin feel quite vulnerable and tender, but undoubtedly added a new
sensation to her lovemaking as she could better feel Innocence's pubic
hairs stroke against her bare skin. She didn't enjoy the itchiness that
pertained after more than a day's growth, but she felt it was a small price
to pay for the new sensitivity she'd gained. However, Twelve couldn't
persuade her to dress more like her or her friends. And she wouldn't shave
her head or eyebrows either. She just wasn't convinced that it would suit
her. Chastity also changed her appearance, but like Purity she stopped
short at shaving her head or eyebrows, but did adopt a costume of straps
like Twelve's, though hers were of plastic, lycra or lace. This made her
look both younger and older than she actually was - but Purity thought it
didn't make her look any more attractive. In fact, Purity was convinced
that Chastity looked rather harsher and more unsympathetic than before.


In Which Alice rediscovers Innocence and learns the virtues of Purity;
in which Innocence and Purity are shown in the practise of religious
devotion; and in which Innocence leaves Chastity and Purity loses

The fruition of all plans is often much less than the ambitions
associated with their formulation, and so it was with the vacation that
Purity had planned together with Innocence. They had scarcely been away a
day when over a drink in a cafe that was near the hostel they were staying
at they found themselves scaling down their plans to much more manageable
proportions for the time available. It was then that Innocence suggested
that they should visit her friend Alice whom she'd not seen for a long

"I've always been a bit nervous visiting her, because she didn't really
get on very well with Chastity," she exclaimed.

"Who does?" bitterly commented Purity.

"That's a bit unfair," Innocence said in her sister's defence, but
significantly not contradicting the assertion.

It was a couple of days later that Purity and Innocence arrived at
Alice's house, wearing robust shoes, shorts and tee-shirts. Alice lived in
a part of the country that Purity had never visited before, but it was very
suburban and quiet. She enjoyed the leafy greenness of it all, but she
didn't relish at all the stares that she got as she walked along. She
wasn't sure it was because there weren't many young women her age so
relatively lightly clad or if it was because she was the only black face
around. Alice's home was a quite dilapidated terraced cottage in a quite
anonymous street. A red telephone box stood in front of her house by a row
of quite old cars composed in equal measure of rust and metal. Alice,
herself, when she opened the door was completely naked, which seemed very
unusual in this town with long hair down to her waist that obscured her
small breasts but not her light covering of pubic hair. When she saw
Purity there with Innocence, she started as if in a kind of shock.

"You! Is it you!" she cried.

Purity wasn't sure what to say, but she smiled broadly.

"Hello, Alice! I hope you don't mind us turning up unannounced like
this," said Innocence. "Meet Purity. A good friend of mine who I've known
from school."

"Oh! Purity! A school friend!" Alice remarked. "Well, come in. Come
in. I'm sorry I seemed so startled. I just thought Purity was someone

"You mean, you thought she was Kedi?" suggested Innocence, as she and
her lover brought their bags into the small narrow hallway.

"I'm afraid you're right," Alice admitted.

The house inside was decorated quite well, with thick wallpaper, framed
pictures of cats and other animals and rather a lot of mirrors. Alice
escorted them into her living room, where Purity and Innocence sat on the
sofa, while she busied herself with making some tea.

"I hope you don't mind us staying for a couple of days, Alice?" asked
Innocence. "It's so long since we last met and I don't want to appear to
be imposing on your hospitality at all."

"That's fine!" smiled Alice. "I'm quite grateful for visitors. It can
sometimes get quite lonely, you know, living by oneself."

"Don't you share the house with Dinah?"

"No, not any more. And I can't say I regret that at all. For all I
love my sister, I feel so much happier without her around. And in any case
it was beginning to get very strained the two of us living on top of each
other. I could hardly feel I had a life of my own. And, as you know,
there are other things that complicate matters."

"Yes, there are," agreed Innocence sadly. Purity couldn't be sure as
she sat on the sofa sipping the tea that Alice had prepared whether her
lover was reflecting on her troubled relationship with her own sister, but
she was quite convinced that she was.

"Did you and your sister part on good terms?" wondered Purity.

"What a question!" laughed Innocence embarrassedly.

"Well, not totally," admitted Alice. "And being apart does have its
disadvantages. It's a lot more expensive for a start. And I don't get to
meet all of Dinah's friends so often. But all in all it's much better. I
feel much more independent. And I'm sure we get on better together than we
used to."

The three girls spent a long time chatting and reminiscing, sitting
quite a distance apart on separate chairs. Purity felt constrained by
politeness because she knew that Alice and Innocence had a relationship
together in the past and would almost certainly like to spend time
together. She also realised that both girls were less than totally
forthcoming and would wait almost indefinitely for the other to take the
initiative. She could catch the odd glance from the two girls' eyes that
told her that it was merely a question of finding the right opportunity and
all would be well. She knew she shouldn't feel such an encumbrance, but
she was certain that if she weren't there it would be easier for all

"You know, we haven't brought any wine with us!" remarked Purity as it
was approaching evening and the inevitable time in which alcohol would need
to be imbibed.

"That doesn't matter! I've got a bottle in the fridge." Alice

"We couldn't dream of imposing on your hospitality as much as that!"
Purity insisted. "Where might I go to buy a bottle?"

It was quite a way away along unfamiliar streets, but Purity dawdled
there and dawdled back in the hope that in the time she was away Innocence
and her friend would have picked up some of their boldness. It was not a
pleasant wander for her, as she was very painfully conscious of the stares
that she received from the older men and women around. And it wasn't as if
she was even showing her cunt. Or even her nipples! It was a relief for
her to return to Alice's house and to let herself in with the key that
Alice had provided.

Her hopes for her lover's return to intimacy with Alice were not
disappointed as the two of them were lying together enmeshed in one other's
arms and had clearly been kissing each other. However, they hadn't
progressed too far, as although Alice was naked, Innocence had only
stripped off her tee-shirt and was still wearing her shorts. Purity could
see that the two of them would be sharing the bed together and that she
would be sleeping alone on the spare mattress.

This indeed was what happened after they'd drunk both the bottles of
white wine that Purity had brought back with the quantities of fish that
Alice had prepared for dinner. They'd chatted over the sound of Alice's
choice of music, which was both bizarre and melodic, and got increasingly
tipsy. Alice and Innocence were entwined increasingly closely in each
other's bodies, and Innocence had even stripped down to just her knickers.
Purity had long since discarded all her clothes - feeling so much more
comfortable being so unconstrained and felt the pile of the carpet prick
into the dark flesh of her buttocks. Alice had many uncomplimentary things
to say about Chastity, which Purity felt no compunction about echoing or
supplementing. Innocence made very little comment as her two lovers
complained about her bossiness, her aggressiveness, the extent of her
sexual appetite and her perverse tastes, and most of all her lack of regard
for other people's feelings or their desire for privacy.

"She's much worse than Dinah!" Alice remarked. "I don't know how you
can put up with her, Innocence. I really don't."

Innocence smiled sadly, but made no comment. It was clear that she
found the conversation unsettling.

Purity deliberately drank more than usual, so that when she put her head
down on the flat hard pillow she could lose her consciousness that much
sooner. But as she sank off to sleep she was sure she could hear
Innocence's familiar cries of sexual ecstasy mingling with those of
Alice's. The thought crossed her mind that she could join them. She knew
that neither would object too fiercely, and she felt that her current
relationship with Innocence somehow gave her a kind of priority.
Nonetheless, she thought, what the two girls want more than orgasms is just
being together, and her presence would really just be a distraction.
Perhaps not too unwelcome, but a distraction for all that.

Purity and Innocence stayed at Alice's house for several days during
which Purity felt very sexually frustrated as she observed her lover make
frequent love with their host which although it was never done while Purity
was able to watch was nevertheless done often enough and loud enough in
Alice's bed for her to have a very good idea of what was going on. She
became increasingly bored by her stay. It wasn't quite the adventure that
she'd hoped for, and however much she knew that Alice and Innocence were
enjoying the stay, she was rather looking forward to getting away. She
almost looked forward to returning home to the flat with Chastity and
Twelve, because at least she'd have Innocence to herself for some of the

It was Sunday and although Innocence wasn't much of a churchgoer in
Labia she felt enough loyalty to religion after her life in the Order of
Magdelenites to feel that today was an opportunity for them all to go to
church. The only church that Purity felt any interest in going to was the
small chapel of the Brethren of the Eternal Virgin, which she'd heard had a
particularly fascinating service. Neither Alice nor Innocence was familiar
with the order, which Purity felt was just as well.

They dressed relatively modestly for the service, and joined the other
churchgoers entering the chapel, who were generally also dressed quite
demurely. Although the church promised to contain Brethren, the majority
of the people going were women, mostly in their twenties and thirties,
wearing dresses that reached down from a high tight collar to their
ankle-boots. As they entered they were welcomed by solemn church music
from a small piano and were greeted by the young minister wearing a gown
that hid as much of him as the dresses of the women hid of them. He was
very welcoming to the three girls and was particularly impressed by
Innocence's confession that she was a lapsed nun.

"I hope that you haven't actually abandoned the Love of God," he
commented. "He will be with you always whether you are practising the
faith actively or passively."

He guided the three of them to seats on the hard benches near the front
of the chapel. In front of each of their seats was the small cushion on
which they could pray and a hymn book in a tatty brown leather cover, the
print of which had been worn away to illegibility. While Alice and
Innocence excitedly chatted to each other, Purity observed the minister as
he welcomed in his congregation and noted with satisfaction the particular
intimacy in which he greeted some parishioners by kissing them full on the
mouth, with their tongues locked together. Others he merely stroked their
buttocks and in some cases their crotch.

The church filled up fairly rapidly, and was soon full of the hubbub of
polite conversation as the congregation chatted amongst themselves. When
the minister had judged that everyone had arrived, he went to the pulpit
and started the service. Innocence and Alice politely looked up at him
with broad smiles as he began by welcoming everyone, commented on the
weather and then asked if everyone could sing the first song from the
hymnbook: Fuck Me Jesus. Alice raised her eyebrows at that but made no
comment as the congregation launched into the song. "Fuck me Jesus So Hard
I Can Feel Your Spirit Move Me!" the congregation sang.

Behind the pulpit was a small choir made up of young boys and girls separated by an aisle and supervised by some older choristers. They took
the refrain with great enthusiasm - particularly the chorus. "May Your
Sperm Imbue Me With The Holy Spirit. Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" they

The minister began his sermon which was about how the love of Jesus was
so much a physical love and that His desire was that all his worshippers
should share their love for Jesus and the love He felt for them in as
carnal a way as possible. This short sermon was followed by another hymn:
My Groin It Aches With Passion, followed soon after by successively: My
Arse Belongs To You, Lord Jesus and Shower Me With Holy Semen.

"Let Us Pray," announced the Minister. Alice and Innocence bowed their
heads, but Purity kept her head up and watched as the Minister unbuttoned
his gown while leading the prayer. Underneath he was wholly naked and
taking his penis with one hand he masturbated while proclaiming his prayer.
"Shower us with the Knowledge of how best to show our Love. Give us the
ability to love our neighbours with all our heart and with the passion of
Jesus Christ who so loved us that he died for our souls."

When he finished with his "Amen." the congregation looked up to see the
Minister standing with his erect penis in front of him. A girl from the
front row, sitting with her mother and father, stood up and with a few
gestures she removed her dress which she left with her parents and stood
wearing only her socks and ankle boots. She walked up to the Minister, and
in front of the hushed congregation she kneeled down, took the Minister's
erect penis in her hand and stroked it slowly from the base to the glans.
She continued doing this for nearly a minute, and then with a cry of
"Hallelujah!" (which was echoed softly by several parishioners) she took
the length of it in her mouth and sucked it long and hard.

Purity could see that the girl had not been selected for her beauty as
she was rather plain, had virtually no figure to speak of and her eyes were
just a little too close together. But the Minister was clearly enjoying
her attention. While this was going on, several parishioners, crossing
themselves, made their way to the front of the church and kneeled down in
supplication in front of their Minister and his volunteer. It was then
that this part of the service reached its climax, when the Minister
carefully withdrew his penis from deep inside the girl's throat and offered
it in turn to each of the parishioners, male and female, who were to
receive the fruit of Jesus' love in the form of the semen that the Minister
had blessed. As each took a small gobbet of semen from the erect penis
which was practisedly secreting measured amounts of sperm with tiny little
shudders, the Minister placed his hand on their head and said the same
thing to each of them which was "Jesus Loves You, Sister." or "Jesus Loves
You, Brother."

This ceremony went on for much longer than Purity believed possible.
When each worshipper had received their small portion of semen in the
mouth, they stood up with a beatific smile, crossed themselves and wandered
back to their seat. She noticed that many of the women had fully undone
the buttons at the top of their dress, revealing their chest, breast and
nipples, presumably so that none of the Minister's semen would spill on
their clothes. These worshippers were of all ages, but interestingly were
predominately the older or plainer members of the congregation.

When this part of the service was over, the Minister instructed the
choir to divest themselves which they did, revealing their children's
bodies with undeveloped shape and in most cases yet to grow the slightest
vestige of pubic hair. They came out in a row and stood facing the
congregation and entertained with renditions of Jesus Is My Fucker, My
Vagina Awaits Your Love, Sweet Lord and Fuck Me Gently, Fuck Me Slow, Jesus
My Love. They then bowed their heads and turned around to leave the
church. They were joined then by all the children from the congregation,
leaving only the adults behind. Purity smiled. It was clear that the
Brethren of the Eternal Virgin didn't want to be seen to encourage
under-age sex.

When the last of the children had left, then with a cry of "Hallelujah!
God Be Praised!" all the congregation stood up and stripped off their
clothes with the notable exceptions of Purity and her somewhat embarrassed
friends. The congregation began kissing and stroking each other, and
several made their way to the front of the chapel which was covered by a
large red cloth over a thick pile carpet. They then started making
passionate love with each other and their neighbours with the Minister
watching over them and guiding them to their action. Purity watched
fascinated at the mounds of flesh and the indiscriminateness of attention.
There seemed to be no distinction observed at all in the gender chosen of
their partners or several partners. Several parishioners cried out
"Hallelujah!" and "May God be Praised!" before plunging into their sexual

"Shall we join them?" wondered Purity, unbuttoning the top two buttons
of her blouse.

"No! Not at all! This isn't what I came here for!" protested Innocence
uncertainly, no doubt very nervous of revealing her peculiar assets.

"You can if you like," said Alice disapprovingly, "but Innocence and I
are going home."

Purity smiled. She'd not really expected much different from the two
girls. But she knew what she wanted. She'd had her eyes on several of the
more attractive women in the congregation, including a black woman with
enormous thighs and very full lips, and a woman of nearly forty with a
beautiful slim figure and perky little breasts. She continued unbuttoning
her blouse, freeing the breasts that she'd kept so uncomfortably
restrained, and pulling down her skirt. She kept her shoes on though, as
she was sure that otherwise the stone floor of the chapel would be
uncomfortably hard and cold. She then kissed Alice and Innocence tenderly,
knowing that they would very soon be leaving, and then made her way up the
aisle to the mass of bodies.

She hesitated on the edge, with others who were equally unsure but still
murmuring the odd "Hallelujah!" The Minister was wandering amongst his
orgiastic congregation waving his erect penis on them and scattering semen
over them which they received gratefully. "Jesus showers his love on you!"
he said as he released another gobbet of semen over a tall woman with a
large birthmark covering half her face now slightly lightened by the shiny
glutinous liquid of the Minister's generosity. "I love you, Jesus!" she
cried. "Fuck me, Jesus! Fuck me!" It certainly wasn't Jesus, as far as
Purity could see who was entering her vagina, nor was it Jesus who was
thrusting simultaneously hard at her anus.

It was like entering the cold waters of a swimming pool, Purity decided.
It's better to dive straight in, rather than to wait for gradual
acclimatisation. With that thought she lay herself on top of the large
black woman, putting a hand in her crotch where a penis was thrusting in
and out with great enthusiasm, and applied her mouth to that of a very
young girl whose hair was in plaits and whose face appeared to be a mess of
acne spots. She felt a frisson of pleasure as an erect penis, perhaps that
of the Minister made its way into the moist and welcoming portals of her

Purity didn't look forward to returning to Labia at all. She had rather
enjoyed the respite from Chastity's sour unfriendly character and resolved
to herself to leave fairly soon after arriving. She could see that
Innocence was aware of her unhappiness and was herself troubled by it. She
made a few feeble attempts to defend her sister, but was quite clearly ill
at ease with Purity's bitter remarks. "Perhaps she'll have changed after
being left at home without us," she commented unconvincingly.

There was no evidence of this when Purity and Innocence found Chastity
and Twelve in the company of a young girl - probably no more than eleven
years old - engaged in sex games in the living room. The girl was on her
knees with her hands bound tightly behind her back and her mouth pressed
against Twelve's bare groin and with Chastity pressing hers against her
hair. Before Innocence had the opportunity to announce their arrival,
Chastity suddenly let loose a torrent of urine from her crotch which ran
through the girl's hair and trickled down her face. "Uuugghh!" she gasped
with disgust. "It tastes horrid! I don't like this anymore! I want to go

Chastity made no reply. Instead she pulled the girl's head forcefully
back and placed her damp crotch against the girl's mouth, with Twelve
looking evidently less happy at the turn of events. She looked up from the
child with a look of some concern and noticed Purity and Innocence watching
with some disgust, still in their clothes and holding the rucksacks that
they'd only just loosened off from their shoulders.

"Why! Hello there!" she greeted friendlily, drawing Chastity's
attention to the additional company. She turned her head round and smiled
warmly at the two of them.

Innocence did not return the greeting with anything like the same degree
of friendliness. "What are you doing to that poor girl?"

"Nothing that she's not enjoying!" responded her sister baldly.

"I don't believe you!" Innocence cried with a certain amount of passion.
She dropped her rucksack on the ground. "Leave the girl alone now!"

Twelve backed off and stood sheepishly to one side. Her lipstick was a
little smudged and she had a blue swelling around one of her eyes.
Chastity pulled the child's face closer to her groin. "We're consenting
partners. I don't think you have any right, sister, to tell me what we
should consent to do."

"You seduce these children. You bring them home. And then you abuse
them. You piss on them! You tie them up! You hit them! What sort of
pleasure is that to most of them! You're just a monster!"

"I don't do anything with my lovers they don't want me to..."

"Do you tell them in advance what you're going to do to them? Did you
tell this girl that you'd piss in her mouth?"

"She enjoyed it! It was fun!" Chastity looked at the girl who was
weeping softly. She was standing up unsteadily with her arms behind her
and her hair damp from its recent showering. Only the colour of the urine distinguished itself from the tears running down her face. Purity
suspected that the girl wasn't too sure what had been happening to her
judging from the evidence of the grains of white powder left on a mirror
laid flat on the table and a half empty bottle of whiskey by the side of
it. Her gaze was unfocused and her mouth looked unhealthily lax.

"It might be fun for you, Chastity. But it's just sadistic abuse of
minors as far as any one else is concerned. And I don't think this little
child's going to enjoy the memory of what you've been doing to her at all!
And what would you have done later? Would you have crapped on her as well
as piss on her? Would she be forced to eat her own shit? Would you start
beating her with a stick? Would you push a dildo up her arse? You're just
a filthy disgusting pervert!"

"How dare you call me that! It's the influence of your coal-cellar
friend isn't it? Making you a real goody two-shoes. I suppose she's got
you eating organic rice and chanting mantras now! What I do is my business
and nobody else's."

"Come on, Twelve!" Innocence continued addressing the very guilty
looking girl who was hoping to stay out of the fray. "What's my sister been doing? Is there anything in fact that she's not been doing? How many
children has she abused? How many young boys has she sodomised? How many
children has she tied up, beaten up, pissed on, shat on and humiliated? I
bet this place has been like a sadomasochist's sexual fantasy while we've
been away."

"It's not always that bad!" Twelve said, weakly defending herself.
"It's just that we get carried away. And there's some real good stuff I've
been getting recently. You just don't know what you're doing after a

"I don't believe you!" countered Innocence. "I don't believe my sister has ever not known exactly what she's doing! In fact I don't think I can
bear to even live under the same roof as her."

"Exactly right!" spat back her sister with a venom that startled Purity.
"If you don't like living with me, you can just leave. Forget all I've
ever done for you. Forget that we're sisters. Run off with your nigger
lover and live in a tepee. Grow fucking lentils and be so fucking holy. I
haven't forgotten that not so long ago you were a fucking tight-arsed, dry
cunted nun! Go back to your convent and be fucking sanctimonious somewhere
else. Take your fucking Pure as the driven snow but as black as the
fucking ace of spades girlfriend with you. I don't care! I don't fucking
care what you and your cuntish friend do! You can just fuck off and never
come back, for all I fucking care!"

"I'll do just that! And now!" shouted back Innocence, who turned around
and raced out of the room. Purity glanced back at Chastity who was
watching as Twelve unfastened the cords binding the young girl's hands
together and comforted her as she cried with the abandon reserved for
children. She then chased after Innocence, who true to her words was
pulling her clothes and possessions out of the drawers in her bedroom and
stuffing them with no particular attention into some cases.

"Are you serious, Innocence?" Purity asked watching as her lover busied
herself with tears running down her face.

"I've never been so serious! I've got to get away! I can't bear to
live with her a moment longer!"

"But what about your studies? What about all the work you've done at
the college!"

"That doesn't mean anything any more! I'm leaving Labia! I'll go off
to the city! Start again. Live a life away from the malign influence of
my hateful sister!"

Purity looked out of the bedroom at Twelve who was tenderly washing the
young girl in the bathroom and at Chastity who was preparing some powder on
the mirror and swigging from the bottle of whiskey while she did so. She
glanced around malevolently at Purity. "Who're you fucking look at, you
fucking nigger!"

Purity declined to comment, but hovered at the doorway transfixed in
hopeless indecision. What should she do? She didn't feel inclined to join
Innocence in her desperate departure. She resolved to return to Brook.
That was after all where she felt most at home and where most of her
friends were. She had never felt properly settled in Labia, and if
Innocence was leaving there was nothing really to keep her there.

"My sister's fucked me so many times! She's fucked me like a fucking
piston engine!" snarled Chastity. "Now she says she's gonna leave me.
What fucking ingratitude! I taught her everything she knows about fucking.
The best fucks she's ever had have been with me! Everyone else - you
included - have just been fucking nothing. She'll come back! She won't be
able to live without me and my cunt." Chastity swivelled round in her chair
and faced Purity with her shaved and slightly red vagina fully displayed.
She opened her legs and slid a forefinger into the open crack while
swigging a mouthful of whiskey. "Admit it! You want a taste of my cunt,
too. But you're not fucking going to! And neither's my fucking sister!
She may have the best fucking prick there is but this is one cunt she's not
going to get inside again!"

Purity grimaced and returned to Innocence's bedroom to see if she could
comfort her. She felt that her rôle at this moment was to stand by her
lover's side in her moments of distress. But Innocence was nowhere to be
seen. She and all her bags were gone. So, too, Purity discovered were
Twelve and the young girl. She was alone in the flat with Chastity. She
ran frantically from room to room, hoping that she was mistaken or that
some message had been left. But there was nothing.

"Lost something, nigger?" asked Chastity unkindly as she popped her head
back into the living room. "Perhaps you want a fuck." She had a very crude
looking dildo inside her vagina and was pushing it in and out. Her nostril
was running with snot mixed with a small amount of blood and her face had a
wild expression on it. Purity didn't answer. She picked up her bag and
slamming the front door she left as well, leaving Chastity alone with her
drugs and her sexual aids.


In Which Innocence is lost in Congress; and Twelve introduces Innocence
to the literary merits of Honore.

Twelve had no intention of returning to the flat to rejoin Chastity.
She'd had just about enough of her and how she'd persuade her to do things
with her young lovers that made her feel guilty and soiled. She carried
her rucksack of possessions over her shoulder through the streets of Labia,
relishing the attention her appearance aroused, and made her way to the
railway station. She wasn't that surprised to find Innocence sitting on a
bench in the station with her own untidy bags at her feet and her face
buried in her hands. As she approached she could see that the bags were
hurriedly packed and that several articles of clothing protruded through
the openings of the bags. She placed a comforting hand on Innocence's

"Are you alright, Innocence darling?"

The unhappy girl raised her face to show the tears welling from her eyes
and their liquid trails reflected on her cheeks. "Leave me alone! Don't
touch me!"

Twelve removed her hand tactfully. "Where are you going, Innocence

"Somewhere. Nowhere. Anywhere! I don't know!"

"I'll put you up in my bedsit for a day or so, if you like. It's a bit
cramped, but it's the least I can do after the hospitality you've shown

"I don't want to! I don't want anything to do with my sister. Or any
of her lovers!"

"Don't be silly, Innocence. You've got to stay somewhere. You can't
just sleep here. And you've never been to the capital before, have you?
City life may well agree with you. Come on! I insist! I can't permit
myself to leave you in this state!"

It took a fair more effort on Twelve's part, but eventually she
persuaded Innocence to pick up her bags and join her on one of the many
trains heading to the capital city of Congress. She sat next to Innocence
with her arms around the girl's shoulders, squeezing her close to her
breast, wiping away her tears and listening without comment to Innocence's
long litany of complaints about Chastity. Her sister was blamed for almost
every misfortune that had ever occurred in her life - a little unfairly
Twelve thought, but she had long believed that it was merely a matter of
time until the two separated.

Twelve's bedsit on the twelfth floor of a tall apartment block was
undeniably small. It consisted mostly of a single bed that filled out the
space not occupied by a small shower, a single oven ring and a small
cupboard that held all her worldly possessions. There was no space for any
more furniture, and it was necessary for all her guests to join her on her
bed. A small television set sat on top of the audio equipment piled high
on the cupboard. Every available inch of wall was covered with postcards
and posters that reflected her present obsessions and quite a few that
she'd had and had not yet wholly abandoned. As always, it was with some
difficulty that she pushed open her door as it caught on the cigarette
stained carpet which covered the floor, and ignored the stares of her nosy
neighbour - a girl who Twelve disdainfully noticed was unfashionably
dressed in a twelve-inch dildo strapped to her waist with two long plaits
at the back of her otherwise shaved head.

Twelve comforted Innocence as best she could, and with the skill that
had come from considerable practice she divested the girl of all her
clothes and persuaded her penis into erection and then into her welcoming
vagina. She knew that Innocence was making love more out of a need for
distraction than any degree of passion or affection, but she accepted that.
It in no way lessened the pleasure she received as Innocence thrust deeply
in and out of her. She buried her tongue deep into Innocence's mouth,
gliding it over her teeth and in and out of the crevices of her molars,
more to prevent her returning to her litany of woes than in any particular
desire for dental knowledge.

"Hi there, Twelve!" she heard while Innocence was plugging into her
anus, now sufficiently lubricated with passion to take any punishment.
"Got yet another new boyfriend."

Innocence looked up from where she'd buried her face in Twelve's smooth
face, and with her penis still hidden inside, to examine Twelve's visitor.
It was Twenty - one of Twelve's closer girlfriends - dressed exactly like
Twelve with black lipstick and eye shadow and substantially fatter. Her
stomach rolled over the leather straps confining her vagina and her large
nipples stuck out in a kaleidoscope of lipsticked colours. Her shaved head
was hidden by a beret and she held a lit cigarette in her left hand.

"Or girlfriend, I should say," corrected Twenty. "Or is it both. Are
you into transsexuals, now, sweetest? And what is she? girl gone boy? Or
boy gone girl? The operations must have been fucking expensive!"

Twelve twisted her body around and restrained Innocence while ensuring
her still erect penis was embedded deep inside her cunt. She didn't feel
like sharing Innocence with anyone! Innocence probably wouldn't want to
anyway. And she knew that given even the slightest provocation, Twenty
would get her fat surgery enhanced lips right over Innocence's prick and
suck out the last drop of semen from it.

"What the fuck do you want, Twenty darling?" Twelve asked friendlily.
"Whatever it is you're not fucking getting it from Innocence here."

"Innocence, is it? What a fucking wonderful name! You don't get many
with names like that in Congress. Is it a girl's name or a boy's name?"

"Innocence is a girl. And always has been! She's never had surgery or
anything. She's always been like that!"

"Well, fuck me!" exclaimed Twenty.

"No she won't!" retorted Twelve quickly. Then more diplomatically:
"Unless you want to, Innocence love?"

Innocence shook her head. It hadn't been that easy persuading her to
indulge with Twelve who'd been regularly making love to Chastity recently,
and Twelve knew that she wasn't one who readily swapped partners. Also she
flattered herself with some justification, Twelve wasn't that bad looking
even if the slightest bit of sun got her peeling like a thin-skinned
orange, whereas Twenty was really not that attractive however much she'd
managed to keep abreast of the fashions.

"So, what the fuck do you want, Twenty?"

"I just wanted to know if you wanted to come out. Nowhere special mind.
But somewhere."

Twelve quickly assented, knowing that this would provide Innocence with
the perfect excuse to stay and rest. She knew all that Innocence really
wanted was time to reflect and retire. As she predicted, her friend showed
no inclination at all in joining Twenty and her in going to the night-clubs
or wine bars of Congress. She was quite happy curling herself into a naked
ball under the ragged blankets of Twelve's slim bed, while her hostess
slipped on her leather thongs and joined Twenty.

"That's a fucking neat beret you've got," Twelve commented.

"Yeah. Fucking great!" sniffed Twenty nonchalantly. "They're all
wearing them these days! You're not still wearing a cunt stud, are you?
Fuck me, girl! You'd better take it out before we go anywhere. You don't
want people to think you're some kind of dildo dyke, do you?"

Twelve had been away from the city too long, she could see. She
carefully removed the stud and left it on the cupboard, while resolving to
get a beret or similar as soon as possible. She felt a little anxiety that
her reputation might be irreparably damaged if she were seen bare-headed.
On the other hand, she felt sure that the hats she had stuffed in her
drawers from previous vacillations of fashion wouldn't quite fit the bill
satisfactorily. She blew a kiss to Innocence's distraught and sad little
face as she departed with her arm around Twenty's waist, and the two
departed jerking their behinds - one taut and slim, and the other sagging
uncomfortably over bulky thighs.

Twelve felt pretty sure that Innocence wouldn't be happy for long
staying with her in her tiny bedsit and she was also fairly sure that her
own lifestyle would soon conflict very untidily with what she knew of
Innocence's while she had lived in Labia. She racked her brains as to what
she could do with her, and was convinced she'd found a solution when she
saw an advertisement in the local newspaper announcing that her friend
Honore L'Oeuf was visiting the city. She felt sure that Innocence would
get on well with her authoress friend with the massive 80 inch bust.

So when Twelve had at last returned mid-afternoon from a long night out
in the night-clubs with Twenty and several other friends, her eyes bleary,
her crotch dripping with semen and lubricating jelly and her thighs aching
from dancing and fucking, she was pleased to see Innocence quite
enthusiastic at meeting such a famous author. She hadn't actually read any
of Honore L'Oeuf's erotic children's stories, but she was familiar with the
name. Twelve had herself met Honore when she was still a child herself -
just on the edge of her teens and hungry for sex. Honore was attracted to
her young child's body with its smooth crotch and the fashion in those days
for children's clothes made her look even younger than she was with her
long hair in plaits and a flared dress which revealed her lack of knickers
underneath. It had been the first time that Twelve had made love with an
older woman, and of course Honore couldn't have been much more than twenty
years old herself at the time. She still remembered with fondness the
passion of their lovemaking and the accuracy with which Honore had
identified the parts of her body which most enjoyed stimulation.

Twelve took Innocence to a Literary Festival that was being held in the
Congress City Hall where Honore L'Oeuf was addressing a sold-out audience
on the subject of sexuality, sexual abuse and children where she was no
doubt rehearsing her familiar argument about the need for child erotica and
how it did not imply at all any encouragement for the sexual abuse of
children by adults. The hypocrite! commented Twelve to herself.
Innocence and she hadn't been able to buy any tickets so they waited until
Honore had finished her lecture before entering the lecture hall.

Honore's visit also coincided with the publication of a new book that
was on display in the foyer, and Twelve guessed that part of her purpose in
visiting the city was to publicise it. It was called James and the Giant
Penis, and featured the hero of the hugely successful Willy Wanker and the
Semen Factory in another story of child related penis adventures. Twelve
idly skimmed through the pages of a copy that was underneath a display of
the main character struggling with an enormous penis almost as tall as the
boy himself and impossible to contain in any pair of trousers. The
pictures inside showed lucidly the problems that poor James had with a
penis that kept hitting people as it spurted into full erection, the mess
it made on carpets and the difficulty it had in penetrating any orifice
that wanted its attention. It did however make James very popular with
other girls and boys who took great delight in playing with the penis and
causing it to become embarrassingly erect and took showers in the gobbets
of semen it inevitably released.

The author herself was dressed in an enormous blouse which was pulled in
at her relatively slim waist, but didn't in any way disguise the enormous swelling of her breasts against its fabric. The buttons held onto each
other with a desperation that looked likely to fail every time her breast heaved with an exhalation of breath. She wore a very plain navy blue skirt
and stockings and shoes. How drab! thought Twelve who had only that
morning bought herself a green beret that she proudly wore on her shaven

When Twelve introduced Honore to Innocence she wasn't at all surprised
to see the way her eyes kept wandering back to the restrained breasts.
Honore was renting an apartment in the city for the weeks that she was
staying until returning to Brook. "I feel so much more at ease there!" she
said smiling, holding the massive weight of her breasts in the palms of her
hands. "I don't have to squeeze these things into totally inappropriate
clothes. But Twelve, you'd just feel so odd there. No fashions to follow.
And you look so divine at the moment. What a cute beret!"

Innocence was dressed in just shorts and a tee-shirt. Twelve had had no
success at all in persuading her to shave off any more hair than that which
she was already taking off her legs and her armpits. She also had no
success in persuading her to wear one of her older thongs or even to show
her breasts. Innocence was (let's face it!) rather dull really. However,
it was clear to her that Honore was attracted by Innocence's quite reserved
character and her physical beauty. "Such a little beauty! The both of you
must come back to my apartment."

"And there are hidden secrets in Innocence's knickers as well!" hinted
Twelve as the three of them got into a taxi with a young girl whom Honore
had persuaded to come back with her despite her mother's reservations.

"What might those be?" wondered Honore playfully, with an arm around the
small girl's shoulders and a hand burrowed inside her blouse.

"Wait and see!"

Honore wasn't disappointed when they got back to her luxury apartment
and had insisted that everyone take their clothes off. "It's so
uncomfortable otherwise!" It had certainly been so for Honore who divested
her clothes with great relish, tearing off several buttons from her
capacious blouse. Twelve was pleased to see that the massive breasts were
showing no evidence of sagging with age, and her enormous nipples were
still as large as her thumbs when erect which they soon were. The young girl was much more embarrassed about taking off her clothes, revealing her
total lack of breasts or indeed of any adult features, but it was Innocence
who was the most embarrassed. Particularly, Twelve assumed, because her
wonderful penis was already throbbing with desire and would take very
little effort to become fully erect.

"What a darling surprise!" Honore gasped. "Is it real?"

"It's as real as your massive mammaries!" Twelve remarked. "And
produces much more milk!"

Honore leaned a hand out and stroked the penis. As Twelve suspected it
immediately jumped to attention. "Look at this, Six!" she said to the girl who was with them. "Have you ever seen anything like this before?"

The girl shook her head shyly. "Only on TV. And not so big and stiff!"

"And talking of big and stiff..." laughed Twelve holding one of Honore's
nipples. She bent her mouth over and applied it to the mass of it. "Come
on, Six (is it?) Taste this!"

Both Six and Innocence were soon persuaded to take turns on Honore's
prominent assets the nipples of which soon found themselves inside Six's
vagina and Innocence's anus. Then with the application of some champagne
that Honore had delivered by a very nervous maid (who resolutely declined
to accompany them in their lovemaking), the four of them were soon
indulging in some very frantic activity. Twelve loved nibbling at Honore's
breasts while Innocence hammered frantically into her anus. She persuaded
Honore, who only rarely indulged in sex with penises, to accept Innocence's
member first into her vagina and then when her passion was greater into her
arse. She even managed to persuade little Six (with a little kind
assistance from Honore) to accept Innocence's penis, despite her initial

"I can't do this! It's not right!"

"It is, if it's right for her!" insisted Honore, as Innocence's penis
thrust deeper and deeper into the child's vagina which betrayed its
virginity with a release of blood and a few cries of pain. "Six won't be
the first little girl whose loss of virginity I've supervised." She looked
at Innocence's penis as it released semen over the child's smooth skin.
"Now back inside me!" she ordered, taking the penis before it was finished
and with an agility even Twelve would have thought impossible for one with
such large encumbrances swivelled her body round to impale herself again on
the length of it, her enormous breasts hanging to either side of her
relatively flat stomach.


In Which Leon rediscovers Innocence; and Honore is introduced to virtues
beyond the normal condition.

Leon never enjoyed his visits to the city of Congress whenever they were
necessary. He was very uncomfortable squeezing his enormous penis into the
leg of his trousers - even though he always made a point of wearing them
very baggy irrespective of how fashionable or not that might be at any one
time. He particularly dreaded getting an erection as it pushed so
obviously against the inside thigh of his trousers, and when he walked when
his penis was in such a state he could easily be mistaken for someone with
a war wound or congenital limp.

He was standing at a newspaper kiosk just outside one of the parks that
so adorned the city, wondering what to do now that he had settled his
business affairs for the day and rather relishing the opportunity to see
something more of the excitements provided by such a large city. He was a
little weary at the moment, and the thought of just settling down to read a
newspaper was very attractive. It was then that he saw Innocence in shorts
and a simple top that covered some but not all of the mound of her breasts.
She was dawdling through the park looking around her at the children
playing on swings, the naked statues of famous people and the clusters of
sparrows. Leon strode into the park and waved at her. He noticed that she
now had much longer hair, falling freely well over her shoulders. There
were so many women in the city who'd shaved off all their hair that this
seemed almost unusual.

"So what are you doing in Congress?" Leon asked. "You've left Brook,
have you?"

"I'm here looking for a job," Innocence confessed, "but I really don't
know what to do. None of the jobs I've seen advertised look very good to
me. I'm staying with someone in an apartment she's temporarily letting, so
I'm also having to look for a place to rent."

"So you've only recently come to live in the city," Leon surmised.
"Where were you living before?"

Innocence was clearly quite grateful to have someone to talk to, so she
chatted about her studies in Labia, her departure from the flat she'd
shared with her sister and how she was now staying with the famous authoress, Honore L'Oeuf.

"I've heard of her. She doesn't leave Brook very often, does she? It
must be very difficult for her restraining her enormous breasts in a place
where full nudity is generally reserved for the very young."

"You must have difficulties in restraining your own assets."

"That I have! It feels so stupid hiding everything. It makes it so
uncomfortable!" He looked down at the length of his penis which despite
himself was swelling against the inside thigh of his trousers as a result
of the attraction he was feeling towards Innocence. "But you also have
some quite unusual assets don't you? Wouldn't you rather have them out in
the open too."

"Oh no! I'm much happier if no one knows about it. People stare so
much! It's so embarrassing."

"I'm sure it's mostly out of envy."

"Do you think so?" Wondered Innocence, clearly enchanted by the idea.

"Well, of course. A beautiful girl like you with such a beautiful
penis. The best of both worlds!"

Leon and Innocence eventually found their way to an open air bar where
they drank beer in the afternoon sun and Leon discussed his views of the
city and updated Innocence on Une's life. Inevitably the two of them soon
made their way to the hotel where Leon was staying: not one of the grandest
in the city by any means, but as Leon knew only too well no less expensive
for that. Leon took her up to his room which overlooked an office block
and a distant view of the river. Innocence was clearly very impressed by
the grandeur.

"It's so luxurious!" She remarked running her fingers over the walnut
veneer of the back of the chairs. "And the bed looks enormous!"

"It's big enough for me!" Agreed Leon. And soon it had to be big enough
for the two of them, as he took off his clothes to reveal the monstrous
size of his penis. He held it in one hand, and the two of them admired the
smooth length of it, the finger-width veins and the glans as big as a
clenched fist. Innocence remained clothed as she took the tip of it into
her mouth, just about getting her lips around it, and feeling with her
tongue the smooth curvature and the ridge to the back of it. As she
stimulated it Leon felt the blood gorging down its length, making it yet
larger and causing him to gasp as it appeared to swell beyond even its
usual capacity. Innocence caressed the testicles with both her hands,
juggling the rock hardness of them in the palms. Leon creased up his face
and looked up towards the ceiling.

"Take your clothes off" he pleaded. "Please."

Innocence assented, revealing her own erect penis looking so junior in
comparison to Leon's own magnificence. Leon returned Innocence's favours
by applying his own mouth to it, relatively easily getting the whole length
of it into his throat while his friend continued to concentrate her own
attention on his own member. Much as Leon would have liked it was
physically impossible for him to get his penis inside any orifice of
Innocence's body other than her mouth. Her anus, although a practised
recipient of penises and dildos, was not nearly wide enough to permit
entrance to even the smallest portion of his penis. Leon was quite used to
this. There were very few vaginas, let alone anuses, which allowed egress
to him - and there had only ever been one cunt in which he'd been able to
enjoy normal sexual intercourse.

However, he'd learnt to find his pleasures in other ways, and one of
these Innocence was quite happy to give. First of all he pushed his penis
through her legs from behind so that it protruded below her own erect
penis, rubbing along the base of it, tingling on the feel of her balls.
Even so, his own penis still outstretched that of Innocence's even taking
into account the distance of full thigh it had to pass through. His next
pleasure was when Innocence went behind him, first lubricating his arse
with spit and jelly, and then with a little exertion (his arse though
welcoming was not that lax) she entered inside him pushing her penis up
against the back of the base of his penis, which as it was so well endowed
was also more sensitive as a result of the engorged veins necessary to
maintain its greatness. She took his penis with both hands as she fucked
away, and it came as a great and most pleasurable relief when at last the
two of them came together: Innocence's semen spurting inside him and
trickling down out of his arse and down his very hairy legs, while his own
semen splashed several yards across the room and onto the expensive
wallpaper, the luxury silk sheets and the down-filled pillows. The two of
them gasped in unison, surely disturbing anyone in adjacent rooms (if
they'd not already been disturbed by the rhythmic rocking of the bed and
the grunts)

It was just that moment that there came a knock on the door, and without
waiting for a response a maid entered, her head and eyebrows shaved and
wearing only an apron and flat shoes. "You wanted room service, sir?" She
said with no embarrassment as she pushed in a trolley with the champagne,
cakes and biscuits that Leon ordered. She glanced at the two naked bodies
with penises lying collapsed and semen dripping down Leon's legs. She
blinked in surprise at the pair of them. She'd obviously not expected to
see two penises and certainly not one which even exhausted was larger than
Innocence's would be erect. The maid blushed and then hastened out of the
room, while Leon stirred awkwardly towards the trolley.

"Have a drink!" He offered as he poured out a glass for Innocence.
"Then maybe we'll have energy for more sex later."

Innocence smiled weakly. "Yes, that would be nice!"

Leon was soon to be introduced to Honore whose books he had read as part
of his own business research and had very much enjoyed. He and Innocence
found her seated, naked as always, in her apartment with a portable
computer on the desk busily typing while partly watching Six and a young boy of about the same age making love on the bed. Innocence had told Leon
about Six and the boy, Thirteen, whom Honore had had eagerly presented to
her by parents who were very keen on him supplying Honore with the sexual
gratification that she so desired and wrote so much about. He was a lot
bolder than Six, and was as difficult to dissuade from making love as Six
had initially been to persuade.

"Hello, Leon," greeted Honore, after Innocence had introduced him.
"I've heard so much about you and your business. So, at last we meet!
It's a wonder we've not done so before."

"Indeed it is, Honore! So, tell me what is the oeuvre you're writing.
Is it more about your large-pricked character, James?"

"Don't stand on form!" insisted Honore. "Take off your clothes! I know
about your own massive penis. Not as large as my fictional one - but no
less impressive for that I'm sure!"

Leon removed his clothes and revealed a quite slack penis still
considerably larger than Innocence's own. "I hope you still think so!"

"It certainly is! I hope to get better acquainted with it. But to
answer your question. No, I'm not writing about James at the moment. My
present story is called The Ugly Fucking. It's about a girl who's got a
facial disfigurement which really put people off her, but when they get to
know her better they find that the rest of her body is truly beautiful and
that she is a truly accomplished fuck. At the end of the story, the
illness which has disfigured her is cured and everyone falls passionately
in love with her, but now she can be much more discriminating about who she
lets fuck her, and upsets some of those who were particularly nasty to

"That sounds like a very moral story."

"Indeed it is! And I've already planned my next story which is about
three sisters who get fucked by a rather unpleasant older man in payment
for rent. I'm not sure how that one's going to work out - but one of these
sisters is going to be a lot more practical than the other two and manages
to get the older man in a situation where he won't take advantage of the
girls any more. I hope it'll be a kind of riposte to those who claim that
my fiction condones the abuse of children by adults."

"Not that you'd ever practise such things yourself..."

Honore blushed. "Of course not! But let's see your famous penis!" She
stood up with care so that her breasts which had rested beneath the desk
where she had been working would not topple it over. Leon could see that
the accounts of her enormous breasts had not been exaggerated. Knowing the
difficulties his own out-sized asset caused him he could only sympathise
with the problems Honore's breasts would undoubtedly cause her. She glided
towards where Leon was standing, and knelt down in front of him, the base
of her breasts resting on the soft pile of the carpet and her hands and
mouth applied to his penis. Within seconds his penis swelled in a number
of jerky fits to its full monstrous size. Honore could barely get her
mouth over the tip of it.

"Six! Thirteen! Come here! Here's another sight you'd never believe
if you'd never actually seen it!" Honore ordered. The two children jumped
off the bed and ran over eagerly to examine Leon's penis. Thirteen was
sufficiently enthusiastic to put his mouth to the glans and attempt to take
it in his mouth, but it wasn't sufficiently elastic to stretch around it.
His own tiny hairless penis had regained its erection and he encouraged it
further by stroking and pulling it with a hand.

"Can I fuck him? Please, Honore! Can I fuck him?"

Honore naturally assented. The company was soon enmeshed on the bed,
excluding Innocence, who had only recently introduced the boy to anal
intercourse with the assent and close scrutiny of his parents. Innocence
still felt very uneasy about making love to children, and never actually
did so without Honore's forceful persuasion. Leon soon had Thirteen's
small erect penis fully inside his tight anus, while thrusting his penis
back and forth in between Honore's breasts while Six's tongue greedily
licked and chewed on both his penis and her older lover's breasts. Six
then positioned herself on top of his penis, riding it like the back of a
pony, while Thirteen who'd lost his available semen inside Leon's hairy
arse licked away at her tiny clitoris and pushed his fingers deep inside
her recently enlarged vagina.

This sexual activity continued and continued, while Leon held back the
release of his own semen - a skill gained by frequent practice and a little
expert schooling - until there was no longer any possible of restraining
it. And then with a sudden explosion, the semen shot out, splattering Six's
flat chest, Thirteen's short-cropped face and trickling down the monstrous
contours of Honore's breasts. And then again. And again. And again.
Over the sheets. In Honore's ready mouth and in her hair. On Six's shaven
pate and over her tight uncontoured buttocks. And even a few gobbets
flying over and splattering Innocence whose penis had been quite stimulated
by the activity.

Then Leon felt Innocence's full and more adult penis fill inside his
anus, causing his member to regain its full size. At the same time, he
could see that Thirteen had formed a chain of fuckers by getting behind
Innocence and doing what he'd already had previous experience of by fucking
Innocence's arse. In not too many moments he felt the stimulated and
stimulating Innocence give release to her own hot semen which messily
spurted in through the hairiness of his anus and then dribble into the long
hairs of his thighs. And then a collapse of bodies onto the waiting
cushion of Honore's breasts whose nipples pressed hard and unyielding into
his eyes while Six busied herself in burying her tongue into Honore's still
unsated vagina.

Leon and his retinue of lovers panted, gasped and sweated in
post-coitus. Honore's face appeared between the spread cheeks of Thirteen
and she smiled at him with satisfaction. "You know all this has given me
an idea for another story for James and his Giant Penis."


In Which Innocence is found in work and in work is found revived

Innocence had achieved her independence: she had at last found a bedsit
and a job that paid well enough for her to afford the rent. Honore had
loaned her the money necessary to pay the deposit on her new home, but she
hoped that with overtime she'd be able to repay her eventually. It was a
very small bedsit - much smaller than what she'd been accustomed to in
Labia or Wonderground - but at least when she shut the front door she was
in her own territory, not shared with her sister or anyone else. The
bedsit was a single room dominated by a single bed, with only enough room
to squeeze past the wash basin, shower, cooker and integral wardrobe. The
view from the window over the streets of Congress didn't excite Innocence's
imagination much at all being mostly of the main road fourteen stories below and the tower blocks opposite.

The job she'd got was at the Fierzehn, a city centre night club. It
wasn't one of the poshest or most fashionable night clubs in the city, but
it was nonetheless very impressive, featuring dance floors on several
levels, several fuck rooms, cafeteria and several bars. She'd been taken
on as a barmaid, but at first she was worried that the night club's topless
policy for its female staff might mean that she would be expected to do
more than merely serve alcohol. Fortunately, the policy existed more for
fashion reasons than for any sexual purposes, and Innocence was able to
hide her groin under shorts or skirts. She also wore a pair of flat shoes
to take the weight off her ankles while standing for several hours behind
the bar. Not all the other bar staff felt inclined to limit their freedom
of dress to just being topless: one or two were totally naked while most
wore very revealing thongs that basically were only large enough to hide a
sanitary towel. All staff however wore sensible shoes. The work was
undeniably tiring and long. Her work began just after eleven in the
evening and continued to between six and seven in the morning.

The hours were not kind to Innocence. She went to bed at the same time
as most people were waking up, fortunately sufficiently exhausted not to be
disturbed by the sun penetrating through the thin curtains to her bedsit or
by the roar of the city traffic. She would wake up late in the afternoon
and prepare breakfast and while away the hours in shopping for necessities,
sitting in launderettes and watching programmes on the television she had
precariously placed on a chair at the base of her bed.

Different nights of the night club had different themes and attracted
correspondingly different audiences. Most nights were for the benefit of
the young - mostly in their teens or twenties - who had come for the
purposes of dancing and socialising. Innocence felt most comfortable on
these days, as the customers were usually more intent on stalking the dance
floor than hanging around the bar. Occasionally, a woman or a man might
sit on a stool on the bar all evening and try to attract Innocence's
attention and persuade her to come to the fuck room with him or her.
Innocence was scarcely at all excited by the propositions, but even if she
had, her fear of revealing the penis she had hidden from sight would have
put her off accepting the offer. And in any case she was usually far too
busy serving at the bar to be spared for very long.

The fuck rooms were dark plush rooms housing a large mattress covering
every inch of the floor, and where the lights were so dim that Innocence
often bumped into lovemaking couples whenever she ventured in, as she had
to do to collect the glasses which against the express orders of the
management often found their way into these rooms. It was very dangerous
to have glass in a place full of naked flailing bodies, who may or may not
take advantage of the free condoms that were available in several exotic
flavours and designs.

The nights when the fuck rooms were most full was on the Singles and
Divorced Nights, as they were called, where older men and women - often in
their forties and fifties - gathered in embarrassingly young clothes
revealing far too much flesh for the express purpose of finding partners.
On these evenings there were often quite a few unaccompanied men or women
(but mostly men) who would sit on the bar stool and make embarrassing
conversation usually about how beautiful Innocence's breasts were, why
didn't she take off her shorts and did she fancy a quick fuck. Or maybe a
long one. On those nights the fuck rooms were at their most overflowing
and the dance floors at their most correspondingly empty. Couples often
seemed unconcerned about where they should fuck and who might be watching.
There would be copulating couples on the sofas, or on the carpet, or just
standing up against the bar supporting themselves as their partners thrust
away at their vagina or anus with penis or dildo.

The management did nothing to dissuade such activity, indeed it featured
edited highlights from fuck films broadcasting from the banks of television
screens or projected onto the dance floor. There was usually a floor act
of some kind during the evening, featuring striptease, bizarre sex and
audience participation. This usually came on fairly late in the morning,
by which time the audience had thinned out, with the express purpose of
enticing the remainder to stay on, drink more and forget about going to
work the following day. Innocence found the floor shows some respite from
work as most people who weren't already in the fuck rooms were no longer
interested in buying drinks and those who might be pestering her for her
attention were engrossed elsewhere. Innocence had to marvel at the skills
of the performers, who seemed to be able to do things with their genitals
that she'd never believed possible.

The other nights were generally preferable, even though Innocence was
quite conscious of not being amongst the most fashionable of the people
there. She had no intention of shaving off her head or her eyebrows,
although she'd taken on the fashion of wearing a beret or other small cap
on her head. She also didn't wish to shave her groin as so many others did
and revealed enough of that area to demonstrate that they had (even if the
actual lips of the cunt or the flesh of the penis were hidden). Not all
the young fashionable people were quite as extreme as Twelve in their
dress, although there were enough of them tending towards her particular
style. Some still had quite long hair like Innocence - enough for her not
to feel an utter fashion pariah. Many didn't even reveal their nipples,
perhaps thinking that this was a degree of nudity beyond that which they'd
be comfortable with. Or perhaps because they weren't especially happy with
the shape of their breasts. The breasts and penises which Innocence did
see promenaded all night were of all kinds and not all could be described
in kindly terms.

After work, Innocence would join the early morning commuters at the
underground station, most of whom were engrossed in the newspapers and not
at all interested in looking at her, as she sat with her legs crossed
wearing an overcoat over her otherwise nearly naked body. She would study
the travellers opposite her with interest, aware that even those looking
directly at her were really still too tired to actually see her. With only
the rare exception, these people were not on their way to well-paid jobs,
and they were correspondingly poorly dressed and very rarely particularly
fashionable. Although Innocence wasn't paid at all well, she knew that she
was earning substantially more than most of these others mostly in
recognition of her unsociable working hours, and it must be admitted, for
her physical beauty. It would not do for a night club like the Fierzehn to
employ unattractive bar staff: the custom would probably shift elsewhere if
they did.

There was one evening of the week when the night club didn't require
Innocence to work behind the night club, because it was generally felt
she'd look and behave rather out of place, and this was the Hard Core
Night. It wasn't known as that because the sex was any harder than any
other night. In fact, as far as sex went it was the Singles and Divorced
evening that had the most hard core sex. The reason for the name was to
describe the music which was basically faster, louder and more insistent
than that of any other night. Innocence's fairly tame appearance would
seem somewhat out of place amongst the rather bizarre and sometimes
aggressive clothes worn by the clientele. Her reluctance to bare her
crotch was also thought a little out of place.

However, one of the usual staff - a girl whose face was normally covered
by a veil and her feet by large boots, but wore nothing else - was feeling
somewhat poorly that night. The manager suggested when he phoned Innocence
that it might have something to do with all the drugs she took, and
Innocence didn't find this at all unlikely. She'd often felt uncomfortable
working next to someone whose body looked like a ravaged pin-cushion. So,
she was persuaded to come in, but not to wear anything less than a very
skimpy short dress which revealed her buttocks, but not thankfully her
precious crotch. In fact, Innocence rather troubled herself that it might
reveal more of a bulge than she was particularly happy with.

She really didn't enjoy the music that was playing, if music could be a
word she'd normally ascribe to the thundering percussion, screeching
samples and high- pitched wails. The audience however were totally
immersed in it and the sweat that poured off their naked or nearly naked
bodies. Indeed, there was rather more flesh on display than usual, if a
lot of it was very pale and quite unwholesome looking. Far more heads were
shaved than usual, although there was a general contempt for shaved
crotches, underarms or eyebrows. Many of the men had surgery to give them
breasts that looked incongruous on otherwise normally masculine bodies.
Many of the women still sported dildos, but it was unlikely that these
monstrous ugly things - often made of metal with horrid knobs and hooks on
them - were ever intended for sexual purposes. One feature that both men and women appeared to have in common was a fondness for laced boots that
often reached high up above their ankles and sometimes had steel toecaps.
However, there was actually rather less sex than usual: the fuck rooms were
mostly used for drug-taking and the toilets were almost always heaving with
people just hanging around or injecting themselves.

Innocence was feeling rather uncomfortable as she served the real ale,
bottled beer and mineral water that seemed to be the favoured drinks of the
mostly young clientele. She didn't feel that way from any sexual advances
that were made to her, although rather more blatant comments were made
about her breasts by the men and women than usual. She just didn't know
what to say at the aggression that many of the women expressed to her and
didn't like the names she was given, like Hot Pants, Tight cunt and, most
scathingly of all, Magazine Model. She tried to maintain a bland friendly
smile which attracted even more adverse attention, until she copied the
very blank expression maintained by the other bar steward, a slightly plump
girl with shaved head, military beret and plaited pubic hair.

It was on this evening though that Innocence met again her old lover,
Dodie, who was with a company of other girls dressed just like her with
green berets decorated by a single red star, boots and nothing else. Like
them, her head was shaved but the eyebrows weren't, and the only piece of
jewellery she wore was a single plastic bangle on her left arm. When
Innocence saw her first she was engrossed in kissing another girl with an
eye patch over one eye and breasts that seemed curiously large on an
otherwise emaciated body. Innocence suspected that the breasts may well
have been surgically enhanced judging from their unnatural firmness. Dodie
then wandered over to the bar, looking somewhat disorientated, with heavy
lids over bloodshot eyes and a faint trail of snot from her nose.

When she saw Innocence though, she paused as if hit by something and
stood transfixed as if trying to be sure that she could believe what she
saw. Sparkle then returned to her eyes and she grinned broadly and a
little foolishly.

"Innocence! My love! My loveliest!" she exclaimed in a way that seemed
totally incongruous in this unromantic environment. She leaned heavily on
the bar, her long nipples brushing against an ice bucket and her elbows
soaked in beery place mats. "Is it you! Is it truly you!"

Innocence smiled, while returning change from an order for several
bottles of mineral water and alka-seltzer. "It is! This is where I work

"I didn't know you were into Hard Core. You certainly don't look the

"I'm not. It's just my job!"

Dodie abandoned her friends, who occasionally returned to offer her a
toke from a large joint or a sniff from smoke-filled glasses, and spent the
whole evening just sitting on the bar chatting to Innocence, while her old lover continued to serve customers. She chatted and chatted, without
respite, about all that she'd done and seen since she'd left Wonderground.
She'd only just arrived in Congress, and was currently dossing on the sofa
in a very grubby squat in the Shit district of the city, an area Innocence
had never visited for fear of being attacked by muggers or for being
approached as a prostitute. She returned again and again in her rambling
conversation to her abiding love for Innocence which persisted so strongly,
through all the fucks she'd had, the indifferent, the casual and the
passionate. "You're the only one who has ever brought meaning to my life!"
she exclaimed with unselfconscious passion, clearly embarrassing the tall
large-breasted man standing beside her with a large tattoo embellished on
his shaved forehead.

Inevitably, Innocence found it impossible to resist inviting Dodie back
to her bedsit, who barely noticed her environment at all, unlacing the long
laces of her boots and collapsing onto her bed. She smiled blissfully.
"It's so wonderful to see you again!" she exclaimed as she fell into
immediate unconsciousness. Innocence slightly resented Dodie's invasion of
her already limited space, but tidied the sheets around her, pulled off her
dress and sneaked into the bed next to her.

The following morning, Innocence was awoken, very bleary eyed and with a
raw mouth, to the distinct sensation of wet hungry lips taking her penis
deep into a mouth and pulling it up into a more sensitive erection than she
normally had so early in the day. She opened her eyes and focused on a
dark raw hairy mass directly above her, only gradually becoming aware that
she was staring straight into Dodie's cunt. The long skinny body with tiny
breasts and with Innocence marked on her buttock caressed the front of her
body replacing the warmth of the duvet. A little reluctantly at first, but
with increasing pleasure, Innocence surrendered herself to Dodie's
affection, soon reciprocating by firmly putting her tongue into Dodie's
anus, while stroking and probing the vagina with her fingers.

Dodie moved more or less permanently into Innocence's bedsit - never
seeming to be able to get enough of her body. The only times they were
parted was when Innocence went to work and Dodie went to join the company
of her other friends, happy to indulge in drugs and sex with them, unaware
that this in any way compromised the passion she felt for her well-endowed
lover. There was very little space in Innocence's bed for the two of them,
so they slept very much enveloped in each other's bodies: Innocence's penis
often left to sleep inside Dodie's cunt and her face side by side with
Dodie's always blissfully grinning face.

Innocence didn't doubt the passion of Dodie's affection for her, and in
the lonely forbidding anonymity of the city this was a centre of stability
and comfort for which she became progressively more grateful. At the same
time, however, it was a struggle to encourage Dodie to be more tidy, to
return the cap to the toothpaste and to take her boots off before
clambering onto the bed. These were minor trials however compared to the
greater benefits of Dodie's constant love and affection.


In Which Innocence is displayed on film and is shown together with an
old friend.

It was Dodie who reminded Innocence of the interview she'd had with Fuck
Films Today and her appearance in Forbidden Love. "It seems absolutely
ridiculous to me that you should be working for virtually nothing at the
Fierzehn, especially as you don't really like music, when you could be
earning a hell of a lot more in fuck films."

"I'm not sure I want to be filmed fucking people," Innocence retorted.

"Don't be silly. You were happy enough having sex with Nancy Shittits
or whatever her name was. If that's not being filmed fucking what is? And
you only got a little amount of money for that! Come on! They're always
auditioning for people to star in fuck films. Look at these ads in the
paper!" Dodie showed her lover some of the adverts in the evening paper.
There certainly didn't seem to be any shortage of demand.

Innocence took the paper from her naked lover's hand, and still with one
arm around Dodie's shoulders - it was the only way to prevent herself
falling off the bed - she scrutinised the details. "For a chance to appear
in a Fuck Film with a difference!" "Guys! How big's your dick! Show it
off to its best advantage in your best mates!" "Wanted! girls with Big
Busts! guys with thick Pricks!"

"I don't like the sound of any of these," admitted Innocence.

"Oh, don't be silly!" insisted Dodie. "You're just not reading it
right. What about this one. 'Bizarre film needs Bizarre stars!' If you're
not bizarre, who is?" She cheekily caressed Innocence's penis. "Go on!
Give it a chance!"

Fortunately, the day of the audition coincided with Innocence's day off,
so she was able to turn up with Dodie keeping her company. Half of her was
eager to be accepted and to get into a career that she knew would enable
her to stop having to spend her nights behind a bar with her eardrums
assaulted and her dignity constantly threatened by the attention of the
clientele. The other half of her felt somewhat ill at ease at the idea of
being fucked or fucking in front of the camera (although the idea somewhat
stimulated her as well, as Dodie wouldn't stop reminding her). She
certainly wasn't sure she felt that much at ease with the others being
auditioned. Many were actually rather ordinary, rather plain, people whose
bizarreness apparently consisted in the extremes of behaviour they were
more or less willing to indulge in to gain an honest living. Others were
bizarre in a quite obvious way. A woman with a beard. A man with a very
long but thin penis which he seemed to relish waving around the place. A
pigmy woman. An oldish woman with breasts that lacked body but trailed
down to her waist. A fat woman who was so large that she occupied almost
all the space of a sofa. A slim woman whose breasts were so small that
only the presence of a very natural vagina could convince anyone that she
was really a woman at all.

When Innocence's turn to be interviewed came up, the interviewer was at
first convinced that it was Dodie who was the interviewee and seemed
visibly disappointed when it was Innocence who sat down on the chair
opposite. He scratched his beard and peered at her through the thick plastic lenses of his glasses. "So what do you do that makes you suitable
for a bizarre film. Do you like animals fucking you? Do you enjoy eating
turds? Can you crack nuts in your cunt?"

"No, not at all! That sounds disgusting!" winced Innocence.

"So why come to an audition for bizarre fuck films if you don't like
bizarre things? Do you like being beaten up? Do you enjoy drinking piss?
Can you get a fist up your arse-hole?"

As Innocence shook her head sadly at each disgusting suggestion, she
could see that the interviewer was getting visibly more annoyed. She
looked rather forward to leaving. Clearly fuck films just weren't for her.
But it was Dodie who abruptly came to her rescue: "It's not what Innocence
does, but what she is that makes her bizarre?"

The director frowned. "I don't see that! Okay, she looks good, and
most fuck film companies would jump at the opportunity of employing her.
But looks is less than half of what we're interested in at Bizarre Bazaar.
Our viewers want something a little more challenging and demanding than
pretty girls being fucked by good looking guys. And going for girls just
isn't bizarre enough these days I'm afraid."

"It's what Innocence has between her legs that makes her hot property!
Go on, Innocence! Take down your knickers!"

Innocence smiled a little reluctantly, but obediently she pulled up her
short dress and lowered her knickers so that the interviewer could see her
penis. His eyes widened significantly as he focused on it. "Does it work?
Is it real?" he wondered.

"It's real enough!" Dodie replied for Innocence. "She's given me the
best fuck I've ever had. She comes like a shaken beer can, fucks for hours
without respite and her erection pops up with the least provocation. Look
at her prick now if you don't believe me."

The interviewer looked at Innocence's penis which was indeed getting
quite thick and erect. "God! It's beautiful! Take off all your gear!
Let's see all you've got to offer!"

So, it was that Innocence passed her first audition and found herself
the subject of a series of films in which she was the main star. The
interviewer, who was in fact the director of most of the films Bizarre
Bazaar made, was sufficiently sensitive to Innocence's feelings not to
start her off in any films that actually involved any fucking. All that
was required of her in a series of short films that he made was to sit
around showing off her body in various degrees of undress and to arouse her
penis to a state of excitement. The main attraction of the films was the
way that even this early in her film career Innocence was able to stimulate
herself to an erection with very little prompting, maintain it for a good
period of time and then relieve herself with enough semen to feed quite a
few hungry people.

The films were made mostly in sets that looked remarkably ordinary and
quite dull. Kitchens. Living rooms. Bathrooms. And most often of all,
bedrooms. There she would be writhing under the constant gaze of a set of
cameras, apparently stimulated by her reflection or the rather tedious fuck
magazines she'd be given to read, and then would simulate herself
sufficiently to provoke the real excitement she did feel for being filmed
in sexually explicit positions for her penis to express sufficient
excitement to stimulate the unknown viewer. The majority of these short
films focused entirely on her erect penis and its arousal. Some films were
more adventurous, but only just. In one, she had to insert a quite
realistically sized dildo in the exact shape of a real penis deep inside
her anus which was only possible with the help of a small attractive
oriental assistant whose job was specifically to arouse sexual organs and
to smear lubricating jelly in the right places. In another, she had to
follow a scene of ejaculation with one of pissing, which involved consuming
a few pints of beer in rapid succession before filming.

On the whole, though, these films were sufficiently tame for Innocence
to lose most of her inhibitions for making a career in film pornography,
and to quite happily abandon her job at the Fierzehn. She quite soon felt
the advantages of having more money. She and Dodie spent several happy
hours discussing the somewhat larger flat they intended to move into
together and all the things they would buy once they'd saved up enough.
Dodie was contributing her own wages to the household now, having taken a
job in a Radical Bookstore that sold many books and magazines which showed
very much the same activity as the fuck films did but with less attractive
models, a lot more imagination and only occasionally particularly erotic.
Most of the woman models, Innocence noted, looked rather more like Dodie
with their shaved heads, hairy crotches and large boots. She much rather
dressed in what she considered was a more feminine and fetching way, quite
enjoying the glances she got from men and women as she teetered on her
stilettos in her short dress on the underground trains to the studio.

For Innocence and Dodie to afford a bigger flat it was necessary for
Innocence to earn substantially more money than she was in the wank films
she was making. She wasn't at all sure, however, that the first proper
fuck film she'd star in (one where she'd participate with someone else and
who she would fuck and possibly be fucked by) should be one made by Bizarre
Bazaar. The director himself understood Innocence's inclinations well
enough not to insist that she try for a pissing, shitting, fist-fucking,
sado-masochist or animal-fucking film. If Innocence wanted to make a film
with some real action where she could earn several times the money and have
enough for the deposit on a flat, she'd have to make a film for another

It was Twelve on one of her occasional visits to Innocence's bedsit who
suggested the two make a film together. "We'd make a great couple!" she
assented, holding Innocence's erect penis while Dodie sucked it long and
hard. "We fuck well together and I'm not in the slightest bit put off by
some arsehole filming us while we do it. Look we'll answer this ad and
earn a bit of extra. I'm sure they'd love to film us once they've had a
look at you and seen some of the videos you've made."

The advertisement said rather modestly: "Lez and tv couples wanted for
Sexy Fuck Films" and Innocence could think of very few good reasons for not
accompanying Twelve for the audition. Twelve was right. Quinze Cunts were
very impressed by Innocence's endowment which with Twelve's assistance was
very soon erect and shown in its fullest glory. They were also impressed
by the very passionate lovemaking that the two girls staged for them on the
casting couch. The director, Genevieve, was a slim girl in a quite
conservative blouse and culottes with hair cut quite boyishly and a pair of
wire glasses. She rather liked the idea of the two girls performing
together. She had a number of opinions about what made a sexy fuck film,
which was the kind that Quinze Cunts specialised in. One of these was that
the characters making love with each other should genuinely enjoy it. On
the basis of that opinion, having the two of them cast together on a ninety
minute film would be quite perfect.

"It will at least prevent you getting bored with each other," she
remarked with a grin.

Others of her opinions were that sex between women was necessarily more
erotic than sex between men and women. It was not that she was especially
averse to men: she just didn't believe that men's bodies were ever
particularly erotic. What she liked to make were films where the cast were
either all women or men who were sufficiently feminine as a result of their
chosen way of dressing or radical surgery. At first it was very difficult
for her to believe that Innocence wasn't the way she was as a result of
surgery, but she studied Innocence's body and penis with great care and
found none of the signs, by now so familiar to her, of silicone implanting,
hormonal injection or stitching.

Twelve had to dress rather more conservatively than usual for her in the
film they were to make which was provisionally called Innocence's Big
Surprise. She had eyebrows painted on, and had to exchange her thong for a
dress and blouse with a tie. She even had to wear knickers which she
complained were very uncomfortable. She drew the line, however, at wearing
a wig. "What would people think if they saw me like that!" she exclaimed.
"I wouldn't know where to fucking look!"

The film's plot was banal in the extreme, but as Genevieve explained the
people who bought her films were more interested in shots of knickers,
cleavages, young clitorises and pretty sexy bodies than on story lines or
more extreme forms of sex. She did insist on a piss sequence as she knew a
lot of viewers would be very keen to see Innocence's penis used for other
purposes than to release semen and Twelve was not at all bothered about
having urine dripping down her face and breasts. "As long as I don't get
any in my mouth!" she remarked.

The film began with the two girls wandering in a field in the
countryside just outside the city. It was the first time since Innocence
and Twelve had left Labia that either had ventured so far from Congress and
its nightlife, and Innocence enjoyed the rush of fresh air in her lungs and
over her body. She had plenty of opportunity to enjoy this warm air, as
the two girls took their clothes off in the grass and soon indulged in
passionate lovemaking together while Genevieve and her two camerawomen
watched and filmed them. Another of the director's views was that the
girls should be as natural as possible and so she gave only the briefest
outline of what their sexual activity should consist of and indicated where
the cameras were most likely to look.

The art of fuck films, Innocence believed, was not only to perform sex
well (which involved a certain amount of exaggeration of the pleasure that
Twelve was giving her as her tongue and fingers probed around her lower
regions), but also to ensure that the action was fully visible to the
camera. This in itself required a little bit of attention, particularly as
the area of penetration was one very easily obscured from the camera. This
involved Innocence and Twelve contorting their bodies somewhat unnaturally
so that the camera could see when Innocence entered one of Twelve's
orifices and exactly which one it was.

The film then moved from there to the interior of Genevieve's large
country house, where quite a few of the rooms had lighting set up
specifically to make films and very comfortable beds, sofas and carpets for
the fucking to take place. Some action took place in the kitchen where
Twelve pushed her fingers and then a cucumber inside Innocence's anus while
her penis was being actively sucked. More action took place in the very
plush bathroom where the pissing took place in the bath so that the urine could be washed away and the enamel swiftly wiped down with cleaning fluid.
Innocence couldn't understand what pleasure Twelve was supposed to be
getting as piss splashed over her face, trickled down over cheeks, cascaded
over her chin and dribbled down her slim breasts. Twelve later assured her
that the warmth of the urine and the knowledge of where it came from was
precisely what gave her such joy, but Innocence wasn't convinced that it
gave her nearly as much as she so ecstatically expressed.

"Still under an hour of usable film," Genevieve commented disappointedly
after all the planned scenes had been filmed. "I think we're just going to
have to improvise. Do you mind if we make it a threesome for a garden lawn

"Of course we don't!" Twelve answered before Innocence had an
opportunity to object. "As long as it's you who makes up the threesome."

"You think so?" wondered Genevieve curiously coyly for someone who made
a living from making fuck films. "Do you think Innocence wouldn't mind
fucking me?"

"A beautiful girl like you!" smiled Twelve kissing the director fondly
on the cheeks and unbuttoning her blouse. "How could she mind? And I
wouldn't mind fucking you myself if it comes to that!"

When Genevieve was undressed by the other two in the full glare of the
cameras, it was clear that her expertise and experience in fuck films
hadn't been gained as a performer. But her slim body with round breasts and largish nipples and the thin bush of pubic hair was more attractive
than Twelve's pale freckly body, and she showed genuine enthusiasm when
Innocence's erect penis was guided into her cunt. She clung passionately
to Innocence's body, making it rather difficult for the camerawomen to
position themselves for the crucial shots of anal and vaginal penetration.
It was with quite obvious reluctance that she allowed Innocence to remove
her penis when she was about to ejaculate and let the semen spray over her
breasts and mouth rather than inside her body. The cries of ecstasy she
gave when Twelve and Innocence returned to her body seemed quite unfeigned,
and she seemed very flushed after the event.

"This will make a great film!" Genevieve reflected. "It'll be out
fairly soon, I can assure you. But it will probably still be less than
ninety minutes long. While you're here I insist that you join me and my
camera staff for dinner. You will join us, won't you?"

"You fucking bet!" said Twelve, attaching her thong to her waist and
pointedly leaving her other clothes on the grass just by the sundial.
Dinner was very pleasant and cooked by Genevieve's lover, a very young looking girl with long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Inevitably
dinner had barely finished when Genevieve and her lover invited the
camerawomen, Innocence and Twelve to their large bed where the evening
ended in a mass of writhing bodies in which Innocence's now quite weary
penis was very much appreciated.


In Which Innocence prevails upon Dodie to perform and Griffin is
reacquainted to the virtues of Innocence.

Dodie enjoyed hearing about Innocence's new job. She loved listening to
Innocence's accounts of the sex she was having in the series of Quinze
Cunts and Bizarre Bazaar films that she appeared in, and where there was
any particular activity that she found especially erotic she would persuade
Innocence to join in similar activity with her in their tiny bedsit.
However, Dodie was quite reluctant to get involved in fuck films herself.
"It's just not me," she assented, although she never gave any very good
reasons as to why this should be so.

However, it was Dodie who did suggest to Innocence that they should star
together in a series of Radical fuck film which were being made by someone
she knew. "These films are different," she claimed. "They aren't just
fuck films for people to wank to in the privacy of their own homes while
watching them on video. These are more challenging, more radical films."

"How can they be that?" wondered Innocence. "They're still films where
the actors take their clothes off and fuck each other."

"It's not what they do. It's why they do it," Dodie insisted, but the
rates were only slightly less than Innocence was becoming accustomed to and
Dodie was very insistent. Innocence agreed to star with Dodie, but she
stated categorically that she had no intention of shaving any part of her
body or of piercing it either.

The filming took place in a series of very dingy rooms in a derelict
housing estate, on beds that were uncomfortable, floors that were bare and
unhoovered, radiators that clanked noisily and gave off very little heat
and where the walkways were covered in puddles and urine. There was
however a story-line to the events which framed the lovemaking that
Innocence and Dodie were going to indulge in together, with the assistance
of several other women who were mostly dressed pretty much like the
clientele of the Hard Core Nights at the Fierzehn. This was quite a
novelty to Innocence who had become accustomed to the idea of fuck films as
being nothing more than a series of implausible encounters and sexual
passions in which ninety per cent of the action was concentrated around the

The film company was known as Shit for the Workers, and most of the
people involved were both argumentative and painfully serious. It seemed
to Innocence that far more time was spent on discussing what was to be
filmed than in actually doing it. It seemed that nothing could be done
until there was consensus as to exactly what was being filmed, what it was
meant to symbolise and whether the fucking was ideologically correct. It
seemed that any action: pissing, bondage, anal intercourse, even rape, was
justified in the film as long as it could be seen as having a deeper
significance. Innocence wasn't at all sure what the film's plot actually
was and her lines seemed both tedious and irrelevant.

In one scene, she was expected to fuck a series of women each of whom
had a letter painted on their forehead in the Greek alphabet: twenty-four
in all. She had to fuck each of the from ? to ? via ? and ? (or
whatever else they represented) and each girl while being fucked was
obliged to recite a radical quotation. Fortunately Innocence wasn't
expected to fuck continuously. She didn't have anything like the stamina
of a Null, and in any case there weren't really as many as twenty-four
actresses actually involved in the film. Dodie played a number of
different Greek characters, but since only parts of her - like her cunt or
her mouth - would actually be shown, it would be impossible to tell that it
was the same person being fucked on different occasions.

Another scene involved Innocence pissing on Dodie while another girl pissed on her and Dodie pissed on someone else. Innocence became aware
that this apparently endless stream of people pissing on different people
was meant to be symbolic, judging from the fact that the only person in the
series who pissed and wasn't pissed on was the only man in the series and
he was particularly fat and ugly.

Another scene, near the beginning of the film, involved Innocence
apparently depriving Dodie of her virginity. For this scene, Dodie was
made to seem rather younger than she was - but even she wouldn't sacrifice
her pubic hair to look sufficiently young. The cunt that was intercut to
look like a young Dodie's was of another girl who was probably not very
much older than the supposed youngster she was playing. The radical aspect
of this was apparently the tawdry, unappealing state of the room in which
the filming took place: wallpaper peeling off the wall, horrible patches of
damp soaking through the plaster and a bare mattress with a quite dangerous
spring protruding through.

The other cast were not especially attractive, although one or two of
them had faces and figures that Innocence felt sure could have been quite
beautiful if they'd allowed themselves some hair and make-up. She much
preferred those sequences involving Dodie because she felt much more
comfortable inside a familiar cunt than in some of the others. Sometimes
they felt just a little too tight and in one case almost too loose - nearly
as much so as Une's cunt.

The filming took much longer than most of the films Innocence had
starred in (indeed she made several other films for her other company on
the days Shit for Workers dedicated to discussion seminars and discovery
sessions). It didn't seem that the final film was actually very much
better than those she'd made for Quinze Cunts. The film used was black and
white, some of the camera angles seemed quite wilfully obscure, the editing
seemed quite random and distracting and the sex was really no different.
There was also an annoying sequence running through the film where the
director, a fat woman in her late thirties with a lisp and a slight
stutter, would wander naked through a rubbish heap, or along a suburban
housing estate, or outside an abattoir, passing comment on such matters as
women's rights, homosexual separatism, the dictatorship of the proletariat,
racism and hypocrisy. Whether Innocence would have found this interesting
in another context was quite difficult to tell as the editing was rather
random and she often lost the point of the dialogue as it had been inserted
somewhere else totally in the film (perhaps while she would be placing a
cucumber deep inside her anus or sticking her erect penis into a rusty
exhaust pipe).

The biggest debate of all was what to entitle the film, which thankfully
Innocence felt herself excused from. She didn't care if it was called The
Coitus Manifesto, The Female Bollocks or Fuck is a Feminist Issue. She was
just happy to get paid at the end of it. Dodie however was unreservedly
enthusiastic. "Isn't it good to know that what you're doing is art and
will outlast all the fuck films you're usually in."

Innocence wasn't at all sure that this last assertion was at all likely.
The film at nearly four hours was far too long and self-indulgent she
thought. The opening credits went on for nearly half an hour, interspersed
with so many themes that she had no idea what was meant to be achieved.
Women running around with dildos inserted up their arses. men fucking dead
chickens. Cars driven slowly round in circles with numbers like 15 or 9
written on top. The sudden ending which left her both frustrated and
relieved at the same time was a poor joke that she'd hoped had happened
considerably earlier. But she knew that it was Dodie's first and probably
only fuck film and so, for her sake, she made no complaint and encouraged
her as much as possible with the film-making.

For most of the time she was working with Shit for Workers her mind was
focused on finding a flat for Dodie and herself. She eventually found one
which was a compromise between Dodie's wish to be in the town centre and
Innocence's desire for a relatively quiet night's sleep. It was with some
sadness, however, that Innocence moved out of her tiny bedsit. It was
after all the only place that she'd ever lived in by herself, and much as
she loved Dodie she also missed the freedom and solitude she'd enjoyed

When she observed her relationship with her sister in Labia, Innocence
had felt rather sorry for Gryphon . She knew that Chastity was merely
exploiting her, and she could see that despite her proud muscular figure
the teacher was very vulnerable. She'd never expected to see Gryphon again
after she'd left the college, and was even more surprised to see her
picture on the cover of a video for Sex and Physical Exercise, Keep
Pumping, on the shelf of the wall of the offices of Sexual Fitness Ltd.,
the company where she was being interviewed to appear in one of their many
sex education tapes. Innocence had by now been exposed to enough of these
videos through her contacts in the fuck film industry to know what these
films generally involved.

Gryphon's performance was no different in Keep Pumping and its sequel
Keep On Pumping, except that these were solo performances with others
merely following the instructions Gryphon gave them. Her experience as a
teacher came through in the authoritativeness of her voice and the tone in
which she gave her instructions. "Yes, deeper! That's right! As far
inside as you can get!" she cried as her tutees thrust curiously shaped
dildos deep inside their vaginas or anuses. She would first of all show
techniques for lubricating her vagina with a finger or a vibrator and then
showed how to maximise the pleasure it gave her and the length of time for
which an exercise could last. "After thirty minutes of continual thrusting
your vagina is now loose enough and moist enough to give hours of
satisfaction to the most demanding of lovers," she would say on the
voice-over while the more impassioned film of her masturbating would be on

Innocence was almost pleased to discover that she was being auditioned
for a sex fitness video with Gryphon. She knew the teacher well enough for
there to be no surprises and she had had sufficient experience on their one
previous lovemaking to know that it would make a very successful
production. She guessed from her memories of Gryphon's intense pleasure on
that occasion that the teacher wouldn't have to feign any of her passion.

"We just need someone like yourself who is physically attractive to our
star and has a fully operational penis," explained the director, who was a
slim woman in a track suit and with her long hair tied back in a pony-tail.
"We've tried to film Gryphon with men, but these attempts have never been
at all successful and we've never been able to market them. They would not
enhance the reputation of Sexual Fitness at all. Some of our competitors
may be satisfied with film of Gryphon looking bored or distressed while
being buggered, but we would hope to market a better product altogether.
We want to project a more positive image of sexual intercourse. We've seen
some of the work you've done for Bizarre Bazaar and Quinze Cunts, and we
think that you may have just the enthusiasm for sex with women that would
fit with Gryphon's own similar tastes."

Innocence could see that Gryphon's enthusiasm wasn't at all feigned when
they were introduced as potential film companions. "When can we start
filming?" was Gryphon's main question after they met. "I'd love to have
some decent sex for a change."

The filming was actually quite strenuous for Innocence. Gryphon's
success in the Sex Fitness video market had been quite significant. Quite
a few customers were attracted to her muscular frame and the femininity she
managed to carry with it. Innocence discovered that Gryphon's venture into
this market was one that the teacher felt able to do without leaving her
pedagogical career (to which she felt a great affection) and one that
provided her with the money to afford the attentions of the prostitutes to
whom she had become quite addicted. Gryphon did however find it necessary
to do her filming a long way from Labia as she didn't wish to lose her
position in the college. She also seemed somewhat ill at ease making love
to Chastity's sister. She found it very difficult to believe that the two
girls had separated.

"Chastity was so fond of you!" remarked Gryphon, but Innocence was
unwilling to discuss her sister even to one of her former lovers. She also
avoided asking too many questions on her sister's life in Labia since she'd
left, beyond discovering that she'd also left college.

The video the two were to make was provisionally called Keep Rumpy
Pumping and was intended to broaden Gryphon's appeal from the wank film
market into the more demanding and lucrative fuck film market that
Innocence was now doing quite well in. Sexual Fitness hoped that their
fastidious star could perhaps be weaned onto more conventional fuck films
with their cast of athletic male stars, but they knew that at least one
good quality fuck film was needed for their customers to stomach more
indifferent produce.

Innocence had to spend several hours each day in the gym provided by
Sexual Fitness, lifting weights and running on treadmills, often with the
guidance of Gryphon who would gaze long and lovingly as Innocence's stomach
muscles became firmer, the muscles of her arms became more delineated and
the sweat gushed down her naked body and through the pubic hairs around her
darling penis. Sometimes Twelve or Dodie would join in, and to Gryphon's
chagrin would then accompany Innocence to the fuck room where they would
make more physical love on the futons laid out there. Gryphon was made to
feel excluded from Innocence's extra-filmic activities, and this wasn't so
much because Innocence wasn't attracted to Gryphon but rather a wish to
divorce herself from anyone who reminded her too intensely of her
relationship with her sister.

The fuck film when it was made was fairly conventional in format for the
Sex and Physical Fitness market. The voice-over provided by Gryphon was
recorded afterwards and was meant to highlight particular educational
points that the fucking was supposedly illustrating, but were really just
afterthoughts provided to give respectability to a series of shots where
Innocence fucked Gryphon's receptive body athletically, frequently and
passionately. In the mouth, in the arse, in the cunt, hanging from wires,
in several quite awkward positions, standing up, sitting down and framed by
a scenery of bell-bars, climbing frames, trampolines, mattresses and total
nudity. The shots which Gryphon particularly enjoyed reviewing and
speaking over were those where Innocence relieved herself of copious
quantities of semen over Gryphon's face, breasts, buttocks or cunt. She
loved watching the way the semen arched in a sinuous curve of viscous drops
to discolour the mattresses or gymnasium equipment. She particularly
treasured the shot of her with semen trickling out of her mouth as
Innocence masterfully produced yet more to spread over her hair and her

Gryphon loved the warm taste of sperm. Or at least Innocence's. In the
video there was several minutes of come shots to accompany a digression on
the protein and carbohydrate values of semen and how a regular diet was an
invaluable addition to the fitness regime of anyone who wished to attain
the heights of physical and sexual fitness. Innocence, however, felt
rather drained after these sessions, and not just from the release of
sperm. Gryphon was a very demanding, very physical lover. Innocence knew
she couldn't maintain the degree of sexual and physical exertion demanded
of her from such a partner.

So despite the persuasive arguments from Sexual Fitness and Gryphon's
own somewhat tearful demands, Innocence declined to contribute her services
to the follow up fuck fitness film, More Rumpy Pumping, even though this
was intended to include scenes in which Gryphon would make love to young girls as young as she could legally get away with and in which Innocence
would not be the only object of Gryphon's sexual passion. Innocence did
not feel inclined to become too closely identified with the Sexual and
Physical Fitness video market. It didn't offer very much career
progression, and besides she'd had quite enough of all the work-outs in the
gymnasium. The burning feeling she got from her muscles for days
afterwards was just not worth it.


In Which Innocence is matched with virginity, a career in giving
pleasure to unknown benefactors is reviewed and Leon's own artistic
vocation is revealed.

It took quite a lot of persuading and rather a lot of money, but
eventually Innocence agreed to make a Virginity Loss film (or Bleeding
Fanny Film as they were less subtly known). It wasn't that Innocence
hadn't taken a girl's virginity before, she just felt that there was
something sordid about the whole notion of making a film about it,
particularly given her rather unusual appearance. She wondered what harm
it might do to a girl whose virginity was taken by a freak like her,
especially when the whole very important and intensely personal event was
witnessed by a professional film crew and eventually by an unknown quantity
of anonymous video purchasers. However, she was assured that the girl,
Eve, had actually requested that it be Innocence who was to do the bloody
deed and that she'd undergo the exercise with someone else anyway if it
wasn't her. Apparently she and her mother, a young widow, had fallen on
very bad times and they saw it as a way of helping them out of it.
Innocence wasn't so naïve as not to realise that a film showing a girl losing her virginity to one with her own unique assets would recoup
substantially more than the average Bleeding Fanny Film and that they would
earn more as a result.

"I'm not going to make a habit of this," Innocence insisted.

"Of course not," said the director - a middle-aged woman with greying
hair and artificially enhanced breasts - misunderstanding her. "No one
would want to see you become typecast in that way!"

The film was to be made in the gardens of a stately home which were
rented out for the occasion, on the lawn with rose gardens and an ornate
swimming pool in the background. Innocence was very impressed. None of
her films had been made in such palatial surroundings before, and she felt
that somehow it added a touch of dignity to an affair which, from a sense
of shame, she decided not to confess to Dodie. Her lover had her own
standards and ethics which Innocence respected and in which she more often
than not concurred. When she left their nice new expensive flat that they
had only just this week starting renting, she left Dodie with only a brief
kiss (which would have immediately informed her that she was off to do a
film set that day) and evaded rather too obviously all references to the
kind of film she was about to make.

"If it's just the usual fuck film why don't you tell me more about it?"
Dodie wondered with a frown, brushing her fingers through the quarter inch
long stubble of dark hair on her head.

"It's just not worth making a fuss about," Innocence lied, trembling
with anticipation. No, she definitely wouldn't make a film like this
again. She just hoped that her lover would never have to find out about it.

The film started as all such films were obliged to do with an official
examination of Eve's maidenhead by a properly qualified doctor. This was
the first opportunity Innocence had of seeing the girl, who was actually
unusually old for a virgin - being about seventeen years old but looking
more like fifteen. She was quite skinny with pale skin, a slightly bulging
stomach, small apple-shaped breasts and long blonde hair half way down her
back. The doctor prised open her legs with the camera focusing on her
vagina and examined her with the standard tools for this job.

Finally he announced to the camera the standard formula for these films.
"I, Doctor Hamstash, declare that it is my professional opinion that this
young lady's maidenhead is intact and that she is medically a virgin."
Innocence knew that this would not have been the first such examination or
the filming wouldn't have come to such an advanced state of preparedness.
She also knew that an intact maidenhead didn't necessarily mean that the
girl had had no sex at all - there was a great deal of sexual activity,
including anal intercourse, which was possible without damaging her in that
way at all. However, she rather felt that in Eve's case it seemed to her
that the virginity might be more absolute than was usually the case. The
girl seemed extraordinarily gauche and nervous.

The film's plot, if such a term could be given to an exercise with a
preordained end, was that Innocence should start by making love with Eve's
mother who was obviously hoping to increase the material rewards of this
exercise by whatever means were necessary. Innocence could judge that the
woman must be desperate for money because she had shown willingness in the
initial interviews for anal and even fist- fucking along with the standard
oral and vaginal sex. Innocence was quite pleased that the film didn't
involve the girl's father, even if it were possible. She had heard of
several Bleeding Fanny films where the father was filmed as the person to
breach the maidenhead - an incestuous act guaranteed to increase the value
of the film. Thankfully Hand Job Films had certain standards to adhere to
which precluded that form of incest. It was felt that it encouraged a
parental rôle for the target market which was best avoided.

Whatever Eve might be, Dawn, her mother, was definitely not
inexperienced in her lovemaking though she betrayed enough awkwardness in
her actions to indicate that she'd never performed in front of an audience
before. Dawn's part involved her in beginning the action with a kiss on
the grass leading to the two of them taking off each other's clothes and
very soon into more physical acts. Dawn's body was very similar to her
daughter's - although much heavier as befitted an older woman with breasts already beginning to fall out of their taut compactness and buttocks
drooping slightly behind her thighs. Innocence was soon into the scenes of
vaginal and anal intercourse, but forswore the fist-fucking after carefully
assessing the flexibility of Dawn's vagina with her penis.

At this stage, Eve was due to come on set and to play the standard part
of the embarrassed daughter becoming steadily more interested in the
loveplay between her mother and her mother's lover. Innocence was pleased
to see that she was not at all expected to make love with her mother or her
mother with her. Although Hand Job Films had no expressed opinion on
incest - beyond the standard view that all sexual activities were
permissible between consenting adults - unlike much of their competition in
the Bleeding Fanny marketplace (like Bloodsports For All and Cuntbusters)
they deliberately avoided any reference to the possible material rewards
for filmed incest. The view was that all such activity should come about
wholly out of the actual desire of the recently sexually enrolled daughter.

Eve began by nervously taking Innocence's penis in her hand and then
putting her mouth to it. She noticeably screwed up her nose at it -
although whether it was the smell of Innocence's organ or the scent left by
her mother's vagina it was not possible to tell. However, she overcame her
aversion and soon was taking the penis into her mouth and started licking
and sucking it until it became so big and thick and throbbing that even
Innocence was dying to release it into the girl's cunt.

The whole lovemaking was filmed on a large white sheet which normally
would be quite unlikely to be left lying around on the grass in a stately
home - but of course these sorts of films were concerned rather more with
gynaecological accuracy than with any other kind. The actual penetration
shots had to be made lingeringly, slowly and with the film crew properly
positioned without disturbing too much the composure of the virgin whose
eyes were closed tightly and jaws clenched tight in fearful anticipation.
When Innocence saw the distress the activity was causing Eve she felt like
abandoning the whole exercise, but outside of camera shot Dawn was
whispering into her ear.

"Go on then! Get it over with!"

This was not the most romantic instruction that Innocence had ever
heard, but she took the message and with a slow gradual thrust she pushed
deeper and deeper and ever deeper into Dawn's cunt, not looking down at the
crotch at all but concentrating her kisses and her caresses on Eve's face.
"It's all right, Eve! It's all right! Don't worry! It won't hurt nearly
as much as you think!"

Unfortunately for Eve and for Innocence's reputation for telling the
truth, it actually hurt the young girl quite a bit. As Innocence felt the
rip of internal membrane no longer resisting her thrusts she also heard a
quite unearthly yell from Eve. Without thinking she pulled her penis
straight out to see the pool of red dripping from Eve's vagina and splaying
over the white sheet where it left quite undeniable evidence of Eve's
virginity. "Oh God!" Innocence gasped, aghast at the red shine of it in
the clear midday sun, which was reflecting off the uncongealed liquid on
the thighs and on the sheet. "This is horrible! Urrgghh! There's so much
of it!"

Eve herself burst into tears, throwing herself into her mother's lap
where the two naked people sat huddled up close to each other under the
still voyeuristic unwavering glare of the film set and the cameras.

Despite Innocence's outburst and Eve's distress, the filming was judged
by the director to be a success. "We may have to edit out some of the more
- dare we say - unpalatable aspects," she told Innocence. "After all we
are making films for masturbatory pleasure and not films of social or
sexual veracity. And it definitely isn't Hand Job's intention to move into
the market for films of sexual violence. Some of our competitors might
feel inclined to re-edit the film for the illicit rape fantasy market."

"Rape fantasy?" Shuddered Innocence.

"It's not unknown. Bitch Slut Films make films with names like She Had
It Coming, Ramming Connie's cunt and Blood Between The Knees which are
films of nothing more than the more upsetting parts of Eve's recent sexual
initiation linked by rather unpleasant story-lines. Never fear, unless one
of our operatives is rather less than honest, the less enjoyable episodes
will not be seen by the target audience. Hand Job Films has no wish to
build a reputation for causing its film stars to suffer more than is
absolutely necessary in our First and Best Time Sex Film series."

Innocence's newly chosen career as a fuck film actress meant that she
got to meet a variety of people whom she very probably wouldn't have met
otherwise, although she wasn't sure that she felt her life was much
enhanced by having done so. She got to know quite a few women and men with
surgically enhanced breasts, some of which were of massive proportions -
larger even than Honore's, and consequently even more of a practical
liability to their possessors when they weren't canvassing for rôles in
fuck films. She got to meet men with peculiarly bent, extraordinarily long
and thin and even with surprisingly tiny penises. She met women with a
remarkably elasticity to their anuses or mouths - able to accommodate more
than one penis when most women were unable to comfortably get even two into
their vagina. One particularly acrobatic woman was able to get her legs
behind her shoulders while being fucked.

Fifteen was an unlikely sex actress on first meeting. She was a very
modestly dressed girl, who seemed slightly gauche regarding any questions
on her sex life. Innocence felt unusually self-confident and promiscuous
in comparison. She was also blind and relied on her Labrador, Rover, to
lead her around without bumping into obstacles. She made a strange sight
on the film set with her modest clothes, her dull mousy brown hair and the
white stick that she used to avoid bumping into people. However she was
actually one of the most in-demand sex actresses in the industry because of
her particular speciality which was to have sex with animals.

It rather horrified Innocence at first (and she never got fully used to
it!) to see Fifteen performing with dogs, horses, donkeys or goats. She
would fellate the animals with a care and attention which was equal to that
which she showed to Innocence's more normal penis - taking ponies' dark
penises into her mouth and bringing them to ejaculate over her thin naked
body. She was particularly good at dog fucking - allowing the Alsation,
Dalmatian or Irish Wolfhound total vaginal or even anal penetration and
quite clearly enjoying it as the animal panted, barked and slobbered over
her, its hairy body above her and long thin penis enter her at the peculiar
angles that were necessary for this operation. Penetration by rams and
billy goats were also featured, but donkeys, bulls, horses and camels were
clearly too monstrously endowed for her, but she made a good show of what
she could, even going as far as fist-fucking them in the anus.

Although Fifteen had her own very nice home, it was somewhere in the
countryside and quite frequently Innocence and Dodie invited her to stay at
their flat when she was staying overnight in Congress. Fifteen made very
welcome company and enjoyed her political arguments with Dodie, but firmly
declined any offers of having sex with either of them. She stated quite
unequivocally that her fucking was reserved for her career, and she didn't
in any case wish to spoil their friendship by introducing a less than
professional aspect to their lovemaking.

Despite Fifteen's apparent shyness with herself and Dodie, Innocence was
somewhat shocked and discomfited to discover that this attitude didn't
attach itself to Rover, as she discovered early on from hearing a mixture
of canine noises mixed with Fifteen's own slightly shrill cries. Innocence
was slightly alarmed - troubled that perhaps Rover had turned on her
mistress - but when she put her head decorously around the door of the
guest room where Fifteen was staying with her dog, she was shocked to see
Fifteen lying on her back with Rover on top of her. The dog was wagging
his tail enthusiastically and eagerly licking his mistress's face while his
buttocks thrust backwards and forwards. Innocence's horrified eyes
adjusted themselves to the dim light coming from the bedside lamp that
Fifteen had never thought of turning off, and saw that the girl's thighs
were wrapped around the dog and that Rover was indeed fucking her with no
embarrassment and with rather less guilt than that expressed by dogs on the
film set.

Other people that Innocence had got to meet had proclivities which she
found equally as distasteful. Wonder, a short girl with a cleft palate and
a repaired hare-lip, had compensated for the shortcomings of her appearance
by a skill at consuming faeces released into her mouth by her male or
female on-screen lovers. She would let the turd drop out gradually and
with the same affection that most actresses would show towards an erect
penis she would guide it into her mouth, chew it up and eventually swallow it. When Innocence was persuaded to make a film with Wonder, she had no
real idea what was going on as she let free the turd she'd been nurturing
all day. She thought perhaps that Wonder might be smearing her face and
body with it, but was somewhat disgusted to realise where it did in fact
go. She declined the suggestion of kissing the girl despite the financial
incentives the director was indicating by holding up his fingers. Wonder's
tastes were definitely not her own.

Another woman whom Innocence knew but considered herself fortunate in
never performing with was all of forty stone in weight - which meant that
she was more flesh than body. She watched with some repulsion as the male
fuck actors struggled to enter her body through the massive folds of fat
that totally obscured her vagina. The sheer bulk of her meant that these
actors were quite realistically risking their lives to fuck with her. If
she fell on top of one of them while he was inside her it would probably
immediately terminate more than his career.

Innocence felt glad that somehow she'd avoided having got typecast in
piss films, sadomasochistic films, ear-fucking, child sex, razor slashing,
cat fellatio, tree fucking or anal fist-fuck films. On the whole those
that did have to resort to this sort of film were not especially physically
attractive. Fifteen was rather an exception in that respect. Innocence's
blessing was that her marketability was not just due to her unusual assets,
but that, as was made increasingly apparent to her, she was a very
attractive woman who didn't need the surgery or hormonal treatment to
develop large breasts, massive buttocks, green skin or split vaginas.

Nevertheless, she still felt slightly soiled by the fact that she was
working in a profession where however much the film makers she was
associated with might hold dear to certain high moral, political or sexual
principles there were many more others whose only criterion of judgement
was the number of units their product would sell - and as perversions sold
well these were particularly attractive to them: the more gross,
uncomfortable and generally unpalatable the better.

However, as Dodie often reminded her when she reflected on her career
and where it was taking her, it was through her work that she'd been able
to afford the beautiful flat she was renting and she was indeed enjoying
this work rather more than working behind the bar at a Night Club.

Innocence knew that Leon owned his own business, but she had no real
idea of what it might be. It wasn't something that she'd ever cared to ask
about when she last met the man in Congress. So it came as something of a
surprise to discover that he was the owner of Fuck Flicks, a fuck film
company famous for its catalogue of homosexual and transsexual videos. The
discovery didn't come until after she'd been in several films already where
she had performed in her normal capacity, knowing that for the target
audience the only fundamental difference between her and the transsexuals
usually involved in these productions was that her body was entirely her
own and had no enhancement or alteration made to it whatsoever.

She was rather surprised while viewing the early cut of the film in the
company's Congress office to see a picture of Leon hanging on the wall,
naked as always, and smiling in a strangely paternal way. She stood up in
the office where the other director and several of the cast were watching a
scene where Innocence was fucking a young man who in turn was fucking a
slender black girl with fashionably short cropped hair a bit like a tonsure
(the fashion was no longer for totally shaven heads). She examined the
picture carefully. There was no doubt at all who this bearded long haired
man was. She recognised the twist of tawny hair on his chest and the small
scar on his shoulder which he blamed on an unfortunately over-vigorous
lover he had had once had.

"Does Leon perform in your films?" Innocence wondered.

"Leon?" Asked the director standing up beside Innocence. "Not often.
Why? Do you know Mr Legrand?"

"Yes," laughed Innocence, who'd not ever heard his surname before. "I
met him on holiday in Brook. What does he do then?"

The director explained to him that Leon was the sole owner of Fuck
Flicks, and that he also owned a magazine publishing company, several
brothels and two Congress Night Clubs. "He's very rich," he stated,
twiddling the earring that dangled from his left ear. "He made his money
in the beginning as a fuck film star, rather like yourself. As you
probably know, he's very opulently endowed and not at all fussed what kind
of sex he indulges in. He made rather a lot of films. I can show you a
few if you like."

Innocence nodded. It rather changed her view of the man to know that he
had made fuck films in the past. It also seemed quite bizarre that he
should now be her employer. It had once occurred to her when she was
looking for work to ask the man she was fucking if he could find a job for
her, but she had decided not to as it seemed somehow rather the wrong thing
to require of a lover (even one who was unable to penetrate her). She now
understood why Leon had never offered her work in the past. He probably
felt that Innocence would have been offended at the suggestion, which she
reflected would probably have been very much the case. Her brief
experience of appearing in a sex film while in Brook had not seemed to her
quite the career move then as it seemed now.

The director waited until the end of the screening of the video they
were watching, Howard's Rear End. Like many films made for the male
homosexual audience its focus of attention was undeniably on taut male
buttocks. Innocence played the rôle of someone whose unusual assets were
never commented on but were fully enjoyed (as was the convention for
transsexual films), and who had developed an affection for a house in the
countryside where she had once had sex with a number of people. Unusually
this orgy scene was near the beginning of the film. Throughout the film
she made love with several men who also made love with each other and with
several women who had very little sex with anyone except her. At the end,
she obtained the house and the film ended with an open-ended fuck scene
with the Howard of the title shitting on the grass in the foreground.

When the cast left after the screening, Innocence was left with the
director and his boyfriend, a tall man with very long hair and a quite thin
beard. The director pulled out a video entitled Leon of Arabia, and put it
in the video player.

"This is Leon's first film and as you can see right from the start he
had a leading rôle..."

"Not surprising with a dick like his!" Commented his boyfriend. "Ooohh!
The lucky bastard. I so wish...."

Innocence watched the film which had a very flimsy plot of young men in
desert sceneries waving swords and yelling, but for much longer admiring,
pawing over, sucking, licking and revelling in Leon's monstrous appendage.
He was frequently fucked from behind, but even then the young Leon whose
beard was quite thin and whose chest had only the promise of future
hirsuteness was just a little too endowed to have any hope of returning the

"As you can see, not an arse in the world can accommodate that monster!"
Exclaimed the director. "I've seen pricks of all sizes - and I've probably
seen the biggest the world has to offer. Some are long and thin and though
you can't get all the prick in your arse, at least you can get some of it
in. At least some of the way!"

"And you can't walk straight for a week after!" Laughed his boyfriend.

"And then there are big ones which can only get in cunts and can't get
in arses at all. And then there's Leon's prick! Apparently there's only
one cunt in the whole world he can get his dick into. And what's more he
can get it all the way in!"

"She must have the biggest fanny in the world!" Exclaimed his friend.
"I'd love to have a taste of Legrand's whopper. I bet he comes like a
fucking beer can!"

Innocence didn't wish to elaborate on her first hand experience, and
stayed in her seat to watch more videos. There was The Prickholder, which
was a relatively sad short sex film that showed the difficulties Leon had
with fucking the asian wife of the title and how they came to a mutually
acceptable compromise where she would masturbate him while forcing her
fingers up his anus. Another film was called The Importance of a Good
Fuck, and featured the frustration Leon had with fucking some transsexuals
and a few men after being mistakenly invited to a cucumber sandwich party.

"Doesn't Leon ever have a satisfying time in any of his films?" Wondered

The director skimmed through the video titles. "The Portrait of
Dorian's Penis? No, at the end of the film he has to accept that he can
masturbate but not fuck. Fuck and his Friends? No, that doesn't end very
well either. I think you're right, Innocence. Leon hasn't had that much
fun in his film career. Perhaps that's why he went into production rather
than acting."

"Queer and TS films weren't meant to be fun when Leon was making them,"
remarked his boyfriend. "It was meant to be tragic and sad. You weren't
supposed to fancy pricks and have a good time. You were always supposed to
have some kind of misery associated with it. It's not like that these
days. And that's how I prefer it. If you want to wank over someone else's
prick, you don't want to finish feeling pissed off about it. You want to
feel like going off and fucking someone yourself."


In Which Innocence is made more widely available and Dodie enjoys
Innocence with a client.

Innocence had never known before as much wealth as her new pornographic
career promised her, and she found herself and Dodie spending it with a
wild abandon that was both reckless and, as it turned out, foolish. There
was not only the extortionate rent she was paying for their expensive
Congress flat. There were the income tax bills to be met. There were also
the purchases on furniture, computers, audio and visual equipment, original
paintings and decorator's bills. There were also expensive nights out in
restaurants and night clubs. And all of these were purchased on credit
meant to be paid by future earnings. However her income was much slower in
arriving than the inevitable bills and she found herself worrying just how
she could possibly afford all that she now owed.

She and Dodie spent a few distressing evenings in front of the log fire
studying all the bills and calculating their future earnings on the
spreadsheets of their notebook computer. The sums just did not balance.
The choice was stark. Either she had to reduce the outgoings and perhaps
pawn off some of their purchases or find a way of increasing their income.

"Perhaps I should sell my body," reflected Innocence sadly.

Dodie laughed, hugging her lover's naked body close to her and idly
stroking her penis. "Don't be silly, sweetest! You already do that."

"No," said Innocence in deadly seriousness. "I mean prostitution. I
mean selling my body for sex for immediate tax free benefits. I've had a
few offers from escort agencies and brothels to service their clients.
I've always ignored them, but perhaps I should be more open to it."

"Oh, don't do it!" Exclaimed Dodie. "I'd hate to think of strange men fucking you. I tremble at the idea of some fat overweight man's prick
stuck deep inside your sweet arse."

"As you say, how's that any different to what I already do for a
living?" Innocence asked Dodie. "Why not do it for the money I'd earn?
It'd soon put us in the clear."

Innocence's lover couldn't dispute the truth of that, although she felt
that somehow fucking in front of the camera was somehow more acceptable
than doing the same thing in the capacity of a prostitute. "At least in
fuck films it's a kind of make- believe," she claimed rather uncertainly.

It hadn't seemed like make-believe to Innocence whose penis and arse
were often quite sore for days after a particularly gruelling filming
session, but the two girls soon reluctantly came to the conclusion that it
would indeed resolve their immediate cash flow crisis. The following day,
Innocence telephoned some of the proprietoresses of brothels and escort
agencies whose cards she'd retained when they'd been offered her. It
wasn't too easy to find them all, as they were scattered about in several
trouser pockets and handbags, and some had been used for shopping lists,
roaches or for jotting down other people's telephone numbers.

The procuresses and proprietoresses all seemed delighted at the prospect
of representing Innocence, and within hours she found her diary full of
appointments at hotel foyers and at homes in very smart parts of the town.
She dressed up in the expensive revealing clothes that she was advised to
wear, including rather more underwear than she usually ever bothered with.
As she pulled on the stockings and secured the garters she understood fully
why she had never worried herself with them. Dodie was very dismissive of
the image she was presenting: her face heavily made up and her hair tied
back off her face.

"You mustn't believe that you're the part you're playing," she pleaded
sadly. "Don't forget you're only doing it to solve our immediate crisis.
You mustn't make a permanent career out of it."

Innocence nodded and waited anxiously for the taxi to arrive to take her
to her first client. This was a rather fat man who was quite as
unattractive in appearance as Dodie had feared. He had a short stubby
beard which brushed uncomfortably against her face as he slobbered over
her, and he was very quick in pulling off Innocence's clothes so that he
could have a long stare at her penis. He greedily pushed it straight in
his mouth, despite the fact that it was still quite limp and showed very
little promise of becoming fully erect. Innocence, however, was a
professional by now. She knew how to stimulate herself to obtain a penis
in most situations, and despite her physical revulsion she brought it up to
an erection.

Fortunately for her, the man's tastes were rather more in being fucked
than doing the fucking, so Innocence was spared the discomfort that usually
followed a night of buggery and spent her time while thrusting into his
flabby hairy buttocks visualising her lover, Dodie, and thinking of her
beauty. Most of the night was spent in bed with the man wrapped around
her, moaning constantly about his frigid wife, his ungrateful children, his
sluttish mistress and the punitive tax system.

Not all Innocence's clients were as easy as her first. Some were rather
keen on buggering her and took particularly pleasure in the pain it
sometimes caused her, adding to it by squeezing her breasts aggressively
and pushing her into rather unnatural positions. The only consolation
Innocence found in these circumstances was the thought that these extra
torments would appreciably increase the size of her final invoice and would
probably be reflected in a more sizeable tip. Some were more insecure and
nervous. They had either clearly never had sex with a woman as beautiful
as her before or were novices to having sex with anyone endowed with a
penis. These men were generally quite happy for Innocence to do all the
fucking, and sometimes weren't interested in penetrative sex at all (though
they would be charged for it anyway).

She discovered that much of the time spent with them was in
conversation. The sex often seemed to be just an excuse to spend time with
a beautiful woman and to offload on her all their worries and concerns.
Innocence had sympathy for some of them. Not all of them were interested
in her merely because they wanted a more varied sex life. There were those
who had recently lost their wives or partners through bereavement, divorce
or separation, and for whom Innocence was just a pale substitute for the
love they had lost. There were others who dared not admit their homosexual taste to their colleagues, family or friends, and found the service of male
or transsexual prostitutes to be the only outlet they could find for their
irrepressible desires. Many however just saw Innocence as a purchase like
any other. She was viewed in much the same way as a good meal in a
restaurant, or business class in an aeroplane, or a visit to the opera.
She was just another luxury which could be afforded and from whom they
expected a luxury service in accordance to the vast sums they were paying
for her services.

All of them were however in awe at her body. It just didn't seem
possible that a woman so feminine in almost every way could be blessed with
a penis that functioned so well and was so naturally appointed. Some
looked for evidence of operations that would explain her appearance. Did
she have the penis grafted on? Or was it the breasts? Innocence endured
this scrutiny, as she did the sex, with a mind that focused constantly on
the returns her activity would bring her and how much it would help to
reduce her never-ending debts.

"You can't do all this work yourself!" Dodie protested as she listened
to Innocence's accounts of her work. "It's not fair that the debts that
we've both incurred should be entirely paid for by your hard labour. You
must let me do some work as well, to bring in some extra money."

Innocence was very reluctant to do so. She was frightened of her young lover suffering the same attentions as she had by now got rather accustomed
to. She loved Dodie too much to willingly have her suffer in that way.
But Dodie was insistent. She held Innocence close to her, hand as ever
gripping on the length of her warm firm penis, her head buried on
Innocence's shoulder on which she could feel the warm moisture of her
lover's tears. "We must do this together! It's not right that you do so
much for me and I do so little."

Innocence at last relented but only on the promise that the two should
work in tandem, and that Dodie shouldn't be left entirely to the mercy of a
client by herself. Although Dodie pointed out quite correctly that she was
at least as experienced in sex with men as Innocence, albeit in a
non-professional capacity, Innocence was adamant that she not be left
totally unprotected. She could see also that despite Dodie's enthusiasm
for sex which she still had with the men and women she met at night clubs
and parties, it was quite a different thing to be fucked by a man with whom
she'd not really chosen to have sex.

On Dodie's instruction, Innocence informed her procuresses of Dodie's
wish that the two of them be made available for services as a couple,
rather hoping that her offer would be turned down. As luck would have it,
though, the procuresses were delighted at the suggestion and it was within
a day that she and Dodie had an appointment with their first joint client.
Innocence was relatively pleased to learn that he was quite young in
comparison to many clients, being in his mid-thirties and apparently not
disfigured in any way. However, when Innocence and Dodie arrived at his
town flat in the Congress City centre, not too far from the seat of
government, he certainly didn't appear very handsome. He wore thick glasses that didn't disguise his prominent squint and had quite an
unpleasant expression.

"You're here, yes. Very good, yes. I want you to take off your clothes
right away, yes," he commanded. Innocence knew by now that taking clothes
off did not usually mean total nudity to clients, and she'd already
informed Dodie of that fact. Dodie had covered her short hair with a long
wig and some tight leather clothes, under which she wore some black nylon
stockings and lace suspenders. Following Innocence's example she took off
her leather skirt and jacket, and then, with the same exaggerated slowness
exhibited by Innocence she pulled down her satin knickers to reveal the
full hairiness of her crotch. The man, however, was much more interested
in Innocence's penis when its flabby length appeared from beneath the hand
that discreetly and theatrically covered it while her knickers were
disentangled from the high stiletto heels which caught up in them.

"It's real, yes? It's a real prick? And you're a real girl, yes? Like
the agency promised? Not a man with pumped up tits and silicone padding
out the buttocks. Yes?"

"This is the way I was born and this is the way I am," announced
Innocence, repeating a line she'd used with rather more clients than she
cared to remember. "It's a real prick and I can prove it to you if you

"Yes, I would like that. Yes," continued the man, who Innocence was
sure she vaguely recognised from somewhere. While the man kneeled down on
the carpet between her legs and licked and sucked her penis, she tried to
remember where she might have seen him before. She smiled sadly at Dodie
who was hovering uncertainly near the mantel-piece wondering what she ought
to be doing while Innocence was receiving such exclusive attention.

Innocence had plenty of time to reflect on who the man was as the
evening proceeded. He had paid for the two girls to stay overnight;
costing what even now seemed to Innocence an enormous amount of money.
Enough to pay off the television and the sofa. And that was before the
inevitable tips. She and Dodie were soon to stage lovemaking in front of
the man, knowing that at some time, when their client had reached his
desired state of arousal, he would intervene. This was the first time she
had ever made love to a woman, particularly Dodie, wearing such ludicrous
underwear except in front of the camera, and a very strange experience it
was too. The feel of nylon smooth against her thighs. The brush of lace
against her face. The tight grip of the bra straps digging into Dodie's
chest just below her tiny breasts as she pulled them down to reveal the
full size of her swelling nipples. There was still the familiar smell of
Dodie's cunt and the full exuberance of her pubic hair rubbing against her
lips and catching in the gaps between her teeth. There was still the ooze
of Dodie's juices welcoming Innocence's penis as she entered and the never
less than genuine cry of pleasure from her lover as she responded to
Innocence's thrusts and burst into repeated and insistent cries of ecstasy
and orgasmic joy. And the ease in which her lubricrated anus permitted her
penis to slide in gently hitting the slight resistance of her duodenum
against her thrusts.

Innocence had nearly forgotten the presence of the man who had in the
meantime divested himself of his clothes and was now himself wearing
stockings and suspenders over his hairy legs, a bra over the thick wiry
hairs of his chest and a satsuma in his mouth. He was also still wearing
his thick glasses. He then entered deep inside Innocence's arse crying in
a curious strangled way as he penetrated her. "Yes!" He cried. "Yes yes
yes!" He gripped her around the shoulders and one hand pawed Dodie's

He was very brutal in his lovemaking, and he was only at all interested
in anal entry. He totally ignored Dodie's vagina and was not even very
keen on Innocence penetrating her there. He pushed Dodie down onto the
ground, her face buried into the carpet as he thrust again and again into
her arse while Innocence was instructed to enter his hairy arse from
behind, some of the matted hair of which rather interfered with the natural
rhythm of Innocence's own thrusting. Innocence felt rather concerned for
Dodie's welfare. It was clear that he wasn't especially interested in her
as a human being. She was nothing more than a tight orifice to be
repeatedly battered into.

He withdrew his penis and Innocence noticed with a pang that it was
slightly discoloured by shit and a trace of blood. This clearly excited
him. "Look at it, yes!" He cried. "It's you that is, yes! It's you that
shit!" He then thrust it straight into Dodie's mouth, pulling her body
round so that it could enter her without Innocence having to retract from
him and Dodie sucked his penis with an expression of disgust and distaste
that the man found even more exciting. "You don't like the taste of shit,
do you? Yes? Shall I shit in your mouth? Shall I piss on you? Yes?"

Fortunately, Dodie was spared these indignities as the mere thought of
such toilet fun caused him to instantly ejaculate which he sprayed over
Dodie's face. "See if you like spunk, bitch! Tastes good, yes? Better
than shit, yes?"

As the man collapsed onto the carpet with his arms wrapped around Dodie
and her, Innocence was able to look longer at the man's face and tried to
place him. It was clear that he never usually dressed so bizarrely, but he
almost certainly wore the same thick glasses. She eventually placed him.
Of course, it was obvious for someone who owned a flat in this part of the
city. He was a senior minister in the government. Innocence wasn't sure
whether it was in defence or education or maybe he was the Minister for the
Arts. Perhaps she'd seen pictures of him leaving the theatre with his
pretty wife balanced on his arm. As far as Innocence knew, he was the most
senior person with whom she'd ever had sex.

Unfortunately, the minister soon regained his appetite for sex and this
continued to be at least as bizarre as his tastes had already proved to be.
He had both Dodie and Innocence piss on him straight into his mouth. He
lay underneath Innocence as she crapped onto his face which he then
proceeded to eat and smother into his nose. He had Dodie lash at him with
the flex of a television aerial, and then had her push a carrot deep inside
his arse while Innocence squeezed at his prick with a large paper clip. He
put his head in a bin liner and yelped as both Dodie and Innocence flayed
him with belts and braces. He then insisted on spending the night in the
bath in the fetid smell of turds and urine which he coated on himself.

"I don't think I want to do this ever again!" Sighed Dodie wrapping her
abused body around Innocence's as they lay in the bed that the man had so
considerately left empty for them. "I could never believe that sex could
ever be so joyless and disgusting."

Innocence kissed Dodie tenderly. "After tonight, and what he'll be
paying us," she said with a smile, "I don't think either of us will ever
need to."


In Which Innocence returns to the pleasures of Eve and Dawn, Eve is
enjoyed in the pleasant environs of a garden and Innocence is exposed to
greater fame than before.

Eve gradually recovered from her experience with Innocence and indeed
even initiated a correspondence with her deflowerer. She had been right,
it seemed to her, to insist on having her maidenhead taken by the famous Innocence rather than by some hairy unsubtle man. She may not ever want to
have sex again - and, indeed, after the pain it had caused her, she was
still pretty sure she didn't want another repeat of it for quite a while.
She still recalled too clearly the pain as her insides were torn apart by
her unusually endowed lover and spilt out so colourfully onto the white
sheet while two or three cameras stared rather too closely at her face and
her cunt - the former showing just as much distress as the latter. Her
mother still felt rather upset by the ordeal, but when the cheque for it
arrived it more than covered all the horrendous debts that had accumulated
after her husband's tragic accident with a motorised garden lawn mower and
let them lead life on a much more even keel. She had even come to think
that it had been worth it.

Eve was quite a fan of Innocence's movies which she rented from the
video store and watched, sometimes together with her mother. It was not
Innocence's beauty alone that attracted her and certainly not the
storyline. It was some more intangible aspect of her lovemaking which
seemed both appropriate to her name but delightfully sluttish at the same
time, as she thrust her practised penis into the arses and vaginas of the
men and women who co-starred with her. Innocence was clearly a porn star
with a genuine concern for her screen lovers and a degree of
professionalism in the way she executed the money shot, the cream shot or
the throat shot. Her letters to Innocence began much the same as any
letters from a fan to her screen idol, but they soon became confessionals
of her feelings towards her mother, the pains of adolescence and her
worries about her lack of any sexual feelings towards boys or even to most
women. She enjoyed masturbation, and she felt able to tell Innocence in
great detail about how she practised it.

There was no item in the fridge or the pantry, no item of detachable
furniture or common household item, and no place, indoors or out, that were
not suitable for her masturbatory bouts - sometimes watched by her troubled
mother but most often not watched at all. The images that flashed through
her mind as she brought herself to orgasmic ecstasy were not, however,
particularly well focused. Just the feelings of pleasure it brought her
seemed adequate. There was no need to think of men and women - though the
image of the two of them merged in one (as it was with Innocence) was quite
sufficient stimulus.

She was almost surprised when her frequent entreaties for Innocence to
come and stay with her and her mother were answered positively. She knew
that she wrote many more letters to Innocence than were ever written to
her, and that the passion and obsession she expressed in them were far from
reciprocated by Innocence's generally quite embarrassed and polite replies.
She knew that the feelings she felt towards Innocence as she watched yet
again the video of her fucking her mother were nowhere near as strongly
felt by Innocence. She felt that her love was as masturbatory as her
lovemaking, and in a sense preferred it that way. The knowledge that her
maidenhead had been breached by Innocence was somehow better than the
memory of it or the thought of it ever happening again.

She and her mother lived in an expensive cottage just outside the city
of Congress which judging from the landscape of sheep, goats and open
fields may well have been much further away from the city than the constant
low roar from the nearby motorway made certain they could never truly
forget. The garden which occupied most of her mother's time - pruning the
begonias, roses and gladioli - was very large, containing secret corners
and patches where Eve could masturbate in peace secure in the knowledge
that only her mother would ever be likely to find her. And her mother was
now quite accustomed to the sight of her daughter squirming in the grass
with her hands up her vagina, sometimes with a cucumber or a parsnip to
assist in inducing pleasure. Eve knew that her mother had by now decided
that it was merely a dysfunction caused by the death of her husband, but
Eve hadn't really known her father as anyone other than the man who'd watch
television in silence all evening when he wasn't pushing a lawn mower about
the garden. His loss was most keenly felt in the lack of money coming in,
and little promise of more arriving in the future while his estate was
still being argued in the courts between his many apparent benefactees.

Innocence was clearly very impressed by the garden when she arrived, and
Eve spent a happy hour or so showing her friend the corners of the garden
she'd described in such detail in her letters. The hedgerow where she
often masturbated on the handle of a broom. The lawn she'd rub up close to
her rounded breasts. The nettles she sometimes beat herself with until she
came up in a raw red rash around her cunt and upper thighs. Innocence
wandered about in a long white dress with a prominent cleavage that made
Eve feel like throwing herself onto the grass, pushing her fingers right
into the warm sticky welcomeness of her vagina and feeling the blades rub
against her own breasts. She had an urgent desire to feel the longer grass
push into the sensuous aureate tenderness of her nipples and her toes dig
into the earth.

Her intention, however, was not to make love to Innocence. This
capacity was taken by her mother who welcomed any opportunity for sex -
almost not caring with whom or what - as a kind of substitute for the
attention of her deceased husband. Eve knew that her mother had loved her
father. Despite his general silence and inoffensiveness most of the time,
she knew the intensity of her mother's love from the passionate cries of
ecstasy her mother used to emit, reverberating about the house, and the
countless occasions she'd come across her father fucking her mother in the
house and garden, and pretending not to have noticed anything. Innocence
was not her father, although she very much more revered this strange
sensual creature, but her mother didn't prevent that fact from disturbing
the ecstasy of her cries, the frequency of her orgasms or her hunger for
yet more.

Eve found her mother and Innocence locked in embrace, or with
Innocence's penis firmly embedded in an orifice, or her mother's mouth
gulping at the length of it, in so many different places. In the living
room, between the plastic model of a precious chinese vase and the sofa.
On her mother's bed or in the guest room. In the garden between the
hyacinths and rhododendrons. At all times and at all places. Her mother's
fuller breasts wobbled in their growing looseness as, crouched down, she
took thrust after thrust from Innocence in her arse or in her cunt. The
slight bulge of her stomach relaxing its rigour with age giving way as
Innocence pushed away at her, her mouth open and her eyes staring around
with that wide and excited stare that Eve recognised so well.

Having Innocence visit was such a joy to Eve. Someone who listened with
so much patience as Eve talked about the things that she liked most: her
favourite toys and ornaments, the birds gathering on the bird table that
Eve would watch with such fascination, the pieces of music she would play
again and again, never tiring of the familiarity she had gained with every
individual note. She loved to see her mother enjoying herself fucking with
Innocence. Whatever gave her mother joy, gave her joy.

"But, Eve, don't you want me to make love to you as well?" Asked a
genuinely puzzled Innocence, who had presumably expected in her week's
visit to reply in physical form to the desires Eve had expressed so
abundantly in literary form.

Eve shook her head, and glanced down at her vagina which was revealed by
her fingers underneath the short flared dress she'd hoisted up and the
cotton knickers she'd pulled down. "No, not again. Not yet," she mouthed
apologetically. For all the pleasure masturbation gave her and that which
she got from observing the lovemaking between her mother and Innocence -
the two people she most loved in the world - she still didn't feel prepared
to repeat what had been so demonstrably achieved before. "I'm not ready
for more."

Innocence kissed her tenderly on the lips. "It doesn't have to be there
again," she reassured her.

Eve pushed Innocence off her. "I'm sorry," she said sadly. "I don't
know what it is. I just don't want to. Please don't make me."

Innocence nodded. "You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, Eve.
At least, never again I shall."

Eve wandered through her garden, trailing behind her each item of
clothing as she walked along. First came off her shoes and then her socks
so she could feel the sun-baked grass bite into her heel and inveigle
themselves into the gaps between her toes. Then she loosened her blouse,
opening it up to reveal the white singlet she wore underneath. Then
slipping it down off her shoulders, letting the weight of it drag from her
arm and finally to fall off altogether and land on the grass in the trail
of socks and shoes. Then she undid her skirt, letting it drop to her
ankles as she walked, and stepping out of it. Then pushing up her singlet,
revealing the unshaved hairiness of her armpits and throwing it
dismissively behind her. And then hooking her hands into the elastic band
of her cotton knickers, pulling them down and tossing them she cared not
where to one side of her.

Eve loved to wander naked through her beloved garden, brushing her
thighs and breasts against the flowers and trees, feeling the afternoon
breeze on the tender nerves of her revealed skin and enjoying the burn of
the sun on a body bronzed by its rays and showing no pale evidence on her
skin of having ever worn clothes. She had just been watching her mother and Innocence fucking in the living room. Her mother's mouth taking
Innocence's penis deep into her throat while Innocence's mouth was probing
and biting her mother's vagina, now so raw and red from such frequent
lovemaking. Her mother's arse shook with ecstasy, and she released little
cries of joy through her nostrils - her mouth not being in a position to
exhale any air. Innocence was so beautiful! She was indeed lucky to have
lost her virginity to one as beautiful as her. One who was so considerate,
accomplished and passionate.

She dug the fingers of her left hand into her vagina, letting her long
middle finger trail up the cleavage in her buttocks and into her tight
vagina. Her other hand stroked a nipple, bringing it to a prominent
erection which reminded her ever so slightly of Innocence's much more
impressive breasts and the erection she so easily generated between her
legs. So much better endowed than Eve with her tiny clitoris and breasts she was sure would never grow any larger. She flung herself onto the
grass, feeling the daisies brush against the sides of her nipples, and
feeling the loose grass cuttings so recently cropped mingle with the hair
of her pubis. She shivered and gasped, her buttocks trembling with joy and
ecstasy as with thoughts of Innocence so much in her mind she stimulated
the orgasms she so enjoyed, and so often sought after.

She stretched her neck out on the lawn, her shoulders flat against the
ground, grass falling from her hair where it mixed in with her when she had
rolled around and around enjoying the sensuousness of her own body and its
contact with the world around her. She noticed beside her two bare feet
that she now recognised so well. It was Innocence. The only person she
had ever made love with. The only person, she felt sure, she would ever
want to make love with.

Without retracting her fingers from the smooth moistness of her cunt she
rolled over onto her knees and sat up to look directly into Innocence's
purple glans which was very much swollen. She observed with delight that
Innocence was herself masturbating. And masturbating what's more over her
making love to herself. This was surely heaven! Eve decided, giving vent
to raw and uncontrollable cries of passion, sure to be heard by her mother and probably by the neighbours who would never be able to see over the high
hedges surrounding the garden. Again and again and again!

Innocence's penis was swollen to its maximum. As large as she'd ever
seen it. And so soon after fucking her mother! And then, with a cry of
ecstasy nearly as loud as one of hers Innocence released a shower of semen
that splattered onto Eve who positioned herself deliberately so that every
tiny pale drop would land on her face and in her mouth. Heaven must be
like this, Eve was sure, as she licked the salty tasting droplets from her
lips and spread the semen about her face like the liquid from a soap vendor
in a public toilet. What better could there be than this!

Innocence's visit to Eve's home was not unnoticed by the local sex
television station, Congress Copulation Broadcasting, which arranged a
visit to interview Innocence who had now become so famous for her
appearances in so many films and videos. Eve waited in anticipation with
her mother and Innocence until the television crew arrived, where they were
due to take over the garden for their filming. There were nearly half a
dozen people who eventually arrived including the interviewer, Morning
Glory, a tall slim woman who as always was dressed in only a black bikini
and long black hair that trailed down half way down her back. Her eyes
were lined in black make-up and her lips were painted a prominent
blood-red. She and her producer, a short plump woman in a thick fisherman's
jumper, introduced themselves to the company and explained to them the
proceedings of the interview.

It was to take place in the garden, on the lawn where Eve had so often
masturbated, near a small statue of a naked boy and a tall lavender bush.
"We'll prefer it of course if you were interviewed naked," the producer
explained to Innocence, who was wearing her long white dress. "The viewers
would be most interested in seeing your penis. It would be the thing which
would most attract their attention to watching the programme. We would
also like to see you making love to your beautiful young girlfriend - Eve
is it?"

"Oh! I don't want to do that!" Eve immediately protested. "It brings
back too many painful memories."

"Why's that?" Wondered Morning. "Surely it's better for you to make
love to Innocence than for me to have to do so?"

"I don't care who Innocence makes love to. She can fuck my mum if she
has to fuck anyone. I just don't want to do it myself."

"Eve was my co-star in The Dawning of Eve," Innocence explained. "She
just doesn't want to repeat the experience."

"What sort of film was that?" Morning asked. "It wasn't a rape or S&M
film, was it?"

"It's the film where Innocence took my virginity," Eve proudly
explained. "It was just very painful. I just couldn't do it again. I
don't ever want to do that again!"

The producer looked quite thoughtful. "Well, how about just kissing,

Eve nodded. "Yes, I'd do that. But not down there! Only on the face."

"Okay, we'll do that then. The viewers would like to see that Innocence
has a regular girlfriend. Do you mind doing it unclothed?" Eve shook her
head. She didn't mind at all. "But it means that it'll be up to you,
Morning dearest, to do the fucking. You don't mind do you, Innocence?
Fucking Morning here?"

Innocence smiled. "I'm sure it would be very pleasant."

Morning looked more doubtful. "Honestly, Noon, it's not as if I were
lesbian or anything. Why do I always have to get involved in single sex

"Innocence isn't a normal women, are you love? It will be much more
like the normal fuck scenes you prefer doing, Morning sweetheart. Don't be
so awkward."

Morning scowled, but she nodded in assent.

The filming began with a prolonged kiss between Innocence and Eve, the
two of them naked, with Eve's mother watching along with the rest of the
film crew. Part of the scene involved the two girls taking each other's
clothes off, and Eve was delighted to see that Innocence's penis was
already quite large. She took it in a hand and held its warm pumping
magnificence while she and Innocence kissed and kissed and kissed. Eve
felt quite aroused by the feel of it and pushed her bare skin against
Innocence's in the afternoon sun, feeling almost like relenting and letting
Innocence fuck her. But it was too late now. She'd made her decision.
And if she were ever to let anyone fuck her again it wouldn't be while
three cameras surrounded her and a boom was suspended above her head by a
most elaborate contraption.

Neither Morning nor Noon interrupted the kissing - perhaps hoping it
would after all come to something more penetrative, but it came to its own
end. Eve pulled herself off, and with her heart still beating with
excitement and her skin dripping with sweat, she ran off to sit with her
mother, who smiled at her reassuringly. Morning then walked onto the set,
wearing her black bikini - her large breasts swelling against the top and
her slim waist so neatly delimited by that and the bottom. She kissed
Innocence more briefly on the mouth, but ensuring that their tongues
touched and made feigned sounds of pleasure.

The talk part of the interview started immediately after, with the two
of them sitting together on the grass with their arms around each other,
and their legs sprayed out in front of them.

"One question I must ask straight away before we begin refers of course
to your penis, Innocence? Many people want to know, and I'm just one of
them, how such a feminine woman as you - and such a beautiful one too -
should have such a magnificent functioning male member. It is yours by
birth? It's not been grafted on has it?"

"No, not at all. It's been with me from birth! But of course not
always as well functioning as it is now..."

"Well, we'll find out later about how well it functions," remarked
Morning, stroking it with one of her hands and appearing slightly startled
from the way it responded so positively to her caresses. "First of all
we'll talk about your film career."

This part of the interview, Eve learnt, would be screened with excerpts
from the better films and videos that she'd performed in (not including,
Eve learnt, The Dawning of Eve, on Innocence's own request. She knew that
this was not a film she was especially proud of having done and one that
she hoped her lover, Dodie, would never find out about). Innocence spoke
of the people in the film she'd fucked or was fucked by and gave accounts
of particularly amusing or erotic incidents relating to each film. These
details had already been extracted from Innocence in an earlier chat she'd
had with Noon before the filming had started. The interview also
concentrated on other parts of her life - much of it was actually new to
Eve. She hadn't known that Innocence had once been a nun. Nor that she
had once been involved in a commercial venture with her sister with Null.
Nor that her first film had been made in Brook, and hadn't actually
involved her having any sex at all.

After this part of the interview, in which Innocence avoided Morning's
probings regarding her relationship with her sister and refused to draw
herself to comment on her opinion of Leon or Honore L'Oeuf. "So you
wouldn't wish to confirm that the famous children's author has based her
sexual accounts on her own direct experience with actual children?"

"I think it's best for Honore herself to answer questions like that,"
Innocence diplomatically replied.

"Indeed," agreed Morning standing up beside Innocence. "It is her right
to do so." She then pulled down her knickers - keeping her bikini top on -
and revealing her shaven pubis which she stroked with her fingers. She
then took Innocence's hand and pulled it up to her cunt and gently stroked
it against her. Then with the same professionalism that marked the rest of
her interview, she pulled Innocence up to her feet and initiated the sex
part of the interview.

As the cameras and sound operator crowded around the two of them, Eve
put her arms around her mother and watched with fascination as Morning and
Innocence made love. She watched as Morning took Innocence's penis into
her mouth, commenting all the while for the benefit of the cameras, the
exact feel of it, the warmth of it, how it throbbed and later the taste of
it. Eve enjoyed it as Morning allowed Innocence's penis enter her shaven
cunt and continued a monologue to the camera interspersed with cries of
apparent ecstasy. She let her fingers stray into the recesses and folds of
her cunt, as Morning - still addressing the camera - tied a dildo around
her waist and then proceeded to fuck Innocence up her arse. Eve felt
privileged to see such professional lovemaking, and she hoped that her part
in the interview would make the positive impression she'd intended.

She glanced over to Noon, who was running about, giving instructions to
camera operators on the basis of the pictures she could see on the
monitors. Noon caught sight of Eve huddled around her mother, masturbating
furiously, and smiled amiably. She slipped away from the huddle of cameras
and strolled over to Eve and Dawn.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like a more active rôle in the interview?"
She asked sympathetically.

Eve shook her head adamantly. "I don't want to be fucked by Innocence,
if that's what you mean?"

Noon blushed slightly. "Well, even so, could I still have the pleasure
of inviting you to my home for a meal. To thank you for the help you've
provided for the interview?"

Eve nodded. "Yes, I'd enjoy that."

Noon smiled with satisfaction. "I'd enjoy that too!" She bent over and
kissed Eve fully on the mouth and tenderly stroked Eve's breast. She
slightly squeezed Eve's nipple and brushed the hair off her face. "I'd
enjoy that very much!"


In Which the Science of Algebra lives with the virtues of Innocence and
Dodie discovers some of the more bizarre attributes of Algebra.

True to her name, Algebra was a student of Mathematics at the University
of Congress. She had applied unsuccessfully to read at the University of
Labia, but Congress was a good second choice, where she was able to study
with some of the very best professors in the country. Also true to her
name, Algebra was a girl of very pure principles and practices. She was
one of many students who was a practising naturist at the university,
although one of the very few who were women. She felt no shame about
wearing nothing but a pair of small pumps and the large round glasses she
needed to compensate for her myopia. She knew that she was thought very
attractive by the male students and lecturers, and by not a few of the
women, but this didn't trouble her in the slightest. She very occasionally
indulged in sex with them, but she wasn't noted for a particular
promiscuous lifestyle although she very rarely had sex with a partner on
more than one occasion. She did however have a taste for urine and for
pissing on her lovers which put off some of the more squeamish of those she
made love with.

She didn't often wonder why it was that the release of her urine over a
lover's body, clothed or naked, gave her so much pleasure. It seemed in
any case quite a natural relief to the build up of the pressure that
lovemaking necessarily entailed. She also found the taste of urine in her
mouth or dripping down through her hair, over her forehead and over her
cheeks somehow very stimulating. She had to be very careful about
swallowing the stuff. She didn't want to catch anything, although she had
often managed to convince herself that urine, like saliva, was probably
quite safe and antiseptic.

Like all students, she needed somewhere to live and not somewhere at all
expensive. She wasn't at first particularly excited by the advertisement
in the Congress Evening Post for Third girl to Share Flat. Must be
broadminded. She had no idea what was meant by broadminded, although
friends of her told her that it was probably a euphemism for something
quite disgusting. She turned up at Innocence's and Dodie's flat really
having no preconceptions of what to expect. Her main concern was that they
too should be broadminded with regard to her own naturism. The landlady of
her last flat was far from so on this matter, and had insisted, rather
forcefully, that she either get dressed or get out. Algebra's principles
wouldn't contemplate compromise, so she moved out almost immediately and
had spent most of the last month sleeping on a sofa in a girlfriend's

She didn't immediately warm to Dodie when she opened the door. Dodie
had grown her hair, but it was still quite short, and she wore a large
sweatshirt which pretended that she too was a student at the University of
Congress, which of course she wasn't. The polytechnic she'd been to had
been far less illustrious. She quite liked the fact that Dodie wore no
trousers or knickers, but she felt that by wearing other clothes the girl was compromising on a principle which Algebra held quite dear. However,
she herself hadn't turned up naked, wearing the long white laboratory coat
she habitually wore whenever she ventured out of the university grounds
into the city beyond.

Dodie quite clearly took a liking to her and appeared quite enthusiastic
when Algebra spoke of her naturism and vegetarianism. She suggested that
Algebra take her clothes off. "It's much better to dress as you feel
comfortable." With no celebration, Algebra undid her coat, and lay it down
on the back of the chair she was sitting in. She was very impressed by the
flat. It was very expensively decorated, and had more than enough of
modern conveniences to have deserved the notice All mod. cons. which in
fact the advertisement had neglected to mention.

"I've often thought of becoming a vegetarian myself," Dodie commented,
stroking her pubic hair idly. "It seems a sensible thing to do. I
wouldn't want to harm any animal, and I often feel disgusted when I'm
eating meat that once this fleshy chunk of brown stuff once belonged to a
living breathing sentient being."

"Exactly," agreed Algebra, who nonetheless slightly despised any lack of
resolve on this or any other matter. At that moment, Innocence arrived
wearing a short skirt and an even shorter top which showed off her breasts and waist to their best advantage. Algebra was slightly disgusted by the
fact that this young girl was also wearing black stockings and awfully
harmful stiletto heeled shoes. However, when Innocence sat down and
started talking, her character seemed much more in keeping with her name
and she was very concerned about Algebra's welfare.

"You've been sleeping on a sofa? And all because your landlady doesn't
like nudity? How awful! I'm not a naturist myself, although I often don't
wear any clothes. Particularly in my line of work."

"What kind of work is that?" Algebra wondered.

Innocence blushed slightly and looked embarrassedly at her red painted
fingernails. "I'm an actress. Of sorts that is. I appear in films and
videos. But they're a kind of specialised market. I make pornographic

Algebra had no real opinion on this activity. In fact she barely ever
even thought about pornography. Images of naked women didn't bother her,
although she thought there was rather too much underwear worn in most of
that stuff. "Is that the reason why I must be broadminded?" Algebra

"Sort of," admitted Innocence. "But that's not the only reason.
Another reason is that Dodie and I are lovers. We're very much in love, in
fact. And there are quite a few girls who don't like sharing with couples
like us."

This was another matter which Algebra had never really thought about
much. True, she had on occasion made love with women - in particular her
Number Group Theory lecturer - but she'd never really distinguished this
very much from heterosexual love except insofar that women rarely, if ever,
sported penises. "It's not something that bothers me greatly. I'm more
concerned that I'll be able to study in peace. That's the most important
thing. That's why I'm at university."

"Well, yes, of course it is," remarked Innocence, slightly chastened.
"I was a student myself once, but I gave it up. But I know what it's like
to study. Well, Dodie, what do you think? Is Algebra the sort of girl we'd like to have sharing the flat?"

Dodie smiled mischievously. "I don't see why not! What about you,
Algebra? Does the idea appeal to you?"

It did, and Algebra moved in the very following day. It was a three
bedroomed flat, but as Dodie and Innocence mostly shared the same bed the
room assigned to Algebra was not the smallest, and was positively monstrous
compared to the tiny rooms she'd been used to up to then. She'd even had
to share bedrooms before: an arrangement fraught with problems with regard
to Algebra's affection for urinating while making love. Not everyone liked
the smell of fresh urine in their bedrooms.

It was a while until Algebra discovered the real reason why she was
expected to be broadminded, but in a household where she was constantly
naked and Dodie was more naked than not, it was natural that there would be
an occasion when Algebra would see Innocence naked walking around the house
with her penis dangling temptingly between her legs. At first Algebra saw
it and really didn't recognise its significance, particularly as Innocence
appeared to show no embarrassment at being seen naked. Later, however,
while Algebra was puzzling over some of the more surprising conclusions of
Gödel's theorem she recalled to her mind the image of Innocence striding
along the corridor between the various rooms with a penis incongruously
dangling between her full feminine thighs. She put her pencil to her mouth
and chewed it contemplatively, a smile across her face and thoughts of
Gödel (and indeed Russell, Mandelbrot and Newton) quite forgotten.

Dodie was not a girl who lacked for friends, but Algebra was impressed
by the way she nevertheless remained passionately in love with Innocence
however many different lovers she might entertain at home. She could see
that despite her own promiscuous lifestyle she still felt very jealous of
her lover's filmic sex life, but would sit on the sofa with Algebra and
listen politely to Innocence's account of the sex she'd had during the day
with the various male and female sex stars she performed with. Dodie's
strength of affection towards her lover warmed her to Algebra, and she soon
came to feel affectionate herself towards Dodie as she betrayed her
feelings with tragic grimaces and repressed sighs.

So it was, that after a while she relented to Dodie's persistent
attempts to make love with her. For a change, she didn't instantly slip
her hand out of Dodie's as they sat together watching television. Nor did
she politely but firmly remove her arm from around her shoulders. She let
Dodie's hand rest on her thigh, and allowed the girl to become steadily
bolder with her expressions of desire. Within a few minutes the two of
them were wrestling together on the sofa, Dodie relieving herself of her
tee-shirt and Algebra of the glasses which clashed uncomfortably against
her cheeks. Dodie's tongue probed deep inside Algebra's vagina, her
fingers prising it open wider to insert as much of her tongue as possible
while also easing other fingers into the anus. Algebra leaned back against
the leather upholstery, a button of it digging into her spine, giving vents
to small but unmistakable cries of joy.

And then, as so often happened when Algebra felt a certain degree of
passion, she felt that urge to piss that she so rarely suppressed. The
pressure against her bladder, stimulated by the wine the two of them had
been drinking previously, reached a high enough level and with no warning
she started pissing directly into Dodie's face, and, as her mouth was open,
directly onto her tongue and down her throat. At first Dodie wasn't too
sure what was happening and continued regardless, perhaps accustomed to the
presence of a similarly warm but usually much more viscous liquid directed
into her mouth. But then, with a quite abrupt start, she pushed herself
off Algebra, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and looking with
some disbelief at the golden liquid dribbling down her chin and onto her

"Uugghh!" She gasped. "You're pissing on me!"

"Don't you like it?" Wondered Algebra naïvely.

Dodie coughed and spat in an attempt to clear her mouth of the piss that
had entered it. "Like it! Why should I like it? Would you like it if I
pissed on you?"

"Oh Yes! I would!" Algebra answered enthusiastically. "Would you?

Dodie looked at Algebra with an expression of some disbelief. She shook
her head slowly, shrugged her shoulders, and then headed off to the
bathroom. Algebra sat on the sofa staring at Dodie's discarded tee-shirt,
feeling cheated that her lovemaking had been so abruptly truncated and
somewhat puzzled by Dodie's reaction. She'd assumed that for someone who
had so many different partners and made love with a woman who was
undeniably some kind of a freak, a little bit of urine would really be
neither here nor there. Although some of the men and women who'd made love
to her in the past had appeared disconcerted by her attraction to urine,
she'd assumed that it was simply because it was a novel experience for
them. She found it difficult to believe that this should be the case with
Dodie who she'd often seen with a prick up her arse or vagina with very
many different men and women.

After a few minutes, Dodie re-emerged from the bathroom with a towel
rubbing her hair which she had just washed and a strong smell of toothpaste
and mouth wash. She had also soaped and showered her chest and face. "Are
you saying, Algebra, that you like to piss on people when you're making

"Well, of course. Doesn't everyone?"

Dodie frowned slightly. "I shouldn't think so. And you also like to be
pissed on?"

"Oh yes!"

"And shat on?"

"Oh no! That sounds too dirty! Well, I've never tried it. I can't
believe turds could possibly taste as nice. And the smell is absolutely

"It is. Isn't it? And you want me to piss on you? Is that right?"

Algebra nodded. "That would be very nice."

Dodie sniffed. "Well, if it's what you want, let's go to the bathroom
where it'll be easier to clean up. And I insist that it's you who clears
up the mess."

"I don't mind that."

Dodie and Algebra wandered together to the bathroom and Algebra was
gestured into the bath where she lay down in the cold empty interior.
Dodie in the meantime opened a can of beer which she deliberately sprayed
over Algebra's body as the froth came bubbling out. She then glugged at it
quite desperately while eyeing Dodie lying in anticipation with frothy beer
over her breasts and trickling down her stomach and tangling in her pubic
hair. She very soon finished the beer with a glance of satisfaction and
dropped the empty can into the wastepaper bin where it landed with a small
thud on a discarded box of Algebra's sanitary towels.

"How do you feel?" Dodie asked the girl lying in the bath. "Are you

Algebra nodded, holding her breath against the very real feeling of pre-
orgasmic pleasure. Dodie smiled grimly. She strode over to the bath, and
then stepped into it, causing Algebra to pull one leg up while the other
stretched out underneath Dodie and pressed against the plug. Dodie looked
down at her, and Algebra could almost feel the gradual passage of liquid
through the network of intestines and eventually into the urethra. This
waiting was a pleasure in itself, but also caused her great impatience.
"Piss on me!" She pleaded. "Piss on me!"

Almost immediately Dodie complied, and Algebra watched with delight as
the arching stream of golden liquid emitted from between her legs and
sprayed over her face, hair, breasts and legs, while Dodie shifted her aim
to sprinkle Algebra as thoroughly as she could. She kept her mouth open as
wide as possible to capture as many droplets of the precious liquid as she
could and relished the taste of it on her tongue. She shivered in orgasmic
delight, and let free a trickle of urine herself (not nearly as voluminous
as Dodie's as she'd already relieved herself on her partner) which joined
the flow of Dodie's urine trickling down her thighs and trailed in a single
line down the centre of the bath and to the plug hole.

Algebra shivered and shuddered in the ecstasy of her passion while Dodie
strode out of the bath and looked at Algebra with an expression the student
couldn't really interpret but somehow concluded that it wasn't one of
whole-hearted enthusiasm in the discovery of this particular variant in her


In Which Une joins in the study of Algebra; the properties of Twelve are
examined by Algebra; and Chastity returns to Innocence.

After their one session of lovemaking, Algebra was disappointed to find
that despite her attempts to repeat it Dodie was decidedly unenthusiastic
to do so. Algebra soon came to conclude that her brief love affair with
Dodie had finished almost before it had begun, and resigned herself to her
studies as a means of keeping her mind off her continued passion. Her
assumption may well have proved to be true, but events interceded. An old lover of Innocence's, Une, had arrived in Congress and had decided to stay
in the flat with them.

Algebra was attracted to Une, although she was much older than anyone
whom she'd made love to before, except for one of her lecturers, who in any
case was a man. Une dressed very simply in a long white dress to her
ankles and paid absolutely no attention to the fashions of the city. She
soon re-established her intimacy with Innocence, showing rather more
modesty than Dodie by restricting her lovemaking to the bedroom. Dodie was
clearly not at all delighted by this intercession in her love life, and
particularly in the way she was excluded from participating in it in any
form at all. Despite Innocence's occasional sexual activities with her
lover, these were clearly too few and too brief to satisfy Dodie. Algebra
watched Dodie from a distance, her head generally immersed in text books,
although her mind focused on Dodie's beautiful hairy cunt and the slim
breasts with the nipples so prominent against the fabric of her tee-shirts.
She hoped and hoped that Dodie's apparent frustration would be relieved on
her ever-waiting self.

Her hopes were eventually rewarded, but Algebra sensed that Dodie's
lovemaking was almost certainly from a perverse sense of revenge than from
any feeling of passion towards her. Although Algebra was expressly
forbidden from pissing on Dodie, her lover felt no compunction about
releasing volumes of urine onto Algebra's body and into her mouth, a diet
which was soon supplemented by a more solid and horribly smelly
alternative. Algebra didn't really enjoy the long messy turds as they
squeezed out of Dodie's buttocks and plopped onto her face or her chest.
She certainly didn't enjoy the taste and felt rather humiliated as she bent
to Dodie's demands and took them into her mouth. She felt a disgust which
somehow drinking urine never provoked. Although superficially her desire
for lovemaking with Dodie was being satisfied there seemed to be very
little genuine passion and it made her feel rather unhappy.

She sat down in the living room with Une on a night when Innocence and
Dodie were out together to see a concert which Dodie insisted Innocence
would enjoy, though even Algebra knew that there was too much of a gulf in
the two girls' musical tastes for this to be particularly likely. Une was
reading a rather thick hardback book which seemed to be several centuries
old and was turning the pages from right to left on occasion. Algebra
glimpsed the print in the book, but to her eyes it appeared to be nothing
more than illegible scribbles in a very unfamiliar alphabet. She was
immersed in the meantime in a book of attractors and fractals, and paused
on occasion to muse on the more bizarre conclusions that the author was
deriving from the various equations.

It was on one such occasion that Algebra caught sight of Une who was
studying her with a certain amount of curiosity. Algebra looked across and
wondered if Une's interest might not have been stimulated by her nudity,
which seemed quite strange contrasted with the long white dress Une wore.
Une smiled back.

"You're a student aren't you?" Une asked. "What is it you're studying?"

"Chaos theory," answered Algebra. "It's about how there is chaos in
order and order in chaos."

"That seems a fairly accurate description of life," mused Une. "And in
your life as well, I dare say. Dodie treats you rather badly doesn't she?
Why's that, do you think? Is it because she thinks I'm taking Innocence
away from her?"

"I think that might be why," Algebra answered. "Though I wouldn't say
she treats me badly..."

"Do you like eating shit then?"

"Well, not really, but..."

"That sounds pretty cruel to me. You poor girl. You really need a
better lover than Dodie. You know that she'll return to Innocence when
I've gone."

"She will?"

"You know she will!"

Algebra looked across at Une, and became conscious of a welling of tears
in her eyes. Barely had she noticed this than the trickle overwhelmed the
lid of her eye and trickled down her cheek, followed by a sudden and
unexpected sob. Une smiled sympathetically, and this suddenly triggered
off a sudden outbreak of tears and sobs, which Algebra felt had been inside
her for years and just then felt the need to be expressed. She put her
head in her hands, dropping Fractal Facts and Friction to the floor with a
dull thud. She felt a raw wound gape inside her as she shuddered with the
strength of her feelings of frustrated love and dark realism.

Algebra felt an arm around her shoulder and looked up to see a naked Une
behind her, smiling sympathetically. She turned her head and buried it
deep into Une's chest, who clucked understandingly as Algebra moaned her
wordless desires and fears. Une stroked her shoulders and soon allowed her
hands to wander about the young student's body, expertly changing her sobs
from ones of despair to ones of desire.

It was perhaps inevitable it would result in this, mused Algebra, as the
two women rolled about on the thick rug in front of the gas fire, Une's
tongue deep inside her vagina (from which Algebra courteously forbore
urinating), and her own tongue and fingers exploring the caverns of Une's
cunt. How could a vagina be so large? wondered Algebra, whose area of
specialisation had never been biology. Her whole fist, and very probably
her arm as well, could fit into the capacious recesses parted by the
elegantly shaped but spacious lips. Algebra prised it open with the
fingers of both hands and pushed her tongue and teeth as deep inside as she
could. Meanwhile, her own much tighter cunt was being nibbled and licked
and stroked with such expert care that despite her misery she came and came
again, feeling an ecstasy that had always been denied her by Dodie and
which none of her other lovers had ever achieved.

And so it was that the two were found, buttocks raised above faces and
legs stretched out, when Innocence and Dodie returned later that night,
Dodie quite clearly the more enthusiastic about the music of Sigmund Gamma.
"Well, Innocence, sweetest," Dodie cooed, clearly not at all
disappointed, "it looks like we'll be spending the night together. Une is
obviously too wrapped up to offer you her company."

Algebra heard Innocence sigh slightly, and watched the two lovers' bare
legs stride out of the living room, leaving her with Une, but really not
caring. Somehow she felt that her uncharacteristic release of emotion had
led to a deeper and more satisfactory experience than any amount of Dodie's
urine could ever provide.

Une soon left, but before Algebra could feel sure that life could return
to normal, another friend of her landladies, Twelve, found need to stay at
the flat while she was between being evicted from her last bedsit for
fucking too many people too loudly and finding a more tolerant landlord.
Twelve was clearly much more like Dodie in character than Innocence, just
as Une had been to Innocence, and it came as no surprise that it was with
Dodie that most of her lovemaking took place. Twelve was a skinny freckly
girl who wore nothing but a long white gown which somehow never succeeded
in hiding either her breasts nor her cunt, and she had a single long strand
of hair which fell coquettishly from her forehead down over her face and
onto her shoulder. She had a thick bush of red pubic hair fashioned into
the shape of a heart and was otherwise waxed extremely hairless. It wasn't
long until Algebra found herself as just a toy in the two girls' sexual
games, while Innocence remained, it seemed, quite unaware that her lodger
was treated with anything other than the respect normally accorded to a
gifted student of mathematics.

Twelve and Dodie would often entice Algebra away from her theorems,
proofs and topology for sex games which occasionally involved pissing, and
sometimes rather more ordinary sex, but more often involved faeces,
spanking and bondage. It was only through love of Dodie that she allowed
herself to be hung by her arms behind her from the window while Twelve
stuck her arse out of the window and let loose long and messy turds over
her long hair, down her chest and sometimes into her mouth. She allowed
the two girls to tie her up in excruciating positions for hours on end,
occasionally enlivened by a brisk spanking or even a caning, but mostly
just ignored. She almost preferred the moments of physical contact,
however painful and however much it left red and blue blemishes on her back
and buttocks, to the long hours of sitting or standing in constant pain,
her mouth muzzled and cords digging deep into her wrists or ankles.

However, it was as a result of the greater interest shown her by
Twelve's arrival that Algebra first had sex with Innocence. In all the
months she had lived in the flat all she had known of Innocence's body was
its naked presence when she was home from work and watching Innocence at
play with either Dodie or latterly Twelve or Une. She had enjoyed watching
Innocence's prick thrust in and out, back and forth, into the girls'
dripping vagina, the head of it raw and throbbing with passion, and then
exploding, in a cascade of viscous liquid, as she came to a loud and
frantic climax. Algebra would let her book drop down as Twelve would take
Innocence's penis and bring out fountain after fountain of semen, and let
it splash onto her breasts and take globules into her mouth.

Algebra had also watched Innocence in the various films that she had in
the flat which featured her in a wide variety of sex scenes with a matching
variety of partners. Her eyes focused more on Innocence's beautiful sexy
body than those of her partners, whether male or female, who took her
wondrous never-tiring penis into any and all of their orifices and revelled
in the cascades of semen she produced. Algebra sometimes felt a degree of
envy for these partners who, however brief their engagement, seemed to know
Innocence more intimately than Algebra had managed to.

Dodie and Twelve soon found out about Algebra's desires on Innocence on
those occasions, interspersing the humiliation and pain, when they were
kind and considerate to her, even taking her out with them to night clubs
where they would make love to each other and whoever else they might meet
(ensuring that Algebra could only ever watch, and forced to wear clothes
which constrained her too much to have any ability to participate).

"Don't worry, Algebra," Twelve said softly, as her piss dribbled down
Algebra's chin and onto her chest, "we'll ensure that you get to know
Innocence better."

And so it was that while Twelve sat in her bedroom one evening reading a
book on Number Groups and Vectors, she was greeted by a slightly tipsy
Innocence and a giggling Twelve and Dodie. The three girls had just been
out to visit a few friends of Twelve's and had had rather too much to drink
and smoke, and Innocence had been persuaded that what Algebra wanted most
in the world was to be buggered by her.

"She doesn't like it the other way," lied Twelve.

"In fact what she most likes is to have someone shit into her mouth!"
Dodie supported.

"Algebra's got some pretty strange tastes!" exclaimed Innocence, who
nonetheless had met and made love with enough people of bizarre tastes in
her professional life not to consider this as at all unusual in itself.

"So, why not make a hard working student happy on the eve of her exams!"
Wickedly goaded Twelve.

Algebra was soon secured to the frame of the bed, her buttocks high in
the air and her face looking directly into Twelve's heart-shaped cunt.
Dodie pulled Algebra's head up so that her mouth pushed directly into
Twelve's semen- and piss-smelling cunt, while with a little more decorum,
Innocence plied her tongue at Algebra's anus, lubricating it with her
saliva and a little cunt juice that despite her humiliations Algebra was
always able to provide with abundance. She knew that despite the way these
activities hurt and disgusted her they provided her with more sexual
satisfaction than less adventurous and more tender lovemaking would, and it
was this proclivity of hers that Twelve had recognised from her own
experience and so ruthlessly exploited. Algebra also sensed that somehow
Twelve got a perverse kind of pleasure from humiliating someone who was
pursuing her studies with rather more diligence than she'd ever done in her
student days (before dropping out or being expelled, depending on which
version of her life story Twelve was promoting on any one day). The fact
that Algebra was more than likely to be a graduate and soon a professional
somehow as remote from Twelve's own life of hedonistic abandon as could be
imagined, appeared to goad the girl into a pattern of sexual cruelty that
with Dodie's own sadistic streak became quite obsessive.

Twelve was soon pissing into Algebra's nostrils, mouth and eyes, while
Dodie wrapped herself around alternately Twelve's and Innocence's body and
Innocence thrust deeper and deeper into an orifice which had never been
penetrated before and had indeed been left religiously undisturbed by
Twelve and Dodie in their sex play, presumably to heighten this very
experience for Algebra as much as possible. The pain was excruciating.
Algebra's anus was not that large and was not as fully lubricated as she
would have liked. Innocence was too inebriated herself to really
appreciate the difference between Algebra's cries of genuine pain and those
of abandoned passion. This was not assisted by her own cries of pleasure
and those of Twelve and Dodie. Algebra's body felt punished again and
again with each deep thrust and the cruel slaps from Dodie and Twelve on
her shit-, piss- and semen- covered face and Twelve's sharp nips on her
nipples and shoulders. It seemed almost too much, and it seemed to go on
and on and on and ...

Eventually, Algebra lost consciousness. The constant pain and pleasure
had sapped something from her. She had become giddy and flushed, and
swooned while Innocence had at last transferred her penis into her cunt and
her arse was now being penetrated by a dildo strapped around Twelve's
waist. The other three continued their passionate lovemaking for many more
minutes after this, and when she eventually gained consciousness she found
herself lying in Twelve's arms who was looking down at her face with
apparent concern. A trickle of a tear was coming down Twelve's cheeks,
while Innocence looked on worriedly.

"Oh Algebra! Algebra! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have. We shouldn't
have! We've gone too far! Can you forgive us? Please say you forgive us!"

Algebra smiled, and then swooned away again. She next gained
consciousness the following day, and found that Twelve had somehow
metamorphosed from being her worst tormentor to being her most attentive
nurse. She also found that after the fever which racked her for several
days after, neither Twelve nor Dodie attempted again to exploit her
weakness for the more painful species of sex game. In fact, Twelve only
touched her from thence in a very tender, thoughtful way and deliberately
avoided any contact with Algebra's breasts or cunt. She seemed to be
genuinely remorseful.

"I don't know how you can forgive me. I really don't!" She would say,
holding Algebra with the same intensity of tenderness that she'd earlier
expressed in petty torture. "I don't know how I can ever be forgiven.
Please try to believe me when I say I'll never treat you like that again."

Algebra smiled and stroked Twelve's cheek with her hand. Was this the
same girl? she wondered, as Twelve bowed her head down and buried it into
Algebra's lap. What had Algebra's sufferings been like to trigger such an
apparent change in Twelve?

Secretively, Algebra had already started looking for another flat to
live in before Chastity returned into her sister's life. She had suffered
too much from the treatment meted out to her by Dodie and Twelve, and
although neither of the girls were now anything other than kind and
attentive, the damage had been done. She felt that she had indulged too
much, too often and too intensely in forms of sexual behaviour which were
physically dangerous and not at all salubrious. All she wanted to do now
was to pass her exams and leave the painful episode behind her. However,
fresh torments were to come which she vaguely sensed when she came home
from university to find Chastity's unfamiliar figure sprawled out on the
sofa with a smug smile on her face, addressed uncharacteristically sternly
by Innocence who was sitting opposite her with an arm around Dodie's

"And what makes you think you'd be welcome back here?" she demanded of
her sister, who was dressed in a loose white gown rather like Twelve's with
the same inability to hide her breasts or vagina, and very short hair.

"Innocence. Sweetheart. You're my sister! And where else am I to go?
I can't afford the debts on the flat and there's nothing for me in Labia.
You can surely put me up for a while in Congress while I look for a job and
a flat of my own? My famous sister and her even more famous prick can
easily afford to do that."

"It's not a question of affording to keep you, Chastity, and well you
know it. I don't know how you can have the gall to come here!"

However, Chastity eventually won the argument, as Algebra knew she
would. Innocence was far too sympathetic to her sister's plight to do
otherwise, although she made it abundantly clear that it was only a
temporary arrangement. Chastity settled in with rather more of an attitude
of permanence than seemed consistent with this claim, and soon the third
bedroom had become quite clearly her own. Algebra could see Innocence's
and Dodie's discomfort with Chastity's presence in their flat, but she
wasn't at first sure at all why. Certainly, Chastity's self-assertiveness
and her pushiness were a little off-putting, but she was very kind and
considerate to Algebra. She seemed to show genuine interest in the exotic
and esoteric branches of mathematics that Algebra was engaged in, even
though her questions were rather naïve and showed a lack of real
understanding. Algebra got to learn from Chastity that she and her sister had fallen out over a genuine misunderstanding regarding a shared
relationship with Twelve, and this seemed quite plausible to Algebra who
noted that Twelve had quite soon left the flat not long after Chastity
arrived and had appeared very reluctant to discuss any past liaisons she'd
had. She appeared to be genuinely embarrassed about her past with
Chastity, and in the absence of any contrasting story from Dodie and
Innocence who kept themselves quite distant from their new guest there was
no reason for Algebra to suspect otherwise.

Algebra soon discovered that Chastity was also a very good lover. It
was within a few days that she found her love life was immeasurably
enhanced by Chastity's impromptu seduction which somehow occurred so
naturally that it was only afterwards that Algebra asked herself how it had
progressed from such innocent conversation. Algebra needed little
persuasion to share her bed with Chastity, who knew exactly how to bring
her orgasm after orgasm as she lay back on the bed while Chastity's teeth,
tongue and hands explored every crevice, every pore, every inch of her
body. Her passion for Dodie had become a distant memory, assisted by the
distance she maintained now Chastity was there. Indeed, her landladies had
become rather jealous of each other, as if keeping a common front against
any potential assault that Chastity might present. Algebra developed the
theory that there might be an incident of incest in the two sisters' past
which might explain the gulf that currently existed, although she felt sure
that it was probably nothing more than the result of Chastity's rather
obvious enthusiasm for sex.

Algebra's sympathetic attitude towards Chastity changed gradually as her
new lover became more adventurous in her sex games. When Chastity first
pissed on her, Algebra was at first delighted. This was how it was
supposed to be! she exclaimed to herself. pissing should come naturally
in one's sex life. It shouldn't be forced. And how clever of Chastity to
guess that this was the sort of attention that Algebra enjoyed. However,
Chastity soon extended her repertory of sexual activity to include buggery
with a dildo, shitting into her mouth, slapping her, beating her with a
belt, tying her to the back of a chair, and many other such activities that
she'd thought had been left behind when Twelve had abandoned them. She was
rather more forceful with her protests than she'd been before. She'd been
through all this humiliation before. She'd already decided that they were
not for her, but Chastity ignored her, although she readily promised
whatever Algebra might demand and smiled winningly. Algebra realised that
Chastity was just too practised in this activity and had correctly gauged
her as the kind of woman who despite herself was drawn to the darker side
of sexual pleasure.

Chastity began inviting others back home with her, and Algebra found
that she was made to participate in Chastity's sexual games with these
people as well. Sometimes it was Algebra who was humiliated: tied up and
forced to watch as Chastity and her new partner fucked away in front of
her, sometimes to have semen, piss or shit spread over her face and body.
Sometimes it was Algebra who participated in the humiliation of the guest,
although she felt coerced to do so. And some of the girls and boys Chastity brought back were so young! Younger than Algebra's own eighteen
years that was for sure. They were virtually just children, bewildered and
alarmed at what was being done to them. Algebra noticed, however, that
there was a certain amount of subterfuge to Chastity's introduction of such
partners into the house. She was told never to inform either Innocence or
Dodie of who she'd brought back and definitely not what they had got up to.
When Algebra asked why, she was merely told it was to prevent any
'misunderstanding'; though why Chastity should be so concerned when Dodie
and Twelve were not that much better Algebra wasn't at all sure.

It was with some relief that Algebra announced to Innocence one evening
that she'd found a flat to share with two final year students from her
university. She explained that she thought that it would be better for her
to share with other students, and not be distracted by people who had other
things to do with their lives. Innocence tried to find out where Algebra
was going to stay, and nodded sadly when Algebra said she didn't want to
pass that information on.

"It's because of my sister, isn't it? You don't want her following you
when you leave. Has she been treating you that badly?"

Algebra nodded and then burst into tears. She buried her naked body
into Innocence's breasts and cried voluminously and self-consciously.
Innocence coaxed the girl into her bed and they were soon making love which
she performed with a tenderness and attention to detail much like it was at
first with Chastity. Algebra looked in awe at Innocence's powerful penis
thrusting deep inside her, while so intimately connected to such a
beautiful and feminine body. She bent her head back and let loose a long
and powerful cry.

"So tell me," said Innocence, as she and Algebra lay on the bed-sheets
after Algebra had become exhausted by passion, "what has my sister been
doing? What has she been making you do?"

Algebra looked down shyly at Innocence's limp penis between her legs and
reached a hand out to stroke it. She continued stroking it, gently
persuading it to a stubborn erection while hesitantly detailing all she had
observed and participated in, noticing Innocence's confused mixture of
approbation and sexual pleasure at the events she described.

"My sister's a monster!" Innocence exclaimed. "She mustn't stay under
this roof for a moment longer. Tomorrow she has to get out, whatever
excuses she might have!"


In Which Kedi rediscovers Innocence by choice, Chastity by
circumstances, and meets Honore who is herself reunited with Innocence.

Kedi knew that Innocence was soon due to arrive to spend a few days with
her, but she wasn't exactly sure when she'd arrive. She had been quite
surprised to hear from her, although they'd kept in touch all the months
since they'd lived together with Chastity and Mouse in Wonderground.
Innocence didn't say why she felt the urgency of the visit, nor why she
felt it best not to come with Dodie. She was pleased that Chastity wasn't
coming as well, though she gathered that her former lover had moved from
Labia to Congress to stay with her sister.

Kedi had started making a new life for herself in the seaside resort of
Phallus- on-Sea. She and her brother, Pig, now about fifteen, were renting
a small farm cottage just outside the resort, from which they worked in the
various odd-jobs available. Kedi worked in the fairground where she
performed her masturbation routines and also in fish and chip shops serving
customers and acquiring a strong smell of grease over her naked skin. She
had decided on settling in Phallus as it was a district where her habitual
nudity attracted no attention amongst the bronzed naked bodies of the
holiday-makers. Her brother had a similar disaffection for clothes and
after leaving Wonderground, where he'd worked as a maid for Mrs Duchess and
other wealthy citizens, chose to live with his sister again.

pig had gained a lot of sexual experience as a maid. His bottom was so
sore that he'd already needed some treatment for piles, although he still
got great joy out of sodomy which he practised as often as he was fit and
able to with his many boyfriends. As a maid, he'd mostly been naked, but
on occasions he'd been required to wear an apron and white lace hat which
mostly served to soak up the semen and sweat that splattered on him after
being buggered by his masters or mistresses. He had a full working prick
himself, which as he grew older (too old to continue working as a maid as
far as Mrs Duchess was concerned) became more adept at fucking others. He
made no distinction between genders, though he'd come to appreciate a good
cunt, even if it wasn't such a tight snug fit as he was more accustomed to.
He also came to particularly relish Kedi's cunt, especially as his sister was such a skilled sexual partner.

His prick was deep inside Kedi when Innocence arrived, and let herself
in when nobody had heard her ringing the doorbell. Kedi had already
stimulated pig to ejaculation earlier in the hope that this would satisfy
him. She loved the taste and sensation of his long thin black penis and
liked the way it pumped out bucket-loads of semen. But pig wasn't to be
fully satisfied and neither was Kedi. He was soon straddling his sister,
his penis thrusting in and out of her warm cavernous interior, her legs
raised behind his back and her ankles pressed against the crack of his
humping buttocks. Kedi spotted Innocence standing there in a long dress to
her ankles and a blouse whose collar pushed up to the top of her throat.
Her hair was much longer now and flowed over her shoulders, but was still
nowhere near as long as it had been before she'd lived in the Convent. Her
arms were bare, and her hands were clasped to her chin as she watched pig fuck his sister, her bags at her feet.

Kedi raised an arm and squeezed pig firmly on the shoulder to signal him
to desist. "Innocence has arrived!" She announced, disengaging herself
from her brother's body and easing him to one side, his penis still very
much erect and very much on the point of another more productive
ejaculation. "Hello, sweetest! You have not met pig before, have you?"

"Your brother? No, I haven't," admitted Innocence stretching out a
lace- gloved hand at the end of her bare arm, the fingers protruding.
"Delighted to meet you!"

pig was also quite clearly delighted. His prick showed no evidence at
all of sagging. He stood in front of Innocence, with Kedi resting her
hands on his shoulders, and shook Innocence's hand. His slim hairless
black body positively shivered with sexual anticipation. Innocence clearly
recognised this from her extensive experience with sex actors and responded
by kissing him full on the lips. Kedi watched with some satisfaction as
the two of them began kissing and fondling rather more passionately:
Innocence grasping Pig's buttocks in her hands and pushing his aching penis
against her crotch beneath the long dress. She could see Innocence's own
penis begin to raise and press against the fabric of the cloth. She
positioned herself behind her friend, and nuzzled her tongue into
Innocence's ear, while her hands carefully undid the countless small
buttons which fastened her blouse.

Eventually, Kedi managed to pull off the blouse exposing Innocence's
lace- covered breasts, and unbuttoned the skirt which descended in folds to
the ankles. Her friend stepped out of the skirt in her delicate laced
bootees, her penis pushing rather grotesquely out her knickers. pig pulled
down the knickers and gave a gasp of excited pleasure as he relished the
sight of her erect penis. He stood back, his hands resting on Innocence's
hips to take in its full beauty.

"It's so beautiful! So complete! So powerful!" He gasped. "Fuck me!
Please! Fuck me!"

Kedi took off the last items of underwear, and caressed Innocence as she
obliged Pig, who had turned around and proffered his abused anus for her
pleasure. She watched as Innocence thrust in and out, clasping Pig's prick
in her hands: its veins standing out, the pale grey glans swelling from
pleasure and his balls hard and firm against the base of her palm.
Eventually, it swelled to a climax and a spurt of semen spurt forth and
onto the banquette where the two siblings had been so passionately engaged
moments before. Innocence, however, was still not satisfied: her penis
still swollen full and her testicles still rock hard as Kedi could tell
from her own caresses between Innocence's legs.

"Now fuck me!" Kedi commanded. "Fuck me so I am feeling hot like my
brother. Fuck me so I have been fucked as hard as I can be fucked!" She
lay on the banquette, her legs wide open and dripping with pleasure.
Innocence stood above her, an erect penis quivering with anticipation as
she looked at Kedi's black classically formed body: her full nipples
pointed on the cones of her breasts, her eyes shining like white beacons
framed by her black face and her teeth as gleaming white as her eyes.

"Oh Kedi!" She cried, in delight, plunging her penis deep into her
friend's cunt and pushing harder and harder, faster and faster, causing
Kedi to shake and sweat and cry in loud irrepressible cries of ecstasy. A
full-throated cry burst forth accompanied by long whining sighs of more
general pleasure. Her legs shot high up, and clasped Innocence's buttocks,
joining the rhythm of Innocence's thrusts, adding their own urgency and
muscular strength to Innocence's own.

And then, as the pleasure became more intense and threatened to peak
again and again, taking her spasms to even more pronounced levels of
ecstasy, she felt her brother's penis slide into her cunt: a slimmer and
longer one pushing at the base of her cunt, thrusting under Innocence's,
penetrating a little deeper and stretching her lips that much wider.

And then an easing of pressure, to be replaced by another harder,
tighter pressure as pig penetrated her anus, an area she generally reserved
for her brother for special occasions, knowing his more usual preferences.
The tip of his penis rubbed against the tip of Innocence's through the
folds of her vagina, and his body arched behind Innocence, supporting
himself by holding her full round breasts in his hands. And finally, a
release and an explosion as both pig and Innocence ejaculated inside her
and finished on her black thighs stomach and on Innocence's buttocks. It
continued to seep out, eased by Innocence's and Pig's fingers on each
other's penises, and spurted into her mouth. Once again that familiar and
reassuring rich taste of semen: the very taste of which brought Kedi to an
orgasm that wasted her and left her collapsed on the banquette, semen
dripping over her skin, over her lips and a tear of which trickling towards
her ear.

"It is so very nice to have see you once again!" Kedi gasped as she lay
back, abandonedly staring at her two lovers tumescent penises. "It is a
pleasure I have had nearly forgotten, but will never forget again."

Kedi was not at all pleased a few days later when Chastity arrived
unannounced at her door, wearing a long skirt and an open waistcoat: her
short hair hidden under a large floppy hat with a long feather dropping out
over the rim. She stood, legs apart and hands on her hips in the doorway,
looking at her former lover sternly.

"What are you doing here? I told you it was all over between us. And
how did you find me?"

Chastity looked at Kedi's tall naked body imploringly. "I've got
nowhere else to go. I couldn't stay at the flat in Congress with Dodie.
She physically pushed me out. But I learnt where you lived from Innocence
and I thought ... well, after all we've been through together ... I
thought ..."

"You definitely can not stay here! Innocence has come all this way to
get away from you. She would not be pleased to have found that you have
come to see her. I will not let you come in. You will have to find
another place to stay."

Chastity looked down forlornly at her battered rucksack which lay just
by her feet in their bowed high-heeled shoes. "But where can I go? Where
can I stay? Please, Kedi. Help me! I'm desperate!"

Kedi looked at Chastity's pathetic figure with some sympathy. She
couldn't very well kick her out. It wouldn't be right. But she knew what
Innocence would think. She folded her arms and frowned as she pondered the
dilemma between what was best for Chastity and for Innocence. "You're
right. I cannot just turn you away. But you'll stay for just one night,
and tomorrow you'll leave. Just one night understand."

Chastity smiled broadly: "I knew you'd help. I knew you wouldn't turn
me away. But just one night. Is that all?"

"That's all. I don't want to upset Innocence more than I have to."

Kedi was right to be concerned for Innocence. When she arrived back
from the beach in her bikini where she'd been sunbathing with pig who was
naked as always, she was clearly very upset to see her sister sitting on a
cane chair wearing just a waistcoat and bootees reading a magazine on pet
management. She stood frozen at the door to the living room, glaring
accusingly at Kedi who was lying stretched out on a banquette playing with
one of her kittens.

"What are you doing here?" She asked her sister venomously. "Do you
have to follow me wherever I go? It's all over between us. I thought you
understood. And Kedi's told me that it's very much over between you and
her as far as she's concerned. Are you just trying to make my life a

"Where else can I stay?" Chastity pleaded. "Dodie threw all my clothes
onto the street and bolted the door. She said she never wanted to see me
again. I've got no money. I don't know what to do."

"Don't lie, Chastity! You've got plenty of other friends you can stay
with. What about all those people you used to bring home every day? Or
have you fallen out with all of them as well!"

"They're not close to me. Not like you and Kedi. Both of you are the
most important people in my life. You can't just tell me to leave like

"Yes, we can. And we do. You can leave here this very minute!"

"But Kedi said I could stay the night. Didn't you, Kedi, sweetest. You
did, didn't you?"

Kedi nodded reluctantly. "Yes, I did. Chastity's right. I can not
have just kicked out her. We had been lovers for so many months. But it
is just one night. No more."

Innocence sniffed. "If my sister is here for one more night than that,
then I shall leave tomorrow. I will not sleep under the same roof as my
manipulative sadistic sister. She probably hasn't told you about all the
children she's abused. Or the way she played unwholesome sex games with
our lodger. Or the many disgusting things she does with any man or woman
who's foolish enough to be seduced by her." She looked at Pig, and put a
kindly arm around his shoulders: "Whatever you do, don't permit yourself to
be taken in by this woman. Before you know it she'll force a dildo up your
arse and cover your face in piss."

pig looked genuinely puzzled, and stroked his slightly tumescent penis.
"What's so wrong with that?"

Innocence recognised she'd seriously misjudged Kedi's brother, but made
no comment. "Just don't be taken in, that's all!"

"You're wrong about me," Chastity pleaded more. "I'm not a monster. I
just enjoy things that you don't enjoy so much. You're applying your own
prudish narrow- minded standards to others. You should be more

"I don't care, Chastity. You're leaving tomorrow and that's the end of
it!" With that Innocence stomped upstairs with pig where she remained all
night. A little alarmed, Kedi let the kitten drop to the floor, ignoring
its sharp claws which tried to retain a grip on her bare knees. She turned
her head back at Chastity and glared at her.

"Chastity. You have brought so much discord to my home. Tomorrow you
leave, do you understand. You must go!"

Chastity scowled and buried her head back into the article on hen
rearing which had been apparently absorbing her, but Kedi could see that
she was quite clearly upset by her sister's rejection.

The following day, Kedi woke up Chastity who'd been sleeping under a
blanket on the sofa, who sat up, letting the covering drop onto her legs
and stretched her arms out, yawning, revealing the fullness of her breasts.
"What time is it?" She asked wearily.

"Time you were leaving," stated Kedi baldly. "Get your clothes on.
Come on!"

"What now? No breakfast?" Pleaded Chastity spreading her arms out
towards her former lover. "Have a heart!"

"You must leave. Before Innocence has got up. Come on!"

"Can't I have a coffee first. Come on, Kedi!" Pleaded Chastity
pathetically taking Kedi's black hand in her own pale one. Kedi
immediately shuddered and noticeably stiffened. "Please, Kedi."

"I shall get you a coffee. As you ask. But that is it!"

Chastity stood up, and squeezed her naked body against Kedi's, who
couldn't help feeling again that frisson of pleasure she always associated
with such close contact to such an undoubtedly attractive body as
Chastity's. She relented to the extent of holding Chastity to her breast,
her fingers stroking her shoulder blades. Her former lover held her close
for several minutes, while Kedi allowed her hands to drop lower down the
back towards the waist. Kedi felt confused and unhappy. Then she felt
Chastity's hand work its way round to her groin, and stroke the small patch
of pubic hair above her vagina. Kedi sighed. She knew exactly what
Chastity was trying to do, and for a moment she was unsure whether she had
the strength to resist it.

Chastity's hand worked its ways further down and her fingers delicately
squeezed Kedi's firm clitoris. Kedi sighed: no! This wasn't right. This
wasn't right at all. She pushed Chastity apart from her.

"No! Chastity. No! You are to leave. And you are to leave now.
Before Innocence and pig wake up. What I have said, I mean!"

Chastity smiled sadly. "I know when I'm not wanted!" She sighed
regretfully, bending over to put on her skirt and fastening her bag. "I've
given you and my ungrateful sister so much pleasure, and now I am just
discarded. Like so much garbage. I know now who my real friends are. And
they don't include you. And they don't include my fuck film star sister.
Nobody understands me. And nobody cares."

She buttoned up her waistcoat, slipped on her bootees, quickly tying up
the laces, slung her rucksack over her shoulder, and, without waiting for a
coffee, she marched towards the front door. "Goodbye then!" She announced
with equal measures of regret and bitterness, and slammed the door
forcefully behind her, smiling grimly at the way the entire cottage shook
on its impact.

Kedi stood muted in the living room. She was dazed by the exchange and
felt a wave of sadness and self-recrimination shudder through her body.
She stood for several minutes, staring at the door which steadfastly
refused to open to re-admit her former lover, while she reflected on all
the passion she'd shared with Chastity, and wondered where it had all gone.
Then she sighed deeply. She shook her head, ran her fingers down her bare
torso, and then headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Innocence
and her brother who were sharing her bed that night. If only things could
have ended more amicably, she thought. But it wasn't to have been.

It was such a hot sunny day and the beach was covered with the brown
roasting bodies of holiday-makers enjoying the blaze of the sun, shining
from the sun- tan creams coating every inch of exposed flesh, and their
heads either buried in books and magazines, or turned up to bronze their
cheeks the same brownness as their buttocks or breasts. Kedi was not
herself at all interested in sunbathing. Her body was quite dark enough as
it was, and could probably get no darker. Innocence, however, did enjoy
lying in the sun, but the fine sand of Phallus-on-Sea's beaches didn't
offer her quite the same freedom as it did to most sunbathers. She was
still too self- conscious, despite her habitual nudity at home, to reveal
her crotch to the innocent public. She would much rather remain anonymous,
behind her thick sun-glasses, her long hair tied back in a bow, and a very
modest swimming costume. She was very nearly the only person on the entire
beach who was not unclothed, and this in itself attracted unwelcome
attention towards her.

Kedi and Innocence strolled along the beach, by the very edge of the
sea, where the sand was firmer and didn't burn into Innocence's soles, hand
in hand, and, quite often, embracing, their arms around each other's waist.
A refreshing breeze came in from the sea, and blew Innocence's hair onto
Kedi's face. Their progress was a stately one, as Kedi's stride always
was, but their intent was to get beyond the more popular stretches of the
beach to the quieter, more relaxed sand dunes further on, just round the
bend of the bay, and past a tiny secluded cove, where Innocence would feel
no worry about shedding her swimming costume and the two of them could
indulge in making love to each other in the open air: a sport they were
both inordinately fond of.

They walked along by the edge of the sand dunes looking for just the
right spot. Secluded enough to be out of sight, but exposed enough to be
blessed by the sunshine that Innocence was so attached to. However, every
time they found a spot they thought might just be right, they found another
couple had already claimed it as their own and the perfect spot was already
occupied by heaving buttocks thrusting deep inside one orifice or another.
Their pursuit was beginning to get a little wearisome, and Kedi was
contemplating abandoning the whole venture, and to just lie together in the
sand as they were.

"Huh!" Kedi exclaimed as they came to another secluded sand dune which
would have otherwise been perfect, but for the sound of lovemaking and the
sight of a naked girl, not yet in her teens, who was wandering about by the
dunes, a small trickle of clear viscous liquid running down the inside of a
slender thigh. "Is there not any place anywhere that we can go?"

Innocence squeezed Kedi's hand tightly and reassuringly. "There must be
somewhere. Not everywhere can be taken. Who'd have thought there'd be so
many people out here with the same ideas as us."

Kedi kissed Innocence full on the lips. "I am hoping we find somewhere
soon. I burn with longing for you!"

The couple continued walking past the sand dune where the little girl had come from to see a young bronzed boy, not much older than the girl but
just as naked, leaning on top of the body of a much older woman with simply
enormous breasts, each one nearly half the size of the boy, his penis deep
inside the woman's vagina and his taut buttocks mechanically thrusting in
and out. To one side of the couple was a woman in her early thirties,
naked but for a sun hat and a necklace who was shamelessly masturbating at
the sight of the copulation. The fingers of one hand were stroking the
long thin nipple of a small breast and her other fingers deep inside the
caverns of her cunt.

"It's Honore!" Gasped Innocence. "I've not seen her for ages, Kedi.
You must have heard of her and her books."

"Yes, I have," admitted Kedi, "but she is very busy. Shall we let her
be? Perhaps we will be finding a quiet place elsewhere."

Kedi's reluctance to stop and her desire to find another spot was
expressed too late, because Honore had spotted Innocence, and placed her
hands gently on her young lover's shoulders to persuade him to desist.
"Innocence, sweetest! How are you? And who is your beautiful black

The boy rolled off Honore's thighs and lay on the ground beside her, his
slim hairless penis still erect and shiny from his exertions. The older woman reluctantly paused in her masturbation, and the young girl rushed up
to the woman's breasts and wrapped her slim arms around her. "Are you a
friend of the great Honore? I'm so honoured to meet you."

"Meet Gateau. She's a great enthusiast of my books. And so too are her
children, as you can see," said Honore, wrapping her arms around the young boy.

"Ever since I'd first read Honore's books I've been a great fan,"
enthused Gateau. "She has made my life and those of my children so much
richer. Ever since I was able to read them when the children went to bed,
we have avidly bought every single one of her books. From The Nastiest
Little girl In School and The Stink in Pooh Corner to The Sodomist's Nephew
and Lord of the Rims, we've enjoyed them all. They've provided us with
great inspiration and have brought us all to frequent orgasms of delight.
It was with Honore's stories in mind that I have introduced my children to
the pleasures of their bodies, and have been inspired to relish them
myself. And what greater honour can there be for my two children to make
love with the great author. And look how wet the pleasure of that honour
has made me!"

She parted her legs and exhibited the trickle of viscous liquid that her
masturbation had generated. "To see my children giving pleasure to Honore
is the greatest delight of my life. It is a memory that I am sure will
cream my knickers for many years to come: even when my son's prick is full
grown and his fucks become more powerful." She locked an arm around her
daughter, and stroked the child's flat breast. "But don't worry about me
and my children. I am happy to be just a spectator." She pulled her
daughter's face to her own and pushed her tongue deep inside her daughter's
mouth. The child responded eagerly, and grasped her mother's nipple with
her small delicate fingers.

Honore stood up and wandered towards Kedi and Innocence, her enormous breasts falling down below her waist and all but totally obscuring her
cunt. "Oh! Innocence! I've thought so much about you since I left
Congress. And you're such a success in your new career now. Your films
are very popular in Brook. But please. Why are you wearing that swimsuit.
It suits you. You know that. Almost nothing you ever wear could not suit
you. But your true beauty is in your nakedness - like your splendid black

Honore's slim hands took the straps of Innocence's swimming costume, and
eased them off her shoulders. She then pulled the lycra material down over
her breasts and eased them down off her crotch and to her ankles.
Innocence's penis, already aroused by Kedi's caresses, had sprang fully to
life and stood out proud and erect. Gateau's daughter disengaged herself
from her mother and wandered over to Honore and Innocence, and admired
Innocence's penis. Kedi had become quite accustomed to it now, and often
forgot how very bizarre to most people was the sight of such a strange
appendage on the very feminine body of such a beautiful woman. The child
leaned out her hand and touched it. She gasped a little when it twitched
slightly under her fingers.

"It's a lot bigger than my brother's!" She exclaimed. "And it's
probably even bigger than Daddy's. Can you fuck me with it, please! I
want it inside me!"

"Oh, Pussy!" Rebuked Gateau. "Don't be impatient! I'm sure Honore's
friend will be quite happy to fuck you when Honore's had her turn."

"But I want to be fucked by it!"

"Don't be greedy! Think how much more of an honour it will be to be
fucked by a woman who's just fucked the great Honore. The juice of the
great writer will intermingle with her friend's sperm. What an honour!"

Indeed, it probably was, although it all left Kedi rather untouched.
She had never really felt any feelings of awe towards anyone, however
famous, and couldn't really understand why others should. However, she and
Innocence were soon partaking in more sex, better in both intensity and
passion than she had originally expected, and for that it seemed the hours
of wandering about the beach had been justified. Gateau's son, her
daughter, Honore and Innocence herself surrounded her with a heaving
sweating mass of sexual pleasure. Two penises, one or another often in her
mouth, arse or cunt; two enormous breasts, whose fully erect nipples were
very nearly as big as the boy's erect penis; the tender and sweet caresses
of the small girl; and no respite. Her own tongue and fingers travelled
widely amongst all the available flesh. Sometimes hard, firm, tender and
young. Sometimes soft, gentle and resisting. Sometimes damp and sticky.
But always hot, sweaty and heaving, accompanied by small gasps, piercing
cries of ecstasy and so very much of it.

Throughout all this activity, - Innocence's penis in her arse or in that
of the young boy; Honore's breasts on either side of her face; the young girl's cautious and trembling examination of the folds of her vagina - Kedi
was conscious by its very absence of the existence of Gateau. As she
looked over to the mother, she could see she was still masturbating
furiously, her hands sometimes fast and frequent at the exercise of her
clitoris, and her angular cut straight hair wildly loose over her sweaty
face. Occasionally one or other of the children would break off from the
lovemaking to kiss or caress their mother, who would reciprocate with as
much passion as she showed for her own body. But despite the mother's
sexual appetite and fondness for incest, she showed no desire or
inclination to be involved in the lovemaking of which Kedi was so much a
part. This was behaviour Kedi found utterly incomprehensible. What
pleasure could there be out of merely watching? But, as Innocence
commented later on the basis of her own career of providing masturbatory
relief, for many people the pleasure came from the fantasy not the fact,
and it might be that Gateau's passion for Honore would be dissipated were
it ever to actually be achieved from anything less than a short distance.

"I am not understanding that!" Sniffed Kedi disapprovingly. "Why not
just enjoy it for what it is? No fantasy can surely be better than the
passion I share with you."


In Which Innocence remains with Honore; Innocence is recorded in the
photographic media and Dodie returns to the comforts of Innocence.

Honore hoisted up her huge breasts from underneath the desk where she
was working on her word processor, and rested their immense weight on the
surface, relieving herself of the strain of supporting them without
assistance. She glanced behind her at Innocence and Hyacinth, her current
belle, lying outstretched and naked, like herself, on the sheets of the
mattress. Hyacinth was another prepubescent child, still smooth and
hairless, and still smarting from the bruises around her crotch where
Innocence had deflowered her the day before, sanctioned by Honore and, as
usual, with the parents' express approval. Honore smiled. It had given
her so much pleasure to see the child enjoying the deep thrust of
Innocence's beautiful penis, so expert and so tender in the penetration.
She was enjoying Innocence's visit to her seaside villa at Phallus- on-Sea,
glad to provide her with the respite she knew her unusually endowed lover
needed from the pressures of her film career.

She turned back to the word processor. She sighed deeply, stroking her
nipples as they stretched out far in front of her. Her present project
wasn't going too well. Her last children's book had been a great success.
The advance sales had been extremely gratifying and the reviews almost
universally good. The Water Sport Babies, a story about young Tom, a young boy who was introduced to the delights of urination fun by a young girl he
had met after breaking into her house with the intent of stealing whatever
he could find. The two children ran off together and the subsequent
stories managed to incorporate a gallery of characters, including the boy's
father, two of his teachers and several others who shared their appetite
for pissing on each other in addition to, and often instead of, other forms
of sexual play.

Her present book was more difficult. Honore's main difficulty was in
keeping the sexual activity and other events acceptable to the intended
rather young readership, while her own less palatable obsessions became
more difficult to suppress in her work. Her present book, The Purple Badge
of Disgrace, was set in a society where children and their parents habitually shaved off all their hair, from their heads as well as their
pubic regions and where clothes were totally unknown. The central
character, Lasagne, was a young girl of about twelve accustomed to sucking her father's penis, making love to her mother and her girlfriends from
school, and had even once had anal intercourse with one of her teachers as
a reward for good behaviour. In these regards she was no different to all
the other children or adults of her country, the cunt Federacy, which
sanctioned and indeed encouraged all such perversions.

However, a couple of strangers join her school from another country,
where quite different ethical codes prevailed. One is a boy of about
fifteen and the other a girl of about Lasagne's age, Paella, who wears her
national costume: a blouse, white socks, black shoes and enormous dildo.
Her brother wears a dress and rather a lot of makeup. Paella befriends
Lasagne, and the two of them enjoy normally permitted sex with each other:
although Lasagne becomes very curious of Paella's dildo which she never
removes, any more than her similarly attired mother ever removes hers.
However, while playing around they are discovered by Paella's brother,
Jerez, who gets excited about Lasagne's body and proceeds to rape her. It
was at this point that Honore became aware that her book was moving away
from its normal bounds of respectability. Rape was just something that
never happened in children's books. What was also troubling her was that
her plans for the rest of the book was straying even further along these

In the cunt Federacy, virginity is a prized asset, particularly as it
was so relatively easy to lose it. A girl's virginity was traditionally
reserved for her father, and then at her thirteenth birthday or later.
Paella and her family were unaware of the strength of the taboo in the cunt Federacy, and after Jerez has deflowered Lasagne, despite her protests, her
cunt is then invaded by Paella's dildo, Paella's mother's dildo and lastly
Paella's father's prick. Her cunt is a bloody, painful mess and she
protests loudly and tearfully. She eventually runs away, blood running
down the inside of her thin thighs, and tells her parents of her ordeal.
Her troubles aren't over yet. Her parents are furious that she should lose
her virginity so easily. Her father rapes her, and then he takes her to a
tattooist who etches a tattoo of an erect penis on her face with globules
of semen spurting out of its purple glans and spread over her cheeks and

Wearing this purple badge of disgrace, Lasagne then has a very horrid
time at school where she becomes the butt of sexual bullying, unfair
discrimination by her teachers and is totally ignored by Paella and Jerez.
She is nicknamed Prickface, and is determined to leave school and the cunt Federacy to somewhere where she can have her accursed tattoo removed and
lead a normal life again. Honore knew that as the story stood, there was
virtually no chance that it would be accepted by her normal readership and
there was a fair chance that it might never be published at all. Why then
was she still writing the book? Shouldn't she just abandon it and write a
children's book more like those she normally wrote? What about her
projected retelling of the stories of Hans Christian Andersen with rather
more sexual intercourse than the original author had ever imagined? Or her
project of writing the story of a doctor who fucked all sorts of animals and had won their eternal respect, and eventually ended up fucking a prince
who had a camel with two pricks called the fuckmifuckyu?

She glanced back at Innocence and Hyacinth. The child was resting in
Innocence's arms, her eyes closed and a thumb in her mouth. Innocence was
looking down at the child with an indulgent smile, so like her and so
unlike the dark passions that so easily stirred inside Honore. What was
the pleasure she got from watching Innocence fuck Hyacinth? Was it the
pleasure of seeing her current girlfriend being penetrated by her lover and
the hope that it brought both of them great pleasure? Or, more sinisterly,
was it Honore indulging a rape fantasy, watching a young girl with an
immature vagina being penetrated until her maidenhead split and the blood
dribbled down her legs? Did Honore get pleasure from seeing a child lose
her virginity in such a way? And by a freak like Innocence?

Honore blanched. She looked back at the words on the screen. She
scrolled it up several pages, reviewing the odd sentence as it went by.
She'd have to abandon this book. She was sure of that. It was too adult
for children, and not adult enough in stylistic terms for adults. Perhaps
she should start writing books for adults. Honore frowned. Her previous
attempts at that genre had not been marked by great success. Her Stephen
Fucker never seemed to quite achieve the affect of describing a young man's
discovery of his great lovemaking skills in a way that expressed how very
good these skills were. Her Pricks and More Pricks never quite built up a
truly sympathetic view of her panoply of characters beyond their
possessions of oversized penises. Her Sex Professor was rather better at
airing her views about sex with children than developing the character of
the protagonist or the plot.

Oh well! sighed Honore, saving her manuscript to hard disk and closing
the file. She looked at the list of suggested titles she had stored in her
Work in Progress directory, and selected Doctor Dildo, her idea of a book
concerning an amiable lover of animals. She'd start off by having the good
doctor fuck a parrot, she snarled to herself with a bit of venom. She
lifted up the weight of her breasts off the desk, and placed them
underneath, very nearly resting on the top of her thighs, and commenced by
typing the first letter in as large and exotic a font as she could find.

Honore ran a magazine for her young readership called 13, ostensibly
written by young fans of her literature including erotica featuring
themselves and their sexual fantasies, but in actual fact mostly written by
herself and used principally to promote her books. The current editor was
supposedly young Delphinium, one of her favourite child lovers, but her
only real contribution was to pose for the editorial photograph and to lend
her signature to the editorial articles that Honore had written herself.
It was published every two months featuring short stories, photographic
cartoons with word-balloons and several soft-core photographs of her
several lovers and children who with the permission of their parents wanted
them included.

Innocence's presence at her home in Phallus-On-Sea was an opportunity
Honore didn't want to miss. Innocence's fame in erotic films had not quite
spread as far as her target readership, but she knew that photographs of
her would stimulate a wider readership than usual. So, instead of the
usual photographs of naked pop singers or actors, Honore proposed to
Innocence that she pose for the magazine and also appear on the front
cover. Innocence hesitated at first. However much she enjoyed making love
to children, she didn't really want this fact broadcast too widely, in the
fear it might typecast her to a particular rôle she was happiest accepting
relatively infrequently.

"Don't worry!" Said Honore with a smile. "13 isn't a hardcore magazine
at all. The nearest to sex I'd require is an erect penis." She gripped
Innocence's member in her fingers and stroked it slightly. "I'm sure that
that's something you'd have no difficulty in supplying," she added with
wonder, as Innocence's penis slightly swelled from the attention.

Innocence nodded. "Yes, I'll do it! I'm sure it'll do me no harm."

The photograph session took place several days later when Honore had
persuaded her usual photographer to make his way from his photographic
studio in Brook, and come all the way to Honore's seaside home. She also
contacted little Delphinium, also in Brook, who came along with her mother.
Delphinium was delighted on arrival to at last relieve herself of the
unfamiliar oppression of her clothes. Honore introduced Innocence to the
little girl, now more like fourteen than the thirteen years of the
magazine's title, and smiled as Delphinium expressed her wonderment at
Innocence's prick.

"It's really nice. Nicer even than my Dad's!" She exclaimed. "Ooh!
I'd love to suck it! Do I get to suck it, Honore?"

"No. Well, at least not for the camera. There are other magazines for
those kind of photographs. However, I'm sure Innocence will allow you to
suck it when we're not filming, won't you?"

Innocence smiled. "I'd be glad to!"

The actual session took place on the beach not far from Honore's home,
and started with Delphinium getting her wish to fellate Innocence while the
photographer set up his equipment and Honore and young Hyacinth sitting
together, their arms around each other. Innocence soon achieved full
erection which was not at all difficult given Delphinium's skill at
fellatio much enhanced by her compulsive reading of the magazine for which
she was nominal editor. The photographer then requested Innocence to pose
in several positions while he clicked away excitedly, sometimes barking out
particular specific instructions: "Lower your hand and stroke it!" "Fondle
the balls, lovey!" "Put your finger up your arse. Deeper! Ah, perfect!"

Honore enjoyed the shoot while Hyacinth and Delphinium rolled together
in the sand, acquainting themselves with each other and preparing for their
own later appearance in the magazine. This came soon, after Innocence had
reached full climax, with the photographer's urging, and released a few
globules of semen onto the sand and onto her legs. Honore was sure that
this was one photograph that wouldn't be included in 13, but might get used
in promotional literature for other purposes. Innocence then sat down with
Honore, her head between Honore's enormous breasts, and watched as the
photographer filmed Hyacinth and Delphinium making love. Hyacinth's bottom
was raised above Delphinium's face, the little girl's tongue exciting the
smooth bare clitoris while Hyacinth reciprocated with her own tongue and

"Uugghh!" Complained Hyacinth, at one point, raising her head while the
photographer continued snapping away. "There's an awful lot of sand in
this cunt!"

Honore smiled, stroking her massive nipples at arm's length. "That's
alright! We'll airbrush that out of the photo."

"But it tastes horrid!" Hyacinth objected.

The next phase of the session was with Delphinium and Innocence
together, the famous penis once again erect and, on Honore's insistence,
Delphinium expressing rather more interest in sucking and licking
Innocence's breast and mouth than her prick. She was allowed to hold it,
however, and she enjoyed Innocence's penis rubbing up and down her bare
belly, still slightly rounded by puppy-fat.

Honore, Delphinium and Innocence worked together on the actual
preparation of the magazine. Innocence was to be on the front cover, her
penis erect and a slight trace of semen on her glans, with an inset
photograph of Delphinium together with Innocence. Over the top of
Innocence was the magazine's title and the headings of the various articles
inside: My First Tampon. Finding the Right Sized Dildo. Latest Honore
L'Oeuf Book - Review.

Inside the magazine was Delphinium's editorial with a picture of the
editor together with Innocence, and a series of short paragraphs written by
Honore in a deliberately childish style, much punctuated by exclamation
marks and capital letters, which raved about what a great actress Innocence
was, how lucky she was to be blessed with such a wonderful willy, and one
with so much functionality, and made discreet reference to Honore's latest
book. This was called The Semen Swallowers and the Amazons and was about
some children who had discovered a secret island where they could play sex
games together without fear of their parents finding out.

The magazine featured mostly articles about Honore's books and those of
other writers, such as Cheval Blanc, who wrote similar children's fiction.
The photographs of Innocence, both alone and with Delphinium, dominated the
rest of the magazine, interspersed with a short story, supposedly based on
the nominal editor's own sexual experiences, featuring photographs of her
with Hyacinth. What Honore didn't want to let Delphinium know, but knew
would soon be apparent to her, was that as the child was getting older, it
would soon be necessary to find another nominal editor and retire
Delphinium off. Her intention was to replace her with Hyacinth, but it was
necessary to make the transition as painless as possible, and in the
process find a rôle for Delphinium to play that would in some way
compensate. However, it wouldn't be too long until Delphinium's nascent
pubic hair became more difficult to remove and her body lost the childish
proportions that her made her so appropriate for the position. As Honore
had no intention of starting magazines for an older, teenage, readership,
the best rôles would probably be provided by publishers of other
publications who'd be more impressed by her fellatio and intercourse skills
than by her extreme youth.

Honore was sitting down on the sofa of her living room admiring the
naked beauty of her latest young lover, darling Lupin, who had only a few
moments ago been introduced to her by her mother who was very keen, as so
many mothers were, on her daughter being introduced to love by the great
writer. She had left her study where she'd been working on her latest
project about a wooden puppet called Pricchio, who had a permanently erect
wooden penis, but desired more than anything to have a real penis which
would occasionally go limp and could produce semen and piss just like any
normal boy's. She hadn't got very far with the book, and had already
contemplated, and dismissed, the idea that the boy's father should have sex
with him, but amongst the characters she'd imagined for the boy's
adventures were several animals and plenty of opportunity for bestial love.

Her thoughts at the moment were far away from her work, and how the boy could have sex with an insect, and concentrated on the slim figure of
Lupin, whose flat chest and bare vagina attracted the lust within her
enormous bosom. She was speculating on the fun they would have together,
her tongue around the smoothness of the girl's cunt, while she would
squeeze and massage her massive breasts. Then would come the opportunity
she so relished of inviting Innocence to partake in the lovemaking. She
could imagine that familiar expression of wonderment and slight fear as
Lupin regarded Innocence's erect penis, knowing that soon it would be
between her legs, thrusting back and forth, bringing out that familiar
trickle of blood as once again Innocence penetrated a girl's pristine
hymen. She licked her tongue around her lips and opened her arms to summon
the girl towards her.

It was at that moment, that Honore was interrupted by the doorbell. Who
could that be? Honore asked herself irritably. It certainly wasn't a
welcome interruption, but she knew that eventually one of her young lovers
would answer the door. Sure enough, she heard the scamper of little feet
as Moss, a young boy of twelve, ran down the staircase and dashed towards
the door. Honore hesitated a bit. She didn't want to be too preoccupied
if the visitor was for her. She cursed as Moss ran into the living room,
his naked little penis flapping up and down as he ran.

"It's a woman. She says she's a friend of Innocence's. Shall I let her

A friend of Innocence? Honore stood up irritatedly. "I'll see who she
is," she announced. She wandered over to Lupin, whose long hair was tied
into plaits which came down over her shoulders to below her deliciously
smooth nipples. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll be back soon. I'm sure
Moss will keep you company."

She walked over to the front door, her massive breasts falling down
below her waist, but looking from behind remarkably slender for a woman of
such assets. The woman waiting by the door was just a couple of years
older than Innocence, with very short dark hair, a denim jacket fastened
over a slim chest and the pubic hair between her slim legs uncultivated and
luxurious. Honore shuddered slightly. She had never been attracted to so
much hair on a woman's cunt, and the folds and creases of a well worn adult
vagina didn't attract her nearly as much as the smooth contours of a

"You say you're a friend of Innocence's?"

"Not just any friend," the girl announced proudly. "I'm Dodie.
Innocence's lover from Congress."

"Dodie? Yes, Innocence has mentioned you. Have you come to stay?"

"Yes, if I may. Innocence said I could. It's been ages since she left
for Phallus- On-Sea. It's almost as if we've not been lovers at all!"

"Perhaps so," mused Honore, who associated Innocence more with Twelve,
Leon and Kedi than this strange hairy-cunted girl. More than these other
lovers, she also felt that she now had quite a strong case for Innocence's
affection herself, as they shared the same bed and the same children almost
every night. She nodded. "You better come in, then."

Dodie wandered in, and looked about the house. "It's wonderful here!"
She exclaimed. "I can see why Innocence has been reluctant to return home.
She's told me all about you and your books. Are you writing one at the

"I'm always writing one," sniffed Honore.

Dodie glanced at the sitting room where Moss and Lupin were chatting
together. "Innocence also told me about your lovers. Those are two of
them there, aren't they?"

Honore nodded. "I don't know where Innocence is," she said, not wanting
Dodie's lascivious eyes to rest too long on sweet little Lupin. "She's
probably on the beach. Do you want to wait for her in the garden?"

"Yeah. I'll do that. Where is it?"

Honore led Dodie along to the garden, after the girl had removed her
jacket but kept on the brief sleeveless tee-shirt, which, except for a pair
of espadrilles, was all she wore. The garden led down to the sea-front
which could be seen over the wall at the bottom. In it Hyacinth and
Delphinium were playing sex games together on the grass, the head of each
buried between the thighs of the other. As Honore wandered back to Lupin,
she felt that a change had now taken place with regard to her relationship
with Innocence. No longer could she claim any primacy in their lovemaking,
and in fact she doubted whether Innocence would even contemplate
participating with Lupin.

It was quite late in the evening when Honore next saw Innocence, who was
now with the naked Dodie, their arms around each other and their faces
wreathed in happy smiles. It was evident to Honore that the two had been
fucking, as there was an unmistakeable glistening on Innocence's penis and
Dodie's pubic hair was in some disarray patched with semen. Honore was
intent on Lupin, who had explored almost every part of her massive breasts.
She had stroked her tiny cunt on the enormous nipples, allowing it to
penetrate between its widened opening stretched apart by her tiny fingers.
She had allowed the girl to nibble about her clitoris and to tear at her
own pubic hair with her sharp little teeth. She looked over at Innocence,
whose penis was still slightly tumescent, while Dodie grasped it lovingly
in her hand. She raised her eyebrows in silent query.

It was Dodie who answered for her. "You mustn't let me stop you
enjoying yourself with Honore and her little virgin friend. Go ahead and
have a good fuck!"

Innocence's face took on a pained expression. "What about you, Dodie?
What will you do?"

"I imagine I'll be joining you," Dodie said with a smile. "I've always
rather fancied little girls myself. And my life won't be complete without
experiencing the pleasure of Honore's breasts."

Honore supported her monstrous paps in her hands, while Lupin continued
to stroke her clitoris with her fingers. She couldn't very well refuse to
extend her hospitality, although a meanness in her wanted to keep her
love-life along the comfortable parameters she had become accustomed to.
She studied Innocence's face in the hope that there was something about it
which would say that she needn't be so generous, but it was clear to her
that Innocence's affection for Dodie was as unfeigned as Dodie's for her.
Oh well! She sighed to herself.

"Yes, come over here. Both of you! Meet Lupin. I've told her all
about you, Innocence. She's been dying to be better acquainted with you."


In Which Honore learns about the relationship between Purity and
Innocence; a film is made illustrating Innocence's virtues; and Honore is
introduced to Leon.

Honore was struggling with the composition of her Adventures of Priccho,
in which she'd now managed to get her hero to a Land of Naughty Boys, where
he was having sex with a number of boys and admired how large their penises
were, in many cases more than eighteen inches long, not knowing that this
was merely the first stage of a transformation which would turn them into
donkeys, or asses as she'd chosen to refer to them. Pricchio's erect penis
was also growing much longer, which it normally did whenever he was lying,
but in this case was also getting mysteriously hairy. While repeating to
herself certain sentences to see how they sounded she heard the odd sound
of shrieks and cries coming fast and rhythmically from across her mansion.
It was probably just Dodie and Innocence indulging in their marathon love
sessions, Honore mused, but the sounds continued on and on, and it became
impossible for Honore to concentrate on her story. Let's see what's going
on? she said to herself, easing her enormous breasts out from under the
desk where they'd been resting on her knees, and standing up.

She wandered into the hallway where the shrieking and gasping was
particularly loud. There was also the familiar slap slap as Innocence
presumably thrust in and out of a welcome cunt. Honore sighed. Although
she still enjoyed occasional sex with Innocence, ever since Dodie had
appeared it had become much less frequent than before. She mostly spent
her nights with the company of Lupin, Hyacinth or Moss, who however
attractive they were didn't have the sexual skills or facilities which
Innocence had in such abundance. Honore eased herself up the staircase,
her breasts pulling her forward and walking rigidly to maintain her

When she got to the landing, there was a pause in the orgasmic cries, so
Honore had to explore to find their original source. She put her head
around Lupin's door, and got something of a shock as she realised that the
source of the cries could not have been Dodie. She was embracing Lupin by
the legs, lapping away at her tiny cunt, while the little girl's tongue and
fingers explored the hairy warmth offered between Dodie's legs. Honore
stood back to be sure. It was definitely Dodie. No one else had such a
hairy cunt. What could anyone see in such hirsuteness? she wondered.

She proceeded to Innocence's bedroom where the cries of ecstasy were
renewed and once again there came the insistent slap of flesh against
flesh. Innocence was upright on her knees, her buttocks thrusting backwards
and forwards, and her hands supporting herself on the waist of a black
figure who was stretched forward resting herself on her elbows, her
buttocks raised invitingly into the air as Innocence pounded away at her
anus. At first, Honore assumed that the girl must be Kedi who occasionally
visited the house, although she normally introduced herself to Honore
before indulging in any sex. However, the girl turned her head round and
Honore could see for sure that it wasn't Kedi, whoever else it might be.
The skin might be just as black, but her face was rounder, her lips were
fuller, and although she was slim, she didn't have quite the slenderness or
tallness of Kedi. She was naked except for a pair of plimsolls and her
hair was totally shaved. Like Dodie, however, she didn't shave her cunt,
the hairs of which spread from the front to entangle in Innocence's own
fair pubic hairs as she thrust away.

Honore hovered, naked as always, not sure what to do or say, but the
girl noticed her and gasped slightly. She froze, her buttocks still
squeezing tight on Innocence's prick, staring not only at Honore's face but
at her monstrous breasts. Innocence didn't immediately stop, but she
gradually recognised the lack of reciprocity in her thrusts, and turned her
head. On seeing Honore, she gradually removed her penis from inside the
black girl, and, wrapping her arm round her, she looked at Honore with a
smile still slightly silly from her fucking.

"This is Purity, Honore. She's an old schoolfriend of mine. She was
visiting Phallus, and I met her in town. So I invited her back. Purity.
This is Honore L'Oeuf. She owns the house."

Purity slightly disengaged herself from Innocence's grasp and smiled at
Honore. "Hello. I've heard so much about you. Your books. And your
breasts. They really are marvellous."

Honore nodded. Another one of Innocence's lovers! How many more were
there? "I'm pleased to meet you, Purity. I hope you enjoy your visit to
Phallus-on- Sea."

"I'm not staying long. I've got business elsewhere. But I was
delighted to meet Innocence again. It's been so long!"

Honore sat on the bed next to Innocence and Purity. She reached a hand
out to touch Purity's flesh and was pleased as Purity responded by
stretching a hand out to stroke Honore's breasts. She took a nipple in her
black fingers and marvelled as it grew as large as a young boy's penis.

"They are real, aren't they?" Purity asked in wonderment. "They aren't
the result of plastic surgery?"

Honore had been asked that question many times before. "They're
definitely real. As real as Innocence's prick. When I was young they just
grew and grew. They just didn't stop. I soon had to accept that I had a
body unlike any other."

"They must cause you a few problems, though?"

"I get backache sometimes, and it's pretty difficult finding anything
flattering to wear. That's why I prefer not to wear anything at all!"

"I can understand that!" said Purity, lowering her mouth to Honore's
enormous nipples and taking one between her lips, supporting and caressing
the bosom with her fingers. Innocence bent over and holding one nipple in
her fingers, pushed her mouth into Honore's. Honore leaned slowly back,
allowing the two lovers to immerse her in their caresses, which engulfed
her cunt, lubricating her skin with their saliva and eventually bringing
her to cries of ecstasy quite as loud and raucous as those she'd ever
achieved before.

Her passionate yells inevitably attracted attention from Dodie and Lupin
who wandered into the bedroom and watched, their arms around one another,
as Purity's mouth pulled, licked and pumped at Innocence's erect penis,
while Honore's own mouth explored the black and brown folds of skin around
Purity's vagina and her own cunt was penetrated by nearly all of
Innocence's fist. Lupin crawled over the bed sheets, and sat,
cross-legged, just by Honore's mouth, her hairless vagina still moist and a
quizzical smile on her face. Dodie crawled up after her, putting her arms
around the child's shoulders and squeezing her close to the nipples which
stood out on her nearly flat chest. The threesome soon became a fivesome,
vaginal juices flowed with Innocence's semen which was spread with
characteristic carelessness over the faces, thighs, breasts and buttocks of
everyone, including Lupin, who expressed her new- found enthusiasm for
semen by taking Innocence's erect penis in her mouth and not letting go
until she had taken mouthful after mouthful of sperm which spilt over her
lips and onto her chin.

Honore rested on her back as Innocence's penis regained its erectness
and plunged deep into the welcoming sea of juice that welled from inside
Honore's cunt, Lupin's mouth over hers still tasting very much of all the
semen she'd tasted and mostly swallowed, and Purity's tongue assisting
Innocence's erection and her fingers still caressing Honore's nipples.
Honore could just glimpse Dodie who was similarly engaged on Purity's own
body and the smooth unstretched beauty of Lupin's vagina. Honore reflected
that what she'd lost in her jealous possession of Innocence's body since
her former lovers had arrived, she'd more than gained in quantity, not only
in partners, but, as her body erupted with more waves and shudders, also in

Honore had got rather used to having Innocence around, and she didn't
really relish the idea of her leaving. She knew that eventually she'd have
to, as she'd need to earn more money in her profession in fuck films. It
was principally to prolong her stay that she started writing a film script
deliberately designed to star Innocence, but made as always for the
children's market in which she specialised. She provisionally entitled it
The famous Five Get Fucked, and the general story line involved the gradual
discovery by five children, who included two boys who'd featured in earlier
films, and Hyacinth, Lupin and Moss who by virtue of their residency
couldn't very well be excluded. In the film, the five children would
gradually become aware of the presence of a character played by Innocence
in their village, who as they got to know her better was revealed to be
very unusually endowed.

When the script was finished, she arranged the production through her
own film company which she occasionally pulled into being whenever it
appeared appropriate. She only made one film every other year, and they
were mostly adaptations of her own books. They'd included The Sex Garden,
which was about a spoilt girl, a boy with a very long penis and another boy with a penis that just stubbornly refused to get erect. They gradually got
to know each other better and had sex together in a derelict garden where
their parents weren't able to find them. The climax of the story was when
the boy with the limp penis finally achieved an erection and had sex with
the other two characters. Another was called The Cottage Children and was
about four children who had sex with a man who they belatedly discovered
was their father, and finished with them all having sex with their mother played by a rather younger Honore.

Permission was eventually granted by the local council of Phallus-on-Sea
for filming to take place on the beach, where Honore knew they'd inevitably
attract a crowd of curious onlookers, and not soon after filming started
with a film crew hired by the director she'd used on her last film, The Sex
Life of Aladdin. Honore practised her lines with Dodie, who played a very
minor part as a girlfriend of the children's mother, played by an actress,
Geranium, who'd played the same part in previous films. Dodie's rôle was
fairly brief, but featured fairly early on in the film, with the five
children watching and admiring as she and Geranium caressed each other
around the breakfast table, with Dodie eventually inserting various long
thin vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots and bananas into the mother's
ever-welcoming vagina.

Innocence's rôle actually involved relatively little sex. Honore knew
better than to squander her star's assets too early in the film. She was
viewed mostly from a distance: the fact of her penis being revealed bit by
bit to the famous Five on seeing her having a piss, masturbating in a field
by herself and being seen having a bath. Most of the time she wore a very
plain white blouse and grey skirt, her shoulder- length hair tied into
demure plaits. She was meant to represent a young governess on holiday in
the fictional holiday resort, whose beauty was what initially fascinated
the five children. Much early conversation was with the children as they
rested from the inevitable sex sessions between themselves, as they
speculated on what it would be like to fuck her, little knowing that it was
they who'd mostly be the recipient of the fucking.

Innocence's character was also shown as developing increasing interest
in the children, watching them at play while masturbating. In one scene,
the five children were shown with the three boys fucking each other and the
girls on the beach amongst sandcastles, buckets and spades. Hyacinth had
Thistle's penis in her mouth, while he was being penetrated by Moss, and
Lupin was on her front, buried in the sand, while Toadstool pushed into
her. This last boy had featured in Honore's earlier film as being
especially well-endowed, and this trait was even more true now. Honore was
delighted that she was able to film a trickle of semen-stained blood emerge
from Hyacinth's so recently damaged vagina and trail down her thigh to her
knee. It was these little touches that she particularly enjoyed.
Innocence was filmed hiding behind a sand dune, her skirt pulled up, her
knickers pushed down and her penis erect and glistening as she pummelled it
into life. One of the children, Thistle, notices Innocence and tells the
others. She is then filmed scampering away, pulling up her knickers as she

The final scene was filmed in a cave not far from Phallus-on-Sea, but
only accessible by sea, where the five go and by chance meet the character
played by Innocence, who is masturbating mournfully, with her skirt and
knickers discarded and her hands buried in the curves under her blouse and
bra. She is surprised by them, but it is no surprise that their encounter
develops into a sex scene in which she fucks all three of the boys and the
two girls.

The film was relatively short, as Honore's films had to be, less than
fifty minutes in fact, and the sex scenes were kept relatively brief,
featuring rather less of the mechanics of fucking than their commencement
and the highlights. This was in keeping with the expectations of Honore's
audience, who were easily bored by too much fucking, and wanted rather more
story. Many of the shots were in close-up, particularly of Innocence's
penis and the two girl's vaginas, and some of the shots, such as those
featuring anal intercourse, fisting and reaming would probably be edited
into non-existence or at best ambiguity. Honore had to worry about the
sensitivities of the parents of the children, who would no doubt be
watching the film with them, perhaps as a prelude to having sex. Although
few objected to the sexual content of her films, nor indeed of her books,
they might worry about the unrealistic expectations that would be raised of
them and maybe even concerned that their children would try and imitate
what they saw with their own friends.

With this in mind, the end of all of her films were full of disclaimers
and such advice as 'Anal Intercourse may be fun, but it may also be
painful', 'Don't try any of these sexual activities with Strangers' and
'Always use protection against Diseases and Pregnancy'. Honore didn't know
whether the children ever took heed of these warnings, but it was clearly
the minimum she could do to deflect criticism from those who thought it was
wrong that films should be made at all which featured children wanting and
enjoying sex with each other or, more controversially, with adults. She
had long ago began a policy of declining any interview on television or
radio where she wasn't sure of sympathetic treatment or where there might
be someone with negative opinions about the nature of her life's work.

After each day's filming, she would reward her child stars with time in
her boudoir where she chatted to them while stimulating their genitals and
comforted their own concerns about what they were doing. Lupin, for
instance, was beginning to feel uncomfortable about having sex with so many
different people. She'd thought at first that she'd only be making love
with Honore, but she found she'd had rather more with other people. She
was particularly upset about Toadstool who persisted in trying to penetrate
her arse, which she found very unpleasant. She enjoyed her sessions with
Dodie, however, and was also feeling rather disgruntled as she became aware
that Dodie shared her amongst all the other residents in Honore's home, and
that nobody took primacy in her affection over Innocence. It was sometimes
quite difficult, Honore reflected as Lupin lay on her lap like a baby, her
mouth around Honore's massive nipple. Children had so much learn and they
always learnt too much too soon. Especially, that was, when they'd been
entrusted into Honore's care.

Honore had to find a distributor for The famous Five Get Fucked, and
because of Innocence's assets she decided on Fuck Flicks, which she knew
specialised in women with pricks (or at least transsexuals). It was for
that reason, she invited Leon LeGrand to visit, a man whom she'd never met
before but had heard a lot about, particularly with regards to his own
enormous nineteen inch prick. When Leon arrived, he was dressed in a
tee-shirt and very baggy oriental trousers, but seeing Honore was naked, as
she almost always was, he asked if he could take his own clothes off.

"I find them very uncomfortable," he explained with a smile, looking at
Honore's enormous breasts. Honore had no difficulty in agreeing, as her
own peculiar endowments meant she shared much the same discomfort. As he
discarded his clothes, she felt a frisson of desire as she regarded the
penis which was perfectly well- proportioned for its dimensions, already
larger than most penises when limp, but bulging out with similarly
proportioned testicles.

"Let's have a look at the film," he announced. "I was particularly
attracted to it when you told me you had Innocence starring in it. She's
been in several of my films in the past. In fact, my interest in her goes
back further than that. We were once lovers, as you know."

"Another one!" Sniffed Honore. "I'll call the others and we'll watch in
my private film studio."

Innocence, Dodie, Hyacinth and Moss joined Leon and Honore in the small
auditorium. Lupin had left the mansion: she'd felt she'd learnt enough,
and was eager to return home to the caresses of her mother. Honore set up
the film, and watched the naked Leon masturbate as the film rolled on.
Leon explained that it was only by masturbation he could really judge how
good the film was. Honore smiled indulgently, quite happy to watch as his
fingers gently stroked the impressive length of it. She offered to assist
him, but he gently declined. It wouldn't do to bias his assessment of the
film by too much distraction.

As the film ran, his penis grew and grew. The glans alone was larger
than most penises (particularly those of the children she was most familiar
with) and was larger even than her own nipples. The veins bulged out, and
the whole thing shuddered and shook as it pulsed with excitement. Leon's
hairy hands could barely encompass the monster in their fingers, and his
balls were as hard and firm as rocks. He seemed to appreciate the relative
brevity of the fuck scenes, but Honore could see he was particularly
excited when Innocence appeared on the screen, masturbating and spreading
her semen over the sand. In the final scene when the children and she were
filmed fucking in the cave, his penis finally erupted into torrent after
torrent of semen which flew in globules into the air and tangled with the
thick hair of his legs and left visible stains on the carpet. He emitted
more and more of the stuff, as Innocence fucked Thistle and then Lupin, and
gave an audible sigh of joy as Toadstool penetrated Innocence from behind
with Moss plunging his smaller penis into the taut young buttocks.

When the film finished, Leon seemed quite overwhelmed. "I'll take it! I
must have it! I especially like the way the fuck scenes don't last very
long. That's a feature of children's sex films, isn't it?"

Honore nodded. "We've even had to edit some films to attract our
audience. Children soon get bored of it. More than three minutes at a
time, and they're using the fast-forward button on their consoles."

"Shorter concentration span, I suppose. Not that that will dissuade too
many of the adult fan club that Innocence is amassing from seeing the film
or buying the video. I'm very impressed. The story line was rather more
developed than most of our product, but I see that as a plus, rather than a
minus." He glanced back at Innocence, who was sitting just behind him with
Dodie wrapped around her and who had spent most of the film indulging in
kissing and foreplay. "You're certainly coming on a bit, Innocence,
sweetest. This is probably your best acting rôle for Fuck Films yet."

Innocence nodded. "Thank you. I'm sure it helped that the script was
written by Honore."

"That's true. Nobody writes better sex for children than you, Honore.
You have genuine enthusiasm for the genre, improved no doubt by your
extensive experience."

Honore smiled. "I fuck what I like and I like what I fuck. And I know
who to fuck and I fuck who I know."

Afterwards, the six of them congregated in the living room, where
Innocence soon reasserted her affection for Leon by penetrating her penis
into his lubricated anus, and gripping onto his enormous member with both
hands but barely able to encircle them with her fingers. Honore watched
while Moss readied her cunt as best he could, and Dodie and Hyacinth
assisted with their tongues and fingers. Their efforts, however
gratifying, didn't satisfy Honore's yearning for Leon's prick which
Innocence was soon licking and caressing herself, but only able to get the
smallest part of it into her wide open mouth.

Innocence left Leon to Moss and Dodie who masturbated it with their
tongues and fingers, while she plunged into Honore's cunt, forcing it wider
with her own fingers, along with those of Hyacinth, trying to force it open
as much as was humanly possible. Although Honore's cunt still ached and
stretched, pulled as part and much as lubricant as Innocence's practised
prick could manage, and even with the additional lubrication supplied when
Innocence relieved her semen inside her and it dribbled down onto
Hyacinth's little fist, Honore was still not sure that it was ready for the
punishment she'd promised it.

Soon, however, it was as ready as it could ever be, oozing with juice
and semen, red and swollen, her clitoris hard, her sweating nipples as
erect as Moss's penis which was thrusting into Leon's arse. "Now! Now!"
She implored.

Leon wandered over, his penis fully erect, and swaying above her face.
"Are you sure?"

"Don't talk! Just do it!"

Leon gently spread Honore's legs, while her other lovers gathered around
her to give her encouragements, caresses and kisses, and eased his penis to
the entrance to her cunt. Then gradually and slowly he inserted his
monstrous penis into the hole. As it began to enter, it felt like it did
whenever Dodie or Innocence inserted their fists into her. It was the same
size and hardness as a fist, but Honore saw with alarm that it had barely
entered. Only the glans was inside her and already it was painful! Leon's
thrusts became steadily more rhythmic and insistent as more and more of it
sank in. Honore shouted out and yelled with ecstasy, regarding the hairy
man above her, and then biting Innocence's tongue in her mouth. She began
writhing and wriggling with passion.

The thrusts got harder and harder, and with each thrust the penis went
in deeper and deeper and then the pain of entry was beginning to overwhelm
the filling of passion. Part of her screamed out "Go on! Go on! Deeper!
Deeper! Faster! Faster!" Another part, still silent, was saying "Stop!"
The other part gradually became more insistent. The pleasure began to
recede rapidly and painfully. She felt like she was being impaled, torn
apart, and ripped like paper. Her yells of pleasure were replaced instead
by the loud cries of "Stop! Stop! For God's sake, stop!"

Instantly, the thrusts stopped. Leon withdrew his penis, which spilt
massive globule after globule of semen onto Honore's chest, and all down
her thighs and stomach. Honore shook from side to side in pain, aware that
amongst all the semen and vaginal juice was a flow of blood from inside her
that just wouldn't stop. She looked up at Leon through eyes squeezed
together against the internal agony. His body seemed to shimmer in her
state of near unconsciousness, his penis still immense but gradually losing
its immensity with little twitches. He looked at her sadly.

"It's always like this!" He mourned. "Every time. It's always the
same. There's only one cunt in the world that can accommodate me!"


In Which Blanche returns to Innocence; consideration is given on the
sole pleasures of her virtues; and Dodie learns more about Blanche.

Blanche didn't often visit Congress and when she did she always felt the
restrictions of wearing clothing very uncomfortable, which on a body as
plump as hers were rarely as flattering as total nudity would be. It was
not something that she could avoid for too long as it became necessary on
occasion to visit her suppliers to get the literature she needed to sell in
her shop in Brook. Running a business entails considerable sacrifices.
Her body was stifled within as few clothes as she could, which was
basically a single white dress of quite thin material through which could
be glimpsed the darkness around her nipples and crotch, but she envied
those whose bodies were slim and able to get away with much less than her.
She admired the girls walking by, often topless with very short hair. Her
own preferences were for much longer hair, but she had no way of
determining fashion which now dictated a very short haircut, sometimes
shaved into a tonsure or with strange patterns razored into the stubble.

She adored looking at the girls' bodies which were somehow more sexy for
wearing clothing, than for being utterly naked, but this reflected more on
the fact she was far more accustomed to nudity than anything else. She was
still sore from a meeting with a supplier where as usual her bargaining
power was leveraged by the offer of sex, which less than normally
enjoyable, had at least resulted in a substantial discount and a better
working relationship. Nevertheless, the thoughts in her mind as she
observed the girls walking by, their buttocks twitching as they passed, and
their breasts either bared or enhanced by what little they did wear,
awakened in her feelings which were still dormant. If only she could just
pluck one of them from the street and take her back to her hotel room and
enjoy the full bounty of their flesh. She could imagine their full lips
against her cunt or her nipples, the teeth nibbling away and her back
arching with spasms of ecstasy pulsing through her body. Unlikely though,
she reasoned, although she might be fortunate enough to meet someone that
evening in the hotel bar who could see the attractions of the larger woman,
and be they male or female, provide her with the lovemaking she so yearned

One girl particularly caught Blanche's eye in a department store,
looking though a selection of bed-linen, and holding the sheets up to the
light. She was topless, with baggy khaki shorts and blonde hair onto her
shoulders. Her skin was tanned golden, and Blanche reasoned from her ease
with her body that she was a girl who'd spent much of her life in the nude.
There would not be any trace of the white patches around the crotch which
so distinguished tourists in Brook. The girl put down the bed linen and
turned her head to examine some ethnic lampshades. It was then that
Blanche recognised her as Innocence who she'd not seen for such a very long

"Innocence, sweetheart," Blanche simpered, approaching her and smiling.
"I didn't know you lived in Congress."

Innocence turned around, and grinned broadly. "Hello. What are you
doing here?"

"Oh, business. That's all," Blanche replied. "How's Chastity? The
last I heard, you were both living together in Labia."

Innocence seemed a little discomfited by this reference. "I haven't
seen Chastity for a long time. I don't know where she's living now."

"Is she still a student?"

"I don't know. I don't think so. I have a flat in Congress now with my
girlfriend, Dodie. Do you want to come and see it?"

"Why, I'd love to!" exclaimed Blanche, already feeling a tingling in her
crotch. She hadn't forgotten Innocence's peculiar attractions. She was
even more impressed when she arrived at Innocence's flat, which was much
larger than she'd expected. She knew how expensive property was in
Congress, and to have one so spacious in such a well-appointed area, and so
opulently furnished, was a testament to some wealth.

"Is Dodie some kind of heiress?" She asked.

"No," laughed Innocence. "No! She hardly earns anything. She does all
sorts of things, but I don't think any of them make her make very much

"Then, how can you afford all this? Have you inherited some money?"

"Not at all! Didn't you know? I'm a film star. It's all my money."

"Film Star? I haven't seen any of your films."

"It's a specialised market," Innocence explained, indicating a poster on
the wall which showed her making love to a man and a very young-looking
girl, her penis in the girl's anus while the man's prick was engaged in the
vagina. "I take it you don't watch these kind of films."

Blanche shook her head. "I prefer reading about it. Somehow the
imagination is so much more sexy than the real thing."

She wandered towards Innocence, who looked so beautiful framed against
the light coming through the windows, her slender figure silhouetted and
her breasts full and firm. Blanche so wanted to touch them. Innocence
could see this, and smiled welcomingly.

"You must feel very strange in the city wearing so many clothes. Take
them off if you like, just as you did when you stayed with me and my

"Can I?" Asked Blanche, gratefully easing the dress off her round
shoulders, letting the full roundness and softness of her flesh once again
shiver in the slight coolness of the air. She stood naked facing
Innocence, glancing down at Innocence's shorts which she knew contained so
much unexpected beauty and potency. Innocence followed her glance, and
then with a smile and no words, eased the shorts down revealing a slightly
tumescent penis which began to swell and throb as soon as it felt the
afternoon air. It jerked excitedly as pulsing courses of blood swelled it

"Oh! It's so beautiful!" gasped Blanche, dropping on her knees just in
front of Innocence, and taking the length of it into her mouth. She opened
her mouth as wide as she could and let the penis slide down the length of
her tongue, past her tonsils and into the constrictions of her throat. She
grasped Innocence by the buttocks, which undulated with their own rhythm
pushing again and again at Blanche's throat. Blanche's cunt dribbled with
anticipation, which she chose to ignore until it was truly ready.

And then, when she felt she could hold it back no longer, with both her
own tubby fingers and Innocence's much slenderer ones pushing deeper and
deeper through the smooth folds of flesh, stimulating her cunt and arse
into dripping agony. And then, gasping from the passion shuddering through
the mass of white flesh which jiggled with the penis's persistent thrusts
into her mouth, she lovingly withdrew it and passed it to her cunt which
swallowed it whole with ease and a little squelch. She lay back while she
watching Innocence on top of her thrust in and out, now so much more expert
than when they'd first made love, her beautiful firm breasts arching above
her and her penis thrusting deeper and deeper into her, propelling her into
orgasm after orgasm, forcing out gasps of pleasure which reverberated about
the flat.

She could feel that Innocence was nearly about to come. "In the mouth!
The mouth!" She cried urgently. She loved the taste of semen, and it was a
long time since she'd tasted Innocence's. Her beautiful lover obliged,
reluctantly withdrawing her prick and placing its twitching stiffness
inside Blanche's mouth, from which soon emerged a slightly diluted mixture
of semen and saliva which she tasted, swallowed some and allowed the rest
to dribble down her cheek and in globules onto the upper reaches of her
mountainous breasts. Innocence pulled out her shrivelled penis, while
Blanche smiled.

"This is certainly better than reading about it!" She admitted.
"Sometimes the imagination just isn't everything!"

Blanche stayed for a few days in Innocence's flat in the bedroom once
occupied by Algebra. As she lay beneath the sheets she could hear the
sounds of giggling and sniggering from the room next to her. That must be
Dodie with Innocence, Blanche mused. She didn't know what to make of the
young girl whose attitudes and lifestyle were so different from her own,
and quite different again from Innocence's. She wondered what it might be
that had brought the two together. Whatever it was, the passion of their
love-life was not at all feigned. She let a pudgy hand wander down along
the length of her thighs, while caressing her nipples with the fingers of
her other hand. The sounds emerging from the other room began to change in
character. The giggling and teasing was replaced by heavier breathing and
a slow but rhythmic thud thud on the mattress.

Blanche's hands lowered down the bed, impulsively throwing aside the
restrictions of the duvet covering her so she could feel the night air
against her naked skin. Her fingers trailed over the large round contours
of her stomach and then finding the moist and welcoming entrance to her
cunt under the folds and dimples of her flesh, she eased her fingers in,
deeper and deeper, twigging her swollen vagina, easing back the fleshy lips
and squeezing in first one and then two of her round pudgy fingers. From
the room next door, the rhythm of Innocence's and Dodie's lovemaking had
become faster, more violent, more insistent. The bed rocked back and
forth, the back of the mattress occasionally thumping against the wall, a
high shrill cry emitted in spasms of ecstasy. Blanche's cunt became
juicier and more liquid as she envisaged each of Innocence's thrusts as her
beautiful penis pushed again and again at Dodie's hairy cunt, between those
angular legs, those child-like knees, those fatfree thighs and that bony
arse pushed again and again onto the mattress.

Perhaps, Blanche wondered, two hands now pummelling her cunt, Dodie was
being penetrated in the arse. There was certainly an urgency and passion
in her cries now that made it very likely to Blanche that she was. She
could imagine her, arse in the air, while Innocence gripped her around the
waist, her knees between Dodie's thighs, her penis pushing into the still
hairy but much more puckered hole at the rear. Blanche allowed a finger to
wander around her rear, using the vaginal juices to lubricate its entrance,
and then two and then three fingers, arching up as much as her bulk allowed
her to push her fingers against the ones pushing deeply inside from the

Dodie and Innocence were shrieking now. Cries which would have awoken
Blanche had she been asleep. Dodie's voice the deeper and less feminine
while Innocence gave the little gasps of passionate relief that Blanche
enjoyed so much in her earlier acquaintance. She remembered those early
encounters, Innocence's penis deep in her mouth while Chastity shared her
attention and her cunt between the two of them. She gasped weakly herself,
surrendered to her fantasies, as her fingers pushed and pushed, the rhythm
of her bed beginning to match that thrown by a similar mass in the room

And then release! She knew it was after that achieved by Dodie and
Innocence as she heard them whispering together, their arms and bodies no
doubt intertwined, as the pulses of orgasm shuddered through her body in
wave after wave, leaving her exhausted and wasted, the strong smell of her
vagina permeating the room and attached very strongly to her fingers and a
simpering look of passion engraved on her face. She pulled up the duvet to
cover the round mass of her body. She desperately desired Innocence's body
at that time. She could barely wait for the next opportunity for
Innocence's penis to plunge deep inside her again. She could almost taste
her penis on her mouth, the delicious richness of her semen sliding down
her throat.

There was no doubt in Blanche's mind of the sincerity of Dodie's love
for Innocence. During her brief stay at their flat she had many
opportunities to see its manifestations. It seemed that Dodie's hands were
rarely, if ever, separated from Innocence's penis, idly holding it while
the two of them watched television, following her into the kitchen when she
was preparing food and holding it from behind as her lover busied herself
on cutting the vegetables, kneeling between Innocence's young slender
thighs and taking long lingering mouthfuls of it between her lips. How
could anyone have so much energy and passion? Blanche wondered from a
distance, not sure whether to avert her eyes or to relish the sight of such
beautiful coupling.

Meal-times were as much passionate affairs as any other, while Dodie put
forkful after forkful into her mouth with her left hand (she was
left-handed), her other hand still clasped what was sometimes a deservedly
exhausted organ between Innocence's ever naked thighs. When Innocence
returned home, Dodie would leap up from whatever she was doing and run up
to her lover, ease off her clothes and sometimes there and then lead her
into the bedroom or just onto the hallway floor, opening her legs and
letting the full length of Innocence's ever-ready penis slide easily into
her lubricated cunt. Blanche sometimes felt envy. She'd never enjoyed a
relationship as passionate nor as insatiable as her two hostesses, and she
knew that her own lovemaking with Innocence, however passionate and
orgasmic, lacked the intensity and persistence of Dodie's.

And this was combined with a love life that the two lovers pursued when
not together. Innocence would make love with her co-stars while filming
and for all Blanche knew with others of her friends and acquaintances. She
knew that part of Innocence's love life was dedicated to herself, moments
which she treasured and enjoyed with passion, unable to get enough of that
beautiful feminine body, so curvaceous, slim and receptive, and that
powerful thrusting penis pulsing again and again that rich tasting semen
that Blanche loved taking down her throat, pleased to allow the small
dribble to seep through her lips, run down her chin and onto her massive
breasts. Dodie also had a richer sex life, which she kept no secret,
sometimes recounting her passionate encounters and even bringing her lovers
into the flat to enjoy passionate love while Innocence and Blanche sat
together in the living room, Innocence showing nothing but indulgent
pleasure as Dodie's shrill cries of pleasure echoed around the confines of
the flat and the back of the bed thumping insistently against the wall.

Blanche could see that Dodie was an attractive woman, although not in
the most obvious of ways. Compared to her she was very thin. Almost a
stick of a woman. She was thin compared even to the full contours of
Innocence's slender body, with breasts which, when they were revealed, were
barely more than mounds on her chest with prominent nipples which sometimes
could press hard and firm against the tee-shirts she most often wore, even
when all else was removed. She hardly ever hid her hirsute vagina, which
had probably never been trimmed and easily accounted for more luxuriance
than the hair on her head. Her bony face had a harshness about it in
repose which so easily softened into near soppiness whenever she commenced
her lovemaking with Innocence.

It was inevitable that Blanche should get to know Dodie better herself,
though at the time it didn't seem inevitable at all. Innocence was out and
Dodie had returned after a day working in a record shop which was one of
the several occasional jobs that she did more to enliven her life than for
the meagre pay it afforded her. It was almost like pocket money for her:
Innocence was bringing in more than was adequate from the returns from the
sales of her videos. Blanche had been negotiating with some new suppliers
in Congress who had access to imported literature in translation which
interposed experimentation in language and structure with sexual habits
which were at best unpleasant and at worst lethal. She wasn't too sure she
enjoyed the admixture of torture and rape with lingering unfinished
sentences, time reversal and flowery exuberance, but she knew that there
was ready market in this kind of literature, so she was eager to get
representations of it onto her bookshelves. Her own feelings as she read
the beautifully poetic accounts of multiple rape with broomhandles, slow
removal of fingernails, the inexorable peeling off of vaginal layers and
the gradual insertion of chair-legs up anuses were not ones of pleasure.
In fact, she tended to put the books to one side, yearning for the simple
certainties of Honore L'Oeuf's pederastic fantasies. She even longed for
those tedious novels where clothes were divested chapter after chapter and
the sex scenes repetitive and predictable.

Dodie watched Blanche sitting on the sofa reading one of the books she'd
bought, the translated title being Barbed Wire Brassiere, Blanche squirming
at the descriptions of blood dripping down breasts that were torn to pieces
by the unpleasant underwear of the title. It was at least preferable to
Razor Blade Knickers by the same author. Dodie sat next to Blanche, who
was quite grateful for the diversion, wearing a short tee-shirt with the
picture of a rhinoceros fucking a hippopotamus. As usual she wore nothing
else except a pair of laced boots which came halfway up her lower leg.
Without bothering to say anything she leaned her head on Blanche's shoulder
and trailed a hand over Blanche's thigh.

"Good book?" She asked.

"A bit gruesome," admitted Blanche. "I don't know what people see in
this kind of stuff."

"But you still read it," Dodie observed, smiling, putting a hand on
Blanche's chin and turning her face round to face her. She stared into
Blanche's face, with a strange simpering smile. "You know, for such a
large woman you're very attractive. How do you keep your skin so white,
living in Brook?"

"I just don't go out in the sun very often."

"Is that so?" Asked Dodie, before plunging her lips onto Blanche's,
burying her tongue into her unresisting mouth. Blanche responded in form,
heaving around her bulk and pulling Dodie's slender bony body against the
folds and cushions of her flesh. Dodie swivelled around and climbed onto
Blanche's body, a finger twiddling her nipple and another already caressing
the vagina obscured beneath the piled folds of flesh that was her stomach.
Blanche heaved back, overwhelmed by a shudder of pleasure, allowing Dodie
to slide down between her open legs and bury her stubbled head between the
soft wobbling fat of her thighs.

By the time Innocence returned, Dodie and Blanche were rolling about on
the floor, Blanche gasping and panting as Dodie workmanlike massaged and
exercised her sensitive flesh. The two of them looked up expectantly as
Innocence stood over them, already freed of her clothes, her long hair
falling over her face, and her penis beginning to stir at the sight of such
mismatched bodies in such passionate embrace. Her breasts arched, her
nipples coning out hard and firm, the smooth roundness of them seeming so
incongruous above the penis that was twitching into life. Dodie looked at
Blanche and Blanche at Dodie, and the two of them at Innocence, both
overwhelmed with desire for the girl.

Then Dodie parted her legs. "Take me, Innocence. Take me!"

"And me!" Pleaded Blanche doing the same thing, but less able to display
the full glory of her cunt. "Take us both!"

"Both?" Innocence queried, excited at the idea, her penis now fully
erect, like a shiny pink pillar of pleasure. It took little more
persuasion and the three of them were soon rolling about on the floor,
Innocence's penis now in Dodie and now in Blanche, thrusting back and
forth, now engulfed in folds of fat and now banging hip bone against hip
bone. Blanche lay back as Innocence plied her, Dodie's tongue deep in her
mouth, and she knew not whose fingers were caressing her breasts and
clitoris. This was what it was about, she mused, still disturbed even in
her moments of passion by her images of the suffering of the heroine of
Barbed Wire Brassiere and her fears of what Penis Lacerators might be
about. Not violence, humiliation and death. The meaning of sex was love
and loving. Without them sex was empty and meaningless. She smiled at
Innocence as she thrust again and again into her cunt. There need never be
a dark side to sex when love unified the act. She needed love first and
sex was no more than the bonus which lubricated and reinforced that love,
however temporary and however necessary it was for her to return home to
Brook and her bookshop.


In Which Innocence is lost in the country; there is much self-discovery
and the less savoury aspects of country life are revealed.

Innocence and Dodie didn't share very many interests in common, but one
that they did and which Innocence was particularly keen on pursuing was a
love for walking in the countryside which they often did together. It was
lovely to get away from the city and out into the open air, feeling the
country air on their skins and finding deserted spots where they could make
love in the warmth of the sun beating down on their backs, collecting
souvenirs of insect bites on their inner thighs and grass in Dodie's
vagina. It was on one such pleasant walk they had in the hills outside
Congress when they found themselves horribly lost and dark clouds building
up in the sky heavy with the promise of rain.

"What do we do now?" Wondered Dodie, looking up at the sky, pulling her
shorts on as Innocence stood up in the meadow, still naked and her penis
still shimmering from their lovemaking. "It's miles back!"

"We'll just have to hurry!" Innocence said, not feeling at all hopeful
as she glanced up at the dark black and grey shadows. "We might have to
shelter under a tree or something."

Dodie nodded. "We'd better get moving then!"

They strode on, as fast as they could without breaking into a run as the
clouds came closer, accompanied by the occasional distant rumble. "We're
not going to make it!" Asserted Dodie, squeezing Innocence's hand tight as
the first drops of rain squeezed out of the sky and sputtered on the dry
earth of the waymarked path. "We'll get soaked!"

Unfortunately, Dodie's assertion proved to be altogether too true as the
drops became heavier, more frequent and more persistent. The countryside's
smell changed as the water cascaded on them, battering against their too
flimsy clothes and pasting them against the hard contours of their bodies.
Even their feet, sensibly enclosed within sturdy walking boots began to
feel damp as water dribbled down their ankles and through the eyelets of
their boots.

"Are you alright, you two?" Asked a woman in her early forties who was
walking along the same path as them carrying a large umbrella over her head
and wearing a pair of green wellington boots. She wore a flowery dress
down to her knees and her brown wavy hair reached halfway down her back.
"You look as wet as you can. You don't want to catch cold. Do you want to
stop off at our cottage to dry? It's a long way to wherever you intend to

Innocence brushed the sodden strands of hair from her eyes and studied
the woman who was quite thin with a scattering of dark brown freckles
around her face. It was very comforting to meet someone so sympathetic.
She glanced at Dodie, whose hand she was holding, who was suffering worse
from the rain, the tee-shirt stuck against the cold-hardened nipples of her
tiny breasts and every contour of her body clearly visible, including those
normally obscured by her brief shorts, the pubic hairs emerging from either
side and themselves dripping a stream of rain water.

"If it's no trouble ..." She replied with a broad grin. "We really
should have looked at the weather forecast before we set out."

"We don't live far from here," the woman assented, leading the two
lovers along a series of paths off the beaten track, past fields of sodden
sheep and sheltering cows, to a small cottage in a small-holding of
cabbages and hens. Outside the cottage were the carcasses of disembowelled
cars and a few miserable looking dogs. It was not a pretty cottage, set in
red brick and splattered by mud from the rain, but to Innocence's
rain-stung eyes it was the most welcoming sight imaginable. She gasped
with relief as she and Dodie sheltered under the derelict porch amongst
milk bottles and car engines while the woman pushed open the unvarnished

Inside Innocence could hear a slight moaning from the kitchen as the
woman pushed open the door. The woman noticed Innocence's frown. "That'll
be my two eldest. They're having fun together no doubt. Well, you expect
that from youngsters don't you?"

"I suppose so," agreed Innocence naïvely, not really expecting to see a
boy of about seventeen sitting on a wooden chair by the table in a shirt with his legs open, his trousers and underpants about his ankle and with
his penis being sucked by a girl of about fourteen wearing nothing at all,
her hands creeping up the insides of his thighs and up his chest while he
emitted frequent gasps of pleasure. The boy turned his head round as his
mother entered and smiled welcomingly.

"Hello, Mum!" He said between gasps. "Wet, is it?"

"Very!" She smiled approvingly. "Hello, Kitty! Enjoying yourself?"

The girl pulled her mouth off the boy's penis, the length of it
gradually easing through her full red lips, and gazed up at her mother,
Dodie and Innocence. "Yes, Mummy! Ooh! Who're these two?" A sliver of
viscous creamy liquid dribbled out of her mouth, down her chin and fell in
a small globule to the stone kitchen floor.

"Couple of lasses caught in the rain. They'll be staying overnight
until they dry their things. Don't worry about us. Just carry on."

"What will they think?" She asked pointing at Innocence and Dodie, her
hair tied back in two pony-tails and her brow furrowing with concern.

"Nothing I imagine. If a girl can't enjoy herself with her brother,
then who can she enjoy herself with?"

Kitty nodded and returned to her brother's penis which she continued
fellating. Innocence felt a little uneasy, but the woman busied herself
with pulling two ragged towels out of a cupboard and handing to the girls.
She lowered her voice. "Don't worry about Kitty and Rover. They're
incorrigible. Good, isn't it? Shows we're a close family, doesn't it? Is
it like this in your family?"

Innocence nodded sadly, although she knew her mother would never show
anything of the approval that Mrs Giles was expressing. She wondered if
the trouble that she and Chastity had taken in hiding their activity from
their parents had been worth so much trouble after all. Dodie had
different views. "My family never shared their bodies with each other. I
don't think I'd have liked it if they did."

"Well, don't fret dearie. Not all families can be as close as ours."
She lowered her voice. "Now, I don't like to have to tell guests this, and
I guess it's not really necessary, we may be a close family, but we don't
go in for any sexual promiscuity. So don't you get any ideas about Kitty,
Rover, or for that matter my husband and young Fanny. We keep ourselves to
ourselves. It's better that way. Don't think you can join in, though what
you two pretty young things do together is your business." She raised her
voice again. "Now take off your soaking things, and I'll prepare a lovely
broth for us all to eat. What do you think, Kitty?"

Her daughter was leaning on top of her brother, her hands on his
shoulders and his penis thrusting in and out of her bushy young cunt.
"Oohh! Oohh! Oohh!!" She gasped.

"I guess she thinks it'd be a good idea," smiled her mother. "She's
such a darling young thing. I can barely get enough of her myself. And
the old man it's all he can do to share us. He's always poking around
inside her. And talk of the devil! Here's my husband with young Fanny!"

A man about the woman's age entered the room in a loose overall with a
young girl of about eleven who was wearing nothing but a pair of wellington
boots and a large hat. Rain water was dripping down her naked skin and
tangling in a small patch of pubic hair. "Hello there, love! I see the
younguns are at it again!"

"Just like us, eh Daddy!" commented Fanny.

"Shush!" Laughed her father. "Mummy might get jealous." He noticed
Innocence and Dodie for the first time. "Why, love, you didn't tell us we
had some guests. Did they get caught out in the rain?"

The mother nodded. "I said they could stay the night to dry off, if
that's alright dear?"

He glanced at Dodie whose short hair had been towelled dry and Innocence
who was turned away from him as she patted at her crotch to towel it
sufficiently dry to be able to hide her penis from sight under the towel.
She had no wish to shock her hosts with her unusual attributes. The
husband smiled. "Well, as long as they respect the rules of the house and
don't get up to any funny business, I don't mind how long these pretty
lasses stay. What do you think, Fanny?"

The child giggled. "That girls got no tits, Daddy," she said referring
to Dodie. "She's just like a boy. boys don't have tits, neither."

"Don't be rude!" Exclaimed her mother slapping her daughter on the bare
backside. "Not all girls are like Kitty." Innocence blanched, probably
more than Dodie who was almost proud of the smallness of her breasts. What
would this close (possibly too close) family make of her if they knew what
it was she had hidden underneath the towel she wrapped so firmly around her
damp groin? If Dodie was like a boy in her breastlessness, what would they
make of her semi-erect penis, pressing uncomfortably against the towel's

"Dinner won't be long!" Called out the mother. "Rover, I hope you and
Kitty aren't going to be at it for too long. I want you two to help me lay
the table for dinner."

It had been a long evening and Innocence was quite pleased when it was
over and she and Dodie could retreat to the bedroom they'd been allocated.
Dodie seemed a little reserved, but Innocence made no comment. She'd got
used to her occasional moods, and was not at all surprised when she showed
no inclination to making love with her. The Giles family had shown no sign
of embarrassment in their lovemaking, although Innocence found it slightly
disturbing. Especially when Rover made love with Fanny after the dinner,
their parents apparently unconcerned, only showing disapproval when his
penis wandered near her vagina.

"I really don't think Fanny's ready for that yet, dear," his mother said

"And anyway that's my prerogative!" Asserted his father.

Dodie had been strangely quiet most of the evening, contemplating Kitty
who ate dinner dressed only in a pair of old jeans, and most animated when
in conversation with the young girl about the night clubs of Congress which
Kitty found fascinating. Innocence chatted mostly to the parents, keeping
the subject on such uncontroversial subjects as country life and farming.
She was relieved at the end of the evening to lie down on the ragged
blanket covering the bed, Dodie slumped on her side, naked as she'd been
all evening, facing the wall and apparently asleep. Innocence smiled at
her lover, and pulled off the towel she'd so jealously grasped to her torso
all night, frightened that it should slip off. Her penis which she'd
restrained from an erection as much as possible while Fanny sucked her
brother's penis, sprang free and with a few tender strokes from her hand
gradually attained its full growth.

She'd found the incestuous coupling somewhat arousing, probably because,
although in substance it so closely resembled that between herself and her
sister, in spirit it was so different. Her penis was warm to her touch and
became bigger and firmer and harder. She glanced at Dodie, or at least her
back with the blanket drawn close to her skin and the length of her
beautiful neck and the shaven smoothness of it as she faced away. However
excited she felt, she didn't think it was appropriate to disturb her lover.

She sighed and pulled at her penis, thinking all the while of the sight
of Kitty on top of Rover's penis at the tableside, thrusting and thrusting
and thrusting in and out, in and out of her. She panted as her penis
twitched and stirred in her caresses, both hands taking turns to pull at
it, the red and scarlet glans shimmering in the moonlight shining through
the cottage windows. She wasn't the only one enjoying a penis at the
moment she could tell from the thumping and gasping coming from the
children's bedroom next door. She fancied she could hear Rover panting as
he was pushing his penis again and again inside his sister's cunt. More
distantly, down the small corridor, she heard the sound of other panting
which was probably coming from the parents' bedroom, but whether this
lovemaking included Fanny in whose bed they were sleeping she was not at
all sure.

At last, her penis spurted forth a globule of semen followed by a rush
of more, which dripped down the length of it, tangling in her pubic hair
and resting on her thighs. She gave an involuntary last gasp, smiled again
at the gently snoozing Dodie, and eased herself under the blanket, turning
her back discreetly so as not to disturb her lover.

Innocence stirred as a hand stroked her penis, erect as it almost always
was in the morning. It took her penis, stroking and caressing it. It
could only be Dodie, smiled Innocence, opening her eyes just a little and
looking over indulgently at her lover. It was with a shock she realised
that the hand vigorously pumping her penis belonged not to Dodie but to
Kitty whose body was enmeshed with Dodie, their mouths firmly glued
together and her other hand playing with Dodie's tiny breasts. Innocence
sat up with alarm, firmly brushing Kitty's hand aside. The young girl appeared not to notice, returning it to Dodie's body, whose fingers were
deep inside the girl's moist vagina.

"What are you doing, Dodie?" Asked Innocence, getting no answer. "You
know that Mrs Giles expressly forbade us from..."

"What are you doing, Kitty?" Asked another voice by the door. Innocence
glanced over with even more alarm to see a naked Fanny standing there, a
hand cupping her bare vagina and her other arm leaning against the door.
"You know you shouldn't of! I'll tell Mummy on you, I will. I'll tell on

Kitty took no more notice than Dodie, returning the older girl's
attention in the hairy recesses of Dodie's hirsute pubis. Fanny stared at
Innocence's erect penis which was twitching with the eroticism of the
incident, and freed from the cover of the sheets.

"You've got a willy. Just like Daddy's. In fact, it's bigger than
Daddy's. I'll tell. I'll tell!"

With that Fanny dashed out of the room. Oh No! exclaimed Innocence,
leaping out of the bed and throwing on the towel, which was the only
covering available to her, and chasing after the child. She ran down the
corridor to the parents' bedroom where she found Mr and Mrs Giles having
sex with Rover. Mr Giles's penis was embedded into his son's anus, while
he in turn was thrusting in and out of his mother, who supported herself by
grasping the metal rungs of the bed rest. As Mr Giles thrust in and out of
the tight little hole, Fanny pinched at his bottom.

"What is it, Fanny love. Can't you see Mummy and Daddy are busy?"

Innocence stood helplessly at the doorway. "It's Kitty. She and the
girl with no tits are fucking together. I saw them. They are! Come and

"What?!" Roared her father, abruptly pulling his penis out. It was long
thin and still erect, slightly brown with excrement. "You're not fibbing
are you, Kitty?"

She gestured over her bare breast. "Cross my heart and hope to die!
They are, Daddy! I saw them!" She noticed Innocence by the door, and
pointed at her accusingly. "She was there as well! She can tell you!
And, Daddy, she's got a willy! Just like yours."

"Now, you are fibbing!" Her father exclaimed, jumping towards Innocence
who was shivering in the towel. "So, missis, what have you and your
breastless friend been doing to my daughter?" He grabbed Innocence by the
hair and her towel fell down to her ankles, revealing what she'd been
hiding so assiduously. "So! Fanny wasn't lying. We've got a fucking
pervert here!" He slapped Innocence forcefully across the face, throwing
her onto the floor and her head against the wall. "Let's see what your
sluttish friend is doing!"

Innocence lay on the floor one hand nestling the bruise she could feel
swelling on her cheek and the other now uselessly guarding her penis.
Rover and Mrs Giles also stopped fucking, and leapt up, Rover pulling his
penis slowly out of his Mother's anus and droplets of semen bursting out
and trickling down the smooth hairs of his young legs. They chased after
the father, while Innocence slowly picked herself up. She heard a loud
slap coming from the bedroom she'd slept in, followed by a loud cry of
indignation that could only come from Dodie and a torrent of tears she
imagined belonged to Kitty. She ran into the bedroom fearing the worst.

Dodie lay on the bed nursing her chin while Kitty stood beside her
father, who had an upraised hand. "It wasn't me, Daddy! It was her? I
didn't, Daddy. I didn't. Don't beat me! Don't bugger me again like last

"Is that true?" Mr Giles demanded of Dodie.

"It isn't!" Dodie replied assertively, tears unconsciously welling in
her eye. "I was lying in bed, and she came and joined me. I told her not
to, but she insisted."

"You liar!" Shrieked Kitty. "It was you! You came into the bedroom
while I was sleeping with Rover. You asked me to join you."

"And you agreed, did you?" Shouted her father, slapping her forcefully
with the back of his hand, pushing her onto the bed, a small red drop
emerging from a nostril.

"I didn't! I didn't!" Kitty shrieked, huddling onto the pillow where
she'd fallen. "I didn't! It was all her fault!"

Dodie and Innocence weren't to spend very much longer there. Dodie
leaped up off the bed, and ran off out of the bedroom grabbing Innocence as
she went.

"My clothes!" Gasped Innocence as she was pulled along, looking askance
at her still erect penis that waggled from side to side as she ran.

"Fuck your clothes!" Hissed Dodie, pulling open the front door and the
two of them dashed out into the morning drizzle, through the mud in the
front garden. Mr Giles raced to the door, and a chorus of large dogs began
barking in the courtyard as he shouted at them.

"You bastards! You fucking bastards! I'll get you! I'll fucking get
you!" He cried.

Dodie and Innocence ran and ran, not wanting to look back, in case they
were to see Mr Giles running behind them, still naked and perhaps waving a
gun or a stick. They dodged off the mud-strewn cattle-track, into some
woodland and ran through the darkness of the trees, drops of rain falling
off the leaves onto their naked flesh, until panting, gasping and
shattered, they paused in the darkness.

They listened intently. There was no noise that could be attributed to
any of the Giles family. The only sounds were the distant barking of dogs
and the drip of rain off the trees. Innocence and Dodie embraced, naked
and miserable.

"Were you telling the truth?" Innocence asked at last.

"The truth?"

"About you and Kitty. Was it true that she came into the bedroom?"

"Yes, that was true," asserted Dodie.

Innocence gazed into Dodie's eyes. She knew her lover well enough to
see that she wasn't being wholly truthful. "Why did she come into the
bedroom then? Had you asked her to?"

"No!" Said Dodie forcefully, but then seeing the intensity of
Innocence's stare, she smiled guiltily. "Well, not exactly asked her..."

"So you did go to her bedroom?"

Dodie looked down at her feet to avoid Innocence's accusing eyes, but
then she looked up with a determined stare. "Okay. Okay. I might have
done. But only because I knew she wanted me to. It was obvious she did."

"You shouldn't have!" Reproved Innocence angrily. "Thanks to you, we're
lost in the middle of the countryside with no clothes, nothing."

"You're worried about people seeing your prick, aren't you!"

"And why shouldn't I be!" She sighed deeply. "Honestly, Dodie! You're
incorrigible. Why can you never be satisfied with me? Why do you always
have to have sex with other people? You really must control your lust for
young girls."


In Which Innocence is exposed to the world and the world learns to love

Innocence had never known before what it was like to be so wealthy.
Thanks to Leon's expert negotiating skills, Innocence had gained the
relatively uncommon position of earning a percentage from the sex films she
was performing in, and as the demand for them grew, so did Innocence's
wealth. She and Dodie were able to put enough money by to put down a
mortgage on a flat in Congress, and still live a life of luxury that she'd
only ever dreamt of before. If she wanted to buy something, she just paid
for it. And in the meantime, her bank balance just continued to grow and

It was Dodie who suggested that they increase their wealth by a more
merciless exploitation of Innocence's fame. She examined carefully the
source of her lover's revenue and it became clear to her that a growing
proportion of it came from giving publishing rights to magazines to print
stills from her films and the even bigger proceeds that came whenever she'd
agreed to pose exclusively for any publication.

"You know," she said as the two girls lay in bed after more passionate
lovemaking, globules of semen still dripping down her neck and resting on
her chin. "I've put all our accounts on a spreadsheet, and nearly a third
is now coming from magazines. And another third is coming from all those
sponsorship deals we get from you advertising. That one for condoms made
us nearly twenty grand, and it only took two hours to make."

Innocence smiled, as she stroked her penis as it flopped over her thigh,
with a small stream of thin semen persistently emerging from between the
folds of the foreskin. "I used to think that I was cursed. Now, I think
I'm blessed."

"I've been thinking," continued Dodie excitedly, taking Innocence's
penis in her hand and stroking its smooth damp length. "Why do other
people have to profit from your fame. We've got the contacts and we've got
the resources. We can start our own magazine. Just featuring you and
whoever you want to make love to. We can make sure that all the proceeds
go to you, and you wouldn't have to make love to people you weren't sure

Innocence reflected on some of her recent photo opportunities. The man with the enormous prick who wouldn't listen when Innocence asked him to not
put all of it in her arse. The fat girl with bad breath she had to kiss
for what seemed hours while the photographer positioned her to get just the
right light from the rays of sunshine penetrating through the forest canopy
where they'd been filmed. The two men who only wanted to fuck her and
didn't want her to fuck them. A bit more editorial control sounded like a
very good idea.

"We can call the magazine 'Innocence', and we can even start a web site
to promote it. We might even make more money on the net than we'd do
publishing. What do you think?"

Innocence's prick began to stir: a sure sign that the idea interested
her. "And we could have you in the magazine, Dodie. I know you love
writing. And I know you love sex. We could make love together and with
our friends." She rolled over and faced Dodie more intimately. She brought
her face close to her lover's. "We could fuck as we like, as we always do,
be filmed doing it and make money. Oh! Dodie! With you, it would be so
perfect. I'll do it but only if you agree to be the editor." She placed
her mouth onto Dodie's and kissed her briefly. "Oh please say yes!"

"Yes!" gasped Dodie, as Innocence's hand groped for the long hairs of
her vagina, and her fingers explored its moistness. "Yes! Yes!" she
continued, taking Innocence's now erect penis in her hand and feeling its
stiff warmth, the glans becoming more prominent and purple. "Yes! Yes!
Yes!" she repeated as Innocence's penis slid easily into the moist bath of
vaginal fluid and the two girls recommenced grappling together on the
enormous double bed that dominated their bedroom. She loved Innocence's
body and she loved her penis as it thrust harder and harder against her
crotch, the muscles inside her gripping and relaxing on the pounding length
of penis which fit so easily and readily inside her.

It was not at all difficult to get the magazine started. Leon helped
with the capital and the photographers that Innocence had most enjoyed
working with were all eager to help. The design of Innocence, the
magazine, could not have been more simple. It featured Innocence on the
cover with the obligatory erection (and the occasional droplet of semen)
and contained two or three custom-filmed photo shots. In these she might
pose naked or be photographed making love to one or many women, and
occasionally men. Undeniably, it was women whom Innocence preferred to
make love with, and most of all with Dodie who, a little reluctantly,
agreed to appear in the required capacity. It wasn't the sex that Dodie
objected to, it was the fear that her own individual character was being
absorbed into the rôle of being Innocence's lover. Although she didn't
object to being her lover, she still felt that she was not a porn star, and
even if she were, not as someone who would only enjoy sex with Innocence.

The first edition sold out promptly and rather faster than either girl had expected. The appetite for a beautiful woman with a fully functioning
penis was greater than even Dodie had expected. More copies had to be ran
off, and the printer was soon overwhelmed by the demand (which necessarily
had an adverse impact on her ability to fulfil her commitments to other
publications). Dodie, however, was not as happy with the contents as she'd
at first thought.

"The pictures are great," she explained. "And you're as beautiful as
ever. And even I don't look as awkward as I'd thought." She glanced at the
open pages in front of her where Innocence's penis was deep inside her
anus, while another girl who they'd employed for the shoot was greedily
exchanging tongues with her. "It's the rest of the magazine. There's my
coy editorial, where I just talk about your movies and the videos. There's
the text with the pictures which is really naff, even though it was me that
wrote them. There are a few stills from your last movie and a couple from
that one you filmed on the beach and hasn't been released yet. But it just
doesn't satisfy me."

"But what about all those advertisements we got," protested Innocence.
"And only one of them came from Leon. And there are only two or three for
the movies I was in. At least we're getting interest there. And we've
already got enough advertisements for the next edition, not counting all
those personal ads which are just coming in. What more do you want, Dodie?
This is after all a sex magazine!"

"I know! I know!" replied Dodie, shaking her head. "And yes, the ads
are quite imaginative. I'm glad we've got that ad for pubic hair
conditioner and that one for the Brook Tourist Board. But I just feel it's
not artistic enough. It's just crude sex. Sex with you, but crude
nonetheless. I want to edit something about which I get some artistic

"You're the editor!" smiled Innocence. "You can do what you like! You
know I'd support you in whatever you decided to do."

Dodie grinned and greedily took Innocence's penis in her mouth. Using
the skill gained from frequent practice, Innocence's penis slid easily over
her tongue and down her throat where it tickled on her tonsils. She slid
her head backwards and forwards until Innocence erupted in come which
exploded through Dodie's nostrils and nearly choked her. She quickly
withdrew the erect length of it and gagged uncontrollably. Although she
was in obvious distress she was just as clearly in near ecstasy. "Oh!
Innocence! I love you so much!" she finally exclaimed.

Dodie worked hard at making Innocence the sort of magazine she wanted it
to be. Along with the photo shoots and the film stills, she incorporated
commissioned illustrations and employed the services of writers who she
knew or admired. The front cover was a more artistic portrait of Innocence
which Dodie had persuaded an artist to do on the basis of his extensive
catalogue of illustrations. It featured Innocence's penis exploding in
semen and splattering onto loosely draped clothes which artfully succeeded
in obscuring none of Innocence's beautiful breasts and emphasised the
curves of her body.

There were articles and even a poem about Innocence scattered about the
hundred or so glossy pages of the magazine, all tastefully illustrated by
either photographs or drawings of the girl. Her penis was shown in close
up, in erect poise and also in more flaccid relaxed poses. In some
pictures, her breasts were artificially enhanced by computer graphics to be
even more prominent than they really were; and the same artistry put her in
environments she had never, or could never, have been to. There was
Innocence on the Moon. Innocence deep beneath the sea, swimming with the
dolphins. Innocence naked on the beach. But not many of Innocence having
sex, and the only series of photographs where this happened featured her
with Dodie high in the glaciated mountains of Brook where they had first

"It's my tribute to our love," Dodie explained.

However, not all the magazine featured Innocence. There were stories written by such as Honore L'Oeuf and Cheval Blanc which had not even the
slightest pretence of concerning Innocence or her amours. Dodie had used
her editorial discrimination to choose stories in which she felt there was
strong characterisation, stories where the sex although central to the plot
was not the subject of sole interest. Dodie knew that sex was not
something that could be left out of the magazine. But she hoped that
readers of Innocence would appreciate that too much sex would become boring
without a context and sympathetically drawn participants. She believed
that fictional accounts of raw sex could so easily otherwise become purely
gynaecological and even mechanical.

The day of publication finally came after many delays and many hours
spent overseeing the layout and presentation. Dodie considered that no
details of font or colour scheme were too trivial to be left to chance.
The positioning of the illustrations, the wording of the headings, the text
of the editorial, the use of precise and syntactically correct English: all
these needed attention, nurturing and even love. Dodie squeezed
Innocence's hand as the first magazine was glued together and lay in front
of them on the table.

"Oh, Dodie," sighed Innocence. "I really don't deserve showcasing of
such quality. I'm only an ordinary girl... Well, not that ordinary," she
admitted, stroking her penis which dangled free beneath her dress, "but
there must be many who deserve this far more than me."

"Nonsense!" said Dodie, kissing her lover full on the mouth and enjoying
the warm tingle of her lips and the faint brush of her warm breath against
her cheek. "You are the love of my life, and you deserve the very best I
can give you."

Alas, however, the sales of this edition of Innocence were very
disappointing. True, they were still very good compared to the sales of
many of the competitors, and was stocked as widely on as many top shelves
as them. The publishing figures spoke for themselves, and unfortunately
they were unambiguous. The glossy established sex magazines such as Focus,
Scenic, Astra, Polo and Boxter were way ahead on the sales charts, whereas
the last edition had outsold all of them except Cavalier (which would have
been a terrific triumph considering its phenomenal marketing budget and its
ubiquitous presence).

This was disappointing enough for Dodie, but even more upsetting for her
was the mail which she received. Much of the mail was complimentary. It
expressed delight in the high standard of presentation, the depth and
maturity of the text, and the artistic quality in the illustrations. Many
letters began with the words 'I do not normally buy pornographic magazines,
but ...' or 'It was a pleasure to find amongst the usually sordid
pornographic press, a publication which ...' or 'I have never before felt
the need to write a letter of compliment to a pornographic magazine...'
These letters clearly came from an audience in tune with Dodie's æsthetic
tastes and artistic ambitions.

However, the majority of letters that Innocence and Dodie received were
far less complimentary. Many were even abusive. They complained that
there wasn't enough sex. That what sex there was did not present the
scenes of anal intercourse, facial come-shots and group sex to which the
readership had become accustomed. One more thoughtful critic confessed
that in his opinion a photographic series without double entry penetration
was simply not what he expected while masturbating. His final shakes of
the wrist were over art rather than come-shots, and he had produced a very
disappointing volume of semen. It was clear that he, and many other
readers, felt cheated that their wanking was on tame material and that no
perversion was explored except indirectly.

Dodie became very depressed. She stayed in bed almost all day, and
refused to leave the flat. She obsessively read and re-read the letters
she'd received and compared each letter with the copies of the magazine
which littered the house. Sometimes, she would read only the abusive
letters, as if she were rubbing a sore scab, and would cry softly and sadly
to herself. Sometimes, she got angry and would throw the magazine
violently against the wall and shout her own abuse. Sometimes, she would
read just the complimentary letters and smile. She had her favourites
which she would return to again and again, getting comfort from the praise
they contained. She would even mouth some of the more complimentary
phrases to herself as if trying to persuade herself that because they were
said, they must be true.

Distressingly for Innocence, who loved Dodie so dearly, their sex life
suffered too. Dodie hardly ever initiated any love-making, and when the
two made love together it had very little passion. Innocence guessed that
it was comfort that Dodie wanted, but it made her feel guilty that the
passion she was getting these days were from her other friends and from
those with whom she had sex on a professional basis. It did not help
Innocence that preparation needed to be made for the next edition of
Innocence and that it became increasingly unlikely that Dodie would be the
one to edit it. It was a subject that Innocence was very reluctant to
discuss with Dodie.

However, Leon, the publisher, had a business to run. The printer was
eager to use the extra capacity she had made available to the publication.
The distributors were eager to know when to expect delivery. And it was
clear to Innocence that she had responsibilities and duties to other people
than Dodie. Not least of which being her loyal fans, who were beginning to
show their impatience on the many web-sites (official or otherwise) that
were dedicated to her. What could she do?

In a way she was grateful, but also devastated when it was Dodie, and
not she, who resolved the issue. Innocence came home after a day's tiring
filming, her arse sore from countless penetrations and her penis red raw
from penetrating arses, vaginas and mouths, and bruises along the insides
of her thighs. What she was really looking forward to was a long relaxing
bath in luxurious scented bath gel with soothing music to distract her
mind. What she found was Dodie sitting in the living room where she'd been
waiting for her, with her bags packed and dressed ready to go. This meant
a tweed jacket, rubber-soled boots and the long hairs of her vagina shampooed and glistening between her bare uncovered thighs.

Dodie looked up with a start and it was clear to Innocence that she had
been weeping. When she spoke, her voice sounded slightly throttled and
words came from her unsteadily and in slight gasps. "I'm leaving," she
announced. "You'll need to find another editor for Innocence. I'm
obviously not the right person for it."

Innocence didn't want to announce that she already knew several people
recommended by Leon who were more than eager and able to do the task, and
that that had not really been the source of her anxiety. "Don't leave,"
Innocence said as firmly as she could. "Please don't leave! I know it's
been hard on you this last month or so. But it's you I love. Not you as
an editor. But you!"

Dodie smiled. "Is that true?" she asked. She looked as if she was
wavering, and she appeared to waver the more, as Innocence allowed her
dress to slip down off her shoulders and to fall down to her ankles,
revealing her bronzed female contours, her splendid breasts, and, of
course, the slightly tumescent penis which so defined her. "But,
Innocence, I can't stay. I've thought about it for so long. And it's not
just that I've failed you. It's ... it's ... I need the break. Maybe
I'll come back. But I know you'll find another lover. And ... and ...
and I know I'll find one too. Not perhaps one as beautiful, or as special
as you. You know it. But, it has to happen. I have to leave. I think I
shall work as an editor for a different kind of magazine. It may be a sex
magazine, but it won't be a fan magazine..."

"You can do that and stay here," pleaded Innocence.

"No, I've learnt my lesson. Whatever skills I have are not as editor of
Innocence. I don't know what it will be. But I'll find it. I love you,
Innocence. I will always love you. You will always be the one most true
love of my life. But to spend the rest of our lives together. That wasn't
to be."

She stood up and walked slowly towards Innocence, tears streaming down
her cheeks. She kissed Innocence on the mouth. She kissed Innocence on
the breasts. And then she lowered herself to her knees, and kissed
Innocence on the penis which stirred significantly from the tender touch of
her lips.

Then without a word, she picked up her bags, and walked out of the front
door, her cheeks of her arse and a few stray hairs from her crotch on
display. She turned around and blew her erstwhile lover a kiss on the air
and then departed. The door slammed abruptly behind her and her key rested
forlorn on the table by the door.

It seemed to Innocence that the kiss hovered in the air for several
minutes as she stood helpless, stunned and paralysed by emotion. She
looked around the flat which now seemed empty and barren without Dodie. On
an impulse, she got dressed and rushed out to catch Dodie in the hope of
persuading her to stay. But it was too late. There was no sign of Dodie
in the street and no clue as to where she had gone. The only comfort left
to Innocence now was the long awaited bath and the warmth of her own tears.


In Which the virtues of Innocence are spread throughout the world and
are prominent in Congress; Innocence and Virtue are conjoined, old friends
are reunited and Chastity is resolved to the service of Innocence.

Innocence found that her fame brought with it not only the material
rewards which meant she was able to exchange her Congress flat for a
country mansion; but also the cost of selling her virtues through the
media. In actual fact, it was a cost which Innocence found that she rather
enjoyed. She became accustomed to interviews for publications such as
Cavalier and Silver Shadow, but also to more mainstream publications where
sex might be mentioned, but was not their main raison d'être. It seemed
everyone was fascinated by a girl like her who possessed both feminine
beauty and masculine assets.

There were also the interviews on Television and on the Internet. Some
of these were geared focused primarily on the exotic and porn