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Copyright 2000 by John Jameson. All rights reserved.

This work of fiction may contain references to sexual activity. If such
references offend you, please don't bother reading any more.

This story is copyrighted by the author, John Jameson. I reserve the
right to determine where and when it will appear online. You have
permission to maintain a copy for your own private use and enjoyment,
but please do not archive or repost this story on Usenet or in other
public forums (including privately maintained story archives) without
the express consent of the author. You may contact me for permission by
electronic mail at

"Are these people crazy or what?"

I looked over at Jane, who was sitting at her computer with a puzzled
look on her face. When I asked her what she was talking about, she
blushed and then asked me to come over and take a look. I leaned over
her shoulder and saw she was reading Usenet on her lunch break,
specifically at, and began to read the message she
was talking about without commenting on where she'd found it, to her
evident relief.

"The Pendragon Challenge

Write a story incorporating the sexiest scene of someone wrapping
another person's cock in a condom."

"Someone has way too much time on their hands," she commented with a
somewhat nervous chuckle.

"And who might that be?" I asked with a grin. "The guy who posted the
message or the person reading it?"

Jane swiveled her chair around as I returned to the conference table in
her office where my own lunch sat cooling rapidly. Her look now was a
bit more defiant. After all, she was the client and I'm just the
consultant who supports the computer systems in her accounting offices
and maintains her Web presence. I was the one who had introduced her to
Usenet, although it had been for access to newsgroups related to her
accounting practice.

"Okay, so you know my dirty little secret: I like to read erotic
stories. I'm a big girl now, and what I do on my own time is my own
business, after all, I'm the one paying the bills, right?"

"Yes'm, Ms. Boss Lady!" I laughed when she pantomimed throwing
something at me. "I was just kinda surprised," I told her, "but I'll
confess to the same vice myself. I've found some of those folks--Uther,
for example--are damned good writers who just happen to write sexy

We talked about some of the contributors to ASS*, who we liked and who
we didn't, and found we had pretty similar tastes. Jane pulled up
BitBard's site and we chuckled together over some of M1ke Hunt's old
stories and talked about some of the new writers appearing on the
scene. I asked her if she'd read anything from Jack of All Trades and
we agreed his stories about Sam and Eric really showed promise.

"Have you read any of the John Jameson stories?" she asked me. "He's
okay, I guess, but Godis he long-winded or what?" When I didn't answer,
she spun around and looked closely at me. I like to think I've gotten
past the blushing age, but I know my face must have been bright scarlet
at that point. "Oh my God," Jane said slowly, staring at me intently.

"What?" I asked, suddenly extremely focused on my shoes.

"I think I just figured out who John Jameson is," she responded with a
big grin on her face. By this point I know I was blushing. "You
actually *write* stories, don't you, you crazy Irish bastard?"

"Yeah, well, I. . ."

"I should have known it!" she cried. "Middle-aged Irishman from the
Midwest, with that warped sense of humor--and you write like you talk,
too, with all the cockamamie dialects and everything. If I didn't know
it from the stories, I should have realized it from your posts to ASSD,
and Christ knows there have been enough of those to establish a
pattern, typos and all."

I confessed my secret to her, and Jane promised not to let it get out.
After all, not all my clients would be quite so understanding about how
I spend my free time.

"So," she asked, arching one eyebrow, "are you gonna enter Uther's

"I doubt it," I answered with a shrug. "Too many people who can really
write are gonna be getting into it, and besides, no matter what I say
about showing my characters having safe sex, I confess condoms are a
turnoff for me. I guess it's my age: I haven't been in the dating game
since well before anyone had heard of AIDS, and just about every woman
I had sex with before then was on the Pill, not that there's all that
long a list anyway." I looked at my watch. "Hey, we'd better get back
to work if I'm going to wrap these changes up before it's time for you
to go home."

Thankfully, Jane agreed and we spent the afternoon reviewing the
changes to her Web site and some of the updates I'd put in place on her
office systems. She kept suggesting additional changes to the Web site
and I kept plugging them in. Before I realized it, it was six o'clock
and we still weren't done.

"I was just going to go home and pop a movie in the VCR anyway," she
told me. "What do you say we just try to wrap this up now, while the
office is quiet?"

It suited me; her employees had left and we would be able to get
everything done pretty quickly. Sure enough, by a little after seven
all her requested changes were in place and I was starting to think
about getting home, pouring myself a double Irish whiskey, and maybe
even getting to bed at a decent hour. I started gathering up my papers
and stuffing them into my briefcase.

"So, about this contest. . ." I actually had to think for a minute
before I realized what contest Jane was talking about, then I laughed.

"If you're so hot about it, why don't *you* write something?"

"Because I'd never have the nerve to post it," she admitted. "But I'm
serious, why don't you want to write a story?"

"It's gonna take me a while to figure out how to include condoms in my
other stories without breaking the action," I explained, "and I sure
don't want my first attempt to be a part of this thing."

"That's because you think of putting on a condom as an interruption,"
she sighed. "You sound like my ex: 'Why wear a raincoat in the shower?'
It doesn't have to be like that, you know."

"I'm sure it doesn't, but I need to give it some thought."

"No, you need an example," she retorted. "I guess I'll just have to
prove that using a condom doesn't have to mean losing all the
spontaneity in sex."

"Fine--you write a scene and show me what you mean. I'd love to read it
and I'm not being sarcastic," I added. "I'd really like to see how you
make it part of the sex and not something that breaks the mood."

"I told you I have no intention of writing a scene," she answered,
reaching into her purse and retrieving a foil package. "But I can still
prove it to you."

Jane had been a client of mine for about five years and an acquaintance
prior to that, but this was a side of her I'd never seen before. Sure,
we'd done some flirting back and forth over the years, and she had
always felt free to come to me for a sympathetic shoulder following her
divorce, but physical contact between us had been limited to hugs and
the occasional kiss on the cheek. Well, there had been one night when
I'd attended a party at her office and she'd surprised me with a brief
flicker of her tongue teasing mine, but that had been two years earlier
and we'd both pulled away from it a bit startled and sheepish. I wasn't
sure how far she intended to push this, but I was determined to call
her bluff.

"If you think you can scare me off with a foil packet, you're nuts," I
told her with a chuckle. "It takes at least a cross and a couple of
heads of garlic to drive off a consultant."

Jane dropped the still-wrapped condom onto her desk and walked over to
me with her eyes locked on mine. I was beginning to wonder whether she
was bluffing or not when her arms went around my neck and her lips
seemed to draw mine like a moth to a flame. Her kiss was soft and warm
and her lips moved gently against mine before parting slightly. When I
felt the tender brush of her tongue against my lips, I reacted almost
instinctively, meeting her tongue with mine in a slow, almost delicate
caress. Her body arched closer to mine until she could feel the
burgeoning erection in my trousers against her belly, then she swayed
her hips ever so slowly back and forth and sighed into my mouth.

I took a deep breath and the light scent she wore filled my senses. It
seemed so natural to let my hands glide down the curve of her back and
over the subtle roundness of her bottom, which brought her even closer
just as her tongue flickered against the tip of mine, inviting it to
dance. We stood there like that for what seemed an eternity, our
tongues playing back and forth teasingly and the soft pressure of her
belly making me harder and harder.

Jane sauntered back to her desk and turned to lean against it, her eyes
smoldering as they met mine. Without a word, she slipped off the low
pumps she'd been wearing and began to unbutton her ivory satin blouse.
Wisps of her blonde hair fell across her forehead as she looked down at
herself and pulled the bottom of the blouse from her royal blue skirt.
The ivory chemise she wore underneath was translucent enough that I
could see the dusky peaks of her breasts and the hardness of her
nipples. I stood as though mesmerized while she dropped the blouse onto
her side chair and lowered the zipper at the side of her skirt. Jane,
now wearing only the thin silk chemise, matching panty, and thigh high
stockings, picked up the foil packet looked directly into my eyes as
she very slowly tore away one edge. When I started to move toward her,
she held up one hand and I stopped.

I admit it--I was totally entranced at that point. Her tall, lithe form
was even lovelier now as she stepped across the carpeted floor and
kissed me again. Our tongues were bolder now, more demanding, and I
felt her soft touch as she searched for and found the end of my belt.
Deftly, she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my trousers before I heard
the sibilant whisper of my zipper being drawn down. The soft fullness
of her breasts brushed against my chest and I felt the hard peaks
pressing into me as she slid slowly down my torso, her hands sliding my
trousers to the floor. Still not having spoken a word, I stood there as
she lifted one foot, then the other and slid my loafers off before
indicating that I should step out of the puddle of cloth around my

She smiled up at me, the sapphire blue of her eyes bright, and traced
the outline of my erection through my boxers with just the tips of her
well-manicured nails. I moaned at that point and she leaned in to place
a soft kiss on the crown of my cock through the cotton of my shorts,
then they, too, were being pulled down until I could step out of them.
I felt a bit silly, standing there in shirt, tie, and socks, but the
slow twitching of my erect cock belied any protest I might have voiced
regarding my arousal. She stood and slipped the chemise over her head,
finally revealing to my eyes the full beauty of her breasts. They may
not have been the perky little tits of a nineteen-year-old, but their
soft roundness did not sag any more than one would expect given their
fullness, and the dark rose nipples were tight and swollen. I slipped
the knot of my tie loose and removed it while she unbuttoned my shirt,
then leaned back against the worktable as she had against her desk just
moments earlier. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her silk
panties and I watched, spellbound, as the pale, neatly trimmed curls of
her mound were revealed.

Her warm fingers closed lightly around the hardness of my erection and
began to stroke up and down slowly while she raised the other hand,
again holding the foil packet containing the condom. She held the
packet between her lips without a moment's hesitation on her slow
stroking of my swollen cock and pulled out the condom. With agonizing
slowness, she slid down my body again and the hard points of her
nipples sent a thrill right through me.

Holding the condom in one hand and with the other still maintaining the
same slow, steady stroking up and down my shaft, she bent and let her
tongue flicker around the head of my cock. The touch of her tongue on
my sensitive flesh was as light as dandelion fluff and as hot as a
flame. I moaned again, louder this time, and caressed her face. Her
tongue danced up and down my length, stroking up along the softness of
the underside, dancing wetly around the crown, and constantly
increasing the strength of my arousal.

I'm not even sure at what point she placed the condom over the tip of
my penis, but I did notice when she began rolling it down my shaft with
slow, deliberate strokes of her tongue. Her eyes were devilish when she
grinned up at me before returning to her task. It seemed to take
forever, but I wasn't complaining, since each little increment meant
another loving caress from that warm, soft, lively tongue. I could feel
myself swelling and straining to hold back, although I wanted nothing
more at that point than to surrender to the feel of her tongue on my
cock and explode. Finally I was completely encased in latex, and only
then did she take me fully in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as
the soft heat of her mouth moved up and down my cock, her tongue
swirling around and bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. It took a
supreme act of will not to come when, with the head of my cock lodged
in the tight confines of her throat, I felt her tongue snake out and
lick wetly at my balls.

That was when she stood and leaned forward, letting her elbows support
her upper body with the tips of her breasts grazing the top of the
table. She spoke for the first time since she'd initially crossed the

"I really think you'd better fuck me now--unless, of course, you're so
turned off by the condom."

I bent to cup her delicious weight of her breasts in the palms of my
hands and felt her fingers guiding me to her dripping entrance. We both
gasped as the engorged head of my cock slowly parted the slick, swollen
lips of her cunt and she pushed back to meet me.

"Jesus, Jane," I whispered. "I don't know how long I'm going to last
after that buildup."

"Don't worry about it," she moaned, "just fuck me hard. . .oh God! Yes!
Just like that!"

We quickly got into each other's rhythm and I stared down at the sight
of my latex-sheathed cock sliding in and out of her hot, tight pussy,
glistening with a mixture of her juices and her saliva. I felt her
fingers as she stroked her erect clit and pounded into her harder as
she began to shiver with her approaching climax.

"Yes, honey!" I urged hoarsely. "Come for me!"

"Now, baby," she moaned. "Oh FUCK, now!"

I felt my balls tightening and it seemed as though my cock was swelling
beyond anything I'd experienced before. Suddenly, it was upon me. The
rhythmic pulses of my semen pumping out into the rubber sheath
staggered me and I cried out. It was all I could do to stand, as it
seemed I was shooting my whole body through my cock and into the
spasming depths of her pussy.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" I yelled and buried my straining cock to the
root in her clutching embrace. Finally, spent, I dropped into the chair
and sat there panting like a marathon runner.

Jane let herself slip to the floor at my feet and deftly slipped the
condom and its contents off of me, then slowly cleaned me with her
tongue. Only when my now-shrunken cock was clean (if somewhat wet) did
she look up at me and favor me with a slow smile.

"Maybe you could write it something like that," she said simply, and

"You know," I mused, "I just might write that story after all."

SPECIAL NOTE: This story is fantasy. Some characters herein may engage
in unprotected sex acts, but that in no way implies that the author of
this story advocates or condones unprotected sex. Today, HIV may linger
undetected in the bloodstream of an infected individual for ten years
or longer. Some infected persons never do develop full-blown AIDS, but
they can still pass on the virus. Because there is no cure for AIDS
available today, or any sign that one will be available in the
foreseeable future, having unprotected sex is not just careless, it's
almost criminally negligent. There are only two ways by which you can
significantly reduce the risk of AIDS: abstinence from sex outside a
committed monogamous relationship and the use of condoms. If your
partner objects to using condoms, FIND ANOTHER PARTNER! Sex shouldn't
be literally "to die for."


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