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Is Turnabout Fair Play 1


Is Turnabout Fair Play? Part 1
By The courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.

Part 1 - The boy Done Good.

Michael Saunders was the star pupil of my year 9
geography class. He was always the most attentive, the
most proactive and the most hard working of my students
in that class. This boy was destined for great things. I
am not sure whether it was because Michael's family
lived two doors down from me or whether he was naturally
a 'gifted' pupil, but he was a pleasure to teach - a
match for any girl really.

Michael was 14 years old when this particular story
unfolds. Although possessing a quite handsome appearance
(acne stayed well clear of this one), I am sure that
Michael had struggled to find a serious girlfriend
during his time at Weltby School. This was probably due
to his bookish lifestyle. Many times I have entered
Weltby Library of a weekend and seen him tasking
competently at his homework. He wants to be an architect
- a chartered one at that. I think he will do it too.

With strong chiselled facial features, Michael has short
brown hair along with wide and attentive eyes. When you
see the boy around school and follow what his eyes are
doing, it is almost as though he is taking everything he
sees in, ready to use it at any moment in his work.

After most of year 9 had been completed and the Easter
holidays were upon the town, I heard the trill of my
doorbell one gloriously sunny afternoon. I had been
clearing my pond out and preparing it for the summer
that was eagerly approaching. I shook my hands dry and
made my way back up the garden path to the back door.

"Hello Mr. Taylor." I recognised the voice as that of
Michael Saunders, but I couldn't see him yet. He was
silhouetted in the shade of the side passage.

"Michael, is that you?" I asked of the shadowy figure,
making my way up the path.

"Yes sir, have you got a minute?" the boy asked.

"Sure, go in and sit down. I will be right with you."

Once inside the house, I washed my hands in the kitchen
basin and walked into the lounge. Michael was sat on the
sofa staring up at me. He appeared somewhat agitated,
almost withdrawn.

"How can I help you then Michael?" I asked, sitting down
in my easy chair. Unusually for Michael, he began to
talk but did not look into my eyes. Instead, he was
focussed on a picture hanging on my wall opposite from
him. I looked across and found that he was looking at a
painting (print) of a wartime airfield scene -
Lancasters & Spitfires etc.

"Well Mr Taylor..." he began.

"Please, call me David away from school. I know you are
not a cheeky swine!" I advised him.

"Okay... David. I want to prepare for year 10 over the
summer and I was wondering if you could let me have a
list of books that might be of use to me for homework
and stuff."

"Sure no problem. Is there anything else?" I asked, not
wishing to be rude, but anxious to get back to my pond.
It was a lovely day outside. Michael looked at me and it
was clear that he was blushing. When he saw me look into
his eyes, he again looked at the painting. "Michael?"

"Errrm, yes David. I am hoping to get a summer job this
year, whilst the summer holidays are on. I have asked a
few of our neighbours..." he continued.


"Well, I have asked them if they would let me mow their
lawns for payment this year. I am hoping to save for a
new mountain bike. I was wondering if you would let me
mow your lawns this summer." The boy looked down at his
training shoes and seemingly awaited my response.

"Blimey!" I said. "You're keen! I don't know anybody
that actually has a keen interest in mowing the lawns.
But sure. How much will you be charging?" I asked.

"I haven't worked that out yet. I don't want to be
ripped off, but I don't want to rip you people off
either," Michael explained. This was unusual. If Michael
had set out to do something, he would have been more
prepared. I got up out of my chair and went to the
kitchen to prepare a couple of cold drinks.

I handed Michael a glass of orange and barley water and
regained my seat.

"Thanks," he said, smiling up at me. As Michael began to
drink, I offered him more advice,

"Okay, I think for a lad your age, you want to be
earning something like three pound fifty per hour. So
say you work for three hours per day... after all you
want to have some time for yourself eh?" Michael frowned
at that statement, seemingly in fear. "Are you okay?" I
asked, now more determined to ascertain the reason for
Michael's discomfort.

"I...I'm sorry sir. Yes, three pounds fifty sounds very
good!" he chuckled. "That's a cool painting David. I
like planes. My Dad's taking me to Fairford this year."
We talked about planes and airshows for about twenty
minutes, before Michael changed the tack of the
conversation completely,

"Can I trust you sir?" he asked.

"Trust me? I would like to think so, I am your teacher
and neighbour Michael... whatever's bothering you?" I
replied. Michael looked at me and seemed to be blushing
again and looked uncomfortable.

"I have a problem at school sir." Michael announced.

"A problem? Surely not! You are perhaps the most
talented pupil in your year," I said with a wry smile on
my face.

"Are you okay to listen, it is quite a long story and I
kind of need your advice," he continued.

"Okay, carry on..." I encouraged....

Michael asked me to cast my mind back to February that
year and listen to what had happened to him. And so I

It was lunchtime at Weltby School and was a bright but
crisp mid-February day. The sun had been strong enough
to burn away the morning mist and it was warmer than you
would have expected for that time of year.

The usual "break time" howling and cheers could be heard
across the whole of the school grounds as games were
being played and the latest school gossip was being
issued by groups of teenagers. Michael, well he had been
talking with some friends, but wanted to spend a little
bit of time in the library - looking for another novel
to read over the weekend. He left his friends and made
his way to the library.

From where his friends were, the quickest way to the
library was via and through the bike sheds. As he made
his way towards the sheds, he heard an audible,

"Shhhh! Someone's coming!" It was definitely the voice
of a girl. Michael stopped in his tracks and looked

"Who's there?" Michael asked. There was no reply.

"Shit, it's Brains..." a second female voice whispered.
Michael sensed that something was amiss, particularly as
he had heard his nickname uttered. Michael slowly moved
through the bike sheds thinking that it was just a
couple of girls gossiping alone, but then he saw it...

A blue-grey cloud of smoke popped up from one of the
stalls at the far end of the sheds. Michael homed in on
the three heads, now just visible above the stall
divider. There were three girls huddled around each
other in the corner.

"What do you want...Brains?" the first girl demanded to
know. She had blonde hair and suspiciously blue eyes.
Her name was Laura Smith, a known delinquent and bitchy
cow. Although pretty, she was not a very nice girl at
all, in Michael's opinion.

"What are you three doing?" he asked, almost

"What does it look like fuckwit?" mocked the second
girl, Linda Stuart. Michael frowned at her, not enjoying
her term of endearment at all! He was surprised at Linda
and felt that she should have more sense than to smoke.
She had shoulder length brown hair and bright hazel
eyes. Interestingly and endearingly, Linda had two very
small moles, symmetrically placed on either side of her
face where her cheeks met her chin.

"Cripes, you girls are smoking. This is terrible,"
admonished Michael, the sensible boy who had never had
any interest in this habit at all, ever.

"Clever boy! It's no wonder they call you Brains!" Said
the third girl, who Michael could now see was Lisa
Davies. The other two girls giggled at Lisa's remark.
Lisa was the bearer of dirty blonde/brown hair and had
light blue, almost grey eyes. Although very sweet
looking, her most distinctive feature was her voice - a
very spooky similiarity to Anne Robinson (Weakest Link
etc). Michael identified that all three girls were in
his year at Weltby School. Lisa was in his homeroom.

"Well I think you should stop. It is a nasty smelly
habit. How can you afford it?" Michael asked.

"That's OUR problem Brains," replied Lisa staring
directly into his eyes. "Now leave us alone."

"Yes fuck off back to your books, unless you want to
join us?" said Linda.

"No way, I've got much better things to do!" replied
Michael. He turned to leave.

"Go and do them then, Brains, you twat!" chided Laura.
The other two girls giggled again.

Michael turned round once more and stared directly at
the three girls. They were all smartly dressed in their
uniforms, although their dark blue pleated skirts were
riding a little higher than most conservative girls on
the grounds! Laura wore her tie quite scruffily and only
allowed the thin end to prevail.

"If you don't stop calling me obscene names, I will
report you. You know it is against school rules to smoke
on school property - not even the sixth formers are
allowed," Michael reminded and warned them.

"Ooooohh! We're scared, not. Miss Greer wouldn't believe
you anyway," said Laura, smiling smugly.

"Why not?" asked Michael, taking a step backwards.
Seeing his retreat, Linda stepped forward.

"Because you're a boy! She thinks all men are liars so
she is hardly going to believe what you say is she?
Boy!" Linda mocked.

"Yes Brains, piss off and annoy someone else," remarked
Lisa, taking another drag on her cigarette. The smoke
drifted annoyingly close to Michael's face.

"We'll see then won't we," Michael said and turned to
walk away in the direction of reception, and Miss
Greer's office.

In unison, the girls looked at each other with shock and
then dropped their cigarettes to the floor. Laura gave
chase and grabbed Michael's shoulder.

"Hey wait, Michael, wait," she said. Michael stopped and
turned to face Laura, impatience in his eyes. "Please
don't tell on us. We've already had detention this week
for talking during gym. Please?" Laura smiled at
Michael, and for a brief moment was maybe sincere.

"Hmmmm, I dunno, you three are very nasty to me,"
Michael reminded her. The other two girls stepped
forward, shame showing on their faces.

"Please Michael, I don't want to get a note. My dad will
kill me," offered Linda, her face now ablush with all
sorts of home discipline scenarios.

"We promise to be nice to you in future. Please don't
tell," Laura continued. Lisa, the girl with the acid
tongue was silent, seemingly scared of the consequences.
Michael was proud inside to have made these girls think
about what they had done, smoking and being nasty to
him. He got a sense of power for the first time that
wasn't related to his intellect. He was enjoying this.

"I'm sorry, my mind is made up. I have put up with
enough from you three, calling me 'Brains' and other
things. Someone needs to teach you a lesson in humility.
Save your apologies for Miss Greer," a triumphant
Michael strode off towards her office. As he made his
way into the distance, the three girls looked woefully
at each other, aware of what might happen. In defiance,
Laura shouted to him,

"You'll be sorry!!"


"Thank you Michael for your honesty," Miss Greer said to
the boy. "I do not tolerate smoking on school property,
and much less, my girls using foul and abusive language
to staff and other pupils. You can rest assured that
they will be punished."

Michael had done it, he had reported the three girls to
the headmistress - if you want results, go straight to
the top! With pride flowing through him and feeling that
Miss Greer was not quite as bad as everyone made out, he
got up from the chair and made his way out of the
office. Before he reached door, Miss Greer stopped him.

"Oh Michael..."

"Yes Miss Greer?" He said looking nervously at his

"I have given this matter some thought whilst you have
been here and I have come to a decision that I very
rarely feel the need to make," she said, rising from her

"What is that Miss Greer?" the boy asked meekly.

"Since you were the key victim of their abuse, I think
that in this case, it is only fair that you get to
witness their punishment. Do you think that is fair

"Well, since you put it like that Miss..."

"Very well, be outside my office at four o'clock today.
This matter should be dealt with swiftly," Miss Greer
announced. "I shall ring your mother personally and
explain what you are doing after school today."

"Thank you Miss," Michael said and quickly left the
office. Smiling inwardly, he made his way quickly to his
homeroom for afternoon registration, full of pride and
excitement at what he may witness. A spanking for sure.


His final lesson of the day was with me, in room 32.
When the bell sounded, Michael went straight to the
library to remove some books to assist in his homework -
the time then being three thirty. He was outside the
headmistress's office at three fifty five and waited for
the clock opposite him to reach four o'clock.

As he sat outside the office, Michael became quite
concerned that there was no sign of the girls. Had he
misheard what Miss Greer had said? His mind raced back
to that lunchtime when the girls had told him that Miss
Greer never believed boys and then he thought perhaps
she was going to punish him for telling tales or
whatever. He was about to leave when the clock opposite
him clunked to four o'clock and the door handle to Miss
Greer's office began to open.

Michael looked up and saw a stern looking Miss Greer
standing above him, looking down over her dark rimmed

"You may enter boy," she said, sounding most pissed off.

Michael got up, adjusted his uniform and attempted to
calm his nerves. There was no turning back now, whatever
awaited him. His heart bumped away at record pace within
his chest as he braced himself for what lay ahead. He
slowly followed Miss Greer into her office.

Miss Greer sat behind her desk and looked at Michael
sternly. Michael looked straight ahead, beyond Miss
Greer and out of her office window. It was now getting
dark and the foreboding trees outside silhouetted
menacingly against the dusk sky.

The room smelled of school. The fusty aroma of old
school books and furniture was prevalent. From the
corner of his eye, Michael could see the weapons of Miss
Greer's trade sat primly within a small shoe rack. There
were three slippers, red, blue and black. The black one
was seemingly made of a synthetic plastic. Michael
gulped and refocused on Miss Greer.

"Now Michael," Greer addressed him. "I'm not normally in
the habit of taking what little boys say seriously. They
have a high propensity to lie... to tell tales," she

"Yes Miss," Michael responded automatically, afraid of
what was coming.

"However, you are a special case. You have glowing
reports from all of your teachers, except gym, and I
have never personally had any trouble with you. I felt
compelled and obliged to believe what you told me this
lunchtime," she stated sternly. "I went to the scene of
the alleged crime, and did find evidence corroborating
what you told me of the location of the incident. Having
asked Laura Smith to empty her school bag, it became
apparent that she was in possession of a cigarette
lighter AND a small packet of low tar cigarettes."

At that point, Michael heard a faint sob come from
behind him, but he dare not look round. Instead he fixed
his gaze upon the headmistress, so fearful was he in her

"So you see Michael, I have three naughty and wayward
girls to deal with today. I am not so sure that you saw
them when you came in Saunders," she said. Michael shook
his head at Miss Greer and she in turn pointed to a
place beyond his shoulder as if beckoning him to look

Michael looked round and saw a row of three girls,
recognisable as Laura Smith, Linda Stuart and Lisa
Davies all facing towards the wall of the office and
with their school skirts pinned up at the back, above
their waists. The sight nearly choked Michael and
stirred a sexual feeling between his legs.

The girls stood there, their legs and panties fully
exposed to his gaze. In turn he admired each girl from
behind. Laura had short and relatively chubby little
legs and thighs, wearing a pair of pale blue panties.
The cleft of her bottom was opaquely visible through the

Linda was next in line, she was the tallest of the three
girls and possessed quite lengthy legs for a girl of
nearly fifteen. Linda had opted to wear white frilly
ankle socks and a pair of white knickers. Though they
hugged her obviously pert derriere, it was not possible
to see the outline of her cleft.

Last in the line was Lisa. It was the sight of her that
gave Michael the most pleasure, for he would admit to
having a fancy for her. She was quite petite and showed
evidence of having been on a winter sun holiday abroad -
her brown tanned legs in stark contrast with the other
two girls. Lisa wore a shiny pink pair of cotton panties
and her shapely buttocks filled them delightfully.

"Now Michael, I want you to sit there whilst I conduct
the punishment," Miss Greer announced, pointing to a
chair in the centre of the room. Michael swiftly sat
down as told and awaited the next move. He had to adjust
his pants given the view he had just been afforded.

"Laura Smith... come over here this instant," ordered
Miss Greer, rising to her feet. Michael watched as Laura
turned away from the wall and faced Michael and then
Miss Greer. As she walked to the spot in front of Miss
Greer's desk, Michael could see the terror in her face
and the tell tale signs that she had been crying.

"Please Miss, please don't spank me in front of him. I'm
so sorry..." begged a sorrowful looking Laura.

"It's too late for that you silly little girl. I
expected better of you," admonished Miss Greer. "Now
bend over and place your hands face down on my desk and
part your legs. Grab onto the desk tightly... I am going
to slipper you soundly."

The girl leaned over the desk, affording Michael the
opportunity to see how her pale blue panties displayed
her bottom. Between her legs, Michael could see her tie
hanging freely such was her angle, and took in the spot
right between her thighs, marvelling at what must lie

Miss Greer walked over to her shoe rack and picked out
the black plastic slipper, before returning to the spot
in front of Michael and prone standing girl.

"This slipper is saved for the most serious of
infractions of school code. Laura, you are going to be
slippered for being in the possession of cigarettes, a
cigarette lighter, for abusive language and for wearing
your skirt in violation of the school code. I want you
to count out the strokes... is that clear?" asked Miss

"Yes Miss," sobbed the girl. Michael bit his lower lip
with anticipation as Miss Greer tugged at the elastic
holding the girl's knickers in position. Slowly they
came down over her thighs and rested at her knees. The
revelation of Laura's bottom increased Michael's arousal
and he had to move his hands to his awakened crotch.

Michael observed the beauty of the girl's bottom now
openly on display just feet from his face. He focussed
on the milky white texture of her buttocks, before
tracing curiously between her legs and at the folds of
her private parts. Although covered with wispy blonde
pubic hair, he could see her outer lips hanging down,
pouting with shame. Not having had much experience with
girls, Michael missed the first strike of the slipper,
being too involved in the sight of this girl's pussy.

Thrump! The first stroke hit the left buttock of the
prone girl. This re-awoke the senses of the female
victim, and of the observing boy.

"Ahhhh, one Miss," counted Laura. Michael observed that
her left buttock had instantly turned a pale pink. He
then noticed Miss Greer's raised left arm, ready to drop
with the second strike.

Thrump! The second, and harder strike made Laura move

"Owwww, two Miss. Please stop," she cried out, more in
shame than pain. This time, her right buttock began to
change colour.

Thrump! The third was counted out similarly. Michael was
enjoying this. He smiled smugly between her legs as he
saw her face screw up with each strike. And then the
twitching of her buttocks as she adjusted herself after
each blow. And what about those secret folds between her
legs? This was better than getting an A!

Soon, the twentieth strike had landed and had brought
Laura to a sobbing conclusion, her buttocks having
changed from a milky white to a cherry red. Miss Greer
pulled up the girl's panties and dismissed her once more
to the wall from whence she came. Her skirt remained
pinned up.

"Linda Stuart, to my desk NOW!" The headmistress
ordered. Meekly and quickly, Linda made the walk of
shame, past Michael and then bent over, placing her
delicate hands on the headmistress's desk. Linda's white
knickers were just a couple of feet from Michael's face.

As before, Miss Greer reeled off a list of 'crimes' that
the girl had committed against the school code. Again,
the girl involved protested clemency to spare a spanking
in the presence of a boy, but to no avail. Again, the
girl's knickers were lowered to her knees affording the
observing boy a prime view of her girlish charms. Linda
possessed dark brown pubic hair, and like Laura it was
sparse, but it appeared to be more controlled, as if
trimmed. He could again see the lips of her pussy
hanging rudely between her legs.

Miss Greer raised the slipper above her head in
preparation for this punishment, and in slow motion (at
least for Michael), it came down and landed firmly
across Linda's left buttock,


"Owwww! One Miss," Linda squealed as she counted.
Michael could only think that this was justice for her
calling him a fuckwit. He was smiling victoriously
between her legs and Linda caught sight if his smug grin
as she was bent over the desk.

Thrump! The second strike again hit her right buttock.
It was evident to Michael that Miss Greer was a passed
master (nee Mistress) of punishment.

"Owwwwww! Two Miss," the girl bellowed with shame.
Having seen Michael smiling at her, her face was as red
as her behind was becoming.

Linda's punishment also lasted a full twenty strokes of
the black slipper. The girl sobbed with remorse as her
panties were hoisted back into position before being
dismissed to the wall. Before Linda had time to reach
the wall, Miss Greer was already ordering the next
victim to take the position,

"And finally, Lisa Davies. Take your place at the desk
please, NOW!"

Lisa scurried over to the desk and promptly placed her
palms face down on the desk and gripped. This was the
one that Michael had been waiting most for. He had
learned what his penis was for two years ago and since
then had fantasised about many of his classmates, and
Lisa was one of those girls that regularly CAME into his

Michael admired Lisa's behind and long tanned legs as
Miss Greer reeled off another list of school

He noticed an unusual aroma coming from Lisa's direction
and looked intently at her rear end, before he saw it.
Between her legs, he could see a damp patch at the
crotch of her pink panties, and this excited him even
more. Had she wet herself? Michael did not know, and was
grasping his crotch with excitement of seeing the most
intimate parts of these girls. Just one remained.

Slowly, Miss Greer drew down the pretty pink panties of
Lisa Davies and Michael's eyes this time went straight
to the folds of her pussy, much clearer than on either
of the two previous girls before him. She appeared to
have no pubic hair at all. As Lisa's bottom clenched in
eager anticipation of the black slipper, Michael
suddenly realised that this girl must have shaved her
pussy bare.

Michael looked closer and noticed that apart from having
no hair down there, her lips appeared to be shiny and
the strange aroma had become stronger. He looked into
the crotch of her knickers and noticed the small wet
spot and realised that he had a small wet spot of his
own. Looking at her pussy lips from behind, both Michael
and Miss Greer noticed that this girl must be sexually

"Well, well, well. Lisa! You are a naughty little thing
aren't you?" asked Miss Greer rhetorically. She patted
the girl's left buttock and then ran her finger
underneath her pupil's backside and between the girl's
legs. "My precious girl, you have no hair. You are a
proper little exhibitionist aren't you?" Michael let out
a gasp and then a boyish giggle as he saw his
headmistress confirm that the girl was damp. This was
all beyond his wildest dreams.

"Please Miss, don't do this in front of Michael. Don't
let him see me like this. I am so embarrassed," Lisa
whimpered. "I'll be good. We have only been smoking for
a week."

"I am glad to know that I have caught you so soon into
your filthy habit," Miss Greer announced examining her
now damp finger. "However, you must learn that smoking
is bad for your health, just like your friends have
found. You must learn humility towards your fellow
pupils and above all, you must learn to control your
sexual deviances. Why are you so sexually aroused Lisa?"
Lisa could only whimper with shame. "Were you aroused
because of the sounds of my slippering your friends? Or
is it the thought of a boy being present to witness your

"Please Miss, I can't explain it..." With that,

Thrump! The first stroke of the slipper struck Lisa's
left buttock.

"Owwwwww! One Miss. Please stop this," Lisa whimpered.
Her buttocks tensed and her tanned brown legs jostled
slightly with the force.

Thrump! The second stroke landed fiercely on the girl's
right buttock.

"Ahhhh, owwww, two Miss," Lisa wailed. She could now see
between her legs, past her pussy and at the grinning
face of Michael Saunders, relishing her punishment.
Looking into her eyes, Michael could see anger. What he
didn't translate was the look of promised revenge. He
was enjoying this too much.

Lisa's bottom was showered by the slipper twenty times,
the same as the previous two girls. Unlike the previous
two slipperings however, Miss Greer did not seem

"Now answer my question young lady. Why are your
knickers damp, and why have you shaved your pubic hair?
If you don't answer, I will allow Michael to continue
your punishment, and inform your parents of your
predicament, now answer me!"

Michael nearly lost control of his own arousal at the
prospect of him being allowed to slipper the girl of his
fantasies. Michael remembered her telling him to 'fuck
off' at lunchtime and now this was priceless justice. He
hoped that she wouldn't answer.

"Please Miss, I just seem to enjoy showing myself to
boys," Lisa sobbed.

"I thought so," explained the headmistress. "Now you
have an ideal opportunity young lady. Hold your skirt up
to your stomach, turn around and apologise to Michael on
behalf of your little band for your rudeness."

Sobbing with shame, pain and sorrow, Lisa stood up and
lifted her skirt. She looked across at Miss Greer and

"Please Miss. I don't want to show HIM!"

"Just do it girl, or the boy will be handed the slipper
and given turn with you and your colleagues!" The older
lady snapped. With those chilling words, Lisa turned
round to face Miss Greer and a victorious Michael.

During the movement, her panties fell to her ankles and
allowed Michael to drink in the sight of the front of
her body, naked from the waist down. His eyes nearly
popped out!

"I'm sorry Michael, we're sorry for being rude to you,"
Lisa said, sounding sincere, but carrying a stare of
retribution. Michael ignored this and continued to look
at her naked crotch, never having seen one in real life
before today.

"Yes, you should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you. I
expect better from my girls. You should be setting an
example to they younger members of this school,
particularly the boys. I do not expect you to be before
me again." Miss Greer concluded.

Michael's view was all to brief and before long, Miss
Greer ordered Lisa to draw her knickers back up and
return to the wall. Michael was then given the honour of
unpinning the girl's skirts and took pleasure in
catching brief feels of their bottoms as he made his way
along the line. He vowed never to forget the aroma of a
sexually excited girl.

All four pupils were dismissed at the same time, the
girls headed for the toilets and Michael for the
cloakroom. When they were out of earshot of the office,
Lisa turned to Michael and said,

"Just you wait, Brains. We're gonna get you!" The other
girls eagerly agreed and retreated to the girl's toilet,
no doubt to compare bottoms and wipe their tear streaked
faces. Michael ignored their threat as empty.

Michael had learned a lot today, and without the need
for a book. He learned that girls could be mean, and
could get punished. He learned that girls could become
as sexually aroused as he could and also, and perhaps
most importantly to him, he now knew what a live girl
looked like between her legs. He had seen three!

As Michael walked home, he knew that he would need to
pleasure himself that night or he would never get to
sleep. But what did those girls mean, 'we're gonna get


Michael and the girls return in part 2,
The boy Was Done Good.

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.


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