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Is Turnabout Fair Play 2


Is Turnabout Fair Play? Part 2 By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.

Part 2 - The boy Was Done Good.

At the end of the first part of this story, Michael Saunders had
witnessed the significantly humiliating bare bottomed punishment of three
of his classmates. All this at the hands of the school headmistress, Miss
Greer. Michael had gone home that night to dispel his sexual excitement at
witnessing such a spectacle. The three girls however, had seemingly
rallied in the girl's toilets to plan their retribution.

And so Michael sat in my lounge recounting the events of that day. As
he told the story, he was evidently excited and looked very positive - he
had enjoyed the show provided by Miss Greer. I confirmed to the boy that
what he had seen was most unusual, and indeed she did hold males in
contempt. There were a few stories I could have told the boy about her,
even in my short time as a teacher at Weltby School.

"So what is the problem then Michael?" I asked the boy. "You are not
the sort of boy to go gloating about this event to your friends..."

"But I did Mr Taylor... I mean David - I did tell them," Michael
interrupted sorrowfully. "I couldn't control my feelings. Seeing those
girl's exposed was a real turn on."

"I can imagine!" I said, smiling as I remembered back to my own school

"So I boasted to Wayne and Mark about what I had seen. They were
obviously curious and began to taunt Laura. I never meant for them to be
like that, I mean I would really like Lisa to be my girlfriend. I...
and..." he faltered.

"And what then?" I asked, raising my eyebrows with expectancy. I knew
long ago that girls were not to be messed with.

"And then the girls just seemed to get mad."

"Ah. I don't like the sound of this Michael - I think you had better
explain... from the start," I said, forgetting about the pond and settling
back into my seat.

Before commencing the second part of his story, Michael blushed and said
that he was talking to me as a respected neighbour rather than a teacher,
and asked me again if he could trust me.

"I won't say anything to anybody, I promise," I assured him. With that,
Michael adjusted his seating and held his head in his hands. He then


Approximately one week after 'THE spanking,' it was morning break time
and Michael watched some of the sixth form boys playing an impromptu game
of football (soccer for USA readers). Jumpers for goal posts etc. There
was the usual banter coming from the game and elsewhere, the usual screams
of delight and shock could be heard as the daily gossip was spread.

In the distance though, Michael could see his friends Wayne and Mark
having what looked like a heated argument with a girl, it was Laura Smith!

"Fuck Off!" the girl shouted disdainfully at the two boys. Michael knew
that trouble was imminent, so he ventured over to the two arguing pupils.
When he arrived, he saw that Laura's cheeks were flushed with anger and
that Wayne conveyed a knowing smile. Mark stood silently, more preoccupied
with Laura's legs.

"What's going on?" Michael asked Laura.

"You just had to tell didn't you Brains?" Laura said, clenching her
fists. "You really are for it now you bastard. As for you pair, I won't
forget this you wankers!"

Before Michael could get a word in, Laura stomped off towards the
science block toilets. He admired her bottom as it swayed furiously -
wondering if she had recovered from her ordeal. Back down to earth
however, Michael shot a look of anger, tainted by fear at his friends,

"What have you done Wayne? Why did she tell you to fuck off?"

"N, nothing Mike. Honest!" he replied. Michael looked at Mark and just
received a blank stare.

"Come on, even girls don't just say things like that for fun. Tell me!"
Michael said, losing patience.

"Okay, okay! I couldn't resist giving the snotty cow some grief about
her spanking. She asked for it though, you know what she's like," Wayne
explained, shrugging his shoulders.

"What did you say exactly?" Michael enquired, not sure if he actually
wanted to know and fearing the worst.

"I told her that all the boys in year 9 would soon know that she and
Linda and Lisa had been slippered on the bare by Greer," Wayne advised.
Michael relaxed slightly thinking that it could have been worse - but then

"What else, why did she swear at you?"

"Well... I kind of told her that you had explained what they all looked
like, you know, their fannies <chuckle>!" Wayne and Mark began to giggle
until Michael grabbed his jumper.

"I can't believe it - I told you not to say anything. I trusted you.
They told me they would get me - they surely will now! You shits," Michael
said. "I've got to do something, see you later."

Michael went straight to the library, racking his brains about how he
would get out of this mess. At one of the corner tables, he sat down, head
in his hands. His thoughts were full of bare bottom spankings, naked girls and bad language. He just could not think straight.

Michael was snapped out of his brainstorm by the bell for the start of
his next lesson. On his way there, he stopped at his locker and discovered
a short written note -


Watch you back!

Lurve LLL


It didn't require a genius to work out that LLL stood for Laura, Linda
and Lisa. Michael was very concerned by this apparent threat. If Miss
Greer hadn't put him in an untenable position, then Wayne and Mark had
surely sealed his fate. As he made his way to his next lesson, Michael
could only think of how perhaps Miss Greer had known that the girls would
likely seek revenge. Perhaps she was a very subtle operator. He was
unable to fully concentrate for the rest of the day such was his unease.
He didn't understand why he was almost constantly erect following his
reading of the note - could it be the threat of revenge turning him on, or
was it just fear?

In the end, he welcomed the end of the school day so that he could go
home and resolve his feelings. He found himself masturbating again that
night going over the events in Miss Greer's office. This time, the images
were of a fully nude Lisa Davies being soundly spanked by him! He then
forced Lisa to display herself to him to produce a satisfying climax. He
repeated this ritual for the other two girls before showering and
experiencing a welcome sleep.


The next day was pretty quiet until the afternoon session when it was
'double PE.' Two lessons back to back of physical education. This was not
Michael's favourite subject - he would be much happier if they just gave
him a book to read. He was always picked last if it were a team game and
was either always put in goal or nobody passed to him.

Today however, the year 9 boys had gymnastics and the girls were to play
football. Once changed, Miss Edgington lined all of the boys up against
the gym wall and following the taking of a register, ordered them to set up
various items of gymnastics equipment. Michael was tasked with getting the
tumble mats out and setting them up against the kit.

The change did Michael good and he felt comfortable with the gymnastics
and Miss Edgington felt that he was performing well that afternoon.
Several times his teacher praised him and this gave him confidence to do
even better. Given his rather lightweight body, he seemed a natural on the
vaulting horse. Several of the other boys watched in awe as he flew
through the air and repeatedly landed on the mat with perfection.

About fifteen minutes before the bell for the end of the school day,
Miss Edgington asked the boys who had got the equipment out, to put it away
again. The boys all set to work at putting their equipment away, and
Michael started to gather the tumble mats.

"Leave those for a moment Michael - come here for a second," the teacher
beckoned. Michael placed the mat he was carrying on the floor and walked
quietly over.

"Yes Miss?" Michael said looking up into her hazel eyes.

"You know, you have done very well today - a most impressive display.
You seem to be a natural with the vault," she praised.

"Thank you miss. I am not normally all that good at PE. I really
enjoyed today though Miss. I wish I was good at football," he replied.

"There is more to sport and PE than football. Why don't you join our
gym club?" she asked placing a hand on his shoulder affectionately.

Michael gulped,

"Gym club? Errrm, isn't that for girls?"

"Well it is mostly girls, in fact there is only one boy at the moment,
Scott Tinsley from year 6. He is good on the vault too," Miss Edgington

"I don't know Miss, I mean, errm..." Michael stuttered.

"You're not scared of being with so many girls are you?" his teacher
teased, sensing his fear.

"N, no, of course not - it's just that I don't... I don't want to look
silly," Michael sighed.

"You won't look silly. If you vault like that, the girls will welcome
you with open arms. There are quite a few girls from your year in the gym
club and other after school activities, it would be a shame if you missed
out on them... particularly with this unseen talent!"

Miss Edgington continued to build on Michael's growing confidence, and
the boy felt himself becoming influenced by this young woman.

"Okay, I'll try it," Michael conceded. "What day is it?"

"We meet every week on a Thursday after school and once a month we meet
on a Saturday, going to competitions or extra practice if anyone fancies it
- the whole school is open on those Saturdays as you know."

"Shall I come after school tomorrow then?" Michael asked again.

"You would be more than welcome - the girls will gladly welcome you I'm
sure, so don't you worry. We're always on the lookout for some quality
boys to join us," Miss Edgington said reassuringly. "After school at three
thirty in here okay?" With that, Michael nodded and as his teacher left the
gymnasium, he set about stacking the mats in the storeroom at the end of
the gym.

With the praise that he had received from his teacher, Michael had
seemingly forgotten about the note that he had found and looked forward to
the club the following afternoon.


After a competently studious day in the various subjects that he took,
Michael welcomed the end of the school day and swiftly proceeded to the
changing rooms full of nervous excitement. Excitement at being given the
opportunity to be good at a sport, and nervous at being one of only two
boys in a gym club! His fear became excitement again at the prospect of
seeing and working with girls in their skimpy gym kit.

The boy's changing room was crowded with numerous boys all changing for
their after school activities. Self conscious about his rather un-muscular
frame, Michael changed quickly and proceeded out into the gym.

In the gym, several young girls, maybe twelve or thirteen years old were
in the process of moving the equipment out of the storeroom, supervised by
Miss Edgington. Michael noticed two young girls who must have been in year
7 giggling and pointing at him. Miss Edgington looked across at what they
were giggling at and noticed Michael in his white sports shirt and blue

"Now, now girls, this is Michael and he is a natural on the vault. I
want you to treat him nicely as he might win us a medal one day," Miss
Edgington said smiling at him. The giggling girls just looked at each
other and giggled at something else. "Michael, could you help bring out
some of the heavier equipment please?"

"Sure Miss." With that, Michael went over to the storeroom and began to
assist the girls that appeared to be struggling with the large vaulting

It was not long before Scott Tinsley introduced himself to Michael. He
was a very skinny boy, with milky blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Scott
made a point of saying that he hoped that Michael would be a permanent
member of the gym club, as he hated being the only boy.

"Some of the girls tease me for being the only boy in their club.
Having you around will be like having a big brother to look after me,"
Scott said, looking up at Michael and smiling.

"Y, yes... we've got to stick together -" Michael replied as both he
and Scott began to push the larger of the two vaults out of the storeroom.
"There are some nasty girls about - be careful." As soon as Michael said
that, he recognised a voice that had come through the gym door. He stopped
pushing and looked across at the door to see Laura Smith, Linda Stuart and
Lisa Davies walk sexily into the gym and continue talking.

"Shit!" Michael whispered to himself, suddenly remembering that Miss
Edgington had said that several girls from his year attended the gym club.
It had to be those three.

Linda was the first to notice him and she stopped the other two girls by
holding her arm out and pointed across to him. The girls whispered to
themselves and a broad grin spread over their pretty faces.

Michael looked in awe at them as they stood there in their sparkling
white sports tops, which hugged their breasts tightly. All three girls had
their shirts tucked into their dark blue shorts and looked very sexy lined
up together again. Michael was scared, but he couldn't help feeling a
tingle between his legs as he admired their figures.

When the equipment was fully laid out, Miss Edgington called the group
together, about 20 pupils. The group was split down more or less by age
group and meant that Michael was teamed up with Lisa, Laura and Linda.

"Welcome to our group - BRAINS!" Laura said, grinning wickedly, picking
up on Michael's fear.

"Yeah, ready for some fun?" Linda said and reached out a hand to stroke
his bottom. Michael flinched away and began to blush. "Awww, are you

"Noo, I'm not scared. D, don't try anything here, please," Michael
pleaded, looking in turn at each girl. "Whatever I've done, I'm sorry. I
never meant any harm."

"Well you should have thought of that before you told your mates about
what you saw... you'll be sorry," Lisa said waspishly before Miss
Edgington began the club.

"Now then everybody, I want you all to welcome Michael Saunders to the
club. We are privileged to have a new boy! Aren't we girls?" she
announced. Michael felt all of those female eyes on him, as if they were
weighing him up. The two giggling girls that Michael had seen earlier,
giggled again as if a boy doing gymnastics was odd - had they not seen
Billy Elliot?

As Miss Edgington started the various groups off on their activities,
Laura Smith grabbed hold of Michael's shoulder,

"So what do you do that is so good for you to join this club?"

"I, I, errrm, I vault," Michael said meekly.

"Well, Brains, this is a girls club. You've probably only joined to
perve at the girls. You do as we say, okay?"

"Y, yes Laura - anything you say," Michael replied and held his breath
as the girl stroked his bottom.

"Good boy. As you can see, there aren't many boys into gymnastics.
That is because they can't do it, at least not as good as us. We're gonna
make you look like a dork," Linda continued and let go of his shoulder.
The other two girls in the group just chuckled. Michael felt quite
intimidated by this and felt an unsettling pressure to perform and prove
them wrong.

Michael's group was first on the large vault, and the girls opted to go
first. Laura went first and despite an impressive run up and vault, could
not hold the landing and fell backwards onto her backside. Michael giggled
at her failure and both Lisa and Linda looked at him scornfully.

Linda stepped up next, once Laura returned to the group and began her
run up. Michael watched in admiration as her short gym skirt exposed her
skimpy white knickers. She leapt from the springboard, onto the vault and
cart wheeled off and onto the mat. She managed a perfect landing.

"Wow!" Michael said.

"Yes, she is the best on the vault - she's got to be better than you,"
mocked Lisa who took her place on the mat and readied herself for a run up.
Lisa ran down towards the vault, bounced on the springboard and produced
a wonderful cartwheel from the vault but could not land perfectly. She
stumbled sideways on landing.

The girls all assembled around Michael and hidden from the teacher's
view, softly rubbed his bottom again.

"Stop that, please!" Michael begged and began to blush once again. This
attention had made his penis take note in his shorts. He was becoming

"Come on then, BOY, show us what you've got!" giggled Laura. Michael
took to the runway, and tried to clear his mind. He wanted to prove these
girls that he could vault as a good as them.

He commenced his run along the mats and soon reached the springboard.
He made a good contact and performed a simple but elegant leapfrog
manoeuvre before landing firmly and perfectly on the landing mat. Although
not as technically adept as Linda's vault, the landing was just as good.
He should not have felt shamed, after all he had only vaulted for the first
time the day before.

Laura, Lisa and Linda gathered round him once again and fondled his

"Nice little vault Michael," Linda said. "But not as good as mine!"
Lisa was a little more forward and ran her hand across the front of his

"Yes, Linda is the SUPERIOR vaulter at the moment!!" she beamed.
Michael pushed Lisa away and again told the girls to,

"Stop it! Please."

"What's going on over there?" enquired Miss Edgington, beginning to walk

"Nothing Miss, we were just horsing around," Lisa quickly stated.
"Michael was just telling us how good at vaulting he is. He said he was
better than Linda, in fact he said he was better than any girl in our

Michael was about to object and inform the teacher that Lisa was lying,
but Miss Edgington began first,

"Is that so Michael? Better than any girl?" she said raising her
eyebrows. The whole gymnasium fell quiet and Michael once again felt all
those eyes watching him. He wanted to shake his head and tell her
otherwise. "We'll have to have a little contest one day, but I think that
for today, you are just exerting your male pride. I'm surprised at you,
you only started yesterday. Stop bothering these girls and get on with
your practice. I don't expect to have to tell you again. That goes for
all of you."

With those words, the club knew that anyone who stepped out of line from
now on would no doubt receive a spanking. Lisa, Linda and Laura gave each
other a knowing wink. Things were beginning to fall into place for them.
They were about to seize on an unexpected opportunity.

The second round of vaults began and Laura again took to the mat,
followed by Linda and Lisa. All three girls this time landed perfect
displays. Michael also landed a respectable display - but still lacking
the technical ability of the three girls. Miss Edgington was observing and
Michael saw that she was smiling at the three girls knowingly.

The next activity for Michael's group was the balancing beam. The beam
was not competition height, being only one foot off the ground, but for
newcomers was still very intimidating. Michael had never been on this
equipment before.

The idea of the beam was to hone balancing skills and allow pupils to
practice handstands and dismounts. Again the girls nimbly excelled at this
activity and Michael watched in awe as each girl in turn revealed that they
were wearing white panties underneath their gym skirts.

His penis was more active in his shorts now as he watched Lisa superbly
perform a cartwheel along the beam and somersault onto the mat.

The girls were giggling as they surrounded him and began to fondle his
bottom again. Michael blushed and tried to remove their invading hands.
Once again, Lisa rubbed the front of his shorts, only this time with more
purpose. She let out a gasp and a short giggle as she came across the
firmness between his legs.

"Oooohh! Michael, you are a naughty boy. You enjoyed watching us on
the beam didn't you?" Lisa teased.

"You little perve!" sniggered Laura and her delicate little hand
replaced Lisa's.

Michael had never been felt there by a girl before and it made him feel
very funny. In desperation and embarrassment, he acted hastily and pushed
Laura to the floor.

"Owwww! You pig!" squealed Laura, again drawing the attention of Miss
Edgington and the whole club.

"What on earth has happened now?" the teacher demanded to know. "Laura
Smith, why are you on the floor?"

"Please Miss, Michael pushed me over... he said that he was enjoying
looking up our skirts as we performed on the beam. AND, then he started to
feel by boobs..." Laura lied. Michael looked on in stunned horror, unable
to defend himself.

"Good heavens! Are you okay?" Miss Edgington lifted Laura from the
floor. She then looked over at Michael scornfully. "What do you have to
say for yourself? Is it true?"

"N, nooooo Miss, I swear. I am not like that - she was feeling me,"
Michael uttered.

"Well Laura is not like that either..." the teacher continued.

"Please Miss," Linda piped up. "I saw him grab her bottom and then her
left boob. Look Miss, he even has an erection!"

Several of the younger girls giggled and pointed at Michael's crotch as
they realised that he was displaying a bulge in his shorts. Michael's face
turned beet red and he felt a deep swirling in his stomach as he used both
of his hands to try and cover his tenting bulge.

"Well, it seems we have a witness. What am I to do with you? You know
how this school will not accept behaviour like that young man. I am really
disappointed in you. I must punish this un-gentlemanly behaviour before
you progress to more sinister things."

"B, b, but Miss - it's not true - they have been touching me all the
time, you've got to believe me," Michael pleaded. Aware of his impending
predicament, Linda, Laura and Lisa all smirked victoriously at each other.

"I will have no more of your nonsense - there was a witness to what you
did and still you deny it. Cassandra, please go to my office and bring my
slipper," the teacher said to a young year 6 girl. With an impish grin,
the Japanese looking girl set off towards the office. The other girls seemed to be enjoying this too as Michael looked around for support. He
found only one face that was not smirking or giggling, that of Scott
Tinsley. Scott and Michael exchanged knowing glances that meant that they
both knew he had been stitched up.

Cassandra quickly returned from the office with the slipper and handed
it to Miss Edgington. It was a tatty old training shoe, the tread having
long since been worn away. It was pink in colour with white stripes.

Miss Edgington grabbed Michael by the arm and moved him to the centre of
the gymnasium, next to the small vaulting horse.

"Now then young man. Neither the school nor I will tolerate the kind of
sexual harassment that you have evidently inflicted on Laura Smith," the
teacher began. Still grasping his erect crotch to hide it from curious
eyes, Michael looked across to Linda, Lisa and Laura. They all looked at
him with girlish smiles and Laura even sarcastically blew him a kiss.

"I am going to give your bottom a slippering to hopefully prevent you
from acting so nastily in the future. You must show girls more respect
than that... Now remove your shorts young man," Miss Edgington demanded.
There were gasps of surprise from the gathering of younger girls.

"B, but Miss, I didn't do anything. It's all lies. I am not like that.
Please... not on my bare bottom. Don't let all these girls see me like
that..." Michael begged, hoping for some sort of reprieve.

"Very well, have it your way, grip the vaulting horse with your palms
face down and your legs together. You will be spanked, and I will accept
no more of your nonsense," she replied.

There were gasps of disappointment from the three year 9 girls, and
Michael breathed a small sigh of relief at the thought of at least being
spared the embarrassment of all those girls seeing his bare bottom half.

Michael moved over to the vaulting horse, and gripped the edge firmly
with his palms face down on the light brown suede material. He moved his
legs together. In this position, his bottom protruded backwards rudely
before the gathered witnesses and his concealed erection pointed diagonally

"Now then, Laura, come here," Miss Edgington said. Michael continued to
hold his position as Laura joined her teacher. "This young man doesn't
want his bare bottom shown in front of the girls. However, he said that he
was enjoying looking up your skirts as you performed on the beam. He then
touched your bottom and breasts. I think it is only fair that you should
do the honours. Pull his shorts down to his ankles please Laura..."

Laura's eyes lit up with glee as she took in what her teacher had just
instructed her to do. Michael, having heard the instruction again pleaded
his innocence,

"Please no Miss, the girls are lying. Please don't let her do that to
me..." It was no good.

"Silence, or I will have Laura conduct the punishment as well... Now
Laura, his shorts down to his ankles please."

Laura walked up behind the prone boy and hidden from the teacher's view,
stroked his bottom with her fingernails. Michael flinched and his bottom
wiggled. This produced a fresh round of giggles from the year 6 and 7
girls who could never have expected to witness this at a gym club.

Laura un-tucked Michael's white sports shirt from his shorts and then
hooked her fingers into the waistband of the blue shorts. The feeling of
impending embarrassment flooded his body as his face burned a bright
crimson and butterflies banged boisterously on the walls of his stomach.

With one slow and teasing movement, Laura drew down the boy's shorts,
over the cheeks of his bottom and down past his knees and to his ankles.
Her action left Michael in only a white sports shirt, his trainers and
socks, and his dark blue briefs.

Michael could see two girls from year 8 in front of him as he gripped
the vaulting horse. The blonde girl to the left was biting her lower lip
in an attempt to hold back her delight at seeing his briefs bared beneath
the legs of the horse. She pointed her friend in the direction of his
crotch as his briefs were still tented out with his sexual arousal. If
they had been close up, they would by now have noticed a small wet spot on
his briefs.

"Step out of those shorts Michael," Miss Edgington ordered. Michael
forlornly stepped out of his shorts. Laura quickly bent down and retrieved
them from the floor before eagerly handing them to the teacher. He knew
where this was going.

"Please Miss, I am begging you, please don't let Laura remove my
pants... there are so many girls present," Michael said. Such was his
humiliation even at this point, his crimson face yielded a tear and it
snaked down his cheek to his mouth. The blonde girl in front of Michael
whispered to her friend,

"Look Polly, not only is his willy pointing out, but he is crying too!"
Both girls smirked at Michael, looking now into his eyes.

"Yes, he's getting what he deserves. That'll teach him to mess with
girls, he he!" Polly, the brunette replied.

"You have no grounds to complain about your punishment young man. Now
remain silent unless spoken to... Laura, if you please, remove his
underpants," Miss Edgington ordered.

"Yes Miss!" Laura replied having to work hard to contain her obvious
delight. Michael could hear Lisa mumbling behind him, and then Linda's
muffled chuckling.

Laura stepped up once again behind the boy and stroked his buttocks once

"This is going to the equaliser, Brains!" Laura whispered just loud
enough that only he could here. With that, Michael felt her draw his
sports shirt up his back thus exposing the entire rear end of his briefs to
the witnesses. She then reached around his waist and ran her fingers over
the front of his stomach. After tightening his stomach muscles at the
sensation, he then felt her girlish fingers at his side as they invaded the
elastic band of his briefs.

In unison, the whole gathering in the gymnasium took a deep anticipating
breath as Laura tugged slowly at the dark blue underpants and drew them
teasingly over his erection and protruding buttocks and down his legs to
his ankles. Michael could see Polly and the other girl's eyes open wide at
the exposure of his genitals to their gaze. Behind him, he heard excited
girlish gasps as his bottom was exposed and he knew instantly that their
gazes would not linger on his buttocks for long. He knew that the girls would be able to see between his legs at his hanging testicles and turgid

"Now step out of the briefs please Michael and part your legs," the
teacher ordered. Michael obeyed and with the cool gym air flowing between
his legs, he felt his penis and balls sway as he stepped out of his briefs.
Michael was now naked at the waist. Laura looked up at his privates and
then gathered up his briefs before handing them to Miss Edgington.
Thankfully for Michael, she did not notice the small wet spot. "Very good.
You will now receive twenty-five strokes of my slipper, and I expect you to
remain still and count each stroke out. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss..." Michael sobbed, his humiliation almost complete, the
thoughts of all those young female eyes watching his most private parts was
keeping him hard. He heard rustling behind him as several of the witnesses
sat down on the floor. He later learned from Scott that some girls had sat
down as it afforded them a better view of his genitals.

Thrump! The first strike of the slipper stung the cleft of his bottom,
a direct hit.

"Unnghh! One Miss," Michael whimpered. The girls in the gym looked on
victoriously as their teacher put this boy through such humiliation. Many
of them had never seen a real live penis before, and the added attraction
of witnessing a spanking filled them with excitement.

Thrump! The second strike specialised on the left buttock of the boy,
leaving an immediate pink imprint.

"Arrrhuuugh! Two Miss," Michael sobbed as his bottom was thrust forward
by the force of the strike. He had to adjust his footing to ensure that he
would not be sent tumbling to the floor. That would be even more
humiliating for him. Behind him, Linda, Laura and Lisa crouched down on
the floor and looked up between his legs to view his genitals. They
whispered to themselves and occasionally giggled as the slippering

Thrump! Another blow landed soundly on Michael's right buttock.

"Unghhh! Three Miss," he said almost having to stand up. He could feel
both of his bottom cheeks warming up and the witnesses around the gym could
see that they were turning a similar colour to his face.

"Not so clever now are you young man eh?" Miss Edgington mocked. "A
little bit of praise and you think you are the best, but you are clearly
not. You will need a lot more practice if you are to be as good as the
girls. Hopefully this will teach you to pay more attention to practicing
your own talents, instead of looking up the skirts of the girls."

And so the spanking continued, the assembled gallery of girls and one
boy witnessing the poor boy's humiliation, Michael having to endure not
only the nudity, and the spanking, but also the audible giggles and unseen
pointing that was prevailing.

Thrump! The final blow crashed down onto Michael's bottom cleft,
waspishly stinging for the final time.

"Mmmmhhgggh, twenty five Miss," Michael sobbed, tears streaming down his
cheeks, to the utter delight of girls present, and to Linda, Lisa and Laura
in particular. "Please Miss, no more."

"I am glad to see that you are reflecting on your punishment. Acting
like a disrespectful little boy got you this punishment, and now you sob
like a little boy. Have you learned your lesson?" Miss Edgington asked.

"Y, yessss Miss!" he replied, not daring to move. His penis was now
becoming limp as he felt the pain echoing across his backside.

"Tell us what you have learned."

"I have learned that it is wrong to make fun of girls and feel them
without permission..." Michael began.

"Anything else?"

"I don't know Miss..."

"Well today you have learned that Linda is the better vaulter have you
not?!" the teacher mocked.

"Yes Miss, I have."

"Then say it... what else have you learned?"

"I have learned that <sob> Linda is better at vaulting than I am,"
Michael concluded. Several distinctly female voices could be heard
tittering behind him. He dared not look in front of him at the two girls there.

"Good boy. Now stand up and against the far wall. You will remain
there until the end of the club," the teacher advised.

"But Miss, can't I have my shorts back?" Michael enquired as he stood
up. He forgot to hold his now flaccid crotch, being too preoccupied with
the stinging in his buttocks. As he turned round, the girls that had been
behind him during the spanking, were now treated to an unobstructed view of
his private parts. He quickly moved his hands to his crotch to cover his
penis and balls upon realising his faux pas.

"No, you will have your shorts and underpants back at the end of the
session," the teacher responded firmly. She glanced at her watch and
continued, "That will be in another thirty minutes time. I think you have
wasted enough of the club's time, now hurry up. And leave your hands at
your sides. You have nothing to be ashamed of!"

With those cutting comments from his teacher, Michael put his hands to
his sides and quickly ran to the far side of the gym, the girls eagerly
following his waggling penis with their eyes as he made his way.

"Sweet!!" Lisa whispered as he past her.

Michael remained against the wall, facing the gym and watched Scott and
the girls perform. He found comfort in the coolness of the wall against
his fiery bottom. After only a short time, he had got used to the
predicament he found himself in and could ignore the giggling and pointing.
What he couldn't ignore were the views he got of the girls performing
before him and he soon became erect again.

The gym club was soon dismissed by Miss Edgington and once the apparatus
had been put away (Michael was not required to assist with this) the pupils
began to file out and to the changing rooms. The teacher was in the
storeroom, replacing the gym mats as Linda, Laura and Lisa strolled up to
the stricken boy.

"Hey, Mikey - that was a good show. That means that we are even,"
teased Laura as she reached out and quickly touched the shaft of his penis.
"Yes, I think we got to see more of you than you did of us eh Mikey?"
Linda agreed, affording herself a quick feel of his testicles. Michael
tried to flinch away from her menacing touch, but she formed her mouth as
though she were going to shout to the teacher and so he thought better of
it and let her carry on.

"However, we are going to beat you, so you better watch out - BRAINS!"
Lisa finally chipped in. She gave Michael's penis a more lingering stroke,
using her middle finger to tease his tip.

"What makes you think you are going to beat me? What are you going to
do?" Michael said defiantly, not wanting to yield to these devious minxes.

"Well, you admitted during your spanking that Linda here is the better
vaulter - you work it out... see ya!" Lisa concluded, before all three
left the gym. Michael tried to work out what the girls had meant, and the
phrase 'Linda here is the better vaulter' kept going round in his mind.

Michael reached behind him and soothed his still simmering buttocks and
was glad to feel his penis begin to shrink again. He had never known
embarrassment like he had experienced today. He was awoken from his
thoughts by Miss Edgington, holding his pants and shorts out to him.

"Hey Michael. That was not a good start to your membership of this
club. I can see potential in you and I would like you to continue
attending, but you must not step out of line like that again - or it might
be an issue for Miss Greer to take up, with your parents if necessary. Do
you understand?"

"Yes Miss," he responded grabbing his shorts and briefs from her. His
head was bowed down and he was aware that his teacher was looking between
his legs where the sports shirt finished and his nudity began.

"So, will you be coming next week? We could use you on the team you

"I don't know, how can I ever face them girls again?"

"Awww, don't worry, things like that wear off in time. If you can apply
your talent to the vault, they will come to appreciate you being here.
Let's put all this down to you being new to the club and surrounded by
young women. I guess it is understandable. What do you say?"

"Thanks Miss, I will try again," Michael said, a shy smile spreading
across his face. He then began to put his underpants and shorts back on.
He noticed that Miss Edgington stayed with him and watched as he replaced
his clothing. "You know Miss, I was telling the truth back there. Linda,
Lisa and Laura instigated it. They were fondling me and challenging me

"Ssshhhh Michael! It doesn't matter now!" she replied.

"It does to me Miss, I am a good kid and I can't remember the last time
I told a lie. Those girls meant to get me into trouble and..."

"Look, what's done is done. I can't go back now can I? Anyway, one
thing you will have to learn at this school is that us girls stick
together..." and with that she left the gym.

Michael quickly left the gym and after collecting his bag from the
changing room, ran home to resolve some more sexual feelings. Before
dinner that night, he felt compelled to relive those moments in his mind,
whilst he lay on his bed.

Despite feeling hitherto unknown humiliating sensations at being tricked
by girls, effectively exposed by girls and spanked by a young woman, he had
to admit to himself that it felt good. It was one of his strongest
climaxes in his short "career."

"Us girls stick together?" Michael repeated under his breath before
going to sleep that night, as the full realisation of what happens at his
school dawned on him. "My God! Weltby School favours females!"


Michael and the girls return in part 3, 2-1 To The Girls.

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.


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