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Is Turnabout Fair Play 3


Is Turnabout Fair Play? Part 3
By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2003 The Courageous Pedagogue.

Part 3 - 2-1 To The Girls.

At the end of the previous chapter, Michael Saunders of
year 9 had experienced the most humiliating bare
bottomed punishment at the hands of Miss Edgington. He
had been spanked by the PE Mistress in front of the gym
club, and been exposed to all of those female eyes and
in particular, those of Laura Smith, Linda Stuart and
Lisa Davies - his tormentors. All three of them had
tricked him, and fondled him and gotten him the worst
spanking he had ever had, a spanking that he did not
deserve in reality. And so, Michael sat in my lounge
with his head in his hands.

"Michael? You okay?" I asked gently sitting up in my
seat, aware of his predicament and concerned at his
silence. Michael's head rose and he stared at me
forlornly, tears running down his cheeks.

"What am I going to do David?" he asked of me sullenly.

"Okay, look. Speaking both as your neighbour and your
teacher, I obviously can't get involved... but I can
help you, you know, give you advice. Hopefully it is
good advice. I must admit I have never come across
anything like this before," I stated truthfully. "So
what happened next?"

Michael wiped the tears from his cheeks with his arms
and sat back into the chair and continued...


Despite the pep talk he had been given by Mrs Edgington
after the gym club fiasco, Michael still came in for
some stick at school on the Friday. On just about every
corner of the school that Michael ventured round that
day, there seemed to be a giggling girl that had been at
the gym club. Even those girls that had not been at the
club all seemed to be smiling wickedly at him and down
at his crotch, as if undressing him with their eyes.

To get away from it all, Michael sat on his own at
lunchtime, even away from his friends Wayne and Mark. He
was very pensive as he tucked in to his ham and mustard
sandwiches. He really was unsure of what to do. He
didn't fancy confiding in his friends, caught in the
corridor of indecision between whether or not they would
be supportive or mocking. He didn't even know whether it
would be best for him to just lie low and out of the way
of the three girls that were hell bent on seeing him
suffer. He was awakened from his thoughts by a friendly
voice over his shoulder,

"May I join you Michael?" It was the voice of Scott
Tinsley. He stood there with his sandwich box clasped
between his hands. Michael nodded approval and Scott sat
opposite him at the table.

"I'm afraid I'm not much company today Scott. I feel
really low," Michael began as Scott opened his sandwich

"I can imagine. It was awful... I wish I could have done
something to stop it getting out of hand like it did.
Those girls stitched you up," Scott explained. Michael
listened appreciatively as Scott continued. "They ganged
up on you and you ended up with a spanking, a bare
bottomed one too. I have seen girls at the gym club
spanked, but never on the bare. It was so unfair!" Scott
ranted as he furiously bit into his 'granny smith'

"Uh huh!" Michael agreed. "I don't know what was worse,
having all of those girls looking at my willy, or Laura,
Lisa and Linda all fondling me. I guess everyone else
missed that as they had all left the gym." Scott's jaw
dropped in disbelief. "Yep, they felt me up as I was
standing against the wall. It was so humiliating."

"I can imagine," Scott replied.

"Despite that, it felt good... you know, down there,"
Michael said and explained to Scott what he did when he
got home.

"Well, I got walked home by a couple of my sister's
friends who are in the club. They kept whispering about
what had happened to you and giggled about what they had
seen. I got kind of embarrassed to hear girls talking
that way. It made me feel bad to be a boy! It was almost
as if I didn't exist. Bitches!" Scott said.

"I hope you weren't talking about us, little boy!" a
voice said from behind Scott. It was Laura Smith.
Michael hadn't seen the trio approach, such was his
interest in what Scott had to say about the previous
day's events. Michael shrunk down in his chair and Scott
whipped his head round to see who was talking.

"N, noo, I wasn't talking about you, honest," Scott
whimpered, turning hastily back to his apple. Without a
care, Linda, Laura and Lisa sat down at the table. The
tables in the dining hall were made for 6, with 3 spaces
each side. Michael and Scott sat opposite each other at
one end. Lisa sat down next to Michael, Laura sat next
to Lisa and Linda sat down next to Scott.

"Hello Brains! You don't mind if we join you do you?"
Lisa said and plumped herself down wiggling her bottom
on the seat.

"Noooo, no, I don't mind," Michael replied, daring not
to say otherwise. A pang of embarrassment washed through
him and visibly manifested itself as a blush. The girls
were quick to pick up on this.

"Awww, are we making you feel uncomfortable Mikey?"
Linda said, leaning across the table and trying to look
smugly into his eyes.

"I am surprised you can sit down today after yesterday's
revelations," Lisa whispered into his ear and running
her right hand along Michael's left thigh. "Are you

"Shhh! Leave me alone, please." Michael quickly moved
his hands under the table and attempted to shoe Lisa's
advancing hand away. He felt a familiar stirring in his
pants, but was desperate not to let these girls know
what he was feeling. "Stop that..."

"You put on a real nice show yesterday Michael, we loved
your little dickie," Lisa continued, easily avoiding
Michael's hand under the table and brushing desperately
close to his groin. "But we are not done yet!" As Lisa
said that, her hand found it's way onto the rising bulge
between his legs and she delicately squeezed the
hardening mass. "Mmmm, anyone would think that you like
this Mikey," Lisa teased and all three girls giggled. As
Lisa continued to fondle Michael under the table, Linda

"The boot is on the other foot now isn't it?"

"Wh, what do you want? Why can't you just leave me
alone? You had your revenge!" Michael responded,
squirming uncomfortably on his seat.

"That wasn't revenge, ha! Oh no, that was just an
unexpected bonus. We won't rest until we have seen you
beaten... in more ways than one, ha!" Linda said smugly
before setting back into her seat. Michael looked down
forlornly at his food, now losing his appetite. Lisa
continued to rub her hand all over the area between his

"Meet us in the gym store room after school today, and
make sure you are alone. Don't need your little ally,
he'll mind his own business if he knows what's good for
him!" Laura said as Linda reached under the table and
gave Scott a fondled 'warning' between his legs. He was
unprepared for this and he jumped out of his seat,
picked up his lunch and quickly dashed out of the dining

"Sweet little boy!" Laura said and all three girls
laughed quietly and left. Michael was alone once more.
He couldn't face the remainder of his lunch as he
reassessed his predicament and contemplated what awaited
him this afternoon. This time he would be completely on
his own, young Scott had been well and truly scared off.
There wouldn't even be a teacher around to keep the
girls in check. This was not good.


That afternoon, Michael had a double lesson of art with
Mrs Garrod. Lisa Davies was also in this class and she
kept grinning at him from the other side of the room.
Today the pupils were asked to draw an inanimate object
that had been brought from home.

"I want you to draw it in pencil, and use shading to
emphasise differences in colouring and appearance of
shadow," Mrs Garrod explained. "I want it to be complete
by the end of the day, so I am not expecting a

The children bustled loudly as they each got out their
inanimate objects. Michael had brought a ping-pong
paddle to draw, which had a smooth blue side and a
pimpled red side. He laid it down, using a pencil eraser
to prop the paddle up to an interesting angle. Michael
also had a ping-pong ball and placed this nearby to
create a depth of field and perspective.
Before commencing his drawing, Michael looked over
curiously to the other side of the room to see what Lisa
was going to draw. Despite being in fear of this girl
and her cronies, he did have that fanciful crush on her
and really did want to be her boyfriend. What he saw did
not register with him, such was his eagerness to get on
with his art. Lisa was drawing a camera, a digital
camera. She had mentioned in morning registration once
that she had been given a new camera for her birthday,
and here it was.

Although Michael managed to complete his drawing before
the end of the day, it was a struggle to keep his mind
on his work. At the back of his mind, he wondered what
the girls were going to have in store for him.


Michael did not go straight to the gym store room after
the final bell of the day, instead he went to his locker
to retrieve a couple of books that he would need for his
homework over the weekend. Taking a deep breath, Michael
proceeded towards the storeroom.

Gingerly, Michael opened the door to the gym and
cautiously stepped inside. There was eerie silence as he
delicately (almost tiptoed) across the gym towards the
storeroom. Were the girls there?

"Hello?" Michael whispered through the curtain. There
was no answer and he silently moved behind the curtain
and into the dimly lit storeroom.

The storeroom was pretty dark and only a small amount of
light was let in through a single small 'skylight'
window in the ceiling. The late afternoon sun cast long
shadows in the storeroom, with the dust visibly floating
in the shaft of light beaming through the small window.

Around him, there were shapes of gym equipment. Folded
up table tennis tables and vaulting horses littered the
room, along with racks of volley balls, basket balls and
all the usual gym paraphernalia.

"Hello?" Michael again whispered, convinced that nobody
else was in the room. "Are you there? Lisa? Come on, if
you're there, come out!" Michael began to lose patience,
convinced that this was just another wind up.

Michael turned to leave, but just before he reached the
curtain, a feminine hand covered his mouth and an arm
was put around his waist. He was being bundled form

"Mmmmmphh, mmmph! Unngghh!!" Michael struggled to speak
as the hand rendered him dumb. He felt that he was being
dragged around the storeroom and after dropping his bag
to the floor, suddenly felt a softer surface beneath his
feet. He was on a gym mat. The other person spun him
around and faced him, it was Lisa Davies. She
relinquished her grip on the boy. Too shocked to run,
Michael listened as she began,

"You made it then, finally!"

"W, what do you want?" Michael stammered. "Please don't
hurt me, I think I have suffered enough."

"Do you now? I think otherwise," Lisa responded, her
eyebrows raised and arms folded across her chest in a
pose of defiance. She looked very forceful in her knee
length white socks and short blue pleated school skirt.
Her white shirt looked grey in the darkness and her
school tie was being worn very short. This girl meant

"Please, stop doing this. You have seen me spanked, and
you have seen me humiliated. What else could you
possibly want?" Michael whimpered, keen to see an end to
this battle.

"Oh stop whimpering like a little boy. Sure, we had our
little show and got to see you spanked and everything
else, but we want some fun with you. After all, you are
quite sweet," Lisa said. Michael thought she was mocking
him again and blushed as he looked up at the skylight.

"Tell me what you want!" he was becoming anxious.

"I want to spank you myself. I want to make you sorry,
and so I want to spank you. We all want to spank you,
little boy... don't we girls!" Lisa said, and from
behind Michael, two girls began to giggle. It was the
unmistakable cackle of Linda Stuart and Laura Smith.
Michael looked round and saw them smiling gleefully at

Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath, Michael could
feel the fear rising within him, his face became all hot
and his heart began to race.

"Okay, spank me then. Do it now, here. Just get it over
with..." Michael said quietly now beginning to bite his
lower lip.

"Oh, that would be too easy. Like I said, we want to
have some fun with you... and your little dickie," Lisa
remarked, taking a step closer to Michael on the mat.

"W, w, wh, what?" Michael stammered in disbelief. "You
can't do that!"

"Oh yes we can... find it Linda," Lisa said and Linda
began to fumble in Michael's bag. Michael turned round
to see what Linda was after and it soon became clear.

"Got it!" Linda claimed triumphantly as she held aloft
Michael's table tennis (ping-pong) paddle.

"Okay!" Lisa said, attracting Michael's attention once
again. "Now I... errrm, we want you to take off your
clothes and be a good boy." Michael's eyes nearly shot
out of their sockets. The girls wanted him to strip.

"No way. I'm not doing that. If you're gonna do
anything, it will be with my clothes on," Michael said

"Come on Michael!" Michael looked round again. It was
Laura stepping into the meagre light. "If you co-operate
and be a good little boy, we will make it as painless as
we can." The boy looked in disbelief at Laura. He knew
better than to trust her, or any of the three girls
present after what had happened yesterday. Michael
noticed that Laura had Lisa's digital camera around her
neck. This was beginning to look very grim. In a fit of
panic, Michael said,

"Fuck this..." and bolted to leave through the curtain.

"Get him girls!" Lisa said motioning for Linda and Laura
to prevent his escape. They needed no encouragement and
were already well placed to push him back into the
centre of the mat. In the melee, one of the girls had
pushed the switch that turned the lights on in the

The girls surrounded him and despite his struggles to
break through them, they held together firmly. It looked
as though there was no escape.

"Please let me go... you can't do this," Michael

"Oh we can do this Mikey, and we will," Lisa said, a
wicked grin spreading across her face. "Now we can do
this our way, or we can do it... our way <giggle>. Are
you gonna strip, or are we gonna do it for you?" The
other two girls laughed at this distinct lack of

With one last push for freedom, Michael bundled into
Linda and Laura and almost made it through. But
together, they just 'girl handled' him back into the
centre of the mat.

He felt very embarrassed that he couldn't break out of
this situation. From their regular sessions at the gym,
they had all become quite strong.

Losing patience, Lisa began the assault on Michael. She
grabbed him around the waist and he responded by
grabbing her back. As the other two girls quietly
cheered their friend on, Lisa and Michael continued to
tussle. Michael began to get some familiar sensations in
between his legs as he grappled with the girl. This was
a different challenge.

Being so close to Lisa as she grappled with him for
physical supremacy, he could smell her perfume on her
neck and down into her cleavage. It was a distinctive
vanilla aroma, one he had smelled before on other girls
that he had sat next to in class.

Such was the strength of the attacking girl, Michael
just wanted to keep his head above water. However, Lisa
was more determined and used her left leg to lock behind
Michael's right leg and tripped him to the floor.

"Yeah! Get him Lisa, show him who's boss!" Laura shouted
smugly at this show of girl power. Michael was beginning
to lose this battle and before he could curl into the
protective ball that he longed for, Lisa was sat astride
his stomach, with her hands holding his wrists down - a
textbook schoolgirl pin. Lisa looked down into Michael's
watering eyes. Michael was tearful because he had
effectively lost a fight to a girl and she was pinning
him to the mat. He did not know why his genitals tingled
so and why he was displaying a large tent in his

"I bet you've never been beaten like that before have
you, boy?" Lisa mocked, licking her lips. Michael did
not respond, but instead blinked his eyes to try and
spirit his tears away. He was blushing. "You were so
easy! Looks like I am the better wrestler doesn't it?"

Michael tried to buck Lisa off his stomach, but she was
firmly planted there, and Michael could feel the heat
between her legs conducting through his jumper.

"Linda, stop his kicking will you, he is starting to
piss me off!" Lisa ordered. Quickly, Linda used her
hands to hold Michael's ankles still, rendering him just
about powerless. "Now you just hold still Mikey. We gave
you a chance to take your clothes off, now we're gonna
do it for you," Lisa said. "Are you going to keep still
for us? If you don't, you will be very sorry!" Michael
nodded, aware that he had been well beaten and was
determined to tough this out. After all, they had
already seen him without his shorts and pants before.
"Good Boy!" Lisa mocked.

Linda held his ankles fast as Lisa released the pressure
on Michael's stomach. She moved so that she was kneeling
'above' his head but maintained a strong grip on his
wrists. Michael looked up at her and saw her face
leaning over him, upside down. Her eyes followed his
body and spied the tent that had formed in his trousers.

"Oooh, girls, I think Mikey junior has popped up to say
hello!" Lisa said, gesturing with her head to his groin.
"I think we will start with this jumper, I am sure Mikey
will want to cool down after our wrestle." Laura was the
recipient of this comment and quickly set about pulling
Michael's jumper up so that it bunched at his head. "I
think you had better sit on his stomach so that he
doesn't try and move when we take his jumper off Laura."

"Okay!" Laura replied and promptly sat astride Michael's
stomach. He now had no less than three girls holding him
down. He knew now that resisting was useless and did not
try to struggle when Lisa let go of his wrists to pull
his jumper free.

"Linda, I think now would be a good time to get the
first photograph don't you?" Lisa said. "Michael, being
restrained and stripped..." Linda giggled and quickly
let go of Michael's ankles to take the first picture.
The picture showed Michael on the mat, tears in his eyes
with Laura sitting on his stomach and Lisa holding his
jumper aloft and holding one of his wrists to the mat.

Next, Laura tampered with Michael's tie, fumbling at the
collar to unfasten it. With ease, she held it aloft as
Linda snapped another picture, before discarding the tie
onto the jumper. Laura then wiggled her bottom on the
prone boy's chest and leaned down to look closely at his
face. When she saw that he had tears in his eyes (tears
of fear and humiliation) she leaned in as if to give him
a kiss. At the last minute, she withdrew and looked
again to Michael's lips eagerly awaiting. Laura just

"You should be so lucky!" Laura said.

With Lisa now regaining control of Michael's wrists,
Laura slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

"Please Laura, don't do anymore. Please... don't strip
me. I'll take my clothes off for you, but this is so
humiliating, please don't..." Michael pleaded. The girls
had made up their mind and were clearly getting off on
their power.

As Laura's determined little hands proceeded to move
their way down Michael's shirt buttons, so her bottom
moved down his stomach and onto his groin. She could
clearly feel his erection tenting through his trousers.

"Oooh, Mikey! You have a present for us in there I
think!" Laura mocked as her thighs attempted to squeeze
the bulge between them. She was able to finish
unbuttoning his shirt and deftly ran her hands over his
naked stomach and up to his chest.

Michael began to feel quite ticklish as Laura used her
girlish fingers to explore his nipples and his ticklish
spots. Michael began to giggle.

"Oooh, we've got a ticklish one here girls," Lisa said
as Linda snapped another picture on the camera. The
picture made it look like Laura was making love to
Michael, against his will. The girls managed to free
Michael of his shirt without him making much fuss; he
was almost resigned to his fate.

With Michael now completely topless, both Laura and Lisa
began to run their hands over him. He continued to
giggle, as their touches were very light and feminine.
Lisa then took hold of his wrists just to be safe and
Laura climbed off from Michael's groin. The tent was
still very visible poking upwards in his trousers.

"Okay Laura, unfasten his belt!" Lisa said with an
encouraging smile to her willing friend. Michael began
to protest again as she fumbled for his belt buckle,

"Noooo, please. Please don't strip me any more. I am
begging you." Fresh blushes spread across his face and
tears welled up in his eyes again, but still his
erection would not subside. Laura began to fondle his
hidden cock through his trousers and squeezed gently as
he continued to protest.

Linda was becoming anxious that Michael might give the
whole game away with his pleadings, she told him to be
quiet and to,

"Take it like a man..." She then repossessed Michael's
tie and threatened to use it as a makeshift gag. He
quietened down obediently and just sobbed quietly.

"Good boy," Lisa praised. Laura then recommenced her
fumbling at Michael's belt buckle and succeeded in
unfastening it. It was nothing fancy, just a plain brown
fake leather belt. Laura deftly unbuttoned his trousers
and lowered the zip, being careful to bump into his
'tent' several times as she did so.

"Mmmmhh, please stop! This isn't right," Michael sobbed.

"Okay Mikey, lift up so we can get these off ya!" Laura
said smiling as someone on the verge of victory does.
Michael looked into her eyes hoping for salvation and
humility, but found none. He did not raise his bottom in
the air to allow the girls to remove his trousers.
Instead, Linda and Laura both tickled his sides until he
was bucking like a startled horse, his movements
allowing Laura to get a good grip at the waist of his
trousers. She quickly got them down to his knees and
once the tickling had stopped, Michael settled back down
and remained compliant, at least for the time being.

The girls had been quick to get Michael's trousers this
far, but had forgotten his shoes. Linda was quick to
take a photograph of the stricken boy, with Lisa holding
his wrists and Laura at his trousers, which were down at
his knees. Linda then unfastened his shoes and removed
them whilst Laura held his ankles to prevent any

Michael was now left being held down by two girls as a
third looked on with a camera, wearing nothing but his
fortunately clean light blue briefs and his grey socks.
The girls giggled and pointed when they noticed that his
erection was straining to break through the briefs.
Linda snapped a close up of that hidden treasure rudely
trying to expose itself.

"Now then.... slave-boy, are you going to submit to a
spanking, or do we have to remove your pants and spank
you anyway?" Lisa asked, moving up close to Michael's
face. It was then that he could smell her perfume again.
He so much wanted to be her boyfriend.

"I, I'll take a spanking, please don't pull my pants
down again. Just spank me and let me go," he begged.
With those words, the girls let his wrists and ankles go
and he was free to get up, the girls keeping his
trousers and shirt well away from him.

"That's better. All you have to do is co-operate and
things will go fine." Lisa ushered him over to the low,
small sized vaulting horse and gestured for him to bend
over it. "Good boy... Now then, we have to make sure
that you behave during your punishment don't we?" Lisa

"Uh-huh," Michael responded meekly. What he didn't see
behind him was that Linda and Laura were removing their
school ties. Lisa moved in behind Michael and 'buffered'
up to his bottom, rubbing her crotch against him.
Michael moaned lightly as he felt her power. She placed
her hands on Michael's shoulders and gently but firmly
held him down.

Before Michael was aware of what was happening, Linda
and Laura had secured his hands to the tops of the vault
legs with their ties, and Michael became scared and

"Noooo, don't tie me down, you could do anything... you
could leave me here for god knows who to find me...
please don't... l, let me goooo, please..." he begged.

Linda stood up in front of the bent over boy and placed
her finger to his lips,

"Ssshhhh little boy! You might enjoy this as much as we
do..." With that, she grinned wickedly at him. Behind
him, he sensed that one of the girls had taken another
picture of him, bent over and secured to the vault. He
then felt small girlish fingers running along the rim of
his briefs. He clenched his bottom cheeks together in
fear and anticipation of the finger's invasion.

"I thought you were going to let me keep my pants up?"
Michael whimpered, fresh tears of shame stinging his

"And I thought that you were gullible... and I was
right!" Laura said. "No, no, it's pants down for you
Mikey..." The voice behind him was that of Laura. Once
again, she was threatening to pull his pants down for
the other two girls assembled to see. "Here they go..."

"Noooooo!" Michael protested as he felt Laura's fingers
pull at the top of his briefs. There was no teacher to
monitor this practice this time and he himself was
powerless to stop her in that position. He closed his
eyes and thought of a thousand other things as he felt
the cotton briefs gently yet purposefully clear the back
of his bottom and down his knees and resting at his
ankles. Michael whimpered as the three girls revelled at
his exposure once again. Then, the only sound was that
of a picture being taken.

"Awww, does Mikey want to cry?" Laura said, running her
warm little hand over his backside. "You will cry soon,
I guarantee it! Move those legs apart." Michael
complied, and after stepping out of his briefs, moved
his feet about two feet apart. The girls, now all
assembled behind him were able to see not only his
exposed bottom, but by their giggles, his hanging
testicles and penis no doubt, as he was bent over.

The girls quickly decided on a batting order of Linda
first, Laura second and Lisa batting third. Their plan
was to spank Michael into telling truths. Linda picked
the ping-pong paddle from the adjacent gym mat and took
aim with the pimpled side.

"I am going to enjoy this as much, if not more than
yesterday... Brains!" Linda said, annoyingly using his
nickname again. "I want you to count out the strokes as
they land..." With that, she brought the bat firmly down
on his backside,


"Aiiiihhh! One..." Michael said, his left bottom cheek
stinging like a doctors needle.

"One what?" Linda said, leaning in and whispering in his

"One... Miss?"

"Good boy! Now keep that up!" Linda encouraged as her
second stroke hit,


"Ahhhh! Two Miss," Michael wailed. Linda and the other
girls were in delight as they had their very own boy to
spank as they wished. Their fun was just beginning.
Linda delivered two more strokes and then posed a
question to Michael,

"Who's the best vaulter?" Linda whispered to him,
running her hand up the inside of his thighs and cupping
his balls. Michael did not want to answer, but Linda
squeezed his balls tightly in her hand, "who's the best

"Ahhhhoowww! You are... you are the best vaulter,"
Michael whined. Linda loosened her grip, but before
withdrawing her hand, played lightly with the shaft of
his penis, running her fingertip over the top and around
his foreskin.

"Good boy Michael... you know that girls are the better
sex! Mmmmm, you do. Lisa, he is still firm. I think he
is enjoying this as much as us," Linda remarked. Laura
and Lisa giggled and moved into positions more
appropriate for viewing his secret parts, and Linda took
aim again.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The spanks continued to rain and
Michael continued to count them out. His bottom felt as
though it was on fire and he guessed that it was now
displaying a medium rare pink colour. Linda was done.

Next into bat was Laura, the pretty girl with the really
bad attitude, so Michael thought. She took aim with the
pimpled side of the bat as she rubbed his pink cheeks.

SMACK! This was the hardest spank yet, and it echoed
around the racks of sports balls and equipment like a
shout in a cave. It was a firm strike to his left cheek.

"Ahhhh! Owwww! One...Miss," Michael began to count again
as the second assault on his bottom began.

SMACK! Another blow to his right cheek.

"Owwww! Two...Miss," Michael whimpered again.

"It is much better to do it myself than watching
Edgington do it, eh girls?" Laura chuckled to herself,
brimming with confidence and pride at seeing this boy
tortured and humiliated so. Laura then ran her hand up
Michael's left inner thigh and cupped his balls, gently
at first. "Who is the better wrestler? Who is stronger
than you... boy?" Linda asked, squeezing harder now on
his exposed testicles. As she squeezed, Lisa this time
took a photograph. What would the girls do with those?

"Owwww, you're hurting me... stop that..." Michael

"Tell us, who is stronger? Who beat you today?" Laura

"Lisa... Lisa beat me, she is stronger than me."

"Good boy! You are a star, Michael," Laura praised,
before releasing her grip on his testicles and taking
aim again. She tickled her fingertips over the
tightening skin of his scrotum, an action that made
Michael's bottom wiggle in protest. "Yes, some girls are
very strong - stronger than boys..."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Three more quick fire spanks with
the paddle were swiftly landed onto the poor boy's
inflamed backside and were counted out. Tears of shame
and pain rolled down his cheeks, drying slowly as the
heat in his blushing face took its effect. He tried to
move free, but he was securely fastened by the girl's

Lisa then took hold of the ping-pong paddle. She walked
to the front of the vault and leaned in to whisper at

"Now Brains... Our work is nearly done, just one more
spanking for you to endure, and we might let you go,"
Lisa whispered. Michael sniffled grimly at his
predicament. A plethora of "if onlys" spun through his
mind. However, his constant level of sexual arousal
betrayed his thoughts. Why was he feeling good things in
his cock when his bottom burned and his feelings hurt

As she stood in front of him, she moved her left hand
under her skirt and obscenely ran her left hand through
the folds of her pussy and offered her fingers to
Michael's nose. Michael recognised that scent from the
incident in Miss Greer's office. Lisa was aroused. She
held her fingers under his nose as she continued,

"Seeing you stripped and spanked has made me tingly. I
can see that you are aroused also. I know I am going to
enjoy spanking you Mikey..." With that, she returned to
Michael's rear and took aim. Michael's bottom clenched
with fear and anticipation of impending fire.

SMACK! The first of Lisa's spanks exploded onto his
right bottom cheek,

"OOOWooowwww! Awww, one Miss!" Michael wailed. A second,
third and fourth smack was similarly fierce and counted
out accordingly by the stricken boy.

"Awww, bless you Michael, we are nearly done. I want to
know, who you fancy. Who turns you on most in year 9?
Who do you want to date?" Lisa enquired, expecting the
boy to break... To add effect, Laura took a photograph
as Lisa frisked up his inner thighs, caressed his
blazing backside, and down underneath to his testicles.
This time however, Lisa did not stop at his balls, she
continued her grope until she found her goal. She
gripped his penis at the base and fondled up and down
along the shaft, gently pulling the foreskin back and
forth over the tip.

"Please stop, Lisa, please... don't touch me there...
please," Michael sobbed, but Lisa was relentless.

"Tell me who you fancy, Michael. Who would you like to
be your girlfriend? Tell me, or I'll make you come!"
Lisa warned and increased the pace of her action
slightly. Michael instinctively moved his legs together
to try and stop Lisa from completing her masturbation.

"Please... it's you Lisa. I want to be your boyfriend.
Mmmmhh, please let me go! Mmmmh, Please, no more... It
hurts so much. Please don't hit me any more... I'll do
anything you want, just please don't spank me, please
don't make me come..." Michael bawled, his head resting
on the vault. He was beaten.

"Mmmmm! You fancy me do you?" Lisa asked in disbelief,
her hand leaving his penis alone. Her tone was one of
flattered joy. The other two girls giggled and Laura

"You got yourself an admirer - I knew he enjoyed being
spanked in front of us yesterday. You could tell by his

"Ssshhhh Laura," Lisa admonished. "He is beaten. We've
won! He said he will do anything. Do you know what this
means?" Laura and Linda were silent. "It means we have
got ourselves a little slave boy." The other girl's
began to giggle and Lisa continued, "Michael Saunders
wants to be my boyfriend and said he will do anything
for me... for us! Well, I'm not looking for a boyfriend
at the moment, at least not you," she said in Michael's
ear. The girls retreated and huddled together for what
seemed like an hour in Michael's mind.

"We have decided that if you do as we say, and by that I
mean Laura, Linda and I, between now and when school re-
starts in August, we will forget our differences. If you
do well, I might consider you as a potential, and only
potential boyfriend. Do we have a deal?" Lisa asked.

"What will I have to do?" Michael sniffled solemnly,
realising that between now and the end of the summer
holiday was a bloody long time...

"Well, you will just have to do as we say, nothing
nasty... at least not too nasty," Lisa said.

"What if I say no?" Michael asked a fair question, but
really should have shown more sense. Never cross a girl
when she is firmly in control of all the cards.

"You are in no position to say no..." Lisa said,
appearing in front of Michael with the digital camera,
with a picture of Lisa spanking his bottom, and him bent
over a vaulting horse! "These pictures will be shown all
round the school, to girls and boys if you don't
comply." Michael was left in no doubt who was in charge.

"Okay... I'll do it. But I won't do anything nasty, I'm
not eating slugs or anything like that..." Michael

"We'll see that nothing BAD will happen to you," Lisa
said. Laura and Linda began to retrieve their ties from
the legs of the vaulting horse and let Michael free. As
he stood up, he modestly tried to cover his privates
from the view of the girls, but seeing them shake their
head and giggle realised that there was nothing that
they hadn't seen before. The fires in his bottom then
reminded him of what had just happened. Now his hands
were rubbing his bottom cheeks, surely aglow and well

Before giving Michael his trousers back, Linda mocked,

"I am better at vaulting, Lisa is stronger than you and
together we are cleverer than you <giggle> I love it
when girls can demonstrate how good they are!" Devious
maybe, but more clever? That would be a battle for
another day.

Lisa went up to Michael and offered him his briefs. She
put both her arms around him and pressed herself into
him, feeling his still stiff penis against her crotch.
She kissed him sweetly on the cheek and said,

"We are gonna have some fun Mikey... you're mine!" With
that, Lisa put one of her fingers into his mouth, one
that had been in her pussy. Michael closed his eyes and
as quickly as it had all began, he was then alone to get
dressed again.

That night, at home, Michael had a cool shower to soothe
his bottom. At least he had the weekend to get over this
assault. Images from that afternoon and from the day
before replayed over and over in his mind. He had been
caught and beaten. He played with himself to several
mind shattering climaxes in the shower as he attempted
to make sense of and resolve these still 'unusual'
feelings. At least the girls didn't make him come. That
would have been bad!

As long as his humiliation stayed between him and the
three girls, it wouldn't be so bad, would it?
Michael and the girls will return in part 4,
Michael Learns His Place.

(C) 2003 The Courageous Pedagogue.


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