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Title: Is She The Slut I Told Her She Was
Keywords: mF, bond, inc, nc, mdom, ws, mom, son
Author: Caesar
An AI researcher named Bluth
Wrote, to find out the sexual truth,
Eroticon VI,
Which he taught certain tricks
Which I'm sure can't be found in Knuth.

Is She The Slut I Told Her She Was?

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

Damn, Todd had a some chick over which means we are going to be late
for the hockey game!

"Gill... come on in!" He wore only a terry-cloth robe as he stood
aside to let me into his apartment.

The smell of sex was thick in the bachelor pad.

His apartment had no bedrooms but was still rather large - a single
huge room that incorporated his kitchen, living room and bedroom all
in one. There was sixteen foot ceilings that had the pipes showing,
retro but modern. Between the main rooms, there was rough brick-ware
- to a height of eight feet - so effectively his yuppie bachelor pad
was divided into separate rooms.

"Who is it this time Todd?" Even at the frustration of knowing we
were going to be late for the game - I couldn't keep the shit-eating
grin off my face as I asked that question.

He grinned back, "Are you sure you wanna know?" I simply nodded.
"Well," he though for a lengthy second to think, "let me just say that
she is a housewife here in the neighbourhood."

"Fuck man - you better hope her old man doesn't finds out!" I meant
it, it would not be the first time I had to help my friend out of a
fight after a husband or boyfriend came for revenge.

He shrugged as he always did; pussy was always so much more important
than the after affects. Todd always lived for the moment and never,
for as long as I knew him, thought of the consequences.

I hushed my voice slightly and leaned in, "Well get rid of her, we are
going to be late for the game?" I shoved my wrist and my watch into
his face.

He looked sheepishly at me, "That's not as easy as it sounds."

All I could think of was that we were going to miss the first period
of the game - and I paid a hundred bucks for the tickets!

Pussy to most guys is more important than a sports game, even the
regional semi-finals - but Todd was different, he got more pussy than
everyone else I knew, me included, added together.

There was something about him - his tall thin Italian good looks, the
way he seems to absorb his full attention toward a woman - that just
seemed to make the ladies desire all sorts of things from him.

Todd turned and motioned for me to follow.

I did.

We went about a brick wall and came into his living room, it was more
than that of course. It was a parlour to Todd's every kink. What I
mean is that if he wanted to simply go to 'bed' and fuck a woman, he
would go to his bed. But if he wanted to tie a girl up, spank
her... whatever, he would do it in his living room.

There over an aluminium frame, upon her stomach along its long axis,
was a near-naked older woman. I say 'near-naked' because she wore
thick tan stockings and a brown garter belt - the left leg had a
terrible run from the heel to just a few inches above the knee. And I
say 'older' because it was obvious by her body that she was no tight
co-ed. The middle-aged woman was bound ankles and wrists to be base
of the frame, forcing her to bend provocatively over, her legs spread
wide. She was helpless, but exposed, bound like that.

Oh, another thing about Todd - he seemed to favour older women than
ones our own age. He had told me years before, when we were half
drunk after a bush-party. It had all started when Todd was twelve -
when his mothers sister, his aunt, had seduced him. He told me all
the sordid details, and I was sceptical at the time - but the next day
be brought over a dozen photos as proof - all taken that morning for
my benefit. I think, to this day, they still fornicate whenever his
aunt can get away from her husband. And she was a kinky old bitch,
from what I understand - even for Todd's varied tastes.

I seemed to have interrupted at an inopportune time.

"Uh...?" Even with her head in a leather hood, with only her mouth
free of its confinement, and that had a fat red ball stuck between her
lips - I could see that the older woman had an attractive body.

Todd came around to stand beyond the woman and the frame, so that we
had to talk over her prostate and bound body. Her head came up and I
could see that she tried to listen to every word we said - her ears
were flattened inside the leather hood.

I wondered, not for the last time, whom she was?

"... I guess your not interested in the hockey game huh?" I foresaw
me sitting drinking a beer at the game myself - shit I hated going to
a sports event alone. That image just made me angry - Todd had wanted
to go to that game, so he was going - chick or not!

Todd made that thinking-face of his, and then reached out to stroke
the curly thick red hair that was not hidden beneath the leather hood.
Almost affectionately he stroked it softly, then he moved it to her
naked smooth back. Slowly his hand moved down her back to a wide soft
hip to lay upon her large round ass - he gave this a rough squeeze.

I took a closer look at the exposed body of this woman and assumed my
friend would choose this seductive sexy woman over some cold hockey
arena. There upon her large round white ass I could see the tell-tale
marks of a wide belt - Todd had whipped her numerous times it seems.

Well it wouldn't be the first time he had beat one of his 'dates'.
Knowing Todd, neither would it be the last!

There between her thighs was what I assumed to be the woman's urine -
the trail of it darkening the inside of her tan nylons and there about
her feet, a puddle. Todd was a kinky bastard, I have to give him

He saw my look and smiled and slowly shrugged, we had known each other
too long and had shared too many things to judge him on this little
kink. For one I knew he took delight in urinating on some women - a
mixed form of domination and humiliation he once told me.

Todd was into domination and bondage in a big way. I have personally
watched him with some woman, normally older ladies... treat them like
dirt, and then weeks later see that same woman begging for another
'date' with him. He seemed to understand just what each woman needs
to be pushed past the limit of her self control - perhaps it was
humiliation by being bound up or urinated upon, or maybe it was as
simple as ordered to climb beneath a restaurant table and blow Todd.
It was the mystery of his power over these ladies. I didn't have it,
though I have no problem getting laid with girls my own age.

Between her white buttocks, I could see that congealed substance that
I have seen him use before. "Fucked her in the ass Todd?" I nodded
with my chin toward the evidence upon the woman's skin.

He seemed to be embarrassed for some reason, an emotion that was very
rare in my friend. "I took her virginity just before you rang." He
looked over to the low metal table near us and I saw a hastily
discarded condom, obviously very well filled. I immediately forgot
that foreign emotion by the sight of such blatant sexuality. "The
bitch loved it so much that she pissed and orgasmed at the same time."

His title for the bound and gagged woman did not take me by surprise,
he often talked his 'dates' by what would normally be humiliating and
debasing names. The ladies rarely seemed to notice.

I simply nodded, my mind back on the game that has just starting ten
minutes drive from here.

Todd must have seen my disinterest and found the surprising need to
brag, "She never cheated on her husband before tonight... and when she
got here her cunt was flowing like a river." I looked at my watch.
"I tried it the normal way", 'normal' to Todd was in bed, naked, "but
the bitch was barely adept, so I thought to push her evelope... I
haven't touched her cunt yet... as a punishment!"

Two guys standing over a bound and freshly buggered older woman, one
bragging to the other guy who just wanted to get out of there - seems
wild doesn't it?

Well in our last year of high school, already knowing and admiring my
friends ability to seduce nearly any older woman, I discovered that he
was fucking our English teacher. Well fucking wasn't the right word,
for nearly two weeks she was his slave. He fucked her in every hole,
humiliated her in numerous ways including once having her call her
husband so he could listen as he fucked her sloppy cunt, and then she
shared her with his best friend - me. When he was done, he barely
looked at the woman - but I watched as this normally uptight and
strict woman humiliated herself willingly by begging a teenager for
his attentions. We still have pictures of the three-person orgies we
enjoyed those two weeks. Funny thing - humiliated and then ignore the
pretty teacher and Todd still got ninety percent in a class he never
cracked a book in.

That had been one of my first introductions to Todd's sexual escapades
- one of several that we had enjoyed together. One of the things we
like to do on a weekend when Todd has a woman who is willingly
submitting herself to him, is poke her front and end - cunt and mouth,
at the same time.

"In fact I don't think she ever tasted a man's come till I gave her my
first load!" The woman's hooded head was lowered in shame. Todd
treated them like shit and they seemed to love him even the more for

Women are strange.

"Are you or are you not coming with me to the game? Its already
started!" I was getting angry and his bragging stopped promptly.

"I'm coming... can you wait while I take a quick shower?" I told you
he could pass on this woman for a few hours for a hockey game - that
in itself was strange right? Well, welcome to Todd's life!

I sighed, "Do I have a fucking choice?"

He gave me a wide grin, one that did wonders toward the fairer, and
older, sex - but only caused me to sigh in frustration. Todd ran,
pulling off his robe on the way, to his bathroom - the only true room
in his apartment. Meaning it had a door.

Todd left it open though.

The shower started and he bellowed out, "Use the whore's cunt if you
want - I barely touched it earlier." Meaning he probably wet his dick
in her before making her suck him off.

It wasn't an incredible claim, he often lent me a slut when he wasn't
busy with them. Women to Todd, someone that can get a woman so
easily, were but a minutes distraction to him. And if truth be told,
Todd would rather poke a woman in the ass than in her cunt.

Though anxious to get out of there, I resolved to wait for my best
friend... that left me with several minutes to kill.

"Do you want me to let her go for you?"

Todd rushed out of the bathroom, a toothbrush and the foam half out of
his mouth, "Good god no! Just leave the bitch - I'll give her a long
tumble when I get back after the game." He meant to leave her in this
bound position for hours - not the most terrible thing I've seen him
do to a woman, but it still made me pause for a second.

Nude, Todd came over and squatted before the woman's head. With his
free hand he yanked the head up by her curly hair, "My friend Gill is
going to fuck you while I'm in the shower OK honey?"

She nodded side to side vigorously. Todd looked at me for my
reaction, I assume, and broke out laughing. It was infectious and I
joined him - this was all part of the game he played with his ladies.

"Go ahead buddy, I think you'll enjoy it." Todd smirked and ran back
to the bathroom - where I heard the shower door close.

It had been over a week since my girlfriend and I had a chance to fuck
- nothing kinky like Todd normally enjoyed, just good old' fashioned
fornication. The 'boring' stuff as my best friend would have said.

What's the harm, we have done this, or something similar, numerous
times in the past.

My hand reached out and gasped her wide soft white ass cheek.

The woman suddenly clenched every muscle in her body and was groaning
to herself - and it didn't sound as if it was a pleasurable moan. It
took me by surprise for a second, but I laughed it off - Todd did say
this was the first time she had cheated on her husband, I doubt she
imagined she would end up bound and fucked by two young studs.

Two fingers slipped into the groove of her fine ass and then into the
relaxed distended ass hole. They ground to the third knuckle with
ease. Well Todd had ruined that hole for a few more hours. The woman
moaned again - it sounded like someone who had an inflamed appendix or
something. Her head had dropped back down, as if in resignation of
her fate. That's the start of her ride of pleasure; and I've seen it
before in some of Todd's 'dates' - resignation.

As fine of a ride I'm sure her ass would be, it would have to happen
another day, if the chance should ever rear itself. No pun intended.

My fingers slipped easily from her body and moved downwards. What I
found proved Todd's words, her sex was wet and pure molten fire.
Those same two fingers slipped into her body with easy, her sex making
sloppy liquid sounds as I ground to the third knuckle.

"You are a wet one aren't you?" She didn't move. "I bet your cunt would love a good fuck right now?" The woman again lifted her hooded
head and vigorously nodded negatively. Fast and hard my two fingers
began to fuck her vagina and I saw that her chest was heaving with
deep fast breaths though she again made the pitiful moaning sound.

I didn't like it - and understood why Todd felt compelled to bind and
force himself on this woman, though I'm sure she would love him in the
morning as they all did - her moaning like she did when her cunt told
a different tale. I thought to treat her a little as my friend
normally treated his dates, "Your a little old for my tastes... and
your cunt a bit looser than I prefer...!" I did like girls my own
age, though I had learnt from Todd that a pussy was a pussy and a cock
is a hungry wild animal. As for the wet sloppy vagina, it certainly
was not the loosest I have finger banged, and it was to be expected as
this woman probably had children and been boned by her old man countless times in the years since she was a teenager.

So the bound woman was more than what I would consider my minimum for
a fuck - in fact my dick was even now straining painfully against my
jeans. Even without seeing her face, I could tell she was a fox
simply by her sexy voluptuous body.

The woman's head was down in shame but it began to vigorously nod the
affirmative when I teased, "Perhaps your just too old and loose for my

The attitude of this bitch amazed and angered me. She was going to
get one harsh fuck. No wonder Todd felt the need to bind and
humiliate her.

The fingers slipped from her body with a sucking pop - the zipper to
my jeans seemed loud as I rushed to release my hard dick. The woman
was thrashing at her bindings, groaning into her ball-gag and whipping
her head back and forth. You would think she really did not want my
dick in her cunt.

Well, not enough time to tease her to the point of begging for it - as
Todd and I have done in the past - my friend will be out of his shower
in only a short while and I will have missed my chance to get my rocks

It took two steps till I was behind her, my boots in the puddle of her
urine, my cock advancing fearlessly before me. This was no time for a
nice gentle fuck - for our mutual pleasure - but a fast hard ride, as
Todd so loved to give his ladies.

I quickly shoved myself into her bucking and wiggled body - it sunk
effortlessly into her super-heated sloppy-wet hole. As soon as my
belt hid the back of her ass, my dick fully seated within her, she
seemed to just loose all willpower to deny me this fuck. The woman
suddenly relaxed every muscle in her body and just hung upon the metal
horse seemingly resolved to what I was doing.

Grasping her soft wide hips, they were made just how I liked them, I
began to drive in and out of her body with rapid long strokes. Her
bound torso jerked with each thrust into her body and her cunt sloshed
as it was properly shagged.

Within two minutes of my entrance the first positive indication that
the older woman was enjoying this fuck was when she started to shove
her ass back to meet my inward thrust. There was other indications;
her chest was heaving fast as the breathing through the hoods nose
holes whistled with extended exertion. She had broken out in a sweat
so that her white skin was slick, shiny and slippery. The little
hairs upon her skin stood up as if she was cold, which she obviously
was not. The dark brown nipples had tightened up as her rather large
breasts hung down from either side of the metal horse.

I was actually rather surprised, after her negative reaction to my
advances that she should approach her pleasure so rapidly pleased me.
Maybe this womans cunt had been the temperature gauge to her pleasure
after all - as it had gotten sloppier with her abundant juices and
hotter, if possible.

The horny old broad was showing all the signs of pleasure - Todd had
been right to bind this bitch up after all.

I wasn't wearing a condom, because in truth, in my heat I had
forgotten it. "I'm going to flood that hot cunt of yours slut!" My
hands must be hurting her hips but the moan from behind that bright
red ball-gag this time held only pleasure as I felt my organ suddenly
enlarge as the inevitable was about to happen.

Then I began to spurt my seed deep into her body.

That must have set off her own explosion and though I was barely
cognisant of her pleasure, I felt her sex clench and vibrate upon my
manhood. The screams of her pleasure greatly muted behind the gag but
I smiled even as my dick began to fade and the spurts lessoned in
volume, knowing I had tamed another man's wife, someones mother.

Then we were done. She was again hanging limp upon the rack, her body
held only in place by her bindings.

The shower was still going, I was angry to discover, but I realized
that this only meant I could take even more leisure from this sexy old slut.

My cock slipped easily from her sloppy hole and a gush of mingled
juices was free to slide from her body. I looked down in amazement at
the how wet this woman was, even with my juices added to the flow -
she was adding to the puddle about her feet. It had even slopped onto
the toe of one of my boots - and I immediately brought that foot up to
whip it against her stocking clad calf. "You have one wet cunt slut."

I came around and contemplated taking her hood off - but liked the
mystery that this woman would forever walk down the street and would
wonder if any younger man that she saw was the one that Todd had let
fuck her this day. So I only unbound the clasp holding the ball gag
in place - I yanked the saliva covered ball roughly from her lips.

I expected her to gasp out her pleasure, to thank me, swear angrily
me, beg for more - most did at this point. Yet she worked her sore
jaw and simply licked her lips before firmly clamping them shut. Some
part of her must have known what I intended, as she turned the open
part of the hood as far away from me as she could.

It wasn't far enough.

Grasping her curly thick hair in one hand, as Todd had done earlier, I
roughly pulled her face back around toward me. My very wet limp dick
pressed against her closed lips but she didn't open them, a little
persuasion was in order. "Open up cow, or I'll have Todd phone your
husband to listen as we double bang you!" She immediately understood
my threat and opened her lips and sucked in my sloppy dick.

Now, after you have read this, you must think me some type of
degenerate - nearly as bad as my smooth talking best friend? Well, I
did enjoy being like this - rough and demanding, even domineering.
You should understand that I got to act like this so rarely, as I was
the normal tepid and polite young horny man with all of my previous
girlfriends. I'll blame Todd, he was able to bring the worst, or
perhaps I should call it the most passionate, out from people.

"Fuck! You took her gag off?" He was dressed and standing just at
the edge of the brick wall to his room - his face had a shocked pale
look upon it. I had to twist my head about to see him and his
reaction took me by complete surprise, what I was doing was not
something I've never done before with one of his 'dates'.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" The woman was sucking my cock
gently and evenly, compassionate could almost be the word, even
lovingly. I rather enjoyed her mouth - and if I allowed this to
continue, my dick would never allow us to get to the game.

The surprised look upon his face disappeared and Todd recovered
quickly, "Nothing. Did you fuck her?" He made a face at the
additional fluids about the womans feet and upon the inside of her
thighs. "I'd say you did. No condom - forgot again?"

I pulled my dick from the forgotten woman and shrugged comically. I
shoved my soft cleaned cock back into my pants and was about to follow
Todd toward the door to his place but stopped suddenly.

Squatting quickly I was a mere ten centimetres from those gentle lips
and half-whispered, "Perhaps we could do this again - all of Todd's
ladies want seconds." She nodded negatively, and it puzzled me why
she just didn't voice her view rather than act like she was still

I laughed softly, "Do you think you can go back to your kids and
husband knowing how much pleasure you found - how much of a slut is
inside you?"

Without another look, I stood and followed my friend from his pad.

If we were lucky we would still make it before the second period


My secretary dropped the stack of letters before me with a bright
good-morning smile. "It never ends uh?" Meaning the mail - I get a
short pile of it each morning.

"Job security Gill." She swung about on her heels and strode out of
there - knowing full well that I watched her big sexy voluptuous ass
sway out of my office. I had always been partial to a woman with a
little meat upon her bones - a big round sexy ass and heavy tits quicken my heart each time.

Carol, my secretary, had both!

Not that I've ever had the chance to enjoy the pleasures I'm sure she
could deliver, rather it was a flirtatious little game we played with
each other.

I sighed and returned my gaze back to the pile of envelopes on my desk
- I started to look through them. Since Carol opened and sorted my
mail, in priority order, I was surprised to find an unopened white
envelope on the top. Taking a closer look, I saw that it was marked

Interesting, I have never gotten a personal letter here at work.
Hell, I rarely get a personal letter at home!

As soon as I unfolded the single white page after tearing it from the
envelope, I saw immediately whom it was from - Todd that kinky

No wonder the letter was sent to me here rather than home - Todd could
barely say two sentences without some perverted statement - my wife would have some firm questions for me if Todd had sent something to my
house rather than work.

Geez, seeming his return address at the top of the hand-written letter
brought back some wild memories. It really wasn't all that long ago
really - barely three years since Todd accepted that job overseas. It
was probably for the better that we went our separate ways, he hadn't
changed since puberty and I had met my wife Anne and were expecting
our first child when Todd and I last saw each other.

Anne never cared for my friend Todd either - thought he was a bad
influence upon me. Little did she know!

Wow, the memories of the things we had done together, the chicks we

Geez, those were good times.

I shook my head to clean the cobwebs and began to read.

"Hey buddy!

I guess neither of us like to write much huh?

I have been thinking about this for a couple of years and wasn't
sure how to tell you, or if I wanted too. I know chicks buddy and
I bet Anne isn't giving you as much as when you first married her."

Todd never liked Anne - I think he once tried to seduce her, as he
does with nearly every woman he meets, but his attempt was disastrous.
Lets just say, it didn't work. As for his assumption that our
marriage bed was lacking, Todd was right again.

"Do you remember that hockey game that we came in during the
second period, and we still lost..."

Not really?

"... do you remember the chick?"

A chick?

"She had a little meat on her bones, older gal, tied over that
folding bench I kept for special occasions? The one that pissed
herself when she came with my dick in her ass?"

Oh yea, now I remember. Todd had been giving some woman the gears,
when I dropped by and interrupted! Geez, I remember being angry. I
fucked her good and hard and then made her clean off my dick with her
mouth - yea, nice memory. I never saw her again and never thought to
ask Todd who that was - too bad really, as she had been a fine ride.

"Well buddy, I have a surprise for you. It might be a good idea
that I'm thousands of kilometres away when you lean that the
sloppy cunt you shagged before the game had been your own mother.

Happy birthday buddy!



This had to be some type of kinky fucking joke - Todd always had a
strange sense of humour.

This joke is not funny!

You don't got to a guy and tell him he unknowingly fucked his own

Even Todd can't find humour in that can he?

I tried to remember everything about that night - nearly ten years

The first thing I remember was that helpless older woman had orgasmed
as I pounded in her. Oh sure she had been reluctant at first, but she
warmed up very quickly after I was inside her. My mother could not
orgasm with her own son fucking her - it was simply too crazy to even

I remembered some of the things Todd had told me when I had come over
- that he had taken her virgin ass, that it was the first time she had
cheated upon her husband, that she lived in the neighbourhood, that he
had given the first taste of dick.

No! It just wasn't possible.

Could it?

I remember that black leather hood she wore - how she still didn't say
a word even after I took the ball-gag out... and I remembered that
gentle loving way she licked and sucked my cock.

Oh god...?

Then I remembered Todd's pale face as he discovered that I had taken
the womans gag out even as I let her clean our mingled juices from my
cock. I've never seen that look on him before or since. Thinking
back, I think it was fear that I saw.

It was true... I felt it in my gut.

I had humiliated mom that day hadn't I? Threatening to call her
husband, my father, if she hadn't done what I ordered - I had meant
it, but little did I know! I had my finger and then my cock inside

And mother had orgasmed rather violently upon my shaft - I remembered
that too!

Todd, how could he do this? I knew of course, there wasn't a woman
alive that he hasn't at least flirted with - and if there was any way
at all for anything sexual, he was all for it.

What a bastard! He had brought me into that room and let me see mom bound up over the metal horse - pretending it was some mystery-lady.

Oh God - the way I treated her!

Then I remembered the strained couple of years we had together - even
with my selfish and busy life I had noticed my mother no longer
called, did not even seem to want to be around me. Oh, at the time I
thought it was something to do with her being mad at me over quitting
my old job.

Why hadn't I put two and two together?

Oh sure, now my mother was over at my house all the time - playing
with her two grandchildren, friends with my wife - the loving dotting

I had fucked her.

I remember the sight of her big sexy ass... the piss soiled
stockings... her big white tits hanging against the sides of the
horse... the feel of those lips on my wet cock.


I picked up the phone, my hands sweaty and quivering. Anne picked up,
"Hi baby."

"Hi honey." Happy as usual. She asked after a short pause, "Anything
wrong?" Anne was a smart woman... she can never know!

I took a deep breath, "No baby... I was wondering, is mom over there?"

"Sure, she just got here - she was going to take the kids to music
class." mom probably spent more time at my house than she did at her
own. Anne called her the perfect grandmother. "Do you want to talk
to her?"

I never really had a plan for any of this, but before I realized it,
Anne must have handed the phone over to my mother. "Hello? Gill

It was her voice and suddenly I saw my mother's sweaty skin over that
metal bondage horse - but this time she didn't wear a mask and she was
smiling at me as her body rocked when my cock slammed into her.

"Darling are you OK?"

I had to say something. "Mom...!" We had become close after my first
child - my friend and confidant actually. Long forgotten was that
awkward time between us years before... until now.

Somehow I knew it was true, in my soul, but I had to know. "Was it
you mom?" My mouth was dry and it came out rather hoarse.

There was nothing on the other end of the phone - not a sound.

I waited a long time, probably a couple of minutes. "Mom?"

Finally, "Yes?" She barely whispered this, her voice always sounding

"It had been you hadn't it?" If she knew what I was talking about it
had to have been her right?

Again nothing.

"Todd wrote me a letter and told me."

Nothing - but I thought I heard a sob of despair.

My senses were returning and I thought quickly, "I think we should
talk mom?" Indeed!

Finally, "I'm sorry honey!" I could hear her crying through the
receiver, attempting to hold it in else my wife or kids would find her
in such a state. "I never... I...!"

We had to talk, to get this all out in the open, to define what it
meant to our relationship. I'm a fool of course, as I should not have
said a word. Yet, how could I give my mother another hug without
remembering that short kinky time together so many years before?
"Dad's cabin at one o'clock mom." It was a ninety minute drive and it
was already eight thirty in the morning - she was going to miss her
grand kids music class.

"I'll be there honey. Gill...?"

I hung up and turned my chair about to look out my high-rise window.

The drive to my parents cabin seemed to be endless - as I relived the
memories of fucking my bound and sexy mother again and again. Till I
could remember any given second of that time together - from the
colours her skin underwent before, during and after I fucked her. To
the smell of her juices that had gushed out of her after I pulled my
spent meat from her body.

Her car was parked in the dirt driveway and I left my car behind it.
The weather was gray, with light rain - the setting matching my mood
to perfection.

Mother sat at the table looking down at the rough abused carpet,
almost as if she was afraid to look up at me. She hadn't turned on a
light in the gray day, and it was dim and cold in the cabin.

Ignoring her I went over to the fireplace and took my time to start a
roaring fire. It gave me time to think - to try and calm my beating

Finally I came over and sat perpendicular to her at the table, she
hadn't moved since I had appeared. Though as soon as my ass was
seated she asked, nearly whispering, "Why did you bring me here Gill?"

Strange question, "To talk."

She didn't respond and still hadn't moved,

I asked the first question, not wanting this painful waiting to last
much longer, "It was you... that night?"

She sighed hugely and nodded. My gut feeling had been validated - and
all I felt was horror. This was my kids grandmother seated here - my

"You knew all this time!" That evening she had watched me walk into
Todd's living room, I had seen the fear in her gaze - fear of
discovery most obviously. I doubt she knew I would sink my hard dick
in her body at that moment.

That second mom broke down and hid her face in her hands as she sobbed
violently to herself, the tears dripping from between her fingers.

For some strange reason I looked at her coldly, dispassionately -
seeing her as I used to see the older women Todd used to shag.
Certainly she felt guilt at what had happened between her and I, but
what about what had happened between her and Todd?

"Did you and Todd do it again?"

She knew what I meant and without a pause in her crying, she mumbled

"Why mom?"

I let her cry for a few minutes longer before she seemed to calm
herself slightly, and let her hands drop from her face. Her eyes were
red and the bags beneath her eyes were swollen with sorrow - she did
not look very attractive to me just then. mother took a long deep
breath that caused her chest to balloon outwards, and then seemed to
resolve herself in some way. "Why what Gill?" She still hasn't
looked at me.

"Why did you go to Todd's that day."

Mother whipped her wet checks with her hands and then starred at her
wet hands. "Your father and I... your father is not interested in me
any more." I knew they slept in separate beds but in the same
bedroom. "I found it exciting that your friend could find me...

Her voice had calmed down so that she almost sounded normal - making
this whole situation so incredibly crazy.

"You let him tie you up?"

She shrugged and seemed to consider answering, "I was very excited
when he suggested it. He had already... well, I had done things with
him already that your father and I had never done."

"Like sucking Todd's cock?"

A long pause, "Yes, like that."

"Then he tied you up...?"

She nodded, and continued, "...and spanked me. It hurt... and to shut
me up he put that terrible ball in my mouth. After that its mostly a
blur till the buzzer ran and I heard your voice in the speaker. Todd
put that mask over my head quickly and went to answer it."

The rest is, as they say, history. "Did you like the anal sex?"

Again a pause, "Not at first."

"But you liked it afterwards?"


Mothers face and neck was bright red, evidently this was not an easy
conversation for her either.

"Why did you piss yourself?" My voice was getting firmer,

"I did it when Todd... just before you buzzed the intercom. I
couldn't control myself." She did it when she orgasmed with my best
friends dick in her ass - she lost control of her bodily functions and
found herself urinating upon herself.

"After the game, didn't he fuck you again?" God the sound of that hit
my soul, I had just asked my mother if my friend had fucked her again.
We were out here, away from the city, the wife and kids, dad, and in
our own little alter universe.

She nodded no. "He untied me and helped me wash up and then ushered
me out of his apartment."

Something was missing, held back, I could feel it. "You wanted him
too though?"

Mother took a long time to answer, "Yes."

I had been right when I told her that all of Todd's women wanted more
- my friend seemed to have this ability to open a valve to release a
woman's sexuality. It was a valve that I doubt could be closed once

"You even tried to see him again after that night didn't you?"


"And since he didn't see you, who did you turn too mom?" She would
understand if what I rationalized as true or not.

"Several men."

I barked, "Tell me!"

Mother jumped but otherwise hadn't taken her eyes from some imaginary
spot on the carpet. "Mr. Norman," my fathers best friend, "that
neighbour boy next door," a teenager about thirteen at the time, "the
paperboy," whom I didn't know, "and a few couples I had met through
some ads I found in a adult paper."

Couples? "You did it with the women too mom?"

Why hold back now, of course she would answer, "Yes... sometimes."

Todd had turned her into a slut. Another conquest, another notch on
his well-used bed... or whip.

She truly was the slut I told her she was!

The minutes went by and the silence thick - what else could I ask or
say. I had been shown my mothers sexual intimacy, and even sampled it
unknowingly, and now I had no idea what this all meant. Did it mean
anything - did this really change anything? Everything had been fine
yesterday, and she had known even if I hadn't.

Mother had fucked around after Todd and I fucked her - another
middle-aged horny woman needing her cunt filled.

"How do you feel mom?"

She hung her head and whispered something. This response surprised
me, after her disclosure so recently.

"Pardon mom? I asked you how you felt?" My voice had been
increasingly firm, to the point of almost shouting at her - but I
forced myself to lower it as I wanted to hear what she had just

She finally repeated, "I feel excited."

My heart froze and I could feel the blood drain from my face.

Oh my god!

Her answer opened up another door to mothers sexuality but I needed to
confirm my questions, "Did you enjoy what we did mom?"

She only nodded, barely.

"Todd knew it too didn't he - you asked him not for more but to
arrange another anonymous fuck between us? Maybe all three of us?"

"Yes." For the first time since I had learnt the truth of that day so
longer ago, mother looked up into my eyes boldly.

"What did you enjoy the most mother?"

Without a pause she looked into my eyes and said, "You."

"What else?"

"Being helpless... being told what to do."

My mother seemed to be daring me with that bold look and I could
barely look at her. "You thought we came here to fuck didn't you?" I
could remember her strange first question when I arrived.

After a pause as she thought of the answer, she finally said, "I was
both scared and thankful that the truth was finally out - and I hoped
you had ordered me here to have sex." I had not missed the emphasis
on 'ordered'. "I have fantasized about it so many times since that

I now knew mothers deepest darkest sexual urge - to again be at the
mercy of her son. The question was how I felt about it?

I mean - believe it or not I have not cheated on Anne since we had
been married. Oh certainly I have been tempted, each day with my
secretary actually. And Todd had given me one of the wildest bachelor
parties this town has ever seen - but after leaving my sperm in half a
dozen ladies, I've never fucked another woman.

Then there was mom. After that night with Todd and I, she turned into
some type of hungry slut. Searching for something she could not have
- me. She cheated on my father in the most vulgar of ways to be sure.

Mothers eyes were watching me minutely, as if not wanting to miss a
thing. I thought I read 'hope' in there as well.

"Do you still fuck around mom?"

She turned red again, and nodded, "Not like I used too... I met a
wonderful man and his wife and we have been intimate for the last
couple of years... but I will give them up if you want me to honey?"
She again looked hopeful.

"And dad has no idea?"

"No." She didn't even blink - was there love there any more? Did it

The rain was beating harshly on the metal sheeting of the roof and the
wind was blowing the trees against one side of the cottage. It gave
me a minutes pause to look out the large window at the waves on the
lake - my mind overwhelmed with everything this day.

Todd had known somehow - had known my mother was hungry for her son
and that my wife and I haven't been intimate very frequently. He
never failed to amaze me - the one man who I think understood women
better than themselves. He knew once I found out, once my mother knew
I knew, she would offer me herself.

Like she was silently doing now.

I could feel her eyes watch me - waiting.

I had treated her so poorly that night, like some common slut. She
loved it though!

Back then fucking a woman was a game - but we had been playing with
their heads. Todd purposely released their sexual valves and I
enjoyed being about to garnish the benefits. It just so happened,
that he had opened my mothers sexual valve and when I appeared, that
flow of sexual energy had been aimed at me.

It was ten years ago, approximately, mother had changed - had gotten
older. I had changed too - I haven't treated a woman like I had
treated her that night for such a long time. Did I really enjoy
humiliating and dominating them? Back then I thought it made me feel
powerful - like a man! These last few years, I wasn't so sure.

That powerful feeling was returning, and though it was nearly alien to
me now, it was seducing me toward something that society would see as

Mothers age really was irrelevant - Todd and I had fucked older chicks
that my mothers current age. Some of our hottest conquests had been
ladies closer to fifty than to forty. I had seen Todd turn a matronly
homely woman into a sexy fuck toy nearly over night. He had always
argued that sexiness was an attitude and not a physical thing.

"Are you sure this is what you want mom?" I had asked it nearly
without realizing it.

It had opened a new world.

"God yes honey... I have wanted this for years... I will...", her
eagerness was obvious.

"Shut up mom." She did immediately, leaning far forwards in her chair
toward me. I was still looking out the wide windows.

She wanted this - had wanted it since she had orgasmed upon my cock.
It was I that had the reservations, the need to justify these passions
rolling through my body.

I stood up and went to stand before the window - my breath
condensation upon the pane of glass. It was getting chilly out there
- the winter coming early.

"Stand up and take all your clothes off mom."

Mother immediately jumped up and hurried to disrobe and I had to laugh
to myself that I hadn't even noticed what she had worn so mentally
congested was I.

Soon hands came up and wrapped about my chest, I felt her soft body
press against my back. "I love you darling." She must have stood
upon her toes, because her lips had come up and she kissed the back of
my neck.

I barked, "Get off me slut." She jumped back and stood there behind
me breathing harshly. This is what she wanted, to be dominated, used.

My chin pointed out the window, "I want you out there - in the rain."
Nothing. "The rain will cleanse you for me and it will be like a
baptism that you will undergo... for the both of us."

"I will do anything you want honey."

"Out there mother - in the cold rain before this window. I want you
to dance for me... to show me how sexy you are."

I heard her bare feet move toward the door and I ordered before she
reached the door, "You must have an orgasm mother - prove to me that
this is what you want."

The door opened and then she was gone. I saw her come around the end
of the cottage into view of the window. I saw her pale white flesh as
she moved rapidly to a point right before my window. She had to be
cold, her limbs shivering visibly. The wild grass tall, nearly to her
knees, and very wet.

Mother was out there, humiliating herself on my whim. Her large sexy
breasts hung low, her wide hips looking soft and inviting, her shapely
legs and wide soft thighs quivering, her eyes looking directly at me.
This is what she want, to be used by her son.

Then mother started to move her wide soft hips, swaying to some
invisible music. Slowly her movements went to all the parts of her
body and I watched as this wild wanton woman gyrated to natures
sounds, for her sons pleasure. Her trimmed sex, brown, moved
suggestively toward me - as if pointing at its new master.

That's what I now was - what I had willingly taken upon myself. The
woman out there was giving me herself, and it was my duty to pleasure
her better than even her wildest fantasies.

Her small hands were now grasping a breast, a buttock or even holding
herself between the legs.

She had orgasmed with me inside her and then tenderly sucked me clean
- mother wanted that again.

So did I!

My cock was straining at my pants and though mother could not see it
through the rain and gray light, she seemed to become wilder in her
movements. She suddenly dropped down upon her knees, her face in the
tall grass - her ass toward me, her new master. I saw both hands
between her legs, fingers driving within herself. Her whole body was
gyrating still to that invisible music and I thought suddenly that I
was looking at the most beautiful sight in my life.

Through the glass and the howl of the wind I heard mothers scream as
she through her head back and orgasmed. She dropped upon her stomach,
her chest heaving deeply.

Then slowly upon tired limbs she forced herself up to her feet and she
ran back to the side of the building upon her toes like some
Renaissance nymph.

Soon she was standing behind me waiting - I could smell the natural
stench of her. Wild grass, rain and a smell that brought back
memories of that bound woman - her sexual musk. Her breathing was
laboured as I whispered, "That was beautiful mother."

"Thank you darling." It seemed a difficulty to even get those words

"Did you come?"


It had been a wonderful show - but a quick one. Had she been so
sexually energized?

"Cold?" I still had not turned to look upon her.


I thought about what was next - my cock was hungry for her, but it
wasn't time... yet.

"I am going to punish you mother - get me something to beat you with?"

She stood behind me for a long minute, before stammering fearfully,
"What is it Gill... what have I done? Have I not pleased you? Am I
too old?" Her insecurities rushed to the forefront.

Slowly I turned about - my eyes taking in her soiled naked body as if
for the first time - "You have much to learn slut... I beat you
because I wish too."

Understanding creped into her eyes and a small smile appeared on her
lips, mother then rushed into the adjacent kitchen and yanked out
drawers and cupboards looking for something to harm her body with. I
took this time to become re-acquainted with her naked form - white
voluptuous and sexy. She body moved rather wildly as she rushed to
comply to my order.

Soon she ran back, her hand before me was a long wooden spoon. I
caught her eyes looking past the spoon down to the bulge in my pants.

I only looked at it and grunted, "Over the table slut."

She again half-ran the few feet, quickly dropping her soft elder body
down upon that cold surface.

I went to her pile of clothing on the floor and kicked it to see if
there was anything I could use. Her panties, white cotton, high cut
on the hip. Reaching down I retrieved them - bringing them up to my
nose. mother watched intently as her son spent some time sniffing the
very wet crotch of the undergarment - she had indeed been excited as
she had claimed.

I balled them up, "Since you don't know when to shut up... open wide
mother!" I shoved them, crotch first, into her mouth - gagging her.

"Bring back any memories mother?" She mumbled something

I snatched the spoon from her hand quickly and then strode behind her.

"Hands above her head, hold the far edge of the table and don't let
go!" She did as I ordered. "Feel further apart."

"Do not move till I tell you too!"

My hand came down and grasped that wide white cold ass which caused
her to shiver violently - I doubt it was from the cold. "You should
know something mother - I'm an ass man." I gave hers a rough squeeze.
"So I want you to always have it prepared for me." She can take that
generalized statement as she wished - it would be interesting to see
how she interpreted my words and what she would do to 'prepare'
herself in the future.

Was there a future?

I felt over the breadth of both ass cheeks, enjoying the moment.
Visually sampling the treasures between them at random, her anus was
puckering and winking at me continuously. I think mother had been
introduced to that part of her body that fateful evening so long ago -
I hoped that her ass hole was as sensitive as her cunt as I planned on
using it generously.

"You will have to give up all other lovers mother?" She looked over
her shoulder at me and nodded in agreement. "That's good, I don't
want to share you with anyone." Her chest was raising and falling
rapidly and a certain musk was again filling the room.

"And Anne must never know... no one must ever know who you now belong
too." Her answer was to sigh long and deep. "Not even dad is not
allowed any part of you any more - from this day on I own you mother."

She again caught my eye, and I was surprised that there was tears in
them. mother was happy!

I retrieved my hand and swung quickly, the spoon whistling as it
descended - the splat upon her soft ass loud in the tiny cabin.
Mother jerked against the table and froze. This was her punishment -
because I wanted too.

Again my hand came down and the flat part of the spoon slapped against
the other cheek loudly. This time mother screamed into her panty.

The punishment lasted for some lengthy minutes - till her bottom was
bright red and tears were streaming down her face. She was exhausted
but compliant as I let the spoon drop to the floor between us.

Then quickly, I moved directly behind her, unzipped my pants and drove
myself into her body. She screamed out into her panty as I groaned
with the pleasure.

I had been in her cunt once before - and it was as I remembered, hot,
wet and loose. I began to slam in and out of her - her body bouncing
upon the top of the table, her ass smashing against my belt probably

Yet, within the minute, mother threw her head back and wailed into her
gag as her second orgasm of the day shot through her mature sexy body.
I took that opportunity to grasp at her short straight brown hair, it
had been coloured red years before but was now back to her natural
colour, and pulled her backwards. My other hand slipped around her to
grasp at a full fat breast, her nipples like stone and wrinkled.

Mother's cunt fluttered and grasped upon my cock as she enjoyed a
lengthy orgasm. It was an amazing thing to witness - and I vowed to
enjoy many more.

Then she suddenly went dead upon the table, pulling out of my grasp,
and lay there gasping and wheezing.

My cock slipped from her wet hole and just as before, a gush of liquid
purged from her body and pooled about our feet.

Mother watched me through half open eyes as I walked about the table
to stand near her head. I roughly yanked the saliva covered panty from her mouth and grunted, "Clean me slut."

I saw her arms quivering violently and thought she hadn't the
strength, but without taking her eyes from my hard wet dick she
managed to pull her exhausted body further toward me on the table.

Fully laying upon it, her feet dangling in the air behind her, she
opened her mouth comically and aimed her face. One hand came to rest
gently on the back of her head as I moved my hips forwards.

Then my cock was in the most wonderful of mouths - as she sucked roughly, anxiously, hungrily. "Slow down mother... your going to get
plenty of my cock to suck on." She did, and how she sucked and licked
reminded me of that bound helpless sexy woman ten years before. I
laughed with happiness as I watched her.

It was a wonderful sight.

If I had let her continue the inevitable would have happened... but I
did not want this moment to end! I yanked myself from her tender lips
and smiled when she looked up at me and whimpered for more with those
big brown eyes.

"On your back slut." She immediately rolled over, watching me as I
returned to the other end of the table. I reached out and grabbed her
around the waist and pulled her body back down toward me - till half
her ass was off the table. Then I guided her shapely legs back, so
that her thighs were pressing against those big sexy titties - her
ankles in my hand.

Wiggling my hips, and aiming cautiously I found the mark and looked up
to smile into her pleasure filled face as I again sunk into her body.

Her eyes were starting to roll back into her head and her eyelids
dropping - but I wanted those eyes on me, "Look at me", I barked.

She forced herself to keep her gaze locked with my own.

I sat within her body without moving for some time, looking down at
her. This was the woman who gave birth to me, had raised me and
taught me the difference between right and wrong. It was wrong to
commit incest - as we are currently doing - but neither of us can stop
this now. I wanted her like this, submissive and willing - it made me
feel strong, like a man. If I asked her, I'm sure she would say my
dominance and interest in her made her feel desirable, like a woman.

"I want you to wear stockings more often mother." I leaned in and
kissed one of her strong smooth calves for emphasis. Todd had told me
long ago, that an older woman may not have the body of a teenager, but
she knew how to use it far better. To that, he was very right - as
I've learnt in my own experiences. Yet, he also agreed that with a
little preparation and decoration, a middle-aged woman could look

Mother didn't even blink - and made no indication that she had heard
me. But I knew she had, I knew that I would barely ever see her after
today without her legs clad in some sexy covering.

Still within her body, I placed one of her ankles upon my shoulder and
reached around her leg. I pulled gently upon her long brown curls -
though trimmed - still looked like a veritable growth. "And these, I
want this gone... until I order otherwise." This time her eyes
widened in surprise, but that was the only indication that mother had
heard my order to shave her pussy bald.

I pressed her legs back till her knees were pressed beside her chest,
her body spread obscenely. Then with very slow movements I began to
pull out of her hot very wet body till the tip of my dick was touching
her inner labia... smiling at her like a victor, I then shoved it
violently into her.

Mother screamed out with pleasure her hands forgotten, had come up and
grasped her knees to hold them back. I again pulled slowly from her

This continued for many long minutes, both of us building with erotic
energy toward that desirable explosion. We gasped and breathed with
difficulty and I doubted not that we would meet our conclusion

When it happened, neither of us was surprised, but we were both
delighted with the pleasure of a mutual orgasm. I let go of her
ankles and dropped down so I hugged her naked sweaty body against my
own still-clothed chest. I lay long upon her, my soft dick still
within her sexy wet folds. Her arms had encircled my head, holding me
possessively against her big tits.

How long we lay like that I haven't a clue. We we did finally
disengage - mostly because we heard the table creak and it made the
both of us wonder if this old table would hold our combined weights.
Laughing, as if to hide our new found nervousness, we helped each
other climb off the table.

Upon unsteady feet we stared at each other, our eyes locked.

Mother whispered, "What now?" She looked scared that this was a
one-time thing, that the fantasy of her becoming my full-time slut
only an unrealistic, and taboo, thought.

Did all that I tell her, all that I had thought of as I dominated, as
I fucked her, still hold true. Now, after our lengthy and passionate
sexual coupling, she looked tired and old, me, I must look like some
pervert with my dripping soft dick hanging out my pants. This was
possibly the most important moment for our future - and it was in my
hands. Did I want more of this... this woman who only wanted to be
loved, sometimes violently and always passionately, yet who was also
my mother.

A smile come to my lips, and at first mother could not read me, but I
reached out and hefted one of her heavy white breasts, my thumb and
forefinger tweaking her fat brown nipple. "First your going to get on
your knees and lick my cock clean," her face brightened up and a huge
smile came to her lips, "then I'm going to take you into the bedroom
and fuck your big sexy ass."

Mother clapped her hands together and jumped against me, her arms
wrapping around my neck with glee. My hands reached down and squeezed
her soft sexy big ass. Our lips found the others and I tasted her
hungrily, her tongue passionately sparing with my own.



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