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JACKIE1 2 movies with sickening feeling











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CHAPTER 1 (1/?)

Jackie Lee was not quite sure how he found himself in this

predicament when he went over what had happened that night.

Jackie was successful and had risen above his middle class chinese
refugee background by his hard work. He had been selected to a prestigious

law school and on his graduation, he was selected as a trainee by a reputed

law firm, where he soon rose to his present position of junior partner. He

was not sure if the events of this night would in any way endanger this


Jackie had always been secretly submissive and had tried to date

strong assertive women but he came from a traditional chinese family and

such women were not easily found in chinese or other asian families. Jackie,

however did not have the nerve to seek out women who could channel their

assertiveness to their sex life and fulfill his submissive fantasies.

Until tonight. Jackie had been reading a few porno mags and he had

finally built up the courage to go try out his luck at an S&M singles bar

to see if he could find a woman to make his dreams come true.

Jackie could not believe what he saw when he reached the bar. All

around him, men and women dressed in leather and rubber, acting out their

deepest and darkest desires.

He made his way to the bar and saw a stunning woman dressed in a

very small black leather skirt, white blouse and knee-length boots. He

saw that the stool next to hers was vacant and immediately occupied it. When

he called the bartender, she turned to him and gave him a long appraising

look. Jackie thought he had a chance and tried to engage her in conversation

but was shocked at her response.

"I'm not looking for a friend to talk to. I already have many. I am

looking for a slave. Get down on your knees, crawl over and kiss my boots

if you want to be considered."

Jackie gulped and felt that his mouth had suddenly gone dry. It was

almost a dream come true but at the same time he could not believe what

she had just said. He had seen that what she had just said was happening

at many tables and stools around him, but was not sure if he would be able

to do it. But when he saw her dazzling beauty, he could not restrain

himself any more and he slowly sank to his knees.

He crawled the short distance to her stool and kneeling by her feet,

slowly bent his mouth to her feet. He fervently kissed her leather boots,

turning red and hot with shame as blood rushed to his face and head.

Jackie felt as if everybody in the bar had stopped and turned to look at

him kneeling at the feet of that beautiful woman who was stripping him of

his dignity.

He started to get up but she cut him short. "Remain there. Let us

get this sorted out. If you want to be my slave, that is where you stay,

kneeling at my feet. And when we get home, you will also remain naked.

Is that clear?"

"Yes." Jackie said.

"Yes what, you son of a bitch. Be respectful when you talk to me.

When you speak to me, address me as Mistress, or as Mistress Marlyn."

"Yes, Mistress Marlyn." Jackie managed to whisper while turning a

still darker shade of red.

"I have a few female friends who are interested in or know about this

hobby of mine and they have seen me with my slaves and have even tried them

out. Are you up to it?"

Jackie turned to this dazzling beauty and could not believe his

luck. Not only would he have a beautiful mistress but a whole harem of

mistresses. He nodded and said "Anything you say, Mistress Marlyn" as he

looked up at her black lacy panties which peeked from under her short skirt.

"I'm not convinced."she said "What'll you do to convince me of your

willingness to obey me and my friends?"

Jackie was still dazzled by her beauty and could not think. "I'll do

anything you say, mistress."

"Okay, crawl over to that waitress, kiss her feet and crawl back." she

said giving a cruel and mysterious smile.

Jackie turned to where she had pointed and was shocked at her cruelty

and her craftiness. She had picked out the only oriental waitress at the

joint and expected him to prove his loyalty by debasing himself before his

own compatriot.

Jackie knew that he had no choice. He was already hooked to her. He

mumbled something and crawled over to that waitress, hoping that he would

not have to follow her around as she rushed from table to table. Luckily,

he caught her at the first table and bending to her feet, kissed her red

uniform shoes. He immediately rushed back to his mistress, painfully aware

that now a number of eyes were indeed upon him.

"Good. Now for the second and final test. See that riding crop." He

shuddered at what was sure to come as he saw the vicious looking riding

crop that was lying on the floor by her side. "Pick it up in your mouth.

Climb up the bar and I'll take it from your mouth and give you just two

strokes and on your clothed butt, but just for now. When we get home, you'll

get more, and on your naked butt."

Jackie felt that two would do as well as twenty for attracting

everybody's attention as far as he was concerned. His wisdom was, however,

again blinded by her dazzling beauty as he slowly and painfully obeyed her.

Jackie picked up the crop in his mouth and climbed up on the bar. His

cruel mistress took the crop from his mouth, brought it down hard on his

butt, and then again before holding it before him. Jackie knew what she

wanted and gripped the crop in his mouth again.

Jackie knew that almost every eye in the bar was on him, and also

realised that a lot of men were envious of him and would have willingly

taken his place to be with this lovely and heavenly goddess. He was still

red with embarassment but did not know what to do and remained where he was.

Marlyn opened her purse and took out a leather collar which she

tied round his neck. She then pulled out of her purse a leash which she

attached to the collar and gave him a tug. He got down on the floor and

crawled on all fours behind her as she casually walked out.

When they reached the door, she let him stand up but made no move to

put away the leash. She reached her car and asked him if he had a car. When

he pointed to his BMW convertible that was parked just next to her car, she

told him to follow in his car. She removed the leash and put it back in her

purse. The collar though stayed firmly around his neck, visble above his


He got into his car and followed her to her home, which was located

in a posh apartment block in one of the best and most expensive locations

in the city. They parked and made their way to the bank of elevators, where

to Jackie's relief no one was present. They got into an elevator, and the

moment the doors shut, Marlyn unzipped him and put her hands inside

fondling his hard cock. She grunted her approval and, to Jackie's relief

zipped him up.

They got out as the elevator stopped at her floor and made their way

to her door. She opened the door, looked at Jackie and said "I hope you

remember what I said. You crawl in. Once inside, you stay naked and on your

knees unless bidden otherwise."

"Yes, Mistress Marlyn" Jackie murmured.

"Good. Wait here for a minute. Then enter. The door will be unlocked.

Undress yourself and place your clothes in the wooden cabinet by the door.

Attach the leash which I will leave there to your collar and crawl in to

the passage that you see towards the right. The third door on the right

leads to the dungeon. Crawl in and wait there on your knees, facing the

door with your forehead on the floor kissing the ground on which I walk,

your ass raised high.

Jackie was jolted by the harshness of his words and wondered if he

had made a mistake but she was already gone. He looked at his watch and

when he was sure he had waited for a minute, he tried the door handle and

it opened. He entered and found himself inside an opulent hall. He

immediately got down to his knees and began undressing. He stripped and

placed his clothes inside the wooden cabinet that he had been told of.

Jackie glanced to his right and could see the passage that he was to

take. He picked up the leash lying on the floor and attached it to his

collar. He was about to crawl on to his destination when he heard something

like a buzzer sound from his left. He could not see but heard his mistress

talking to someone. He realised it was probably the door phone and maybe

a friend of his mistress was already on her way up to witness and enjoy his

humilation at the hands of his beautiful but cruel mistress.

Jackie crawled down the passage and opened the third door. He entered

the room and found that his mistress had correctly described it as a

dungeon. It had all sorts of hooks and rings on the floor. on the walls and

even hanging from the ceiling. The walls were adorned with paddles, whips,

canes, restraints and what not.
Jackie was scared and not very sure about what he had done as he

settled down to wait in the position that he had been ordered to -

kneeling, his lips kissing the ground and his ass raised high. He was a

virgin, generally shy with girls, and here he was, kneeling naked in a

strange woman's house while she was probably gathering her friends so

that they could see how she toyed with him.

He had not been waiting for more than a few minutes when he heard the

door open. He kept his head to the ground, not sure whether his looking

up would invite punishment and heard the sound of heeled boots and the

soft sounds of his mistress and her friend, which sounded vaguely familiar.

Two pairs of high-heeled boots came in view as the two women stood

beside him. He could recognise the pair on the left as belonging to his


"Greet my guest by kissing her feet, slave. She will also be your

mistress tonight. That is how you will always greet me and my guests,

slave." Mistress Marlyn said.

Jackie turned to the right and kissed the shod feet of his new

mistress, feeling embarassed and keeping his eyes down. The new mistress

caught him by his hair and pulled up his head and as their eyes met, both

of them let out a gasp in surprise.

The woman let go of his hair as she said "Jackie, you bloody pervert.

I never would have guessed."

Jackie was mortified. The woman was not only a colleague but also a

fellow Chinese. Michelle Lin was the Executive Assistant to the Managing

Partner of the firm and wielded power, which a junior partner like Jackie

could not. She was extremely sweet and beautiful and Jackie could not

even have dreamed that she was so inclined. Even on the few dates they had,

Jackie had not detected any latent dominance and that was partly why he

had not seriously pursued her.
Jackie was terrified and he was sure he would lose his job and his

reputation. He shuddered at the thought of what his family would think of


"Jackie, I think we need to talk." Michelle said. "Stay there on the

floor." she said as Jackie began to get up. "Jackie, you're in deep shit. I

will give you an option. Become my slave."

Jackie was speechless at this thought.

"I will try you out and if I find you satisfactory, we could marry.

That way, our families are happy, I get a slave and you get a mistress. We

could lead a secret life and nobody would find out. Nobody other than my

friends like Marlyn." Michelle chuckled.

Jackie realised he was cornered. Moreover he found this offer quite

interesting. His parents had liked Michelle. They would be pleased and

he would have a beautiful mistress."Yes, Michelle." He said.

Michelle's feet shot up and Jackie fell down from the blow he

received."Mistress Michelle to you, slave." she hissed.

"Yes, Mistress Michelle." he said as he struggled back to his kneeling


"Jackie, go, get dressed and go home. Tomorrow morning, seven a.m.

reach my house. Here is a spare key. Enter, get undressed, put on this

collar and leash and go to the kitchen. You will find further instructions

there. Now go." Michelle said.

Jackie crawled out, and left for his home after getting dressed. He

was not sure about what would happen the next day and had a hard time

trying to fall asleep.






CHAPTER 2 (2/?)

Jackie woke up the next morning and hurriedly got dressed. He rushed

over to Michelle's house not wanting to be late. He let himself in and

remembering her instructions, undressed and put away his clothes after

neatly folding them. He put on the collar and leash, a grim reminder of

yesterday night.

Jackie crawled over to her kitchen and once there, he saw the note

meant for him stuck on the refrigerator door. He took it off and read it.

Dear Jackie,

Your trial period starts now. Everything that I order

must be obeyed without question, whether I am there or not.

Do not make the mistake of disobeying me just because you

think that I am not there because I will find out, and if I

do, not only will I leave you, I will also ruin you. From

now on, when you enter this house you must be naked and on

your knees, unless bidden otherwise. You will let yourself in

every weekend and remain my slave over the weekend, my toy for

myself and my friends to play with. Every weekend morning, you

will do what you do this morning. What I do with you at the

office need not follow a fixed schedule, but this will. Every

morning, you will open the back door, pick up the newspaper in

your mouth like the dog that I will make you and bring it

inside. Then you will make my breakfast the way I like it. I

hope for your sake that you have not forgotten it. Then bring

the breakfast in a tray to my bedroom, the newspaper in your

mouth and wake me up by rubbing your nose on my feet. I will

explain the rest of your duties later. Do not be late with

the breakfast.

Your mistress Michelle.

Jackie was in a state of shock. He, remembered he had a task to

complete and set out to do it, barely managing to retain his senses. He

opened the back door and gingerly peeked out. Fortunately, or was it by

design, the back fence was very high and the back yard was not visible from

other houses. Jackie picked up the newspaper in his mouth, not wanting to

risk Michelle's wrath as he was not sure if she wasn't watching him


He made his way back to the kitchen and put down the newspaper. He was

glad that he remembered the way Michelle liked her breakfast from the time

that she had stayed overnight with his parents and he set about making her

toast and coffee. He then arranged it on a service tray, picked up the

newspaper in his mouth and made his way upstairs to her bedroom.

Jackie enterd her bedroom and almost groaned whwn he spied her on the

large bed sleeping in a wispy lacy pair of panties. God, she was so

beautiful and now, she would be his mistress. Maybe it would not turn out to

be a bad deal, after all.

Jackie put the breakfast tray on the side table and wondered whether

he should do the same with the newspaper. He finally decided he should not

take a chance with her and keeping the paper in his mouth, started rubbing

his warm nose on her feet. He concentrated on the soft soles and she was

soon awake.

"Put the newspaper down and lick my feet,slave." Michelle ordered and

Jackie scurried to obey. "Good, take the big toes in your mouth and suck

them like a cock. Start with the left one. Mmm.. You don't seem to have much

experience but you will learn. My whips will make sure of that. Now, the

right one." Jackie scampered to her bidding, almost in a state of shock.

She finally relented and he served her coffee and toast. Michelle

threw down a piece of toast and told Jackie to eat it up off the ground

without using his hands. "Like a nice doggie. Yes, that's how you'll have

breakfast from now on." She also gave him some coffee in a saucer and made

him lap it up.

"Fetch my dressing gown, slave." Michelle said and Jackie ran and

brought it back, only to get a smack on his face. "You idiot, I told you

that you are my dog, and instead of using your mouth, you use your hands to

bring my gown. Maybe, its time for your first lesson." Michelle screamed in


She made him climb the bed and place himself over her lap, raising his

ass high so that she could spank it. She rubbed his ass and SLAM, her hand

came down hard over the left cheek, followed by a hard one over the right

one. Jackie felt that the strokes were really hard and Michelle continued to

wallop him, alternating between the left and the right ass-cheek, starting

from the top and ending at the bottom, at the underside of his ass.

She delivered fifty strokes with her hand before she stopped. If

Jackie thought that it was over, he was grossly mistaken.

"Go and fetch my hairbrush from the dressing-table, Jackie." Michelle


Jackie understood what use she had in mind for the hairbrush and

started to protest, tears starting to well up in his eyes. If she could hurt

him so much with just her bare hands, how much would the brush hurt, he


"Jackie, you added twenty strokes to your punishment by daring to

question my order." Michelle said. Jackie rushed to bring the brush, not

wanting to incense her any further. He remembered to bring the brush in his

mouth as she had said.

At her command, Jackie placed himself in the same position and counted

out the strokes of the brush. "One, thank you, Mistress Michelle." "Two,

thank you, mistress Michelle." The strokes again started from the top of his

ass-cheeks where they met his back, ending at the soft underside where his

ass met his thighs, alternating between the left and the right.

Jackie was sobbing when she stopped, but if he thought his ordeal was

over, he was once again mistaken.

"Good, now for the extra twenty that you earned yourself." Michelle

said. Jackie was horrified but knew better than to protest as he was sure it

would only get him more punishment. "Since your ass is already a nice shade

of red, I think you will get these extra strokes on your thighs. I have to

be tough as otherwise you will never learn obedience. You are my slave, my

plaything and you will be taught your proper place. You will never dare

to cross me again."

Jackie groaned but complied and counted out the twenty strokes as they

alternated between his left and right thigh. Michelle then made him thank

her by kissing her hand as also the hairbrush to express his gratitude. She

then made him lick the crotch of her panties as she lay back and spread open

her legs.

The smell of her love juices seeping through the thin cloth almost

drove him wild. The dried up love juices on the crotch were an indicator of

her passion the night before. Jackie could almost feel the texture of her

thick pussy through the lacy fabric and Jackie realised that once he licked

her fragrant love juices, he would forever be her willing love slave.

She finally tired and made Jackie fetch her slippers which he

remembered to bring in his mouth.

"Go and kneel in the corner with your nose on the floor where the two

walls meet. Yes, raise your ass high. Spread your legs wider. That is how

you will remain when I tell you to go the corner." Michelle said and went

to the bathroom.

She returned and gave him a kick on his ass and Jackie hurt his nose

against the wall but he knew better than to protest. "Go inside and run my

bath. I like the water hot and the bubble bath is in the cabinet along with

the shampoo and soap. Lay them out as well." Michelle said and Jackie

scurried to obey.

He entered her bathroom and rushed over to the bathtub and opened the

faucet setting the water temparature at hot. He opened the cabinet and added

the bubble bath to the water and laid out the soap and shampoo. He then

crawled out to tell Michelle that her bath was ready. Michelle made him

remove her panties with his teeth and he could see from the slightly wet

crotch that she had used it to rub her pussy dry after she had peed.

Michelle made him scrub her back but after that she again made him

kneel in the corner as she had a long and leisurely bath. After she was

through she made him fetch her towel from the towel rack, again in his mouth

and made him rub her dry.

She then rode him like a horse into the bedroom and made him fetch her

clothes and dress her. After she was dressed, Michelle told him what she had

in mind for him for today.

"Jackie, as my personal slave, you will attend to my breakfast and

bath every weekend. However, you will not come here on Saturday morning, but

on Friday evenings. We will forget yesterday's episode for now but Marlyn

probably won't. She will make sure that you suffer for leaving her in the

position that you did yesterday night. And she will get the opportunity."

"You will spend the days pleasing me but the nights will be reserved

for pleasing my friends. Just as I was at Marlyn's to sample her new slave

last night, I usually have friends over to sample my slave. You seem to be

surprised but I have had a slave earlier. He aroused my interest in such a

relationship and taught me all I know about dominating men."

"We have a sort of club, we are about ten women and we meet often to

exchange notes and to sample each others' slaves." Michelle giggled.

"Now, Jackie, I don't want you to wear anything on weekends but on

weekdays, while we are at the office, you will wear only women's panties

under your pants so that you will never forget your place. Everytime you

speak to a woman, your panties will remind you of your subjugation. When you

talk to a woman, do not forget that it is in my power to make serve any of

them, including those working in our office, and don't worry, you'll serve

them all right.

"We will go to the shop of a friend who caters exclusively to people

like us. There we will buy some panties for you and also some other toys to

keep us busy. Remember, you are on trial and you should be on your best

behaviour if you know whats best for you. Oh, by the way, I have a video

camera hooked up in that corner. Lets show you how you looked like."

Jackie let out a groan. God, was he cornered and was he getting

further and further entrapped in Michelle's web.

Michelle took out a ivdeo cassette from the camera and loaded it in

her VCR. She watched the first few minutes when Jackie came the room,

carrying the newspapers in his mouth like a dog and started rubbing his nose

on her feet. "Watch the movies, dear. You know where I'll send a copy if you

don't perfform well." Michelle said, a cruel smile on her face. "Watch them

while I tell my friend, Louise, that we are coming. Also, let me line up

some entertainment for tonight. We don't want you to feel bored, do we,


Jackie watched the movies with a sickening feeling as Michelle went

off to ring her friends. he realised that he was really in deep shit this

time and Michelle had a very cruel streak that he had never ever noticed.

God, was he in trouble.

This is how far I have written this story so far. This is just

the work of one weekend. Though I have a basic storyline in mind, any

feedback on how the story can proceed will be greatly appreciated. Comments

etc. can be mailed to me at



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