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JACKPART stretch thin red line



Chapter 1: Is Jack Off Today?

I picked the woman up at her house. I knew her daughter from school.
Anyway the first time that I pick her up she's dressed in a blue wrap skirt
and a white blouse. The blouse is really nice because her somewhat darker
skin tone can be seen under the blouse and there was a hint of being able
to see the roundness of the bitch's boobs. The blouse buttons down the
front with a lacy center and is half sleeved. She's got it buttoned damn
near the top with only a single button left unbuttoned. Her skirt hugs her
hips and I note that there is a flare to her hips without her hips
dominating the rest of her body. Her skirt hem is like just slightly above
her knees. Her exposed legs aren't bad for an older bitch, especially one
that's good at telling other people how they don't measure up, and the
heels she's wearing are too flashy and they are obviously higher than she's
used to. The reason I thought that at the time was because she wobbled a
little as she walked and when she came down her porch steps she almost lost
her balance. Still the jiggle show under the blouse was worth the price of
seeing her in the higher than her normal heels.

The first thing this old broad says to me when she gets into my car is,
"Do you know I'm being blackmailed into doing this?" "Sure," I answered,
and I had, cause Bernie had told me all about the old bitch. But, I'm
thinking, she ain't so bad a looking bitch for as old as she is. Nice
looking legs, tits stuck out pretty good too. She saw me staring at her
titties, and her face went red. "I don't like going out with you ....
kids," she says as she gets into the car and hugs her side of the car.
"Well now," I say to her, "I was told by Bernie that you'd be real friendly
like, Mrs. Bergman, and right now I'd say you aren't being too friendly."

She chewed on her lower red lip stick covered lip a little nervously,
realizing I ain't that pleased with the way she is acting, and said, "I-I'm's just been a long day and..." "Shut up Mrs. Bergman," I
said cutting her off and watch while she blushes. She's mad now. Too
fucking bad, I think as I think about calling it all off and telling Bernie
that his old bitch is got too big a mouth on her; it was going all the
time. "I know you don't do this without being told to. I know you're being
forced into it. But I was told you would be nice. You gonnah be a nice
married lady or not?" I ask her. Bernie told me that he could make the
woman's life hell on earth. He knew what I liked and didn't like when he
told me that too.

She looks at me, still red, and says, "I-I'll be nice." "I was told
you'd be with me all day, that so?" "Yes, yes it is Jack." "I asked you
before," I said wanting to rub it in, and not starting the car, "if you
were going to be a nice married lady and you said you'd be nice." "Yes,
tha-that's what I said Jack." "An old bitch like you ought to consider it
an honor for a young stud like me showing you any attention at all,
wouldn't you say, Mrs. Bergman?"

She blushed again. I couldn't tell if she was mad or what but she said,
"I-I'm glad you want to be ... you want to show me some attention." "Good.
If you mean that Mrs. Bergman show me your pussy."

I hadn't started the car, and I was still sitting in her driveway. She
blushed red looking at me. I saw a tear come to her eye as she swallowed,
and then turned in her seat and lifted her left foot up on the seat. This
split her skirt apart and when she turned in the seat so that she was
facing me I could see her twat. I can't help but think how often a guy
like me gets a chance at a snotty older cunt. Not too often, especially
when we both knew that her husband and me didn't get along at all!
"Better. Now you can stay like that, or you can tell me you were just
feeling like the slut you looked like, and scoot over here. You make sure
you cross your legs though, and you start feeling up my dick and keep it
hard too, you got it Mrs. Bergman?"

She put her leg down and said, "I've got it Jack," then she slid so she
was real close to me, and said, "I-I'm sor-sorry for acting like the ....
slut I .... looked like, Jack." I could tell she was really miffed at
being forced into saying that to me. Bernie said she'd be reluctant to
cooperate at first and I told Bernie that as long as I got a chance to be
alone with her I'd take care of her reluctance.

She crossed her legs, and made sure the skirt opened to near the top of
her thigh. Nice thigh I thought. Her fucking legs were really nice come
to think of it . I was starting the car as I felt her left hand squeezing
my dick.

Up to the time she showed me her pussy I wasn't sure that all Bernie
told me was the truth. Seeing her shaved crotch told me a lot, and now,
with her fingers rubbing my dick I knew for sure she was being forced into
this. She wasn't the type to go around feeling up teenager cocks or to let
guys like me run their hands up and down her exposed thighs. Her thighs
were really firm, surprised the hell out of me, but I remember thinking
'Shit this old broad is going to be more fun than I thought'.

I drove the five miles over to the shed where I could get started on
her. She was going to be busy with some of my friends later, but she didn't
know that yet. On the way over I had a chance to look at her titties under
her blouse. They bounced real nice. This was going to be fun. I liked
girls, and women with big jugs, and Bernie told me she had thirty eight
triple 'D' cup titties! The top of her right thigh was firm too. Felt
real good. I enjoyed sliding my hand back and forth pushing her skirt hem
a little higher with every stroke at first. Then later I just played with
her inner thighs some, just to let her know that I was in charge. I have
to admit that the garter belt supported hose she wore were a turn on. I
mean, broads just don't wear them too often any more, and it was a real
pleasure sliding my hand from the silky softness of the hose covered thigh
to the naked flesh, feeling the tautness in her inner thighs. I knew it
gave her some amount of distress too because she whimpered a little as I
continued to fondle those tight inner thighs as I drove down the road.
Then too, I thought she looked better with the wrap skirt high up rather
than down around her knee's. Besides it was important that a snotty uppity
bitch like her knew she was being told what to do. I parked the car, and
she looked at the house and said, "Is this where you want to be at, Jack?"
"Yeah. You got my dick nice and hard too."

She blushed continuing to rub. "When I give you a compliment like that,
bitch, I want a reply, understood?" "Yes. Didn't you want your ... penis
hard?" "Yeah," I said feeling her left soft tit up, "I did."

God is it big! Cupping the tit through her blouse allows me to feel the
shape of the torpedo like mound. I can also feel her nipples under the
blouse and it's getting real hard from my touching. I know this is a
natural response, not because she likes me or anything, only because she is
responding. It does tell me though that she's got feelings, and can

I kissed the older married bitch on the lips. She let me. She didn't
respond, but she kept rubbing my hard on. She did have real soft lips
though. Nice. While I was kissing her I thought of what her old man would
say if he saw us together. Her old man really hated my guts. That's why
feeling her firm thighs and kissing her were such a turn on because I knew
that under almost any other circumstances this would never happen and if it
did I would be accused of rape. I continued to feel her tit up and said,
"How big are these, tits of yours?" "I ... my cup size is triple 'D'"

I grinned, and she blushed, "Just the important stuff, eh?" I asked as I
squeeze a tit, feeling her nipple respond under the blouse, "you get turned
on when a guy feels your jugs up?" "Yes ... as ...long-long as they're not
too rough Jack."

I deliberately catch her hard nut like nipple between my thumb and
forefinger as I twist and pinch it, and she winces. "Do you mean like
that, Mrs. Bergman?" I ask deliberately putting emphasis on her married title. "Ye-yes, Jack, tha-that hurts." "Got your nipple hard though, bet
your pussy got wet too." "A little." "So you do like it rough?" I asked her
this as I pushed her big tit around on her chest and she continued to
please me by stroking my hard on under my pants. "Sometimes, yes Jack."

I kiss her again, feeling up her other tit roughly. I pushed it around
pretty good under her blouse. She opens her mouth and lets me push my
tongue in her mouth. I kind of get the impression she likes being felt up
with a rough touch. She ain't a bad bitch for forty three! I break away
from kissing her but kept my hand cupping a tit and say, "My friends say
you're a PT." "A what?" she asks with a frown. "A prick teaser. The way
you walk around and bounce all the time." "I-I can-can't help the size of
my breasts, Jack." "When you're with me, bitch, call 'em tits or jugs, ok?"
I ask this as I squeeze one. "Yes Jack." "Then say it right, like the good
married slut that you are." "I can't help the size of my .. tits Jack."

So she don't like the term jugs either I think as I play with those
mounds and actually push them around and pinning them together trapping
part of the blouse between the new cleavage of my moving those mounds under
the top of the blouse. Her nipples are very obvious now as projections on
top of her tits and a lot darker than the rest of her tit under the blouse.

I pinched the other tit, looking at the clock on the dashboard as I did
so. I still can't get over the idea that this older woman's tits are
really big! The clock indicates it's just before eight in the morning.
All day long, is the thought, that runs through my mind as I think of some
really nasty things I can do to this older bitch's tits. God the tit feels
good as I rub it, and squeeze it. Big titted women really turn me on
especially when I can feel their tit flesh between my fingers when I
squeeze the love melons.

I reluctantly let her jug go, and get out of the car. I tell her to
scoot out on my side. I wait while she scoots out on my side, her pussy getting exposed again as the skirt climbs up over the tops of her hose and
almost clears her round ass. She pushes the skirt hem back into place as
she stands up. "Let's go inside for a while, ok Mrs. Bergman?" "What ever
you say, Jack," she says to me, but turns and reaches back into the car
grabbing her purse, before she turns back and starts walking to the shed
that leads to the work shop.

The shed's got this big double size window. I make sure the curtains
are open. Inside there's a table, five wooden chairs, two lazy boy style
chairs, a sofa, a coffee table in front of the couch and covered with
mechanical and girlie magazines and a cot. She goes first, and I don't
mind this time. I get to see her ass and her legs. Not bad. I ain't no
leg man but this woman's calves are highly accented; I mean they weren't
flat like some of the young girls I went out with and they were flabby like
some of the teachers I been around, but they have a curvy form that really
is awesome to look at. I continue to wonder, cause she might be forty
three but she looks a lot younger. I close the door, as she stands
uneasily off to one side, clutching her purse and knowing that she's about
to become a toy. Then I walk over to the chair close to the window and sit
down. I light up a cigarette, and say, "So dance for me, in place Mrs.
Bergman, I want to see them tits of yours bounce around some."

Once again I put emphasis on her married title. It kind of gives me a
thrill to give the older woman orders, and then watch how she acts to what
I say

She swallows nods, then remembers to answer me, and says, "All right

She sets her purse down on the table and starts to swing her ass real
attractively. Then she wiggles her shoulders and I can see her tits swinging under the blouse. Real nice. She might be chubby, but shit she
looks nice now. She's got a belly on her, and it shows as she rotates her
hips standing in place because the skirt tightens around her middle. It
tightens around her top too, and that's need because the shape of her big
tits is shown with the tightening of her top which stretches the buttons to
the limit even exposing some cleavage as she continues to gyrate in front
of me. "Come on over here and dance in front of me," I say as I watch her
get closer highly aware of the window. She's putting on a good show.
"Open the blouse, and keep dancing, bitch."

It's obvious she doesn't want to. Her fingers tremble as she opens the
blouse. There's like five buttons that are buttoned from the top down to
her waist. She looks out the window, not wanting to look at my face cause
I knew I was really leering. I look outside too, and see Bob, the older guy that lives across the alley leaning on his chain link fence. He's not
really looking over at the big picture window, until he spots the blue
color of the woman's skirt and the flash of her white blouse.

When she first opens the blouse at the top I get to see the bra without
cups for the first time. It makes her big boobs rounder, but because her
jugs are so fucking big they still jiggle towards each other. The neat
part is that even though she's older, and her tits are bulky and really big
the mounds don't sag, and they don't look like a fatty's tits. Her nipples
actually point up and out, and the skin of her tit flesh is tight with no
wrinkles, or sign of the age that I know she is. I was to find out later
that the "nude" bra she was wearing made her nipples do that; normally the
sheer size of her jugs forced her nipples to point downwards.

She blushes, cries, and looks out the window seeing Bob leaning on the
fence. She opens her blouse pulling it out of the waist band of her skirt.
She keeps on with the wiggle jiggle dance, the side panels of her blouse
protecting her, but her blouse obviously open to me, and to anyone looking
in from the side could see she was holding her blouse open and away from
her body. "You got nice tits, Mrs. Bergman." I tell her as I rub my
really hard dick now. She does have a nice set too. She blushes some
more, her face now really red. I can't tell if it's because she's mad, or
just embarrassed. "Tha-thank you Jack," she responds continuing to provide
a jiggle and wiggle dance. I can't help but grin as I say, "Dance without
the blouse and skirt, baby." "Bu-but the window's open!", she exclaims
looking out and seeing Bob out there. "So you give old Bob a show, strip
cunt!", and saying the word 'cunt' she knows that I'm not pleased with the
way she fights my commands. The old bitch actually flinched when I called
her that. It's still fun to command her though, even if she does fight it
some. "Plea-please Ja-Jack, no. Please don't make me do that!" she
exclaims still not doing it either.

I look at her a minute and then say, "Do it, slut, and lock your hands
behind your neck when you do. Then just because you make me say things
twice, face the window and give old Bob over there a really nice freebie,
make them melon tits of yours bounce back and forth!"

She takes off the blouse real slow, evidently not realizing she turns me
on even more doing it that way. She puts the blouse over the back of one
of the wooden chairs, then slowly removes the skirt too bending forward and
letting her big jugs swing away from her body. Then she comes back and
stands in front of me, and the open window is to her left as she locks her
fingers behind her neck and puts on a real wiggle show for me and old Bob.
Of course old Bob can only see from across the way, a distance of may
twenty five feet, but he still can see her entire left tit as it wiggles
while she dances for me.

I had been thinking of using the big vibrator on her, but I reject that
now because my hard on is getting really hard. I watch her as she openly
starts to cry now, obviously devastated by what I'm telling her to do. I
still find it incredible that the older bitch will do whatever I say. It's
a turn on just watching her do this, because I know she doesn't want to.
Then I see her sob, as she turns and does the same thing facing the window.
Her big right tit is really jiggling now as she wiggles her upper body.
Bob is getting a real show. I look over and see the older guy is smoking
his cigarette but he's rubbing his crotch as he watches She's wearing tan
colored hose that ride her thigh high up, almost three quarters of the way
up her thigh. As she dances I can see the pull that the tight, short
strapped, black garter belt puts on her hose. Her hose actually move a
little up and down her thigh as she dances. The black straps of the garter
belt actually highlight her white ass cheeks really nice and it's obvious
that even though she may be distressed by what she's being told to do by me
that there's some moisture build up on her shaved crotch.

Bob can't see her twat, cause the window sill isn't low enough.

I reach out and rub her naked ass cheek, and I hear a sob come from her
throat above me. I pulled on the taut garter belt strap and released it as
the strap snapped back against her skin with a smacking sound. I grin, and
then say, "You want to stop, bitch?" "Ye-yes Jack, " she sobs, " I-I want
to st-stop." "Ask me nice, and maybe I'll let you." "Plea-please let me
stop, please, Jack!" "Let your tits hang out over the window, yeah support
them like that with your arms, yeah not bad, not bad at all. Still want to
stop, Mrs. Bergman?" "Plea-please Jack, plea-please le-let me sto-stop,"
she stammers as she half sobs doing what she had been told to do. "Then
stop. Get down on the floor, on your back."

She stops and quickly drops to the floor. She looks up at me as she
gets down first on her left side, then on her back. "Now lay so that your
heels touch my shoes," I say, and watch as she scoots to obey. "Good," I
say, looking at her nearly nude chubby body, "now, real slow bring your
heels up until the back of your heels touch your ass cheeks."

The woman whimpers but obeys, her arms laying out to her sides. The
wooden floor is cool, and her nipples are standing straight out from her
white tits which have no tan lines at all. The sheer size of her tits makes them fall back on her body, but they still look big because she is a
thirty eight triple 'D' size woman.

I can barely see her nipples now because she keeps her knees together
laying there on the floor in front of me. I look out and see Bob go
inside. "Now, bitch, open your knees as wide as you can. See if you can
put the sides of your knees on the floor without moving your feet."

She winces trying to obey. She can't get her knees that far apart.
It's enough though to see her pussy lips spread.

I tell her to reach down with both hands and hold open her pussy for me.
She blushes, the blush starting at her neck and running up her face until
her cheeks are red, as she moves her arms trapping her big tits between her
upper arms and reaches down to her crotch. She swallows, and closes her
eyes as she pulls her pussy lips apart. She's pink inside, and there is
some glistening to the sides of her pussy. So! She's turned on a little.
Good, I think. I look over at the coffee table and say to her to roll over
clean off the magazines then lay on the coffee table face up. She looks at
the table to her right, frowns, then lets go of her pussy lips and rolls
over to her right, and gets up on her knees. Her ass is pointed towards
me, and she's within range of the old coffee stained coffee table. She
uses her right hand lifting her left arm and exposing a huge dangling tit
as she swipes the magazines in one swoop off the top of the table which is
about two feet off the floor. She looks back and me and half frowns then
comes to her feet. She turns facing me and gingerly lowers herself to the
middle of the table, as if she were not sure the table would support her
weight. It does so easily. Reassured, she sizes the table up, then lays
down. The table is only about three feet long, so her back, neck, and head
are supported. Her ass cheeks almost come to the end of the table. She
lays there until I tell her to open her legs, and reach down again to hold
open her pussy. I can't see her pussy this time, but I can see how her big
tits get pinched between her arms and they jiggle as she positions herself
according to my commands. She's got a funny look on her face like she's
not sure what's going to happen next. When I don't say anything she stares
at the ceiling as she continues to lay there.

I tell her I want her to play with her pussy until it's making sloppy
noises. She cries as she starts. Then she looks over at me when I stand
up and walk over to look at her finger fucking herself. I walk around to
the front of the table and go between the table, and the couch. The other
side is blocked because her foot is resting on the floor. Her right leg
blocks entering, and I like the way she's laying and don't want to disturb
it. I sit down on the center cushion of the couch, and reach out to play
first with her right tit, then her left, twirling each nipple. She closes
her eyes, evidently stimulated. I squeezed one breast once again amazed by
how firm she was for as old a woman as she was. I took off my shirt. I
was taking off my pants when she looked at me by raising her head so that
she could see what I was doing even if it was upside down. As soon as she
saw me she went back to staring at the ceiling. Her pussy was really
making squishing sounds as she worked herself.

Naked I walked over to the couch again. I went down to my knees, and
with my right hand played with both her tits again, while with my left I
stroked my seven inches of hard flesh. Then I moved my dick up to her chin
and rubbed her chin with my dick head. She didn't say anything. I rubbed
her cheek with my dick head. It felt soft, warm and pliant. Then I
deliberately lay my throbbing erection across her lips. She kept her mouth
shut. "I know you sucked cock before Mrs. Bergman, because Bernie told me
you did."

She stared at me. My prick continued to lay over her closed mouth.
"Open your mouth Mrs. Bergman," I said and again put emphasis on her
married title. A tear escaped her right eye, as she opened her mouth and I
slid my dick head into her warm, wet mouth. Her eyes widened. She didn't
suck. I didn't ask her to, and really I didn't care if she did or not. I
was going to fuck her mouth. Besides the look on her face was quite a turn
on as I slid half my erection into her warm wet mouth sliding past her
teeth and over her tongue watching as her jaw dropped open to accommodate
my pole. Her lips stretch to a thin red line around my shaft and her arm
came up just for a second before she dropped it again and I continued to
stare down into her face with only about a quarter of my cock in her mouth.
I wanted to cum in her throat. Shit, I never made it! Just sliding in and
out of her mouth a couple times, the look on her face, the noise of her wet
pussy, and feeling her tits up made me go over the edge as I groaned and
unloaded inside her mouth. She choked as my cum splattered the back of her
throat and went down. Shit! Shit! Shit! I wanted to deep throat her the
first time. It wasn't to be.

I had her stand up then and take off the cup less bra, and walk over to
the cot. She knew I wanted to fuck her even though I didn't say anything.

The cot was against the wall that was the separation between the living
area and the work shop, which she would see later; although at the time she
didn't know that.

I walked over to the cot, seeing her laying there, and quickly got
between her legs. I slid my now erect dick head into her very wet opening,
but I didn't push in just yet. Reaching forward with both hands I cupped
her big tits feeling her hard nipples on my palms as I lowered myself down
using my arms as levers, while at the same time slowly pushing into her
wet, but very tight pussy. I pushed in slowly but steadily, and she
groaned but I thought the groan was more from pleasure than from pain, as
my rod slid all the way in until I felt my balls bounce on her firm ass
cheeks. I pushed the last half inch in, feeling how her pussy wrapped
around my rod, how snug and tight she was and yet warm and soft. She
moaned and thrust her hips towards me, as I ground my groin into her, and
squeezed her tits. I kissed her then, and expected to get some resistance
but was surprised that her lips and mouth were warm and inviting. She
wanted me! I pumped in and out of her pussy for possibly a good ten
minutes savoring the feeling of her body, and the jiggle of her tits as I
fucked her. Then I knew I wanted to rapid fuck her so I started with my
full length power strokes. Strokes that sent the head of the cot slamming
against the separation wall with a thud, strokes that made her groan and
moan and thrust back at me. As I continued to hump her the solid thrusts
causing thumps on the wall started to sound like someone pounding in nails.
I was pounding instead the older married woman's pussy and she was
responding. I held off as long as I could, and just before I couldn't hold
off any longer she broke away from my kiss and screamed out, "Oh god! Oh
god yes! Yes! I-I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me! That's it... Fuck me
good Jack, oh god yes! Almost there...Fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes yes

As she came so did I. My balls felt like they were bursting and my cock
almost hurt as I felt the first full load of cum spurt from inside me to
deep inside her. The first, second, and third ejaculations of my
overworked senses were enough to make me wonder if I was peeing inside her
instead of cumming because there was a fourth and five ejaculation like I
never had had before. She collapsed under me, sighed, and I saw she had
fainted. I was too pooped to continue anyway, and pulled out of her
saturated pussy. My dick made a popping noise as I separate from the
tightness of the older married woman's fuck hole.

While she was out of it I decided to do some things I always wanted to
do to a woman; especially those better than thou types that act so fucking
stuck up and yet are no better than I am. She didn't know that I had
invited my friends over, but that was still hours away and there was plenty
of time to let her feel and know just what I thought of an old cunt like
her. I rolled her over on her belly and flopped her hands behind her back
securing the woman's wrists in place with a set of heavy duty handcuffs. I
tightened the cuffs down so that she had some wiggle room left in the
bindings but not much more. Next I placed a set of ankle shackles on her
nylon hose covered ankles. Then I tied a rope to the ankle shackles and
pulled on the pulley enhanced rope to get the old broad off the bed and in
the air. I was glad I used a pulley system cause it was still difficult to
get all of her up there from a dead weight off the bed. Her body swung
limply and I chuckled as her head bounced against the wall spinning her
body around with her big tits falling towards her head which was now upside
down. I then got a towel and cleaned off her snatch some from the sperm
and her own goo. After that I got a nice big vibrator, jelled it up some,
then slid it into the old bitch's cunt and turned it on. It started to hum
merrily and I knew when she woke up there were some things she would
experience right off the bat. Anyway I hoisted her a little higher and
shoved a rag that I had just used to clean off my own dick into her mouth
being careful not to force her tongue back into her mouth. I used a
bandana to tie the rag in place over her mouth distorting her round cheeks
slightly out of shape from the tightness of the cloth bandana.

Next I went to work on her massive and very attractive tits. I got a
hard on as I put a rope around her left tit tightening the rope with two
windings until the blood was slightly cut off from her big tit. Her nipple
got really hard and fat while her tits started to turn a pink color.

When she came around it took her a while to realize what had been done
to her and then she went wild. It was a sight seeing that broad wiggle and
turn trying to free herself and then finally stopping as she sobbed just
hanging there upside down. I had been thinking about using a belt on her
but I decided that my hand was better and besides the lasting impression
that she would have of my hand on her tortured tits would remain with her
for some time in the future. I walked into her field of vision and I
really believe the woman growled at me. Her growl changed to a howl though
when I slapped her now blue tits with my hand feeling their twin hardness
under my palm as my hand made the only noise in the room other than her
sobs. I worked the vibrator back and forth and saw she was turned on and
that just by moving the long fake cock in and out of her stretched pussy her hips churned in direct response. A couple more slaps to her firm white
ass cheeks left my hand prints on her ass cheeks as they glowed red. Her
howls increased through her gag. Her tits were too blue for my hand marks
to show but I slapped them too just for good measure. It felt good to feel
her now hard, blood engorged tits with the palm of my hand then grabbing a
big nipple and twisting it with a good deal of force. It was about the
fifth or sixth time that I did this that she finally passed out allowing me
to reposition her again.

I lowered her to a four wheel dolly like wagon. I detached the rope and
wheeled the naked older woman into another room in the shed. This room was
sound proofed. She'd be yelling in this session I knew. Besides, there
were a couple of goodies I had in the room that I wanted to try out. The
first was a stock. It was designed to hold the victim's head and wrists at
the same height. The stock had rings in it so I could position her any way
I wanted. I rolled her off the dolly and unfastened her wrists then her
shackles. She was still unconscious as I lifted her head and placed it in
the grove of the stock. I did the same with her wrists then got the other
half of the stock and positioned it over the first securing head and wrists
in place. Then I did the same thing to her feet with a wooden stock
designed for ankles. Next I hoisted the stock up and with it came her
body. Her chin hit the stock and supported her weight and kept her from
choking. I moved the bench into position on the floor and locked it down
then moved the still limp woman so that her nylon covered legs were up
against the legs of the bench. Now by lowering and tightening the head
portion of the stock she was bent over. Her tits dangled attractively from
her body and her firm ass stretched even tighter in the new position.

When she returned to consciousness she started to sob. I got up and
went around in front of her so that she could see me take my belt off. "Oh
god no! Please no!" she begged realizing what I had in mind.

I didn't say anything as I walked around behind her. God her ass cheeks
looked nice. I doubled the belt and then raised my arm. I brought the
belt down square across her round ass cheeks, the belt swishing in the room
air as it moved and making a resounding slapping sound after hitting the
surface of the woman's up turned ass. Her shriek filled the sound proofed
room nicely. I left two very nice red welts across both ass cheeks before
moving around to the other side and repeating the process. Her ass cheeks
now had red 'X's' on them, double red 'X's'. Then, while she was still
sobbing I removed the old vibrator and replace it with one that vibrated
and twisted. She groaned as I slipped the bigger vibrator into place and
she felt it move up inside her.

For as old a bitch as she was, I expected Mrs. Bergman's ass hole to be
looser than what it was. She was a tight one! She screamed, of course, as
I shoved my own pleasure rod into her rectum. Very few broads like it up
the ass, and Mrs. Bergman definitely was one of those that didn't like it,
judging by the howls, screams, twisting, and the sheer effort she made to
get away from my penetrating cock. It was one of the most intense feelings
I'd ever felt as I slammed my cock deep into her rectum feeling the
vibrations of the vibrator in her pussy as I fucked her ass. Still,
pumping my cock back and forth in the tightness of the older woman's rectum
was a turn on because this woman gave me nothing but problems before and
now she was getting a serious problem up her ass and she couldn't do a
thing about it. As I fucked her ass I used her bouncing swinging tits as
handles and this made her howl and shriek all the more. The bitch didn't
realize that her crying and screaming was music to my ears. I was causing
her the grief this time and not the other way around. She was screaming
and crying as I felt myself cum without any control. I shot my load deep
into the older married woman's ass and as the second ejaculated load
followed the first I realized I didn't care that much for ass fucks myself.
She didn't faint this time so it made it a little more difficult for me to
position her and she was now fighting my efforts to reposition her calling
me a dirty filthy bastard and all kinds of terrible names. I grinned.
Before I was done with her she'd have not only better control over her
mouth but more respect for what can happen to mouthy bitch's that like to
push people around.

I had her positioned in such a way that she was sitting at a table. Her
big jugs were supported by the table which I could raise or lower by
telescoping rods which supported the table. I brought out my big black
mallet. It was obvious what I intended to do with the mallet and she
wailed, pleading and begging me not to use the mallet on her exposed tits.
"Plea-please Ja-Jack," she sobbed, "I-I've done everything you wanted. Why
this? Why? Plea-please no Ja-Jack!"

I raised the mallet. "Please, oh god, please no. I'll do anything, act
anyway you want, anything for god's sake don't please god don't!"

I brought the mallet swiftly down and she screamed. The mallet stopped
just short of her tits as she continued to forcibly sit there and sob
seeing that the head of the mallet was just inches above her naked exposed
tits. I parted her tit flesh with my hand and pushed the mallet between
them with the handle sticking up. She was sobbing as I sat down opposite
to her and reached across the table to hold and fondle a big round nipple,
her left one. Her nipple swelled in my hold and she half sobbed looking at
me past the mallet handle which was right in front of her face. "Listen to
me slut. Listen good. You agree or I use the mallet on them big tits of
yours. First I want a promise from you that whenever, wherever, I ask you
for a blow job you give it to me and that includes beyond today or the next
time we have a session you'll be back here and I won't be making agreements
with you." "Yes, of course Jack, I said anything, that's-that's what I
meant." "In public I'm a 'Sir' or 'Master' whichever you prefer." "Ok," she

I switched to the other nipple and said, "Before today's over you will
blow me in front of your husband." "Plea-please Jack....alright, alright."
"While your sucking my cock in front of him or anyone else you will act
like your cumming."

A tear formed in her eye as she nodded and said, "Ye-yes Jack." "If I
call you a slut in public I expect you to act like one around me. That
means I can touch, fondle and feel you up as well as tell others they can
do the same." "Oh..oh god...alright Ja-Jack." "Lastly, I want to fuck your
mouth. You will ask me to do this." "Yes Jack," she responded.

At ten thirty that morning she was released from her bonds and was
laying on the mat next to the locked door leading out into the work shed.
She was nude. I fondled a left tit then a right as I straddle her chest,
my prick inches from her lips. Her tongue was out of her mouth and
actively licking my cock head driving me wild with desire. She appeared to
be wanting it, which is what I wanted from her. I put my meat into her
mouth as her tongue backed off, and as I watched her jaw drop and the
muscles in her jaw extend themselves. She licked the underside of my cock
as I slid it down her tongue towards the back of her mouth. I leaned
forward positioning myself over her with a quarter of my cock in her mouth.
"Ok bitch when I put my cock down in your throat you'll gag. That's
normal, just remember to suck, ok?"

She nodded.

I slapped a tit and looked her in the face and said, "Always answer a
question, slut, whether there's a cock in your mouth or not. I don't care
if it sounds like gibberish you answer, got it bitch?" "Wes," she said
around my cock. "Suck damn it!"

She slurped as she sucked and I made her gag as I put half my length in
her mouth and entered her throat. Her throat contracted and expanded on my
big prick and the more I pushed deeper the more her contractions came as
she gagged and was actually pushing at me. I pulled out a little and she
sucked furiously. I knew what she was trying to do, make me cum early.
This time it wasn't going to happen. I penetrated again half way and then
a little further as she squirmed beneath me, her nostrils flaring in her
breathing attempts her sucking efforts reduced to licking the underside of
my erection. A little more went down the woman's throat and I realized she
was probably going to have a very sore throat after this. It still felt
good though and Mrs. Bergman looked especially attractive bouncing around
on the mat beneath me as she tried to get over the gag reflex caused by my
penetrating cock. More meat, more gagging. I didn't get my cock into her
mouth the whole way this time either, but the look of sheer horror on her
face and her wide spread eyes more than made up for it as I groaned and
unloaded several ejaculations deep in her throat and heading for her belly.

Chapter Two: Bobbing Heads

By noon she was hoarse and dressed. She knew because I had told her
that we were going over to see Bob and she was going to be a "nice married lady" around me and Bob. I had her get down on all fours before we made
the short little walk over to Bob's place. At first, I think, she thought
that was how I wanted her to go over to Bob's place but I wasn't to that
point yet. I got down between her legs behind her and lifted her skirt
placing it on her back as she turned her head to see what I was doing. I
knew she had felt suddenly exposed and she was, her cunt lips were large
and she looked more than a little ready. I definitely was ready as I
unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. I penetrated her pussy from the
read without preamble. I slid my rod up and down her slit feeling the
slickness of it and hearing her moan from up front. Then I slid my cock
head into her pussy from the rear. Her hot box engulfed my prick head and
it felt really good. I leaned over her back and reached down to fondle her
dangling tits covered only be her blouse. I played with those tits as I
slid three quarters of my length into her and she actually moaned and
wobbled her hips from side to side as my cock slid around in her tight but
well lubricated channel. I pushed all the way in and groaned myself, then
I began pumping in and out of her. It wasn't long before I came in Mrs.
Bergman's pussy yet another time.

As I pulled out of her she dropped her shoulders and head to the floor
gasping in pleasure and at the same time embarrassed. I pulled out of her
as my cum oozed out of her slit. She looked back at me and said, "Jack,
can I get cleaned up?" "No, stay as you are slut."

She was quiet. I knew she didn't like being called 'slut' but I knew
too that she was aware that I wanted her to be messy this way before going
over to see Bob.

Bob had always told me he could make any woman cum with his tongue.
Maybe he'd have a surprise this time, I thought with a chuckle. be continued Fingerpro


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