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JAN AND I video movies THAT why


Jan and I

By Dorsai

Note: this is a story about consensual sex between a teenage female and
an adult male. IT IS A WORK OF FICTION. If the idea of sex between a
young female and older male offends you, stop here, and delete the file.

ARCHIVISTS: Archival of this story is welcomed. I plan to write several
more involving these people, describing different situations and events, so
as to make an erotic mini-novel of sorts. I will also be posting each of
them in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format after the final section of each story has been posted. Please drop me a note so that I can direct requests to
your site. The stories are composed in MS Word 2000; I will be willing to
email completed stories in a supported export format to archive sites ONLY.

Requests for emailing of individual stories or sections to anything
other than an archive site will not be accepted. Either wait for the .pdf
post, or hit an archive site.

Copyright retained by author, but the story is released for public
distribution, provided the above comments and copyright notice are

Part 1

Paul and I had been friends for years - long enough that he and I had
spent enough time together that his kids called me "Uncle Dan", even though
they knew I wasn't related. Several years before, he had divorced from his
wife, on grounds of 'incompatibility'. The divorce was relatively
amicable, and when his wife decided to move to another state, he got
custody of the kids.

There were 3 of them: Jan (whom I called 'Trouble', because she never
was), 14, was cute as the proverbial bug's ear at about 5 foot 6 inches
tall, 80 to 90 pounds, and with a slender - but nicely curved - build.
Leo, at 10, was undoubtedly the smartest of the bunch (prompting me to call
him 'Brainiac'), which sometimes got him into trouble. Finally, there was
John (who earned the nickname of 'Goober'), at 7, and something of a little

Paul and I were close enough that he trusted me to watch out for the
kids when he had to make a trip out of town. Fortunately, the kids *knew*
that he loved them more than anything else in the world, and that his trips
were a part of what he did to make sure they had the things they needed.
These trips were of varying lengths, due to his job as a truly exceptional
salesman - he made damn good money from his commissions. Looking after the
kids usually just involved getting them to and from the Catholic school
they attended, making sure they ate properly, and infrequently, getting
someone to a volleyball (Jan), soccer (John), or Karate (Leo) session.
Surprisingly, they got along reasonably well - only rarely was it necessary
to break up any arguments or (even rarer) an actual fight. The kids and I
were close enough, in fact, that they frequently came to me with questions
or problems they didn't think they could take to Paul. Paul and I had
talked about it, and he didn't have any problem with me giving them
suggestions and advice. He wasn't real happy about it, but realized that
it was better the kids go to someone he trusted, than not have their
questions or problems settled at all.

It was while Paul was on one of his weekend trips that I got my first
good look at Jan. Paul had left early Saturday, and asked me to stop in
that morning to get the kids up. I started, as usual, with Jan. By waking
her first, she'd be able to help with getting things going and organized
while I tried to raise the boys from the dead (right sound sleepers, they
were). I knocked on her door, and after not hearing anything for a few
seconds, opened it - only to be greeted with the sight of Jan holding her
right breast (about the size of half an orange, with a light brown nipple)
with her right hand, and with her left hand buried in her (lightly
brown-furred) crotch. It was only a moment before she realized she wasn't
alone (barely time enough for the door to open), and when her eyes opened
and she saw me, she gave a little squeak, and snatched the bedcovers over
herself. I quickly apologized for disturbing her, and said that I'd only
wanted to wake her up for breakfast. That said, I apologized again, and
closed the door, heading off to wake the boys.

As I was trying to get the boys up, I heard her take care of her morning
ablutions; she was in the kitchen getting herself some breakfast by the
time I finally got Leo and John moving.

When I entered, she looked at me, started blushing, and began acting
very nervous. I figured she was just embarrassed, and figured the best
thing I could do was to simply ignore it for the moment, and got myself a
cup of coffee (ah, the nectar of life!).

About that time, the boys made their appearance, and breakfast started
with the usual minor bickering and indecision on the boys' part. Finally,
though, breakfast was done, and Leo and John headed off to the local park
in search of something to do.

Jan was cleaning the kitchen as I cleared the table, and I noticed that
she was still rather nervous - frequent glances at me, starting to speak
several times before stopping herself, and so on. I finally asked her if
she would sit down at the table with me for a moment - which resulted in
her looking both relieved, and even more nervous or frightened.

When I'd gotten a refill, and she was seated, I started out by telling
her "Jan, I'm sorry I disturbed you this morning. I knocked, and didn't
hear any answer, so I thought it was okay to come in; I didn't know you
were busy." - which earned me the brightest blush I'd ever seen.

I followed up by saying "There's nothing for you to be embarrassed
about; that's something that everybody does. I'm just sorry that I
interrupted you, and embarrassed you. Next time, I'll knock louder, and
wait a bit longer before opening the door."

That got me another blush (not so much this time), and Jan started to
reply before stopping herself.

"What? Did you want to say something?" I asked.

She was staring into her lap, and hesitated a moment before answering,
"You mean that you're not mad? You're not going to tell Daddy or father Thomas at school?"

Surprised, I said "No, why would I be mad? Like I said, it's something
everybody does. And why would I want to tell your dad or father Thomas?"

"Because father Thomas and the nuns say that's a sin." She replied.

"Jan, what you were doing is called masturbation. Maybe the church
calls it a sin, but I - and a lot of other people - don't think of it that
way, at all. It's something that everybody has done at some point in their
lives; usually when they're about the same age you are now. Maybe the
church doesn't like it, but that's not something I want to argue about."

"You mean it's not a sin?"

"No, I didn't say that. I'm saying that I don't agree with the church:
they say it's a sin and can cause bad things to happen. I don't think that
way about it. If father Thomas had seen you, he would have a different
opinion, I expect; but it was ME that interrupted you, and I'M telling you
that *I* don't think you were doing anything wrong. In case you hadn't
noticed, I've told you that I'm sorry for _disturbing_ you - I don't think
that's what someone would say if they thought what you were doing was bad,
or a sin, right?"

She smiled (and blushed) a bit, and answered, "No, I guess not. But why
do father Thomas and the nuns tell us not to do that, then?"

"Jan, you know that there are things about being Catholic that are
different from the ways of other churches, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"This is one of those things that the church decided, probably a long
time ago, and I suspect that they've been saying it for so long that they
couldn't change it now, even if they wanted to. If you want to know why
the church thinks it's a sin, you'll have to ask father Thomas or one of
the nuns. I promise you, *I* sure as heck don't know!"

She smiled again, and told me "I don't understand a lot of the stuff
that they tell us - and they don't hardly tell us _anything_!"

"What do you mean 'anything'?"

"Well, like about sex and stuff. I mean, they just tell us don't do it
until you're married, but they don't say WHY. I didn't even understand for
the longest time that what I was doing" - another blush - "was the
'masturbation' they were talking about."

"Jan, don't they have any kind of sex education or classes about your
body at school?"

"Not really. I mean, they showed us a couple of little movies that told
us boys were different from girls, and a little bit of how, but they didn't
actually *tell* us anything we didn't already know."

"Do you at least know the names of the parts and all that?" I asked.

"Um, no, not much."

I sighed. Why is it so many so-called adults are so willing to treat
teenagers like kids, and then complain that that's what they act like? How
are kids supposed to LEARN if nobody's willing to not only tell them, but
*teach* them, and _explain_ to them?

I asked, "Okay, do you want to learn? Do you want to know what is going
on, and how your body works, and all that?"

"Um, well, yeah. But I'd be too ashamed to have to actually *ask*

"You don't have to ask anyone, Jan. I can get you started on the
Internet, and you can find out about anything you want to know without
being afraid or ashamed. Would you like that?"

"Yeah! Can we?"

"Sure, no problem."

Jan paused a moment, and then asked "But what about Daddy? Isn't he
going to know what I'm looking at?"

"No, I can fix that. I'll just set you up with your own password on the
computer, and have the computer hide everything you look at. You know your
dad and computers - he'll never know a thing!"

She laughed at that, and agreed "Yeah, sometimes me or Leo have to show
him how to do something. Okay, that'll work. When can I start?"

"Well, you finish up the kitchen while I get the computer set up. When
you're done, I'll show you a couple of places you can start, and then leave
you alone. Will that work?"


With that, she headed back into the kitchen while I headed for the
computer they kept in the den. It only took me a couple of minutes to set
her up, and perhaps another 5 to find a couple of good web sites for her to
start with. I was just finishing up when she came in and stood next to me.

"Just about done." I told her. "Let me get this last site added to your
bookmarks, and you're all set."

A moment later, I stood up, and gestured for her to take a seat.

Once she was ready, I explained what I had done, and how she could go
about learning almost anything she wanted to about the human body - male or
female - as well as introductory material about human sexuality
(particularly regarding teens). She caught on quickly enough, and with a
comment from me to let me know if she had any questions or problems, I left
her to her reading and surfing.

Later that afternoon, she came into the living room where I was
listening to some classical music on the stereo. She sat down in a chair,
across from the end of the couch that I was laying on, half asleep.

"Uncle Dan, I want to ask you something."

"Sure, go ahead. If I don't know, we'll find the answer together."

"Well, first, I want to thank you for showing me that stuff. I couldn't
ask *Daddy*, and father Thomas or the nuns would only get mad at me."

"No problem. Let's just not go telling everyone who set you up for that
stuff, OK? You dad is my friend, and I don't know how much he would
appreciate _me_ showing you that stuff. And father Thomas and the nuns
would probably pitch a fit and start praying at me!" I joked.

Seriously, she told me "Don't worry, I won't. Is it okay if I tell some
of my friends about this, though? There are a lot of us that don't know
any of this stuff."

"Well, I suppose that would be okay, IF you're careful about who you
tell, and don't bring me into it. I imagine that some of the parents would
be a little upset with me if they knew where their girls were getting the

"Sure, that's no problem. I wouldn't do anything to get you in trouble
after you've done so much to help me."

"So, what's the question? You did say that you wanted to ask me
something." I said.

"Well, actually, it's a couple of things."

"Okay, then, start with the first one, and we'll go from there." I

"Um, well, some of those places talked about something called an
'orgasm' or 'climax', and I think I know that it's something good, but I'm
not real sure what it is."

Hoo-boy. What have I gotten myself into?

"Jan, I'm not quite sure how to explain it to you. Physically, an
orgasm is the body's response to sexual stimulation. Emotionally, it's
something else."

"You mean that when I touch myself - I mean, masturbate - that's an

(MY turn to blush. Yes, I still can.)

"No, Jan, I don't think so. I expect that what you were feeling was
'just' arousal, or stimulation. I don't think there would have been any
doubts if you had ever had an orgasm."

"Oh. Then what does an orgasm feel like?"


Nothing to do but continue "Well, it's different for men and women, for
obvious reasons. For men, climax is when they are stimulated enough to
ejaculate their sperm into the woman. I have no idea of what it feels like
for women, except to use a description I read that is supposedly from the
French - they call it 'the little death'."

"Oh. Well, you're a man; have you ever climaxed?"

(Is it me, or is it getting warm in here?)

"Yes, I've had climaxes before. Remember, I was married before, and my
wife and I had sex many times." (no need to bring up the Navy days)

"What is it like?"

(Whose bright idea was this, anyway? Bastard should be shot!)

"I don't know that it's anything that I could really describe to you.
It's not that I'm not willing" - like hell! - "it's just that there simply
aren't the words. Remember that definition I told you? That's about as
close as I could get, without taking several hours and a whole lot of

"Okay, I guess."

"Trust me, Jan - I don't think that it's going to be too long before you
know for yourself what it's like. And when you do, you'll understand why
it's so hard for me to describe. Okay?"

"Yeah, I suppose. You said that it was one thing, physically, and
something else, emotionally. You can't tell me what it is physically, so
can you tell me what it's like emotionally?"

"Well, I can tell you what *I* think it's about. If you check around,
you can probably find some more answers, too."

"I will, but I'd like to know what *you* think."

"For starters, I think of the sex act as being something different from
the act of making love."

"What do you mean? Aren't they the same thing?"

"Physically - I mean, as far as the physical act - yes, they are usually
the same. But emotionally - in my heart - they are two *very* different
things. I suppose you could think of them this way: sex is the physical
act, and making love is the emotional joining."

"I kinda see what you're saying."

"Okay, how about this: sex is what two animals do to make more animals;
the whole biblical go-forth-and-multiply thing. Making love is when two
people join in the physical act of sharing their hearts with each other."

"Okay, I understand that."

"Now, here's the tricky part: sex can be as simple as two dogs making
new puppies, or as complicated as a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.
Making love usually means the physical act, but there can be a making of
love without the physical joining."

"I'm confused, now. How does that work? And what's the difference?"

"For the sex part, it's a matter of how *each* of them cares for the
other. If they like each other enough, they can join in physical pleasure
without getting their hearts involved - kind of like helping each other
feel good." - a smile from her - "Making love is something else. Suppose
that a woman was married to a man that had been hurt in such a way that he
was physically unable to have sex with her. But, because he has given his
heart - his love - to her, he may find another way to bring her physical
pleasure. To me, taking a physical action to make another person happy,
_without worrying about your own pleasure or satisfaction_ is what 'making
love' is all about. Got it?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so. But what is love?"

(Damn! And I thought I was gonna get away clean!)

I answered with "I don't think there's one answer that would make
everybody happy - I expect that there are as many opinions on that as there
are people. For me, though, it's when another person means as much, or
more, to you than yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"How about an example. If Leo or John was inside a burning house, would
you try to rescue them, even if it meant you might get hurt?"

"Of course!"

"THAT is love. Now, that doesn't mean that because you love them you
would want to have sex with them, only that the _emotional_ bond is there.

"Yeah. But how is that love different from physical love?"

"You've got several friends, right?"


"Do you like ALL of them _exactly_ the same way, and for the same

"No, of course not."

"It's the same thing with love. The way that you love your dad is
different than the way you love your brothers is different than the way you
would love someone that you would make love with."

"Okay, I kinda get it now."

"Well, if you kinda get it, then you're doing a whole lot better than
most people: there are a lot of people out in the world that get physical
love and emotional love mixed up, and spend a lot of their lives being
unhappy, and making others even more unhappy." I replied.

"Is that why Daddy and mom divorced?"

(Ahhhhhh, *SHIT!*)

"No, I don't think so. Have you ever stopped being friends with
someone? Not because of something that anyone did, but because it just sort
of happened?"


"I expect that it's the same with your mom and dad. They loved each
other a lot, but they just couldn't stay happy with each other. It's like
a grown-up version of the problems that you have with Lou and John: you
love them, but sometimes they just make you crazy, right?"

A laugh. "Yeah, sometimes."

"Same thing with your mom and dad. Sometimes your mom did stuff that
made your dad crazy, and sometimes it was the other way around. Most of
the time, they loved each other enough to forgive the craziness, but after
a while, they decided that they would rather love each other, and be
divorced, than stay married and make each other crazy."

"Okay, I understand. Right after the divorce, I worried sometimes that
maybe it was something I did, or that Leo and John were doing."

"Jan, don't ever think like that. You're a good person, and I can
promise you that I've talked to your mom and dad enough to know that their
divorce had absolutely nothing to do with your or your brothers - other
than BOTH of them wanted to make sure that you were all happy, and knew
that they both love you, and were taken care of properly."

"Thanks, Dan. I feel a lot better about it, now. Is it okay if I get
on the computer again?"

"Sure, Trouble. The boys won't be home from the park for a while, and
there's no reason you shouldn't."

When Paul got back from his trip, he and I were sitting on the patio
having a beer when I told him that Jan had asked me some questions about
sex and human anatomy. He wanted to know what I told her, and I explained
to him what I'd done - without bothering him with the details of how the
situation came up. He wasn't happy about being locked out of her Internet
usage on the subject, but when I pointed out that if she thought he could
watch, she wouldn't look at _anything_ - and stay ignorant, and thus more
likely to find herself in 'trouble'. That seemed to placate him, and he
thanked me for not only helping her, but also letting him know what was
going on. I suggested that he tell her that we'd talked, and that he was
okay with it, which he agreed to.

It was a week or so before Paul got the nerve up to talk to Jan. A
couple of days later, I was invited to join them for steaks from the grill.

Jan met me in the den, and gave me a strange look before asking, "Did
you tell Daddy what we talked about the other day?"

"No, I didn't tell him _what_ we talked about - only that we DID talk,
and the general subject."

"I don't know if I like that."

"Well, Trouble, you've got to understand that your dad is my friend. I
wasn't real comfortable about helping you that way without his knowledge.
At the same time, I wasn't going to do anything to break the trust YOU
showed me. This just seemed like a good way to get him involved - which I
think you would agree he *should* be - without getting you in trouble, or
having him upset with me. Nothing has changed, other than the fact that
now he *knows* that you're learning about the general subject of sex
education. He still doesn't know what you're looking at or learning - just
like I don't. The only thing that's different is that now we don't have to
worry about hiding something from him. I'd say that was a good thing,
wouldn't you?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose. I guess that's okay, then. Do you tell him
about everything, though?"

"No, just about the stuff that I think is really, really important, and
that I think he needs to know about. That's why I only told him that we
had talked about the general subject of sex, but not any of the details. I
think you'll also be happy to know that HOW we got onto the subject wasn't
mentioned," I added, smiling.

She turned only a little pink, and replied "Yeah, I kinda figured you
didn't say anything about *that*. From the way he acted, I don't think he
could have talked to me at all, if he knew!"

"Trouble, I want you to know that you can trust me not to tell your dad
about _everything_ we talk about. And if there is something I *must* tell
him, I'm not going to spill any secrets - I'll only say as much as I
absolutely have to. I hope you can see that from the way I talked to him."

"Sure, I can understand that. I do trust you; I was just surprised by
it, was all."

"Okay, how about if there's something I think I need to tell your dad, I
say so to you, first? Then we can agree on how much and what I can tell
him, so that you're not surprised again."

"That sounds okay." She answered. After a little pause, she added,
"Yeah, I can live with that. Sometimes I have to tell to Daddy about stuff
I hear Leo or John talking about, so I think I understand what you're

"Fair enough. If you're happy, then I'm happy. Let's go burn a cow!"

With that, we headed out to the patio.

A couple of weeks went by before Paul had to go on another out of town
trip. I was again the Designated Authority Figure, this time on a Tuesday,
after school had let out.

The kids were okay to leave for a few hours at a time, so I was able to
get some work done during the day, after stopping by around mid-morning;
still, I made sure and got to their place about mid to late afternoon. As
an engineering consultant and designer, I usually have enough slack that
taking time for such things isn't a problem.

I found a note that the boys had gone off to the local park for a
baseball game; a little noise revealed that Jan was in the den in front of
the computer.

As I moved up next to her, she looked up at me, but continued reading
the web page she had up. A brief look revealed that it was something
involving how quickly breasts grew on teen females. With extreme casualness, I made my way over to the stereo, and asked Jan if it would
bother her if I listened to some music. A quick shake of her head, and I
soon had some Mozart playing while I read a technical magazine I'd received
that day.

The next thing that I noticed was the sound of a small riot approaching
the den: Leo and John were back, demanding to be fed, and *right now*. I
looked up to see Jan shutting down the computer; then we both got up and
headed toward the kitchen to prepare supper. During the meal - spaghetti
with meatballs, garlic bread, and salad - I noticed that Jan kept looking
at me. I discretely checked to make sure that I'd shaved, my fly was
zipped up, that I didn't have a spaghetti noodle stuck to my forehead, and
so on.

After supper, the boys headed in to the living room for a rousing game
of Nintendo while Jan and I cleared the table, and cleaned the kitchen. As
we were finishing, Jan asked me if she could talk to me for a minute. I
agreed, and suggested Cokes at the dining table.

When we were seated, I just looked at her, and raised my eyebrow.

She started off with the big guns: "Dan, do you think my breasts are too

"Why, do you?" I asked, trying for time to think.

"I don't know. A lot of the other girls at school have bigger ones, and
I wonder if I don't need some kind of shots or something."

"Jan, I'm sure you've noticed that women have all different sizes of
breasts - some larger, some smaller, most in-between. You're only 14..."

"Almost 15!"

"Almost 15, and I think your breasts are just the size they need to be -
for YOU."

"But don't you think they should be bigger?"

"Trouble, I think they fit you just fine."

That earned me a dirty look before she said, "I didn't ask if you
thought they fit okay, I asked if you thought they should be bigger."

"Jan, why are you asking me this? I mean, _really_?"

She hesitated a bit, before answering with "I heard some of the boys at
school talking, and they all wanted to go out with one girl that has really
large ones. I thought if mine were bigger, they'd want to go out with me,
too. I want to be pretty, like she is."

"Trouble, I think what you were hearing was just hormones talking in
those guys. Do you think your mom is pretty?"


"But she doesn't have a large bust, does she?"

"Well, no."

"Stop and think about it for a bit: think of all the movie actresses
that are so popular. How many of them have large busts, and how many are
small-to-medium sized? And think carefully about what you hear guys say
about the girls with the really large breasts, and look at the women that
*most* men choose to be their wives. It's the difference between lusting
after the unusual, and loving the realistic."

"Yeah, I suppose."

"Trust me on this one, Trouble: You look just fine, and I don't think
you're going to have any problems finding a boy that agrees with me."

That seemed to comfort her, and we went into the living room to watch tv while Leo and John electronically mangled and mutilated each other in the
den. Before long, it was time for them to go to bed, and not much later,
Jan left, as well.

Imagine my surprise when, a few minutes later, Jan joined me in the
living room again - wearing her bathrobe. I pretended not to notice, and
she sat down at the opposite end of the couch from me. I could see that
she had something on her mind, but was willing to let her pick her own time
and place to say her piece.

First one program finished, then another. Finally, though, I could see
her turn to me. I waited until she cleared her throat before taking
notice. When I did turn and look at her, she hesitated a moment before

"I've been thinking about what you said about women, and their breasts."


"I think you're probably right."

"Thank you."

"But I'm still not sure about *my* breasts. I don't know if they look
okay, or not."

"Jan, from where I sit, I think they look just fine."

With that, she seemed to reach a decision - the decision to open her
robe, and show me her bare chest.

What I saw was a pair of smallish - each about the size of half an
orange, or perhaps a bit larger - breasts, gently rounded, and capped with
freckle-brown areolas and pencil-eraser-sized (and obviously erect)

I looked up at her face, and saw a mixture of emotions on it - fear of
rejection, embarrassment, and a bit of arousal. I raised an eyebrow in
question, and got a nod in permission to look more closely.

Moving carefully and slowly, I slid a bit closer, and leaned forward a
little for a closer look. What I saw was a slight crinkling of her areola
and nipples as her arousal grew - along with a slight, faint dusting of
freckles across the upper slopes of her breasts. Otherwise, her skin was
flawless: a warm, rosy pink, without blemishes. She shivered a bit, and I
could see the ever-so-slight jiggle of firm, young, female flesh. When I
looked up again (after trying to memorize the sight!), she had a nervous -
but questioning - look on her face.

I slid back to my end of the couch, and smiled at her, before telling
her "I was right - from where I sit, they look just fine. Better than
that, they look delightful! What you might think you lack in quantity, you
more than make up for in quality."

She looked relieved, and closed her robe - something I must confess I

With her robe closed, she looked at me again, blushed slightly, and
said, "Okay, I guess now I can believe you."

I laughed briefly, and asked her "What? Is this a face that would lie
to you?" gesturing to my own face.

She giggled, and headed back to her room.

I have to admit that the view she'd given me stimulated me - but not
enough to follow up on it. Understand, I enjoy pretty young girls as much
as anyone else - but this was my best friend's daughter, only 14 years old,
and someone that I'd grown fond of, in an Uncle-like way. I wasn't about
to do anything to frighten or otherwise disturb her - never mind anything
that would alienate her dad, my friend. All I could do was remember it
(with fondness!), without any plan or hope that things would go any

Part 2

Several weeks went by before Paul had to go on any more road trips.
During that time, he and I got together several times to have a couple
beers, watch a game on TV, or even play a little (bad) golf. As was
usually the case, our conversations varied in subject: anything from what
the lugnuts in Congress were doing to screw up the country, to (only
slightly exaggerated) stories from our youth, to how the kids were doing.
On that last subject he once asked me if I had any idea of how Jan was
doing on her sex ed stuff on the Net. I honestly told him that I'd made
her stuff hidden, and that I really had no idea what she was looking at or
learning - and pointed out that I suspected that neither one of
particularly *wanted* to know, when it got right down to it. That earned
me a wry laugh, along with his agreement.

When he finally did have to leave, though, it was a doozy: 3 full days,
and most of a fourth, in late June.

I had just finished a big project, and had several days before I needed
to start on the next one, so Paul and I agreed that I would just go ahead
and stay at his place. It simplified the logistics, and most important,
didn't leave the kids without someone to turn to in case there were any
problems. As usual on his multi-day trips, he had promised the kids that
he'd call each night to talk to them.

Things went along just fine - all the kids had something to do during
the day, so I only had to make a couple of pickups and deliveries of warm
bodies. That meant that I was able to take a couple of naps, and just
generally laze about. Even the evenings went well, at first. The boys would get wrapped up in a movie on cable TV, and by the time it ended, they
were ready - if not necessarily willing - for bed. Jan would have a friend
or two over (with her dad's permission and my approval), and they'd
normally spend most of the evening in her room, chattering about teenage
girl stuff (boys, clothes, boys, school, boys, and whatever else they could
think of). I'd either watch tv with Leo and John, read a book, or just sit
outside on the patio with a beer, and watch the world go by.

It wasn't until the last evening - before Paul was to get home - that
things changed.

To start with, each of the boys had been invited to spend the night with
one of their friends, with them to be returned early the following morning.
Paul had Okayed it, so I was fine with it, as well. It was a relatively
quick trip to get each of them delivered to the appropriate place - along
with a (possibly futile) admonition to behave themselves.

When I got back from that, Jan quietly informed me that her friend had
called to cancel a visit. I asked her what she was going to do, and she
shocked me by saying that she hoped she could have a talk with me about
some of the stuff that she'd learned on the Internet. I wasn't real happy
about the idea, but determined to 'be there' for her when she needed
someone, so I agreed.

After a little fiddling around, we got settled in the den, with each of
us at opposite ends of a large couch.

The conversation started out mildly enough - her wanting to verify some
of what she'd read on the sites she'd visited: slang terms for anatomical
parts, and so on. I think both of us blushed more than once, at first,
before we simply hit some kind of 'intimacy overload', and the terms just
became more words.

Things started to heat up, though, when she started asking me if I'd
ever done any of the things she'd read about: oral sex, anal sex, mutual
masturbation, and such. I have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable
discussing it with her (mostly because of her age, though a little because
of the previous views I'd had of her, as well). I did concede to pretty
much most of the stuff she'd read about (which, happily, hadn't been all
*that* much!), and when pressed, provided explanations and details of the
acts - though not the time or circumstances. (How do you explain a
19-year-old sailor stationed overseas renting 3 bar girls - all at the same
time - for a long weekend? Particularly to your best friends young daughter? Yeah, it was fun (!!), but how do you *explain* it?)

I could tell from the expression(s) on her face as I was talking that
she wasn't any too sure about some of what I was saying. But, when she
asked even more explicit questions, I answered as honestly and completely
as I could.

Finally, there came the questions I least wanted to hear: the ones about
*her*, and what _she_ was experiencing. Again, it was the combination of
her age and being my best friends daughter that was throwing me off - but I
didn't see any choice but to 'soldier on'. After all, it was me that got
her started on this stuff, so it was up to me to see it through.

She told me about how she sometimes got a 'funny feeling' between her
legs, where her vagina was (it helped that we were using medical-type
terms). She told me how sometimes she would 'just start thinking about
boys', and her nipples would get hard, and sometimes show through her
blouse or shirt. She told me how sometimes, when she was going to start
her period, she would start getting a strange 'empty feeling' between her
legs, and her vagina would get so wet that it would make her panties damp.
She told me how she would sometimes daydream, and wake up to find herself
squeezing her thighs together because it felt good where her clitoris was.
She told me that she would sometimes wake up in the morning with her hand
pressed against her vagina and clitoris, and her pajama bottoms would be
soaked with her 'wetness'. After each of these 'revelations', I'd try to
reassure her that what she was experiencing was a perfectly normal part of
becoming a sexually aware and sexually mature young lady - despite the
increase in my arousal (concealed as best I could) at hearing about each of

She had one last thing, though, that completely threw me for a loop:

"Uncle Dan, I think the thing that bothers me the most is that I don't
really *know* what naked people look like."

"Excuse me? You don't know what the parts are on boys? Didn't you give
your brothers baths when they were younger? You can't see what's what on
the other girls in your gym class at school, when you take showers? Didn't
those Web sites have diagrams or pictures on them?"

"Yes to all of that - except that it's just not the _same_."

"In what way?"

"Well, for instance, I kinda know what girls look like down there, but I
don't know what *I* look like - not really. I know what _boys_ look like,
but I don't think Leo and John are quite the same as a real man - like you,
for instance."

I found that I had one blush left in me - fortunately, the lights
weren't that bright, so I don't *think* she noticed.

"So why are you telling me this, then?" Please, God, no, not what I
think she's thinking...

"I want you to show me."

Fine, God, be like that. Screw me over. Again.

"Um, show you _what_? Which one did you want? Not that it matters,
since your dad would kill one or both of us in either case." I replied.

"Well, actually, I was hoping I could learn, um, both, if you could. I
know that Daddy might not like it, but I *really* want to know, and it's
not like we'd, um, actually, um, *do* anything, um, you know?" she blurted.

"Jan, I *really* don't think that would be a good idea. I mean, if you
want to find out what YOU look like, you could just use a mirror or
something, you know? As for what an older boy looks like, I think you
could probably find a volunteer or two that were closer to your age at

"I know that I could use a mirror, but it's just not the same - I mean,
all I could do would be compare myself to some general drawing, and I'd
never know if I was, like, *weird* or something down there. I mean, you
made me feel better about my, um, breasts that time, so I don't understand
why you can't do the same thing now - you know, between my legs. And if I
ever looked at one of the boys at school, he'd tell *everybody* that I did
it, even if he didn't say I did more. You _know_ how much trouble I'd be
in if that happened."

Thinking back to when I was that age, I could easily understand her
point about the boys at school. As for the other, I found myself in a real
quandary: as reluctant as I was to do anything that would piss of her dad
or screw up her mind about sex, there was a certain desire (!!) to get
another - even better - look at her young body. What the hell was I
thinking when I started this? I wasn't stoned, so I must have just been

Apparently, she could see the conflicting emotions and thoughts on my
face, because she demonstrated the good sense to simply sit there, and
wait, rather than giving me an excuse to refuse outright.

After a few minutes of serious thought, I was finally able to
rationalize my lust with the thought that reassuring her of her normal
genital development would have a beneficial effect on her psyche and
personality. Yeah, I know - but at least it _sounded_ good.

I finally came out of the trance I was in, and looked at her.
Apparently, she could see the answer on my face, because she brightened up

"Okay, Trouble, I'll do it - but only on two conditions."

"Do which? And what conditions?"

"Both, if you really insist. The conditions are pretty obvious, I
think. First, you dad will *never ever* hear about this, from EITHER of us,
under any conditions. If he found out, you'd be lucky to leave the house
before you turned 50, and I'd be lucky if he killed me quickly. Second,
the minute either one of us feels uncomfortable or wants to stop, they say
so, and that's the end of it - right then, with no argument or discussion."

"Yeah, I really do want both. I think you're right about the first
condition, and I think I'd like the second one, too, so I agree to them."

That said, we sat there for a bit looking at each other before she spoke

"Uncle Dan, how do we do this? I mean, do we, um, just strip right
here, or what?"

That lead to a little bit of discussion on the details and how we were
going to go about it. We finally agreed on doing it there in the den, so
that there wouldn't be any kind of sexual overtones, and that she would get
ready in her bedroom, and wear her robe back into the den. I would undress
in the bathroom (and leave my clothes there, so there wouldn't be any kind
of added stimulus), and wear one of her dad's robes. When we met back in
the den, she'd started to print out copies of the male and female diagrams
that she'd seen, so that she could still use them as references.

That settled, there was only a moment's awkwardness before we split up,
each to get ready.

When we met again in the den, Jan was already at the computer, and
waiting for the second of the two diagrams she'd selected to print out. At
my suggestion, she agreed that we'd just sit on the floor, next to each
other, and go over the drawings a bit before proceeding. She accepted my
reasoning that going that route would let us get a little more comfortable
with the situation before going too far with it - and thus give us each a
little extra time to chicken out (which made her laugh).

As the second diagram started to print, I turned the lights up so we
could see better, then went ahead and sat down on the floor, with my back
against the couch - careful to pull the robe I was wearing closed (but not
tight). A few moments later, Jan joined me, also careful to hold her robe
closed while getting situated.

Once settled, it didn't take long for us to get started - she showed me
the diagrams that she'd selected, and together we talked a little about the
differences between the stylized (idealized?) drawings she had, and what
was likely to be found in the real world. It was when I pointed out that
there was a lot of variation in the general shape of a woman's genitals
that we finally got to the 'main event'. Jan started it by opening the
lower part of her robe, and spreading her legs a bit, and asking me to
explain what I meant. I told her that I'd have to have a little look
between her legs, so that I could use her own shape as a reference point.
She nodded her understanding, and spread her legs even further, and
bringing her knees up a bit to raise her pelvis up. I leaned over to have
a look, and got a truly delightful view: I could see that she had a gently
teardrop-shaped patch of medium density, but fine-textured light brown
pubic hair that started at her pubic bone, and flowed down onto her labia.
There, I could see that she was a little aroused by the fact that her inner
lips were peeking though the wispy down, and the hood of her clitoris was
visible at the top of her cleft.

I could see that the transition from her lower belly and pubis to the
outside of her vagina was less angular than it is in a lot of women: there
are some where their labia are almost at right angles to their lower
bellies, while in others, it is a much less acute transition. Gesturing in
the air, and using the palm of my hand as a reference for a pubic area,
made varying shapes with my fingers together to explain to her the
variations I was aware of. She got the idea fairly quickly, and used her
own hand to 'mould' her unique shape and compare it to some of the ones I'd
shown her - and thus reassure herself that that part of her was well within
the norm. When she would hold her hand up next to mine, I could sometimes
catch a faint (delightfully sweet/musky) scent of her, and see a trace of
moisture on one or more of her fingers - but I was careful not to mention
it, for fear of embarrassing her (and ending the show!).

Of course, this led to a discussion of the size and shape of the mons.
As we talked, we both gradually relaxed, so by the time the subject
progressed to the size and shape of the inner lips, I was resting on my
side, on my elbow, face about level with her bellybutton, and she had
spread the lower part of her robe completely, and was sitting there with
her knees raised about halfway, and her legs spread fairly wide. Of
course, in the position I was in, my robe had parted, and my semi-erect
penis was lying on my leg - not fully exposed, but clearly visible. For
her part, the reaching and moving she'd done had opened the top of her robe
a bit, as well - making almost all of her breasts visible.

So it was that when we got to the subject of the size and shape of inner
lips, it seemed perfectly reasonable for us to _each_ shuck our robes, and
proceed fully nude. This was also when I found that she'd had the presence
of mind to bring along a large hand mirror, so that she could get a clearer
view of her own anatomy. A moments discussion and it was agreed that she
would continue sitting as she was, while I would scoot down and lay on my
stomach between her knees (close enough to see, but not _too_ close) and
hold the mirror, so that I could see what she was pointing at or talking

From those positions, we were easily able to reference the female
anatomy drawing, and compare it with Jan's own structures. When necessary,
I was able to reassure her that her development and dimensions were well
within the 'normal' range, as I knew them.

As we progressed, it became quite plain that she was becoming more and
more aroused, but I remained silent about it. Not that it didn't have an
effect on me, mind you. The sight (and smell!) of her obvious arousal was
enough to keep my penis in a constant state of semi-erection; it was only
by lying to myself outrageously, and pretending this was just an anatomy
lesson and she was another girl, was I able to keep from developing a
genuine diamond-cutting erection.

It was only when she decided that she really, truly had to see the hymen
that made her a virgin did she concede that she was excited:

"Um, Uncle Dan, I want to see this hymen thing they say makes me a

"Er, well, I suppose we could do that, but that would mean that you
would have to spread your legs pretty wide, and you would have to spread
the opening of your vagina so you could see into it far enough."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that, but, um, well, I don't know if I can."

"What do you mean? You don't want me to see you doing it, or is there
something else about it?"

"No, I don't mind you seeing me do it - I mean, you've seen everything
else by now! What I mean is that I feel funny, and I'm kind of wet down
there, and I don't know if that would make any difference."

"Jan, if you mean that you're feeling sexually aroused, that's fine; I
can understand that. As for being wet, I expect that would make it easier
for you to see inside."

"Well, yeah, I *am* feeling aroused, like you said. I think maybe you
noticed it as soon as it started to happen, didn't you?"

"Now that you mention it, yes, I did kind of suspect that's what was

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Mostly because I didn't want to embarrass you." I answered.

"*Mostly* didn't want to embarrass me? What else?"

"Don't get mad at me, but I thought it was pretty sexy, too, and I liked

That seemed to surprise her a bit, and she paused a little before saying
"You mean you thought I was sexy? It didn't gross you out or anything?"

"No, it didn't gross me out - like I said, I liked it. The sight - and
yes, smell! - of a sexually aroused woman is something that most men like.
And yes, I thought it was sexy - and thought YOU were sexy."

"I could smell me, but I didn't think you could. Oh, god, I'm *SO*

"Whoa, Trouble, stop right there. You didn't listen to what I said!"


"Didn't you hear me when I said that the sight AND smell were things
that most men liked?"

"Uh, no. You really mean it? Why?"

"Yes, I really meant it. As for why, I don't know that I can explain
it, except to say that an obviously aroused and excited woman is something
that touches almost every man - it's the kind of thing that hits us at our
most basic level, and makes us glad we're men."

"Really? You think of me as a woman?"

"It really does have that effect on us. I suspect it's kind of the man equivalent of the feeling women get just by holding a baby - it's the kind
of feeling that lets us know to our very soul just who and what we are." I
responded, trying to delay answering the second question.

She wasn't going for it, though: "But what about me as a woman?"

"Trouble, you're at a stage that's difficult to define: physically,
you're in transition between girl and woman: in theory, you could start
having babies at any time, now that you're having periods and all that.
The problem is that you're a *young* woman; yeah, I know, _almost_ 15, but
still YOUNG. Remember, you didn't start having periods until not so long
ago, and the fact that you're not fully developed yet means that - strictly
speaking - you're not fully a woman, yet, either. But, because I care
about you, and know what kind of person you are, and how grown up you are -
most of the time! - I'm willing to talk to you as the woman I expect
you'll be, and not the girl you WERE. Am I making sense?"

"Yeah, I understand. I kind of feel the same way, sometimes - there are
times when I want to play with Leo and John like I did when we were
smaller, but there are other times when they seem like such _children_."

"Well, duh! Leo's 10 and John's 7. Doesn't that qualify as children?"

She laughed, and admitted, "Yeah, I suppose. But you know what I

"Yeah, I did."

"So anyway, does that mean that I can go ahead and look at my hymen,

"Sure, I don't know why not, as long as you're careful not to hurt yourself."

"What do you mean hurt myself? I thought you were going to help me!"
she replied.

"Well, I didn't know if you would want me around for that, was all. I
mean, this other stuff is one thing, but you'll be pretty exposed when you
go hymen hunting."

She laughed before responding "Yeah, I know I'll be pretty open - but if
you've seen this much, I don't know that I have that much left to hide -
particularly with my boobs hanging out, too! And don't pretend you didn't
notice, either - I saw you looking!"

"Guilty as charged - yes, I was looking. Like I told you before, I
think they're delightful. You're pretty, and I have to confess to liking
to look at pretty things - and your boobs, as you call them, certainly
qualify. When they're hanging out like that, yes, I'm going to look - but
I'm not going to start trying to look down your blouse or anything like
that, either, so you don't have to worry about me becoming some pervert,
with my tongue hanging out and drooling all over my shirt whenever you wear
something that shows off your figure."

"Uncle Dan, I could NEVER think of you as a pervert. I know that
whenever I start talking to you about my body and sex and stuff it makes
you uncomfortable. I don't think it's because you're trying to do anything
to me, or anything like that; I think it's just because you don't want to
scare me or anything. I know that the only reason you agreed to help me
tonight is because you think you have to do it to help keep me from getting
into some kind of trouble - because you love me. Not the making love kind,
but the non-physical kind you told me about."

What could I say to something like that?

She continued with "So don't worry about looking at my boobs, or seeing
my vagina or anything like that. I know that you're not going to do
anything to hurt me or embarrass me. Actually, knowing that you like my
boobs, it makes me feel prettier, and special - like I don't feel like I
*have* to go out with just _any_ of the boys at school to feel good. I
know that I can wait until there's one that I really LIKE."

After that last sentence of hers, even if her dad DID find out about
this and killed me, it would be worth it, knowing I'd managed to accomplish
something GOOD with her.

"So now that that's out of the way, what do we need to do to go hymen
hunting?" she asked, with a giggle.

I thought about it for a minute, and said, "Well, the obvious thing is
to find out if your vagina can open up enough for you to see it. I see
you're still wet" - I couldn't help teasing her a little - "so I suppose
the thing to do would be for you to open your legs as far as you can, and
see if you can open your vagina enough."

With that, she spread her legs father than I ever thought she could,
rested herself on her tailbone to tilt her pelvis up, and leaned forward.
Following her instructions, I adjusted the mirror until she had a fairly
clear view.

Try as she might, though, she just couldn't seem to get a clear enough
(in her opinion - mine differed!) look at what she was after.

"Uncle Dan, I can't seem to get everything open enough to see inside. I
think I need your help."

"What do you mean?" I asked, afraid of what I thought the answer would

"I think if you hold me open on the outside, I can open myself up the
rest of the way on my own."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure I want you to touch me on the outside, if that's what
you're asking. I know that you're not going to start trying to poke at me
or anything, and I really want to see."

"What do you want?"

"If you can hold me open with one hand, so you can hold on to the
mirror, I'm pretty sure I can use my hands to see inside."

I tried it, reluctantly, and found that the strength in my thumb and
forefinger was more for gripping than spreading. With her encouragement,
though, I found that I could hold the mirror in position with my chin, and
use both thumbs to spread her vaginal opening. This meant that I had my
hands on her cute, tight little ass cheeks - something that didn't upset me
_too_ much!

A couple of minutes later, Jan had managed to get herself opened up
enough that she (and I) could see the ring of her hymen, not far inside her
vagina. She pushed an experimental finger inside herself, and found that
it was a bit dry to go very far. Looking me right in the eye, she
carefully slid her finger in and out several times, spreading the ample
lubrication she'd developed in her arousal. It wasn't long before she was
able to insert it far enough to be able to feel the very definition of her
virginity. She experimented with it a bit, prodding at it from several
different angles, before deciding that it was something that she'd have to
deal with later. That settled, she pulled her finger out, which I took as
my cue to let go of her. I looked up at her, and asked if there was
anything else she wanted to know, or talk about before I got up.

She responded by asking me "Do you think my hair down there is okay?"

That threw me off a bit, and I had to think for a moment before I could
answer "Sure, why not?"

She gave me the "you are *such* a goober!" look before answering, "I
mean, it just seems that there isn't very much of it. Some of the girls at
school have *lots* more. Some of them even look like they've got little
animals stuck down there!" she giggled.

"Remember the talk we had about your breasts?"


"Well, it's a lot like that with your pubic hair. Your breast growth,
and hair growth here, are controlled by the different hormones and
chemicals in your body. As long as you eat right, your body is going to
develop the way it should, for YOU. You know what I think of your breasts;
as far as I can tell, your hair here is developing at about the same rate.
When I was about your age, I didn't think I had much hair, either, and felt
bad about it. It wasn't until later that I found out that I'd developed
just the way I was supposed to. A bit later than some of the other guys at
school, but still normal."

"You did?"

"Yup. As bad as I felt about it, and as much as it bothered me,
*that's* why I'm willing to try and answer YOUR questions - so you won't
have to go through some of the doubts and such that I did."


"You bet. Jan, anything I can do to help you deal with all the changes
and such that you're going through, I'll do. It might make me a bit
uncomfortable at times, as you've noticed, but I'll do it - as long as it
saves you some of the problems I went through."

"Thanks, Uncle Dan. Is it okay if I give you a hug?"

"Uh, yeah, but only AFTER we're done, and have our robes on again,


"Squawk! Squawk!"

She laughed, and then got an impish look on her face, telling me "Well,
now that you've seen mine, I get to see yours!"

That announcement left me with mixed feelings - who would mind having a
cute, naked teenybopper eyeballing his dick? But if it was your best
friends daughter?

There was nothing to do but lay back and make the best of it.

I asked her "Do you want me to sit down, like you were, or sit or stand
up, or what?"

She thought about it for a minute, and said, "Well, since all of YOUR
stuff is on the outside, I guess the easiest thing would be for you to just
lay down, wouldn't it?"

I thought about it for a moment, agreed, and lay down on the floor, next
to her.

She leaned over me, with her male diagram in hand, and started looking
me over. Truth be told, I kind of felt like a specimen in a biology class,
the way she was looking and comparing. Fortunately (?), the male anatomy
isn't _that_ complicated, and it didn't take long for her to finish her

Looking up at me, she asked, "Why do you look different here, at the
end, than the picture?"

Checking the diagram, I explained to her that I was circumcised, and the
diagram wasn't - and then had to explain what that involved. In response
to her now-saucer-sized eyes, I went on to explain that when it was done,
it usually happened when the boy was still a baby, and that I didn't have
any memories of the event.

That seemed to placate her, and she asked me "Is it okay if I look

"You mean you want to touch, and move things around, don't you?"

She blushed a bit, and admitted "Yeah. Is it okay?"

"Yes - but be _gentle_. A man's testicles - yes, those! - are very
sensitive to pressure. When you see a guy get hit in the crotch on one of
those funny video movies, THAT is why he folds up so fast."

That said, she began touching me. I was only semi-erect, so there
wasn't the problem of blowing my load all over her hand or anything, but it
did make for some interesting sensations as she moved things around,
touched, prodded, and so on. It was when she was weighing my balls in her
hand while holding my penis that I started to really get hard - as much as
I tried not to. Between her grip on my dick, holding my balls, and the
feel of her tits brushing against my side and leg, it was simply too much.

She looked up at me with a questioning expression.

All I could do was tell her the truth: "Um, the way you're touching and
holding me there, and the way your breasts are brushing against me, is
starting to make ME feel aroused. There's nothing to worry about, though."

She got a delighted look on her face, and started deliberately rubbing
her breasts against me while she softly squeezed my penis. Naturally
enough, it continued to grow.

"Is this what they call an erection, Uncle Dan?"

"Um, yeah, that's what it is."

"Am I embarrassing you?"

"Well, yeah, a little."


"It's just that you're still a bit young, and even though getting an
erection isn't something I've got a lot of control over, I still don't want
to do anything scare you or make YOU embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed. I think it's kind of cute."

Just what I needed to hear about my dick - "It's cute".

She continued, "Actually, it's kind of flattering."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you told me that you thought of me as the woman I _would_ be, and
I guess this is proof that you really do think of me that way. And I guess
it means that you really do think I'm sexy, too, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I suppose that you could think of it that way - as long as you
understand that I have no plan or desire to actually HAVE sex with you."

"No, I wouldn't want that either - but it's still kind of fun to see it
and touch it and everything. Are all men this big?"

Thanks for the ego boost, but I know better.

"No, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm actually about average - it's
about 6 inches long, and a little more than a couple inches around."

"And this actually fits inside a woman?"

"Yeah, it really does - at least when I get the chance to check.
Understand that a woman stretches inside, so she can accept almost any size

"You mean something like this could fit inside ME?"

"Well, not right away, it couldn't; first you would have to be sexually

"I guess!"

"And then you would have to break your hymen, so that the entire penis
could get inside you. The best bet would be to put only a little of it in
at a time, so that you didn't have to stretch everyplace at once, which
might hurt."

"I'll bet. So what IS the easiest way for a woman to take a man the
first time?"

"That would be if the man were to lay down, like I am, and let the woman
be over him. She could get herself positioned right, and the let herself
sit down on it slowly. Then, if she felt uncomfortable or any pain, she
could stop until she was ready again. In fact, if she needed to, she could
raise and lower herself several times, so that the wetness inside her
helped lubricate the man's penis, just like you had to move your finger in
and out several times before you could touch your hymen."

"Yeah, I can understand that."

She continued like that - gently rubbing me, holding and weighing and
caressing my balls, deliberately brushing her breasts against me, for
several more minutes before she was finally satisfied. When she was done,
she let go of me, and looked up at be before asking, "Are you going to be

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you don't have to climax now or anything do you?"

"No, I don't have to climax or anything. Just like you get sexually
aroused sometimes, without having a climax, men do to. It's just that with
us, it's a bit more obvious."

"Try a lot more obvious!" she laughed.

"Anyway, it's perfectly normal for a man to get an erection without
having to have sex. If it's left alone for a bit, it will go back to it's
regular size, and everything will be fine."

"What does regular size mean?"

"Well, you remember when you used to give Leo and John baths? And how
their penises would get small when they were wet or cold?"


"It's like that, only sized different because I'm a grown man."

"Okay, I understand."

With that, she was content to sit there and watch as my erect penis
slowly deflated to normal. When it was finally done, she looked at me, and
smiled, and said "Thanks, Uncle Dan. I've learned a lot tonight, and I've
got you to thank for it."

"I hope you won't take this the wrong way, Trouble, but it was my
pleasure." - which earned me a laugh at the joke.

With that, we both got up, and put our robes on. Jan turned to me and
reminded me that she owed me a hug - which I promptly accepted. I have to
say that it was one of the most endearing, affectionate, and loving hugs I
could remember getting in a _long_ time. When we separated, she kissed me
on the cheek, and told me "Thanks again, Uncle Dan. It's nice to know that
I have somebody that will talk to me like I've actually got a brain, and
will explain and show things to me when I have a question or problem."

I hugged her again, and kissed her on her forehead, telling her that she
would always be special to me.

She smiled up at me, and told me goodnight before heading off to bed. I
went back into the bathroom, put on my clothes, and made myself comfortable
on the couch, so there would be someone there when she got up and the boys got home in the morning.

Part 3

Over the next few weeks, Paul was kept pretty busy with a serious
increase in business. Somehow, though, he always managed to spend time
with the kids. The third week in July, we all celebrated Jan's 15th
birthday. I bought her a gold friendship bracelet, with 15 diamond chips.
It wasn't expensive (I'd talked it over with Paul), but after the paid-for
driving lessons her dad gave her, she seemed to think it was the greatest
thing she'd ever gotten. As a result, she wore it almost constantly. She
told me few days later that all of her friends were jealous of it, and that
several had openly wished that *they* had somebody to give them something
like that.

Also about that time, there was an increase in the number of road trips
that Paul had to make - an increase that lasted over half way through
August. As a result, he and I were both hard-pressed to make sure that his
kids always had somebody they could turn to if there were any problems.
But, we managed, and the kids seemed to understand the problem, and tried
to keep the number of requests and problems to a minimum. Still, I was
spending nearly as much time at Paul's place as I was my own - sometimes 4
or 5 days in a row, usually over weekends. And each time I was there, Jan
seemed to find some way or excuse to show herself off to me: wearing a
too-large T-shirt and leaning over to tell me something, so that I could
see that she wasn't wearing a bra; making sure that I 'caught' her as she
went from the bathroom to her bedroom after a shower when she wasn't
wearing her robe; wearing a short skirt one evening while we were all
watching TV, and curling her leg under herself so that I could see she
wasn't wearing any panties. Each time, she'd look me right in the eye
while she did it, and all I would do was smile at her, and give her a wink
in recognition.

The most memorable, though, was when she called out to me from the
bathroom, claiming that she didn't have a towel - and would I bring her
one? I pretty much expected to get a view, but not to the degree that I
did: after knocking on the bathroom door, and told to enter, I started to
leave the towel where she could easily see it. Instead, she calmly got out
of the shower, buck naked, right there in front of me. Smiling at me, she
raised her arms over her head and got up on her toes, and did a slow
pirouette for me, letting me have a good look at everything she had: smooth
skin, nicely curved hips, firm bust, taut belly, and a tight little ass.
She smiled even more when she saw my involuntary response in my bulging
jeans. I left the towel on the counter, and tried to make my escape, but
she had other plans - grabbing me around my waist and giving me a hug,
while pressing her breasts into my chest and her pelvis into my erection.
As much as I wanted more, I controlled myself, and simply hugged her in
return, and rubbed my hands up and down her back, from shoulders to waist -
careful to stay away from anything too intimate. When she finally let me
go, she looked up at me with a strange look on her face, and simply said
"Thanks, Uncle Dan." I wasn't quite sure if she was thanking me for the
towel, the hug, or rubbing her back - and was too chicken to find out.

It was also during these trips that I finally realized that I had an
idea of where she was in her sex education by the questions that she would
ask me when we were alone. She never asked anything overtly sexual,
thankfully, but from the questions she did ask, and how often she asked
them, I could tell that she was still learning about things, but not being
fanatical about it. Apparently, she was taking it easy in what she was
looking up, and trying to make sure she understood something before moving
on to a different topic.

Fortunately, the end of August saw things slow down for Paul, so that he
finally had the opportunity to spend some real time with the kids, and get
them ready for the start of school. I was careful to stay away for a
while, so that I didn't intrude or interfere with his time with them. With
the start of school, things quickly settle back into a routine that we were
all familiar with.

A couple of weeks into the school year, Jan announced that she wanted to
take part in a science project that several of the other kids were
participating in. Paul and I were both mildly surprised at this, since
she'd never shown any interest in such things before, but he readily agreed
to her request.

Over the next week or so, more and more details of the project became
available, and it quickly became obvious that she was going to need some
fairly hefty (for a 10th grader) technical information and resources. Paul
was about as un-technical as they come, and it didn't take long for me to
become the semi-resident science and technology guru for her. She was
spending a lot of her own time doing research and performing some of the
tests and experiments that were needed, but it was also necessary for me to
spend a considerable amount of time with her, explaining things, and just
generally making sure she didn't blow herself up or get electrocuted or

It was during these times, while we were waiting for something to
happen, that she would continue talking to me about some of the things that
she'd learned in her sex ed studies, and ask the occasional question, or
even tell me about some of the things that she was doing and feeling. More
than once, I found myself starting to sprout an erection at some of what
she was saying, but I was always careful not to be obvious about it, or
make any kind of big deal about it. I simply continued talking to her as
though she really did have a brain, and as though she were as grown up as
she thought she was.

Finally, as Thanksgiving approached, we had done as much as we could on
the science project - all that was left was for her to do her analysis of
what she'd worked on, and write a report on the whole process. Not a
trivial task, of course, but nothing overwhelming, either.

It was the first week of November when Paul got the word that he
absolutely, positively had to go on a road trip that would last a full
week, as well as both weekends around it. He was to leave late one Friday
evening of the second week of November, and return a week after the
following Monday. He was most definitely unhappy at the idea, as were the
kids, but they all knew that not liking it wasn't going to change anything.
So, Paul and I got together with the kids, and figured out what we were
going to do, and how to get it done. Since the kids schedule was pretty
well set by their school, it didn't take all that long before the
what-to-do part was settled. Surprisingly, it didn't take much longer for
us to work out the 'how' part of it. A few phone calls to get
transportation help at a few points, and it was settled: I'd spend the
whole time at Paul's place. During the school week, I'd drop the kids off
at school, and collect them after. I'd handle some of the transportation
duties, but the kids would get most of their rides from the parents of
other kids that were involved - except on weekends, when I would have the
whole job. No special events like sleepovers or parties were planned, and
thus excluded until after Paul got back. If a special event came up, and
there was time, Paul would make the decision; otherwise, what *I* said was
_law_, with no argument or complaining. Since we all pretty much knew what
the routine was from prior experience, there really weren't any problems
expected - but Paul and I figured that it couldn't hurt to make sure the
kids understood exactly who was in charge, and when.

When the fateful day came, it was decided that the kids could all go to
the airport to see Paul off - even though he was leaving a bit late, we
figured the kids could sleep late the next day (Saturday) to make up for
it. As usual, Paul promised to call them each night - a promise that he
never failed to keep, always calling about 7:30 so that he got them between
supper and bedtime. We all watched as Paul finally got his flight, and
even hung around long enough to watch the plane take off. I have to say,
it was a quiet bunch that rode back with me in Paul's minivan. By the time
we got home, Jan was the only one awake, and she helped get the boys to
bed: I carried Leo, and she carried John. We each stripped them down to
their underwear, put them under the covers, and left them to sleep it off,
as it were.

Jan was looking a bit sad and apprehensive, so I asked her if she wanted
to stay up for a bit with me before going to bed, and she readily agreed.
She watched as I made each of us a Coke, and added a splash of rum to mine.
She asked if she could have some too, and I figured that a _little_ bit
might help her relax and get to sleep. I wasn't worried about giving her
alcohol, since I knew that Paul let her have a little wine on every so
often when they went out to dinner. I added a much smaller amount to her
Coke, and we went into the den, again each sitting at opposite ends of
their large couch.

With the stereo softly playing a little Beethoven, we sat there quietly
for several minutes, taking the occasional sip of our drinks. Finally,
though, Jan looked over at me, and said "Uncle Dan, I know it's only been a
little while, but I already miss Daddy. This is the first time he's ever
gone away for a trip this long."

"Well, Trouble, he'll be back soon enough. I know you'll miss him, but
remember that he didn't want to have to leave for this long, either."

"I know, but it's still hard."

"I know it is. But you pretty much a grown-up, now" - earning me a wry
smile - "and that's the kind of thing that grown ups have to learn to deal
with. I'm sure it will be hard, but try to be brave about it, because Leo
and John are going to be watching you to see how they should react. If you
can be calm about it, it will help them handle it, too. Besides, it's not
like you're really ALONE alone - I mean, I'm here, too, remember?"

"I know you're here, and I think that's the only thing that's keeping me
from crying right now. I'll try to be brave about Daddy being gone so that
John and Leo don't cry, but I don't know if I can do it."

"Jan, I didn't say you couldn't be sad, or cry. I just said that you
should try to make sure that the boys only see you being strong. If you
have to cry or anything, just try to wait until you're alone to do it, so
they don't see it. As grown up as you're trying to be, you're still only
15 years old, and nobody is going to think bad about you for missing your
dad - least of all, me."

"Okay. Thanks, Uncle Dan."

"No problem, Trouble."

We sat there like that for a little while longer, before Jan spoke up
again "Uncle Dan?"

"Yes, Jan?"

"Is it okay if I sit next to you, and you hold me?"

"Sure, honey, if it helps make you feel better."

"It would. Let me get a blanket first, though, 'cause it's kind of cold
in here."

"Sure, go ahead. I'll be here when you get back." I answered, and
getting a small smile in return.

A couple of minutes later, she was back, with one of the light blankets
they used in the den in winter. She quickly sat next to me, and arranged
the blanket so that it would cover both of us. She leaned against my side,
with her head on my shoulder, and pulled my arm around so that it was
draped over her shoulder, and my hand was on her belly. That done, she
pulled the blanket up so that it covered her; then laid her head on my
shoulder. A minute later, she moved my hand up, so that it was cupping her
breast, and held it there. I suspect that the little bit of rum she'd had
started to kick in, because it wasn't much longer before she apparently
fell asleep: I could hear soft snoring sounds from her. I wasn't in any
rush to move, so just left her there; before I knew it, I'd fallen asleep,
as well.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still on the couch - though I'd
move around a bit, and was half-laying on it, instead of leaning against
the end as I started out the night before. In addition, I was surprised to
find that - whether by her doing, or mine - my hand had found it's way
inside her shirt, and I was holding her bare breast in my hand. On top of
that, her hand had gravitated to my crotch, and she had a slight grip on my
semi-erect penis.

My efforts to gently extract my hand apparently woke her up: she opened
her eyes and looked up at me, saying "You can leave it there - it feels
good, and I like it." before closing her eyes again, snuggling into my
chest, and giving my penis a little squeeze.

Since we were still covered by the blanket, I didn't have to worry about
the boys finding us, and - yes, I admit it - it felt pretty damn good to
have her tit in my hand; so I just closed my eyes, and drifted back into a

A while later, I started having a dream that someone was gently
squeezing and stroking my erect penis, and that I was caressing a breast I
couldn't see, and playing with it's nipple and areola: drawing little
circles on the areola, gently pinching and pulling on the nipple, softly
squeezing the breast, and so on. That continued for several minutes before
my conscious re-asserted it's control over my brain, and I woke up to find
that it wasn't a dream: Jan WAS doing those things to my penis, and I WAS
doing those things to the breast I still held. As I was looking down at
her, she looked up at me, and I could see that her face and shoulders were
more that a little flushed from arousal.

Fortunately, we were saved from either embarrassment or going where we
didn't need to go by the sound of Leo and John getting out of bed and
heading for the bathroom. Jan blinked a bit as she got control of herself,
and took her hand off my penis. I kissed her on top of her head as I
carefully extracted my arm from her shirt, and told her "That was a nice
way to wake up, Trouble."

She responded by saying "Yeah, but did we _have_ to wake up, though? I
was starting to feel pretty good, there!"

I laughed, and answered "You sure were 'feeling pretty good', in more
ways than one. But I don't think that's something we need to repeat,
either - particularly with the boys around. I think we're lucky we woke up
when we did, rather than have Leo and John find us like that."

She giggled a little at my joke, and replied, "Yeah, I suppose you're
right. Still, it *was* fun."

With that, she gave me a little peck on the lips - surprising the hell
out of me - before getting up. As I got up, too, she carefully made sure
her clothes were okay, and after I'd done the same (rearranging my still
semi-erect penis so that it was less noticeable), we worked together to
fold the blanket and put it away before heading to the kitchen for

The rest of the day and evening went pretty much as expected.

Late the next morning, the boys got invited over to one of their
cousin's houses - something they quickly agreed to. The details were
worked out, and arrangements were made for that I'd deliver them for lunch,
and they'd be brought back in time for supper.

When I got back from delivering them, I found Jan in the den, working on
her science project report. I left her to it, and went into the living
room to listen to some music, and wound up taking a nap.

I woke up a couple of hours later, to see Jan in the chair across from
me, just sitting there. I raised my eyebrow, and she said "I got most of
my report done, and was just watching you. You don't mind?"

I smiled, and said "No, not while I'm sleeping."

She giggled a bit before getting serious again, saying, "There's
something I need your help with."

I sat up, and asked "What, is there a problem with the project?"

She looked at her lap, and answered, "No, there's a problem with the

I looked at her a little more closely, and could see that something was
bothering her. "What is it?" I asked.

"Um, you remember yesterday morning?"

"Gladly. What about it?"

"Well, um, the way I was feeling - you know - before Leo and John woke
up, was the best I'd ever, you know, *felt* before."

"Okay. And?" somehow, I knew she was just getting started.

"Well, I mean, I've been trying a lot" - a blush at admitting how much
she'd been masturbating - "and I've never, you know, felt that good before.
I mean, it feels good and all that, but never as good as yesterday.
Yesterday was *way* better than I'd ever felt before, and I think that if
yesterday was that good, then that orgasm stuff I've read about must be
pretty good."

"Yeah, it is."

"Well, um, I want to feel one. An orgasm, I mean."

"I kinda figured that's what you meant. But how do I fit into this?" I
thought I knew what the answer was, but wanted - no, *needed* - to make

She answered me by saying "Uh, well, I was, uh, hoping...." before she
ran out of steam, and stared into her lap again.

"You were hoping what?"

"Well, um, that you would, uh, you know...." she ran down again.


"help-me-have-an-orgasm" she was finally able to blurt out.

That was where I was afraid she was going, but I had to hear it.

"Jan, you know I'd do anything I can for you, but this is something I'm
really not sure about."

She started sniffling a little, and asked me "What do you mean?"

I answered by saying "I really don't know if it would appropriate for me
to do anything like that. I mean, I know that I've answered a lot of your
questions, and helped you find out a lot of things that you wanted to know
about, but I'm just not sure that it would be _right_ for me to have _that_
kind of physical contact with you."

"So you're telling me that you don't love me like that, and that you're
going to just let me keep having trouble with my - _feelings_ - and you're
not going to keep your promise to not let me have the kinds of problems you
did when you were younger, then." By now, there wasn't any doubt that she
was quietly crying.

I felt like crap. I tried to explain "Trouble, I really hope that you
don't mean it when you say you think I don't love you. I really, truly DO
love you. It's just that if I do anything to help you have an orgasm, it
means that we would be having physical contact to do it - SEXUAL contact.
Not like the anatomy lesson we had, or anything like that, but actual
sexual contact. That's something that it's real difficult to explain or
have a reason for. Because of your age and mine, it's flat-out against the
law: if anything happened and people found out, the BEST I could hope for
would be losing everything I own, and being marked as some kind of sex
offender. The worst that would happen would be that I'd go to jail first -
and from what I hear, guys in jail don't much care for sex offenders: I'd
likely wind up being a wife to some big redneck, if I wasn't killed by
someone or didn't have someone beating the living crap out of me every

Through her sniffles and tears, she managed to tell me "Uncle Dan, I
KNOW that already. But there's only two of us here now, and I hoped that
you trusted me enough to believe that I'd never tell *anyone* about it.
Besides, all the other stuff we've done had been kind of sexual, too. I
mean, when I got so wet during the anatomy lesson, like you called it,
wasn't that sexual? And when you got an erection - and TOLD me that you
were sexually aroused - wasn't that sexual, too?"

In a way, she was right. But I still had to try telling her "That's all
true enough, Jan. But there's still the problem that taking this next step
is something that we can't take back - once we've had that kind of contact
or experience with each other, the way we see each other with NEVER BE THE
SAME AGAIN. Do you understand that?"

"Of course I do. Why are you talking to me like I'm stupid or

"Honey, it's not that I think you're stupid. I'm just trying to make
sure that you really do understand that what you're talking about is
_forever_, and if we did that, we'd never be the same again."

"But we're not the same NOW. I mean, after you saw me in my room that
time" - I didn't know she could cry and blush at the same time, but she did
- "do you think I'm going to believe that things weren't different between

I had to admit to myself that she was right, there. But I still wasn't
ready to give in.

"Jan, you're right. When I saw you then, it really sank in for me that
you were really growing up, and not the little girl that I used to carry
around on my shoulders when we went to the zoo. But I'm still having
trouble believing that you really understand what it is you're asking, and
that you really do want help from me with that particular problem."

"Uncle Dan, sometimes you are *such* a big dummy. Don't you think I
know what it is I'm asking? Even after I showed you my boobs that first
time? Or after our 'anatomy lesson'? Or even the other night? Remember,
it was ME that took your hand and put it on my breast! Didn't you wonder
how your hand got inside my blouse? Didn't you wonder why I wasn't wearing
a bra in the morning, even though I had it on the night before?" - that was
one I hadn't caught at the time, but thinking back on it, she was right.
"Do you really think that I would have been playing with your penis
yesterday morning if I didn't really want to? Or that I would be letting
you play with my boob if I didn't like it, and wanted you to?"

By this time, she had (mostly) stopped crying, and was starting to get a
little pissed at me. Then she stood up, and put an end to all the

"Dammit, Uncle Dan, do you think I'd do *this*" - she pulled off her
blouse to reveal a braless torso, and continued stripping as she finished
with "- if I wasn't SURE, and it wasn't MY idea?". By the time she
finished talking, she was naked as the day she was born - but a hell of a
lot better looking.

"Uncle Dan, I'm not asking you to have sex with me. I just want you to
help me find out what an orgasm is like, and how to have them myself. If
you'll do it, I want to learn about the other things, too, the ones that
don't involve actual sex." She continued to stand there in front of me,
leaving me a view that was most definitely distracting. But, I expect she
knew that.

"What do you mean 'the other things'?"

"I mean some of the stuff that I've read about. You know, the stuff
like oral sex and masturbating each other, and like that. I want to find
out what it feels like when *I* have an orgasm, and I want to know what
happens when a man - like YOU - has an orgasm, too."

By this time, I was finally ready to concede that she was not only
serious, but reasonably aware of what it was she was asking. But I was
still hesitant - somehow, I really didn't think this would be the end of
it, and I wasn't sure if I was happy or sad at the prospect.

She just stood there, looking at me, as what seemed like a million
thoughts ran through my mind, and I argued with myself about what to do.
Finally, though, I reached a decision.

"Okay, Trouble, I agree. But you've got to remember that this doesn't
mean that we're boyfriend and girlfriend, or anything like that. It's not
that I don't love you and want to do what I can to make you happy, it's
just that if we start paying too much attention to each other after this,
people might get suspicious - and then I'd be in trouble. Besides, I think
you've probably got a couple of guys at school that you'd rather have as
boyfriends, than an old fart like me!"

"I understand what you mean, and no, I don't want us to be a couple or
anything. And I'm not mad or upset that you had to say that stuff - you're
just saying in words what I was already thinking."

After saying that, she stepped forward, took my hands, and gently helped
pull me to my feet. Once I was standing, she quietly started undressing
me. I stopped her, and suggested that she get us a blanket on the floor, so
that we wouldn't get too cold. She agreed, and by the time she'd gotten
it, and had it spread on the floor in front of the fireplace (where we had
a small, but warm fire going), I had finished undressing, and was standing
in front of her, just as nude as she was - if more obviously excited.

Jan turned to me, and after a long look at my semi-erect penis, stepped
over in front of me. She pulled my hands around her waist, and then
started hugging me - pressing herself tightly against me. For my part, I
hugged her back, and started caressing her back, much as I'd done before -
but this time, I was willing to do a little more exploring. It wasn't long
before I was softly caressing her: from her sides up near her breasts, to
her shoulders, back down to her firm little ass that I enjoyed caressing
and squeezing, and back up to her sides. She, however, was a bit more
direct: she had both hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing them, and pressing
her breasts and pelvis against me. Naturally enough, I started to become
more erect, and it wasn't long before she had my penis trapped between her
legs, and was softly rubbing her pubic bone and mons against it. In very
short order, I could feel her lubrication starting to spread across the
part of my penis that she was rubbing herself against.

I gently pried her away from me, and as my now-erect penis cleared her
groin, it apparently brushed against the outside of her clitoris, because I
heard her make a sudden gasp. I looked down, and could clearly see the
hood of her clit peeking out from the top of her cleft, and the tops of her
inner lips not far below it. I was also greeted by the sight of her
crinkled areolas, and very erect nipples. To my surprise, I could see that
her knees were a bit wobbly, and that she had already started to develop a
bit of blush on her face and across her shoulders and the tops of her
breasts from her arousal. She looked at me though half-lidded eyes,
clearly very excited, and willing to continue. I teased her by saying
"We'd better sit down, before you fall down, don't you think?" She could
only nod her agreement as I gently guided her to a seated position next to

That brief reprieve was apparently enough for her to get her wits back
together, so when I asked her where she wanted to start, she was fairly
coherent when she told me she just wanted me to touch her however I wanted.
I told her that was fine, and said that if she liked something I did, that
she should tell me or let me know in some way - that way, I could help her
the most. She nodded her agreement, and started to lay back. I stopped
her, and said that it was pretty customary to start by kissing - and asked
her if she knew how. She shook her head, and told me she wanted to learn
'the whole thing'. I smiled in response, and leaned forward to give her a
kiss on the lips. She eagerly responded, and surprisingly, there wasn't
any of the awkwardness that most people experience during their first kiss.
In fact, she quickly followed my example when first I opened my mouth
slightly, and then touched her lips with my tongue. In just a few moments,
we were fully involved, kissing as though we'd been doing it all our lives
- indeed, she surprised me by how willing she was to let me explore her
mouth with my tongue, and then do the same with me. As we kissed, I moved
a hand up, and started caressing her breasts - first one, then the other;
cupping them, giving them gentle squeezes, rubbing my thumb over her
nipples, and circling her nipples with a finger. Her response to that was
to press herself into my hand even more, and increase the activity between
our tongues.

After a few minutes of that, I gently broke the kiss, and moved my head
around to go to work on her neck and shoulder - which ratcheted her
excitement up even more. From her neck, I branched out, and gave her
earlobe a few gentle nips - again increasing her arousal, if her gasps and
moans were any indication. Once I'd thoroughly covered one side, I softly
kissed and nibbled my way across her throat to the other side, where I
repeated my actions. I went back and forth from one side to the other
several times, each time taking a slightly different path, so that I might
work my way across her jaw and chin one time, and across her cheeks and
eyes the next. Only when I heard her start to pant did I lay her back,
kissing her all over her face as I did. When she was finally on her back,
and her legs stretched out, I started working my way down: the hollow of
her throat, her collar bones, her upper chest, the tops of her breasts where they rose out of her chest, her sides, between her breasts, and
finally - with her hands in my hair - her breasts, themselves.

I started by laying my tongue against the bottom of her left breast, and
curling it upward, so that when I finally reached her nipple, the very tip
of my tongue gave it a little 'flip'. My reward was a moan of desire such
as I hadn't heard in a VERY long time. I repeated the act on her other
breast, with nearly identical results. It wasn't long before I was licking
each of her breasts in its entirety, bathing them with my tongue. Between
my efforts, and the relatively cool air in the den, her nipples and the
tips of her breasts were as tight and erect as any I'd ever seen - and the
noises she was making assured me that I was doing things right.

With that kind of encouragement, it didn't take me long to start taking
her nipples into my mouth, and flicking them with the end of my tongue as I
gently sucked on the tips of her breasts. First one, then the other fell
victim to my attentions, eliciting another round of moans and gasps from
her - along with pulling my head even closer to her chest. When she'd let
me breath, I could smell the delightful aroma of her excitement: a musky,
but sweet and fresh scent, that I knew promised a clean and pleasant oral
experience, if she'd let me.

Continuing my attentions to her breasts, I started sucking on them in
different ways: one time trying to softly suck as much of each one as I
could into my mouth; other times, doing rapid little suctions on her
nipples; sometimes softly biting her breasts, and other times, gently
chewing on the peaks of her breasts. As I did these things, I carefully
let my hand trace it's way down her body, until I reached her mons, where I
softly stroked the outside of her vagina, and made the occasional lap
around her clitoris. I found myself slightly amazed at the amount of
lubrication she released - there was more than enough of it to keep her
inner lips and clitoris moistened, so that she didn't suffer and discomfort
from my activities. A few times, I started to slide my finger into her,
and I could hear her when she had a little catch in her breath - I took it
to mean that she didn't want me to go that far, so I didn't press the
matter; instead, I simply paid more attention to what was available outside
her vagina.

After several minutes of attention to her breasts, I started moving
again - tracing my way down her belly to her navel, where I licked around
it a bit, and then tried to convert her 'innie' to an 'outie' - something
that apparently pleased her, judging by the way she started arching herself
up toward me, and pressing my face into her abdomen. After several repeats
of that, I again started tracing my tongue further down her abdomen, until
I was just short of her pubic hair. I paused there, and looked up toward
her face.

When she realized I'd stopped, she opened her eyes, and looked down at
me. When she saw the questioning look on my face, she quickly nodded her
permission, and laid her head back again, waiting for me to continue.

When I did, it only took her a few moments to try and kill me: about the
time I got my tongue on her clitoris, she snapped her legs together, and I
was afraid she'd break my neck. With a little effort, though, I was able
to pry her legs apart again, and continue: alternating between drawing little circles with my tongue around her clitoris, and licking around her
vaginal lips, and gently sucking them into my mouth and 'chewing' on them.
Her excitement was now at it's peak, and she was slowly humping her pelvis
into my mouth - someone looking at us might have thought that I was one of
those little 'nodding dogs' you sometime see in someone's back car window.
But I was more than happy to do it - I'd been right about her taste: fresh,
and sweet, with enough of a tang to her flavor that I knew where I was on
her body. About this time, I wanted to see what her reaction would be if I
tried inserting my tongue in her vagina - and her response was a polar
opposite: I though she was going to bruise my lips with her pelvic bone,
she raised her hips so fast. Thus encouraged, I proceeded to try to fuck
her with my tongue - something that she encouraged by humping herself in
such a way that about all I had to do was stick my tongue out, and let her
do the work. Finally, though, I knew it was time to finish things, and
slowly moved my way back up to her clitoris. There, I calmly went about
seeing just what kinds of sensations she liked to experience on her
clitoris: circling motions - fast, slow, and medium, and how much pressure
and where? Figure eights across it - how much pressure, and how fast?
Does direction matter? Pulsating pressure - how much 'minimum' and how
much 'maximum', and how often? Suck on it - how hard, and how long, and
with what pressure variations? Simply licking it - how narrow or wide
should my tongue be, and how hard when and where? As it turned out, she
liked just about anything I did, if I kept at it. But by this time, she
was grunting and moaning and gasping for breath, along with pressing my
face into her crotch and muttering incoherently, so I finally settled in to
bringing her off: light flickering sensations with the tip of my tongue,
not too quickly, and firmly, so that she could feel them without it hurting
her. To my surprise, it was just a matter of a minute or so before it hit
her: she snapped her pelvis up again, slammed her legs together, and pushed
my face into her as she spasmed. My lower lip was against her vaginal
lips, and I could feel her vaginal muscles as they clenched, time and again
- pushing even more of her fragrant juices onto my chin and down her ass.
With my head immobilized by her legs, I could only look up toward her
breasts, which were still, as her breathing stopped for several long
seconds, as she experienced the first spasm of her first orgasm. Then she
gasped, and had another spasm, this one a bit shorter than the last.
Several more times it all happened, with each period shorter than the one
before, until she was finally able to breathe continuously. It was only
then, thoroughly exhausted, that she released my head from between her
legs, and lowered her ass and pelvis.

As she gasped, trying to get her breath back, I moved back up, so that I
was lying next to her when she opened her eyes. It took her a few seconds
to focus, and a couple more before she was able to recognize me. When she
did, though, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and hugged me so hard I
couldn't breathe. She finally let go, and laid back again; it was another
minute or two before she could try to talk - even then, it took her a
couple of tries before she was able to get anything out.


"I take it you liked it, then?" I asked, laughing a bit.

She laughed a bit in return, and said, "Yeah, you could say that. I
understand what you meant about trying to explain an orgasm to me, now.
'Little death', my foot! I thought I DID die!"

"I take it I did okay, then?" I asked, mischievously.

She just gave me the 'goober' look, and said, "You don't have to beg;
you know how good you did!"

"Well, at least tell me that you think you can take care of yourself,
from now on - I thought you were trying to kill me there, a couple of

She laughed, and answered, "Well, you said to let you know if I liked
something! Well, I liked all of it! And yes, I think I can do it myself
from now on - though I wouldn't mind a little help from you, sometimes!"

"C'mon, Trouble. We can't make a habit of this, remember? Besides, I
don't know that either one of us could stand too many repeats of this!"

She giggled, and said, "Yeah, I suppose you're right about that - but
how many is TOO many?"

"Damned if I know. But let's just take it easy, okay? And let what
happens, happen? There's no sense in trying to push it any, even though it
was fun for me, too."

"On the subject of fun for you, too, I think I'm entitled to a little
more helping, am I not?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we agreed that I was going to get to learn everything except
actual sex - and as much fun as that was, I still haven't learned anything
about YOU."

"Jan, I'm really serious when I say that you don't have to do anything
for ME. I actually had enough fun 'helping' you, and seeing the results
was enough of a reward for me."

"Well, it isn't enough for me, Mister! I still want to know what
happens when a man has an orgasm - and maybe even find out what it's like
to do to you what you did to me!"

"What thing I did to you?"

"That thing you did with your mouth DOWN THERE, you big dummy. All the
rest of it was just feeling good - no, terrific! - until you started
*that* business!"

"In case you forgot, I'm not put together the same way you are, Trouble.
You doing 'that thing' to me is a whole lot different that what I did to
you - with different results."

She grabbed my head and kissed me, before realizing what the wetness was
on my face. When we separated, I could see her reacting to the taste of
her own juices that had been on my lips. She puzzled over it for a moment,
before smiling, and asking me "Is that what I taste like, down there?"

"Yup. Looks like you don't mind it too much, either."

"No, I don't, I guess. It tastes funny, but not bad or anything. That
doesn't mean that I like girls, does it?"

"Jan, you won't know if you like girls or not until you actually try one
- just like you won't really know if you'll like sex until you try IT.
Besides, there's nothing wrong with liking girls - I do!"

That got me a laugh from her before she continued, "You know what I
mean. Does me not minding my own taste mean that I'm lesbian or something?"

"No, I don't think it means that. If you ever tried it, you might find
that you DO like girls, but that doesn't mean that you can't like boys, too
- or like boys better. It's kind of like going to a restaurant - if they
don't have the thing you like most, it might be nice having something else
that's almost as good, or just as good in a different way."

"I understand what you mean - but I think I'll wait a while on that.
Um, do you have a, uh, second choice?"

"No, darlin, I'm pretty much set on the female persuasion. I don't have
anything against gay people; I just don't have any interest in being one.
I'm an outie, and girls are innies, and that seems to work pretty well for

She laughed, and said, "Yeah, I can understand that - I think I'm going
to be partial to 'outies', myself. But maybe some day, I'll find out if
another 'innie' can be fun, too."

That pretty much ended conversation for a bit, until I offered to get up
and get us something to drink. She opted for a Coke, and that sounded
pretty good to me, too, so I brought us each back a can from the fridge.
We laid there for a little while, just cuddling, before I saw her get a
little gleam in her eye.

She kissed me again, and our tongues danced a bit before she surprised
me by pulling away, and starting to lick the remains of her juices from my
face - and then off any other part of my body she could smell it on,
including my chest and my fingers. The thought of it started turning me
on, and before long, I had a blue-veiner erection - which she duly noticed.

She scooted down - nearly giving me eyestrain watching her breasts jiggle - and took the situation firmly in hand.

She carefully examined it for several moments, before turning her head
toward me and asking me "Um, so what do I need to do to make you climax?"

I told her "Well, the easiest thing for you would probably be just use
your hand."

"How do I do that?"

"Well, relax your grip a little - thank you! - and sort of slide your
hand up and down it. It helps, too, if you sort of play with my testicles
a little."

"Show me how, would you?"

So, I showed her, a little. Taking her hand in mine, I started
masturbating myself a few times, so that she could get an idea of how hard
to grip and all that. As she got more comfortable with it, I relaxed my
hold on her hand, and eventually left her alone. She proved to be an apt
student, and soon had me looking for release.

Even though she was doing a fine job, and playing with my balls, she
seemed to sense that it wasn't quite enough. It was when she touched
herself between her legs, and felt me stiffen a little more in her hand,
that she got the idea to turn herself toward me, and masturbate herself
while I watched. Watching her as she used her free hand to play with her
breasts and rub her clitoris and caress her labia soon had me close to
coming. I told her that I was close to climax, and she absolutely blew my
mind by sliding a finger into herself, pulling it out, and sucking the
juices off it while staring me in the eye the whole time. It was enough to
push me over the edge, and I started blowing my load. When she felt my
penis start to pulse, she quickly focused her attention on it, and watched
as the first couple of blasts shot semen well into the air, landing on my
chest, and then belly. The ones after that pretty much stayed on her hand,
as she continued stroking me during my climax - and getting my penis (and
her hand) thoroughly wetted with semen.

It was only when I started to soften that she released her grip, and
examined the results of her efforts: first, looking over the accumulated
wetness on her hand, then smelling it. Then she looked at the wads of
semen that rested on my belly and in my pubic hair, feeling their texture
between her fingers. Finally, surprising me, she wiped up the first spurt that had landed on my chest, and stuck her tongue out to taste it. She
contemplated its flavor for a moment before sticking her fingers in her
mouth, and cleaning them off. The sight of it was *almost* enough to make
me hard again - and if I'd been a few years younger, probably would have.

Satisfied, she moved up to lay next to me again. After a few moments,
she asked me "I guess that's how a guy climaxes, huh?"

"Yup, you got it - all of it!"

She giggled, and said, "Yeah, I guess I did. It kinda turned you on
watching me do that, didn't it?"

"I thing you know it did, Trouble. Think one of us is weird?"

"No, just that it was fun, knowing that I could have that kind of effect
on you. It felt pretty good, too."

"So you think you could 'do your own thing' now?"

She laughed, and answered, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can - with a little
more practice!"

I told her "That's the nice thing about sex - practicing by yourself
doesn't hurt anything, and even helps make you better at it when you DO
have someone else to share it with."


"Yup. The more orgasms you DO have, the more of them you CAN have -
it's kind of like once your body learns how to do it, each time becomes
that much easier. The only trick with doing it with other people is to
remember to pick people that are as interested in you as you are in them."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, think of it this way: no matter how easy it is for you to have an
orgasm, it doesn't do any good unless the other person cares enough to
_help_ you have one. You understand?"

"Yeah, I think so. You're saying that no matter how much I practice, I
still have to find someone that's interested in ME before it becomes making
love, and not just sex. Kind of like a boy dog having his climax, and the
girl dog not feeling anything about it - he's happy, and she isn't."

"Yup, that pretty much describes it."

"So, what we just did was making love, even though we didn't actually
have sex?"

"Yeah, I guess that's pretty much what happened. I wanted to make you
happy, and I did. You wanted to make me feel good, and you did. Each one
of us wanted the other one to feel pleasure, and feel _emotionally_ good.
We did that, but without having the physical contact that makes sex. So,
yeah, we made love, without having sex." I said, thinking it through as I

"I'm glad, Uncle Dan. You're someone really special to me, and I'm glad
that you're the first one I made LOVE with."

"Well, Trouble, I'm glad - now - that I was able to help. I'm just
sorry that I was such a stinker about it before."

"That's okay. I think now that if you were any other way, I wouldn't
have wanted it to be you. Just promise me that next time, you won't be so
much trouble!"

"IF there's a next time, I promise not to give you such a hard time
about it."

"Hmmmph. I'm willing to be that there WILL be a 'next time' - and I'm
going to keep you to that promise!"

After that, we laid there for several minutes, before Jan got the idea
of getting us something more to drink. I was fine with Coke, so she headed
off - still naked, with dried juices shining between her legs - to
replenish us. After she returned, we laid there some more, until she got
another mischievous look in her eye.

Sliding herself down to my hips, she turned herself so that she was
facing me. Once she had my attention, she started caressing herself -
breasts squeezed, nipples pinched and tweaked, and sliding her finger down
between her labia.

After several minutes of this, I could see that she was most definitely
aroused; and that was enough to get me started, as well. When she saw she
was having the (apparently) desired effect, Jan increased her efforts,
using one hand to play with her breasts while the other continued to caress
her labia and clitoris. Soon, she was arching her pelvis up against her
hand, and had developed the blush of arousal all across her shoulders and
upper breasts. By that time, I was nearly fully erect from watching her.
When she saw that I was hard enough, she turned herself around slightly, so
that her ass was pointed toward my head, and started licking around my
penis and testicles, apparently cleaning my semen off them. The sensation
was enough to finish getting me hard, and when she saw I was ready, moved
her attentions to my penis - taking it in her mouth, but obviously unsure
of what to do. I softly told her to move her mouth up and down on it, like
she had with her hand, being careful to keep her teeth from hurting me.
She "Mmmmm-Hmmmmed" around my penis - a sensation and a half - and started
moving over me, while still using her hand to manipulate her labia and
clitoris where I could see them. After a few moments, I suggested to her
that she might want to use some saliva to lubricate me, and perhaps
actually suck on me a little, too. She readily did both, and it wasn't
long before I was enjoying the efforts of an inexperienced, but
enthusiastic, teenager.

It wasn't long before I noticed that she was starting to feel pretty
aroused, herself: she was easily moving her finger in and out of her
vagina, and her juices had gotten her pubic hair thoroughly drenched, and
were even starting to trickle down the insides of her thighs. It seemed a
shame to waste them like that, so I told her to put her leg over me, so
that one was on each side of me. She hesitated for a moment, but then did
it - leaving me with an unobstructed view into her hot young snatch. I
enjoyed the sight for a few moments before reaching up to pull her hand
away, so that I could lean up and start licking and kissing her. At first,
she seemed uncertain about what I wanted, but when she felt my hands take
hold of her ass, spreading her cheeks, and my warm breath on her labia, she
quickly understood what I was up to.

That seemed to inspire her to try new things, herself. She started
varying what she was doing to my penis with her mouth: sometimes she'd let
it pop loose so she could lick it with her tongue. Or she might focus on
the sensitive spot under the glans by tickling it with her tongue. Or, she
might take as much of me as she could manage (more than I would have
thought!), and simply applying suction on me for as long as she could.
Whatever she did, it was enough to keep me hard, and varied enough to keep
me for blowing my load too soon. In return, I repeated my earlier efforts
at stimulating her with my lips and mouth and tongue. My attempt to slide
my tongue along her perineum (the strip between the genitals and anus)
caused her to squeal, and try to move away, so I didn't press the issue.
Instead, I returned my focus to her labia and clitoris - inserting my
tongue as far as it would go into her, and then wiggling it around, curling
it, and so on, which seemed to drive her crazy. Or placing my whole mouth
over the entrance to her vagina, and trying to suck it into my mouth. Or
nibbling at her clitoris with my lips, and sucking it into my mouth and
gently biting on it. Whatever happened, once I got my mouth on her, I
didn't let a single precious drop of her delicious nectar go to waste.

As all good things (and this was an excellent one!) must, it finally
came to an end: she finally settled on bobbing her head up and down on my
penis, while using her tongue to stimulate me, while I finally focused on
doing firm, steady circles around her clitoris with my tongue. I started
to feel the pressure of my climax in my balls, and pulled my face away from
her just long enough to let her know that I was about to climax before
returning myself to her clitoris. She hummed her acknowledgement around
me, and kept going - so that a little bit later, she caught the first spurt of my seed in her mouth. She pulled back a little, until only the head was
between her lips, though, and continued sucking on me - pulling every drop
I had out of my balls. She tried to swallow it as fast as it came out, but
there was simply too much of it, and I could feel some of it leaking out
her lips, and sliding down my penis. What surprised me, though, was that
my climax seemed to be enough to push her over the edge, into her own
orgasm: about the third or fourth blast from my dick, I could feel her
tense up as her own spasms started. What with the sensations I was
experiencing, I couldn't really tell, but it seemed as though this orgasm
for her was as strong as the previous - I thought she was never going to
'come down' from it. Finally, though, I felt her let my rapidly softening
penis drop from her mouth as she started to gasp for breath.

I gently lowered her, until she was laying on me, and then slowly moved
her over so that she gracefully slid off me, and onto her back. That done,
I slid around so that I was head-to-head with her, and next to her, taking
her into my arms and holding her as she got herself back together.

After several minutes, she finally opened her eyes again, and looked up
at me with an expression of absolute, total satisfaction, saying "Damn,
that was nice."

"A proper lady doesn't swear like that."

"A proper lady probably doesn't do what we just did, either!"

"Well, there is that, I suppose." I laughed.

"Damn, I like that!"

"Damn you like what? What you did, or what I did?"

"Either. Both. Hell, ALL of it!"

"Tsk, tsk. Such language to come out of such a talented mouth."

"Yeah, well, you're no amateur yourself, there, Uncle Dan!" she said,
followed a moment later with "You mean I did okay?"

"Yes, I think I can safely say you did 'OK', I suppose." I answered,
managing to keep a straight face for all of three or four seconds before
laughing at the expression on her face.

"You rat!"

"C'mon, Trouble. If you'd thought about it for a moment, you would know
you did just fine. After all, didn't you get the results you wanted?"

"Hmmph. Yeah, I guess I did, didn't I?" she answered with a smile.

"I can assure you, I found the results MOST satisfactory."

"I'll bet you did - I thought I was going to choke!"

"Trust me - you did a lot better than 'OK'. I haven't experienced
something that intense for quite some time, I assure you."

She smiled at me, and said "Thanks, Uncle Dan - not just for the
compliment, but for what you did for me, too. You're right, the second one
_was_ easier than the first one!"

"Yeah, well, I think maybe the fact that you got a little bit of a head
start on me had something to do with it, too."

She grinned, and asked, "You think maybe? Even so, it took me a lot
less time for the second one than it did the first one."

"Well, I guess that means that you won't be needing my help any more
then, doesn't it?" I asked, with a fake hurt expression on my face.

She wasn't going for it this time, though "Sure. Except when I get the
chance! I'm not going to let you go that easy, Dan."

"No, I suppose you're not. Makes me wonder what kind of monster I've
turned loose on an unsuspecting world...."

"A horny one?", she asked, getting us both laughing.

After that, we lay there quietly for a while, until the chill in the
room started to get to us. I started to get up; saying that I thought a
hot shower was called for, when Jan asked if I'd mind a little company -
all in the interest of safety, of course. I snickered, and gave her the
old 'fish eye', causing her to break into a fit of giggles. Only when she
ran out of breath did she take me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom,
giving me a wonderful show of her tight little ass cheeks clenching as she
walked. Our co-showering lasted only as long as the hot water before we
got out and *meticulously* dried each other off - and almost getting us
started on another hormone rampage. It was only by noticing the time, and
realizing that the boys would be home before long, that we were able to
restrain ourselves. We went back into the den, and noticing the smell of
hot lust in the air, opted to toss several logs on the fire, so that the
air would be drawn out the chimney, and the smell of the wood could mask
the pheromones. We'd only had the den completely cleaned up for a few
minutes before the sound of the boys being brought home greeted us.

It didn't take much discussion for us to all agree to go out for pizza.
The rest of the evening - and even the week - passed without a hitch. A
couple more times we were able to 'get together' for a little fun and
frolic, but nothing as extensive as that first time.

Paul returned on schedule; he and I agreed that since his plane got in
during the school day, he'd surprise the kids by picking them up himself.

The rest of the winter pretty much went by normally. Jan found ways to
give us a few hours together a couple of times, each time surprising me
with her openness and willingness to experiment. We were also able to set
new individual records for intensity of orgasms and climaxes; on one
memorable occasion, I thought I was going to turn inside out, through my
penis after she managed to deep throat me to climax. As I'd predicted,
orgasms came (forgive the pun) easier and easier for her. One memorable
time, when I'd joined them for supper, I innocently asked her how things
were going, and got "Oh, everything's pretty well in hand!" for a reply,
nearly giving me a coughing fit a few moments later - amusing her greatly -
when I caught her meaning.

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