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JAN breasts that rarely saw anything but


Title: Jan
Keywords: mf, nc, mdom
Author: Caesar
"Said a pornographistic young poet
'Although I perhaps do not show it,
My interest in sin
Is wearing quite thin,
And I'll soon tell those fuckers to stow it.'"
-author unknown

How far will a buddy's wife go to get him out of jail, even if it goes
against her religious values?

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome. Jan is loosely based upon a friends
attractive, yet stubborn, wife.


by Caesar, copyright (c) 1994-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

Jan was not overly attractive. Nor was she someone I would have
normally taken a passing notice in, except, I had been friends, and
partners, with her husband for several years. Every woman I have ever
met, I have to consider the pros and cons of a sexual relationship
with her. It didn't matter if she was beautiful or ugly, I always
wondered how I would go about seducing and enjoying the woman's body.
Jan had been no different.

Spending long hours with the two of them, I always took notice of
every little detail about her. Jan often worked out and had strong
powerful legs, which were also smooth and shiny clean. She had small
pointy breasts that rarely saw anything but a sports bra, so I often
noticed the extra movement beneath a loose shirt. She had short blond hair, crew cut on the sides and a bit longer at the top, highlighting
her long flawless neck. Jan also had small feet and hands, an average
waist, small ankles, flat stomach, and a large happy smile.

Along with her husband, over the years, we had also become
friends. Yet there was always the thought that I would like to possess
her someday. It was unrealistic, and something I never tired of
bringing about. I am patient and a time will come when I "know" that
the time is right. Over several years, it didn't happen.

My marriage broke up, yet Jan still remained friends with my ex-wife,
as the four of us used to be inseparable. I didn't mind so much, just
that when my partner and I got together Jan would not be there as
often. I had come to enjoy chatting with her. Also the few ladies in
my life that she had met, she rarely approved of, either of me or
them. You see, Jan had married as a virgin, strictly religious, and
was totally committed to her husband, my friend.

Guys are strange, I'll admit, and when my chance did come, I chose my
sexual desires over my friend. How so? Well, he landed in jail, and
I was the only one with the "evidence" to have him released.

That in itself wasn't what caused me to propose sexual intimacy with
Jan, but a combination of several factors. For one, I was one of the
people her husband had tried to welch on. Strictly a white collar
crime. But we had made large amounts of cash over the years and I
would have given him a break, if only Jan hadn't come to my office
that fateful day.

Her eyes and voice revealed her desperation. Perhaps she had even
been crying recently. I did realize she was puzzled why I didn't
treat her as I always have, as a close friend. And I sat behind my
desk, emotionally and physically cut off from her. She would have
guessed it was because her husband had "screwed" me, but she would
have been wrong.

I appraised her that quiet afternoon, as she sat before my desk. I
openly let my eyes study her curves. She was dressed in a long tan
skirt, with a black silk blouse and black heels. No nylons or
handbag, as was normal. I was disappointed to notice that her breasts were encased in a dark thin bra, something she rarely did.

She became uncomfortable, obviously noticing my hungry gaze as well as
the silence. Jan had politely come into my office and sat down, and
after I listened to her quiet pleas and the reasons, she said, that I
should help her hubby, I put my phone on "Do Not Disturb" which also
protected my office from intrusions. That was when I viewed her
openly, knowing that I had something she wanted, something that meant
her whole life. Her husband, "for better or for worse". I had been
her friend, and I knew the depth those words had meant to her.

"He screwed me and you want me to help him get off?" I tried to put
sincerity in my voice. Before she could again recite the reasons I
should help him, I interrupted, "I can't think of one thing that would
convince me to help him." I watched her eyes, knowing that a person's
soul can be read by the simple translation of a gaze.

"It must have been a mistake, any loss you took will be returned. I
promise..." She didn't actually know, or understand, what her husband
had done - exactly what I wanted. She only knew he was facing a
lengthy prison sentence and only I had the key to get him out.
"Whatever it takes!" She sounded near hysterical; her concern was
that I would not be swayed and she would forever have a husband that
was, or had been, in jail.

"There is one thing." I didn't phase it as a question, rather I said
it simply and then purposely looked down upon her gleaming smooth
crossed legs.

She gulped, then spoke, real fear in her voice at the expected answer
to her question: "What will it take?"

I spent a full long minute gazing upon those calves and ankles,
wondering if they would look as good straight up in the air next to my
face. She shifted in her chair. "I think you know, Jan."

This time it took a few seconds for her to reply. "No, I have no
idea." She was playing ignorant, yet we both knew what I had meant.
No matter what happened after, our friendship would no longer be

"I will give the Prosecuting Attorney the information to have your
husband acquitted in exchange for you." I said it simply, yet I could
feel the sweat coating the palms of my hands. I wanted this to work,
more than anything. And I was willing to comply to my end of the

She quickly replied, "What do you mean?"

Jan was a religious woman, and never swore, so when I answered her
with, "I want you to be my fuck toy", the effect of her reaction was
physical. She lost all colour in her face, her whole body seemed to
shrink in size, and she was shaking slightly. Obviously my
nervousness was not as acute as her anger or fear.

The plan didn't go as expected when she promptly stood and headed for
the door to my office. Her actions and body language were obvious -
she was getting out of here fast. No-one had ever spoken to her this
way before, in fact no one had even treated her this way before.

"If you leave, your husband gets up to seven years in jail." She
froze, her hand upon the door handle. "I'm sure his cell mate may
treat him well, perhaps even make him a 'special friend' for all his
buddies." I was amazed at my own cold-heartedness. I added
nonchalantly, "Besides, he is guilty." Which was true.

I watched as Jan dropped her hand but didn't turn from the door, her
back facing me. She hung her head, in what I wasn't sure was
compliance or just in thought. These next few moments would decide
what would happen. I decided to push further. "I always wondered
what it would be like to fuck you, Jan." I stood and walked about my
desk to stand before it. She still hadn't moved. "If you want me to
help get your husband out of jail, you will do whatever I say."

She surprised me. "What do you want me to do?" The tears in her
voice were obvious, as was the depth of her emotion, as she resolved
to do as I asked. I held all the cards, and we both knew that I meant
what I had said, even if she were being asked to do something against
her moral and ethical judgement. Her marriage vows were very
important, yet I knew she would feel selfish if she walked out of my
office and allowed her husband to go to jail. I had given her the

"Tomorrow I will give evidence to get your husband out. Right now I
want you to come over here and suck my cock." I spoke sternly but
evenly, yet the vulgarly of my words seemed to shake this office with
their power.

When she turned, I felt remorse and guilt at what I was accomplishing
with the knowledge I had acquired by being a friend to her. Yet my
desire won over. I watched the defeated woman take the few steps
toward me, then drop to her bare knees upon my rugged floor. I didn't
move to help her or hinder her. With violently shaking hands I
watched as she fumbled with my zipper, even while her eyes poured out
a rainfall of tears.

I pulled my crotch away from her grasp and walked to her flank. "Don't
get up, but take all your clothes off. I want to see what I'm going
to be playing with." I strolled around her, over her left shoulder to
watch as her hands slowly began to remove her clothing. The blouse
took the longest, but soon her pale white shoulders were revealed and
the thin back bra quickly followed to the floor.

Jan was shaking more violently now, and I knew her resolve was
weakening. "Don't stop! Take all your clothes off, Jan. I want to
see your naked ass." She moved to comply.

As ordered, she knelt upon my office floor, now naked except for one
two-inch black high heel. She had pale smooth skin, and I desired her
more at that moment than at any other. By her actions, I knew I could
do anything with her. And there was so much I wanted to do.

I knelt next to her, and reached around to place my hand expertly upon
the hair mound of her sex. I was delighted to feel a thick bush
covering the thick-lipped vagina. My other hand placed itself upon
her bottom, my fingers slowly making their way into the crack of her
ass. With two of my digits, I pressed into both her front and back.
Her body shook violently while she attempted to freeze with my fingers
inside her. They entered up to the first knuckle on each hand before
I made the attempt no longer.

It was time. With a quick kiss upon her pale shoulder I stood,
withdrawing my hands. I did her a service by unzipping my trousers.
My hardened cock stood at attention when I finally revealed it, mere
centimetres from my friend's forehead. She was crying violently now,
her shoulders shaking and her body rocking as she sobbed loudly.

Not another word was spoken, nor did it need to be said. Jan lifted
her face, her eyes glassy with tears, and then promptly opened her
mouth and took about half of my cock into her.

At that moment I knew, she was mine!




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