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JASON 1 sucked and licked the sensitive little


Keywords: Mg, mg, inc, ped
Part: 1 of 3
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: Jason and his family (c) Copyright 2000 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at

This story contains sex between family members and sex with
children. If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal
for you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else. If you want to try this at home
go to the nearest police station and have yourself arrested.

Note from the Author

Jason And His Family. Part 1
Jason gave his little sister Alice a kiss on the forehead and then
sent her into the garden with a tray of snacks. 'We have done a
good job of this birthday-party,' he decided as he watched her
move across the garden, skillfully avoiding the troop of kids
invited to the party for the seventh birthday of the twins, Nancy
and Lisa. Since their mother had died four years earlier they had
been a team. Even though Alice was only five at the time, she
somehow had the natural ability to quiet the other kids down and
make them do what ever was needed. And now, four years later, he
and his little sister formed a well oiled machine that could
handle any disaster.

"Peeking at little girls again?" came the voice of his sister Suzy
from the kitchen door. Jason smiled. She had been saying that ever
since he accidently caught her naked in the bathroom a few months
earlier. And from what he had seen she had grown up to be quite a
sexy little girl, well worth spying on.

"I can't help it sis. You are all so damn sexy." he said. Suzy
blushed. "You really think I'm sexy?" she whispered.

"The sexiest girl I have ever seen."

"You're just saying that because I'm your sister," Suzy giggled.

"No I'm not," Jason replied. Suzy came standing next to him and
looked outside to see what he was looking at.

"Jason?" she said after a long silence.

"Yes?" Jason replied, turning around to look at his sister.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he added when he saw the look on her face.

Suzy looked at the floor and whispered, "I found mommy's dairy."
She gave him a nervous look and continued, "It says that you....
That dad..."

"That grandad is my real father." Jason said. Suzy nodded.

"Does that make you feel bad?" Jason asked.

"Oh no!!" Suzy exclaimed. "I mean I love you and grandad, so why
should it make me feel bad. It's just that... Well, I mean..." She
gave him another nervous look and then blurted "Do you think daddy
wants to make a baby with me?"

Jason gave her a long hard look. "Would you like him to?" he

"Oh yes!!" Suzy cried nodding furiously.

"I see," Jason replied, "Well dad knows about me too. And mom told
me it that the idea of having a baby with his daughter always
turned him on so I don't think that it is a problem, but there is
only one way to find out." He made Suzy sit down at the kitchen
table and added, "Wait here a minute I'll be right back." Then he
went into the garden.

A few minutes later he returned with his father. John Powell took
his daughter in his arms and said, "Daddy would love to make a
baby with you." Suzy looked stunned. She had not expected that her
father would agree so easily.

"Really?" she asked, not believing what she had heard.

John smiled. "Yes really. But there is..."

"WAHOOOOO!!!!" Suzy cried interrupting her father.

John put a finger on her lips and said, "Let me finish." He took
his finger away and continued, "Now as I said I would love to make
a baby with you, only I can't. You see when Nancy and Lisa were
born your mother and I decided that four little girls was enough
so I had a vasectomy. That means that I can't make you pregnant."

A sad look appeared on Suzy's face. "I knew it was to good to be
true." She mumbled.

"Geez some girls have all the luck." Jason remarked, shaking his

"What do you mean?" Suzy asked, surprised.

"Well the way I see it you can fuck with daddy all you want with
out having to worry about getting pregnant," Jason replied, "and
if you decide you want to have a baby I will help you with that."

"You mean that daddy can still fuck me?" Suzy cried.

John laughed, "Yes dear I can still fuck you. Everything is
working just fine except for the baby making part."

"Oh goody, I'm going to fuck my father," Suzy exclaimed. She
looked at Jason and added, "But I don't know about having your

"I said I would help you if you want a baby. I didn't say that it
has to be mine," Jason told her. He grinned and added, "Although
it would be fun to make you pregnant."

"It's not that," Lisa replied. "I would love to have your baby."

"But?" Jason said when she didn't continue.

"Do you love Alice?" Suzy asked.

"I love all of you." Jason answered a bit surprised by the change
of subject.

"No I mean do you love her!" Suzy insisted.

Jason shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. I have never thought
about her in that way."

"Men!" Suzy pouted.

"Huh? What?" Jason said, surprised. But Suzy had already wrestled
herself free from her father's arms and run out of the kitchen.

"What was that all about?" Jason said, with a stunned look on his

"I have absolutely no idea," his father replied.

That night Suzy was nervously looking through her dresser. "Oh
god! I've got nothing sexy to wear," she mumbled to herself. After
frantically searching through the drawers for a while she finally
settled on a short T- shirt that barely covered her little slit.
Deciding not to wear any panties, she picked up her teddy bear and
went to her father's room. Halfway down the hall she suddenly
turned around, ran back to her room and put the teddy bear back on
the bed. She took a deep breath and said. "Well this is it girl.
You're going to fuck your father."

When she came to her father's bedroom Suzy nervously opened the
door, "Can I come in?"

"Sure honey," John replied. Then he watched a his daughter walked
into the room. With each step her pussy peeked out from under the
t-shirt she was wearing, giving him an instant hardon. It was
absolutely the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He took a deep
breath and then said. "Come sit here with your daddy, honey." When
the little girl sat down next to him on the bed he took her head
in his hands and tried to give her stern look. "Are you sure you
want to do this honey?" he asked.

"Oh yes. Please fuck me daddy." Suzy whispered in reply.

"I will honey, I will." John said. Then he just sat there, looking
at his daughter nervously, not knowing how to proceed. When she
realized that her daddy was just as nervous as she was, Suzy
started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" her father asked.

"You are. I mean we are. I mean..." Suzy stopped trying to
explain. Instead she put her lips against her father's lips and
started to kiss him. John replied by trusting his tongue into her
mouth, exploring every inch of the once forbidden place. Suzy
followed his lead and rammed her little tongue as far into his
mouth as it would go. Their tongues entwined into a loving duel,
becoming more urgent as the fire in them started to rise. After a
while John broke off the kiss and slowly lifted Suzy's t-shirt
over her head. When it was gone he sat back and admired his
daughters beautiful body. The two small mounds on the eleven year
old's chest, and the small patch of hair just above her pussy,
showed that she was already developing into a young woman.

"I love you," he whispered.

"Love you too daddy," Suzy replied.

John smiled. "I love this." he said, kissing her nipple. "And
this," kissing her other nipple. "And this." kissing her belly
button. When he came to her pussy he grinned and said, "And I
definitely love this."

"Oh yes, kiss my pussy, daddy." Suzy giggled as she felt her
father's hot lips touch her little slit. Followed by
"Huuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!" as her father gave her pussy a quick lick.
John went back to her budding breasts and took one of her nipples
into his mouth.

"Ohhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!! Goodddddd!!!!!" Suzy moaned as her
father sucked and licked the sensitive little bud. After a while
John switched to the other nipple and repeated the procedure. Then
he started his travel downwards to her cunt, kissing and licking
every inch of her eleven year old body on the way. Suzy moaned,
gasped and giggled each time her father's tongue found one of her
sensitive spots. He licked all the way down to her pussy and then
up again to her belly button. He repeated this several times until
looked up at her and smiled. He slowly started to lick all around
the eleven year old's pussy, teasing her a bit more. Then he
started to lick up and down her pussy with long broad strokes,
touching her clit, with his tongue, at the end of each stroke. He
loved the strong fresh taste of her virgin pussy. He plunged his
tongue all the way into it and then started tongue fucking her for
all he was worth. Suzy started to shake and moan. She took her
father's head in her hands pushed it into her pussy. John placed
his lips around her clit and started sucking on it. This took the
little girl over the edge. She let out a long, high pitched scream
as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her body started
convulsing and her pussy flooded with cum. Then her body slumped
back to the bed. John kept licking her pussy until her orgasm

"Ohhhhh daddy!!!!! That was so good!!!" Suzy sighed as she came
back to earth.

John grinned and, with a mock tone of disgust, replied. "I suppose
I've got to fuck you now?"

"Well, I guess that if you don't want to put that big baby-maker
into my little pussy, I can always go to Jason," Suzy giggled.

"Oh no you don't," John replied as he kneeled down between her

"Oh yes. Fuck me daddy!" Suzy cried as he put the head of his cock
against the entrance of her virgin fuck-hole. John leaned forward
and gave Suzy a kiss. "This might hurt a bit the first time,
honey," he said to her.

Suzy nodded nervously. "Fuck me please," she whispered.

"Ok honey." John said. He sat up and, deciding that it was best to
take her cherry quickly, rammed his cock all the way into her
tight virgin pussy. Suzy only felt a slight twinge of pain as her
Father's dick tore through her hymen, immediately followed by the
joy of being filled by his hot, stiff cock. For a moment John
revelled in the feeling of his daughter's wet, warm, pussy around
his cock, then he started to fuck her slowly, taking his cock
almost all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in

Suzy threw her hips upwards in an attempt to get more of of her
father's cock into her pussy. "Ohhh daddy!!! You're fucking
me!!!!!" she cried.

"Oh yes I'm fucking you honey!" John panted in reply. He slowly
picked up some speed as Suzy's hips started to move in time with
his strokes. Suddenly the sensation of her father's cock going in
and out of her pussy was too much for Suzy and she exploded into
an orgasm.

"Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!!". She cried as she exploded into an
orgasm. Her already tight pussy clasped down on John's cock,
making it almost impossible for him to move. The added friction
took him over the edge. He shoved his cock into the eleven year
old's virgin cunt as far as it would go and sprayed his semen into
her welcoming womb.

At same time that Suzy was fucking her father Jason was lying in
his bed staring at the ceiling. He couldn't stop thinking about
what Suzy had said earlier that day. 'She couldn't mean that Alice
wants to... No she is only nine,' he thought. The problem kept
running around in circles in his mind. Unable to resolve the
problem, he decided to talk to Alice. With a sigh he got out of
bed and put on some trousers. As he walked out of his room into
the hall he bumped into Alice.

"Eh I... Eh..." The little girl stuttered. Suddenly confronted
with his little sister Jason didn't know what to say either. "I
was on my way to the kitchen," he lied.

"Me too," Alice said with a sigh of relief. Jason lifted his
little sister up and flung her over his shoulder.

"To the kitchen then," he said as he carried her downstairs.

"Put me down," Alice giggled, banging her little fists on his

Jason playfully slapped her on her butt and said "When we're in
the kitchen." Once in the kitchen Jason put Alice down on a chair
and said "Do you want some milk?" Alice nodded. Jason got two
glasses of milk. He gave one to Alice and then sat down next to
her. Then they just sat there, drinking their milk in silence.
When he had finished his milk Jason put his glass down and looked
at his sister. "I have got to ask her.' he thought. He cleared his
throat and said, "Earlier today Suzy asked me if I love you."

"Do you?" Alice whispered blushing slightly.

"I don't know. I have never thought about you that way." Jason

"Oh" Alice said, obviously disappointed. Jason pulled her into his
lap and said, "What if I become your boyfriend for a while. You
know, taking you and dates and stuff. Then we can see what
happens. Would you like that?"

"OH yes!!!" Alice cried, "but we can't go on dates. People would
laugh and ask you if you were baby-sitting your little sister."
Jason smiled, "Oh but that's the great part about me being
seventeen and you only nine. You see when someone ask me if I am
baby-sitting you, I would just tell them that you are my
girlfriend and that we are on a date. They would smile and nod and
play along, but they would never believe it."

"You would tell everyone that I'm your girlfriend?"

Jason grinned, "Only if you want to be my girlfriend."

Alice threw her arms around his neck and started to kiss him,
thrusting her little tongue into his mouth. For a moment Jason
just sat there shocked by the aggressive way Alice kissed him.
Then he thrust his tongue into her mouth and started exploring.
Their tongues entwined in a heated battle of love that seemed to
last forever. Finally Alice broke off the kiss and panted, "Can I
sleep with you tonight?"

"Sure," Jason replied. He picked her up in his arms and carried
her upstairs to his bedroom. Once there he put her in his bed and
then turned off the lights.

"Night sis," he said as he got into bed himself.

"Aren't we going to do things?" Alice asked, sounding a bit

"What things?" Jason asked. He was pretty sure what things she was
talking about but he wanted to hear her say it.

"Well you know, things," Alice mumbled.

"You mean sex, don't you?" Jason said. Alice nodded.

"Well why don't you say it then?"

Embarrassed Alice looked away. "Aren't we going to do sex things?"
she whispered.

"I thought you'd never ask," Jason said, laughing. He gave her a
quick kiss and then started to lick her nipples, sending streams
of fire through her body.

"Ohhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!! Goodddddd!!!!!" the little girl moaned.
After a while Jason's mouth left her nipples and started its
travel downwards to her cunt, kissing and licking every inch of
her nine year old body on the way. Alice moaned, gasped and
giggled each time Jason's tongue found one of her sensitive spots.

"Like it sis?" he asked with a smile.

"Ohhhhhh yes!!!!!!!" Alice sighed.

"Well it's going to get even better," Jason remarked as he stuck
his tongue in her pussy. Alice nearly jumped off the bed when his
tongue touched her virgin cunt, setting her body on fire.

"OOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!" She screamed. Jason
started to lick his sister's preteen pussy with long broad
strokes, touching her little clit with his tongue on the end of
each stroke. He eagerly lapped up the juices that were flowing
from her cunt like a river. Searching for more of her delicious
fluids he pushed his tongue in until he hit her hymen.

"Ohhhhhh goddddd!!!!" The little girl gasped as she felt something
enter her virgin pussy for the first time. Jason probed her pussy
for a while, fucking her with his tongue, making Alice moan and

"Uhhh....huuuuh......uhhhh......huuuuuh!!!" she panted on the
brink of an orgasm. Jason took his tongue out of her pussy and
brought it to her clit.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" Alice screeched when her brother's
tongue hit her clit. Her body seemed to be on fire and in need of
release. Gasping she pushed her cunt into Jason's face.

"Ohhhhhh godddddddd!!!!! Lick my pussy! Make me cummmmmm!!!!" She
cried. A few seconds later her brother's tongue, rasping over her
clit, became too much for her.

"Oh god!!!! Oh god!!!!! Oh goddddddddddd!!!!!!!!" she moaned as
her orgasm came crashing down on her. Jason was lapping at her
cunt like a madman, trying to drink as much as he could of the
nectar that was flowing out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh Jason!! That was wonderful!" Alice sighed when she came
down from her orgasm. Then she snuggled up to him and promptly
fell asleep. Jason looked at his cock and grinned, "Well it looks
like you'll have to wait a little longer." he said. Then he pulled
his sister's body close to him and went to sleep himself.


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